Video breakdown of 49ers training camp: Day 9

San Francisco 49ers’ Garrett Celek makes a catch during NFL football practice at the team’s headquarters Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my Periscope report for Sunday’s training camp practice. I will post a detailed breakdown of the good and not so good from today, so stay tuned.

Also, check out my video of on-on-one pass-rush drills from Sunday’s practice.

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  1. Van says:
    August 5, 2018 at 9:35 am
    Not sure that Mr Sebbie knows what a flea flicker is either, since he brings it up in reference to a halfback who was a college qb, but the actual QB, not the RB, is the thrower in the flea flicker.

    Juanhunglo says:
    August 5, 2018 at 10:22 am
    Lol Van, I actually think Seb thinks there’s real fleas involved, you know , like the running back runs up to the line and throws a bunch of fleas into the defense, and while they’re flicking them off their bodies and running around scratching, the QB throws the ball! :)

    sebnynah says:
    August 5, 2018 at 10:31 am
    Juan, please stick to your day job. Comedy is not for everybody. ;p

    Cassie Baalke says:
    August 5, 2018 at 10:38 am
    Evidently, genuine humility isn’t either…

    willtalk says:
    August 5, 2018 at 10:54 am
    Love original and creative humor. It is a sign of intelligence both in it’s creation and it’s appreciation. Seb is just jealous he didn’t think of it.

    Reply– Today’s Seb-o-meter reading: No snowflake in an avalance (of Seb’s farcical play recommendations) ever feels responsible

  2. I see we are of similar thought as to why these muscle strains and tightness may be such an issue. Its always a danger from high intensity strength training. It automatically tightens the muscles. Need to make sure you also spend a lot of time working on muscle flexibility.

  3. Loved the backdrop and didn’t mind the drums. Gave it a college atmosphere. Hammer’s sold off his Richburg stock, and he’s not gonna like hearing it’s on the rise. Taylor could turn into our version of Jason. I’d keep Sherman out of all preseason games. Grade 1’s take 2 to 3 weeks to fully heal. Slot corner is deep on this team, so I’m not too concerned about Williams, other than his health. I figured Cooper would be ready to go today. I’d really like to see him next to McGlinchey. Yoga instructor along with hand to hand combat instructor would address muscle flexibility and trench warfare….

  4. The Dallas game should be fun…then quickly forgotten by early September (unless a catastrophic injury occurs).

  5. On the pass rush drill, I wonder who the big guy is ‘playing’ QB? Appears to be about 6-5 or 6-6 and 290+ lbs…

  6. At this point, sporting fun with Sebbie makes Dallas take a back seat.
    Although Sebster doesn’t view himself as the face of sporting comedy, either does the man without humor…Surely after today, Seb thinks Dallas can’t arrive soon enough!

      1. TomD

        Thanks for the update on Jack Hennighan…Is he a real possibility for a PS slot? In your opinion, of course…?

  7. Like that Periscope report and youtube line drills are on the same page. Ties it all together nicely.

    While on the subject of Periscope, I wonder why the 49ers have highlights for the longest time before the press conferences and !ive look-ins start?

  8. Grant appreciate the reports. Looks like we have some good depth at the dline position group and maybe the hiring of Chris Griffin is paying off.

  9. Grant,
    In regard to the right side of the O line not handling stunts. As long as the left side is doing it right then its not a matter of coaching it is the current talent on the right side. Blocking on stunts will improve enormously when they settle on 2 guys and they get a chance to work together day in day out. Last years problem with stunts on the right side had a lot to do with T. Brown, his first steps to the outside in pass protection are very good but he was unable to change direction at all. I believe it was, other than his inability to run block a big part of why they got rid of him. imho

    1. Yep, that’s why Brown was only worth a 3rd rounder. Cohesion is needed sooner, rather than later. That’s why we need Cooper inserted ASAP!

      1. Brown was only worth a 3rd rounder?

        Say what? Um, I wish Brown was worth a 3rd round pick.

        FYI, when you give up an early 5th round pick (6th pick of round 5) in exchange for the second to last pick in round 3, that’s moving up 48 spots in the middle rounds of the draft, not anything close to something we should consider the equivalent of a 3rd round pick, in terms of value. It’s closer to getting a late 6th round pick straight up, in exchange for Brown, who was himself, a 7th round pick.

        In reality, I didn’t hate the trade as Trent Brown was a poor fit for the system, and will likely struggle with conditioning/weight issues throughout his career, IMO, but for a guy who was being touted by Von Miller as having a chance at being “one of the best RT’s in the league”, it was clearly a – meh, you scratched my back I’ll scratch yours, kind of deal. A mere pittance really.

      2. Still T.Brown is a top 5 – best Tackles in the NFL……

        Why did we trade him again……and not wait till after the year….

        Rushing the rookie might be a mistake…they could have the rookie backup both positions…..Gilliam as backup is just maddening

        1. Still T.Brown is a top 5 – best Tackles in the NFL……

          There is no way Brown is a top 5 tackle. Joe Staley is not a top 5 tackle at this point in his career and Brown is not as good as him.

        2. What Shoup said. Plus, Brown didn’t fit Shanny’s scheme. And there were rumors that the Niner brass weren’t happy with him last year. A lot of us predicted the team would move on from Brown.

      3. Considering that Brown is now ensconced as the starting LT, he is worth a 3rd round pick. However, the Niners also gave up a 5th round pick, so he was essentially traded away for a 4th round pick.
        I agree, we need Cooper to be fully healthy and ready to contribute. Hope they put him in at LG, the position he played while on the Cowboys.


    “Otherwise, McGlinchey appeared to have a good practice and has been steadily progressing despite taking some lumps during non-team periods.”

    “Running back Jerick McKinnon pieced together a long run up the right side of the field using a strong cut-back to make a defender miss before accelerating through a lane. It was an outside zone run that has been heavily featured in Shanahan’s offense and set up well by a block from McGlinchey that prevented the defensive end from setting the edge.”

    1. I haven’t seen steady progress from McGlinchey, but he did have a better day today.

      That was a nice nine-yard gain. McKinnon also got stopped for a four-yard loss on an outside-zone run to the right during today’s practice.

    2. –Rookie right tackle Mike McGlinchey had a welcome-to-the-NFL moment during two-on-two drills. He was squared up against Cassius Marsh, who ran a stunt with DeForest Buckner running outside. McGlinchey was prepared for Buckner’s rush, only Buckner side-stepped him quickly and got to the quarterback.

  11. Maybe, just maybe the 9ers aren’t heading for a 1 and 15 season, with a head coach who was outed as being nothing more than a glorified OC–oh, and that wasted pick on Pettis…..

    Maybe…. If the 9ers can just get past all those muscle-related injuries.

  12. Hopefully the written piece from Grant comes soon, never been a big fan of the videos….I’m old school i suppose.
    Biggest thing i took from practice today, our db depth is lightening years ahead of last year. Today the rookie db’s stepped up, it’s a another positive sign……

  13. “JOE WILLIAMS The Retiree, comes back, makes a name for himself in the NFL” – by Grant Cohn

    You forgot to mention the Joe Williams’ pinball effect. His balance, oh my! Pinballing off of would be tacklers, all the way to the house. Knock the kid sideways, turn him around, it doesn’t matter, because the boy never loses ground.

    Yes, he is a natural! Now, he needs to prove he can protect the football.

  14. Julian Taylor has all the talent in the world, but he couldn’t stay healthy. If he gets over his bad injury luck he’ll be a great pic for a 7th rounder. I wish there was more College film on him but the small amount of Youtube footage I have seen looks really good.

    1. +1 Brodie.

      The Niners just might have something in Taylor, and he has a versatile body type/skill set. Very intriguing talent. He could be this years’ Adrian Colbert.

  15. Grant, nice periscope. Too bad you seem to have bad luck with the extraneous distractions.
    Liked the 1 on 1 drills. Wonder if the emergence of Solomon Thomas inside will allow Buckner to play DE more.
    I certainly think that the Niners could improve on their music selections during practice. Maybe some Grateful Dead. ;p
    Hope the Niner coaches could scheme to take advantage of the defensive stunts. They should take advantage of the opponent’s defensive speed by allowing the defense to over run the play, then cutting back against the grain.
    Glad the scouts have found talent in the later rounds. Both J Taylor and R James have a good shot at making the 53.

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