Vernon Davis on Kaepernick: “I give him a B+.”

SAN FRANCISCO – Here’s what Vernon Davis said in the locker room about Colin Kaepernick after the 49ers tied the Rams 24-24.

Q: How do you think Colin Kaepernick fared?

VERNON DAVIS: I think he did a great job. Colin is talented, so talented. He wants to do well. He wants to make plays and help this team. I would give him a B+ for going out there and taking care of everything the coaches gave him.

ME: What’s it like catching passes from his as opposed to Alex Smith?

VERNON DAVIS: Different. Their arm speed is a lot different, so you’ve got to get the timing down with Kaepernick. That was probably one of the biggest things – we didn’t have the timing down with him, but we were still able to help him out. They’re totally different.

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