Vernon Davis insists Jim Harbaugh is not crazy

SANTA CLARA – Here’s the transcript of today’s Q&A with Vernon Davis from the 49ers locker room.

Q: How do you feel after the rest of the Bye week?

VERNON DAVIS: Very refreshed physically. I have to say the bye week does some justice for you when you’re banged up and you’re trying to get back.

Q: November is going to be tough, did the bye week come at a good time as coaches started preparing?

VERNON DAVIS: I think the bye week, two things, it can either help you or it can hurt you. It can hurt you if you’re not doing nothing. You can’t be sitting around, you have to continue to look at film, go over your notes and get up and be active. That’s a way it can hurt you if you don’t do those things. It can help you because you get a chance to recover and get your body back healthy and things like that. It can work hand in hand. Believe me, I know my guys, my teammates, I know they’ve been doing everything they can to keep themselves going and ready for the next game.

Q: What can Braylon add?

VERNON DAVIS: Braylon adds big-play ability. He’s a long receiver, tall, big, physical and he wants to have some success. So, he’s very motivated. We don’t have to worry about that. He’ll help us out tremendously in the receiving game. We look forward to having him back.

Q: How fired up will he be against his old team?

VERNON DAVIS: I know he’s been here all week working to get back and I know he’s excited and fired up. He definitely looks forward to playing against his old team. As far as his injury, I don’t know. I just wish him the best and hope that he gets back fast. I look forward to seeing him play.

Q: Does a three-game division lead allow you to know this is your division to win?

VERNON DAVIS: At the moment we can’t really worry about this being our division to win. We have to keep our eyes on the next opponent. We can’t worry about those things. It will come in the end, once we handle our responsibilities now, everything could happen for us in the end.

Q: Have you set yourselves up well, though?

VERNON DAVIS: We have set ourselves up in a nice position. We’re not going to be complacent. We’re going to keep on going. We’re not worried about where we are, where we stand at the moment. We just look forward to the next game. All we can do is just take it one game at a time.

Q: Your boys must’ve said, ‘You guys are rollin”

VERNON DAVIS: The first thing they said to me, ‘Your coach is crazy.’ I was like, ‘Harbaugh, no he’s not crazy, he’s a great guy, he just has a lot of energy.’ They also talked about our record, how we’re 5-1, ‘You’re all rollin’, you’re rollin.’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, but I’m not worried about that, I’m not thinking about that.’ I can’t think about 5-1. We still have 10 more games to finish. Once we finish that, then I’ll get excited. I can’t really get too excited at the moment, I can’t celebrate because we are 5-1 and we have a lot of games left.

Q: Who said Harbaugh’s crazy?

VERNON DAVIS: People I grew up with, cousins, family.

Q: They saw the handshake? Still fresh?

VERNON DAVIS: Yes, it was.

Q:When did you realize this year was going to be different?

VERNON DAVIS: It started in training camp and I saw all the talent that we had, guys were making plays all over the place. We brought in Braylon, we brought in Donte Whitner. I said, ‘We’ve got some good stuff going on over here.’ That’s what we needed, we needed that help, offensively and defensively. If you look at it now, we’re doing pretty good. Everything that I thought we would become, it’s starting to happen for us.

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