Trey Lance showing ability to unlock 49ers offense

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance speaks during a news conference at NFL football training camp in Santa Clara, Calif., Thursday, July 29, 2021. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

During practice on Tuesday, rookie quarterback Trey Lance had two plays that showed why the 49ers invested so much to grab him with the third selection in the NFL draft.

Taking his second set of reps during team drills, Lance lined up in the shotgun formation. After receiving the snap, the quarterback turned to his right and appeared to give the ball to running back Trey Sermon, but as the majority of the defense chased down Sermon, Lance would take off running around the right end for a big gain.

There should be little doubt that Lance will become an integral part of the 49ers running game this season. Time after time the rookie has shown the ability to beat the San Francisco defense with his legs on designed run plays.

While the runs were impressive, the way Lance handled the ball may have been just as impressive. With the number of play fakes employed by Kyle Shanahan’s offense, whether in the zone-read portion of the run game or in play-action passing, the ability to move the defense is very important. Lance does this extremely well.

A few plays after the run, Shanahan called a passing play. As Lance approached the top of his drop, he felt pressure coming from his right and started to slide to his left. There was a receiver open underneath for a completion that would have resulted in a first down, however, Lance chose to uncork a deep strike to a streaking Trent Sherfield who was running a corner route for a long touchdown.

There is no other quarterback currently on the 49ers roster that would even attempt to make that throw, let alone put it right on target and not force the receiver to break stride.

Through the 49ers’ first two fully padded practices of training camp on Tuesday and Wednesday, Lance has completed 20 of his 22 pass attempts. The two incompletions consisted of an overthrow on a deep route to a well-covered Richie James and a play that would have been ruled defensive pass interference on a downfield throw to George Kittle.

With the ability to defeat defenses with his legs, get them out of position with his play fakes, and beat them at all levels of the field with his arm, Trey Lance will be able to unlock the full potential of the 49ers’ offense.

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    1. Agreed. Right now he’s faced 0 adversity. Let’s see how he reacts when the lights are shining and someone hits him in the chest.

  1. I don’t think this guy flinches under the big lights. He’ll shine brightly. Ultimately, he’s got the key that will unlock the offense that’s refused Jimmy’s.

    1. What big lights? Practice against backups?

      I don’t want to be snarky or deny that he has pure talent, but people are acting like he’s already on Mahomes level.

      Am I the only one that’s not really that impressed with his 50 yard TD against Jonas Griffin?

  2. Razor,
    With Lance having the camp that he is have you changed your mind about Wilson being the better choice?

    1. I’m not Razor, but isn’t it more pertinent when Shanny and the OC think so?
      OC said Trey is a “work in progress”, although they like the trajectory he is on.
      Montana sat behind Steve DeBerg. Again: DeBerg.

      1. There’s a new song out titled, ‘The Writing On The Wall’ by Iron Maiden and I think that is what best describes Trey Lance’s trajectory.

        1. Raz/Scooter
          I have written several comments and replies on your blog only to have them dismissed.
          This has been happening for quite some time as only about 60% of my responses go through.
          Apologies to Hammer as I’m not attempting to do outside promoting. Just hoping that you guys can help in some way to insure my comments stop being rejected.

  3. A lot of people are picking up on my Dee Ford analysis. LOL.

    Man, we really dodged a bullet by avoiding Cousins. Cousins on vaccine research -LOL.

    Arif Hasan, training camp attender Camping
    @ArifHasanNFL 6h
    Kirk Cousins says he’s been doing a lot of research. When asked if he’s made contact with Dr. Allen Sills, he says no

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