Video from Week 1 of 49ers OTAs

San Francisco 49ers starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) throws a pass during a practice at the team’s NFL football practice facility, in Santa Clara, Calif., Tuesday, May 21, 2019. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

Check out the video I took from Week 1 of 49ers OTAs.

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        1. Actually, Wilson, RS did mention that Adrian Colbert would also be competing for the FS spot, so Ward will not be handed the job.
          Once TC gets around, I surmise that Joe Woods will be seriously evaluating the DBs, so he may decide that they need to make some drastic changes.
          Even if Sherman has recovered fully from his Achilles, he still may be the best candidate to be in the FS position,IMHO. He would be the field general, and his leadership and veteran savvy would be the closest thing to finding another Earl Thomas.
          At Strong Safety, I like Marcell Harris with his run stopping ability. Let Tartt come in as the hybrid LB in the dime package.
          No matter what, They should be rotating players in multiple positions, so they all can become versatile, and be rotated in seamlessly. Then, if there is an injury, there will be little disruption.
          IMHO, I still think Ward may be the best option as the slot corner.

          1. Believe it or not, many CBs who have lost a step have been converted to Safety, and gone on to have stellar careers.
            Just ask Ronnie Lott if that is true.

          2. Seb, Nobody said Ward would be handed the job. Colbert started with the 2’s. My point is simply that Ward is the best FS on the team in talent and play. He is often injured. Colbert is not as good nor is Harris, Exum orReed. All those guys are injured too.. Ward will win the starting role if he’s not injured.

            Ward doesn’t play well as a corner. We disagree about his best position. His best and most natural spot is FS. We have several other players who are better slot corners.

    1. Over exuberance on the part of the rookie. Just a tweak, but for the life of me I don’t get the apparent glee whenever the usual suspect(s) “fan”(s) reports or comments about it….

        1. Another knuckler. As a supposed coach, you of all people should know that after being out of football for an extended period of time, you’re going to tweak something. It’s inevitable because muscle memory has not developed its calluses. You want to joke about a guy getting hurt to reinforce your narrative because they drafted a player you did not like, and did not want. It’ll be like this all year long, but you’re not alone. Misery loves company….

          1. Yes, you wrote the same drivel in a comment on the periscope. Relax dear, Little Nicky has plenty of time to get healthy.

            1. Yep that was me, and since you have no fastball, you resort to your knuckler using your dripping condescension….

  1. Here we go again … Razors draft crush becomes an epic fail…We’ve seen this movie before!lol

  2. If Sherman is 100% and they didn’t really test him last season at 80% those other Corners and Safeties are going to be attacked relentlessly. Richard very upbeat on Ward, Witherspoon and Verrett. Hope he is right.. Wouldn’t it be something if this defense becomes a juggernaut..

  3. Grant, thanks very much. Starting to go through them now. Started with Dee Ford. Great guy. Boy, can’t wait to see him play for us.

  4. Jajaja…Razor wrong again…many people have called him out how he is always wrong and first week into OTAs his draft crush who he said injuries weren’t a big issue tears his hamstring… can’t make this up.
    Razor literally does this year after year,picks some player as a can’t miss prospect and the dude turns out to be a bust!Then he gets on his high horse again over and over just to be wrong….Again….bwahahahah..what a tool….Bosa will be battling this all year now and be injury prone just like his dad and his brother….Razor…who’s the next can’t miss prospect?!!!!!!😂

  5. What kind of chin drooler do you have to be to literally be wrong about everything then just keep running your mouth like you are some kind of scout every year?Razor serious question are you blind ,dumb or deaf?Cause if you are I’ll stop cause that’s unfair,but there is no way ,no way that someone completely normal could be this wrong this many times in a row then continually keep talking like there Mel Kiper…Did you fall of the short bus when you were a kid?🤔

  6. If you’re as premature with your girlfriend as you are on the 2nd day of OTA’s, it’s no wonder she acts like she’s on the rag all the time. Boy, I really must be inside someone’s pointy little head. Guess I laid some eggs.🥚🥚🥚

  7. Why so quiet about the Solomon Thomas report? Bodes well for the team if he shows out. Hope he has a great year!

  8. I loved JG’s answer when asked about all the media questions.
    ‘Practice is fun, but I have been looking forward to this all day.’
    Glad he has a sense of humor. It sure made me, and the room, chuckle.

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  10. Razor, that’s inappropriate. But Trump might steal your line as he sets new lows daily.

    On other topics, OTA’s not really worth any bandwidth. Watching qb’s throw to stationary targets. Seriously let them work on their own til at least pads come out. Even then , remember last year how “great training camp is going”. Even pre-season marginal. Game 1-4, then we will know something. Til then it’s Warriors, then (o $hit) Giants. We are approaching death valley…

    1. What’s inappropriate is calling a wall immoral, while at the same time supporting late term abortion behind a wall in Pacific Heights!

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