Video from Week 3 of OTAs

San Francisco 49ers assistant coach Wes Welker, left, talks with wide receiver Marquise Goodwin at the team’s NFL football headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., Tuesday, June 4, 2019. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

SANTA CLARA — Check out the video I took from Week 3 of 49ers OTAs.

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  1. Grant:

    Good questions posed to Wes Welker. On the QB video, I could barely hear the comments you were making. I noticed that as well on last week’s video. If you could speak up a bit, that would be great.

  2. Thanks. Good stuff.

    Next time you have an opportunity to video, try covering Wishnowsky for a few minutes.

    1. I wanted Grant to have asked how the Patriot way of practicing might be shared by Welker, and if it helps.
      Also, how JG and Welker are relaying the Patriot mindset for the passing game, to help each receiver get better.

  3. Who asked to see Kittle’s tattoo? I was trying to figure out if they were birthmarks, bruises or a tattoo.

  4. Nice. It was good to see the coaches and players being so open and professional, with good insights.
    Sure loved seeing Bowman again. It was such a pity to see his career cut short by that one play. I blame the refs for not blowing their whistles soon enough, while he was lying on his back with the ball. I always wondered if he was injured worse in the mad scramble for the ball.

  5. Glad to see an assistant holding up his arms and moving towards the QBs.
    I am even happier to see JG moving around so well. Looks like the knee rehab is going smoothly.
    Pettis is doing what I want. He is building from his rookie season. He is studying the playbook so the play terminology is down pat, and he is working out, getting stronger, and building muscle so he can take the big hits.

  6. The quick release of Jimmy is so apparent when you see them throw one after the other.
    I’m still worried that he’ll get hurt again this season, glad to hear that Mullens is doing good!

  7. I wonder who Hightower will designate as the gunners on punts.
    I think Welker will really help a lot in the short passing game.
    Interesting, they rolled out left. Did they ever roll out right?
    That DB drill may not have looked like they were lackadaisical, but they did not look sharp and focused, imho.

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