Video breakdown of 49ers training camp: Day 11

San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, right, gestures while speaking to quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo during NFL football practice at the team’s headquarters Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my Periscope report for Tuesday’s training camp practice. I will post a detailed breakdown of the good and not so good from today, so stay tuned.

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  1. You are getting comfortable with these things now and it shows.

    Sounds like today was low key and low intensity but that may have been by design with all the injuries starting to pile up along with the game on the horizon.

    1. Rocket,
      Some roster trimming will begin in earnest after Thursdays game.
      Periphery players (w/exemption of injured) who have yet to garner any attention will likely be cut.

      Players I want to see this Thursday are Pettis, Mt. Mac, J. Williams, J. Taylor, Richie, Mostert, Jeff Wilson, T. Moore, Dunbar and Warner among others.
      Also, will Malcolm Smith get any playing time?
      Inquiring minds want to know 🤔

      1. AES,

        It will be awhile before cuts begin but each game will give us a better idea of who is pushing for a spot at the end of the roster. As far as who I want to see, Joe Williams and Fred Warner are two I’ll especially be focusing on along with some of the young Corners.

  2. Grant,
    You say you think Brady would keep his team on the field after practice but you don’t know if he ever has. I would be willing to bet you he hasn’t. No one on the offense would have the balls to complain but it would be a whole other story for the D. We did our job, we stopped you and now you want to punish us by keeping us on the field. Uh huh no way that ain’t happening. I would love to see the headline the next day if JG ordered them back on the field and Joe Staley blew his knee out…… I dont see it happening but then again I could be wrong, why don’t you contact a long time writer covering the Pats and ask them.

    1. That could explain the featured photo…Kyle telling Garoppolo to stand down — “We are NOT extending practice, got that Jimmy?”

    2. I can see the QB getting the offense to stay back if they had a bad day, but as you say, getting the D to stay back just because you don’t like to finish on a play the D won isn’t the way to make your teammates respect you.

    1. I’m excited to see him inserted into the lineup. Fingers crossed he makes some big strides this week, and gets to play with the one’s in the next game….

    2. 80,
      I’ve been concerned about the Guard position. Garnett is oft injured and Cooper is finally starting to practice.

      Cooper may win the starting spot by default, but I would still like to see Garnett get some considerable snaps.
      If Garnett loses out hopefully it happens on the field rather than the trainers table.

      1. AES

        Jack Youngblood played the entire Super Bowl with a broken arm….Garnett is an overfed, overstuffed, ‘sissy’ who should be working for a Band-aid company….he got no ‘ insides’…what a bloody waste…3 years, and all he does is show up at the training table…I’d take Beadles or Adam Snyder any day….

        1. If Jack Youngblood played today, he’d consum the Seahawks with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his arse.

  3. As Grant noted, Cooper is getting limited snaps, but according to Maiocco, “Finally, veteran guard Jonathan Cooper saw limited action with the first-team offense during practice.” Excellent timing, because he’ll have time to gel as long as he doesn’t have any setbacks like Garnett. I don’t think MCL’s aren’t as serious as ACL’s, so fingers crossed!


    Shanny on Pettis’ “timidness”.

    “I don’t see it the same way as you do, but I think there’s a difference between timid and under control. Dante is a guy that I don’t worry about being scared. He’s not just a kamikaze. He’s going to go out there and be a wedge buster, even though we don’t have those anymore, on special teams and just run people over left and right. He’s a very smooth, under control athlete who’s got great vision, great balance. I think he’s a guy who doesn’t take hits much and it’s not because he’s avoiding them because he’s scared. It’s because he’s a good athlete and he can control his body and can get himself in good positions.”

    1. Do you think it’s a function of him not quite knowing NFL coverages and not quite knowing where everyone is, all of his threats are on the field when he’s going over the middle and looking back?

      “No, I think he understands that as well as any receiver I’ve been around. He’s very smart. He understands the game. I’m not worried about that.”

    2. This is Shanny sticking up for his guy a bit like Grant said on the periscope.

      I think the bigger issue is that he just has so much new information coming at him that he’s trying to absorb everything and he’s doing a lot of things he’s not really used to.


    “Someone explained to me the connection there at one point [Jets wanting Juszczyk and later Jerick McKinnon]. I guess there’s someone there has a crossover to the two programs. The Jets actually offered me more than what the Niners did the day after I verbally agreed to come here. I just felt I was going into a better situation. I loved Kyle’s [Shanahan] offense I just felt like we were headed in the right direction. We were already restarting while at the beginning of last season no one was quite sure which direction the Jets were headed.”

    He’s a liar! Not really though.

    1. I stand corrected. Didn’t seem to me like the lack of demand for FB’s would push the price tag that high but it looks like the Jets were willing to pay above market for both Jus and McKinnon forcing the Niners to pay more. Let’s hope they prove worthy of it.

      1. Clarification….he said the Jets offered more after he verbally committed to the 49ers…..

        The 49ers weren’t forced to pay more….they already offered and committed to pay top $$

        And yes the Jets wanted both RB and FB because the Jets coaches are from KS coaching tree

  6. Thanks Grant, nice report you sneaky devil.Something tells me you’d make a good cat burglar.

    Though I’d take a deep breath in regards to the Trent Brown trade. I think you are over analyzing that trade in a big way. I think ShanaLynch have a better idea of who Trent Brown is as a player, and person, having spent a full year coaching the kid, than Belichick did watching film, and/or whatever other homework he and his staff did ahead of the trade. Trent fits the Patriots system much better than the 49ers, yet there is also a hefty inherent risk (which is one reason the Niners asked for nothing more than to basically recoup their initial investment in the kid in terms of draft capital) in acquiring a player who has a chronic inner-battle with weight/conditioning issues. That’s been a fact going back to high school for Trent, and it’s anybody’s guess whether he’ll ever get on top and ahead of, what is clearly, a very personal problem. I have my doubts he ever will, but maybe he’ll prove me wrong.

    1. Good points. Still, I probably wouldn’t have traded Brown to New England. Because if anyone can bring out his Hall of Fame talent, it’s Belichick.

      1. Of course! We certainly don’t want any player leaving the 9ers to have an opportunity to excel with another team. Ever. Very magnanimous of us. We’ll sleep well tonight.

          1. Well B.B. absolutely got his a** handed to him with the JG trade. Might be the most lopsided trade ever when it’s all said done. Sure BB did Kyle/ John a soild but who is to say the T Brown trade was not I will scratch your back you scratch mine moment. Either way they can have T Brown we got JG LOL…

          2. As a writer–since you’re not a GM–would you feel that way regarding loss of a trade? I don’t believe you’re a homer.

            You could have been cast as Game of Thrones ‘Littlefinger’… Right in character.

              1. Your assertion — “As a GM, I wouldn’t want to lose a trade.”

                Would the following be an accurate assertion in your role as a non-homer writer? — “As a [writer], I wouldn’t want to lose a trade.”

                As a GM you would care. As a writer would you care?

    2. Dude was drafted in the 7th rd….constant fake news about his weight …..became a top 3 RT in the league through hardwork and dedication to the game……no negative news on the Police blog…..and still continuous speculations about his personal

      1. Top 3?,
        Good God, will the revisionist history never stop on this guy? He was never a top 3 rt. Even though He was a great pass blocker, he was terrible as a run blocker. You can’t be crap at half your job and be considered an elite tackle.
        He wasn’t an all pro or pro bowler and graded out below the likes of Daniel Kilgore in 2016.And Teams don’t trade away top 3 tackles to reach for a rookie replacement.

  7. Grant,
    You are de real sheets, man! You is great! I can’t believe how much I enjoy your periscope 49er thingies. Keep up the great work! For the time spent, I think I learn more of what I want to know watching your periscope than any other news source to date.

    Are you doing periscope during half time of games?

  8. I wish to beg to differ on the Tomsula situation.
    Tomsula was an afterthought. It was all Baalke. JH and Baalke were at loggerheads. Baalke won, but destroyed the team doing it.
    Everyone was begging to have Vic Fangio take over. He would have attracted decent coaches, and provided continuity. The players wanted Vic Fangio. The only person who did not want Fangio was Baalke, because VF was a JH fan. Baalke wanted some one who he could control. Tomsula fit the bill. Sure, it seemed like Tomsula was stabbing JH in the back, but it was Baalke all the way. remember when Baalke went to Denver to interview Gase? Gase probably wanted Fangio to stay, but Baalke wanted to get rid of all the JH men. Baalke nixed the Gase deal, even though there was supposed to be a verbal agreement, then immediately hire Tomsula, who Baalke could dominate. Baalke wanted control of the draft, all personnel situations, and control of the game day roster.He also sent in his minion, Paraag, to kibitz with the game management. It got so bad, Baalke was coaching the DBs.
    While the Tomsula hire was a fiasco, Chip was an unmitigated disaster. Baalke still wanted total control, and Chip was weak from his criticism by Philly. By this time, decent FAs were avoiding Baalke like the plague, and word got around, so decent coaches were turning down Chip, so he had to mine the dregs, like failed Cleveland DCs.
    Chip had to watch Baalke gut the team, losing veteran leadership. Baalke only signed Beadles and a tuba player, so Chip did not have a chance. It was tragic, and the loss of Chip’s father made it even more painful. Poor Chip felt beleaguered, and became surly in the pressers. He refused to answer Grant’s questions. In the end, the team imploded, with historically bad run defense and a 2-14 season. Now, Chip has gone back to college where his strengths will be demonstrated.
    Thankfully, Baalke got the boot, and JL, with KS, seem to have turned things around. Still, the stench of Baalke lingers, and drafting of an ACL player is proof.

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