Video breakdown of 49ers training camp: Day 8

San Francisco 49ers’ Matt Breida runs with the ball during NFL football practice at the team’s headquarters Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

SANTA CLARA — Check out my Periscope report for Friday’s training camp practice. I will post a detailed breakdown of the good and not so good from today, so stay tuned.

Also, check out my video of two-on-two pass-rush drills from Friday’s practice.

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    1. That’s because McGlinchey’s feet are slow. I said that during the draft. Some people think he’ll be a LT one day. I doubt it.

        1. Nope.
          Should have traded up and gotten Nelson at all costs and kept Brown.
          Then again, should have drafted Lattimore instead of Thomas too.
          2 whiffs on the first round pick by Lynch.

      1. The Raiders reports on their 1st round pick at #15-Kolton Miller…are he looks really good so far and plays strong and aggressive. It’s too bad the 49ers didn’t trade up for Q. Nelson, his reports from Indy are great too, super strong, nobody getting by him. If the 49ers traded down for K. Miller who is 20lb bigger than McG, that would been good also with an extra draft pick, but that’s hindsight and McG looked so good next to Nelson these past years that they went for him.

  1. The right side they seemed to have a hard time switching. The Oline Looks a little better then the one on one’s,

    How I view the one on one’s – practice. The defender has some advantage here. He doesn’t have to account for the run game and the lanes that they use to attack the QB are not congested with other players in those lanes which normally would be the case in a regular game. The O-lineman know that the defense is coming at them, still… Going to have to see in the pre-season games on how Good the O-line is and how Good the pass rush is. Practice.

    1. Darrell Thomas looks like the 2nd best tackle on all the drills that I’ve seen during the week.
      BTW , these videos are excellent , vids of the whole practice ( except those deemed not for print by the 9ers ) should be available to all.

      1. correction ………….Darrell Williams , my keyboard isn’t working right , my mind is still fine.

    2. I sure hope the OL keeps improving because I’m starting to feel Jimmy G is going to get hurt even with his quick release.

  2. GRANT..the 1 on 1′ drills are great, thanks. Reminds me a little of Rocklin except for the annoying music.

    I know you’re recording this on your phone, any way you can speak up because with that loud bass music blaring I don’t think anybody there would mind because I doubt that they can hear you. Are you right in front of the speakers?..Could you speak closer to your mic, would really appreciate it. Anyways keep up your good work and I really like periscope. I like your new spot..nobody walking by you now swearing, lol.

  3. Noice.
    Thank you, Grant, you just made my day. That poster of Joe and Roger was a nice touch.
    Glad the interruptions were to a minimum, and the content was top notch.
    Nailing the point about the O line struggles, and the defense stuffing the run, makes this periscope a must see.
    However, the D line dominance may be a good sign. Hope they can repeat their success against other team’s offenses.
    Maybe KS should pit the first string offense against the second string defense, to let the offense have more success in executing schemes. Then let the first string defense beat up on the second team offense.
    The unforced errors are caused by a lack of coaching. The coaches need to prepare the team better. Players need to be more focused and disciplined.

  4. Interesting to see the loops and stunts of the pass rushers. Looks like the O linemen are having difficulties switching off.

  5. Hey Grant,
    I don’t always or often agree with your opinions but I enjoy listening to them nonetheless.

    Question, is there any chance you can record a sound only clip on your reports? I like to stream the periscopes on my way to work but the videos burn so much data.


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