Updated 49ers depth chart

San Francisco 49ers running back Matt Breida (22) against the Los Angeles Rams during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Here’s my best guess at a mid-offseason 49ers depth chart. I left out all impending free agents.

Marquise Goodwin, Aldrick Robinson, Victor Bolden Jr.
LT: Joe Staley, Darrell Williams Jr.
LG: Laken Tomlinson, Zane Beadles
C: Daniel Kilgore, Erik Magnuson
RG: Joshua Garnett
RT: Trent Brown, Garry Gilliam
TE: George Kittle, Garrett Celek, Cole Hikutini
SWR: Trent Taylor
RWR: Pierre Garcon, Kendrick Bourne
RB: Matt Breida, Raheem Mostert, Joe Williams
FB: Kyle Juszczyk
QB: Jimmy Garoppolo, C.J. Beathard

Solomon Thomas, Ronald Blair
NT: Earl Mitchell, D.J. Jones
DT: DeForest Buckner, Sheldon Day
LEO: Arik Armstead, Cassius Marsh
SAM: Eli Harold, Elvis Dumervil, Dekoda Watson, Pita Taumoepenu
MIKE: Reuben Foster, Elijah Lee
WILLMalcolm Smith, Mark Nzeocha
LCB: Ahkello Witherspoon, Channing Stribling
NCB: K’Waun Williams
RCB: Greg Mabin, Tyvis Powell
SS: Jaquiski Tartt, Chanceller James, Dexter McCoil
FS: Adrian Colbert, Jimmie Ward

Kyle Nelson
K: Robbie Gould
P: Bradley Pinion


1. I wouldn’t be surprised if the running-back depth chart looks like exactly the same Week 1 as it does above. Matt Breida deserves a chance to start. He played well last year, averaging 4.5 yards per rush when the quarterback was under center. Breida can handle 13 to 15 carries per game next season. And his backup, Raheem Mostert, is an explosive receiving threat out of the backfield, similar to Chris Thompson, whom Kyle Shanahan drafted in 2013.

2. I wouldn’t be surprised if the wide-receiver depth chart changes significantly between now and Week 1. The Niners probably will replace Victor Bolden Jr., and maybe Aldrick Robinson, too.

3. The team could make room on the roster for a third quarterback by cutting one of their four Sam linebackers or three strong safeties.

4. It’s interesting the 49ers re-signed backup right tackle Garry Gilliam, but haven’t given a contract extension to starting right tackle Trent Brown. Brown will be a free agent in the 2019. The 49ers say they want to keep him around for a long time, but I’m not so sure they will.

5. The offense needs three new guards.

6. The defense needs three new cornerbacks.

7. The defense also needs two new linebackers. Three if Malcolm Smith doesn’t return from his pectoral injury. Four if the NFL suspends Reuben Foster.

8. The defense needs a starting Leo. A platoon of Armstead and Marsh isn’t good enough.

9. The defense desperately needs Solomon Thomas to improve as a pass rusher. Right now, he’s a worse than his backup, Ronald Blair.

10. Jimmie Ward has no role on this team.

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    1. #NFL Combine Key Measurements thread….Nelson measurements this morning below. Hope the Bears don’t draft him. He could maybe slip if 3-4 QB’s, Barkley, Chubb, Fitz and couple others go first. If KS sees him there at 9/10 and thinks he could lose 10lbs more he may pull the trigger. I would anyway.

      NotreDame G Quenton Nelson
      Height: 6-5
      Weight: 325
      Hand: 10 3/8 👀
      Arm: 33 6/8
      Wingspan: 82 5/8 👀

      6:05 AM – Feb 28, 2018

      1. Major Nelson is the best player in this draft. I doubt he’s still on the board at 9/10. If Fitzpatrick is gone, and no trade offers are enticing, I believe Lynch will select, Derwin James…Bond.

      2. Bears just hired Quentin Nelson’s offensive line coach from Notre Dame and let go of Josh Sitton. I see no way Nelson slips past the Bears at #8.

          1. The dots do connect, that’s why I said I hope the Bears don’t draft him because of his old coach there. Bears GM Ryan Pace said he’d listen to his coaches but a report said he wouldn’t be swayed by a position coach even with Sitton gone. They have big needs like Edge rusher, OT, WR, CB and LB. They really like Edmunds, Ward and Ridley. They also may trade back for McGlinchey or Wynn and another pick. But I think they probably get Nelson if he’s not gone.

              1. Nelson may go to Denver at 5, one mock had him at 3. Another mock had him at 12 or 13. The Bears may get Smith because they do need a LB, he’s only 225lb but tough, not sure how he holds up in the NFL. Bears just released Mike Glennon after one season, he signed a 3yr/$45M deal. He played 4 games and will get $18.5M for it. They clear up $11M this year, $14M next year and now need a backup to Trubisky. Nelson probably doesn’t make past the Bears get but I hope they pass and he becomes a 49er.

              2. Same here, Marc. Major Nelson is target numero uno for me, and James Bond numero dos, provided Fitzpatrick is gone too….

              3. I hear James is up to 220lb and can take Reid’s place if he leaves even with Colbert and Tartt there. If Nelson is already picked, the 49ers may also trade down. If that happens it would be sweet if the Bills trade their 21/22 and the 49ers get Wynn and maybe Sony Michel or a CB but I doubt that happens.

              1. Last I heard the Vikings were in hot pursuit of Cousins, and he was kissing the Vikings arse to join them.

              2. That Vikings defense looked overrated against the Eagles. Gave up a lot of points for having the reputation they enjoyed all season….

              3. Razor… they are still young. Can’t see why they won’t improve next season. And at that time Philly caught fire offensively. They were tough to stop at that point.

  1. Lynch heard Grant’s pleas, and has broke the Foster silence. He said, “With this, we’ve been a little quiet. And that’s for a reason. There’s places I can’t and won’t go.” Translation: Foster is transferring funds into accuser’s bank account, and the charges will be dropped….

        1. The gun charge could be reduced to a misdemeanor, but I doubt it goes away. Just because it isn’t on a list, which hasn’t been updated in years, doesn’t remove the responsibility of the gun owner to understand the law …. what is legal, and what isn’t. I’m not arguing for or against the law, but criminal law 101 is very simple – ignorance of the law isn’t a valid defense. If it’s illegal …. it’s illegal, regardless of whether or not it’s on some outdated list.

          Besides, Roger the dodger is the decider, regardless of whether charges have been made or verdicts have been reached.

          1. The gun would only result in a minor fine. Think of it like a speeding ticket, both can get you a felony but it’s highly unusual. Most likely a fine and the loss of the firearm.
            *note* that’s based on the gun only being found on the premises, not if it was used in any threatening manner.

      1. Grant
        Calif DA’s call it a “WOBLER LAW”If it’s not on the list of illegal assault weapons. The DA has the authority to proceed with charges, but has to weight it against the odds a jury to convicting! No DA’s wants to lose, it goes on their W/L record when then go into private practice ($$$$). Then there’s the problem of the judge, they’re elected officials and the $$ donations / pressure from the NRA. From what he’s said, I don’t think JPN wants to get into that discussion.

  2. 9. The defense desperately needs Solomon Thomas to improve as a pass rusher. Right now, he’s a worse than his backup, Ronald Blair.”

    Seems Solomon has a ways to go to reclaim his ‘King’ status. Hoping for the best.

    1. Seems quite a few funsuckers took the nickname, “King Solomon” literally instead of the good natured fun in which it was bestowed. Moving on, I’m focused and excited to see just how much he’s progressed under Kiffin’s tutelage.

      My nickname for Hercules Mata’afa: He’s a bad Mata’afa!
      My nickname for Quenton Nelson: Major Nelson!
      My nickname for Derwin James: Bond(He’s a secret weapon)

      1. You can assign any nickname you choose, it doesn’t make it a good nickname, or a relevant one either. And few “nicknames” on the internet were more annoying than this one, certainly none on this blog last year, IMO.

        In my book, you don’t assign the nickname “King” to any player whose value is at all questionable, and whose ability to “rule” their own position is in any doubt. This so-called “King” Solomon isn’t even the best player on his team. He might not even be the player on his team who came out of his draft class. Heck, he might not even be the best player on his team at his position.

        If that’s a King, I must be some kind of GOD!

          1. don’t forget– this from the guy who’s to rent a back hoe to permanently bury his 9er swag…
            along with being hit by the obligatory lightning strike and lastly the bear mauling– on a alien spacecraft no less… due to 9ers not drafting Barkely…
            uh huh….

            1. tjf,

              I said “if they pass” on Barkley. I doubt they’ll get that chance, but if they do, I will personally lose my s_it. There’s next to zero chance they’d pass on him if he’s there at #9-#10, so it aint no thing but a chicken wing, and I’m not sweating it.

              And if they draft Barkley, I’m rooting for the nickname Saquon “Say Gone” Barkley. But Say gone rhymes with Saquon, and when you call his name, you’re likely going to say “and Barkley is gone” as in gone to the house (endzone).

              1. Or maybe Saquon “Say-What” Barkley, as in “say what did I just see?” The “human joystick” is worn out. So is the “human highlight reel.” “Superman” … worn out. “Beast Mode”? Taken. “God’s gift to NFL fans everywhere? Yah maybe, but it just doesn’t roll off the tongue.

                And while “GOAT” will likely eventually be appropriate, it’s a bit premature.

              2. …it’s a bit premature.

                Bet your wife tells you that all the time. Ha! Sorry, I tried but couldn’t resist….

              3. My wife calls me “Boo Bear” Razor, that one’s a bit annoying as well, lol.

                She does have another good nickname “Excalibur” for a certain body part. It’s certainly a relevant and appropriate nickname. In Welsh, it is called Caledfwlch, derived from the Welsh words Caled, meaning “hard”, and bwlch, meaning “breach”. The legendary sword of King Arthur was also attributed to magical powers …. of course.

                I prefer the more modern nickname “FootLong Sandwich” which also seems clever in it’s relevance.

          2. I’m all for clever nicknames rocket, and I’ve got a sense of humor. Lebron has earned the nickname King James, making it a clever play on words. King Solomon was just some silly link to the only Solomon that Razor has probably ever heard of. Razor can make up all the nicknames he wants, but if there isn’t some kind relative reasoning behind a nickname, what’s the point? Isn’t some kind of relative reasoning the entire point of a nickname?

            Why is Jimmy Garoppolo’s nickname trending “Jimmy GQ?” Because he’s a handsome devil, and would make a great GQ model …. that’s clever. Cornelius “Tank” Carradine is built like a Tank …. sort of clever. Kyle “Juice” Juszczyk, because “Jus” is in his name …. kind of clever. Robbie “Gold” Gould, because he’s money (gold) …. clever. Bradley “pin ’em” Pinion, because he’s a punter and the good punters “pin them” inside the 20 …. clever. Reuben “Ferrari” Foster, because he moves like a sports car at ILB, and Ferrari goes well with Foster. Not the best nickname, but at least there is some kind of relevancy, making Rueben’s nickname fairly clever.

            King Solomon? SMH! Seriously, my 5th grade nephew could have come up with this one, and he’s 10 years old. And it’s one thing to use it sparingly. It’s something else entirely when you use it ad nauseam. Sure, Razor can call Solomon Thomas “King Solomon” all he wants, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying, lol.

              1. OK, well then I vote for the nickname:

                Solomon “A Hard Working But Woefully Undersized Interior Lineman Who Never Has Been, And Likely Never Will Be, A Dominate Edge Rusher” Thomas, or Solomon “A-H-W-B-W-U-I-L-W-N-H-B-A-L-N-W-B-A-D-E-R” Thomas, for short.

                How’s that for clever? Certainly more relevant than “King”.

        1. Lighten up man. Razor has been assigning nicknames and phrases to players for a long time. It’s his thing and he has fun with it. Nothing wrong with that.

      2. Razor:
        Hope springs eternal, but I’d be surprised if either Quention Nelson, or Derwin James were still on the board when the 9ers pick. Other than possibly trading up, only Hercules Mata’afa will still be there!

        1. Ha! Fitzpatrick will go before James. He’ll be sitting there for Lynch, I just know it! I think Mata’afa can be had in the 40’s….

      3. Razor,
        Wasn’t it Bro Tuna who began the “Bad Mata’afa” nickname?
        Gotta come up with better nickname for James. Ain’t feeling Bonds.
        But I give you props for giving Thomas the King nickname. That one did stick,

        1. Bad Mata’afa is pretty obvious, but I think Scooter gets credit for expressing it first. Feel free to offer your own ideas on better nicknames, and thanks for the props!

    2. I’m fine with nicknames, but there are multiple reasons why “King Solomon” got pushback. Overuse. It’s a religious name and religion is polarizing for some. The lack of production/disruption. I have a feeling we’d all be calling him King if he were DROY.

      I assume most of you saw the redraft from a couple of days ago. It still had us taking Thomas, but at #31. It would seem that the biggest doubting Thomas’ (myself, East, and 49) were right when we gave him a mid to late 1st round grade.

      1. #80,

        I wasn`t a big fan of the pick either but Thomas did play well against the run and getting bent out of shape over a nickname (not you) is pretty silly.

        1. Not bent out of shape rocket, I just found it tirelessly annoying. I think we can all agree that Thomas has a long way to go to justify being King?

          And I for one, thought he wasn’t justified at #3. Maybe that’s another reason I get so annoyed with the nickname.

          1. We put up with your essay’s and changing your avatar over and over, along with your predictions of who the pick would be, and how King Solomon would never be the pick, over and over again. The least you could do is tolerate the rest of us and our proclivities. I hope you’re not one of those that slap their kid when he spills his milk….

            1. Razor:
              Proclivities: An inclination or predisposition toward something. Especially a strong inherent inclination toward something objectionable. I just couldn’t resist…lol

            2. First, I never said he would never be the pick Razor, I said he shouldn’t be the pick. Not at #3. look it up. I was annoyed with the nickname at the time because I thought it was ludicrous. Solomon was an undersized player based on the fact that he was used primarily on the interior of Stanford’s DL, and never did much when he did play on the edge. I questioned whether he could suddenly become an edge defender in the NFL. I think he’s a good guy, and a hard worker, and he’ll probably find a way to be productive as an NFL player, but he looked like a tweener to me, and I couldn’t justify drafting a tweener near the top of round 1.

              And secondly, yes, I had a little fun with my avatar, but I didn’t overtly use the same silly, unjustified nickname over, and over, and over again. What exactly is Solomon the King of exactly? King of the tweeners? King of the over-drafted players? I get the reference to King Solomon, a guy who allegedly had 700 wives and 300 concubines. How is it a clever nickname based simply on a name? Why not Solomon “doubting” Thomas? Doubting Thomas was one of the 12 disciples in the Bible, given this label because he simply did not believe that Jesus had risen from the dead. Wouldn’t that be just as clever? It’s certainly more relevant, seeing that he had plenty of doubters coming out of college.

              Like I said, I’ll join the fun Razor. For now on I’ll refer to Solomon with the nickname – “A Hard Working, But Woefully Undersized Interior Lineman, Who Never Has Been, And Likely Never Will Be, A Dominate Edge Rusher”, until he proves otherwise. It’s a long nickname, but certainly no more annoying than King of anything.

          2. 49reasons,

            It`s Razor`s name for him. Allow him to do his thing in peace. He isn`t hurting anybody and it certainly isn`t worth the multiple post discussion that`s transpired. Razor`s a good dude…even if he doesn`t like Metallica. Seek and Destroy!

            1. lol, I don’t doubt whether Razor i a good guy rocket. He probably is.

              But geez louise, at least give a guy an appropriate nickname if your going to repeat it ad nauseum, over and over and over again. Is that really too much to ask?

              1. King Solomon will rule in 2018! Now, don’t go out and kill yourself, ok?

                P.S. At least I got the pick right, and not wrong ad nauseum;>)

              2. And yah rocket, it’s unfortunate that he doesn’t like Metallica, one of the most influential heavy metal bands of all time. And even if his nicknames need a complete re-imagining (and they do), nobody’s perfect right?

                He’s certainly a productive contributor to this blog, and it’s a better blog with him on it, even if he does annoy from time to time. So I’ll let it go until his next highly inaccurate nickname surfaces, which could happen any day with the combine coming in the next few day. lol.

              3. 49reasons,
                I really enjoy your contributions to the blog and read every word. But Razor is a valued pro to this site and one of my favorites.
                His levity, humor and football acumen brings good balance.

  3. Matt Barrows
    John Lynch said the reports he’s received suggest Trent Brown is ahead of schedule in his recovery from shoulder surgery. (He acknowledged that everyone recovering from surgery reportedly is ‘ahead of schedule’).

  4. you guys need to calm down on Solomon……at least give him 2 -3 years before finalizing opinions…..

    its reckless and dumb to say “he’s a worse than his backup”……when you know it is not true…..and if both were on the market today no NFL team would pay Ronald Blair more than Solomon ….please stop with the nonsense…..

    1. My remark was influenced by all the over-the-top hype we had going last spring. I agree with you on the point of being hasty with conclusions. Would apply to all ‘new’ players.

    2. “Give him 2-3 years”

      What? I won’t finalize my opinion, but it is definitely not too soon to start forming an opinion. Solomon needs to step his game up in the pass rush department. When you get drafted 3 overall , the expectations are high and they should be high. We could have drafted Fournette instead.

      Step your game up.

      1. First rule of draft club: Never draft a running back in the first round, especially one that is a poor fit for your scheme, and even more importantly, when you are building a team from the ground up or inside out….

          1. For the Jaguars. I’m a firm believer in never drafting a running back in the first round. You can agree or disagree with that philosophy, but in a Shanny run offense; it’s hard to argue….

              1. Razor:
                Not saying Hines is not a good fit, or a good RB, but what does he bring to the 9ers that they don’t already have in Matt Breida or Raheem Mostert? And if Hyde leaves, who’s the big dog RB? Joseph Williams or Jeremy McNichols?

  5. This is definitely a cold dose of reality. The CB situation is abysmal as is the Leo and interior OL.

    Observations of my own:

    I don’t think they’ll stick with that group at RB. I can’t see them relying on that much inexperience and lack of production going into a season. They’ll draft a RB imo.

    I agree that the WR depth chart will change. They will draft one and possibly add a FA.

    I agree with your take on Ward too, and I could see them cutting him if he’s able to pass a physical. He’s just not reliable enough to keep at that number.

    A lot is riding on the outcome of Foster’s investigation. If he is charged with felony domestic violence they’ll have to cut him and all 3 LB spots become a question mark.

    They really have to nail the draft and hope they get a starter or two from FA.

    1. I agree the Niners will bring an experienced running back to camp. A draft pick won’t have experience, though. So, they’ll probably sign someone, like they signed Tim Hightower last year.

        1. They’ll have six backs in camp. It’s possible the final two will be a veteran and an unstaffed free agent.

          I think Williams, McNichols and the veteran will compete to be the third running back.

          1. What is it that you saw in practices that Williams needs to do to claim a prominent role in this offense? Clearly he had the explosion, and cutting ability for all to see when given his opportunities in preseason….

          1. Seems to me Shanny prefers a healthy rotation of backs. Hines would fit that bill, fit the scheme and offers a dangerous option to return punts and kicks….

          2. It all depends on how the draft falls. If somebody like Sony Michel is there in round two, I could see them pulling the trigger. If they don’t address it until day 3, my guess is they would be looking for somebody with an emphasis on pass receiving skills. Maybe Samuels from NC State or Wadley from Iowa.

            1. I agree, they’ll need someone with receiving skills if Hyde leaves. And it will be hard to find a more athletic guy than Mostert on Day 3. He ran a 4.39.

              1. Mostert was a monster on special teams. When he when down, you noticed a precipitous drop off in coverage….

              2. so Hyde’s 2017 crappy pass catching and even crappier pass blocking were anomalies due to learning his place in Shanny’s O?

                If Hyde does come back for ’18 (a “deal” is very likely to get him back in ’18– KS’ RB room needs a bruiser– a guy with good “yards after initial contact” numbers) I really really hope his pass game issues dramatically improve…

                as to the rest of the RB corps…run game dysfunction in ’17 was mostly due to OL blocking issues, rather than any deficiencies in the RB room…

  6. Whoa, I actually agree with many of Grant’s observations. Probably because they have also been my observations.

    1. Niners will not carry 3 qb on roster.
    2. Ward shouldn’t have been drafted. Time to stop making excuses for him.
    3. We need a number one WR. Garcon is getting long in the tooth. Plus he was never a 1. If Calvin Ridley is available at 9 we must consider it.
    4. Solomon Thomas must improve pass rush indeed.
    5. Not sure Breida can carry the load all season. What about trading a 6th to ATL for Tevin Coleman. He had his best season in 16 when Shanahan was OC.
    6. Spend more draft capital on Edge/Leo than on CB. A CBs best friend is a 245 pound man breathing down the qbs neck.
    7. What is the story on Josh Garnett. Is this guy coming back healthy? Is he any good?

      1. Glad we have a pass rush specialist coach. Now if only we can get pass rush specialist player . We have been near the bottom in sacks the last 4 years.

        1. Yea, they don’t grow on trees. Two traits that are paramount; first step explosion and flexibility. Hercules Mata’afa and Kemoko Turay both possess them. Turay has shoulder issues that his medical evaluations need to clarify. You can teach technique, i.e. edge rushing angles, hand usage, etc….

    1. “Spend more draft capital on Edge/Leo than on CB…”
      What are you suggesting Rollotomasi?
      Trade up for Chubb?
      Take Harold Landry or Marcus Davenport at #9?

      You play the cards you are dealt, not the ones you wish you had. And, this isn’t the last draft of the John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan Era. Somethings won’t get done this offseason despite how much we wish them to be. The last thing you do is overdraft a player out of need (see AJ Jenkins, Kenton Balmer, Reggie McGrew, Jim Druckenmiller, Mike Rumph, etc).

      1. Perhaps Yes. If Chubb fits the Saleh, SHanahan Lynch model we move up . We cant be unwilling to take chances just because previous administrations were incompetent.

        1. Rollotomasi:
          “If Chubb fits the Saleh, SHanahan Lynch model we move up.”
          * If Chubb is the # 1 player in the draft, how many draft picks would the 9er have to give up?

  7. We aren’t as bad off as you try to spin it.

    Dumervil is healthy and is 2 years removed from a significant injury which is the recovery timetable for an Achilles.

    With another year under his belt post injury and in a new system I wouldnt be surprised to see him net 10 sacks minimum. He has 105.5 sacks in his career which ranks him 26th all time.

    If you look back over the history of top pass rushers in NFL history they all played well beyond 35 years old. He will be a situational pass rusher which will keep him fresh and focused on one goal. He is a sack artist and he will be used to rush the passer exclusively.

    Do we need an upgrade for the long haul? Absolutely, but you could do worse than a Marsh/Dumervil duo at Leo. They combined for 8.5 sacks last year and Marsh was only here for 6 games in which he registered 2 sacks. If you Avg it out over the year thats about 12.5 sacks which is a half sack more than Ziggy Ansah.

    I dont care how it gets done, just that it does.

  8. As far as corner goes we are in decent shape there too. Its safe to assume we are going to bring in a cb in FA. Id guess Malcom Butler or T. Johnson. But I wouldnt be surprised to see Rashaan Melvin either.

    Once that gets done in about 2 weeks we actually look pretty damn good at cb. You could argue we have a top 10 nickel back, a top 10 outside cb and a young up and coming cb in Witherspoon. That is a formidable group. I know everyone wants all pros at every position but how much do you invest in your 4th and 5th cb options? Not much at all. I actually thought Maybin showed some promise in a reserve roll. I think he would make a decent dime back and special teams player at worst.

    So that basically means we need to draft a young corner to fill out the roster worst case scenario?

    I dont get all of this gloom and doom crap… You cant fix everything in one, two or even 3 offseasons. In fact the process never stops…

  9. Ward will be the starting FS to start TC. And will probably stay there. Colbert was a nice story but I doubt he will be handed the starting role. He will need to earn it.

    The CB and OG holes are well known. It is why I have been saying both positions need multiple additions. After that, obviously a Leo and some additional weapons on offense to at a minimum provide better depth. With Foster’s pending suspension LB unfortunately is also a need.

      1. He started six games on the year. This isn’t a scenario like with JG where they brought him in to be the man. Six games is not going to be enough to earn the job I don’t believe.

        Colbert started off with a bang, had some great outings. But his level of play was more on the ok side the last few games. One of the reasons everyone is so high on him right now is because of those first couple of games and the fact it was so unexpected from a 7th round pick.

        I would be quite surprised if Ward didn’t start TC as the starting FS, barring injury (which of course is not out of the realm of possibility WRT to Ward!).

          1. Yeah, but Ward has runs on the board from previous seasons and the coaching staff seems pretty high on him.

            I think last season Ward was thinking too much, not just playing instinctively.

            1. The coaching staff seems high on Colbert, too. Make any excuses you want for Ward — Colbert made much more of his opportunity.

      2. I agree. Colbert was better than Ward and also cheaper. I think there is a very good chance they cut Ward if he can pass the physical rather than pay him 8 mill to be a backup S. They could move him back to CB I suppose but he has been so unreliable I think they may just cut bait.

        1. I think Ward sticks unless they draft a safety high (or sign one). No way will they go into the season with Colbert the starter and no real competition.

          1. No they won`t just cut him without signing somebody else and drafting one as well. I`m just saying they will – or at least should – look for a more reliable option.

    1. Ward will get a shot. If he doesn’t win the job, he’ll be a capable replacement for Colbert. Ward can also play CB and slot corner in a pinch. He can be used in three safety packages.

      The future is Colbert. He and Witherspoon will take more chances as they get more comfortable. Ball hawks in the making.

  10. 1. Williams not playing is the reason Hyde might be brought back. Like last year, we don’t know if Williams can carry the load, pass block, and receive. Williams’ question marks are why we could possibly bring in Crowell or a veteran Hightower type if no Hyde.
    2. Bolden will be replaced by a larger WR.
    3. Possibly.
    4. Brown doesn’t fit, but they don’t have a better alternative as of now, similar to the Hyde situation.
    5. Give Garnett a chance. Fusco is a good-ish starter or a fine backup.
    6. Bring on Trumaine or Talib and a mid round draft pick.
    7. Paul Posluszny. Tahir Whitehead if you want to go cheap. Nigel Bradham is a solid option. Edmunds or Smith would make sense in the 1st.
    8. Dorance.
    9. Just want one thing
    Just to play the king
    But the castle’s crumbled
    And you’re left with just a name
    Where’s your crown, King Nothing?
    10. No role in 2019.

        1. Beautiful song written by little Davey Murray: The Man Who Would Be King; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6KrdrWxtJs

          As he travels on the beast of burden
          Moving up along the mountainside
          As he gazes looking down the valley
          No regrets but his pride

          As he journeys across mountain passes
          Insignificance sweeps over him
          His reflection of the beauty ’round him
          Feeling empty inside

          He is running from his wildest thoughts
          He is running from his everything
          He is looking now to find something
          Hoping he could be saved

          He’s searching for the answer now
          It’s something that he’s managed to avoid up to now
          Real conviction that he craves
          He needs to find the answer sooner than later

          Pushed himself to the limits
          He had to strive for all the harder things in life
          But what the cost to give in now?
          His life, his time are the only things that he has

          Life is not a rehearsal
          All he has is the one chance to get it right
          Leaving really is the only way to know
          Maybe one day they’ll forgive him what he’s done
          But now the pain of lying too early in the grave

          Destiny, no good to hide away
          Penance now will be his only way
          Understand, no good to run away
          Penance now will be his saving grace

          He tries to make his peace with God
          All is forgivable but it’s left a little late
          Trying something that he’s not
          Is it possible to change such a lot?

          He’s taken someone’s life away
          There’s not a day goes by he regrets what he’s done
          He should have found another way
          But the good book says, “An eye for an eye.”

          In reflecting on decisions that were made
          On the judgements that will haunt him till his grave
          No one has the right to take another life
          But in his mind he had no choice, so be it

          Destiny, no good to hide away
          Penance now will be his only way
          Understand, no good to run away
          Penance now will be his saving grace

          Destiny, no good to hide away
          Penance now will be his only way
          Understand, no good to run away
          Penance now will be his saving grace

          1. Thought you might like that one. I had to drop the link and some of the lyrics because my post wouldn’t go through for some reason.

              1. I like that they have had When the Wild Wind Blows in their recent sets……. like Final Frontier more than their latest album, but perhaps I need to give it another go- curious what Judas Priest has in store……….. I think Saxon and Accept are working on new stuff as well, along w Y&T.

  11. On nicknames… There’s another way to take this. On today’s Dan Patrick show there was a funny bit on comparing NFL QBs to actresses. Example: Joe Flacco — Jennifer Anniston.

    What could we say about key 9er players? Jimmy Garoppolo — ?? (Gal Gadot?) Solomon Thomas — ??

  12. Denzel Ward should be the 49ers first draft pick unless there’s a miracle and Barkley or Nelson fall. Then you have to go best player available and take one of those two.
    The Niners could possibly move down 2-3 picks and still get Ward. He is barely tall enough (5-10) but he is a lockdown corner…he becomes a receiver when the ball is in the air. His blanket coverage is so in your face you can’t get oxygen.

    1. Imho, Ward will not be the selection. With Nelson and Fitzpatrick off the board, and no tantalizing trade offers, John Lynch will select Derwin James “Bond”, MD(Matchup Dream), FSU.

      1. Edmunds is my guess on there top realistic target at 9/10.. If you listen to Lynch he wants Harold to play Leo more this year. He believes there is some untapped potential. Which brings in Edmunds more into the picture for his versatility. D James is a good player but he will not be the pick. I’m rarely wrong :)

    1. Crabs, the coin as I understand it has team logos on each side. There is no “heads or tails”, and Rod Woodson will be flipping….

      1. You must know I was being sarcastic bro…Just give me a fake lol next time. :-)
        The video was pretty funny though right? You did watch it right?

        1. I wasn’t aware that’s how they actually did it until this year. Pretty disappointing, and removes most of the anticipation and analytics. Maybe they should arm wrestle instead?

  13. Without knowing who will ultimately make it to FA, here`s a list of players I`d be looking at if I were ShanaLynch:

    Allen Robinson WR
    John Brown WR
    Taylor Gabriel WR
    Paul Richardson WR
    Trumaine Johnson CB
    Rashaan Melvin CB
    Pernell McPhee Edge
    Zach Brown LB
    Nigel Bradham LB
    Trey Burton TE
    Justin Pugh OG
    Josh Sitton OG
    Josh Kline OG
    Weston Richburg C

  14. Latest NFL.com mock draft has 49ers addressing big needs in 4 …
    Niners Nation-10 hours ago

    NFL.com. I always enjoy looking at the longer mocks, especially because at some point I assume it just becomes a look at a list of needs and a look at a list of best players available.
    Still, we’re going to roll through this one and see what the 49ers are up to in the eyes of Reuter.

    Minkah Fitzpatrick, defensive back out of Alabama. They list him as a safety, but I still those people who think he’s only a safety are being reductive

    In the second round, this mock has the 49ers taking running back Nick Chubb out of Georgia, with no writeup. In the third round, the 49ers take Texas linebacker Malik Jefferson and Missouri wide receiver J’Mon Moore. In the fouth, they take cornerback Dane Cruikshank of Arizona.


      1. Razor

        Neither Lynch nor Harold has been given a decent chance to succeed…I’m still holding out hope for both of them…. perhaps the new coaching staff can ‘Light the fire’ under either or both of them….these are two very talented athletes who might need extra instruction….It would sure save time and money to have either or both of them contributing….

    1. Based on what Lynch said I don’t think he specifically said he would get more of a chance at Leo, just that they think he has untapped pass rush potential and they intend to use him as a pass rusher a bit more next season. That could be in nickel for all we know.

      Regardless, the main takeaway is the 49ers know they need to find some edge pass rush, so all avenues will be explored.

        1. OK, this nickname is pretty good ;). Not sure he’s all that good (maybe he can be), but the nickname? Yah, this one works Razor.

            1. And…..learning to play a new position that will take time to learn. 2nd round is a reach, more like mid 3rd to early 4th, but his combine results could move him up someone’s board

              1. Oh, he doesn’t have to learn things that can’t be taught, and as a situational pass rusher in his first year, that violence, first step explosion, flexibility and appetite will be very disruptive for the opponents backfield. That, I can assure you….

              2. He always plays well right before he gets hurt. Love to see him contribute for a full season where he belongs, and that’s not at Leo….

            2. I’ve seen some game tape of his. He’s athletic. Explosive. He has some bend. Pretty decent with his hands. But lacking ideal length. I like Armstrong better at the LEO, for what that’s worth.

              I’ll do some more work on him Hercules though Razor, BTW, with a first name like Hercules, does he even need a nickname? What a great first name! If first names were factored into draft value, he’d be a top 5 pick, IMO, lol.

              1. I know this …. scouts are all over the place on this kid.

                However, fourthandnine.co founder Dylan DeSimone certainly likes him for Saleh’s defense, a lot:

                – “Keep coming back to Hercules Mata’afa. Everything I’ve gathered about Saleh and his system this year tells me that’s his kinda guy.”

                – “Saleh needs a DL that wins with speed around the edge and he covets explosive, violent players. That’s Mata’afa”

                – “Best get-off in college football …. Washington State’s Hercules Mata’afa”

                As for me, I don’t hate the idea, that’s for sure. Where to draft him is another question.

              2. If he kills his combine, we’ll need to move up into the middle of round 2 to acquire him. Anyone thinking he’ll be there in the 3rd or 4th round is being overly optimistic to put it mildly….

              3. And Arik Armstead is a poor fit at LEO, in part, because he’s better with 22-25 more lbs, and on the interior. He’s naturally a little too big to have that great burst required at the position. Great burst for an interior lineman, but out wide on the edge …. not so much. Plus, he’s a little stiff for an edge rusher. Again though, not too stiff on the interior. He’s could be a dynamic 3-4 OLB/Elephant, Julius Peppers type, 6’7″ 295 lbs, just like Peppers.

              4. Thanks Crab. I see a lot of potential in Arik, just not in this system. If he can get and stay healthy, he can be a force in the right system, I’m just not sure where he fits in this one.

  15. Got to remember we are in year two of a complete overhaul, wont be able to get all the pieces in FA or the draft to finish the makeover this year. I doubt the Niners get another high draft pick for years to come – so make this last one dynOmite.

    1. Under –
      I respectfully disagree…We were in complete overhaul mode until we got Jimmy G.
      Now it’s just fine tuning. Jimmy G is that good. If he stays injury free we are in the playoffs. If we lose any other player on the roster to injury besides GQ Jimmy we still will be in the playoffs…Yes I call him “GQ Jimmy” not Jimmy GQ.
      I am shocked that Jimmy GQ is used way more than GQ Jimmy. That’s freaking unbelievable to me. GQ Jimmy flows much better and sounds way smoother to me…way less corny. I don’t get it man!

  16. Rumors are spreading that the Cardinals are thinking about cutting Honey Badger. I know we have a logjam at safety, but if he is released, I think the 49ers should pursue him in free agency because he is a physical tone setter in a secondary and could be the role model Foster needs to have on the 49ers.

        1. MWD
          2017 is the first year Mathieu has played a full 16 game season, without missing games with injuries: His injury history: https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/tyrann-mathieu-player-injuries
          2016 16 Shoulder
          2016 14 Shoulder
          2016 13 Shoulder
          2016 12 Shoulder
          2016 11 Shoulder
          2016 10 Shoulder
          2015 16 Torn Right ACL
          2015 6 Heel
          2014 WC Thumb, Hip
          2014 17 Thumb
          2014 16 Thumb
          2014 15 Thumb
          2014 14 Thumb
          2014 13 Thumb
          2014 2 Knee
          2014 1 Knee
          2013 16 Torn Left ACL, LCL
          2013 15 Torn Left ACL, LCL

    1. How would he be used at the 49ers? For the Cards and LSU he was more of a nickel back, but Williams showed he is pretty good in that role last season. I don’t really see Mathieu as a single high or as the strong safety. So I would probably say no.

    2. You want physical with a F, a tone setter and an Alpha dog leader that can shape the culture in the locker room, look no further than James Bond. If Chancellor and Thomas had a baby, Derwin James would be the name….

          1. Overrated as heck. His best season was his freshman year. He was injured the following season and failed to reach the same level in 2017.

            1. Hmmm…hard disagreement with your assessment my friend. Dude’s a stud, not to mention he fits the scheme like a glove.(said in my Ace Ventura voice)

              1. Heh, I’ll be pissed if Lynch and the 49ers waste a pick on a overrated prospect for a position that is already covered instead of one that needs to be addressed.

    1. Pursue an average CB and make him the highest paid CB in the league? No thanks. I’m not a fan of Talib, but I would prefer the 49ers trade for him because I know at least with Talib that the 49ers would get someone that is a #1 CB.

      1. Grant did report he’s heard that Johnson has a poor work ethic. I don’t see Fuller or Butler as fits. Maybe try Melvin and draft one later, like Yiadom. Got to see what his 40 time is, but it’s a rarity that a corner can run with a WR, and turn to locate the ball when he’s supposed to. Yiadom does it, and I like that!

          1. Melvin tagged? Wow, that would be quite the rise to prominence for him.

            As for overpaying for Johnson, if it means you get a decent CB does it matter? When they have as much money as they do?

            End of the day I don’t really care if whoever they bring in doesn’t play like a top 5 CB, even if they are paid like one. So long as they are competent. Just make sure the deal is one you can get out of after a couple of years. 49ers need more than one CB as well. They should also draft one to develop that is capable of stepping in if there is an injury. Atm the CB depth is woeful on this team.

            1. As for overpaying for Johnson, if it means you get a decent CB does it matter? When they have as much money as they do?

              He is an average CB, and average players should not be overpaid.

              1. Riiight, so they should take lesser talent just because the $$ seem more in line with the level of play? Seems like a very Browns thing to do.

                If the 49ers were up against the cap then sure, this approach would make sense. The 49ers are not. They need to add talent to fill some big holes. CB being one of the biggest holes on the team.

              2. Riiight, so they should take lesser talent just because the $$ seem more in line with the level of play? Seems like a very Browns thing to do.

                Signing Johnson would be taking lesser talent. I’d rather not see a Johnson at CB in 2018, whether it be Dontae or Trumaine.

              3. Trumaine Johnson is lesser talent than who else they are signing instead?

                Aqib Talib is not available. If he becomes available then sure, go get him. But right now that is not the case.

              4. Elway trying to squeeze Lynch for another draft pick, a la Bibbs for Talib. Don’t fall for it, John!

          2. Let me put it another way – if Johnson is a better CB than Melvin, even if he costs more to get he is worth it in my opinion.

            OTOH, if Melvin is a better CB than Johnson, it is a no brainer.

              1. Because they will both expect to start, and that won’t happen at the 49ers. Witherspoon will get first crack at one of the CB spots.

        1. Even at 32, Talib still has a better chance of being a shutdown corner than Johnson. The fact the Rams are willing to let him walk after tagging him twice should also give the 49ers pause.

              1. You mean overpay the #2 CB the Rams have been paying like a top 5 talent for two years in a row? Yep, the Rams clearly didn’t like him.

              2. That lousy excuse goes out the window considering the fact they didn’t further invest in him after that second tag.

              3. Its not a lousy excuse. You don’t franchise tag players twice that you don’t like or want to keep. So they are finally deciding to move on. Good for them.

              4. I tend to agree with Scooter. No way the Rams would franchise a CB TWICE, if they didn’t think he was pretty darn good. That’s way too much money to pay for an average or even slightly above average CB, especially the 2nd tag. Plus, he fits our scheme well, and that’s important.

            1. I got this feeling you’re not going to have a good year. It sounds to me, if you read between the lines that T. Johnson could be Lynch’s target acquisition, and I’m pretty confident James Bond will be his pick if Nelson and Fitz are off the board. Hang tough, buddy!

              1. I can already picture my three year old niece pointing to the T.V. while the 49ers secondary is being shown getting slaughtered with Johnson and James in the lineup and her saying, “I see $#it.”

              2. I’m against the Derwinian draft approach, but adding Johnson and James to this secondary would make it elite by Week 1.

      1. I agree. Johnson would be a good fit. Good size, physical, best in man coverage. He’s a top 20 Corner and would upgrade the position big time.

      1. Being a respected player who has just finished his career, Ryans should be quite capable of establishing good rapport with his players. Wonder how he’ll connect with Foster.

  17. Grant: Very well done. So they need 1) guards and backup tackle (Fortress Garappolo) (3 new players), 2) Cornerbacks (3-4?); 3) linebackers (2), 4) 2 new WR and 5) Solomon Thomas to show up. So, 25% roster turnover at a minimum….

  18. 3. I agree about the third quarterback. When a team has a a reputation for developing quarterbacks these picks
    can be traded for first and second rounders down the road.

    6. I think the defense needs two new cornerbacks. Three?

    8. Agree the defense needs a starting Leo. If Chubb fell to trade-up distance…

    9. Agree the defense needs Thomas to improve as a pass rusher. Also think Armstead should go back to 293lbs. Play situational (inside) pass rusher. Buckner still plays too many snaps.

    10. Disagree. Jimmie Ward has up to four roles. Slot CB, CB, FS, IR. Scared of injury history with Ward, Reid, Hyde. But that also reduces their contract price. It boils down to contract price.

    1. Jimmy’s compensation and cap hit is right around $8.5 million. As far as I know, it can’t be renegotiated for this year since it is the 5th year option. While I have been critical of Ward, he does offer flexibility in the secondary. My only issue with him is his availability as I think he is a good player on the field.

  19. Grant – Nice breakdown of the 53-man roster. I think at least one of Hyde, Tank or Reid will be back

    Two things which struck me though….

    1) This team still does not have enough depth and we are just an injury or two away from being a 6-10 team again, assuming Foster is out for the year. :(
    2) We are putting an awful lot on Jimmy G’s shoulders if we don’t hit on at least 5-6 starters in FA or Draft. :( :(

  20. There are some serioua headcases on this blog. I stopped reading when the dude said about his wife and there sex life I mean really? You do realize how pathetic and insecure you come across right? Actually he must not…
    Any fan knows who our players Are, to do a depth chart now is saying you can’t think of anything else to write about. I need to remember not to click on press Democrat articles from 49erswebzone

  21. Another thing to consider is if a player his size, against all odds, can succeed as an interior pass rusher, I’d hesitate to question whether or not he can be successful out on the edge. We’ll see what his 10 yard split time is as well as his 3 cone drill, and go from there. All reports from the WSU locker room were that he was the toughest Mata’afa!

  22. I’m hoping for Josh Jackson. I’ve been clamoring for him since the season ended. That size, speed and athletic ability is what we need in this scheme. But I don’t think he will last until the 20’s. These mocks that have him going 21-26 are crazy. I think he’s the 1st cb to cone off. No need to miss like we did with marshawm lattimore

  23. Barrows Twitter: Among the RBs the #49ers interviewed this week were Royce Freeman (Oregon), Ronald Jones (USC) and Saquon Barkley (Penn State).

    I really like RJ as both a rusher and pass catcher. He can be had in the mid 2nd. Hasta la Vista Carlos.

      1. Ronald Jones — NFL Combine summary — “I love his juice. You have to have some of that to become a good back in the pros and he has a lot of it. He may be a little too light to give it to him more than 12-14 times per game though. I worry if he can hold up.” – NFC Personnel executive.

      2. Razor – the Rolls Royce with his needle main bearings is just on the cuffs of being broken in. Lots of miles left before the next RB change.

    1. The last high pick I can remember the Shanahans taking a RB was Clinton Portis. And he was traded away after a 1,500 yard season to Washington.

      Look at the Rbs on the roster now… A bunch of no names besides Hyde.

      We wont take a rb before the 4th round imo.

      1. “We wont take a rb before the 4th round imo.”

        Maybe, maybe not. I’ve posted this before, but it bears repeating, especially since we’ve met with Barkley.


        “Moving from 34 to the area around 21 is important, they think, because one of their targets should they deal down from two to the area between eight and 15 could be there: running back Christian McCaffrey, wide receiver John Ross, edge rushers Charles Harris, T.J. Watt or maybe Takkarist McKinley, and perhaps a wild card.”

        That’s proof that Shanny was OK with taking a HB in the 1st. Just because something hasn’t happened in the past, doesn’t mean it will never happen. I don’t think Shanny would ever be so rigid in his thinking. KS looks at every option from Rd 1 to Rd 7.

          1. ok, so translating Kyle-speak:

            a) “it’s been proven (to Kyle at least) that you can get guys later” so- he’s ok with letting the later rounds fill his RB room..
            b) “when you find a special one” — implied; if a high prospect falls to one of your existing picks…
            c) “you think that makes sense for your team” — shouldn’t have to spell this one out…

            So- spending a high (rds 1 or 2) pick for an RB is not in the normal course of Shannyism…

            1. I tend to lean towards Grant’s idea of Shanny perhaps not drafting a running back, and maybe bringing in a UFDA and a F/A at the position….

            2. Shanny’s words don’t need to be translated. I said maybe, maybe not WRT taking a HB early. I provided evidence that Shanny was willing to take a HB in the 1st last year. I also provided a quote from Shanny himself.

              “But that by no means makes it that I’m going to say we’re never going to draft a running back high.”

              So while it’s not the normal course (obviously), KS is willing to draft a HB high if that player fits and has the potential to be special (McCaffrey and Barkley).

        1. Whats he really going to say? I will never draft a RB high and tell the whole NFL ? Its just gamesmanship, he has to say that unless he wants to give away his draft board.

          Just because we interview players doesnt mean we are going to take them. But they still want to talk to the talented kids in case they become a FA down the road. As was suggested by Adam Peters in his podcast yesterday.

          I repeat… We will not draft a RB in the first 2 days of the draft.

          Why would you when you know you can find a gem late like you and your father have done time and time again? He has a RB in his back pocket at all times.

          Maybe in 5 years when we are stacked we will be afforded that luxury. But it wont be this year…

  24. Here is hoping the Cardinals don’t sign Kirk Cousins. If he does go there, it could be the best QB division in the entire league.

  25. A nice reality check reminder on Draft Crushes:
    Rams to trade or release Tavon Austin soon.
    I remember how he was going to set the world on fire, take the league by storm if you will.

    1. Run through Google translate and back (Finnish), we have…

      Nice crash notification:
      Buy and drive to Tavin Austin soon.
      I remember how to illuminate the world and how to start a stormy if you want.

        1. Ah yes…. Unlike some, I just don’t have the time these days to dive deeply into the stats and measures (some arcane in the extreme) of individual players, and construct impassioned, unassailable arguments divined from them. Not knocking those who do. Back in the early 70s through late 80s I was well into the details. I could recite names, jersey numbers, and core stats and measures for entire 9er rosters–and significant chunks of other rosters of ‘meaningful’ teams. Lived and died with each TV or radio broadcast. Devoured The Sporting Green and other print media. Remember all those football ‘pre-season’ magazines that would hit the stands each June/July? These days–still a fan–I enjoy finding humor in all this while pulling hard for wins.

          1. ahhhh the good old days– pre Mooch, settling in for the big lunch burger at Sizzler while checking the Sporting Green “NFL monday” game stats for Young & co…
            let’s see–
            20+ 1st downs, check,
            35+ min of clock ownership, check,
            100+ run yds., check,
            300+ pass yds., check…
            and so on…
            like a machine you could count on week after week…

  26. John Lynch on Good Morning Football:

    “He (Jimmy G) and I sat in my office along with Kyle on our exit interview and we talked about our will to get this done, but let’s go ahead and do it quickly so we can take this into free agency and we become a destination for people that want to be and we’re starting to see the fruits of that so that’s pretty cool.”

    Lynch on free agency:

    “We’re going to be aggressive, we’re going to look at everyone out there if they can make us better but also we’re going to be wise… we’ve got about mid-fifties in cap room, that’s enough that we can do whatever we wish. But we’re going to be smart we want to have sustained success, we want to build this thing such that it last and we’re going to be very prudent how we do that.”

    Question to Lynch: What’s the sales pitch to a pending free agent who’s debating between going the 49ers and maybe another franchise who also has some cap space that’s pursuing them heavily?

    Lynch: “What don’t you like about it I mean we’ve got momentum and yes we’ve got to start all over but we have that quarterback, we have the building blocks, a bunch of young players that are playing really well, it’s beautiful out in San Francisco Silicon Valley all the opportunities that affords players in their career and post-career….I mean I could give you a sales pitch (laughing).”

    Question: what is the message to Niners fans on what they can expect from this unit (2018) led by John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan?
    Lynch: “First of all we call our fan base the faithful and I just like to say we appreciate you.
    We’re going to continue to build a great team that’s going to make you proud and our goal when we took this is to compete for championships every year. We’re not there yet, we got to continue to build it but that’s where we’re going and we’re sure about that and we appreciate our support from all our fans.

    Question: Just how good looking is Jimmy G in person?
    Lynch: “It’s pretty good man!” (laughing)

    1. I was a big fan of J Lynch when he became the GM and I’m glad he’s proved his worth, because the concerns about his inexperience were justified. But he was smart to know his limitations and bring people in with the expertise that he lacked.

      That story about his then nine-year old daughter bursting into tears when he told her that he was the new GM for the 49ers still cracks me up.

      “And she was crying, and I said, ‘What’s wrong Leah? Are you afraid? Is there some nervous anxiety about moving?’ And she said, ‘No daddy,’ and she was sobbing. And I said, ‘What’s wrong?’ And she said, ‘The 49ers are horrible.’ So, I said, ‘Well, I think that’s why they hired your daddy.’”

      What is that they say about children and drunks. LOL.

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