Tyrann Mathieu: “You can see Gabbert’s maturity and the different things he does well that, let’s say, Kaepernick doesn’t do well.”


Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu spoke with Bay Area reporters on a conference call Wednesday afternoon. Here are selected quotes.

Q: Does the 49ers’ offense look different now that Blaine Gabbert is running it?

MATHIEU: Yeah, it does. Not to take anything away from Kaepernick, but it seems like Gabbert has a little bit better grip on what’s going on. If he gets in a situation, he knows where the ball needs to go. He’s a hell of a passer. I think he’s underrated when you talk about how well he can throw the football. And obviously he had 40 something yards last week against the Seahawks running the ball. I think he gives them a better option going forward. It seems like the wide receivers are more involved. It looks like they’re doing alright.

Q: Do you think you’ll be able to bait Gabbert into certain throws like you were able to do with Kaepernick earlier this season?

MATHIEU: No, I don’t think so. It seems like he takes care of the football way better. If he gets in a situation where he feels pressure, he’s not just going to give the defense an opportunity to make a play. They run a lot of boots, a lot of different things with him to get him on the edge. It seems like he can run the ball pretty well from the times I’ve seen him run it. It seems like he has a pretty nice arm as well.

Q: It sounds like your team felt it had Kaepernick’s number.

MATHIEU: Well, we just knew Kaepernick’s tendencies. We knew what he liked to do. We knew which way he wanted to roll out. We knew which side of the field he liked to read to. And you don’t pick up those same things from Gabbert. He’s better in the pocket. He has a better feel for coverages. He can get to the line, see a coverage and then go to a different play. Or see a coverage and not throw the ball. You can see Gabbert’s maturity and the different things he does well that, let’s say, Kaepernick doesn’t do well.

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  1. What makes this truly Ironic is that until the game earlier this year, Kap had played his best football against AZ in previous seasons.

      1. It is, I’m just saying before this season whatever they knew about Kap didn’t seem to matter. He had some of the best statistical games of his career against them.

  2. Ward 1st round. Matthieu 3rd round , these types of drafts are why Arizonas in 1st and 49ers are last

    1. Yeah to the QB and HC, and they shored up their OL (Ahem!), and let’s not forget that Mathieu was a risky pick due to off field shenanigans and some questions on what his best fit would be. He seemed like a bit of a tweener. Without the off field stuff he gets drafted around where Ward did.

      1. And that’s Baalke problem. Always the safe conservative pick. We have no Bulldogs on our team. Just sweet little kittens!

        1. I also liked him, but many times, he has been a defensive liability. I think he has allowed 5 TDS this year. i thought that another team would grab him, but the Niners had bigger needs and there were better players to select.

        2. Eh? I liked Mathieu and wanted the team to draft him Razor. Even had him in most of my mocks that year if I recall.
          I think where you and I disagreed on was whether Baalke would want to draft him or not.

            1. Can’t speak for Mid, but I know I was against drafting him in the first or second round for that reason. From memory, the conversations were primarily about taking Mathieu a lot higher than the third round.

            2. But again, I think it was in relation to Baalke when we were discussing that Razor.

              1. You’re right. Baalke left a lot of talent for someone else to take. Handcuffed himself with failed character concern players that he selected previously….

      2. He would probably be out partying with Ray Mcdonald and Aldon Smith if he became a Niner so I think he got lucky going to Arz

    2. Mathieu is a play-maker, and also just a good player in general. 49ers missed out not grabbing him.

      In saying that, he’s also given up 5 TDs this season. He’s darn good, but he’s a risk taker and can give up the big play as a result.

  3. I was reading some fan responses to a PFT blurb about Tomsula saying he’s not thinking about his job security. Responder braceyourselffor12 made the following statement:

    “Also today in the SF Chronicle it was reported that Niner tickets are actually selling for less than the parking passes and the number of people trying to off-load seat licenses has increased to 3,612.”

    Just wondering if anyone can confirm this since I’m not able to get the Chronicle.

    1. Traffic is probably a lot lighter on #237 on game days now.
      Somebody was on here recently promoting the idea that the last home game should be The fans’ unofficial Jim Harbaugh Day and that fans should come dressed as Harbaugh. I love that idea, and the TV guys would run those images in a loop.

  4. I’m actually hoping Gabbert can prove he’s the long-term option at QB because I have no faith in Baalke’s ability to draft one (Baalke ain’t going anywhere btw). If Gabbert proves himself over the remainder of the season we can focus on drafting impact players in the trenches — something this team badly needs (in addition to a new owner).

    1. That’s funny you said that. Balke is the one who traded for Gabbert and was called stupid for doing it. Suddenly its fans like you who like Gabbert and state that Balke can’t draft QBs.

    2. If baalkie’s not going anywhere, we are doomed. Only hope is to boycott the niners–until we get a G.M. who respects offense, speed and the passing game. To put it another way, could a Baalke team EVER beat a Walsh team? A Holmgren team?

  5. Well, Gabbert had adequate time to throw because Devey sat. This game, if Pears sitting lets Brown play, they might have a chance. Hayne would juke MT out of his socks. Too bad Baalke does not want to win.
    Honey badger may not care about Kaep, but he just said what everyone else has. Its just piling on.

    1. Just stop with the Hayne stuff. You sound like a broken record. If Balke is trying lose at this point in the season he is a lot smarting then given credit for. It does this team no good to win a couple more games. Getting rid of this coaching staff as quick as possible is the best case scenario.

      1. Hayne could be utilized in a myriad of ways, but the coaching staff is too clueless to even think of how it could be done.
        Baalke thinks that taking a player off the couch will be smart because the couch potato knows more than any player who has been to every meeting from OTAs to this last game.
        Baalke cuts Hayne and the replacements run for 15 yards in 10 carries.
        Now Baalke has picked up a troglodyte who has a rep for injuring his own players.
        Cant wait to hear Mangenius declare that he has complete total command of the playbook after 5 days of perusing it. Some Raider fans said he was out of position and took bad angles to the ball, but Ray ray will occupy a spot so Hayne has to sit

      2. Sounds like you think that a high draft pick will solve all their problems. Wrong.
        The Niners need to get that winning mentality back, or they will continue to be losers. Most importantly, no elite FA will want to come to a team doomed to perpetually be in the cellar. Winning will solve everything.

    2. If Hayne is that good, let’s trade him for someone’s 1st round picks in 2016 and 2017. Easy!

      1. Actually, it is not that easy. I had a multiple player deal, but even though they managed to trade 2 of those players, they went to different teams and did not garner the second round pick that, if the deal had succeeded, would now have allowed the Niners to have 3 picks in the first 2 rounds. I wholeheartedly advocate the Niners bundle picks to move up in the draft, and follow Niner history when players like Jerry Rice , or more recently, Eric Reid were selected by jumping up in the draft.
        Of course, I was called delusional, but they still talk about it even though it was idle speculation during the off season.
        I know you are being facetious, thinking that a PS player would garner a first and second, when AB was traded for a 6th.
        Well at least you did not call to trade him for Tebow….

          1. It’a also been a while since out head coach has been 2-0. Let Gabbert play before you pile expectations on him. Expectations can be a killer.

      2. You dont think Hayne, with his elusiveness, could not be effective in little flair passes, screens, isolation plays, etc.–much like Roger Craig was often used? A staff who could identify talent would use him-not as an Earl Campbell back-but as a change of pace back. He has the talent for that.

  6. Lest we forget:

    Bill Walsh on Steve DeBerg

    “He plays just good enough to get you beat.”

    Let the future tell us how Gabbert matches up with Steve DeBerg as the team around Gabbert improves.

    Maybe that should have been if the team improves.

    Bean counters start your tabulations.

    1. “He should have vetoed Baalke’s pick and hired someone [else].”

      Who’s to say he didn’t veto Baalke…? There are pretty strong rumours that Baalke wanted Gase and got overruled.

      1. “….why York decided to replace Harbaugh with Jim Tomsula…”

        u-mmm .. just maybe ..

        the handwriting was on the wall … and
        no one wanted the gig !

        So The Jedster took ..

        “The Last Resort” !

    2. Sorry Grant, but Jed and Trent are 1-2. Tomsula did not fire JH, and the coaching search was like scraping the bottom of the barrel. After what Jed and Baalke did to JH, no serious coach would touch the Niners. Jed and Baalke decided to go cheap, select Tomsula, and he would be the foil to protect Jed and Baalke from any criticism.
      Tomsula is the perfect fall guy, and once the dust settled from the FA derby in which Baalke whiffed on because he was so cheap, the retirements just showed how much loyalty Jed deserved.
      Once Tomsula’s best pass rusher disappeared, he was doomed to failure.
      I wanted Fangio, but he could not stand Tomsula, and refused to make him DC.
      Gase probably wanted Fangio, but Jed’s insistence of Tomsula as DC, drove him away.
      Fangio saw what happened to JH, so he was smart and left.

  7. Listening to Better Rivals Podcast. The Niners gave up 154 yards after contact in the running game and 154 yards after contact in the passing game. All told about 60% of Seattle’s yards came after contact.

    1. But it does show the scheme wasn’t the problem per se. The players had opportunities to make the stops, just didn’t execute.

      1. If the scheme wasn’t the problem then is it the talent, or a mismatch of talent and scheme. There was hand contact, arm contact, and shoulder contact. I saw all three failing to bring down the runner.

        Kaepernick has been having a football brain crash most of the time this year. Is that what the defense is starting to exhibit this year? Maybe some of their coaching is causing uncertainty about assignments — body and brain at cross purposes.

        If there isn’t some great pressure this Sunday, we may continue our streak of no defender getting a finger on a pass.

        It confuses me but that’s no surprise.

      2. I suspect your mostly right, Scooter. Without rewatching the game, it seemed to me that a lot of times our defensive players were only getting one arm on the RB or WR. The inability to square up and make the tackle could possibly have been a result of scheme.

        You always hear commentators, fans, etc. talk about poor tackling. But tackling is a fundamental of football. It’s as fundamental to football as simple arithmetic is to mathematics. These are professionals. How does this kind of thing happen over and over again. Sure there are cases where a player just plain whiffs on a tackle particularly on an open field tackle. And I see lots of cases where the tackler is just lazy and tries to deliver a big hit instead of wrapping him up. But with the magnitude of what we saw last Sunday, it would seem that some of it might have been scheme putting tacklers in a poor position to make a tackle.

        1. Okay. I would include adjustments in my definition of scheme. As a practical matter, doesn’t the scheme (as you define it) limit the adjustments, at least to some extent, that can be made by the defense.

        2. I’m also not suggesting that the lack of adjustments led to all the poor tackling. I’m simply saying that I don’t really recall any saying that it was the defensive “scheme” that was the problem this past weekend.

  8. Some stats from the Better Rivals Podcast:


    Gabbert is pushing the ball downfield significantly better than Kaep.
    Kaep’s average depth to target in 2015 was 7.7 yards (ranks 28th to 29th).
    Gabbert’s average depth to target was 9.4 yards against Seattle (ranks in top 12). This was a combination of some downfield shots and checkdown passes.

    With regards to dropback pressures that turn into sacks, Kaep’s rate was 24% and Gabbert’s rate (through two games) is only 7.4%. Also, Gabbert was blitzed six times by the Squawks and it resulted in him completing 5 of 6 passes for a total of 73 yards. Gabbert has completed 65% of his passes when pressured whereas Kaep only completed 35%.

    But of course they noted the two incompletions that should have been interceptions and the poor downfield pass to Ellington that could have been a TD. On the flip side they felt the MacDonald TD was a good, smart throw (smart with regards to where the defensive players were). They liken Gabbert to guys like Fitzpatrick – not a franchise QB but one that is a bridge QB and hangs around in the NFL. Neumann hopes that Gabbert is just a bridge QB and that the Niners draft a QB to be the ultimate franchise QB. He hopes that the team doesn’t talk themselves into Gabbert being good enough as a starter and focusing only on acquiring good players at other positions.

    1. The 49ers should definitely draft a QB early (though not necessarily in round 1) even if Gabbert plays very well the rest of the season.

  9. Back to Tyrann Mathieu, he just declared that they knew all of the Niner tendencies, so the Niners should scrap the playbook and do something totally different.
    TM mentioned that Gabbert likes to roll out on bootlegs, so they will try hard to keep him from doing that.The Niners should fake the pitch right, roll out Gabbert left, have them key on Gabbert, so he will draw the defense to him, then pass to the RB who did not get the original pitch. They should spread them wide, gash them up the middle.
    The Niners should invite the blitz, then target the area the blitzer left. If the Niner coaches cannot devise plays that do that, they should just review past games and watch how Big Ben and Wilson did exactly that to the Niner defense.
    Niners should study the first Card game of last season. In that first quarter, Kaep ran the no huddle with counters and reverses, and scored 2 TDs. Gabbert should incorporate those concepts and tactics into his game plan.
    Above all, the Niners need to stop shooting themselves in the foot.

    1. With the detailed instructions you provide Seb, there should be significant improvement. I’m predicting 35 points. Can our defense protect that production?

          1. Instead of ripping this team, hurling personal denunciations and demeaning the whole organization from the top down, I just thought it might be nice to change the narrative and think of ways of how to improve this team enough so that it is no longer the laughingstock and butt of jokes.
            Dont worry, I have a long repartee with Ht, and know him like a book. He can take it like he dishes it out, so I have no problems with him. He is a true American, and a faithful Niner fan. I tell him to have a nice day many times.

  10. I’m assuming that Jed personally selected JimT, but we know he had to sign off on the hire. So if a leader’s job is to pick the right people and put them in a position to succeed, then Fearless Leader whiffed.
    The rumored return (was he ever out of the picture?) of John York’s direct influence is troubling to me. What’s behind it? Is it the team’s record? The bad public image? Scrutiny of other owners?
    Is John starting to question Jed? Is he having second thoughts about Trent or Paraag?
    Importantly: Does John think he has the first freaking clue,of,how to get it fixed? Cuz if that’s a ‘Yes’, then he’s wrong.

    1. ya know, BT …

      When the team was passed from Dr.York
      to his inept kid … I thought I heard
      something about the Jedster having
      his Unka Eddie’s ear …

      But … like J.R. … of Dallas fame ..
      It musta been a dream !

      But, yer right … the similarities between
      poppa and son are striking ..

      Both tanked a playoff team almost immediately
      after taking the throne ..
      (Well… Jed had to build a soul-less stadium, first)

      And… not to mention …
      neither poppa nor son …could walk into
      Wal-Mart (even on Black Friday) …
      with a fully loaded credit card ..

      and buy a clue !

        1. Eddie owns that business. That’s what he got for the 49ers, and he’s made a ton with the original family business.

    2. John thinks the water battle management has become flaccid. It’s time to seal all the financial leaks.

  11. Parting shot tonight:
    Ozzie Newsome of the Ravens is one of the more respected GMs in the NFL. Google Ravens draft history and look at his selections from 2010-2015.
    Some good. Mid and late rounds not overly impressive. Compare for context on Baalke. Other than the apocalyptic 2012, fairly modest differences. Ravens suffering this year like the 9s, but somehow their future doesn’t seem as bleak.
    Hasta manana amigos.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all !

    Make it a good one …and make
    some good memories, too,
    while you’re at it

  13. I am with you NYniner, taking Ward in the 1st and our drafting is why AZ #1 in the division. The only things TB has done are hire harbaugh, the boldin trade was good, the gabbert trade could turn out to be solid. The 2011 draft was solid but after that nada, also the free agent signings of bush and peers were unreal. How is peers in the league. He got exposed when harbaugh left he needs to be gone. If he wasn’t Jed’s buddy he would be long gone.

  14. Pathetic defensive performance against Seattle. How can you have 2 weeks to prepare, and then come out uninspired against the Hacks? Would love to see the team look up the road, and consider David Shaw as head coach.

      1. Seb ..

        If yer throwin’ names out …

        how ’bout Keena Turner for HC? ..
        and The Rat-Man for OC ?

        Both are already in-house .. and methinks they
        know a lot more about football than the rest
        of the coaching staff combined !

        1. MW, sorry but I think the Niners have learned their lesson. KT is not even a position coach. I love Keena Turner and hope he squeezes into the HOF, but Ken Norton Jr at least has DC experience.
          Please do not call him Rat man. I always refer to Tom Rathman as Woody. I wish Woody would have replaced Chryst, like 6 weeks ago.

    1. Bout time to hit the road. Please everyone, have a safe trip and designate a driver. Happy Thanksgiving. We are blessed to live in America with much to be thankful for.
      GO NINERS!!!!!!

  15. Well, so much for Kaep possibly playing for Chip Kelly in Philly. After today’s debacle in Detroit, I’m convinced that Kelly has coached his last game.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving to the 49ers family! Enjoy your time with your families today and remember to be thankful for the blessings you have been given.

    1. Smith doesn’t look like a top 10 prospect to me. He needs to get stronger, work on disengaging from a blocker quicker and more thoroughly, and avoid being deceived so easily on trick plays.

      1. Those are the areas he is weakest. But, you’ll be shocked to hear, I disagree with you – he’s a top 5 talent for me. :-)

        1. I’d be happy with Smith. He could use more muscle but he is a straight up ball’r and that is the foundation you build from. The muscle will develop in the weight room.

        2. Not really. ;-)
          Smith needs to get bigger and stronger before I can classify him a top 10 pick. Right now he’s in the 11-20 range.

          1. I believe Smith is a top 10 pick. This guy can sniff out plays and is quick to the ball.
            He doesn’t make the big hit like Willis but he gets to the ball carrier fast like pre – injury Bowman.

            1. This guy can sniff out plays and is quick to the ball.

              So did Kendricks whom many didn’t like because of his size.

              1. Kendricks was an excellent run defender for UCLA, but only ok in coverage and as a pass rusher. Jaylon Smith has a good all round game. He is probably not as good as Kendricks as a run defender, but superior in coverage and as a blitzer. Smith’s coverage skills are excellent. He’s a movable chess piece with top notch athleticism.

              2. We need someone that can do both if that player is taken in the top 10. Kendricks was not that in the last draft, and Smith doesn’t look like it either. Plus we need to see if that explosiveness is negated when he adds some meat onto his bones. He’s not worth a top 10 pick until he becomes a better run defender and gains some muscle without it sapping some of his play – making ability. Those are two big areas of concern that I have, and therefore I don’t see him as a top 10 pick.

              3. When I say Kendricks was probably a better run defender coming out of college, that doesn’t mean I don’t think Smith is a good run defender. He is good, just not excellent as he can have issues shedding blocks.

                They are different types of players. Kendricks is more of a 4-3 MIKE (as he is playing for the Vikings) with potential to play WILL. Smith in a 4-3 would almost certainly be a WILL, and very unlikely to play MIKE.

                In a 3-4, both would play as ILBs predominantly, but Smith would be more effective as WILB (I think) where he can be kept cleaner while also providing a lot of versatility in his use on passing downs.

              4. But we need a DL that can help keep him clean. That was one of the things that helped Willis and Bowman become one of the best duos in the league.

              5. No, but it would help regardless.
                Ijust see Smith as someone to be highly valued right now.

          2. Yeah, I agree AES. As you said before, he’s a baller. Natural instincts, excellent athlete.

  17. Happy Day to All-
    Just got home and this Dallas game is doggy, already out of reach and……Ruh-Ro, Romo’s down. Sorry for him. Burnt toast smell in Irving.

  18. Carolina seems to leave bodies in their wake. What a joy to meet then in the NFC championship game or the Super Bowl.

    1. Grant

      I’d say you could probably change the title of these articles to 6 Irrelevant Questions About the San Francisco Irrelevants, or something of that nature. One word that undoubtedly does not fit is “Burning.”

  19. Favre deserves the accolades he’s getting tonight, but I’m more excited to see Bart Starr. Memories.

  20. Brotha,
    Yes sir, totally agree. Bart Starr was one of the best and classiest players and people in sports.
    Have to admit I get a little lump in my throat when I see my old heroes like Bart Starr and one of my old Giants favorite Willie “Stretch” McCovey barely able to get around these days – but the memories are forever!

        1. It’s going to be a massive injustice if he doesn’t get voted in.

    1. We all get a little hitch in our get-along eventually. But some surf on the wave of their accomplishments.

        1. Dunno why the powers that be keep
          Roger in the “bridesmaid and never the bride”
          stage …

          If I were him… I’d be ticked off .. but ..
          I got faith… he’ll get in ..

          a class act !

  21. Over on Twitter, a guy with a 49ers avatar named Alex Carson is lamenting the fact that the 49ers could have both Adam Gase and Vic Fangio right now, but because Jed demanded Tomsula be DC, Gase bolted and the 49ers got Tomsula as HC. Gase is turning Cutler into a real QB and Fangio’s no-name defense owns Aaron Rodgers. Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick is recovering from surgery on a hidden injury after being benched, and legions of veterans bailed when they learned they’d be subject to Tomsula’s marshmallow cleaver.

    1. Remember Sergeant Friday? “Just the facts, nothing but the facts.”
      You were alright until you padded it with the “bailed” balogna. Folks left for their own reasons; and bless their hearts.

      1. BT

        How can you say that? You don’t know. Bam Davis and PWilly are who I’m mainly referring to, but there was a mass exodus, and it is highly likely that it was at least somewhat spurred by the 2014 whisper campaign and the offseason travesty of hiring Tomsula. Pure conjecture, but then that’s what a blog comments section is for:

        1. I have zero evidence. I’ve just never bought the ‘rats leaving a sinking ship’ theory. Personal need of a number of individuals. Coincidence does not equal causality. Might be wrong, but I’ve given it some thought.
          Now another theme put forth at the same time, that Pros don’t want to work for the current regime (Y/M/B), I used to think was hyperbole; not so sure now.

    1. Cubus, where do you think he might land? Teams like the Texans have crap at the QB position. Living in Denver I don’t think Elway would go for Kaep even though he might fit Kubiak’s system pretty well. Their running game isn’t great and so far Brock is still in contention, the Browns might be interested, Jets, Eagles, Rams, and maybe the Ravens since Flacco could be out for a while. And potentially the Eagles but like the article says Kelly might not be around.

      1. Wilson:

        I think you’ve pretty much covered it. Seems like Elway won’t go for a QB that isn’t a pocket passer. Brown, Jets and Ravens seem the most likely to me.

        1. I think the Tebow situation probably will keep any QB like Griffin, Kaep, Newton, Wilson out of Denver unless they improve in the pocket significantly.

      2. Rams would be the best fit for Kaep, and he could play against Jed and Trent twice a year, and haunt them.

    2. Almost a 3rd of the league will be looking at either signing or drafting a QB next year so he’ll have options.

      1. The fact that there is a good chance that Kaepernick will ultimately walk away from the team with no compensation in return is just unacceptable. When will the prominent players in the local media start asking Jed why does Baalke still have his job? I mean just point blank ask him. The complete dearth of success in the draft and free agency at almost all positions, the current state of the team and it’s standings in the league. The current situation at the most important position. When will someone lay those out and ask which owner in the league wouldn’t have fired their GM by now with the state that this team is in and the fact that all of this is his responsibility. Can we actually rely on hoping that he’s planning on doing it and simply waiting for the season to be over. I tend to agree with Kawakami in that they are comfortable with Trent and that they like comfort.

        Those that keep wanting to blame Jed I’ve said this before you’re wasting your breath. Sure he’s responsible but he isn’t firing himself and you’re kidding yourself if you think mommy and daddy are going to do it. Don’t put any energy into worrying about whether or not Jed is going anywhere and put it towards something that can have a direct affect on this team. Get Jed to fire Baalke.

        Jed is weak. He can swayed. If they like comfort then it’s time to make Jed uncomfortable with Baalke. If the local media went for the throat and loaded their respective outlets with a constant barrage of questioning the ownership on it’s lack of action and why it’s continues to accept mediocrity or worse from it’s front office Jed would eventually capitulate. What choice would he have if everyone stopped asking questions about players or trades or the draft and simply focused on one subject; why does Baalke still have a job?

        It would work. It won’t happen because the team would put pressure on those media outlets and most would give in and tell their reporters to stop or lose their jobs. Which is a shame, because it would work.

        1. We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, Coffee. We can’t hope for Jed to fire himself and we can’t trust him to make intelligent, competent decisions. We’ve been yorked up and down.

        2. CFC
          They can’t ask him questions if he won’t submit to interviews or pressers! Yes, I know that surrounding the bunker with complaints and criticism will eventually wear him down. Torches and pitchforks maybe too.
          What if he replaces him with Marathe?
          Sorry, gotta go now, feeling queasy.

  22. Mike McCarthy might become available at the end of the year if GB doesn’t at least make it to the NFCCG.

    1. I highly doubt that Prime. Green Bay has been the victim of injuries on the OL and subpar play from Cobb and especially Adams.

      1. Don’t forget Lacy’s regression at RB too.

        Here’s my thought’s on what to expect from our GM and Owner for the next coach:
        1. They’re going to stick with JT at least part way through next season.
        2. They won’t hire a big name coach, see history Nolan, Singletary, JH (was unproven at the NFL level but much sought after) They did chose some big name O coordinators like Turner, Martz but they were retreads by the time we got them.
        3. History shows that they’ll pick someone from the NFL coordinators or college ranks based on “potential”.
        4. Don’t expect them to break the bank and go after proven candidates
        5. They swung the pendulum from independent to compliant in the JH to JT choice, compliance right now to their plan is more important than competence.
        6. I would be shocked for them to move towards Peyton, Kelly, McCarthy or any other big name coaches making a move this next year.

        I hate all this stuff but we’re stuck with JT through at least the end of this season. I know a few folks think our “improving” D will get better and win on the road at Cleveland and Detroit but I am not so sure. So if we lose to either or both of those and don’t beat the Bears we’ll have to see what York means by competitive. Not sure I’d define losing to the bottom tier of the NFL competitive but he may mean staying close in games.

        1. I disagree completely that the 49ers are stuck with Jim Tomsula. Regardless of the injuries and retirements the bottom line is a coach in evaluated on how well the team performs from an X and O’s perspective as well as the effort the players exude on Sundays. Well, lets recap:

          1.The effort has been very inconsistent from week to week. The team usually starts trying mid game or not at all since week 1.

          2. The bye week said it all. They had 2 weeks to prepare for their hated rival and they came out flat. Beyond flat actually.

          3. Of the 7 loses, 6 have been blowouts. I figure a few more starting with the Cards this week, Bengals, Lions and possibly Bears.

          4. For a defensive minded coach, Tomsula has not shown an ability to rectify what ails a defense. Stopping the run and pass rush have been terrible. Is that not what a defensive line coach specializes in?

          5. Image, articulation, being able to right the ship, a face of the franchise, the team resembling the identity of the head coach has been all but been an embarassment.

          How can they possibly explain all these shortcomings to the fans, investors, and possible future season ticket holders that he is the guy to lead this team?
          THEY CANNOT

          1. FDM, what have the GM and ownership done that would lead you to believe they’ll do something different? We’ll see JT through the end of this season. I think he’s completely incapable as a coach. I don’t disagree with anything reviewing his performance, he stinks but they haven’t communicated anything about his performance except that “staying competitive would keep him his job.” We haven’t starting hearing leaks that he’s lost the players or the locker room yet or that there’s rifts with the leadership above him. I think when they’re done with him we’ll start hearing those things.

            1. Wilson asks :what have the GM and ownership done that would lead you to believe they’ll do something different?

              I think that being the whipping boys of the NFL all year, during SB week, and all offseason is something no owner will tolerate. This is a once proud/storied franchise. I cannot see Jed York making a mockery of this organization by letting things spiral any further into being a team known for losing. Now did he make a mistake, a huge mistake, of course. Will he let things stay status quo and let Tomsula and Baalke continue in this mess, possibly but that would just further the public back lash that no business owner wants to deal with.

              1. That would be the correct thing to do FDM. I sure hope their capable of doing it. I would love to be surprised on this one.

              2. FDM,

                The Yorks let the team become a Joke for nearly a decade before Harbaugh was hired. A rational front office that is focused on winning would not have hired a Dline Coach with no NFL experience as a HC or coordinator. Expecting them to do anything we view as common sense is wishful thinking. We can hope but the history paints a different story.

        2. Payton wouldn’t be a surprise in the sense he comes from the Parcells tree. The surprise would be his fee and personnel power. One name that’s under the radar is Mike Shula. He might be the one OC that would be willing to take the job and has proven he’s capable of developing an offense. I’d be interested in knowing what coaches he could bring in to fill out his staff….

      2. Mid that’s been their excuse the past 3 years. He’s been there 10 years and won one SB but every year they have come out blazing only to fade down the stretch.
        I think MCCarthy has to win at least 2 playoff games to keep his job. My guess.
        I also think he would be a good hire for the Niners. Then Sean Payton if available. We need an experienced proven HC to take over who can hire quality NFL assistants.

        1. What we need and what we’ll get are 2 different things. I would love for us to hire someone who’s got a proven track record and the ability to draw quality coordinators. Other than JH and his staff when has this ownership and GM hired a good team of coaches?

          1. 2011 the Harbaugh regime. Only because they were backed into a corner and had to because of the previous hires. I think they fall into this same situation now. You cannot go cheap on quality coaching personnel. If they have not learnt their lesson from this years debacle then I have no idea what more this franchise is capable of.

            1. I hope they feel the urgency that you say they do. They over reacted to the JH situation and swung the pendulum too far the other direction. JH would be hard to work with period even thought he’s a winner. I don’t see Kelly, Payton or McCarthy working with this ownership unless they are willing to give up personnel decisions.

              1. I think the urgency comes from knowing you made a huge mistake and told your fans last year that it was SB or bust every year.
                Its been well documented that Harbaugh is a difficult figure to work with. Like all his coaching stops, they last 3-5 years and he moves on. But the issue as we all know was that the replacement was not qualified. The 49ers did their due diligence and interviewed a lot of candidates, a lot of good candidates. The problem was, and this is total speculation, that these candidates wanted control of the roster.
                Well I think Jed has a big decision to make that he can continue with Baalke and a puppet coach, or, hire a bonafide, proven head coach and Baalke goes or relinquishes some control of the roster.
                The bottom line is someone in upper management is going to have to swallow their ego if they want this team to succeed. Otherwise its more of the same.

              2. FDM, I think the coaches did due diligence, and contacted JH to ask his opinion. Bet he did not give Jed,Paraag and baalke glowing recommendations. In fact, JH probably told them to turn it down because he felt any coach would be stabbed in the back by those guys.
                Guess what? a LOT of coaches declined to even be interviewed.

        2. Prime there is no way McCarthy is coaching for his job. He’s got as much security as any HC in this league. Unlike the Niners, GB likes to win consistently.

          1. For sure he is. Getting close every year and not being able to get over the hump is on the head coach.
            For years it was the defense and on Dom Capers. Now with their offense sputtering it’s completely on him. If they get in the playoffs and are an early exit, he will be gone. GB has had a playoff roster for many years only to lose to early.
            2011-lost 2nd round
            2012-lost 2nd round
            2013-lost wildcard
            2014-lost on a blunder in NFC championship

            1. Prime there is zero chance McCarthy is getting fired this year. The man has had one losing season in 10 years and has won a SB. He is going nowhere. The rest of the league doesn’t operate the way the Niners do. When a team gets a HC who wins consistently over multiple years they keep him. The sputtering offense is 11th overall and the plays are being called by someone other than McCarthy for the first time in his tenure there. The board of directors may ask him to take over play calling again, but they sure as hell won’t fire him.

              1. Rocket, I agree. GB was punched in the gut when they lost Jordy Nelson in the preseason. Additional injuries have weakened the defense.

          2. I guess we will see how they fare in the playoffs this year. Too bad you don’t have a stat to prove otherwise!

            1. Oh wait you did, they have the 11th overall offense. My bad. But that means zero when it comes to winning in the playoffs. Kinda like all your #7 stats. Meaningless now wouldn’t you say?

              1. Stats are used to back up an argument Prime. The argument you are trying to make is that a HC who has had one losing season in 10 years, has won a SB, and who has had a top ten offense every year he’s been there will be fired if he doesn’t make the NFCCG, one year after he made it to the NFCCG. Your argument doesn’t make any sense at any level, stats or no stats.

              2. You know what Rocket it does make sense because if you read NFL news nationally you will hear beat reporters and NFL experts talk about certain head coaches being on the hot seat. They will also talk about what teams are thinking for the future. Is it accurate, most times it is and when you consider how GB’s seasons have gone and the information pertaining to McCarthy,it’s more than accurate. You are too consumed with past achievements.
                Basing an argument on stats as right or wrong is what made you look foolish with all that Kaepernick junk.
                The NFL is based on what have you done lately!

              3. Prime,

                First off I wasn’t wrong on the Kaepernick junk as you put it because the argument wasn’t about the stats. The argument was if this team could win with Kap and they did. You can’t change history. They won a lot of games with Kap so trying to rehash that debate is pointless. Second, there is no one credible talking about McCarthy losing his job if he doesn’t make the NFCCG that I’ve seen. Please post the stories that are saying this and I will be happy to read them.

          3. Absolutely you and many others were wrong about #7 on all levels of his performance back on MNF against the Bears til this year. You kept showing his numbers as a means to show he could win. Now he might be out of the league so all those past performances are all meaningless: Junk!

            As for stories pertaining to McCarthy, read ESPN, watch the NFL network, pre game on FOX, CBS, NFL countdown. If you want I can record them or set up a few subscriptions for you if you’d like?
            Not every NFL player or story is based on an objective factor such as a statistic.

            1. Lol. Prime you either don’t remember the ongoing debate or are just angry that I called you on this ridiculous notion that McCarthy is Coaching for his job, because you are completely out to lunch here. The Kap argument started from the time he took over and while you and others like Fan were blaming him for losing the SB and calling him a loser, I was putting up stats that showed he was a top ten rated QB and was winning games. That was the extent of the Kap argument. Fan tried to change the narrative this year to make it seem like I was a Kap apologist, could see no wrong in him etc, but it was complete nonsense. I never once called him a franchise QB and pointed out repeatedly that he needed to improve especially as a Pocket passer. He didn’t, fell apart this year and has likely played his last game as a Niner, but that doesn’t change the fact you were ripping on a guy who was winning during the season and playoffs and just not accepting anything positive that was said about him.

              As far as McCarthy goes, I do all those things you mentioned and haven’t heard one story or rumor suggesting McCarthy is out if he doesn’t get to the NFCCG. If you are going to say something like that, back it up with some proof of these stories you mentioned or admit you fabricated a ridiculous scenario and move on.

              1. I know it’s hard for you to admit being wrong but it’s just something that many of us on the blog get with you.
                You say #7 was winning games way back when but failed to realize why he was winning all those games. If he was winning them based on those superior stats you displayed, where are they now?Where are all those great statistical achievements today? That’s the arguement you like to sweep under the carpet because what I said all those years was that he was a flash in the pan. He won games? No. The defense carried him and the coaching masked his inefficiencies.
                The real #7 is what we seen last year and this year and the proof was not what I said but what defensive players across the league said.

                As for McCarthy, maybe you need to follow the NFL and other teams more closely. I have heard multiple times of certain coaches being on the hot seat and he is one of them. If you think it’s fabricated then that’s your opinion but next time I find a link or story pertaining to it I will expect another lack of you admitting to being wrong.

              2. Rocket because you have not heard anything pertaining to Mike McCarthy being fired at years end for whatever reason means its fabricated? Get over yourself man.

              3. Yep just as I figured. You make a strawman and knock it down. The difference between then and now is immense Prime. The Coaches are different, personnel is different, and most importantly beginning last year, the Oline was different and a huge factor in not just the decline of Kap but the offense as a whole. You don’t think of these things or ignore them because you want a situation to be black and white and some just aren’t. The fact Kap is no longer in the Niner long range plans does not change the fact he was instrumental in taking this team to a SB and winning a lot of games. All you need to do is look at how lousy the defense was playing during the SB run to understand your point is incorrect. There is no doubt he benefited from the running game and defense throughout his time as the starter, but he was also a big factor in why they won. Seriously, it’s time to stop talking about this anyway. It’s never going to be settled because you won’t accept what was being said and prefer to argue the strawman, so believe what you want and be happy.

                Thanks for answering the question on McCarthy. There are no stories to link too so you will be hoping one pops up soon. Got it.

              4. FDM,

                Rocket because you have not heard anything pertaining to Mike McCarthy being fired at years end for whatever reason means its fabricated? Get over yourself man.

                Get over what? He’s stating that McCarthy could be fired if he doesn’t reach the NFCCG, and then insinuates he’s read stories and heard statements on football shows pertaining to that. I have not seen or read anything suggesting that, so I asked him to provide proof and he didn’t. Instead he got defensive and brought up the Kap argument again while not providing anything to back up his point about McCarthy. That usually means the person is talking out of their ass.

              5. A sorry sport you are Rocket. You get challenged and turn all huffy.
                The CK arguement you lost badly and can’t get over it. As for McCarthy, the reports are real. If you think they are fabricated or me talking out of my arse, maybe your ego needs a reality check. You are not the only one on this blog who follows football. And what would I gain from making that up?FDM is right, get over yourself and your annoying statistical crap! When

              6. Prime,

                I think MCCarthy has to win at least 2 playoff games to keep his job. My guess.

                I should’ve just told you you were nuts after this statement and left it alone. Would have saved a lot of time and nonsense.


                Good chart. Tomsula at the top is no surprise but will our ownership and GM do anything about it? Will the owner fire the GM? Not likely.

              7. Prime what reports? I did a quick google search and there are some reports but the top ones are all from 2-5 years old. Links?

                Not really gonna get into the middle of your tussle but it seems bringing up the whole #7 thing seems like a cheap shot and what people do when they don’t have anything to back up their argument. Plan B attack the person.

              8. OK, I take your word for it. It just seems if there’s any credibility to those reports besides some color commentators talking about their opinions there would be some articles reporting on the situation. Generally if there’s not some actual reporting I blow off those guys opinions. Those guys use so much hyperbole and cliche. They fabricate pressure and make or break seasons.

              9. Seb 99% of the posters think who will be fired? JT or McCarthy? 99% of posters would like him fired but we’re not confident that will happen.

              10. Tomsula.
                I do not think Mccarthy will be fired if they did not do it after last year’s NFCCG. This year he has had bad luck with injuries, so Mike will still be HC, IMO.

            2. Prime, I am not saying it won’t happen or couldn’t happen, I am saying I haven’t seen anything credible to indicate it will happen. If you called it all of us are big enough to give you credit for it.

              1. To be honest with you not too many people on here are very in tune with what’s happening in the NFL altogether. For a jerk wad like Rocket who has a hard time with being wrong, saying I fabricated the story makes no sense. Why would I make that up and I gain nothing by making that assumption. Im not trying to be the know it all like some on here!

              2. I think for some on here they only follow the 49ers, but there are many others of us who follow more. Some of us don’t live in a 49er’s saturated market so we get more football news by just being in another city. I am not as widely read as some but there are plenty of guys on here who read a lot of NFL news besides the 49ers.

                Like I said, I am not getting into your squabble, I just haven’t seen anything about it and I have several friends who are huge Packer fans that own stock in the team who haven’t mentioned anything about McCarthy’s firing. They all seem to think its more about Dom Kapers and injuries than McCarthy. You know I am sure there are fans who think the grass is greener and that some other coach could win it for them. It happened here with JH after one 8-8 season. Like I said, its sure possible and if it happens it will be one of the best kept secrets in the NFL.

              3. Can’t speak to the veracity of claims McCarthy is on the hot seat according to the national media, but the idea of the Packers firing him at the end of the season seems highly unlikely to me. But if he is, yeah, 49ers should definitely try and hire him.

              4. Rocket is has arrogance up the wazoo. He won’t admit that he was wrong about Kaep because he’s just going to fall back on the stat argument. And then Jack Hammer will just come out and say that Marc Sanchez also had good stats and has a lot of road playoff wins tool

                In his tiny little head, he thinks getting close is good enough, because he’s so in love with stats, he fails to see that the most important number to know is that it’s a game of inches. Kaep is always a step late on his throws, or premeditates his reads, you know the actual playing the game part. Stats won’t show that he threw it to Crabs 3x in the SB. And Rocket loves to overlook the stats of all the TOs in the Seattle NFCCG game. This is not about piling on Kaep, but on Rocket!

        3. Mid that’s been their excuse the past 3 years. 

          I didn’t know that Cobbs had underperformed for the past three years or that Adams has been in the league for that length of time.

    2. As great as Aaron Rodgers is, does he belong in the Hall of Fame? Like Favre he’s only got one ring, but Favre went to 2 SB.

      What if contracts ends, and he wants to come back to the Bay Area.

      Nah. Not happening. Not with this ownership.

      The craziest thing to happen would be if somehow the KC Chiefs, yeah those guys, somehow get past the Bengals and the Patriots and make it to the SB to play either the Cards or Panthers. They could do it because they’re D is coming together. They beat NE last year.

      And then he wins the SB and ties Rodgers for rings!

      The reason it won’t happen is I wouldn’t trust Andy Reid to call a good game in the most pivotal game, and Alex will be one or two plays short.

        1. Chiefs look like a playoff team. Anything can happen. I don’t think they’ll get there.

          I didn’t get a chance to do this yesterday, but Happy Thanksgiving, wilson, rocket, scooter mcg, Prime, Mary, AES, Brother Tuna, Big P, MWD, Bay Area Fanatic – where-ever you are, Seb, JPN001, NinerMD, Razoreater, and all the rest of your crazy horses.

          And of course Happy Thanksgiving to you, Grant, and your Dad. Grant, you are our Tomsula and your dad is our Jed York! I know the ages may not match but why go by the book!

          Plus you butcher the English language like a Jimmy T press conference!

          1. They’ve been really inconsistent this season but much of the AFC is exactly the same so its possible. Their wins against the Steelers and Broncos are impressive, some might say Manning’s 4 INT’s lost that game. The Packer’s win also has merit. They could get in as a wild card team but I think it will be the Patriots, Bengals, Broncos, Colts/Texans. 1st wild card goes to Steelers and then its up for grabs, Bills, Jets, Chiefs and either the Texans or Colts. Heck even the Raiders could be considered a playoff team at this point.

            1. The Chiefs offense has looked a lot better since the adjustments they made to their OL.

          2. Hey Fan, thought your were done with this blog site? Wut ‘appined?
            I actually like your writing and you do bring a lot to the table (other than your Kaep screeds), but I am sure you gave us a farewell speech.;p

  23. I would not be against the idea of signing Manning after this season for two years. Not with the expectation that he’ll win us a Superbowl but that he’ll keep us competitive and keep the fans entertained while Carson Wentz watches and learns from a future hall of famer.

    Ideally we would be able to get Wentz in the third leaving us two high picks to address the offensive line and defensive front seven. Otherwise I would envision trading back in the second or moving back into it to get him. We’ll see what his stock is like after the Shrine/Senior Bowl games.

    1. And how much do you think Manning would cost? If anything good has come out of this year its that Blaine Gabbert is more than qualified to be a bridge QB for 2 more years. And he is cheap.

      1. Manning’s value is going to be at an all time low. If they replace Tomsula with the right offensive minded coach they could convince him to come back on a reasonably team friendly deal. Gabbert is a .500 QB at best, where even old washed up Manning can get 10+ wins during the regular season and that’s enough to keep things fun and gets us into the tournament. We might even win a wild card game with him, probably not at this point but it’s a lot farther then where we would get with Gabbert. Along the way our rookie QB is learning how to watch and analyze film and prepare for an opponent by the player considered to be one of if not he best at doing so. Would you honestly rather have the future of our franchise learning from Blaine Gabbert or Peyton Manning? You don’t really have to answer that.

        1. CFC
          If Denver’s mediocre OL can’t protect PM, can SF’s feeble one? He’s immobile and fragile now. Each hit he takes has more and longer lasting impacts. I think he’d be nuts to sign with SF. I remember about his quick release and all, but let’s just say at 65 I don’t get on a skateboard any more.

          1. If nothing else our offensive line will be much better next season. We’ll likely have a highly selected tackle or guard or both. We’ll have Kilgore back at center and possibly Davis back at right tackle. The last two alone would have been enough for this years line to be considerably better with the other adjustments I’m not feeling too worried at this point that the line is going in the wrong direction.

            I also believe that he’s smart enough to understand that the big hit can come from behind any line in this league. Maybe he’s more likely to get sacked behind one versus the other but these guys also tend to think they are better then most pass rushers. They’ll convince themselves that the 6% difference in sacks given up is something he can manage with his passing and audible skills if the situation overall is appealing.

            1. OK, cuz if the line isn’t better next year, it won’t be my problem; I’ll just stop watching. With this FO I’m pretty much in a ‘Show Me’ state of mind now. It aint better until its better. Yes, I seem to be embracing Half Empty with that, but based on recent history and the eyeball test……………..

        2. CFC, Peyton Manning is physically incapable of playing another 2 years. A good idea but father time is calling on him to retire. How about becoming the 49ers QB coach?

            1. I’ve thought about that. He’d certainly be demanding, detail oriented, and situationally aware. But I don’t think he’d be a fit with the Baalke/Tomsula archaic football philosophy.

              1. Also, some great players don’t become good coaches because they lack the patience and the understanding that not everybody is capable of the level of play they’ve achieved. I also thought Rich Gannon may be a good OC candidate.

              2. Ht, if Manning could get the Niners to run the no huddle, I would be all for it.
                Too bad he makes more money doing commercials, so Baalke would never pay him enough to be the Niner OC.

              3. How about team president, GM, and OC all in one. Maybe he would be interested at $20M per year.

      1. Sorry, I just saw Wentz and did not see the first part of your post with Manning. I like Thompson more than Manning at this point because he is a lot more accurate than Manning. Niners will draft a QB for the future, so Gabbert should be the QB until the new QB matures as an NFL QB. Wentz looks good.
        I do agree with your last part of the post.

    2. CFC,
      I like Wentz in the 3rd as well. There are some very good value QB’s after the 2nd rd in the 2016 draft.
      Another kid I like who could be a surprise and go on day 2 is Brandon Doughty of Western Kentucky. He’s been under the radar because of the level of competition but he has the mechanics, size, and nice release and touch on his passes.

      1. Gunner Kiel, Kevin Hogan, Everett Golson, Dak Prescott and Josh Dobbs could all be available after the first 2 rounds.

        1. Seb,
          Agreed. I would throw USC’ Kessler in the mix as well.
          Not ideal size for an NFL QB but his high completion percentage has my attention.

            1. Seb,
              Haven’t really followed Brissette this year but Walters Football has him rated as a 2nd day pick.
              I give him a look see since you mentioned him bud.

              1. To tell the truth, I have not watched very many of his games, but the one game I did see, he looked good.

  24. Bill Romanoski said earlier this week on 95.7 that the Niners can keep track of how much time players are logged into their tablets with the playbook – and that Gabbert spent 3-4 times on the playbook as a backup than Kap as a starter. If true, it says a lot about Kap. At the same time, who fed Romo this information? And what does it say about them?

    1. Hmmmm. I will maintain some skepticism on anything Romo says. He’s said some whacked-out things previously. So I’ll note his remarks but not accept them as fact yet. On the other hand, I read one report (I’ve forgotten source) that claimed CK spent much more time in the weight room than on homework. Again, it’s just a report, but the last SF QB to do that was Druckenmiller.
      As these stories come out there may be a puzzle picture coming into view, or it could be a false picture being painted but those with an agenda. Rav’s question about Romo’s source is interesting. The answer’s implications would be intriguing. Who the heck would confide in Romanowski and trust him to maintain their anonymity?

      1. BT,

        Looking at how this team has operated in the past, it seems to be following a familiar pattern of leaking negative information about somebody they intend to part with. It could also be Romo talking BS, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did hear that from somebody

        1. Well, to pile layers of speculation on top of a rumor, my guess would be that a player is more likely to be Romo’s source than an exec. Can you envision Paraag hanging out with Romo?

          1. Lol good point. Although Romo does carry a wide variety of stuff in that case of his that might appeal to anyone.

            1. Rocket, that’s it! He drugged somebody with his Hunter S. Thompson Interrogation Kit and got them to mumble the beans, LOL!

            2. On Romanowski, that claim was far too specific and peculiar to have been made up by him.

              Furthermore, if you’re Bob Lange/Paraag Marathe/Jed York running a whisper campaign, then your goal is to get the info into the head of someone you know can not be confided in. That is, the whole point is to get it leaked, to spread it.

              This information certainly does a good job of making Kaep look foolish, especially when all the great QBs are known to be film junkies. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes WAY beyond what we see; for instance, why Tomsula? He is a clown. Why Pears and Devey, when Tiller was the highest rated OL on the team in preseason?

              So much peculiar evidence pointing to a tanking extravaganza, almost like the mysterious year in Indy when Peyton was injured and that team went 2-14, just in time to get Luck-y.

              1. Spy vs Spy vs Spy
                More intrigue than the Chinese Imperial Court.
                Your take is entirely possible.
                The Faithful shaking our f-ing heads so much we’re going to look like bobbleheads.

          2. Do you think the data collected by Paraag from the players tablets would be available to players? I don’t.

              1. It’s not sarcasm BT. Of course it was just vitamins. It was all in the name of health I’m telling ya! Romo was a walking talking miracle of nutrition and supplements. PED’s/steroids would have affected his mood, made him unstable, someone who had a screw loose….

  25. I see where their moving Dial to the Left side and Armstead slides to the right. Maybe next year it’s Buckner/Dial/Armstead….

      1. I thought IDub was F/A material, and am assuming they will not resign him. Anybody got a grade on Williams this year?

    1. Chryst also said that a player who was sitting on his couch 6 days before he joined the team had complete total command of the playbook. SMH.

  26. Matt Maiocco believes that Tomsula’s game management(specifically 4th downs) are influenced by the 49ers analytics department led by Marathe.

    If this is true then Marathe isn’t very good at analytics. Any good analytics person will tell you kicking a FG on 4th and 3 in the red zone while trailing by 2 TDs is a bad decision.

    No link to this, Maiocco just shared these thoughts on Sports talk live.

  27. Yup, I remember Tomsula holding up 3 fingers and bowing his head down. I am sure he was ordered to go for 3, but did not like it.
    He should have just put 2 fingers down and gone for it.

    1. I don’t know about that. Maiocco made it sound like Tomsula embraced and studied the numbers in preparation for the season. He also made it sound like the 49ers brass was satisfied with this decision making. Of course this was all in reference to punting in those late game situations.

      I added the FG decision as my own opinion, because to me those (including kicking a FG on 4th and goal from the 7)were more pivotal considering the game was still in the balance at that time. Whereas when they punted late in the 4th Q the game was basically over no matter what decision Tomsula made.

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