Trent Baalke on Ray McDonald: “There is such a thing called due process and we intend on letting that play out.”

SANTA CLARA – Trent Baalke was interviewed in the 49ers’ media room Tuesday afternoon. Here’s a transcript.

Q: What’s the process to determine if Ray McDonald will play Sunday or ever again for the 49ers?

BAALKE: Right now it’s a legal matter, and there is such a thing called due process and we intend on letting that play out.

Q: You let Aldon Smith play two days after a DUI. Is that how you’ll handle Ray McDonald?

BAALKE: I don’t think Aldon’s case has anything to do with this case. They are separate issue and they will be dealt with separately.

Q: Jim Harbaugh said someone who is guilty of domestic violence has no place on this team. Do you feel the same way?

BAALKE: This certainly is something that hits home for me. I’ve got two daughters myself. Domestic violence is unacceptable and certainly won’t be tolerated.

Q: Will he play on Sunday?

BAALKE: That remains to be seen. Once again, there is due process. We’re still in the fact-finding mode, trying to get as much information as we can. We’ll have more knowledge later today and certainly more knowledge the next day and moving forward. Nothing has been determined at this point.

Q: Will he practice today?

BAALKE: Yes, he will practice.

Q: Have you spoke to Ray and the 49ers who were at his party?

BAALKE: I have spoken to Ray McDonald.

Q: Have you spoken to the players who were at that party?

BAALKE: No, I have not.

Q: Has Ray given you the circumstances of the incident where you would feel comfortable putting him on the field this Sunday?

BAALKE: Once again, I’m not going to go into detail of what Ray and I discussed, but we had a lengthy conversation yesterday. We also had a lengthy conversation today. We will continue to have lengthy conversations. When you look at this for all players, there are three ways they’re held responsible: one is at the team level, one is at the league level and one is law, the legal system itself. In all three of those cases we look to due process. This is one of those cases.

Q: Do you have people on your staff who are interviewing witnesses? What’s the process of your investigation?

BAALKE: We’re gathering as much information from as many different sources as we can. Who those sources are, I’m not going to go into detail. We’re certainly gathering information. This matter is being treated seriously by this organization. Once again, I can’t reiterate enough – domestic violence is not something that we tolerate within the 49ers’ organization.

Q: Will you wait for the court process to make your decision?

BAALKE: I don’t know that we’ll wait for the court process. Once again, we’re in the mode of finding out as many facts as we can, talking to as many people as we can and trying to make the best decision we can for everybody involved in the organization, the player, the victim, everybody.

Q: If this is in question, why not say we’ll pay you for a week, we don’t know what happened but we don’t want you playing for us if we don’t know what happened?

BAALKE: I don’t know that we have enough information at this point to make that decision, to be honest with you. That’s part of the process, gathering as information as we can so we can make the best possible decision we can for everybody involved.

Q: Carlos Hyde was involved in an incident last year before the season where a woman accused him of assault. The coach suspended him indefinitely. The charges were later dropped and it was a three-week suspension. Why wouldn’t this organization do something like the Ohio State coach did?

BAALKE: I think once again, and I keep going back to due process, let’s make sure we have as much information as we can before we make any decision. I don’t know that particular case – I do know the case, obviously, but I don’t know the timeframe in which that was handled. Right now we’re basically 48 hours out from when this incident took place, so we’re going to continue to gather as much information as we can and make the best decision we can at the appropriate for the organization, the player and everybody else involved.

Q: Is this a distraction?

BAALKE: Any time something occurs off the field, it’s a distraction. Distractions are never good for a team, for an organization, for anybody. But at the same time, these guys are professional, we’re all professionals, we know the jobs that we have to do and we’re prepared to go and get those jobs done. That’s really the meat of it right now.

Q: Is the league telling you to get this taken care of fast or are they letting you work independently on this when you say due process?

BAALKE: We’ve been in contact with the league on several occasions since this incident took place. They know exactly the stance that we’re taking and the things that we’re trying to do to make the best possible decision we can. They’re guiding us but they’re not telling us exactly how to handle this matter. The matter will be handled by the organization.

Q: Does this team have a discipline issue, does it have a code of conduct issue?

BAALKE: I don’t know what that number is. Some people have a magic number – if you have one, if you have two, if you have eight, if you have seven. I’ve always believed one is too many. We’re continuing to work to try to figure out what we can do better, better as an organization, better as individuals, whether you’re a player or a coach or you’re on the administrative side. We’re always searching for better and we certainly have some work to do, but we’re working hard to try to give our players the best guidance we can. We’ll continue to do that.

Q: Is it an embarrassment that this team leads the league in arrests the past couple of years?

BAALKE: I think you can answer that question yourself. Obviously this isn’t something any of us our happy about but it’s the situation we’re in. Any time you face adversity, it’s how you deal with it and we’re going to do the best we can to bring a resolution to this and to do the best we can, all of us – players, coaches, everyone else – being the best members of this community we can be. That’s our goal, always has been, always will be.

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    1. You’ve got a pregnant woman who may have been assaulted and dragged out of the house by this guy and you characterize it as a dead horse that too much is being made of? Come on, now!.

      1. Invoking the “beating a dead horse” saying was an unfortunate choice of words. I’m assuming it was unintentional.

          1. Sorry, I couldn’t resist; it was staring me in the face. As I said, I assumed it was unintentional.

      2. That’s the problem with it Rob. Now you’ve added dragging her out of the house. Do you know that?

        Now some guy is going to read what you wrote and expand on it. She got hit, dragged out of the house and urinated on. Get my drift?

        Kaep said the toughest part of the assault story that came out about him this summer is that the entire NFL were convinced he was guilty before all the facts came out.
        Stand back, hopefully Grant will provide us with football articles and lets not pass judgement until we have the facts.

  1. Maybe the beat guys can find a janitor or an elevator technician to ask their opinion on the Ray McDonald story.
    Or maybe they could locate the hacker responsible for hacking Jennifer Lawrence’s cellphone and get him to hack into Ray McDonalds home security tapes.

    This new style of journalism is terrible. Like ESPN not having enough to write about that they had to sink to new lows and discuss the Rams shower situation with Mike Sam in the locker room. There is a reason why guys like Colin and Harbaugh don’t trust the press…..

    1. Are you the biggest idiot in California or what? Do you actually hear yourself or in this case,read what you write?

    2. Its a judicial internet we play on. Didnt you know that? Whats due process? He’s guilty because other players have done it in the past… SMH

      Dont forget about the Washington post column that pegged every owner and franchise a Homophobe because they didnt want to pick up a 7th rd pick. Only to get the egg on face a short time after. Dallas looks to want him on the PS. But hey a gay guy who writes a gay column must know everything about football and it MUST be because he’s Gay. Thats the only logical outcome. This is why I NEVER take the mainstream news and papers seriously. Propaganda laced with ZERO facts behind it. SMH! Baalke couldnt have used a tougher statement to make than due process. Im not kiding when I say some folks have no idea what that means.

  2. “Carlos Hyde was involved in an incident last year before the season where a woman accused him of assault. The coach suspended him indefinitely. The charges were later dropped and it was a three-week suspension. Why wouldn’t this organization do something like the Ohio State coach did?”

    The Hyde incident is the exact reason why the 49er organization should allow due process to take it’s course. What happened to Hyde was a total injustice. Hyde was accused of assault but then surveillance footage showed he never made contact with this woman and she punched Hyde in the back of the head. He just walked away to avoid trouble. I’m sure someone did something inappropriate and she reacted but it was not Carlos Hyde. Hyde lost 3 games for something he didn’t do. It was a huge injustice to Carlos Hyde and now you have some jerk reporter saying Hyde’s punishment should be the template for how the 49ers handle Ray McDonald.

          1. Yeah, I didn’t expect that Grant would tell us. Do you think he didn’t respond because he

            a) doesn’t want to be disloyal to a fellow writer (some sort of Journalist equivalent to the thin blue line);
            b) doesn’t think the question merits an answer;
            c) doesn’t know the answer; or
            d) didn’t see the question?

              1. Jack:

                You think he’s still sore about that? That would be a grudge approaching the MWD level.

    1. I strongly agree Houston. Suspending him now indicates they think he’s guilty, and doing that before they’ve had time to gather all the facts and find out what really happened means they could end up punishing someone for something they didn’t do. They are handling it correctly.

      1. I had a gut feeling that the Aldon DUI incident and allowing him to play a couple of days later would backfire in the org’s face.

        The crimes of Aldon or in RayMac’ case, the alleged crime may be different in deed, but should be treated with a precedent that the player involved in such incidents should not be allowed to play until all fact finding reports be it by police or team have been completed.
        The player could still receive his paycheck during this interim. This would be similar to the way police departments treat their officers when there is a negative incident that takes place.

        If Goodell can mandate new rules on the fly, why can’t the 49ers?

        1. Not sure I agree with this. A person is inocent until proven guilty, even in the cases of assault.

          With NFL contracts not being guarenteed, and highly incentive driven you could end up inadvertantly punishing an innocent player.

          Additionally, if other players contracts are incentive driven and those incentives have win/loss bonuses (few do) you could end up punishing multiple players for a crime a player never committed.

        2. AES- There is a big difference between police being put on administrative leave and suspending a football player for some thing he is alleged to have done off the field. Policemen are put on leave to protect the department legally from putting the public at potential risk. If the individual turns out to be in violation of some code they would have endangered the public by allowing that officer to deal with them. MacD is not a danger to the public or his alleged victim if he plays in a game. The police however would be.

          1. They are also put on administrative leave for their own good, as these investigations take an emotional and psychological toll and even if proven innocent of wrong doing they can make very costly mistakes while distracted. The worst thing that can come of McDonald playing is that he sucks.

    2. Exactly why it is so important to allow due process. The media only wants the controversy. They want Jim Harbaugh to say “We have a zero tolerance policy.” and then for RayMc to play so they can call foul (thus stirring the controversial pot). At this point there is absolutely nothing indicating what actually happened and whether or not McDonald is responsible/a perpetrator/or a victim himself. If he put his hand in violence on his fiance (or anyone for that matter) he should be dealt with accordingly if found culpable/guilty, but until then he is innocent and should be treated as such. It’s what any of us deserves.

  3. All those questions and not one about who, if anyone, has taken the place of Harry Edwards….

    1. I was Harry Edwards house mother at SJS his first two years in collage. They do need someone like him. Back then, the 49ers tried to get him to quite school and play football. Instead he went from the slums in high school to the faculty at UC Berkeley.

  4. Between 50 and 75 percent of the players on the 49ers attended Ray McDonald’s birthday party this weekend according to Vernon Davis.

    1. What’s more interesting is how many were still there just before the call was made to the police.

      1. Grant for some reason left out that VD did not see anything, or hear anything. In Grants quest for the ESPY, he seems to have forgotten details like these…

    2. Dang, that’s a heck-of-a party. That’s also heck-of-a distraction if 26 to 38 players (and their WAGs) have to give depositions.

        1. You think a teammate would rat out McDonald if McDonald is guilty?

          To the cops, no. To the team, maybe. I suspect some of them share Harbaugh’s distaste for physically abusing women.

          1. Claude, you actually believe that many people can all be on the same page without getting caught in a lie, and subject themselves to persecution? smh Ha!

            1. Razor:

              That’s not what I wrote. My guess is that they will say they didn’t witness the incident in question.

              Do we have any idea how many guests were still at the party when the incident occurred?

              1. What an awkward situation for all those teammates there. Also, how does this incident affect the locker room? Some guys will have to talk,maybe implicating R.Mac. This is bad in so many ways!

              2. I have visions of Sargent Schultze from Hogans Heroe’s saying ” I know nothing and see nothing”.

        2. I don’t know. All players have agents. Most have attorneys. I think most will just say “I know nothing” or “it was too chaotic to know what happening.”

          Perjury charges can be a scary, so a player might talk if its a situation where another witness says they were right there during the event.

          On the other hand, if Ray McDonald’s innocent the players will say so of course.

            1. That’s possible, even likely. I’m just imagining the following…

              Cop: “What did you see?”
              Player A: “Everything. She was flailing with sharp kitchen objects. Then Ray…”
              Cop: “Who was there?”
              Player A: “Player C and Player Z were right next to me. They saw everything”

              Cop: “What did you see?”
              Player C: “Nothing. I wasn’t even in the room.”

              1. I think you do the police investigators an injustice if you think their questions won’t require a little more detail, and the more detail, the more chances of discrepancies, especially with a group….

              2. Razor: Of course police go into more detail. I was just trying to cut back on my (usual) over-wordiness to set a clear example.

                Funny thing about wordiness. From time to time, usually with very little provocation from myself, an individual will have the temerity to accuse me (of all people) of using many words when a few well placed utterances of the Queens English will do the job almost (or perhaps exactly) as well.

              3. We are conditioned to think eye witnesses are the end all. In fact eye witnesses can make things a lot harder. They bring their own prejudices and point of views. It becomes a real headache when two people honestly saw the same thing but give completely different accounts. It’s based on their POV.
                Having testified well over 100 times in court in my line of work, I can tell you that no two people ever see something the same and to think an eye witness seals a case is a common misnomer.

          1. Perjury is hard to prove but easy to charge. Let’s remember these are young impressionable men who have always been babied. High school, college, and now by their agents.
            The justice system isn’t about proving guilt. It’s a numbers game. The DA position is an elected office. The want conviction rates. DA’s have a habit of overcharging individual in an effort to get a plea deal.
            If you take the Aldon smith assault weapon charges, the DA admitted it would be near impossible to win in court. They would have had to show that Aldon Smith knew about the law and intentionally did not modify the weapons so he could break the law. That was a near impossibility. But by offering reduced charges across the board, they got convictions where a jury would never have found one.
            In Ca you do not need a cooperating witness. The photographed bruises are evidence enough to charge him with domestic violence.
            This is getting long but I want to close bringing attention to the word “bruises”. Bruises do not appear in a matter of minutes. This indicates blunt trama that occurred hours to even a few days prior. Even if the victim is anemic, the bruising does not appear instantaneously.
            Due process? If there are photographable bruises and not just abrasions than that is all the due process this man deserves.

            1. Matt
              Not being snarky here: are you a Med Examiner? Or similar? If so your expertise is miles beyond what I know, but your statement on bruising seems inconsistent with my experience. I had a brief boxing career in the Marines. I recall severe bruises coming up in 30:00 +/-; 45:00 easy. Did they get worse over hours? Sure.

        3. With that many people there. I promise you their will be a “rat” coming out somewhere. If the almighty Mafia has rats, you’d think a football team under the hot lights and hard driving questions would crack at some point. theres only so much Gum chewing a man can listen to before breaking down and squeeling.

      1. What is this, high school? Rat out? If you are caught lying to the police in the course of an investigation, that’s a punishable offense….Do you believe the 50-75% have had an alibi agreement? If so, what evidence do you have?

        1. Razor
          I worked at a family owned company when the family blew up over the business. The CEO was forced out and took two key managers with him.
          Anyway, I knew of some duplication of files as the group exited. I was asked to keep it quiet. I said that I wouldn’t volunteer anything but since I didn’t really have a stake in the fight I would sing like a Canary under oath. I was not about to risk a Perjury charge; f-that.
          I like my friends, but if one of them thumped a woman I’d look him in the eye and say ‘Sorry Bro, you crossed the line. Take your lumps and I’ll be there for you when you get out.’ What am I, A.Hernandez? He was in to secrets too.
          In life we’re faced with lots of choices that challenge us. When in doubt, fall back on The Truth.

          1. If I thumped my woman Id expect my friends to thump me, and the same goes for them. Maybe at my age its different, but I wouldnt hang around friends who would thump their wife or girlfriend.

      2. The chance of all the people at the party being witness to the entirety of the alleged battery is not great. Generally, when a domestic battery occurs at a group function, it occurs in a private or semi-private area with few, if any, witnesses to the alleged act itself (other than the accused and the complaining witness). Usually, the larger number of witnesses are witnesses to the aftermath. That may not be the case here, but if I were a betting man, I would bet that the number of third-party witnesses to the actual incident in question constitutes merely a handful of people at most.

        1. Can five individuals provide a detailed account of the event, that they contrived to protect the perpetrator, without any discrepancies throughout every interview, and subsequent followup interviews?

          1. Eye witnesses are notoriously inconsistent. Having five people who all have the same story is actually a red flag that it might be a rehearsed fabrication.

        1. I usually like to wrap it up by 9:45 the latest… I’m not middle-aged but 2 toddlers at home will do that to you.

  5. With Lois Lerner, and ISIS among us, how is it the FBI has the resources or inclination to investigate nude photos of a celebrity?

  6. Grant has already reported there are players within, who have expressed their weariness with the Coach and organization. Why wouldn’t one of these players be at this party where up to 75% of them were present? Why not take this opportunity to simply tell the truth and get a pound of flesh at the same time? Who in the world would hold it against him, when it involves domestic violence of a mother and child? These are questions, inquiring minds want to know Mr. Cohn…..

    1. Perjury is tough to prove. Can’t they all say they simply didn’t see anything?

      A single individual, sure, but a group of 25-38 people?

  7. Ted, I’ve got a great idea. You make this a community stewardship by the regular posters, for regular 49er fans. The money you save from Mr. Cohns’ salary, can be used to send said stewards once a year during draft week, to the host city for fellowship, fun, and in depth coverage…..

      1. Claude,this is Grant Cohns’ salary we’re talking about, not Lowells’. You will be responsible for your own bar tabs.


        1. OK, what if my tab covers money spent plying Suzy Kolber with liquor to get information from her?

  8. SJ Police said there were visible bruises on his wife. I understand how pregnant women can be silly at times, but it takes a real serious lapse of judgement to put your hands on one regardless if you are drunk or not. Ray should not play a single snap as a 49er until we find out what really happened. Sometimes real life comes before the success of a team on the field. I hope HarBaalJed come to their senses and not allow him to play on Sunday – regardless of due process. If it comes to as false, let him play, if it comes true, eliminate him forever.

    1. Ah, Mary. Weren’t you the one haranguing Colin in the comments section for him & Patton dumping that woman at the Miami ER and driving off?
      Yeah, that was you, and you made those comments in a thread that quoted the Miami Police as saying THEY had called for medical transport to take her to the ER.
      Don’t let the facts stand in your way.
      That SJ Police spokesperson quoted then called Kawakami to tell him that despite rampant speculation in bay area media about any details, they were not fact based and hadn’t come from the SJPD.

      1. Tuna:

        hmmm – I see you have a memory like an elephant. I only mentioned the Miami thing b/c one of my stalkers brought up PED use by Seattle and so I mentioned “probs” the 49ers had. Lesson: When doing drugs, choose your friends carefully.

          1. Welker didn’t get popped for PED’s. It was another illegal substance. Had a bit too much fun back in May at the track.

    2. Ray should not play a single snap as a 49er until we find out what really happened. Sometimes real life comes before the success of a team on the field…..gsixty

      Yeah and nobody should get to go home to their kids after making bail or go to work because they were arrested for an alleged felony either. In fact lets just really flip our rights around and call everybody Guilty until proven Innocent. That way we dont have to worry about it. After all it’s their freedom, not ours…..Right?

      1. Ninermd, cops and the public sector are often suspended with pay until further knowledge is found. I believe the same should take place with Ray

        1. LOL What cops are getting suspended? Everywhere i look theyre getting off, and a suspension is a way to get the media off of them. Last time I checked football players dont work to protect the community. Apples and Oranges. You cant spin our rights to a due process. Plain ans Simple. He’s not guilty of anything yet, therefore he has the right to go about his daily life. There was no video or blood test showing him hitting or drinking while driving. Those are cases with no doubt evidence.

      2. MD,

        Why would they suspend McDonald with pay when last year they played Smith and then cited they had to based on the CBA?

      3. Ninermd: I agree with you. I’m not even sure it’s the NFL’s place to dole out punishment. That is why we have a legal system. But the Rice case was dismissed b/c the wife dropped the charges and made a plea to the judge. I think RG felt the need to respond b/c the video was so horrific. Aldon?? — I think 9 games is extreme. + 3 yr. prob.

  9. I think it’s pretty clear what’s been happening at the McDonald household on an ongoing basis. And if the gf drops the case, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. The Baalke video was a nice touch, doln’t y’all think. Let the jokes begin.

    The San Jose Chief of Police on Tuesday released a brief synopsis of the case in which the 49ers defensive lineman Ray McDonald was arrested Sunday morning on felony domestic violence charges.

    1. Please clarify what goes on at his house. I wont leak the story, I just have to know what you know

      1. Ninermd:

        Well, this just popped into my mind — (1) but are you suggesting the handcuffs around her wrists were a bit too tight; or

        (2) b/c she is a silly pregnant woman (as suggested by some intelligent guy) hitting RM in a fit of anger that he, a 240+ man, was holding her wrists so tightly that he bruised her; and (I suppose that could be plausible) but there must be a distinction between types of bruising; AND

        (3) who did call the police? Was it a neighbor b/c of the noise — and if that is so, the police would have merely told them to quiet things down.

        My theory is that either a guest at the party called the police or the gf called the police b/c of a fight.

        1. Well Mary unlike you, Im not hanging this man for hitting her like you are with no evidence. Is it so hard to think that she had marks from the day before from an accident? Maybe she was out of control and he grabbed her to calm her down and she went ape*hit on him? There are so many what if’s we can theorize on.
          But like I said earlier. You seem to have a problem with men, because obviously he’s guilty. I dont want to get into your past or present life. But assuming a man is guilty and using terms like “silly pregnant woman” only show your mindset and lack of reason. Again. Let the courts and detectives figure this out. You know……Like its supposed to happen?

    2. It was clear what went on in Miami until … it wasn’t! Then of course it got clear again once the investigation was complete.

      1. lol…..The internet is the new judge and jury. Tabloid freaks love this stuff. Wasnt it TMZ who dropped that story? Now I know where Mary gets her “clear facts” from.
        +1 htwaits

        1. MD

          You sound like a child. I’m not hanging the man — I’ve said less than most of the men in here. I like men despite your assertions otherwise. My question to you is why do you feel the need to diminish me in order to win a debate. It actually is more telling about your relationships with women.

          You want to know what’s going to happen in this case. The gf will drop the charges. She’ll drop the charges b/c she’s vulnerable — doesn’t have a job, is not married and has no leverage and she’s pregnant. End of story — has nothing to do with guilt or innocence.

  10. Q: If this is in question, why not say we’ll pay you for a week, we don’t know what happened but we don’t want you playing for us if we don’t know what happened?

    And there you have it. Great job Tim K………. You are the idiot, I am talking about. Does anybody read this guys stuff anymore? smh

  11. I know this is off topic….but Matt barrows is saying Glenn Dorsey is going on IR with a designation to return. Does this mean that Marcus Martin is done for the year?

    1. Should be one of the inactive’s on game day slated to be ready for practice in six weeks as far as I know. If they were to put him on IR, it would suggest they believe the starting center is already in the lineup…..

      1. If they were to put him on IR, it would suggest they believe the starting center is already in the lineup

        If they put him on IR, it would suggest only that they believe he won’t be back any time soon. There are reasons to keep Martin on the active roster other than your belief he should be the starting center.

        But, keep hope alive.

        1. Why, because you say so? With Boone back, and Looney able to play center, along with Ferrell, what reasons are you referring to? From what I saw, and Granted it was on regular live television, M&M would have won the job had he not got injured early. He will be the starting center in 2015 imo….

          1. They simply could think Martin is one of their nine best offensive linemen. They also could think he is better than Farrell and Looney. You’ve taken an action subject to multiple interpretations and conveniently interpreted it so that it jibes with your pre-existing beliefs.

            1. No, I’m just trying to use reason. No question, that M&M will be the center they haven’t had since Newberry, so certainly that would make him one of their better lineman. He has the talent and size to own the middle of the field rather than renting it, like Kilgore….

          2. They kept Martin on the 53 because they didn’t want to lose him for the entire season. Sure Looney can be the backup right now, but I don’t think anyone would argue he’s a better backup than Martin.

            Will he be the starter in 2015? Perhaps. Throw them out there and let the best man win.

      1. I’m thinking he’s on a six game evaluation, and if it goes poorly, perhaps so, and Dr. Lattimore is activated. What do you think George?

        1. If he’s on a 6 game evaluation, he’s toast. Because he isnt seeing the field anytime soon. I think they carry 3 all year. Gore’s age is a small concern. And I think until the defense gets back to full strength our running game will be another piece of the defense by keeping these high powered offenses off the field as long as possible. Look for a lot of carries folks.

  12. I’ve started a blog Pick’Em league: the TylerWilsonFanClub

    I believe if you go here;

    and enter id: # 41618
    and password: cohnblog
    you should be able to join. If not let me know.

    Please use your blog screen name so we know who you are. I simply delete teams that I can’t verify with a screen name on here. Please don’t join if you are the type to bail once you are no longer doing well. Good luck!

    1. Respectfully decline your invitation. Travel can make me unreliable, but I enjoy your TWFC moniker. Have fun.

        1. Kidding asside, thank you for that.
          I’ve got long lost friends in Ohio, but The Duchess is pushing for Milan or Barcelona. ; >)
          Imminent is a swing to Kapalua; and we’re not Golfers! Going to miss Thurs night Opener and Game#1, but it’ll be ok trade-off. Maybe I’ll find E at Whaler’s Grill.

        2. Btw- Mi Pueblo is Petaluma, 45mins north of GG Bridge. Wine tours, brewery tours, creamery (cheese) tours, Redwoods and undeveloped coastline close by. Unfortunately, I’m 2 hours away from Levi’s without Game Day Traffic, so a sorry choice if you come out for a game. But DO get in touch if you come this way.

      1. And yet his #1 fan still hasn’t joined. Maybe even Grant is starting to cool off on the greatest QB prospect never to ascend past the third string on two different QB starving teams.

  13. Savvy commentary . I was fascinated by the points ! Does anyone know if my company can get access to a template NC Realtors SF 310-T version to edit ?

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