Twitter posts seem out of character for Willis

When the 49ers drafted Patrick Willis in 2007, he was a shy rookie who kept his mouth shut and did everything asked of him. Three years later, he’s a soft-spoken three-time Pro Bowl player with a blue-collar work ethic.

He does his talking with his performance on the field. He has never said anything controversial to generate a headline. That’s why this is difficult to believe.

There have been several statements throughout the day on Willis’ Twitter-verified account in which he shows opposition to the 49ers’ pursuit of free-agent quarterback David Carr. At one point via the social networking vehicle, Willis even supports the notion of the 49ers going after Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick.

In response to one follower who was critical of Alex Smith, the following was “Tweeted” from Willis’ account: “I’m saying if we going to go get another qb. spend money on a difference maker. Like vick. my opinion. And well u got urs “

Early in the day when news broke that Carr would visit the 49ers, the following came from Willis’ Twitter: “for real for what. we have 3 qb’s that are better then him. That’s a waste of his time.”

This statement also came from his verified account: “We have opinions. U have urs and I have mine. I would rather stick with my qb’s now then sign carr.

I do not know if Willis was at a computer and personally wrote those comments. (But I’m trying to find out.) Maybe he did it; maybe an associate did it. But, ultimately, Willis is responsible what comes from his verified Twitter account.

* * *

A short time ago, 49ers safety Dashon Goldson was asked on Twitter if he agrees with Willis’ comments. Goldson’s response via Twitter: “I like wht we have.”

* * *

Speaking of Goldson . . . agent Drew Rosenhaus negotiated the blockbuster deal today that makes former Cardinals safety Antrel Rolle reportedly the highest-paid player at his position. The Giants awarded Rolle a five-year, $37 million contract with $15 million guaranteed.

Goldson hired Rosenhaus last month to help him get a monster contract from the 49ers. Goldson enters the final year of his contract. Here’s Goldson’s response to the contract: “Antrelle Rolle I wanna thank u for openin the doors… Congrats too by the way”

* * *

Carr has arrived in the Bay Area, and is scheduled to meet with 49ers coaches and officials tonight and tomorrow. He is expected to take a physical tomorrow. While I’m in the air on a flight to Las Vegas for the weekend, Carr is even scheduled to meet with the media.

I am unable to cite an instance over the past several years when the 49ers failed to sign a player they brought in for a visit on the first weekend of the free-agent signing period.

* * *