Video breakdown of 49ers training camp: Day 10

San Francisco 49ers’ Aaron Burbridge, left, makes a catch as D.J. Reed Jr. (40) defends during NFL football practice at the team’s headquarters Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my Periscope report for Monday’s training camp practice. I will post a detailed breakdown of the good and not so good from today, so stay tuned.

Also, check out my video of on-on-one pass-rush drills from Monday’s practice.

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  1. Really good to hear that JG is really starting to look like the real deal again, I was starting to get worried that we may have shot ourselves in the foot for years to come. But obviously it was more about JG learning the playbook and building that chemistry with his guys. The oline is still a concern, but I’m really hoping Cooper is solid for us this year.

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  2. With Jimmy staying after, and Shanny motioning the back out wide; it would seem they’ve been watching Grant’s periscopes….

    1. This is the dumbest comment I’ve read in a while….I hope this was sarcasm…Grant is a total and complete hack…He says dumb stuff to rile of the fan base… he’s the Donald Trump of beat writers…Only an idiot makes final determinations about players after the first week and a half of TC… especially when it concerns rookies. He says the same silly things day after day after day after day…. hoping to speak it into existence. He also has his conspiracy theories cooked into his “observations” that discredits everything he says…He doesn’t even know what he’s looking at. A week ago he was attacking Solly everyday for not being a good pass rusher against the starters…Had him losing in back to back drills vs Tomlinson…until a commenter corrected him and told him what was actually going on during the drill…He then did a complete 180 and gave it to Solly and began attacking Tomlinson…smh…This is a guy who is trying to destroy a rookie OT for getting beat during one on one drills…Think about that… That’s like him attacking Sherman for getting beat by Goodwin…In game situations, these linemen won’t be by themselves if they want to be any good…Great O-lines block as a unit…not as individuals. It’s what Kiffen is trying to do with the d-line as well…So deciding that Mcglinchey or Tomlinson or Richburg aren’t gonna be any good this year because they’ve gotten beaten during some one on one drills is flat out dumb…I sincerely hope that the faithful are going to Barrows, Maiocco and others to get their daily football fix. Far more informative, no agendas and no tearing down of the players we support. There’s a difference between constructive criticism and hating or talking down on guys and that’s what he does…And then has the nerve…with as little as he knows about the game…to try and take credit for something that Shanahan is doing is just too much…

      1. Just read through the 58 comments you have left on this site. They’re all ellipses-filled rants about how wrong I am about things I ended up being right about, like NaVorro Bowman last year.

        1. Yea…you totally called Bow asking to be released by the team because he wouldn’t want to come off the field for some snaps…smdh..Just because you claim credit for being right doesn’t make it so…You also said Jimmy G and his agent would be dumb to sign a LTD with the team…that they’d force the team to tag him…You also said the team should trade away Jimmy…You also said Hoyer wasn’t that bad last year…lmao…You talk about Trent Brown like he was an all pro…He routinely showed up fat and out of shape to camp, wasn’t a fit for this system and couldn’t move well enough to seal the edge in the run game…But let you tell it…pass blocking is all that matters. Shanahan depends on the run game to set up the boot action, play action passing and big plays down the field. Brown was one of the worst run blockers on the team and was bottom of the league at doing it…His replacement is also a rookie, learning a new position. He played LT and has switched to RT… completely different set up, footwork, technique, etc…Even a layman understands that…the average woman gets that…Sorry Grant…

          1. Bowman was a complete liability last year and I called that during training camp.

            Who do you think will have a better season: Brown or McGlinchey? Who do you think will have a better career?

            1. with the Pats coaching staff on Trent’s A$$ (motivationally speaking, of course) he may just help TB12 stay upright, especially after the mugging he suffered at the hands of the Eagles D…
              Brown’s run blocking struggles will end up having to be accommodated for by McDaniels run game schemes…
              in fact, the Pats PR machine is already spinning the “Trenton Brown=Awesome Trade Deal” yarns…

              1. Trent Brown is certainly a more natural fit in NE Power scheme, and really a poor fit for an outside zone scheme, and the 49ers really struggled to run the ball behind Brown last year. In terms of which player will have the better year, the edge goes to the veteran over the rookie. As to which player has the superior career? The smart money is on McGlinchey, because Brown’s struggles with weight/conditioning are chronic, where as McGlinchey seems like a real pro, and has the mental edge, which is half the ball game.

                I’m a little surprised you’re being so tough on McGlinchey Grant.

                My gosh, a lot of pressure on this kid. The rookie has been thrown to the wolves, and just like everyone else new to Kyle’s system, you have to know his head is spinning in every direction on every play right now. At least give him time to learn this offense, and get comfortable with his fellow lineman … or is it linemates?

                I’ll agree, Id rather they had held onto Brown this year, but if Tarvarius Moore lives up to the potential they saw in him, and McGlinchey shows steady growth, then it’s all good. Any way you slice it … Brown was a runblocking liability in Kyles scheme. Sure, they probably should have got more in return for Brown, but I like the idea of having a good working relationship with Belichick. NE – AFC / SF – NFC, East Coast / West Coast, makes this a beautiful partnership, and this connection could continue to reap benefits for both teams until Bill decides to retire.

            2. BTW Grant, I was one of a few on this blog who agreed with you on Bowman last summer. Let’s face it, he was never the same after all that damage he did to his knee up in Seattle (man, every time I think about it I feel like puking). I mean, that knee was blown to pieces, and Bow had lost at least 1 step in every direction after that injury. Just too much scar tissue in that joint, and it took him hours before each game just to loosen that knee up enough to play. And then the achilles tear was the final deathblow. After that he was playing on all heart, no wheels.

              1. It’s the folly of a passionate sports fan. Sometimes we simply refuse to accept that which is sometimes so painfully obvious. It’s a form of denial, for sure.

                BTW Grant …. are you keeping a scorecard on how often your predictions and conclusion prove correct, because I gotta tell you, while you are certainly no hack, you get yourself in a little trouble sometimes because I think you’re a little quick to draw conclusions, and let’s face it, things are often not exactly what they seem to be.

                Life is often unpredictable, and often times even the best laid plans can go awry. But I’ll take coaching over talent any day of the week and twice on Sundays. And my faith in Kyle’s mind, and what he can accomplish as a Head Coach, is simply off the charts!

              2. I meant to add one caveat to that last post. While I’ll take supreme coaching over supreme talent in football all day long, you gotta have a talented QB in the NFL. And, I think the 49ers have not only a very, very talented QB, but also a QB who’s skill set perfectly fits Kyle’s offense. I think the sky is the limit for this offense, as long as the OL is at least decent or mediocre at worst.

                One more thing Grant, keep up the good work. Your practice reports are golden my friend!

  3. All you here lately is O linemen coming out of college are not ready to play until their third season. Before the draft I said the 9ers need to change their strategy in building their team, Draft D and offensive skill players and sign O linemen in free agency. The 49ers got rid of T. Brown because he wasn’t the kind of locker room presence they want. You can’t keep a player who quits on his teammates whats that say to your younger players.

      1. What a crummy teammate!

        That trade is highly questionable. Speaking of that pick, how is Moore progressing at CB?

      2. Grant,
        Brock Coyle had the same injury and played more than half the season with it, putting his shoulder back in place by himself during 4 or 5 games. I’m not in the training room so my opinion of the severity of an injury is useless but Lynch and Shanahan are there and talking to the trainers daily and I believe they felt he was soft. In the short run trading Brown may hurt the team but in the long run creating the right locker room environment will lead to far more wins.

        1. Not only in the long run, but in the short as well. Maybe we took a hit in pass pro with McGlinchey this year, but we upgraded our running game. With a quarterback that can process and deliver as quick as Jimmy, pass pro on the right side can be mitigated….

          1. Razor

            Very good point…We’ll be running more and more effectively around Mt McGlinchey…that’s Kyle’s game….

  4. I really hope they do intend to use Thomas as a 3T this year in nickel. Great to hear he continues to impress, but 49ers need to play him to his strengths this year.

  5. OREGONINER says:
    August 6, 2018 at 8:25 am

    Thanks for the update on Jack Hennighan…Is he a real possibility for a PS slot? In your opinion, of course…?

    Reply: Although he appears to be just a training camp body, make no mistake. His size, accuracy and intelligence (Ivy League) make him a threat to the backup’s job. In reality, to take a job away a knockout punch is required, so he could be practice squad material. Stay tooned…

  6. Also, I haven’t heard press grades on his reps, or even if he’s (Heneghan) is getting any.
    It’s hard to make a roster w/o reps.

  7. Like your comments / analysis on the team.

    I still shake my head on the T. Brown trade. Terrible! He might not look the part but I watched all of his reps and he was super solid. There were some technique issues, especially in run blocking but they could’ve been fixed. On pass pro, he was an eraser. His biggest error more often than not was reaching for the defender and getting off balance.

    The pickup of McGlinchey was a reach; you had Brown under contract for one more year. Niners should have traded down, picked up an extra pick or two. Depending on what they got, I think that Davenport would have been an ideal pick. If he is gone, then Wynn from Georgia (athletic, smart guard) which would have helped Brown, then in the 2nd rd, you MUST go get Landry from BC (He will be what the Niners dream Harold, Marsh, et al could be).

    With the other 2nd rd pick, I would have loved to get Gesicki from Penn St (match up, good speed & hands; could have stopped relying on Celek), but since he would have been gone, instead of trying to make a free safety (Moore) into a cb, why not just draft Isaiah Oliver, who is a tallish cb?!

    Like Warner in the 3rd. Could have used the other 3rd round pick on Pettis. 3rd round would have been a good spot for him. If he wasn’t there, then you could have taken Moore again. In the 4th, instead of Street (still shake my head on that one), why not Sweat from FSU? I think that he could be, at worst, a situational rusher from the end.


    1. T. Brown was a poor fit, and handcuffed Shanny’s offense. It’s predicated on being able to run the ball, and setting up play action.

      McGlinchey was the best OT in the draft. Not even close. Why keep running your offense with one hand tied behind your back for another year? They had seen enough of Brown. You don’t trade down when the player you covet is there, unless you are convinced he’ll be there afterward. McGlinchey would not have been, because the Raiders wanted him. Davenport was a huge reach. Should have been a 2nd rounder. Shanny does not put a premium on guards, let alone the RG, so taking one in the first round would have been out of character….

      1. “McGlinchey was the best OT in the draft.”

        I haven’t see Kolton Miller practice, but he is playing left tackle and getting strong reviews. McGlinchey is struggling at RT.

        1. Ted Nguyen said that McGlinchy is further along as he’s seen both in TC , LT/RT almost of equal importance , lots of the best pass rushers now rush from there (Chiefs RT last year faced loads) McGlinchy going to face quite a few as well .

          Beadles was the RT during the 5-0 streak , McGlinchy is better than him . We would’ve lost Brown for nothing and it was clear he had motivation problems , a much better fit in NE . Basically throws out everything you’ve been saying . He WILL struggle for a while as he is a rookie playing a position where the quality has decreased .

            1. Like you said Grant, I hear Kolton Miller who is about 30lbs bigger than McG is having a strong camp and he’s looking really good. Hope McG gets better and puts on some muscle to get over 300lbs.

              1. He doesn’t look big as in his lower body and frame. He needs a stronger lower body to anchor himself better. I think he’s listed at 6’7″ 290lb which is a little light for a big strong OT. I saw that Kolton Miller recently listed at 6’9″ 311lb but just saw a report of him around 325lb now.

                I believe McG needs to add at lest 20-30lb of muscle which may happen in the future….or if he loses 20lbs, gets faster and practices to catch a ball and run routes maybe he can turn into a TE, not!!!.

        2. How about we schedule McGlinchey’s evisceration after the season? Sound good to you? Or just bury him now. Period.

          1. Good on Pettis for being able to dig himself out of Grant’s graveyard. You can’t keep a good route runner down in this offense.

        3. In what universe is Miller a better OT than McGlinchey? You have plenty of college tape to base your answer on, so choose your universe wisely….

        4. “I haven’t see Kolton Miller practice, but he is playing left tackle and getting strong reviews. McGlinchey is struggling at RT.”

          He’s been getting beat by Key. McG, Miller, or any other rookie wouldn’t unseat Staley at LT.

      2. Um, I’m not sure where you get that Brown was a poor fit and “handcuffed” Shanahan’s offense. Brown had his best year in the Shanahan offense and in the one game he played with Jimmy G, PFF had him at a grade of 85.3. Secondly, the Shanny offense runs a lot of inside / outside zone, so I think that Brown had enough mobility to block at the angle required and could pass off to the second level as needed. Thirdly, during many of those times that required pass pro, Brown was borderline elite. Jimmy G helped this team because of his quick release but I’m sure he would have loved to have more time.

        But put that aside for a second, taking your words on “reaches”, McGlinchy was a just that, a reach. True, he was the “best” OT in the draft but he was hardly elite. You don’t take a draft choice at that position and draft a RT; or if you do, then he needs to be a no doubt about it type of player. And even in the run-up to the draft, nobody considered McGlinchy an elite talent. He wasn’t even the best lineman on his own team.

        Scoffing at Davenport, I can see how you might see that, but ask yourself, what was the bigger need for this team going into this season? If pass rush from an end was not near the top of your list, then you are fooling yourself. So trading down and picking up extra picks and getting a pass rushing end, who is raw, but is a talent, would be a good thing. I mean, if the Saints thought it prudent to draft him after their staff chose the offensive and defensive rookies of the year last year, I think that he might be ok.

        Also, I’m not sure where you get this Shanny taking a G in the first round would be “out of character”; he took a RT in the first rd, which you would think is not a norm either. Additionally, if B. Bellicheck could take Wynn, who was a LT in college but slotted for G by most scouts, he might be something too. And judging by the 49ers G play in camp so far, we could have used Wynn; get Landry in the 2nd. Fill two spots of need and have more talent to play with.

  8. Question Grant… During the 11 on 11 drills where running backs seem to rip through the line for decent gains now and then, who are the offensive linemen responsible for the good O-line play to make that happen? Are you spotlighting good O-line rushing play?

  9. Grant, another question… Last summer (2017 training camp) you ripped Foster more than once for biting on play action passes. So tell us, has he improved this training camp, or is he still a fail in that regard?

      1. Could you speak up more into the mic and louder please, I really enjoy the 1 on 1’s and periscope. You are the only writer doing anything like this and we really appreciate it…you are the man!

  10. Who snitched on you? You snitched on yourself when you stated in your stream where you were broadcasting from. I wondered at the time why you were doing that if you wanted to keep it a secret. So maybe it shows someone from the Niners is catching your broadcasts.

    1. According to an esteemed poster on this blog, every 9er manager, coach, and exec monitors this blog very closely…very, very closely… Without it they’d be rudderless–adrift on the sea on mediocracy for an eternity…

  11. Grant,
    Today’s Periscope video was superb, very informative, better than any other report(s) I’ve heard or read.

    Thanks for giving your honest opinions. I have tempered my enthusiasm after hearing today’s report. Staley’s not gonna last forever. They’re gonna have to address the OL weaknesses, and the sooner the better.

    A tip from an audio professional. Use a nice wireless lapel mic if you want to improve the audio quality. Such mic would eliminate the echo off nearby walls, improving intelligibility by huge margin.

    If possible, elevate your camera source so it gives a more linear view of your face. Maybe use a mic stand if it works with your phone or whatever you use. The curvature of the lends tends to distort the shape of your face.

    Minor quibbles. Keep up the great work. Hope your commute was not too bad.

  12. Grant, maybe you should talk to Bob Lange, the VP of communications .
    I am sure he would like to make all media presentations about the Niners look well produced and polished.
    I do not think it would be too much of a bother to allow you make your periscope in places where there are no distractions, with a good 49er backdrop.
    Keep up the good work. Hope you can improve the production. The content is scintillating.

  13. He Grant,
    Just found your blog and comments….I found it honest and tough, as it should be. No one should be coddled. this is not a day care. that being said….I can only hope a good seasoned guard and tackle are released…who might have a few good years left…even one year would do to get us over the hump. If we cannot keep jimmy upright we are done.

    1. Keeping Jimmy upright and healthy is super important. I’m also getting worried about this OL, doesn’t look good so far on the practice videos. With Joshua Garnett maybe let go, pretty sure they will pick up a decent released OG/OT or two. 49ers just signed signed G Chris Gonzalez to a one-year contract the other day.

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