Video: 49ers fans assault Vikings fan after Monday night’s game

Several San Francisco 49ers fans were caught on video beating and stomping a Minnesota Vikings fan in the Levi’s Stadium parking lot after Monday night’s game.

This video is sickening. It starts with a man in a red 49ers jersey kicking a man in a Vikings jersey in the head while he’s on his hands and knees. According to, the man who filmed the video, Brandon Cosio, wrote that the Vikings fan pushed a woman and yelled, “What’s up, any of you f—- want some?!” At which point, the Vikings fan got tackled by a man in a black 49ers jersey. Cosio started recording shortly after.

Santa Clara Police are investigating the incident, but have made no arrests. If you have any information, call 408-615-4849.

Here’s the video. Warning: Contains graphic content.

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    1. Nick, I wish it was stupid, but unfortunately the only thing it is is unfortunate, because it’s true; check the names of the idiots who beat Brian Stowe, and the two macho idiot brothers who beat that dude in the bathroom a couple of years ago. And just wait, once the list of criminals on this video is released, check the names.

      1. E your problem is that you’re picking one race. I’ve seen tons of Latinos, blacks and whites starting fights, stomping and jumping others. Some make the news, and this one did because of video. There are a lot more fights in the lots than you think.
        And again you have no clue on why they were kicking his a$$. Better believe if another man shoved my wife, he would get the same. And I’m Latino, Native and white. But looks more Latino. Would you pick that part out and hammer my race because of my personal actions?

      2. Your original post is deleted which means you don’t have to answer for the way you characterized people from a Hispanic back ground. What you wrote was similar to what Trump has been saying about illegal immigrants being murderers and rapist.

        Trump would deport 12,000,000 illegal immigrants, and you’ve described the California Hispanic community as being made up of Latino Gang Bangers. Gangs exist in many ethnic groups. Deal with the gangs and gang behavior, not whole populations that happen to be different than the way you picture yourself.

        It’s not possible for Trump to do what he claims he wants to do, but if he could, I hate to imagine what would happen to the California economy or the national economy.

        1. Ht… I’m not a rep or dem. and my beliefs on presidential candidates is way different than the norm.
          With that said and putting this out there now, I am not endorsing trump!
          That comment was edited and taken out of context. That’s a national media farce. Like E… Trump couldn’t elaborate in an eloquent way when speaking on facts. Yes there are Latino thugs at games and get arrested and yes there are illegals who murder and rape.
          But when and how to bring those topics up are tricky and yes tough to do without being called a racist. imo this country can’t handle the truth now a days. Like trump E should have stopped and realized this isn’t the subject to bring up Latino crime rates. Lol

          1. “But when and how to bring those topics up are tricky and yes tough to do without being called a racist.”

            maybe they are just plain racist…….how hard is it to express an opinion without sounding racist?

            FYI – just because you think someone is going to calling you out as a racist is not an excuse to not deny your racist thoughts……

            just accept who you are and remind yourself you are a minority……or think more like you are a cancer to this great country…….

            1. Shut up you clown. Of course you take a piece and run with it. It’s guys like you that get what this guy got in this video. Except you talk your trash thousands of miles away. Couldn’t be a bigger diuchebags than you onelame. You’re a punk and a racist. Don’t think I haven’t forgotten your words before that got you booted in the last. You punk! Get real!

            2. And you’re not even living in this country. You are the model for political correctness. You can make up that I’m a racist all you want. But the records on this page show who they really are. And you are one of them. Just because most on here weren’t on here when MM was running it doesn’t mean your crapbag character is forgotten. Quit trying to build your image by calling a multi raced man a racist. You’re an idiot! Period!

              1. woohoo…..touched a nerve…..

                For those who always want to hide behind the not PC point as an excuse….

                Sarah Silverman: Being Put Off By Political Correctness Is ‘A Sign Of Being Old’

                “To a degree, everyone’s going to be offended by something, so you can’t just decide on your material based on not offending anyone,” Silverman acknowledged. “But, I do think it’s important, as a comedian, as a human, to change with the times. I think it’s a sign of being old if you’re put off by that.”

                Silverman said personal experience helped her realize that she should avoid using certain words as punchlines. While she used to defend her use of the word “gay” as a stand-in for “lame,” she eventually realized, “I have become the guy from 50 years ago who said, ‘I say colored, I have colored friends.’”

                Silverman made a subtle jab at the older generation of comics who argue that the current generation of college students is overly sensitive.

                “You have to listen to the college-aged, because they lead the revolution,” she said. “They’re pretty much always on the right side of history.”

          2. I was simply describing the male members of my girlfriend’s family, and all their friends, at games, and during the aftermath of those games. The fact that their behavior is represented to the extreme by guys who have been caught and convicted for pretty much ALL of the recent incidents, and just happen to have names ending in “ez”, is sad, unfortunate, or whatever else you want to characterize it, but it is not untrue.

            What I wrote originally was deleted, and I understand why, due to our overly politically-correct society, but it was nothing more than a true detail of what I personally witness as part of the Latino community. It generally included terms such as obese, violent, drunk, “hard”, machismo, and abusive, in no particular order. What I wrote, though particularly offensive to those who would choose to live in a world seen through rose-colored glasses, was a reflection of the reality of Latino fans as I experience us.

            1. E, you went out of your way to insult Hispanic women and all Hispanics. You didn’t bother to separate gangs from the whole Hispanic population.

              1. HTW

                I never said anything about an entire population. If you read the original post, you know that. I could re-post what I wrote, but I won’t as Grant or whomever it was that moderated the comment would likely not take kindly to such an affront to authority. However, what I wrote had to do with a tendency to eat too much, obesity, etc … as described above, not about Hispanic women, not about the broader Hispanic race, as you claim.

                I speak from first-hand experience being a member of a Latino family. It’s not pretty, and I am ashamed to be associated with these particular elements, frankly, but I’m not going to lie or sugarcoat anything about it. The people who have been attacking people at Candlestick and Levi’s are Latino. It’s a fact, evidenced by the suspect and arrest records. Look it up.

                My point was that it seems to be cultural, and not because of gang culture, but because of the cultural importance placed on machismo, mixed with alcohol. Machismo, in case you’re as ignorant as you’re making yourself appear “is the sense of being manly, the concept associated with ‘a strong sense of masculine pride…[with] the supreme valuation of characteristics culturally associated with the masculine and a denigration of characteristics associated with the feminine.’ [2] It is associated with ‘a man’s responsibility to provide for, protect, and defend his family.'” (Wiki) If you want to take it further, you can then trace it directly to South America: “Many and diverse practices and traditions can be attributed to the prominence of machismo in a culture, such as yearly events in certain regions of South America, attended by dozens, in which the more bold (or cruel) schoolboys in an area voluntarily meet for a days-long self-regulated street-fighting tournament, the winners of which are guaranteed a week of special respect and choice of girls.” (Wiki)

                So, Yoda, before you start telling me that I’m denigrating women, or fouling the reputation of an entire race, educate yourself and recognize that this particular culture places value on, i.e., values, the specific characteristics of masculinity that lead directly to overt acts of violence, often for show. It’s not me, but oh my, have I seen it!

              2. I fear to incite further anger but the fact is that Hispanics are not a race. Get it? Probably not.

              3. Confronting someone who attacks your wife is not a specific hispanic trait. I remember Bill Clinton once famously challenged Rush Limbaugh to a fight when the fat gasbag got a bit too personal in his criticism of Hilary.

                I also notice E has carefully avoided any response to the excellent post by Bangkok Niner pointing out that people convicted of Soccer Hooliganism in England have names like Smith, Jones, Williams etc. Not a Sanchez or a Martinez among the lot. You cannot have a better rebuttal of E’s entire thesis than Bangkok’s post.

                The common link between a Smith convicted of Soccer hooliganism in England, and a Martinez involved in a Football fight in Santa Clara is of course Alcohol. If the 49ers stop all Alcohol sales at Levi’s, all such incidents will vanish instantly. Of course, it will be a cold day in hell when Jed York and the NFL gives up on the revenue from Alcohol sales.

              4. Just to add a bit, this whole thing took place in Santa Clara, and similar behavior took place in San Francisco — both mission towns brought to us be the early Spanish explorers. The origin of machismo comes to us from the Europeans coming out of Spain to conquer and pillage. Race is no longer a valid concept to use in discussing groups of humans who share a common culture.

              5. Exactly!
                The concept of different ‘races’ of humans was created by humans…ignorant ones.
                There is only one ‘race’ of human being.

              6. E your experiences are your experiences. My only two experiences with violence at the stick anf Levi were with drunken white fans. The last season at the Stick a group of Seahawk fans poured a beer down my Nieces back when my brother expressed his frustration with their behavior one of them grabbed him by the throat and began choking him. My bro is a slightly built quiet man who happens to be a retired navy seal grabbed his attacker and restrained him untill the police arrived. Last year after the Ram game another drunken white man accosted my 14 yo nephew after the game because he had the audacity to wear a CK jersey. He began berating him verbally and when I pulled my nephew away from him he grabbed my nephew and threw him to the ground luckily there was a police officer within 15 feet and he had the guy on the ground and cuffed in seconds. Now what am I to take from the fact that both of these attacks were perpatrated by white men…… I make no assumptions regarding the white race these were 2 seperate incident done by two seperate individuals. Pretty simple isn’t it.

              7. Tomd

                September 16, 2015 at 9:06 am

                At the California State Capitol Special collections reading room read to your hearts content about the Spanish Conquistadors (a caucasan race from Europe), specifically Pizzaro and his second in command, Cabeza de Vaca (his story is on you tube–simply type in his name ).
                The Conquistadors in this expeditions (as did all expeditions) had chroniclers aboard (which is how the state capitol still has this history). Aside from wiping out 15 million of the Caribe from small pox, the Pizzaro expedition would kill Native Americans if they could not answer the question, “wheres the gold?”….(Read Bartoleme’ de las Casas, “Destruction of the Indies,” for further info.)…So readers, violence by the human race is historical…Francisco Coronado’s discovery of the Colorado and Mississippi and interactions with the native cultures is instructive. Especially the trial of the conquistador who assaulted the woman, was acquitted, even though her husband, who watched his horse–identified his horse….This resulted in a melee that would make soccer or football fans cringe.

              8. I somewhat get where you’re coming from E, and I think unless you’re part of the Hispanic culture, like myself but more so my wife, you can’t fully understand. But I also understand why all the hostility toward your comments. I think there’s a balance in there somewhere. Yes culturally speaking the Hispanic culture has shown itself very hostile with a very alpha-male persona, in general of course. Is this true for all Hispanic people, of course not. It goes much deeper than just the gang cultures, but gangs are definitely a multiplier of this persona. Then throw in the effects of coming from poverty dominated areas and the fact that California being one of the biggest Hispanic areas in the US, then you get stories like this.

                If you take all the Hispanic people out of the US would you still have this problem, without a doubt. Every culture has its problems. And like Rocket says there are a lot of a**holes out there. And to say they are “THE” problem is completely wrong.

              9. E,
                There is a criminal element inherent in every group of people.
                Was it a Hispanic who blow-up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City? Was it Hispanic’s that that shot down student at Columbine High Schl. in Colorado? Was it a Hispanic that shot people in a Movie Theater a couple of years ago. Was it a Hispanic who sat calmly through a church prayer and Bible study only to kill innocent church goers who welcomed him with open arms a couple of months ago?

                E, we could go on and on with this, but I think you get the point. Crime is inherent in all races, creeds, and groups.
                Singling out one specific group is shallow thinking at its worse.

                Football is becoming a lightning rod for crime on and off the field as we have witnessed with 49ers players and the High School incident in Texas last week.
                Football is a violent sports that not surprisingly, brings out the violence in many people.

    1. Never an excuse for this, but multiple sources indicated the Vikings fan started the whole thing by accosting a female in the parking lot and then, looking to start a fight, yelled, “who wants some of this?” Looks like he is a big boy who was looking for a fight and got what he asked for. Hard to tell where the kicks were directed. If it’s true and he did assault a female a go looking for a fight, and he was getting kicked in the fanny, he got what he asked for.

      1. Violence is never the answer…you just lower yourself to their standard. Call the security, get a police over there, his ass will be spending the night in the pokey

  1. I don’t know you “E” but the comment above is pure stereotyping a group of people.

    You could be just a dumb ignorant fool who has a limited ability to think outside the box or let alone think for urself.

    FYI dummy – I also heard the human race also exist.

    1. I don’t know you, either, Oneniner, but I’m pretty sure you don’t read the Internet for news, because if you did, you’d know that the fake gangsters who’ve been beating people up at The Stick and now The Stitch (and Chavez Ravine) are all of one ethnicity.

      1. The reason it is mostly one ethnicity maybe is because of the population size in the area we are talking about, not because of the type of ethnicity…..

        Dude you really do believe your racist rant……

        1. Oneniner

          Here’s a list of names of people identified as attackers at Chavez Ravine, Candlestick, and Levi’s:

          Louie Sanchez
          Marvin Norwood
          Dario David Rebollero
          Amador Rebollero
          Mauro Cortez
          Sebastiano Marquez

          Draw your own conclusions if you wish. I understand the reluctance to accept that there is a violent streak peculiar to a certain section of the populace, but I’ve lived it for the last 2 years.

          Too much alcohol + too much machismo = too quick to too severe violence

          Alcohol is obviously the biggest factor, but the machismo is not far behind.

          1. you are an idiot….if you must know there is a violent streak peculiar to all humans

            this stuff happens all around the world….instead of denouncing the bad behavior you are so small minded you instead are generalizing a certain group of people…….

            1. I’m sure you’ve all seen the terrible scenes of fan violence that has haunted the English football leagues over many years…..

              The names of some of people convicted:


              Draw your own conclusions if you wish. I understand the reluctance to accept that there is a violent streak peculiar to a certain section of the British populace, but I’ve lived it for 20+ years.

              Too much alcohol + too much machismo = too quick to too severe violence

              Alcohol is obviously the biggest factor, but the machismo is not far behind.

            2. Oneniner- Different societies tend to promote or discourage different human traits dependent upon the values inherent within that particular society. Every society tends to promote or discourage different aspects of human behavior. What is wrong with recognizing the parts we like and rejecting those that we don’t. We can learn from each society. I try see the good and bad in each. Why should I pretend that the bad does not exist purely for PC? That is the flaw in multiculturalism as promoted by environmentalists. It’s basically about telling people they do not have a right to choice or the right to chose and live by their own values.

          2. E:
            Look at violence around college football games in the Midwest and the South.
            The names are more like Smith, Johnson and Anderson. You think white dudes in the south aren’t getting drunk and macho?
            Ever hear of soccer. Try googling soccer hooligans. The violence is insane. Not many Hispanic folks in the UK, comprende?

            I think you need to get out in the world a bit more. Get some perspective because you’re making yourself look pretty stupid. People of all ethnicities have the ability to suck equally.

            Side note:
            I went to Petco Park a few weeks ago when the Padres played the Dodgers.
            Tons of Dodger fans, it was like Chavez Ravine South.
            I wore my Giants hat in the cheap seats amid a group of a Hispanic family of 20 all in blue and I’ve rarely had so much fun at a ballpark not named ATT or Candlestick.

  2. And just to check the facts … do so. If every beating is linked to a certain part of the populace, including the one dished out to Brian Stowe, then it’s not really stereotyping. And also, given my ties to a certain Peruvian bird and her family, I had first-hand knowledge…

    But all right, I retract my comment, because it was most definitely NOT politically correct.

    1. Making dumb-faux-stupid-ignorant comments is not “Political correctness”.

      You are just purely dumb…..seriously if you think the comment you posted had a tiny bit of sense, then you are a complete waste of space on planet earth.

    2.….Its always funny when a racist says “just to check the facts” …..whose facts?…..

      it is a fact that most house negro’s loved the “master” more than his/her fellow negros aka field negros……that is a FACT…to think clearly about it, why won’t they love the master who clothes, feed and shelters them.

      Does that make the Master aka slave owner a good person?…

      1. E, your opinion on here is respected by me when it comes to football. Every one is going to continue to come out of the wood work to condemn you, pitch forks in hand. As long as they are tar and feathering you, they are taking the attention away from themselves and their own short comings.
        I would counsel you to just keep it to football. Jerry Springer is popular for a reason. You could argue and defend yourself forever. It would be pointless. The intelligence you’re appealing to is not who is writing responses.
        The infinite monkey theorem is this blog. Take it with a grain of salt.

    3. Because your ignorant post only used hispanic names to draw some sort of conclusion. That’s very small minded. If you wanted to make some sort of point, you have to make associations a little deeper than first and last names you fool.

      1. I’m talking to you, E. There is no denying that there are violent groups of hispanics in our society, but your shallow attempt at drawing some sort of conclusion based on names is flat out simple minded! The vast majority of Hispanics in our country are good, hard working, and spiritually grounded people. And undocumented immigrants commit crimes at a lower rate than naturally born citizens, FYI! So do yourself a favor, and, next time you try to paint a group of people in a bad light, try going a little deeper that first and last names…….or else you come across as a xenophobe, ignorant racist and a sports blog is no place for it.

        We all know you are probably a SeaChicken’s fan as well, so why don’t you go spewing your hatred on a Seattle thread!

  3. You’ve got to be smarter than that. Can’t allow yourself to be goaded into a personal foul by a disgruntled POW….

  4. I grew up in N Cal and moved to S Cal to attend college . I have attended about 30 Giants games at dodgers stadium over the last 15 years and the tension has always been palpable. The giants are always unheralded, yet it is the giants who win the world series every other year. Needless to say the dodgers and their fans are frustrated. Tensions came to a head in the Brian Stowe incident in the worst possible way. Since then however, the situation has changed significantly at Dodger stadium. LAPD has taken over . There are two cops at the top of every tunnel leading to the seats. There cops riding in the halls on segways. There are cops on horses and mountain bikes in the parking lot. It is well advertised that there are plain clothes officers within the stadium. There must be 300+ LA cops at the stadium at least. SJPD must take similar action. It is unfortunate that it has come to this, but safety is the number 1 concern.

    1. Yes, but where the heck are outraged true 49ers Fans interceding because it’s the right thing to do? You don’t have to wade into the melee dealing on dudes, but you do have to try to seperate, scold, and come between combatants as best you can. If these are indeed rouge axehoes, then they are theoretically outnumbered by decent folk who need to step up. Even if you’re just running around hollering Stop! Stop! Try to break it up. Yeah, more cops needed, no doubt, but that doesn’t absolve citizens from trying to do the right thing. C’mon folks, at least try.

      1. BT,

        I think there were some other 49er fans trying to help, and yelling stop. There should’ve been more, though.

        There’s a weird phenomenon in groups: the more people that witness something bad going down, the less chance there is of somebody helping. Everyone thinks, somebody else will help and therefore doesn’t help. Can’t remember the name of this phenomenon…

  5. E is telling the obvious truth and these illiterate clowns are attacking him hahahahahaha. Everything he is saying is FACT you morons.

    1. I recall during the ugly SF-Oak preseason game fights, that BayAreaFanatic, who was there, said almost every participant was Latino. He also said in case anyone thought he was tripping, to remember that he’s Latino. Offered for whatever it might be worth.
      Anyone who has seen my posts over the last 5-6 years will know that I am not only not a bigot, but I tend to lead the charge to confront bigotry when it appears here or elsewhere. However, should I believe my lying eyes or not?
      I’m not calling for profiling fans at games. More enforcement for whoever is causing the problem is what is called for. If the Billionaires have to pay for SCPD Overtime for game day, then so be it. Step up, Jed!

      1. Jesus are you people really so stupid as to believe yourselves?
        Have you ever been outside of the town you grew up in?

        If you go to a rugby match in Australia and a fight breaks out it will be mostly white people.

        If you go to a soccer match in Ireland and a fight break out it will be mostly white people.

        If you go to a Dodger game in California and a fight breaks out it has a good chance to involve Hispanics.

        And why do you think that is geniuses…?

        Because there’s a sh*t ton of each of those ethnicities in each of those places! There are scumbags everywhere of every ethnicity!

        You’re embarrassing yourselves.

        1. Nice try. At the soccer games & rugby game the crowd is 99% white. The crowd at Dodgers/Raiders/49ers/Giants games is NOT 99% Latino, yet the vast majority of the fights are! Your fuzzy math doesn’t hold up. Sorry SJW…but once again the truth pisses you guys off so you cling to your own conclusions. I’m a black guy & the racist **** I get from Latinos at 49ers games is ridiculous.

    1. It’s not that bad. It’s a blast. Just don’t get stupid with alcohol and go there to enjoy the game and atmosphere. Nothing better than tailgating and meeting new real niner fans before,during and after the games. Trust me it’s the drunk idiots who are a part of these fights.

  6. People are generally the same irregardless to ethnicity. However the situations and values that they are surrounded by will either reinforce or discourage certain behavior. It is only racist if someone attributes abilities or behavior to someone based purely on their race. However if a particular culture promotes what we consider dysfunctional behavior it is not racist to recognize that. To make generalizations that are supported by statistics is not racist. It is not really racist to recognize that certain nationalities or groups of people are influenced either negatively or positively by the values promoted by any particular society. If a group of people tend to reflect certain values promoted by the that group in general there is nothing wrong in acknowledging that it is more likely that the individuals within that group would manifest those values. When it becomes racist is when it is assumed that the individual is not influenced by their society but purely by their race. In other words if we assume they have an inherent propensity for certain behavior based purely on their ethnicity.

    A societies values are influenced by a lot of variables over time. It is not racist to recognize that certain societies seem to manifest the values that were influenced over time by those variables. To ignore that fact for the sake of a preconceived philosophic perspective is down right stupid. In football terms- the actions on the field of any player will be influenced by the scheme or the philosophy of the team they play for. Coach’s are influenced by the Philosophy of the Coaching tree they came out of. That is not racial it’s a reasonable assumption based on their historical influences. What we are talking about is the sociological promotion of the values of Machismo. It’s influence on those that come out of that culture is a fact. All of it is not bad. A lot of that depends on the interpretation of each individual. It depends on the maturity of the individual. The key is how well each culture deals with the shortcomings of the individuals in that society.

    There is nothing wrong with the base principles that PC is founded on. It is just that those principles are lost on the majority of the PC
    crowd today. Those concepts are over their heads. Most of them believe because they have been to University and are educated that makes them capable. That assumption in reality defines their own stupidity.

    1. It would have been nice if you could have posted your well reasoned response before the two guys who started this food fight could run their mouths. Correct me if I’m wrong. This board is about 49er football, no?

  7. Some things you don’t do in a crowd of drunken men after a sporting game.
    1 ask “who wants some while wearing the other teams jersey.
    2 push a woman.
    3 let your obvious frustration from your team show!
    I’ve been to tons of games, and it’s the same story.
    Home fan or road fan can’t take trash talking from others!

    Then you have the tough guy that roots for the other team. He’s the guy that shows up already drunk with 5 buddies and thinks they can take on 20 others. He gets separated from them and starts talking to much.

    Then you have home fan who couldn’t name 6 players on the team. He’s there strictly for fighting and colors. YES colors. The Nortenios are there all the time. LOOKING for rival thugs. Whether it’s raider fan, Seahawks fan, or an idiot with the same mentality who sports blue!
    And lastly you got the jealous boyfriend fan. He’s the guy who won’t have any other man looking at his dime piece under his arm and has already had the argument with her prior or will be after.

    From the story from the guy filming it sounds like it’s the roady tough guy who can’t handle a loss a trash talk. If he pushed a woman then he deserves everything he got. Seeing these things happen I stay out of it. You never know the reason and you never know when a sucker punch is coming just by being a “good citizen”. This guy could have groped her, pushed her, or assaulted her or anybody.
    And one last thing. The guy who steps in the middle screaming and cussing only furthers the crowd into animal mentality. That’s a fact!
    If you didn’t see it from the start best thing to do is to stay out of it, or grab a cop or security asap! If the person is knocked out and they’re still stomping him or her that’s when you calmly step in and say that’s enough. Yelling doesn’t help at all!

  8. Anybody that goes to the games sees this on a regular basis. There is a significant gang presence at every Niner game and there has been for a long time. Google ‘Nortenos San Francisco’ and it will paint a very clear picture for you. Hispanic people are generally hard working, caring and religious. The reality is that there is a significant gang presence within the hispanic community in Southern and Northern California. The Nortenos wear red and the Surenos wear blue. Many of these guys are just criminals. It is what it is, just stop trying to tell a different story.

    1. Just said the same thing Big P. Those are the idiots there just to fight. Couldn’t name 6 players if they wanted too.

      Alcohol and testosterone don’t mix with thousands around! There are morons of all shapes and sizes at these games.

      1. Finally a post worth reading. If you leave Cal, try Philadelphia. They have a makeshift jail at the stadium. Drunk men in team jerseys, not a good idea.

  9. If a person has to act out violently to prove their team fandom they need to find another past time and as a 49er faithful for nearly 50 years, I can boldly say that they are NOT true fans. These individuals have shamed themselves and the 49ers name imo. Kudos to the true 49ers fans that come to games year after year and follow their team and others around them with respect and moral consideration.

    What must take place now is ramped up police and stadium security. A lifetime ban should be enforced on any boneheaded act of violence by fans. Levi’s promotes itself as the new modern age of stadium technology so hopefully there are cameras outside the stadium to identify fan issues before they turn violent and ID those guilty of lawlessness. Also, the offenders must be dealt with quickly and decisively by the courts. Jail time and payment for medical bills and wages for loss time of work because of an injury must be applied.

    It doesn’t matter what color a person is, you make them fork over huge amounts of greenbacks for a stupid act such as this, it will get their attention and hopefully cause them to learn from it.

    1. I agree with mostof your points. AES, but we don’t know what happened. If this dude pushed one of their girlfriends or wife do they not have the right (as a husband or boyfriend) to protect her?
      The early story is he shoved a woman and asked who wants some. That’s grounds for getting stomped. I put that fighting life behind me, but if someone pushed my wife, there will be I filter or tolerance for that action. Sometimes you have to fight!

      1. MD,
        I would protect my family as well. But if my anger moves me into a violent rage in which I stand the chance of suffering more than the perpetrator, who really wins?

        Yes, we don’t know the entire story, but we do know that two people violently beat another person, and unless the alleged perpetrator pushed and or groped two women, I see no reason why two people beating on one person justifies the actions of one person protecting his girl/wife and continuing the attack after security has arrived. This crossed the line because it went from protecting your girlfriend/wife to straight-up thug-life.

        It be interesting to hear from witnesses how this ugly event was precipitated. The most courageous person in this was the one fan (49ers fan) who tried to use his own body to shield the beaten person towards the end of the attack.
        I give him high praise!

        1. I would like to hear the facts also. But the way I grew up if something like your wife getting hit puts you in that position you have to deal with it without thinking of conscience. It’s my job as a husband to make sure nobody hurts my wife physically. The going overboard part is strictly on the person. Some get so enraged they can’t stop. That’s something that particular person needs to work on. But pressing that button by pushing someone’s wife (if he did) is something the perp should think about before his actions.
          It’s unfortunate this crap goes on at sporting events. But the harsh reality is, it does. It’s a grainy video too. It looked like the guy was still trying to get up. Hitting a man when he’s knocked out is absolutely unacceptable! Again I’d like to hear more witnesses to see if the camera guys story doesn’t fit.

  10. The nfl has a big problem on their hands. The nfl is no longer a family environment. These a hole are going to ruin tailgating for the rest of us. If I see this I will personally attack you with my pick ax.

    1. The games aren’t any more dangerous then at any other point in time the only difference is that in today’s day the ability to instantly record the act brings attention to to things that would have otherwise gone either unseen or fallen behind on a back page in the newspaper.

  11. E is partially correct the old soccer mentality has crossed to the nfl. Now going to soccer is family safe. Nfl and the juiced mentality will loss the youth and more and more fans if it does not fix this soon.

  12. I was at the game last night and it was a younger crowd than in years past (I think I am in my 10th yr with the Niners) which can contribute towards problems…….. I enjoy engaging with the fans of other teams with the exception of the Seattle fans who behave like they have a chip on their shoulder and last night there were some young Vikings fans who said we were great hosts out on the golf course but there was hostility with the younger crowd of tailgaters on the hard surface- people just need to chill and realize we’re all there as Americans and sports fans, that said, my Vikings fan friends from NY who we took to the game said that PHI’s reputation is well-deserved and that they don’t attend games there.

    I also enjoy the crowd at Oakland and the only time I had a problem was dealing with derelicts throwing stuff a Bills fans a couple of years ago at The Stick, but the 49ers addressed it appropriately as an organization and it was young drunk dudes one of which weighed all of 140 pounds, he he.

  13. watching the video, a lot of credit should go to the underpaid security guard who saved the guys ass, but it also appears that a lot of other fans stepped-in……….. that said, don’t pop off in a tough crowd.

    Let’s move on everyone……….. never good to talk politics at a party.

    I think Pit is going to pose a challenge to the secondary and Mangini is going to have to determine how much he wishes to expose the corners. Additionally, one has to imagine that based upon the game last night that teams may load the box and dare Kap to beat them akin to the past couple of years unless he can get the ball downfield

  14. The video only shows part of the story according to those there… If this liquid courage fueled Vikings fan was verbally challenging people and then pushed a fan’s wife into the barricades as many there claim, it’s hard to blame one for choosing to tee off on this guy. Trying to pick a fight in an opposing stadium is a dumb idea.

  15. I don’t understand how this video relates to anything 49ers. This is a football forum, there are other forums for this conversation and video. As it doesn’t pertain to the 53 man quad or the coaches it doesn’t belong here.

  16. I don’t get what the issue is. A guy is on here talking about his experience and he sounds pretty credible to me and he’s accused of being a racist because of that? Gangs are a real issue and they have plenty of money to go to Niner games and tailgate in style due to the fact that they have surplus drug money. It’s part of the culture. They are not nice people. Nice people don’t join gangs and don’t sell drugs. Yet, they are part of the system and part of our daily lives, doing everyday things like going to sporting events, believe it or not.

    Candlestick had a real edge in that parking lot and it hasn’t abated just because the zip code got better and the seats more expensive.

    That said, you’d better damn well watch your ass in a public place like that with plenty of booze, who knows what else and hours of pumping adrenaline.

  17. Gentlemen,

    For those of us who studied poli-sci, economics, and international finance we learned that predatory politicians are masters of deception, and one of their favorite strategies is the ancient practice of divide-and-conquer. They use race, the age gap, status, ethnicity, religion whatever it takes to turn humanity against each other, in order to trick them into voting against their own interest.

    Think about it. Who in the world would ever vote with the Republicrats or Demopublicans, if their candidates came out and admitted that they were exclusively serving the interests of the rich and privileged. So obviously said candidates have to muddy the political waters with wedge issues, scare tactics, and fiscal nonsense.

    Which brings us to my favorite Hollywood politician of the moment, the actor known as da Donald. For any of you who are still struggling with the idea that Mr Chump is a real person, consider the fact that this financial genius once constructed a mega Vegas casino right in the middle of a serious economic downturn, when room vacancies were high. If one of you, assuming you are not part of these evildoers, were so foolish as to even suggest such a project, I can assure you, your local bankster, who would have had to underwrite such folly, would have been more than glad to wise you up.

    Still, forgetting for a minute that Mr Chump is a fake, he and his handlers know exactly the script he is to follow. So when Mr Chump went off on his calculated tirade against Mexican illegals, it was a poorly veiled attempt to use the immigration hot-button, as the new Willie Horton springboard for his campaign specifically, and for that of his “party” in general.

    For those of you who were too young or unaware, Willie Horton was supposedly… wouldn’t be surprised if it was yet another media hoax… a convicted felon who was allegedly serving a life sentence for murder, but who raped a woman while on weekend furlough. Which the Republicrats used to position Michael Dukakis, the Demopublican candidate, as soft on crime, at least street crime, because crime in the suites is acceptable, even admirable. I say that because there seems to be so much admiration for the likes of Mr Chump who are happy to let taxpayers eat their “mistakes” through bankster bailouts.

    I’m sorry, but it is just amazing to me that Mr Chump can look straight into the tv camera and declare that, despite our economy being on lifesupport, we need to spend more on modernizing our military. Apparently over 70 cents of every budgetary dollar is not enough. Can sheepherders be that crafty? Meanwhile social services cost us like 5 cents per. Mr Chump doesn’t sound very patriotic to me, and certainly not very fiscally responsible. But what can one expect from an actor serving the interests of misanthropic banksters.

    However, I do agree with Mr Chump on the overriding point. No foreigners should have the right to secrete into a land illegally, with the intent to denying its citizenry economic opportunity, by usurping their ancestral lands and resources, and political self-determination. So I say, let’s pull out all “our” sleeper agents and corporate criminals out of Latin America, because that would go a long way in solving the criminal displacement of indigenous populations, which “our” criminal media corporations term illegal immigration.

    And one last thing, Mr E, you may wish to familiarize yourself with the actual term machismo, not the Hollywood fema-nazi brand. Still, it is disheartening to witness red-blooded Americans rushing into theaters to see the likes of Clint Eastwood portraying western machos, which for the most part are based on TexMex culture. Only to exit espousing feminist values. With sincere respect to all ladies and gentlemen out there, it is ok to be a manly male, Latino or otherwise.

    1. I’m sorry, is this a defense of manly men kicking the crud out of a already partially incapacitated idiot who started a fight he couldn’t finish but was already on his hands and knees? This is a socio-political statement?
      No. Fights are stupid but happen, but the stomping or kicking of a now defenseless person is considered over-the-line by most courts and DA’s I think.
      WTF does Trump OR Bernie Sanders have to do with what happened in the parking lot?
      The Latinos referred to, yes, probably Gang-
      Bangers, may or may not have been illegal aliens; probably not.
      I studied some PoliSci, but never found any logic in that field of study that would lead me to the conclusions (?!?) that you came to; which I think are:
      -Donald Trump is a dope
      -but it doesn’t matter because illegal aliens are cockroaches
      -but real Macho Men have an inherent right to express their Machismo with 4-1 beatings of guys, whether they be axehoes or not.
      Sure, if some mf shoves my wife, I’m up in his grill even as a short, 65 year old who is likely to lose that fight in the end. But I’d presume the guy will be bruised, hot and sweaty by the time he gets that done; BUT, I don’t need 4 or 5 guys to help me to mug him.
      And wth does that have to do with theoretical or theatrical politics?

      1. Brotha Tuna, our national treasure “The Donald” got into this thread because the original E post, now removed, condemned all things Hispanic in the Trump spirit.

        1. HTW

          STOP lying!!! The original post in now way condemned all things Hispanic. As outlined above, I expressed the FACT that the attackers are almost always Latinos (check the facts) and that this is largely due to the mixture of alcohol and the Latino cultural machismo. That’s it. You have a distinct distaste for my views on all things, which is fair, but you don’t have to stoop to dishonesty, do you? Have some integrity, old man!

          1. “Have some integrity, old man!” … E

            When you are 82, I hope you enjoy it as much as I will on my birthday Friday.


  18. Scratch someone whining about the constraints of “political correctness” and you are likely to find a racist or bigot just champing at the bit to reveal to the world what a jackass they really are.

    I call it Trumps Law and It looks like this thread confirmed it once again.

  19. There are a**holes in every race. It’s about the individuals involved; not their ethnicity.

    Time for a new football thread Grant. How bout that defense!

    1. The word race is misleading when referring to a culture or shared language and hasn’t been common in science for some time. Hispanics are, like other groups, diverse in their genetic variation.

      “A group of people identified as distinct from other groups because of supposed physical or genetic traits shared by the group. Most biologists and anthropologists do not recognize race as a biologically valid classification, in part because there is more genetic variation within groups than between them.”

  20. This is a tragic thing…. It’s not race it’s alcohol, machismo and group mentality. Side question the game seemed loud, like the niners finally had a hone field advantage. Was anyone there? Was it loud?

  21. This is not about characterizing a segment of the population, or stereotyping or vilifying.
    It is about fan violence. Both sides were wrong. Both contributed to an ugly situation.
    The Vikings fan was severely disappointed in the game, so he had raw nerves, coupled with alcohol and degenerated into a belligerent boob. The Niner fans should have shown more class and stopped taunting the loser. They should have shown restraint, even if he had shoved a woman, because she was away from him and he walked away. This might be a lesson for fans who need to show more intelligence. You do not walk up to a crowd and taunt them to beat you up, then complain that they did not fight one on one.
    The Niners should have better security. I commend the usher who tried to stop the violence, but maybe they should have a buddy system so 2 ushers can be more effective.
    I hope the Niners issue a statement that fan violence will not be tolerated, and any season ticket holder will lose their seats if they are found instigating violence. The Nners should also issue a code of conduct that flat out states that all the fans are compelled to jump in and stop any bad behavior before it gets out of hand.
    One bad apple spoils the whole basket, so the Niners should be more diligent in preventing taunting and violence, so everyone can enjoy the game.

    1. I hope I did not put most of the blame on the victim. Anyone who kicks a man while he is down is a coward. It is repugnant and reprehensible.

    2. Seb, sports teams do have that policy regarding season ticket holders. They go beyond that, you will forfeit your tickets if *anyone* using them is found instigating violent or unlawful incidents. I found that out when I was a Knicks season holder (not my tickets but that happened to a long time season holder in my section who let the wrong people use them. No, not Hispanics, but drunken Wall Street jerks who started a fight)

  22. At the California State Capitol Special collections reading room read to your hearts content about the Spanish Conquistadors (a caucasan race from Europe), specifically Pizzaro and his second in command, Cabeza de Vaca (his story is on you tube–simply type in his name ).
    The Conquistadors in this expeditions (as did all expeditions) had chroniclers aboard (which is how the state capitol still has this history). Aside from wiping out 15 million of the Caribe from small pox, the Pizzaro expedition would kill Native Americans if they could not answer the question, “wheres the gold?”….(Read Bartoleme’ de las Casas, “Destruction of the Indies,” for further info.)…So readers, violence by the human race is historical…Francisco Coronado’s discovery of the Colorado and Mississippi and interactions with the native cultures is instructive. Especially the trial of the conquistador who assaulted the woman, was acquitted, even though her husband, who watched his horse–identified his horse….This resulted in a melee that would make soccer or football fans cringe.

  23. Mangini will stop the run, put Brock on Brown, and use that extra safety to trick Big Ben into throwing deep. I think Kaepernick runs for more yardage in this game….

  24. race -race -race-its this sick society thats promotes senseless acts. I personally dont attend games for this reason.

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