Updated 49ers Free Agency Tracker and Depth Chart

Nearly a week since the beginning of the NFL new league year, the 49ers have added six new players led by former Eagles defensive tackle Javon Hargrave and Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold.

San Franciso has also re-signed eight players who were with the club in 2022 including starting center Jake Brendel and free safety Tashaun Gipson.

Below is the updated 49ers free agency tracker and depth chart. These will continue to be updated as moves are made, and contracts become official so check in daily.


DT Javon Hargrave (Eagles: Four years, $84 million, $40 million guaranteed at signing)

QB Sam Darnold (Panthers: One-year, $4.5 million. Potential for up to $11.5 million with incentives)

DL Clelin Ferrell (Raiders: One-year, $2.5 million, $1.82 million guaranteed at signing)

DB Isaiah Oliver (Falcons: Two years, $6.65 million, $2.91 guaranteed at signing)

DB Myles Hartsfield (Panthers: One year, $1.01 million)

OL Jon Feliciano (Giants: One year, $2.25 million, contract is fully guaranteed)

DE Austin Bryant (Lions: One year, terms not disclosed)


TE Ross Dwelley (One-year, $1.7 million)

LB Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles (One-year, $1.835 million, $1.25 million fully guaranteed)

DL T.Y. McGill (One-year, $1.165 million)

Jake Brendel (Four years, $8 million guaranteed, max value of $20 million)

S Tashaun Gipson (One-year, $2.9 million)

OL Colton McKivitz (Two years, $4.56 million, $2.87 million guaranteed, $1.87 million guaranteed at signing)

DL Kevin Givens (One-year, $2 million, fully guaranteed)

LS Taybor Pepper (Three years, $3.96 million, $1.5 million fully guaranteed)


QB Jimmy Garoppolo (Raiders: Three years, $72.75 million, $33.75 guaranteed at signing)

OT Mike McGlinchey (Broncos: Five-years, $87.5 million, $17.5 million signing bonus, $52.5 million guaranteed)

DT Hassan Ridgeway (Texans: One-year, up to $4 million, $3 million guaranteed at signing)

FS Jimmie Ward (Texans: Two years, $13 million, $8.5 million fully guaranteed at signing)

CB Emmanuel Moseley (Lions: One-year, $6 million)

LB Azeez Al-Shaair (Titans: One year, worth up to $6 million, $4.25 million guaranteed)

DE Samson Ebukam (Colts: Three years, $24 million with $10.755 guaranteed)

OL Daniel Brunskill (Titans: Two years, $5.5 million with $1.5 million guaranteed)

DE Charles Omenihu (Chiefs: Two years, $20 million, $8.6 million guaranteed)

S Tarvarius Moore (Packers: one year, $1.13 million)

DT Maurice Hurst (Browns: one year, $1.08 million)

DE Jordan Willis (Raiders: one year, $1,156,250)

Pending Free Agents

K Robbie Gould

DE Kerry Hyder

TE Tyler Kroft

QB Josh Johnson

CB Jason Verrett

Depth Chart

Here is how I see the 49ers depth chart at this time. I will update this throughout the offseason and training camp. Players with new contracts will be in bold.

Offense Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
Quarterback Brock Purdy Trey Lance Sam Darnold
Running Back Christian McCaffrey Elijah Mitchell Jordan Mason Ty Davis-Price
Fullback Kyle Juszczyk
LWR Brandon Aiyuk Danny Gray
RWR Deebo Samuel Jauan Jennings Ray-Ray McCloud
TE George Kittle Charlie Woerner Ross Dwelley
Left Tackle Trent Williams
Left Guard Aaron Banks
Center Jake Brendel Nick Zakelj
Right Guard Spencer Burford Jon Feliciano
Right Tackle Colton McKivitz Jaylon Moore


Defense Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
LDE Drake Jackson Clelin Ferrell
LDT Javon Hargrave Javon Kinlaw T.Y. McGill
RDT Arik Armstead Kevin Givens Kalia Davis
RDE Nick Bosa Austin Bryant
WLB Dre Greenlaw Oren Burks
MLB Fred Warner Marcelino McCray-Ball
SLB Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles
LCB Deommodore Lenoir Ambry Thomas
SS Talanoa Hufanga Myles Hartsfield
FS Tashaun Gipson George Odum
RCB Charvarius Ward
NB Isaiah Oliver Samuel Womack


Special Teams Player 1
Punter Mitch Wishnowsky
Long Snapper  


Taybor Pepper



Alfredo Gutierrez (OL) Curtis Robinson (LB) Alex Barrett (DE) Jason Poe (OL) A.J. Parker (CB)
Qwuantrezz Knight (DB) Tayler Hawkins (S) Keith Ismael (OC) Leroy Watson (OL) Tay Martin (WR)
Dazz Newsome (WR) Tyron Johnson (WR) Tre Swilling (CB)

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  1. Feliciano would seem to be a backup to Brendel. He has a better pedigree than I had thought initially. Older guy but solid. A good pickup. Better than Brunskill.

    1. Hey, Allie. They do need to tweak the O-line a little. And Feliciano is a good start. Remember how good defenses were pressuring our QB’s constantly and all of them got hurt! Since I’ve been watching football I never saw that before. ALL FOUR?!! I know every team are trying to improve themselves, but with an improved D-line ( because of Hargrave ) and O-line, with our skill players, I’m telling you we can win it all as long as the lousy injury bug doesn’t tear us down.

  2. Isn’t Feliciano primarily a Center? Wouldn’t it make sense to slot him in at back up Center because of his experience?

      1. That’s 15 more games than anyone other than Brendel at Center currently on the 49ers.
        Feliciano last played Center for the Giants (971 snaps) in 2022.
        So it’s likely he’s viewed as a backup Center by the 49ers.

        1. It’s most likely that he will either start at RG or be the swing interior offensive lineman.

          1. So you think it’s more likely that Nick Zakalj….who has never played a snap at the position…. will be the back up Center over Feliciano…. a guy that has successful starting experience at the position?

      2. Hi Jack, very good work, again. You don’t get enough thanks.

        Question re Feliciano, are you certain he’ll be a backup, or might he start at RG (with Burford moving to RT)?

        1. While I could see Feliciano playing Guard….maybe in tandem with Burford like Brunskill did…….I just don’t see Burford as a Tackle (which I know he played in college). The 49ers liked McGlinchey and if there’s one trait that McGlinchey had going for him it was that he was a road grader of a run blocker on the edge. Burford is more a of a quick position and leverage type of blocker. He’s just not going to bulldoze people.

        2. Hmm…it’s a stretch but talking about Road Graders….that’s what Felciano is. I wonder how he’d do at Right Tackle? At first I thought he’d get killed as a pass blocker. But then I read this from the sbnation giants site:

          While Feliciano got off to a rocky start as the Giants entire interior offensive line struggled to deal with pressure on the interior, he improved as he settled into his starting role.

          By the end of the year, Feliciano had claimed a place on the top 10 of ESPN’s pass block win rate among centers. Feliciano had a 95 percent win rate as a pass protector, and his loss adds another question to an interior offensive line that is once again in flux.

          I do not know how that kind of pass blocking as a Center would translate to blocking on the edge as a Tackle. So like I said….a longshot of an idea.

            1. That’s an exciting film review of Feliciano. But just to keep things in perspective his and Brendel’s respective PFF grades from last year are:
              Feliciano: 58.2
              Brendel: 64.9

              Not a huge difference. But it shows that Brendel….while less physical than Feliciano….was no slouch at Center last season. But given Feliciano’s skills and production, I do believe that we’ll see a lot of Feliciano this season. At Center or Guard….a mix of both or in a rotation? And as I said…possibly a longshot at Right Tackle.

              While, I don’t think much of Burford as a possibility at Tackle. It’s not a crazy idea, as he played there in college. I’m sure the 49ers could figure out a way to make it work I suppose.

              1. Aside from whether or not he’s going to play RG or RT, it’s certainly good to know they have someone proven and capable who can back Brendel up.

  3. David Lombardi
    Two teams finished tied ranked #1 in YAC/reception in 2022…
    1. 49ers: 6.63
    2. Panthers: 6.63

    Carolina in the final 6 games with Sam Darnold at QB: 7.23
    (Key note: McCaffrey was with 49ers by this point.)

  4. Jack,
    I thought that Jordan Willis signed. You still have him as a pending free agent. By my count the 49ers need to sign 28 more players to get to the 90 they will bring to camp, that could be 11 draftees and 17 UDFAs. That seems like way too many UDFAs so I am expecting them to sign as many as 5 more free agents. Possibly Hyder and Gould leaving 3 more FA signings.. How bout Frank Clark, Isaiah Wynn, Leonard Floyd,Justin Houston or Robert Quinn. It is getting close to panic time for some of these players. The D line FAs might sign one year cheap to play for Kocurek and get a big contract next year.

    1. Thans for the heads-up OC. It is updated.

      Agree, they still have about 5 more free agent signings at least. I think we see a defensive end and a tight end, plus an offensive lineman or two.

  5. QB Jimmy Garoppolo (Raiders: Three years, $72.75 million, $33.75 guaranteed at signing)

    LOL the Raiders are the dumbest team in the league. That makes me laugh harder every time I see that contract

    1. Oh relax. Garoppolo’s contract is essentially a 2 year $45M contract. So he’s getting about $23M per year. That’s about the going rate for a middle of the pack starter….which is what Garoppolo is.

      1. Thats about $22 million per year more than he deserves. He is the worst QB in the league. People only think he is good at football because they like the way his shirtless poster looks on the bedroom wall.

        1. Allfor,
          Damn you must have gotten the last poster, I have been looking for them everywhere.

        2. Thats about $22 million per year more than he deserves. He is the worst QB in the league. People only think he is good at football because they like the way his shirtless poster looks on the bedroom wall.

          Well, I would usually laugh at this kind of outburst. But I’ll give you the opportunity to objectively prove such an absurd claim.

  6. Interesting bit I read yesterday on another site. Seems that the 49ers FO contacted Ben Roethlisberger back on Dec. 1st to get a feeler on whether he would be interested in playing again. Big Ben was comfortable with his retirement and nixed the idea of playing football again.

    Obviously the whole idea ended as quickly as it started after Roethlisberger’s answer.

    My only thoughts on this is, were the 49ers not completely all in on Purdy? Purdy had won 5 straight games when the FO contacted Big Ben. Maybe not a big deal at this point, but interesting none the less.

      1. That’s what I was thinking. I think Rothlisberger and Rivers didn’t want to caddy for Mr. Irrelevant. I suspect that also might be the case for Matt Ryan…..who would have been the obvious choice to bring in to start the season.

  7. Coach/All4,
    That’s a good point. Looking back on the Championship game, I can’t help but wonder how Big Ben would have done had he played instead of J. Johnson.

    Cam Newton and Josh Rosen could have been options as well. Looks like the 49ers solely targeted Roethlisberger.

    My interest is, do the 49ers view Purdy as their long term QB? Perhaps the FO is hoping that either Lance locks up the QB position or Darnold finds his groove in this offense.
    Purdy’s injury will allow both Lance and Darnold to make the best of their TC time.

    1. My interest is, do the 49ers view Purdy as their long term QB? Perhaps the FO is hoping that either Lance locks up the QB position or Darnold finds his groove in this offense.

      I don’t think it’s that complicated. While the 49ers would like to be able to put to rest who the “long term QB” is….I think they’re focused on immediately winning the games in front of them. So I think they’ll play whoever is playing well coming out of training camp and preseason. I think they’d give Purdy the edge if he were healthy; but I don’t think he’s going to be ready….in the very least for the first couple of games. And so I think the 49ers will play the hot hand at QB….be that Lance or Darnold…..and go from there.

      1. That’s the way I see it as well. May the best man win in TC.
        For me, Purdy is still the starter when he is fully healthy, unless Lance or Darnold completely find lightning in a bottle.

  8. The 49ers have suffered through to miserable starts the last 2 seasons. I have to believe that one of KS’s biggest goals this year has to be getting off to a good start. With a new DC and an adjusted system its going to have to come from the O. So I agree KS doesn’t care who it is he only cares that the O is ready to go day one. imho

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