Video breakdown of 49ers training camp, Day 5

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle kneels during NFL football practice at the team’s headquarters Saturday, July 28, 2018, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my Periscope report for Tuesday’s training camp practice. I will post detailed breakdown of the good and not so good from today, so stay tuned.

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        1. Not all OTs can successfully play OG in the NFL though, and keeping Brown when he was not a fit would have been problematic and simply delaying the inevitable.

          1. Most college OT’s can play guard in the NFL if they were as good as this guy is supposed to be

            1. I wonder if Darrell Williams might get first team reps as a guard.
              Garry Gilliam might have to play RT if MM does not win the job.

              1. McGlinchey is awfully tall to play guard. Not saying he can’t, but I doubt it would be optimal.

              2. I appreciate that, however I don’t feel it would play to McGlinchey’s strength.

        2. Yeah, or that.

          Or, sign Norwell and draft Derwin James or Minkah Fitzpatrick or Marcus Davenport.

            1. I know that as a fan of the golden domers you have a vested interest in the guy, but how will Cooper lining up next to him help keep guys from just beating him around the edge or shaking him like Marsh did today?

              1. Didn’t answer the question though. How will a vet help him not get beat around the corner or one on one? Especially if he’s busy with the DT. Trent Brown was fine and his RG was Fusco.

              2. Allow him to focus more on the corner and not have to worry about whether or not his RG is competent. As for Brown, he was one dimensional. Fusco>Person.

              3. Yeah I know Person = Fusco. That’s why I said Brown was fine in pass pro with a subpar G next to him.

                If your tackles can’t win one on one things become much tougher in pass pro. It’s way too early to make any conclusions, but those early season road games could be rough. The guys lining up across from him will be much better than Marsh.

    1. Nelson should of been their priority and they should of moved up for him. How they need him now and for the next 10 years. Sad to think about.

    2. Nelson was unbelievable but give the kid a moment. He’s switching sides on the line so all of his steps are different. He needs reps here to get the muscle memory.
      His struggles are worth watching but not panniking over. With that said this applies to the 49ers talent evaluators too… they have made a lot of questionable moves.

  1. James is Taylor 2.0.
    Burbridge is somewhat of a dark horse, but I’d expect Bourne would be the casualty if he gets the nod.
    Wrt your phone, excuses are like…
    McGlinchey will handle his business.

  2. Hmm, I wonder if they might re-sign Eric Reid…….
    Armstead hurt AGAIN? smh.
    Hope Blair can take advantage of his opportunity.
    Hope they sit Sherman, and let his Achilles heal more.

    1. I wonder if they’ll buy-out Chip K’s UCLA contract and bring him back… You called for that last season Sebbie…what’ya think?

        1. Bring back Kaepernick and don’t run into the teeth of the defense and whatever you do……..hide all posts from your wife or you will fear for your well being and vow you can’t return for safety returns

  3. curious to know what personnel groups the niners were featuring in the 1st and 10 and the 2nd and various distance situations………are they in 21, 12, 22,???????? what about on the 2nd down situations because that may dictate the breida/mckinnon rotations???????

  4. Looking forward to 9 August when the 9ers take on the Cowboys… Outcome will certainly polarize the blog.

  5. How about the Niners offer Armstead and next years #1 to the Raiders for Kalil Mack? I’d do that right now. Raiders probably wouldn’t. What is Armstead worth right now?

      1. If I was the raiders I wouldn’t take that deal.
        I would be paying getting 2 players that can’t stay on the field and one that can’t get on the field even though he is competing against one of the least talented lines in the league. So they get 3 expensive throw aways and a first for one of the best defensive players in the game? No thanks.

    1. That’s a Seb deal. It would take a lot more than a perennially injured DL and what figures to be a middle of the first pick at best to get Mack. I think the Raiders would trade him for multiple picks though. They don’t want to pay him what he’s asking.

      1. Yup. Ward, Armstead and Garnett would essentially be 3 first round picks. Niners need to sweeten the deal, tho. Raiders have a dearth of talent in the MLB position. Running backs look weak, too. Maybe they could add Mark Nzeocha and Jeremy McNichols.

        1. Toss Sebbie in to sweeten the pot. Raider brass and coaching staff are dolts–Sebbie could consult with them, and bingo….Raider Super Bowl appearance in 2019. Have Carr look left and throw right! No foot shooting!

          1. Sorry, Cassie, but I am a 49er faithful for life.
            I advocate for a trade with the Raiders because I feel sorry for them.
            Gruden is looking at the cellar if Keenum can be better than Simian, Mahomes follows the same path as Rodgers, and the Chargers avoid injuries. Getting Mack would propel the Niners into playoff contention.

            1. The AFC West is a toss-up and the Raiders will be in contention, especially if their late round picks materialize- they nd to deal w the Conley situation…… Raiders going back to their strength, power running game behind a West Coast Offense (intermediate passes by Carr)

              1. Like Grant says, the Raider defense could not stop a cold. Sure, it did not help when the receivers were dropping the ball, but when I watched a few of their games, the defense was gashed repeatedly.
                Personally, I think the Chargers have way better talent. KC was in the playoffs last season, and Denver won a SB with Von Miller a few years ago. Gruden sees the writing on the wall, and should be desperate.

    2. It would take at least two first round picks and a high second round pick before the Raiders even allowed themselves to consider trading Mack.

  6. Thanks 4o being so in depth, Grant. This level of information and opining is rare. Keep up the passion! This is really excellent stuff bro!

    1. Just tried it. It looks like the video opens with the muted speaker. Just unmute the speaker on the lower right. Works for me.

  7. OK Grant. I know this is your vision of what you see in TC. But forbthe love of God. Please stop bringing up Bowman as a comparison to Sherman. Sherman didn’t blow out a knee that was barely hanging on his leg. Bowman did.
    And if you don’t think there are players who are special at bouncing back from these injuries, remember Bowman didn’t have the speed he once had before, but still was a top tackler in the NFL. Kobe Bryant was dumping 60 and still dunking on Youngsters after his Achilles tear. Every player slows down, but it doesn’t mean they will be a problem for their side of the ball.
    Just stop it with the Bowman comparison.
    Apples and oranges!
    Carry on Sir.

      1. Seb….. I didn’t know that. News to me.

        And Onelame….. typical! can’t answer for yourself so you throw insults. It’s so easy being you. Isn’t it? Clown. And who’s this Ninermd guy?

    1. While I think Grant tends to see the glass as half empty, in this case, hate to say it, I think the odds are in his favor because of the type of Sherman’s injury and his age. It wouldn’t shock me if he retires mid-way through the season. I’m not predicting he will, mind you, but it wouldn’t shock me, because I expect him to become dissatisfied with his play and guys like him are so proud –justifiably — and respect their legacy so much that they are averse to tarnishing it. I certainly would like to see him be “the man” again but don’t think it’s going to happen.

      1. Seriously?…..after everything you have read so far….you came up with Sherman might retire…….lol…..

        The comedy on this blog never cease to amaze me…

        1. Oneniner, when I was a kid and told jokes, my parents told me I was as funny as Groucho Marx and, mistakenly, I believed them for a very long time.

          Getting back to Sherman, retirement is the worst case, obviously. All I said was I wouldn’t be surprised. Some great players prefer to quit while they’re ahead, and I think Sherman would be in that category.

      2. Someone asked Grant recently who would take Sherman’s place if he weren’t up to it, and the answer was Ward. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Colbert got the assignment and Ward took his place.

  8. How about thinking outside the box. Maybe Sherman should channel Lott. When Lott lost a step, he moved from CB to safety. One thing I do know about Sherman is that he hits hard. Ask Goff.
    Maybe he could become the SS, and let Tartt come in as a hybrid DB/LB.

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