Trent Williams believes Trey Lance can propel 49ers to a W

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance (5) before an NFL preseason football game against the Las Vegas Raiders in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Aug. 29, 2021. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

With Jimmy Garoppolo again unable to participate in practice on Thursday, all signs point to Trey Lance making his second career start on Sunday when the San Francisco 49ers face the Houston Texans at Levi’s Stadium.

If Lance does get the call, it appears he has the confidence of the veterans in the 49ers’ locker room.

On Wednesday, All-Pro linebacker Fred Warner told Bay Area media about the progress he has seen from the rookie quarterback on the practice field.

Veteran left tackle Trent Williams recently joined Matt Maiocco and Laura Britt of NBC Sports Bay Area for the 49ers Talk podcast and echoed Warner’s sentiments.

“We feel more than comfortable from what Trey has shown us these last few weeks, his development as a QB,” said Williams. “Obviously everybody else around him has to play a little better, but I think he will give us a chance to complete all the goals we set out for.”

Williams also discussed Lance’s performance during his first start against the Arizona Cardinals on Oct. 10, including how he felt the rookie quarterback played and the importance of the way the 49ers coaching staff has handled Lance this season.

“For him to be able to get game action, actually start a game against a really good defense, and gain confidence even though we came up short. It was only a one score game at the end of the day. To take him in there and have a chance to win, he gave us every chance to win, said Williams.

“To have all of that under his belt in his developmental season and not have to bear the load of the pressure that comes with playing the quarterback position, especially in a 49ers uniform. I think it was the perfect mixture to help him develop at the rate he has. He’s shown a lot of promise.”

Lance has also impressed Williams with his ability to learn from mistakes.

“It’s everything you want to see out of a young quarterback. He’s only 21, and we are asking a lot out of him, he’s under a magnifying glass,” said Williams. “He’s responded in a perfect way.

“If he’s the guy we have to go into battle with this weekend, I have 100% confidence that he can give us the opportunity to win the game. And we can win the game off his back, not just by him playing solid football.

“He can go and make the plays that will propel the football team to a W. That’s the type of talent he has, which is why he was picked where he was. I have a ton of faith in him.”

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  1. Thanks for the full interview. This provides context for what Trent is articulating. If you just take a snip it if what he says it makes it sound like there is this mic drop moment where the player is trying to make a statement.

    Anyway I always knew Trey would get a couple of chances to play in games this year considering the schedule and Jimmy’s injury history. I hope we see him make throws from the pocket. I have a feeling he’s going to make big plays with his legs and everyone is going to go crazy. Fast Forward to mid season 2022 and he’s looking like 2014 Kap.

    1. He’ll never look like Kap. I expect a broader skill set, more pocket presence, better runner (Kap was more of
      a straight line guy), and a better passer. Check in mid season next year. Ability to proceed rapidly through
      check downs as well.

  2. I don’t put much stock in what a player says about a teammate because it’ll lean heavy towards the positive side as it should. In listening to the Mike McDaniels presser today, I still feel that Jimmy has a good chance to start although I will admit they are going to keep everyone guessing as long as possible.

    Either way, we should be able to win the game unless there is a series of horrible mistakes. If it’s Lance, it should help in is development.

    1. Ya that is interesting to see. Some people are saying Jimmy will rest this week and play Week 18. To me it sounds like pain tolerance and ability to grip it and rip it won’t change with rest, unless for an extended period of time 5-6 weeks.

  3. Astro this is a football chat. don’t get me wrong it sounds interesting astrology and what not… but if you are not talking football here you wont make any sense. have you ever watched football??

  4. Want to wish all 49er fans a very Happy New Year! Praying for a very happy, healthy, and prosperous 2022 for the Faithful with lots of wins on the football field.

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