Unbeaten 49ers keep surprising each week

San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa, right, celebrates with middle linebacker Kwon Alexander (56) after recovering a fumble by Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield during the first half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Monday, Oct. 7, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — Lots of people thought the 49ers would be good this season.

Not many thought they’d be 5-0.

Sure, the schedule broke in their favor. They haven’t faced a good quarterback yet, because Ben Roethlisberger had season-ending elbow surgery and missed the Steelers’ Week 3 game against the 49ers. The highest-rated quarterback the 49ers have faced is Roethlisberger’s backup, Mason Rudolph. And the best team the 49ers have faced is the Rams, who are 3-3. Bigger challenges will come soon.

But the 49ers seem ready for the challenges. They’ve outscored opponents by 16.6 points per game — second best in the NFL. They’ve improved dramatically. They might even be Super Bowl contenders.

Here are five things we didn’t necessarily know about them until now:

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  1. During the offseason, the 49ers brought back all five starting defensive backs — Richard Sherman, Ahkello Witherspoon, Jimmie Ward, Jaquiski Tartt and K’Waun Williams — a move that seemed crazy at the time. But through five games, the 49ers already have intercepted seven passes and allowed a miniscule quarterback rating of just 62.5.

    That seemed to me like a crazy idea. I don’t think that people thought the defense would be this good. Improved, and the degree of change was heatedly argued. But as good as this? Wow.

    “I’ve learned how to balance things,” Shanahan said. “It has gotten easier for me over three years to see when it’s more important to focus on fixing X’s and O’s, and when to focus on talking to people and making people alright.”

    TBH I didn’t think he had it in him. I thought he was biting more than he could chew and would likely join the carrousel of coaches who, while talented, fizzled at their first attempt at coaching. Thought he was too fixated on his system and making it work rather than looking at ways of making the team better.

    Glad to see that I was wrong in that assessment.

    1. Disappointed with learning you had such a dismal out looks on Shanahan’s ability build a superbowl caliber team. He always struck me as a detailed oriented strategic thinker with good people skills. His entire life has been professional football facilities.

      1. He made sure he shared his dismal outlook with us on a daily basis. In similar fashion to Eeyore, with sardonic and cynical overtones….

          1. No, I think that Shanahan may have grown and seen a broader perspective. I think that the criticism may have been premature given how young the guy was and still is, but it was certainly true of what went on in Washington.

            I took his intransigence in SB as continued sign of inflexibility. He continued that with some of the play calling here. However, much has changed with Shanahan and even he acknowledges this. Kudos to him for that.

    2. Yeah, only the most ardent supporter would have believed the degree of change we are seeing in the D. Like you I was worried about the secondary, though that was mostly from the point of view of not liking the idea of taking things on faith the players would improve rather than adding more talent and letting them all compete.

      1. Yeah, only the most ardent supporter would have believed the degree of change we are seeing in the D.

        I went into this season believing the defense would be a top 5 unit; it was the offense that I was worried about.

          1. For me it wasn’t. Kocurek has usually elevated the DL wherever he has gone, Joe Woods knew how to coach a championship caliber secondary, and Saleh finally was able to get the playmakers he needed to take the defense to the next level in Alexander, Ford, and Bosa.

          2. SY,
            I said during TC that our defense would be the biggest improvement and that we would exceed last years Int’s numbers after our first 2 games. And we did.

            Some were upset that we did not make a splash in not drafting a Safety in the early rds, but we already had a glut in the secondary with players that were yet unproven. This issue (from last year) seems to have been ironed out.

            Shanahan has had a plan for the team from day one. The only missing ingredient was team talent. Bill Walsh never missed an opportunity to say that the team’s success was due to the great talent.
            Of course Walsh was being humble because he was a genius that changed the landscape of the game. But he was right about the talent on those teams during the glory years.

            Shanahan and Lynch are building a winner as well, knowing full well that garnering talent is top priority.
            I gave this team (as many did) 3-4 years to build a winner – they are definitely on course!

            1. They had a plan (all coaches and GMs do), but there were plenty of hiccups along the way. It was these, which I and other posters pointed out, were red flags. And these hiccups have sunk many a regime that did not have both fortitude to carry on and flexibility to adjust. It was the latter that was a challenge for many like me with Shanahan.

              Many posters stayed on message with the team, but it doesn’t mean that those who saw the hiccups were blind either.

              Please remember many labeled us haters. We do not hate that the team is doing well. As I stated before I tend to see the flip side often (perhaps it is from my soccer coaching days when I saw traps everywhere and tried to adjust – served me well as our team won several championships).

          1. I did Scooter. The combination of a healthy Richard Sherman, Joe Woods coaching the secondary, and a stronger pass rush made me believe that the secondary was going to be a better and more consistent unit.
            With that said, I will not deny that Witherspoon’s play has surprised me. I expected him to be improved from how he was last season, but I did not expect him to be playing at such an elite level before his injury.

            1. Improved, yes. I think everyone thought they would be better. I even thought they could be pretty good with the additions elsewhere. But this is not just pretty good. The secondary has been excellent. Heck, you even contradict yourself and say Witherspoon has surprised you.

              1. Heck, you even contradict yourself and say Witherspoon has surprised you.

                How the heck did you reach that conclusion? Just because I did not expect Witherspoon to be the best part of the secondary and playing at an elite does not mean I contradicted myself.

              2. No of course not. You merely said you expected the secondary to play at this level but was surprised Witherspoon was doing so. No contradiction there at all.

              3. How? Because I thought Witherspoon would be better in 2019 through a combination of competition and coaching but did expect that he would be playing like a top 10 CB and better than Sherman? Are you seriously being that ridiculous in order to justify your claim?

              4. I’m not being ridiculous. I asked you if you expected the secondary to be playing this well, which is to say playing like an elite unit because that is the level they are playing at right now. Your response was “yes”, followed by you thought they’d be “better and more consistent” (better and more consistent does not take the worst secondary to an elite one) and that Witherspoon has surprised you.

                Now you are complaining that I suggested this was contradictory. I didn’t mean this in a bad way, just trying to point out that your comment seemed to suggest even you have been a little surprised by just how good they have been, and that maybe when you said “yes” you were more referring to an expectation they would be decent and in combination with other pieces would result in a good D performance, but not necessarily the dominant performances we have seen. Of course this resulted in great offense and an outburst of disgust, naturally, rather than trying to explain what you meant to what I thought was a reasonable comment.

              5. Again, how am I being contradictory Scooter?
                I thought and expected the secondary to be at or near a Pro Bowl level because of the aforementioned reasons. Witherspoon has surprised me because I was anticipating Sherman to be the elite piece given his pedigree, even though Sherman is a step slower. Meanwhile, I thought and was expecting Witherspoon to be a solid #2 that could be the top dog by next season.
                So yes, I expected the secondary to be playing at its current level, but Witherspoon took me by surprise because he (and not Sherman) is playing at more of an elite level.
                If this makes me contradictory, then so be it.

              6. “Witherspoon took me by surprise because he (and not Sherman) is playing at more of an elite level.”

                Thankyou for taking it back down a notch and explaining what you meant. This comment is partly where the confusion lies I think. I disagree that Sherman isn’t playing at an elite level. By almost any metric he is. He may not have the speed, but he is shutting guys down and a big part of why the secondary is keeping opposing offenses to such low passing totals. So having Witherspoon (and now Moseley) step in and also play at or exceed that level opposite him to me would suggest the secondary is outperforming expectation.

                I have to say if you expected the secondary would be performing this well, kudos, but there really was little to suggest it should be what anyone expected. I would kind of put this in the “most ardent supporter” category I mentioned in my original post – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with believing in the team you support!

            2. Maybe my word usage hasn’t been the best. I meant I don’t think any but the most ardent fan would have expected such a dramatic improvement. Hoped for, yes. Believe it possible, yes. I shouldn’t have said believe in my original post.

              1. I expected 11-5, and our 3 Prong Attack to allow our secondary to thrive, but I will admit that I did underestimate just how good our depth had become, particularly the offensive line….

            3. After the draft and free agency, if you were to take a look at the defense and say that’s the weak link, you’d have to say the secondary.
              I still believe it is because our pass rush and scheme has masked the guys back there.
              I’m not gonna criticize particular players because they are getting it done ,but I also believe they haven’t really been tested enough to say they have arrived.
              I’m still skeptical on Mosley, Tartt and Spoon. Also Sherman still looks slower than normal.

              1. PT,
                “I still believe it is because our pass rush and scheme has masked the guys back there.”

                A good pass rush can definitely mask other possible weaknesses on defense.
                An uncomfortable QB (who worries where the pressure and hits are coming from) is prone to making mistakes.
                That’s been on full display in all 5 games.

                Strengthen the CORE and other parts also benefit!

              2. AES,

                I know this as well. If you peruse the archives, I advocated for strong OL and DL. In either case, as Scooter has observed few saw this kind of turnaround. I most certainly didn’t and for that mea culpa!

              3. SY,
                No need to apologize my friend. Many here were uneasy over the last two years and actually since the time of Harbaugh’ departure.

                I don’t recall you being nasty in our disagreements about the state of the team.
                All is well.

        1. As did I, but this isn’t just growth. This is a complete reversal from the worst secondary in football to one of the best through five games. I did not see that coming.

          1. The growth is astounding, but it all ties in with youth, talent, continuation and syncing up everything front to back. I didn’t expect this kind of leap, but it doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is someone on the know inside, Grant, did not see it coming….

            1. Grant being clueless isn’t that surprising honestly. He’s still bordering on out-and-out hater, and I know if and when the Niners lose a game Grant will be there with his “not for real” take.

      2. Right, i had visions of what had happened last year with the pass rush. It wasn’t addressed even while it had been bad and the team expressed confidence in the personnel already there. Fortunately, it wasn’t repeated this year and it’s impact (along with Alexander, whose contributions have also been immense) cannot be overstated.

      3. It really isn’t all that surprising unless you are some of the people in this forum who have bought into the Cohn Zone of stupidity. This article really should be titled: I know nothing about the 49ers or football in general by Grant Cohn. This guy has been wrong about everything regarding this team and still doesn’t understand what he’s seeing considering what he wrote about Garoppolo and the passing game in this article.

        A lot of people predicted the 49ers would be a playoff contender as early as last season because it wasn’t hard to see how good this team would be with Garoppolo. He got hurt along with numerous other players and to Grant Cohn and a few others in here that meant bad coaching. Just really poor analysis when you look at how down this place was on Saleh and Shanahan without regard to just how hard it is to win with a changing lineup at key positions every week. Now the naysayers are trying to save face by pretending Shanahan and Saleh got smarter when it’s about the players they added and have back healthy. I read a number of different blogs and this one by far is the most pessimistic and obnoxious led by the guy who runs it.

        1. I think that’s a fair question. Grant has insight like no other, and yet with all his access and acumen failed to recognize it. Perplexing….

          1. Yeah, “insight”. LOL

            On a given day in training camp: So and so dropped a pass. He’s a complete bust.

            The next day: So and so made a great catch. Maybe I was premature calling him a complete bust.

            Rinse and repeat. Tiresome.

        2. Like I said, and got attacked for by sock puppets, Grants an ahole.

          At least he used to write every day now half these posts are even more obnoxious videos.

        3. Absolutely no one touted the Niners would be as good as they are. Those who touted a 23-0 season were just joking.
          Claiming they knew all along that the Niners would be undefeated, is just revisionist history. Yes JG did give us hope, but he did not start out well last season, going 1-2. No one knew if he would be able to play again at an elite level, after rehabbing from his ACL surgery. After JG threw 5 picks in practice, did anyone predict he would go 5-0 to start the season?
          Until Sept 7th, this team was a 4-12 team and warranted constructive criticism. Thankfully, KS made changes in the coaching department, that is paying off handsomely. Thankfully, JL spent a bunch of the salary cap and acquired good talent. Thankfully, it looks like JL hit a home run in the draft. After a solid TC and impressive preseason, my expectations were elevated, but no one, and I emphatically state, NO ONE, predicted the Niners would be so dominant.
          Now these late comer band wagon fans are claiming they saw it all along? Not one of them predicted the Niners would run for 275 yards in a game. Not one of them predicted the Niner defense would not allow a third down conversion, or stop FOUR 4th down conversions, last game. I peruse the other Niner blog sites, and of course, there are the die hard faithful, hoping for success, but adamantly predicting the playoffs was just a dream. Only a few like Jack, predicted a 12-4 season. No one would have predicted that the Rams would go on a 3 game losing streak, or Goff would pass for 78 yards, especially after he passed for 900 yards the last 2 games.
          ‘Look how down this place was on Saleh and Shanahan without regard to how hard it is to win with a changing lineup at key positions every week.’ It is hard to win when they lose their starting CB, FB and both OTs? Then how come they won?
          Go ahead, jump on the bandwagon, and crow that you predicted this unbeaten streak. I know better.
          I am glad that my realistic outlook, and constructive criticisms, may have helped keep the Niners grounded so they could achieve their success, Grant called out Pettis, and he responded well. The Niners respond better to motivation to prove them wrong, than listening to the rainbow and unicorn crowd, telling them they have no worries.
          All these arse kissing band wagon fans will do is make the Niners soft and complacent. I hope the Niners realize that the harder half of the season is looming, so they need to stay on their toes.

          1. Ah —————the bitter grapes of wrath, eh Sebs?

            I told you from the beginning the glass is half full–remember? An objective person could see what they were trying to do…………

            Bitter, bitter grapes make a bad wine, Sebs–but they make for much whining!!!

            Nobody….NOBODY said anything at all about an unbeaten streak, so why make it out like they did??
            They said the glass is half-full…………they said Ford and Bosa, along with Kwon should improve things in the front seven…………..they said the O-line playing with each other for another year should help-and it has………….

            Nobody said nuthin about this streak—–so why imply they did???

            Your wandering around an old apple orchard in Sebastapol very late at night, Sebs..whistling in the dark…..whistling, whistling…..only to hear some old hoot owl return your murmurings…………

            9ers are better than you said-as are their draft picks-and there is nothing you can do about it!

    3. I felt the same way, and if we didn’t have the killer defense we have this year we might still be feeling that way. However I couldn’t be more excited to watch niner games, this squad is the best I seen since rice and young, and the team seems to really have a brotherhood and that always helps, good job from coaches not bringing in the guys who are cancerous, and the scheme is top notch.

    1. SY,
      They are officially in panic mode after Sundays loss. Making player changes at this time certainly makes for a strong case on this point.
      I thought they made a mistake with Talib and Peters and so far that has come to roost. Peters is one of the worst tacklers in the game. The rams likely decided to rid themselves of him moments after he made futile and non aggressive one hand tackle on Kittle.

      1. Yes, the Rams do seem a bit desperate. But I think it had more to do with being competitive in a tough NFC west and the realities of the almighty dollar. That stadium will need to be filled with Rams fans and being competitive is the only way to achieve that.

  2. No mention of bringing in DB coach Joe Woods and that potentially being part of why the secondary has improved? C’mon Grant.

        1. Yeah, I think the new coaches have made vast improvements in discipline, assignment, position, execution, techniques and overall effectiveness of units and groupings.

          One thing to also note is that Richard Sherman has been a good teacher to the other DBs. His overall athleticism is down (as I have mentioned before), yet his savvy and intelligence still make him very effective. Additionally, he has been teaching technique to the other DBs and I think it shows.

  3. Please delete these catfish burner accounts.
    The Niners are on a 5 game win streak, and these trolls are just peeing on the parade.

  4. I remember debating with some on here about the secondary and how they would dramatically improve with the pieces they put up front. The minute they signed Dee Ford I knew this defense would be top 3. With the draft pick of Allen or Bosa in the future.
    I preferred Allen because of the injury problems with Bosa. I’m still a little worried about that, but I didn’t see the depth coming through in case a Bosa or Ford go down.
    A mailing pass rush is key to a good secondary.
    I though adding a safety in FA would help a lot.
    And thought that would be the weakest position. I have to admit I was wrong about that. Until Ward came back.

    I’m also sticking with my prediction of the defense carrying this team with the bulk of great play for the first 8 games.
    Jimmy is still a little green in this offense and in the NFL. I still believe by game 8 he will start showing his full worth to this team.
    I didn’t see the running game being this explosive, I thought top 5 would be about right. They were good last year.

    I had them at 11-5 and snatching a wild card.
    And getting a game in the playoffs but would still need another year to make a serious super bowl push.
    Well now I’m thinking Super Bowl. If they can stay healthy. This offense is just getting started and it looks like the defense isn’t going anywhere. This Sunday is a warm up for the offense. Their toughest test is coming in two weeks vs Carolina and their pass rush.
    Could be their first loss of the season.

    So if this this team stays relatively healthy down the stretch of the season. I seriously can’t see any other team beating them in the playoffs. They just simply have to beat out NO for home home field throughout.

    I’m very happy with where they’re going. And exceeded my expectations so far and exceeding a 11-5 prediction is total and pure awesomeness for this niner fan.

    1. And some respect has to go to the new coaching staff under Saleh.
      It’s no accident they’ve gotten this good this quick as soon as they started here.

      And as soon as the passing game starts getting better Welkers job with the WR’s should start showing too.

  5. Shanahan and the Redskins…

    …Shanahan elaborated further when a reporter asked him if the matchup with the Redskins would be personal. Shanahan had this to say in response to that question, per ESPN’s John Keim: “It’s not my first time back [in Washington]. I’ve moved on in my life. It’s easy not to make it personal. The guys that it would be personal with don’t play in the game.”

  6. Like Undercenter and I were discussing a while ago, Lynch, Shanny and Saleh have all grown together and matured into their respective roles. It’s been fun to see unfold, but the crazy thing is just how fast this team was rebuilt. I’m not sure I’ve seen it done so expeditiously, except for maybe when Carroll took over the Seahawks, although I’m not certain that team started from scratch as much as this one did. Kudos all the way around are warranted, along with the coaching upgrades at DL and DB. Let’s keep this scarlet and gold train a rolling!

  7. Good thing Jeddie is staying away and letting KS/JL do the job , hope he continues to leave them alone and even give extensions

  8. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the great halftime adjustments this coaching staff has executed so far?
    Makes me feel better if and when they’re trailing at halftime in a game.

    1. I stated last year that this was a second half team. They have been doing this for some time. The difference is that last year (And the year before) they were playing catch up all the time

        1. Yup, even with the Rams game they made an adjustment right there on the sideline after the Rams first drive, that was impressive on its own.

    2. MD,
      It’s not you. You are parroting what you’ve heard on the radio. Joe, Lo, and Dibbs have been saying this for weeks now.

    1. It is imperative they follow my prescription to beat Washington to a tee. This is a trap game unlike any on the schedule.

        1. No, I was in SFO, dropping off my daughter at the airport at 7:55 today.
          These catfish burner accounts even stole my avatar.

          1. I’d recommend giving serious consideration into selecting an avatar that captures your imagination. Only then will we know for sure who is the true legend, of which so many speak….

            1. I am running off to my job, so please note, whoever is trolling me, is not me, until I get back on this evening.
              Hmmm, who should I use as my avatar? Maybe some one who was in all 5 SBs…..

              1. Thanks everyone. I have opted for Gale Gilbert. Loser of five consecutive Super Bowls.
                Fits my motif nicely.
                Look for the change later this evening.

      1. Sebbie…

        Is it true that Bill Gates used you as the inspiration for Microsoft Windows Clippy? You know, the occasionally pugnacious Microsoft Office Assistant? Your presence on this blog sometimes mirrors that of Clippy. Kinda sweet, I think.

        1. When a great genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign; that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.
          The stench of Baalke is protruding quite north of the of the Bay this morning.

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  9. I’ve been looking on the internet but can’t find the answer to this question. Was Brunskill on the PS before taking over for Glinch?

      1. Thanks. Unless I missed it, even in that article it doesn’t say whether he was signed to the PS or the 53. Does seem to allude to the 53, though.

      1. OK. So we don’t need to be concerned that he will be poached off of the PS, if they would have had to put him back on the PS once all of the injured guys including TT and Jalen come back.

  10. As excited as I already am about this season, I really want to hold off on the back slapping for a few more games. Although I don’t think the Redskins are going to be a cake walk I do think the 49ers should win that game handily. The 10 point spread on that game is way too high IMO. If the 49ers make it through the Carolina game undefeated then I really will begin to go into full blown delirium. Winning against Carolina who will be coming off their bye week and putting the 49ers at 7-0 with 4 road wins would put the 49ers in a great spot to make a run at the Division title.

    1. It’s a cake walk on Sunday.
      31-0 Niners. They get their first shutout.
      If Washington does not score right off the bat. They won’t for the rest of the game.
      Yeah I’m going BOLD! 🤣

        1. 10 point home dogs in the NFL cover way more than 50% of the time. 49ers traveling across the country for an early game in what is a classic trap game after coming off an emotional win against a division rival. Redskins have played a much tougher schedule than the 9ers have played. Redskins have played Eagles, Cowboys, Bears, and Patriots. Washington’s offense is putrid but they have good young talent on defense. Montez Sweat and Jonathon Allen are good young players who could give Brunskill and Skule some problems. Ryan Kerrigan is a good player and so is Bostic, Collins, and Dunbar. Collins may be a liability in coverage but he’s a very good run stopper at Safety. I expect the 49ers to win but it may not be all that easy.

          Last weekend the Ravens were a 10.5 favorite over the Bengals in Baltimore. The Bengals are one of the 3 worst teams in the NFL. Thanks to a late TD run with about 1 minute left in the game by Andy Dalton that game ended 23-17. In the NFL, 10 points is a massive spread and IMO it’s usually a suckers bet to take the favorite.

          1. This team is different. I don’t see a trap game, I see young and unproven talent extremely excited to be playing ball and knowing they haven’t reached their ceiling, and still have lots to prove. If this was a veteran squad I would agree with ya.

            Buc 31 – 17 EC away
            Bengals 41-17 Away
            Steelers 24-20
            Browns 31-3
            Rams 20-7 Away

            I believe each one of those teams to be much better then the Redskins and in know way are the Redskins in the Steeler class. I don’t know Houston, we shall find out.

            1. Another one of the Week 7 NFL picks from the model: the 49ers (-9.5) cover the spread against the Redskins at FedEx Field.

              One of the most surprising teams in the NFL, the 49ers feature a ferocious defense that has wreaked havoc in their first five games. In fact, San Francisco ranks No. 1 in passing defense (150.2), second in total defense (237.4) and sixth in run defense (87.2). In its 20-7 victory over the Rams last Sunday, San Francisco held Jared Goff and company to just 165 yards of total offense.

              Offensively, the 49ers feature an explosive ground game. Matt Breida and Tevin Coleman were on full display against the Rams, as the two running backs combined 124 all-purpose yards and a touchdown. For the season, Breida is averaging 5.8 yards per carry, while Coleman is averaging over four and has found the end zone in consecutive games.

              The model is calling for Coleman and Brieda to rack up over 120 yards on the ground, while Jimmy Garoppolo throws for well over 250 yards as the 49ers cover in over 50 percent of simulations.

              1. “After years in the wilderness, one of the league’s proudest franchises is finally relevant again.”

                “The 49ers rank in the top 10 in both sack rate (9.6%, third) and pressure rate (30.3%, eighth). Along with the Patriots and Bills, they’re one of three teams allowing opposing offenses to score less than 1 point per drive (0.98). No team is forcing more three-and-outs, nor is it close; the 49ers are at 48.8% and the No. 2 Bills are at 43.8%. Opposing offenses are just 1-of-24 at converting on third or fourth down against them over the past two weeks. This is a legitimately great defense.”

                -Bill Barnwell espn

      1. Niners 34 – Redskins 13. Mostly because I have Terry McLaurin, and need him to score a touchdown in a week where I have a lot of byes.

  11. Yes, the Washington Native Americans did manage to defeat the lowly Dolphins, but they relied on AP running the ball for 118 yards. The Niners will shut down the run, then tee off on Keenum, who is only a marginal QB.
    I hope Thomas gets another sack, and Bosa gets 2 sacks.
    On offense, The Niners should keep to their goal of running the ball 40 times. That is the recipe for success. I hope that Wilson can score another couple TDs.
    If it goes as planned, I hope to see Mullens play mop up duty in the 4th.
    Finally, I truly hope Grant will manage this site, and eliminate all the catfish burner accounts. They are truly desperate to attack me by even stealing my avatar.

  12. Biggest disappointment for me so far is our 4th round punter. He wasn’t very good against the Rams and there are two other rookie punters out performing him.

    1. I’ll take this opportunity to post what I posted a day or so ago…

      Mitch Wishnowsky watch… Rams game.

      Wishnowsky – Punting Avg -39.8 , Inside 20 – 0

      Kasey Redfern signed by the Falcons last Friday… Atlanta vs Arizona last Sunday.

      Redfern – Punting Avg -43.3 , Inside 20 – 1

    2. How are their teams doing? Are they 5-0, or to a lesser degree have winning records?

      We own the same record as the Superbowl winning Patriots and we’re going to squabble over a punter that punts 3-5 times a game?

      Dude, let it go. Even if the 49ers (in your line of thinking) made a mistake, can you show me where he’s hurt the team or cost us a win?

  13. Another Redskins fan….

    Jimmy G. Is going to slice the defense into little tiny strips

    We may have a decent first Half and give up only 14. The second half is going to be brutal.

    Keenum might have another 5 turnovers and Danny will be calling down from the owners box to put his son’s buddy in the game

    Posted by SallasDucks on Oct 17, 2019 | 1:20 PM

  14. So…….nobody’s worried about Freddie P. Soft eh? OK then.
    Just kidding.
    Fast starts are great and I’m certainly enjoying the ride along so far, but they’re around one third through the season. Lots of heavy lifting remains.
    I’ve never been one to dwell on final record predictions, but arrows certainly seem pointed up.
    Many of the points made in the above thread are on or near the mark. Shanny’s evolution, position coaching, accumulation of better (if young) depth, team speed. It’s hard to point to any one or two things. “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”
    One thing I am quite sure of: the Niners’ current success has not a single thing to do with the opinions expressed here. Not mine nor Grant’s nor any of us experts. The self-backslapping is, or should be, embarrassing. If the shoe fits……

  15. Let’s keep in mind what Kittles been saying one game at a time. AS Kenny Rodgers song there will be plenty of time latter to count the winnings in the playoffs.

  16. Another fun Redskins post…

    Time • 5 hours ago

    SF will probably walk the Dog on Redskins , Unless there is some creative Game Planning ! Case is already gun shy , in the pocket ! AP helps , but with No Real TE’s and only One Receiver which the other team respects , its could be a long day for CASE ! Again Allen has done little to build a roster that capable of completing ! Which if the SF wins or wins big , Mr Allen and Snyder is going to get served a HUGE PLATE OF CROW ! Kyle has shown to everyone where the real problems lie with the Redskins , like we needed to be reminded , LOL !

  17. I’m sure most are aware…

    Patrick Mahomes suffered a serious knee injury during the second quarter in Thursday night’s game against the Denver Broncos.

      1. Too much fun apparently. Guy was already dinged, and you send him into a pile of humanity? Andy, you got ‘splainin to do.

        Imagine if you’re Fangio, and you just lost to Matt Moore. Yikes!

  18. In case this little tidbit of info hasn’t come up yet:

    Remember the infamous zebra crew that refereed the debacle that essentially lost the game for the Lions in Green Bay on Monday night? Yeah, that’s the same crew that’ll be officiating our Niners on Sunday.

      1. Exactly.

        My only hope is that they will have been bitched out by Riveron so much after that performance that they’ll be gun shy to throw any asinine flags.

        NOTHING in the NFL infuriates me more than refs deciding the outcome of a game. Not our offense turning over the ball, nor the defense giving up a big play to me is as bad as the refs completely blowing calls that can ultimately swing the game.

  19. Grant, I wish to understand how one creates one of these burner accounts.
    Something needs to be done here. My reputation is constantly under attack from the peanut gallery.
    I should not have to defend my viewpoints and address that of others that I have no commonality with.

    1. Sigh, is there some blog protocol that needs enforcing?
      I guess I bring out the worst in the trolls.
      The Niners are on a 5 game win streak, and we have to put up with this?
      I do not want the burner accounts created, I want them to stop.

      1. Told you long ago, you came on here with the wrong attitude. And you’ve continued to be a pompous personality.

        You reap what you sow.

      2. Sigh, is there some blog protocol that needs enforcing?

        Seb, that this is loosely moderated blog is in your favor. Or have you forgotten the banhammers that have rapt your knuckles elsewhere? For your sake, don’t go trying to change things.

        1. Donald, -rapt? Maybe you meant rapped.
          I was banned for stating that true fans do not want their team to lose.That is the only time I ever have been banned, because I refrain from using offensive language, and am calm and civil towards most posters.
          Guess you like this troll posing as me. Now there will be twice as many posts.

          1. Donald, -rapt? Maybe you meant rapped.

            The homophone nazi, we know it’s a true Seb posting.

            I was banned for stating that true fans do not want their team to lose.

            Uh huh. Sure you were.

      3. It has already been exposed that it was Saw all along, when he slipped up his falseflagging and used his normal email address. Just make sure to remind him every time he posts with his “Catfish” username, and before long hopefully he’ll be gone. Tbh, Grant should IP ban him.

      4. Its a real pisser! Renas, I didn’t slip up-I like having Sebs bust me then let loose a tirade on me.
        Reminds me of Dr. Smith talking to the robot on the Jupiter 2…….

        After a long day, Sebs is right-I am easily amused.

  20. Really Seb, let it go. Who really cares whether you’re subject to burner accounts or being trolled, or for that matter, what you think the gameplay will be this week?

    It has become such an effort on this site to consistently scroll past your comments.

        1. I know you work with vegetation and there’s that tree falling in the forest with no one around bit, but why post if you don’t want anyone to read?

          Of all the Sebs around here, you are the strangest.

  21. Following from Grant… Sebbie is (or was) a huge fan of Scangarello–saw him as Nick M’s father…

    Grant Cohn

    Vic Fangio needs to fire Rich Scangarello. The Broncos offense is unforgivable.

    1. Scangarello is handicapped by Elway’s choice of QB. Flacco is flaccoing it up.
      This what happens when an aging QB that cannot move, with visible declining skills, becomes the starter.

  22. More from a Redskins blog…

    Big C • 19 hours ago

    I think somehow by accident the niners will give up a touchdown.. But, this will be the worst blow out this season yet.. Plus watch how many SF fans will be in the seats… 49ers 53 Redskins 10

    1. Yes, the Niners are confident, but Washington could win, if the Niners are overconfident.
      Tim Ryan mentioned that Callahan will copy what the Rams did in their first drive, and what TB ran to gash the Niners up the middle.
      I hope Saleh abandons the Wide Nine in the first half, and concentrates on stopping the run, by tightening up the formation. I do not think they need to be too worried about the OZ runs or any jet sweeps. Saleh should stack the box and dare Keenum to beat them with his arm.
      The defense needs to play in control and with discipline, No lining up offside, or jumping before the snap. They should just wait until the snap of the ball, and use their defensive speed to put them into third and long.
      On offense, the Niners should learn from what happened to Mahomes, and put in Mullens, if they have a 2 score lead.

        1. There must be some ratio between the number of phrases “I hope” “should” “need to” per posting and whether it’s the real Seb of not.

          1. Donald, just remember, I am unique. He may try hard, but everyone knows that I will not troll myself.
            Grant needs to manage his blog better. These catfish burner accounts are good for clicks, but not for content.

  23. Will the Niners keep with their great tradition and ship yet another QB off to the Chiefs? Will Nick Mullens join Alex Smith, Elvis Grbac and Joe Montana in Niner QB lore ? Mullens to the Chiefs for a 2nd?

    1. Rollo,
      I believe that would be a bad trade for both teams. For the Chiefs they would be giving up a very valuable pick to fill a 10 game hole. Mahomes will be back next year and for the 9ers we have a great team and if JG goes down I believe that Mullens can win in the playoffs with this team, I don’t believe that Beathard can.

      1. CJ would fit the Chiefs better, because he’d be able to go deep to Hill. CJ for a 2nd round pick, and we’ll give back a 7th rounder….

        1. OC/Razor, I think it is irresponsible to keep both CJ and Mullens on the roster. If there is a viable trade offer we should take it.

      1. Mariotta would be a good addition to the Chiefs. He like AS suffers from too many OC’s and a piss poor O-line. A fresh start will do him good. I think he would be a great fit in Kansas.

        1. UC,
          That might be an option, but I think the chiefs give Matt Moore a couple of games to see if he can hold the fort. Henne could be the other QB in the fold that they look at before making a trade.
          Also, I don’t believe that the titans will let Mariotta go without a big payback.
          But this could be an interesting situation going forward.

          1. AES – Not sure what he would command. The Titans are have benched him in favor of Tannehill, that must of reduced his value.

  24. The lesson to be learned from this article is: Don’t rush to judgement when it comes to both players and coaches. It is very difficult to succeed in the NFL and some players\coaches take longer to develop than others. This is a lesson Grant can learn and he would be learning from his own writings. Grant is not the only one who should learn this lesson many of the posters here (myself included) need to slow our roll just a little bit. imho

    1. Old Coach,
      That would be the rightful wisdom going forward for Grant. But in Grant’ business, I believe that he’s learned that controversy garners hits.

      Being edgy and delivering topics that create arguments and never ending debate is what media shows live on. It’s true in political news, social news and sports news.

      I guess the media knows that there has to be a bad guy/girl and a good guy/girl to keep people coming back.
      I see this taking place every morning when my wife watches her soap opera’s (over 30 years worth) 😉

  25. Mullens is not going anywhere, unless Denver gets desperate enough to trade a first for Mullens.
    Look at what happened to Mahomes. The Niners need Mullens as a legitimate, competent backup to JG.
    I hope, if the Niners build up a two score lead, that Mullens gets to play in the mop up role in the 4th quarter, so JG does not risk further injury, in a game already won.

  26. I always have had faith in my 49ers even back in 2004 when we had Tim Rattay QB and Dennis Erickson as HC, Back in 07 with Alex Smith and Mike Nolan, 2010 with Alex Smith and Mike Singletary, etc but I never expected such a great season and things falling into place perfectly, now these defense will crush the redskins on sunday

    #Always stay faithfull.

    1. Run To The Hills/Iron Maiden

      White man came across the sea
      He brought us pain and misery
      He killed our tribes killed our creed
      He took our game for his own need
      We fought him hard we fought him well
      Out on the plains we gave him hell
      But many came too much for Cree
      Oh will we ever be set free?
      Riding through dust clouds and barren wastes
      Galloping hard on the plains
      Chasing the Redskins back to their holes
      Fighting them at their own game
      Murder for freedom the stab in the back
      Women and children are cowards attack
      Run to the hills, run for your lives
      Run to the hills, run for your lives
      Soldier blue in the barren wastes
      Hunting and killing their game
      Raping the women and wasting the men
      The only good Indians are tame
      Selling them whiskey and taking their gold
      Enslaving the young and destroying the old
      Run to the hills, run for your lives

      1. How interesting. I am so important to you, you have to troll me by using a catfish burner account.
        Only a simpleton would think that I am not making you obsessed, making you act like a simpleton.
        Everyone knows that I am unique, and you may try to parrot me, but trying to imitate me will be futile.

        1. Sebs, why do you let this stuff piss you off? Its all nonsense…………….people are just playing with you-play with ’em back. I’ve seen you do it-you can be pretty funny, in your own Seb-onian way………….

          1. Saw, they can say whatever they want, but the catfish accounts say things that are just trolling others, in my mane.
            You are proud of being a catfish, so maybe you are responsible for all these burner accounts.

  27. I wish to point out that I expect Kaepernick to be given a thorough opportunity to compete for Kansas City.
    CK has Mahomes’ arm. He has his legs. He has relentlessly maintained his football physique since the NFL blackballed him.
    If Kaepernick is not given a legitimate chance to be the starting QB in KC, therein lies the proof all the naysayers have been seeking with regards to Colin being unfairly punished.
    IMHO everyone who has sided or opined in alignment with the United States and our support for inalienable rights in the recent NBA spat with China should also stand in for Colin Kaepernick.
    To not do so would be the greatest disgrace.

          1. Seb,
            I’d like to see Kaep get a chance to at the very least get a try out. But it no longer phases me that he is not playing or may never play.
            The league doesn’t really need him.

            1. AES, Kaep has made a protest, but the backlash is way beyond proportional. It is as if people are supporting the police brutality, because that is what Kaep is protesting against.
              I also know that principled people are aware of the consequences to their actions, so he is sticking to his principles.
              He did achieve his goal. It is no longer being swept under the rug, and rogue police are actually going to jail. They now have protocols, and de-escalation training. Body cameras are becoming standard issue, and police who turn them off are being assumed to want to hide illegal behavior, and are being terminated from the force.
              Kaep should just declare that he made a difference, and promise to stand.
              Why do I like Kaep? He is a threat to score, every time he touches the football. He has set playoff rushing records. There will be a new era, of the mobile QB, who is a threat with his arm, and his legs. QBs like Mahomes, Watson, Jackson, Murray and Kaep, will become the wave of the future.
              I also seek justice, and if they can blackball Kaep, they can blackball anyone.
              The rank hypocrisy is watching drek QBs struggle, while teams are content to lose without Kaep, rather than win with Kaep. They denigrate his quarterbacking skills, but he has a 90.7 rating, and in his last season, he had a 16-4 TD to pick ratio.
              Yes, I am happy with JG, and with Mullens, the Niners are set at QB. I will wish Kaep well, and hope some team will want to win so much, they will take a chance on Kaep. So far, teams seem to be content to lose, so they can get into the Tanking for Tua Sweepstakes.
              Does the league need him? Does the league need any player? According to the league, with no guaranteed salaries, they can treat the players like chattel. If injured, get rid of him, and next man up.

    1. The word stand and Kaep do not mix. As far as the NBA I haven’t watched it in decades. Women basketball is far more entertaining then the idiots that play in the NBA.

  28. From Bill Barnwell:

    “One place the 49ers can actually still improve is in the red zone. This will shock Falcons fans who long for the Shanahan era, but his offenses have struggled mightily in the red zone. Last year’s 49ers team scored only 4.21 points per red zone trip, which ranked 30th in the NFL. Teams typically improve on that number the following season, but after scoring only two touchdowns and turning the ball over once amid five trips inside the 20 against the Rams last week, the Niners are scoring 3.98 points per red zone possession, which ranks 29th.

    The 49ers probably aren’t going to continue outscoring teams by 16 points per game. Their defense will give up more than one third-down conversion every two weeks. Even if it settles, though, they have the sort of defense that can carry them through bad games by Garoppolo. It also wouldn’t shock me if the passing game improved during the second half of the season once Staley and McGlinchey return from injuries, especially given that Garoppolo is throwing to one of the youngest receiving corps in the league.

    After years in the wilderness, one of the league’s proudest franchises is finally relevant again.”


    I think he is overstating “bad games by Garoppolo”. Despite turnovers, Jimmy has continually made the 3rd down throw to move the chains. But it is true that Jimmy has not yet had to carry the team like Wilson or Mahomes.

    1. ” But it is true that Jimmy has not yet had to carry the team like Wilson or Mahomes.”
      A reason why there is more chance that the Niners will be in Miami in early February and the other two.
      Fans know about the red zone turnovers. We don’t need Barnwell, who is making a carrier change to a hawt-take artist, to remind us.

  29. PSA: I will not further post on this blog until this time Friday next week. The trolling, catfishing that is happening is entirely disruptive to the spirit of this blog.
    What you need to understand is any further post by ‘sebnynah’ in any avatar should be ignored as a fake until this time (10:15a) next Friday.
    Once this pungent sewage has been purged, I will return.
    Thank you.

    1. Sigh, I will keep posting, and this catfish may try hard, but it will not deter my posting at all.
      The Niners are on a 5 game win streak, but we have to put up with these trolls?
      I would much rather be talking about the Niners, and how they can avoid becoming complacent.

      1. Seb – if this is the real you, no one can tell anymore, whoever is doing this has you down to a tee (or is that tea? Elucidate me). Do you know how to use gravatar? At least make it somewhat harder for your clones.

        1. To tell you the truth, I am somewhat of a luddite, and am lazy. I will get my son to do it for me, but he is in Hawaii atm.
          I am still thinking of a Niner who has been involved in all 5 SBs.

            1. No, he just posted some pics of him snorkling, with a turtle swimming nearby.
              Looks like he is having too much fun, to be bothered with trolling.

              1. The best part of all this is that it’s not just me saying take a hint.
                The blog has spoken and whoever is mimicking Seb, keep up the great work!

                Seb, lesson be learned, you are what your posts say you are! Lol!

              2. The best part? I am so important to some troll, he has to waste his time posting as if he were me?
                You also sound like a waste of time, to delight in all of this trolling.

              3. It’s not that you are important. It’s because your attitude on here has caused be people to let you know how much you are a cancer!

              4. I am so important to some troll

                Seb, if this is you, with that kind of response you are just handing them ammunition.

                And if this not Seb, well done!

            2. On the other hand… a quirk of this blog allows duplicate posting names and does any one person hold a trademark on “sebnynah”? Some of these “sebnynah“ postings present valid viewpoints, who are we to dismiss any of them?

  30. From a Redskins fan…

    Stephen Bowman • 7 hours ago

    If we keep this within 40 points consider it a win, Kyle despises us and WON’T let off the pedal on this one. Sweat is fine, dudes a rookie, Kerrigan is another matter. Trade or cut him at the end of the year, should have traded him 2 yrs ago when he was still worth a 7th rounder, dudes garbage and has been for 2 yrs now. Time to blow it up, Reed, Kerrigan, Norman and CT at minimum need to go. ALL of the oft injured players need to be cut and screw paying Scherff 16 million per, dudes a guard and a right guard at that, we have his replacement on the team as we drafted him this year. Play Haskins, expose him for the bust he is, hate saying it, love the kid, just don’t see the pro in him, I pray to the baby Jesus I’m wrong, but pretty sure I’m not. HTTR!

  31. Grant’s lovin’ Hot Mic…

    Grant Cohn

    The Reservoir Dogs will be back on @HotMicInc Sunday morning. Listen to @LowellCohn, aka Mr. Pink, and me announce the 49ers-Redskins game. Download the app and use invite code COHN10.

        1. Um…… No. Thanks.

          If I want knee-jerk, stream-of-conscious reactions to live game action, I’ll plant myself in a sports bar on game day and listen to the know-it-alls over in the next booth. Or watch a game with my brother-in-law.

          I’m not a fan of most ‘network’ broadcast crews, but the HotMic solution–while cute and edgy–has a long ways to evolve before I’d make it my go-to. And I’m not a Luddite…

  32. Weather for tomorrow’s game may be a tad wet. High chance of rain all morning, lessening somewhat through the afternoon. Hope the field holds up.

  33. I’ve been experiencing a very good year when it comes to wagering. I’m 5 out of 6 when it comes to my college\pro pick of the week and have won 3 parlay picks out of 5. My pick of the week this week is Boise St. -6.5 i’m worried about this pick part of me says I should have stuck with Wisc they have won for me 4 times this year. My parlay pick is ( I know Houston will hate these picks) KC -3 SF -10 and NE -10 Go Niners!!!!

      1. Razor,
        Whoa you got big balls $500.00 thats betting like a real man. I don’t play any more than $50.00 a week and less than that most weeks but I am up over $650.00 for the season. I’m also 2nd in a pool that pays $ 2000.00 in the end.

        1. Nice, OldCoach. You have a gift. I’m not a regular player, but I couldn’t help myself. Go big or go home for mine!

  34. Nobody who knew anything about the Shanahans thought that the offense was going to be pass heavy. They’ve always philosophically featured the run game and built their passing game off of it. Sure they’ll pass first if the match up or situation dictates but if they’re allowed to stick to the script, they’re going to run the ball…..this goes for Mike’s Broncos teams, Kyle’s Texan teams, Mike’s Redskins teams and even Kyle’s Falcons teams (though he had the benefit of having Julio Jones and Matt Ryan so there were more passing match ups to exploit).

    Another thing that we did not know about the 49ers at the beginning of the season: the amount of decent depth they have at Offensive Line. After what’s his face went down as the swing tackle….it went from a perceived questionable depth problem to an alarming personnel crisis. But after 2 games Justin Skule has shown to be at the very least a competent back up tackle with hopefully more development to come. And even 3rd string tackle Daniel Brunskill successfully started a game.

    1. I agree AFFP, and pointed out to Scooter those same sentiments. I predicted 11-5, and that the 3 Prong Attack would buoy the secondary, but I did not anticipate the depth to be this good already, specifically the offensive line….

  35. Here’s some interesting comparison stats regarding Jimmy G posted over on NN:

    “I got some other stats to share with you. Here are Jimmy Garoppolo’s stats in his five starts to close out 2017: 120 completions on 178 attempts (67.4 completion percentage) for 1,560 yards, seven touchdowns to five interceptions, eight sacks, and a passer rating of 96.2.

    Ok, here’s what he did in 2019 thus far: 102 completions on 146 attempts (69.86 completion percentage) for 1,163 yards, seven touchdowns to five interceptions, six sacks, and a passer rating of 95.2.

    Just to finalize some things, I have some other stats to show you from three different quarterbacks:

    The first quarterback’s third season (first starting) got him these numbers in the first five games: 103 completions on 163 attempts (63 percent completion percentage) for 1,274 yards, nine touchdowns, four interceptions (three of which came in a single game), 11 sacks and a passer rating of 95.4

    Quarterback No. 2’s third season (second season as a starter) had their first five games with 111 completions on 160 attempts (69 percent completion percentage) for 1,137 yards, eight touchdowns, seven picks, eight sacks and a 72.94 passer rating/

    And Quarterback No. 3’s third season (first full season as a starter, but they started 15 games the year prior) began with this their first five games: 146 completions on 216 attempts (67 percent completion percentage) for 1,566 yards, 13 touchdowns, six interceptions, nine sacks, and a 95.88 passer rating.

    Those quarterbacks in order: Aaron Rodgers (2008), Drew Brees (2003), and Tom Brady (2002).”


    1. The gymnastics that some people will go through to prop their guy up.

      Garoppolo has been fine. He’s doing exactly what he’s being asked to do. His stats are what they are, and sure you can find a way to make him comparable to some greats if you want. You could probably do the same exercise with Colin Kaepernick or Nick Mullens and come up with similar results.

      1. When you were railing on Jimmy G over the summer it was amazing “the gymnastics that YOU went through to tear him down”. I would have expected someone with your background to have shooed aside a 5 interception practice – after all, you’ve supposedly been there before.

        The point is that Jimmy G’s current development at this point in his career is not out of line in comparison with the great QBs currently playing. We’ll have to see if he eventually reaches their level.

        1. Here’s the difference, I was only comparing Garoppolo’s 8 starts to Nick Mullens 8 starts in SF, and without looking the numbers up I feel pretty safe in saying that their per game numbers are still pretty close.

          Garoppolo to this point is what he is. And that’s a guy who will make some very good plays and a few really bad plays in just about every game.

          I don’t think we’ll really know what he is until a year or two down the road.

          1. “I don’t think we’ll really know what he is until a year or two down the road.”

            Agree. My only point is that he’s on a typical trajectory. But, a big jump will be needed, at some point in order to match the other guys.

    2. The problem with such a simplistic look at stats is that they lack context. Stats should never be looked at without context. Each of those QBs had different circumstances…some had more or less in varying degrees at different positions to work with.

      But if it makes you feel better….sure Jimmy is like some other QBs in the past that started off more conservatively (I’m not talking about Rogers) and evolved into a more complete QB.

      1. I was only trying to provide some perspective. I’ve noticed that some bloggers think Jimmy sucks if he doesn’t have a perfect game, despite the fact that he is moving the chains and the team is winning.

        I think it is fair to say, as I responded to Jack, that his development at this point in his career is comparable to some of the greats at a similar point in their careers. Now, whether he can reach their current greatness is something we’ll have to wait and see. But at this point, imo, there is no reason to panic that we have not found a franchise QB and to start looking for ways to dump his salary cap.

        1. See, that’s my point. I don’t think you can call Garappolo’s development comparable. Each QB has their own specific set of circumstances. All you can do is look at what he’s done of the field and what you hope he can do with the team and circumstances he has to work with. There are aspects of Jimmy’s game that really need work. Sometimes he gets away with stuff. Lots of stuff is masked by the attention the run game gets…which gets his receivers open for easy reads. But there are just some inaccuracies (ball location) that would have driven Walsh nuts.

          As for the money or Bang for Your Buck? 49ers and their fans at the very least hope he turns into 2015 Kirk Cousins. But unfortunately, Garappolo is paid like 2018 Kirk Cousins.

          But we’ll see if Jimmy continues to progress. At some point there will be a game (games) where he and the passing game are going to have to carry the team.

          1. Well you suggest that he is inaccurate and of course you can find instances of that. But to have a 70% completion rate with what is probably one of the least productive WR groups in the league is in my opinion nothing to sneeze at.

            Also Jimmy has the 3rd quickest time from snap to throw behind only Dalton and Carr. I think that is important in today’s NFL, where DL depth is much easier to find than OL depth. However, good playcalling helps that statistic because such quick times means that the QB is not having to progress beyond the 2nd read.

            “But we’ll see if Jimmy continues to progress. At some point there will be a game (games) where he and the passing game are going to have to carry the team.”

            Agree with you on this, but a more consistent WR corp would help.

            1. Gonna take time for Jimmy and these receivers to gel. If Taylor can come back and hit the ground running, that would be huge for Jimmy. Hurd is the x-factor, because if he can be another OW like Juice, defenses won’t have time to adjust and we could get some cheap scores, especially in the red zone….

              1. I think Jimmy sorely misses Trent Taylor. Taylor was his security blanket in 2017. He had confidence in Taylor. A QB with safety net of a reliable receiver can build off that and gain confidence going elsewhere (downfield) with the ball. He has that with Kittle. But Kittle is sort of his own animal in terms of the receiving corp.

              2. Yeah, TT has in the past been his safety net. I wonder if some of that rapport is due to the fact that the Patriots always had those kinds of guys (Welker, Amendola, Edelman). OTOH, how often did he get to work with those guys if he was the scout team QB.

            2. 70% completion rate…..you missed the part where I said; BALL PLACEMENT. Walsh was a huge stickler for placing the ball in a position where the receiver could keep running with the ball. For example; while Goodwin should have caught the flea flicker pass, it was under thrown…had Jimmy through and hit Goodwin in stride…he might have caught it and had he caught it would have been a TD. There are many instances of Garappolo throwing slightly off passes…even for completions.

              Nobody debates, Jimmy’s release time from a mechanics standpoint. However, he has had the benefit of easy reads from the play action scheme…meaning his reads are almost predetermined so he already knows where he’s going with the ball. But he has also at times been getting rid of the ball too early; opting for the underneath receiver when downfield receivers were open. Some of that may be that he still doesn’t trust his O-line enough and may just take some time and confidence building.

              1. On the Goodwin example, I’ve heard ex QBs who are now broadcasters say on similar plays, that when a WR is that open for a bomb, it’s best to underthrow a little bit. The WR will still have time to get the completion and there is no risk of overthrowing which would yield nothing. Yes a perfect, in-stride, throw would be best, but Jimmy doesn’t have that kind of deep ball accuracy yet (although imo he is improving). Ex-QBs and coaches also say that if the ball is within the WRs catch radius they have to make the catch. Still better accuracy typically means more YAC.

                Jimmy has made some tough throws this year with pressure immediately in his face. While the OL has been better than expected, they’re not the best in the league and Jimmy has often been under pressure. I think you’re tending to forget the cast of characters around him. Lots of injuries on the offensive side; WRs who typically drop balls, 4th and 5th tackles (although they’ve done a good job in relation to their OL rankings on the squad).

                Does he make what seems like a bonehead play each game – yes. But, in truth, I wonder how much of that is truly only his fault. KS recently stated that the endzone interception against the Rams had multiple issues (i.e. it wasn’t only Jimmy).

              2. A better example of bad ball placement would be from the Tampa Bay game for example, Goodwin is open running across the field but the throw is low which forces him to go down and make the catch.

                We had this discussion weeks back about why the 49ers don’t get big YAC compared to other teams.

    3. Hey I’ll take the team’s success with him as QB over anything statistically. But I made that same argument for Smith back in 2011 also.

    1. Get a clue. Snyder hates the Shannies.
      KS was pretty transparent in his interview, about what he thought of Snyder.
      Neither will want to help each other out, in any way.

  36. Shanahan’s a’comin’….


    Kyle Shanahan’s voice floated from a speaker this week, filling a room at the Washington Redskins’ practice facility much the way it had bounced across the team’s meeting halls and coaches’ offices years before — firm, confident and loaded with millennial certainty. It was almost as if he had sneaked past the guards to toss a few last rocks through the windows of the men who never understood the genius of those lost days.

    In a way he has already won the war he and his father, Mike, fought with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and team president Bruce Allen. His San Francisco 49ers come to FedEx Field this weekend as one of the NFL’s best teams, at 5-0 and in first place in the NFC West. Snyder and Allen’s team sits near the league’s bottom, lurching in lost circles, searching for a replacement for Mike Shanahan’s replacement.

    Many around the NFL expect Kyle Shanahan will try to bury the Redskins this Sunday, splattering his vengeance across FedEx’s scoreboards. His words seemed to reflect this standing as they spilled from the speaker during a conference call with Washington media members. Much of what he said was deferential, complimentary to many in a city he says he enjoyed. But then he launched a shot. It was delivered subtly yet still roared into the building with a vicious, searing precision.

    “I think it’s pretty easy not to make [Sunday’s game] personal,” he said. “The guys who get personal with it don’t play in the game.”

    More than five years have passed since the Mike and Kyle Shanahan years in Ashburn, a 24-40 debacle wrapped around the Robert Griffin III fiasco and cocooned by the 140-185-1 calamity of Snyder’s ownership — enough time for Kyle Shanahan to become a Super Bowl offensive coordinator in Atlanta and a head coach in San Francisco. Enough time, too, for the NFL to see that whatever Kyle was doing deep in those team meeting rooms with his friends — all in their 20s and 30s — was genius.

    And as Snyder and Allen try to start the Redskins again, opening a search for the ninth coach of Snyder’s regime, their pursuit will be clouded by the fact that they had not only Kyle Shanahan in their building but Sean McVay, the Super Bowl coach of the Rams, and new Packers Coach Matt LaFleur as well. While many teams are hunting for the so-called “Next Sean McVay,” Snyder and Allen are going to be haunted that the real McVay was working right down the hall.
    ….When asked on the conference call what advice he would give a young coach being pursued by the Redskins, Shanahan picked his words carefully.

    “Just look into it, see what the situation is and who you want to work for,” he said. “I mean, anytime you get opportunities, you’ve got to look into it. But I’m not there, and I don’t know how it is right now.”

    Then he gave another subtle yet sharp swipe at Snyder and Allen.

    “I’m probably not the person [the aspiring coach] would want to call on that advice,” he said.

    In recent years, a narrative has emerged about the young coaches on Mike Shanahan’s Redskins staff. The story has come out primarily because of the success Kyle Shanahan, McVay and LaFleur have had and runs counter to the popular notion back then that most of the team’s offensive ideas came from the fierce, omnipotent Mike Shanahan, who had been feared by many in his previous job as the Denver Broncos head coach.

    Rather than being wide-eyed kids, tasting some of their earliest NFL experience, Shanahan, McVay, LaFleur and others were actually innovators, running a kind of football laboratory in the shadows of a war that was waged in the building’s biggest offices.

    “I don’t think those guys knew that what was going on in there was amazing,” said one person who was in Redskins’ offices then, speaking on the condition of anonymity to provide a frank assessment. The person made it clear “those guys” were Snyder and Allen. “There was some exciting stuff going on in there, but they didn’t understand what it was.”

    Daniel Snyder dreamed of owning the Redskins. Two decades in, success remains elusive.

    The short version of Kyle Shanahan, McVay and LaFleur’s story is that they came in with Mike Shanahan in 2010 and set about modernizing the run-first, pass-second version of the West Coast offense that Mike Shanahan used in Denver. After Snyder forced them to take Griffin with the second pick of the 2012 draft, they had to create a new system to accommodate Griffin’s speed and inability to fit the Shanahan offense. All the while, they were experimenting with new plays, ideas and concepts that they would take with them to their new jobs when everyone but McVay was fired after the 2013 season. The result of those hours lives in the combined 13-4 record of the Niners, Packers and Rams this fall.

    “We all became real good friends,” Kyle Shanahan said this week. “We were all very similar in that we were young and we were eager to learn. We were always studying more stuff. And just being able to go through those four years together, there were a lot of ups and downs. You start out with an offense you want to run, then you learn that you’ve got to adjust to a bunch of different personnel to be able to do that stuff and try things together. … I think we all knew that we respected each other a ton.”

    Perhaps the best part, Shanahan said, was the competition. As the young coaches tried to alter Washington’s offense, they fought to come up with the biggest and best new ideas, each hoping to prove his thoughts were worth more than the others’.

    “We thought each other would have great futures after there, and we enjoyed our time together,” Shanahan said.

    Asked if he thought all three of them would wind up as head coaches so soon, Shanahan paused.

    “A lot of it has to do with luck,” he said. “You’ve got to be on the right teams [as a coordinator]. You’ve got to make sure you have a good year when that happens so you get your opportunities. There’s got to be an owner that wants to hire you.”

    As Shanahan said this, he was at the 49ers’ offices, almost as far away from the Redskins’ facility as one can be in the contiguous United States — his time there with McVay and LaFleur a fading bad memory. But the owner they left behind is looking for another coach, another start for a team that has been unable to get going for more than two decades now.

    Two people familiar with Snyder’s thinking describe him as being stuck, unsure of what he should do to bring the winning he has always said he craves. So maybe it was fitting that Kyle Shanahan’s voice floated around the Redskins’ facility again this week, if only for a few minutes of a conference call.

    The ghosts of what he, McVay and LaFleur once had there hover heavy over the uncertainty.

    [Credit Washington Post]

  37. Some fans sure are pretty hard on Jimmy G. He’s about to complete only one NFL regular season of games this Sunday.

    I think he has been pretty consistent in these early games, considering he’s still not establish a rapport with the receivers. Jimmy is right where he left off, which is impressive enough given the injury and year off. Here are some numbers compiled by Michael M who comments at The Athletic:

    Garoppolo in 2017:
    67.4 completion %
    7 TDs
    5 INTs
    96.2 rating
    5-0 record

    Garoppolo in 2019:
    69.9 completion %
    7 TDs
    5 INTs
    95.2 rating
    5-0 record

    Sure, his interception rate is a tad up and the yards per attempt are slightly down (still 8th in the league and ahead of Brady and Rogers), but I like the way he’s progressing. He’s making Skule and Skill look good by getting the ball out quickly and thus avoiding sacks, often at the expense of optimal ball placement and waiting for the route to develop fully.

    1. Mood – Right now Jimmy G is in game manager mode and rightfully so with this defense. Its by design, however I have a feeling Shanny is going to impress upon ownership (Redskins) their mistake(s) with sticking their nose into football operations. Redskins are going to lose by a lot.

    1. TrollD. I asked for you to be banned for lying about me. You cannot falsely accuse anyone of egregious behavior, without getting some pushback.
      I wear that ban proudly, because what I was banned for, were these exact words. ‘True fans do not want their team to lose.’ I did not use an expletive, or make false accusations.
      NN bans people all the time. They make sport of it. They are about as sensitive as the Field Gulls.
      Of all the posters on this site, I could easily assume you had created many of these burner accounts, because you continually attack me.So i hold you, and all my detractors, responsible for clouding up this site. We should all be rejoicing over this 5-0 record, but you devolve into juvenile bratty behavior, peeing on the parade.

  38. What does anyone think of trading a 4th or 5th round draft choice for Emanuel Sanders, who wants out of Denver?
    It could be a one year rental, but he could add a lot to the Niners receiving corp.

    1. If we’re going that route, get AB for free. Mandate he live with Jerry Rice and one misstep, and he’s hasta la bye bye.

      1. They should just activate Matthews, and get him involved in the passing game.
        Some positions can have a player come in and do well right away. Minka Fitzpatrick did that at safety.
        However, QBs and WRs need reps, to get in sync.

  39. Seb,
    I’ve liked Keap from the time he was a kid playing at Pittman High School near my home.
    I supported his stance against police brutality (and still do).

    But instead of capitalizing on his views that many were starting to support, he decides to wear socks with police being depicted as pigs. Then he wears a Fidel Castro tee-shirt. I have family that escaped from the Castro regime in Cuba who felt a sense of betrayal by Kaep.

    I still support the stand against police brutality, but I no longer view Colin as the spokesperson for the cause.
    And I repeat my earlier comment that the league doesn’t need him.

    1. AES, that is fine. You are entitled to your opinion, and I will not think less of you for having it.
      Yes, the pig socks and Castro shirt were not his finest moments, and they will define him for some people. That Django reference by his GF did not help, either.
      I sure wish he would read a book about the Voting Rights Act. I wish he would register to vote, and vote, because that is the best way to effect meaningful change.

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