Vikings @ Seahawks live stream

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson warms-up before an NFL football game against the Minnesota Vikings, Monday, Dec. 2, 2019, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

This is the live stream for the Week 13 Monday night game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings. Ryan Sakamoto and I will announce the game live on the HotMic App.

If you have an iPhone, you can download the app in the App Store using invite code COHN10 and sync our call to your television. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can watch the stream below. It’s about 10 seconds behind the television feed.

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    1. Oh please, Zimmer should have called TO when the Seahawks were 2nd and 9 from Minnesota’s 11 yard line, it cost them nearly 40 seconds for the final drive. They were very fortunate to beat the clock with 1 second left!

      1. They had 59 seconds and all 3 time outs. They got into field goal range and were able to stop the clock with 1 second left because they wisely used their time outs, and got 3 points.

  1. Noice. Vikings 17-10, with a good utilization of their time outs, for a field goal.
    Vikings get the ball to start the second half.

      1. Seahawk defense won this game. RW did have a good game, but he was not the difference maker. Pete Carroll and the fake punt was huge.

          1. They kept the ball, and pinned them deep.
            Defense is credited with causing, and recovering the fumble. They also should have been called for a PI, but refs allowed the defense to intercept the ball.

  2. But …. DK Metcalf didn’t run the 3 Cone Drill, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

    I said before the draft that my fear was he’d slip to the Patriots, never did I think he’d fall all the way to the Seahawks. What a shame!

  3. Vikings threw in the towel after the 1st half and have laid down in the 2nd half.
    Seattle takes 1st place in the division which I actually expected back in August.

    No problem, we’ll knock them out in the last game of the season, or better yet, the NFC Champ game on the way to the Superbowl.

    1. Nothing more fitting then beating them twice on their home field. First in week 17, then the second time for the NFC Championship!

      Seattle is not that good and no one in the NFC scares me.

  4. Bobby Wagner can’t cover Rudolph and he won’t be able to cover a healthy Kittle. Seattle was lucky last time we played them.

  5. My first time to listen to Grant and Ryan on Hot Mic. A few funny moments, but it grew tiresome listening to them root for the Seahawks.

    1. Yeah they sounded like some Seahawk groupies for sure..Funny for a team that had absolutely no fans 10 years ago they sure have alot of dxck riders now

      1. Can, you are not only easily amused, you are easily fooled.
        You post should have been- LMAO, Catfish.
        Even PT can tell the difference.

  6. Just like every year since r Wilson got to Seattle..They crush our dreams..Proud of our team this year but it’s over Seattle owns us and even our stadium thats facts..We are not beating Seattle as long as Russel Wilson is around..Jimmy is a solid starter but he ain’t a killer like Wilson..I hate Seattle but the facts are we are never gonna beat them when it matters

  7. Hey Kyle, Peetie just kicked you in the nuts, so I hope it’s personal for you now…like it is for us.

    Beating the Seachickens on 12/29 should be goal #1 for the Niners franchise. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  8. It would be a real kick in the rear if Seattle goes for and gets a tie in their last game with the Niners to assure them of the West title.

  9. Thanks a lot Vikqueens… If one thing’s for certain it’s that the Niners will be the most battle tested team come playoff time. Saints and Hawks are really the only two teams that stand between us and the SB… I like our chances.

  10. This is why anyone dismissing the Seahawks have no idea. Best team in the NFC as of right now as they know exactly how to win.

    1. You’re exactly right,I’m a Niner fan but history shows ol peteee boy and Russ Wilson own us.They don’t fold in big games and Jimmy G and Shanny have proven they do

        1. I’m not buying that either one of these two are Niners fans.
          Renas always seems to have something negative to say weekly.
          And this new clown all of a sudden appears??? Yeah not buying it.
          I smell raider and seahawk fan

          1. Kek. I have, multiple times, stayed up till 5am with work the day after, going into work with an hour sleep, I’ve watched every single game, and what, you think I do it to troll? I can assure, as much as trolling can be entertaining, that would be way too much investment on my part given what I get out of it. If you actually think that, then you have mental issues frankly.

            I don’t even think I’ve been all that negative. I just don’t care for moral victories. I started following the Niners at the start of Harbaugh’s second year. Pretty much since the first two years, the Niners have sucked. I don’t have the glory years to look back on fondly. The best Niners teams I’ve seen have ended in crippling disappointment. But nevertheless, I’m here, still watching. If I’m less of a true fan or whatever because I share my frustration with disappointment, and use this as an outlet, then so be it. Frankly, I do not understand the obsession people like you have with undermining and policing fandom. Why do you get to decide how a fan should fan for a team? Why do you even care? If you think you’re a better fan than I because you’re not as vocal with frustration than I am, then whatever. You can have that. I personally couldn’t care less whether you think I don’t fan hard enough or whatever. I would argue that my clearly emotional responses indicate me caring, which is something that is hard to fake, but I assume that that is a concept that goes over your head.

            TLDR: You’re not buying it? Oh well. I don’t care to sell. I’m content with my own investment, and some stranger on a blog stating that my investment isn’t enough isn’t going to have me losing sleep on the matter. I’m pretty confident I make more sacrifices (sleep wise, schedule wise) than you do to watch the Niners play, but that’s beside the point.

            1. Yeah blah blah blah…. you don’t care, but here you are with a book on how you do care what others think.
              It’s this simple youngster. If you truly don’t care you don’t respond with excuses and reasons why you’re a fan.

              It’s this simple. You’re new to this game, that’s fine. But you’re complaining about a 10 and f*+*ing two team.
              So yeah you’re going to get called out for negativity.
              Because you’ll be the first bandwagon “fan” praising them when they win it all.
              It doesn’t work that way, without scrutiny.
              So prepare yourself.

              1. So your argument is basically “I have no retort, but to save face I’ll claim I win because I got you to reply, and it’s just excuses anyway”? Lmao, I’d say I expected better but I really didn’t. Me responding is not married to me feeling like your opinion on whether or not I’m a fan counts for anything.

                I mean, holy sh1t, you’re so delusional that you think anyone would spend their time on a smallish blog like this to troll fans of a rival team, while never once enjoying their own team wins. I think that says all that needs to be said about your cognitive ability (or lack thereof lol).

                “prepare yourself”

                Hahaha, you’re so sad. I’ve praised them plenty. I’m not even really complaining – the worst I’ve said on the Ravens loss was that it was disappointing. I’ve also repeatedly said that if the Niners take care of business they’ll be just fine. But you aren’t one to let a little thing like nuance have any impact on your drivel, are you? Of course if they win it all I’ll be praising them. That’s the ultimate goal. Try actually reading what it is I’m saying, instead of glancing at it, then boiling with rage and adding a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t there.

              2. Oh youngster. You’ll learn one day that if you truly don’t care you wouldn’t respond in such length and detail as to how you see yourself. In defense of your fanhood.
                And just to be clear I’ve been on this site longer than you’ve been watching football.
                It’s naive to think you know what you’re talking about with trolls from other teams lighting up this board.
                It’s happened plenty of times.
                With that said.
                I’ll close with a final warning before you turn into the next DS, Seb and other annoying know-it-alls….
                Gain some cred and time and then talk.
                You obviously have no clue about this page.
                Dueces youngster

              3. Oh youngster. You’ll learn one day that if you truly don’t care you wouldn’t respond in such length and detail as to how you see yourself. In defense of your fanhood.

                This is a fallacious argument.

                And just to be clear I’ve been on this site longer than you’ve been watching football.

                Good for you. If the Press Democrat awarded medals for Veteran service to blog comment sectioms, I’m sure you’d have one.

                It’s naive to think you know what you’re talking about with trolls from other teams lighting up this board.
                It’s happened plenty of times.

                I’m sure trolls have come and gone. What you are suggesting in your paranoid delusions is a very long campaign that has returned middling results, that requires extraordinary levels of investment.

                With that said.
                I’ll close with a final warning before you turn into the next DS, Seb and other annoying know-it-alls….
                Gain some cred and time and then talk.
                You obviously have no clue about this page.
                Dueces youngster

                Lmao. “don’t post or share your opinions here until the old guard accept you as one of the boys”. What an abhorrent, self-absorbed mentality to have. Do you really think I’m going to jump through hoops to please and be accepted by relatively anonymous strangers on a 49er beat writer’s blog? No. That goes against basic principles of discussion, and I’m pretty sure runs contrary to the idea of a blog comment section in the first place. Thanks for the “warning” ninermd. You know what you can do with it? Plunge it firmly up into your anal cavity. Don’t worry – I’m sure it’s wide enough. Your head is firmly lodged in place there, after all.


            2. ” I started following the Niners at the start of Harbaugh’s second year.” Renas

              This certainly explains why you are quick to throw shade on the 49ers.
              While I welcome you as a recent 49ers fan, you have not been in the trenches with the Faithful. Putting it simple, you have no history.

              1. Well yeah. American Football wasn’t remotely as big here then as it is now. There used to be only one London game each year then, now there is 4. It was rarely if ever on tv (now, it no longer is at all, but that’s because tv itself has changed drastically).

                But this is why I feel the idea of calling me a bandwagon fan, or a fake fan, or whatever, is especially stupid. The vast majority of my experience as a Niner fan has been one of supporting a losing team. I’ve never really had any success to fall back on, as back when the success was there I was still growing attatched to the sport, the team and the identity. If I were a bandwagon fan, I would have hopped off long ago. When you factor in that I tend to have to go further out of my way to enjoy Niner games due to time zones than most, I find the notion unfair to me.

                That’s not to say anyone has to agree with my outlook. But the notion that I’m secretly a Seahawk fan falseflagging or whatever is just insane to even consider in my eyes.

              2. Renas, as a long term die hard faithful Niner fan, I appreciate your posts.
                Keep ’em coming, and do not listen to the peanut gallery.
                We need new blood on this site, and I like having an international perspective.
                You have nothing to apologize for. Your posts are not negative and hate filled. Like me, you see areas in which to improve, so the Niners can win more games. While I disagree with some of your player assessments, you have every right to state your opinion.
                I look forward to your posts. You are more of a fan than many on this site. kek

              3. Renas, all you have to do to get up to speed is read my posts.
                Ignore the catfish, even though, he writes like me, he doesn’t post as much as me.
                I post the most to educate people who don’t have a direct line to KS or grant.

          2. Seattle has owned us and has been at the top of the NFC West for some time (or very near it). Kyle does find ways to give up the big games and his propensity to pass has bit him more than once, as has his clock management.

            However, this year has been a year in which conventional wisdom has not necessarily been true when it comes to the 49ers. The team has control of its destiny and if they play well have a chance to do something not Seen around here for some time.

              1. It’s a joy. My group was transfixed by every little detail of the game with Baltimore.

                It’s because it matters. Everyone was disappointed by the outcome but hopeful.

                Haven’t seen that for a while.

              2. Jack Hammer says:
                December 3, 2019 at 8:01 am
                “The team has control of its destiny”

                Yes. It’s fun to watch truly meaningful games in December again.

                Funny I thought it was a whine fest for a two loss team in December.

      1. Niners can prove they’re a better team if they beat them in Seattle. If they get swept and Seattle wins the division there isn’t much of an argument in favour of the Niners. Of course, if during the playoffs Niners go to Seattle and win, it’s a totally different story.

    2. RENAS=Yes Pete Carroll knows how to close out games for the win…Kyle does not….Jimmy is a turnover machine highly mediocre…Wilson is not.

      This is the difference between a SB contener and a good team….

      On a positive note it has been a good year the team exceeded expectations……its been exciting and the losses were close but is this a trend? perhaps as Grant said the team may have peaked too soon. Right now is when you want to get hot and the team has lost 2of 3….

      1. “Yes Pete Carroll knows how to close out games for the win”

        Huh. I seem to remember a game, ball on the 1, one of the toughest running backs in the league, instead it’s a pass, picked off, New England wins the Super Bowl.

          1. Carroll is a very good coach, but let’s not act like he hasn’t lost some that he should have won.

            “The team may have peaked too soon”

            They’ve lost to 2 of the best teams in the league by a FG. Way to be stuck in the moment.

            “Rubber meeting the road”

            Where were you with that nonsense last week after they smoked GB?

            1. Go ahead and attack me Jack…its ok really……don’t know why fans attack each other unless they are butt hurt over a loss or a Seahag win …. are you suddenly becoming related to Seb? I have my own opinion if you don’t like it its ok……I try to point out the obvious which to some isn’t obvious that’s ok too….have a great day man

              1. The obvious is that an organization which has won 10 games the last 2 years has already won 10 this season and will be going to the playoffs for the first time in 5 seasons.

              2. lol Jack……honestly there’s just no point in arguing with these types of people. There’s always just those people lurking in the shadows waiting for this team to fail…..just so they can say “i told you so, I was right”

                If we can beat NO, we just need to take care of business vs ATL and Rams, then it will all come down to week 17…..I do hope Seattle slips up somewhere in the meantime….darn those Vikings!!!

              3. The reason people come at you is because you are a perpetual downer monty. You have done nothing but forecast doom and gloom since the offseason, and will always find a way to dump on the team no matter what they do. You are a strange fan in the sense you can’t allow yourself to enjoy how good this season has been. You just come in here win or lose and talk about what you don’t like and how they are going to fail. You are a miserable person monty. Seek some help.

            2. The team may have peaked too soon

              The team has been peaking since September, it’s a matter of time when they stop peaking. I think February will be a good time to stop peaking.

  11. Reality check. The Niners have dominated their opponents this year with the exception of the Ravens game which was a close contest in inhospitable conditions. Every game is a struggle for the seahawks. They have pulled out miraculous wins but their deal withe the devil cant last forever. Reminder Kittle and Sanders were injured when we played them week 10.

    1. Yes Rollo good point…however we are now seed #5 and the Seahacks are in first place….some argue injuries, some argue field goals some argue its the fans or poster’s fault LOL….

      Proud of the team just need to clean up clock management, time out management and call the right plays at crucial times something Kyle has yet to do. NOthing more nothing less its still a good very good team

    2. Yes, Rollo-as was Gould……..these negative guys simply will not acknowledge their importance, Its the path of least difficulty to be negative–its easier.

  12. The only way the Niners will ever beat the Seahawks is if the have a better QB than Russ–plain and simple.

    Jimmy G just has to be better.

    1. is that how we beat them last year???

      The Seahawks were 10-6 last year and lost to Dallas in the playoffs. There are plenty of ways to beat that team without having a QB better than Wilson.

      1. The Seahawks won the game yesterday because of (1) they made far fewer mistakes than the Vikings and communicated far better, (2) defense, and (3) home field advantage. Russell was efficient but unspectacular:21/31, 240 yards, 2 RD, 1 INT, very Jimmy G-like numbers. Seattle relied on its power running game.

      2. Well now you’re making a case for Nick Mullens and I will say that Mullens is a better fit for what Shanahan does. I know you don’t/won’t agree.

        And I went through this for about six comments with Jack pointing out this very fact, that it was Mullens, who was the last SF QB since Kaep/Smith to beat the Seahawks..

        That night, Nick was better than Russ in the box score and was one TD behind him in the stat sheet as their numbers were almost identical.

        Doesn’t matter who it is, the guy calling the number on the Niners side, must be better than Wilson.

        1. See now you’re moving the goal post a bit. You said in order to beat the Seahawks you must have a better QB than Wilson, not that our QB must play better than Wilson for that game. Of course Jimmy is capable of playing better than Wilson for one game. He played better than Rogers 2 weeks ago, would you call Jimmy the better QB overall? And that’s when defense plays a role as well. In order for someone to play better than Wilson, that means the defense is playing really well.

          You do not need a better QB, to win a game.

  13. @Jack:

    Do you have the recent percentages on the team successfully getting a first down on third down attempts? Jimmy G was #1 or #2 in the league several weeks back, but it seems like lately that success has dropped substantially.

    I have PFF if that’s where the stat is – need help in locating it though.

      1. Thanks. As I suspected, the 49ers have dropped to 15th in third down conversion percentage over the last 3 games. In the Ravens game they only converted one out of three third downs.

        1. In the Ravens game they only converted one out of three third downs.

          Still better than than 30% conversion rate of the Ravens, who had been leading the league with 50% rate.
          Not surprisingly, the quality of opposing D matters. It’s not by accident that the top 10 is populated with the stronger AFC teams and NFC East. The other NFC West teams are in the range 13-23.

  14. Can someone please explain the salary cap ramifications if we cut Coleman this offseason and roll with Breida, Mostert, and Richie James. I feel like those three have been the most effective out of the backfield but for some reason KS continues to force Coleman in the game.

    1. Don’t forget Wilson……that being said Breida has been sideline for several weeks now….the guy just can’t stay healthy….Coleman provides quality depth and is still very good in the screen game

    2. There is no dead cap if the 49ers cut Coleman after this year. If he stays on with his current deal he’d count 4.9 against the cap.

      Mostert is signed through 2021 with cap hits of 3.2 and 3.5.

      Breida and Wilson are not under contract for next season.

    3. Jet’s on the runaway to take off as soon as they reach an injury settlement with him.
      Coleman is most likely going to be cut if his production continues to be at the current level, but he might do a Malcolm Smith-like restructuring during the offseason.

    4. I did t mean to leave out Wilson. I’d rather have a rotation of backs than trying to rely on Coleman, who hasn’t been producing.

      Thanks Jack.

  15. The Saints game is going to be a tough game. They have a very, very good front four (seven) and sacked Matt Ryan nine times on Thanksgiving.

    However, Jimmy G has been improving on his performance against the blitz. I think Mood posted this a couple of days ago.

    “Coming into this game, Garoppolo had completed 81 of 124 passes for 922 yards, eight touchdowns and seven interceptions when blitzed. Against a Baltimore defense that ranked first in blitz percentage (50.7%) and dialed it up even more against him, Garoppolo kept things in check.

    The Ravens blitzed Garoppolo on 21 of his 25 of his dropbacks, and he responded with 12 completions in 18 attempts for 149 yards and a touchdown pass. That’s a small consolation for a team that could wind up as low as the fifth seed in the NFC, but having your quarterback break the spell against heavy pressure is a good thing. ”

    1. To put Ravens’ blitzing in perspective, this was the highest blitz rate against a QB since the one against Case Keenum in September of last season. Jimmy G continues to be one of the best QBs in the league when blitzed.

      There was another interesting observation about the game that I heard that I’m reproducing below. This game was the first time ever that the Niners have scored a TD in Baltimore against the Ravens. The last time the Niners scored a TD in Baltimore was in 1968 against the Colts. Niners scored 3 and 6 points in two games in Baltimore since Modell moved his Browns moved there in 1996.

  16. Some doom and gloomers think the Seahawks will kick the Niners arse, but just remember, the Niners were a missed field goal from defeating them, and 3 run plays from obtaining a tie.
    While I looked with disgust with the blatant favoritism the refs showed the Seahawks, I still think the Niners can beat them at the Clink. The Seahawks were blatantly grabbing shoulder pads, so I hope the Niners give a forearm shiver to their solar plexus. That may bring their arms more inside.
    The Seahawks are not invincible. The Bungles and Rams both missed game winning field goals, like the Niners. They have been defeated at the Clink, and Nick Mullens stopped their win streak. If a backup Niner QB can defeat them, JG should be able to also beat them.
    This next game, the Saints will blitz like crazy. They sacked Ryan 9 times. The Niners should invite the blitz, then burn them by attacking the area the blitzer left, or by safety valve swing passes and quick slants.
    The Niner coaches need to make sober assessments. Coleman does not have the vision needed to hit the weakness in the line. 6 yards on 5 carries just means second and long. He should be used for swing passes and as a receiver. The Niners should let Jeff Wilson Jr run between the tackles, and utilize Mostert a lot more running outside, and as a pass receiver.
    KS needs to be on top of his game. Pete Carroll is a very good coach, so KS needs to have flawless clock and game management.

    1. I predict that my niners will be the #1 seed if they follow all my directions.
      I am not a clairvoyant and do not rely on premonitions. The paranormal eludes me, but logic and cold, hard facts are hard to ignore.

      1. If the Niners had been bold, and gone for it on 4th down in the Seahawk game, they could have won.
        I advocated that the Niners design plays that get one yard, 2 yards and 3 yards. Too bad the SB KS did not believe enough in his team, that he did not think they could get one yard by running the ball. Later on in the Seahawk game, if they had just run the ball 3 times, they either could have gotten into field goal range, or assured a tie.
        Am I prescient when I advocated that they run Wilson up the middle, then see him score 2 TDs, ask for Wilson to get more snaps and see him catch the game winning TD, call for Dwelley to become more of a receiver and see him catch 2 TDs, call for Richie James to get more snaps, and see him catch and run for 57 yards, or advocate for the Niners to play Marcell Harris because he is good against the run, then see him make a strip/fumble recovery? I certainly know that no one else on this site made those calls.
        The SB KS did not believe enough in his team to not only get one yard running the ball, he dialed up a pass that was thrown into the teeth of the defense. Even KS admitted that it was a poor pass play selection. Kittle was blanketed. He should have avoided the clogged middle, and attacked the edges. He should have let either Wilson or Mostert run the ball. With 8 in the box, the edges were vulnerable.
        Would the Niners have been 12-0 or 11-0-1 if they had followed my advice? All I know is that they did not, and are 10-2. The SB KS strikes again.

  17. All he had to do was a QB sneak……freaking inches…….we should be 12-0 right now.

    I was high on the Super bowl run…..but I won’t be surprised if we lose in the playoffs because our genius coach is still learning to coach against experienced playoff coaches…..

    I think next year we will make the run……this year its all fantasy….Kshanny will disappoint us all

  18. The way some people act you’d think teams that win SB’s must go the entire year undefeated. It’s nuts. You lose games during the year. The 49ers have lost two really close ones against very good teams and both could easily have gone the other way. They are playing as well as any team in the NFL, which is backed up by just about every stat available (including record).

    I’d actually go as far as to say losing some games can be important. It helps keep the team grounded and avoid complacency when it matters.

    I’m not trying to suggest that losing is better than winning, or that we as fans should be looking for moral victories or be happy about a loss, but perspective is also important. The team has shown it can compete with the best and give itself chances to win these games. Next step is to close these games out. And the 49ers still very much have the #1 seed in the NFC in their own power. The only games they need to go their way are their own.

    Leading into this tough 3 game stretch it always seemed like the goal should be to make that week 17 matchup be about winning the division – it very much looks like it will be. That’s excellent with 4 games to go.

    1. The way some people act you’d think teams that win SB’s must go the entire year undefeated. It’s nuts.

      No kidding. There’s a reason the surviving members of that ’72 Dolphins team pop the cork every season. Even that greatest Niners team of all – 1989 – lost a couple. Glad there wasn’t social media back then – Niners lost to their rival Rams????? Season’s over.

      1. Actually, the 1984 season was one of their most dominant. They went 15-1, only losing to the Steelers. In the playoffs, they beat the Giants, shut out the Bears and bludgeoned Marino in the SB.

        1. 2 regular season losses by a total of 4 points, blowing through the postseason 126–26 , Taylor’s monumental 11 catch/286 yd game, you can make the argument the ’89 Niners were the best in history. But that’s a debate for another time. 84 or 89, those teams weren’t coming from nowhere, not like our 2019 Niners. This one, like the ’81 team, is special in it’s unexpectedness.

          1. One loss, not 2. The competition on 1984 was stronger. Giants had Lawrence Taylor, Ditka’s Bears were winning a lot, and Marino was having a HOF season.
            Yeah, 55-10 because Denver was horrible.
            I will agree, the 1981 was special, because the Niners beat the Cowboys twice, and it was almost magical.

    2. This is where I’m at too Scooter, though as usual the clowns will insist I’m a hater. I just don’t think the Niners have earned the right to be lax, which they won’t be. Losses are important because you learn from them, but you have to actually learn. They can display that by going to New Orleans and beating the Saints. Of course, I’m not saying if they lose it means they’re frauds. It would simply mean that they have more growing to do.

      At the end of the day the target should be a super bowl. It’s nice that it’s raised from previous years, where the target was a random win every few weeks. But we can take the positives from the growth of the team when the season is over and done with, in my opinion. When you are in play for a title, you need to push for it, and right now the Niners should not be judged as some loser team that is lucky to be where they are, but as one of the best teams in the league. That extends to the players, too. And the coaches. One can both be enjoying the ride and wanting better for the team because it’s put up or shut up time. I think maybe I don’t convey that well enough here.

    3. The way some people act you’d think teams that win SB’s must go the entire year undefeated. 

      Nah…i think that only coming from you….

      1. No he’s totally right and it’s mind boggling. A team that won 10 games the last two seasons combined is competing like a SB contender and we still have people ranting about bad Coaching or Garoppolo or whatever the flavor of the day is. They’ve lost 2 games by a combined 6 points. This is a team that can play and beat anybody because they have great Coaching and players. Both are not perfect and will make the odd mistake they are still human beings after all, but as I said to monty above, some of you are really missing out on a special season because you are so negative and focused on what you don’t like instead of seeing how good this team really is.

    4. “I’d actually go as far as to say losing some games can be important. It helps keep the team grounded and avoid complacency when it matters. ”

      Yes, but they also need to win a close one. Although, unlike some others, I far prefer a blowout win by my favorite team, I think best case scenario now would be a close game against the Saints, but with the Niners winning. That would be very good experience for closing out the season and the upcoming playoffs.

      Also, I think we need to be careful not to overlook the Rams and even the Falcons. The Rams really handed it to the Cardinals this past weekend and they might be getting hot (they might just beat the Seahawks this weekend). Any given game……

      1. « but they also need to win a close one »

        You mean like the ones against Pittsburgh or Arizona when they had to score a late TD?

        1. I should have been more clear. A close one against a top 5 or so team that will be in the playoffs. Ravens, Saints and Seahawks are all top five teams. Steelers and Cardinals not so much.

            1. Yes, and the 49ers were one of the teams that beat them in that 0-3 start.

              I doubt you’ll find a single ranking of NFL teams, during the season, where the Steelers were even in the top 10.

              1. Don’t care where people rank teams. This isn’t college. Pittsburgh is a playoff team because they’ve won a bunch of games after a really rough start.

              2. Winning a close one against a bottom 10 team (which the Steelers were when we played them) is not the same as winning one against a top five team. Just means that the 49ers were able to overcome beating themselves.

              3. You can knock the opponents all you’d like, it’s still a close win against a team currently in the playoffs.

          1. I should have been more clear. A close one against a top 5 or so team that will be in the playoffs.

            Could you push the Goal posts any closer together? They’ve lost to a team they handed 21 points to by 3 in OT after missing a makeable FG to win, and to another who came in on a roll where they were blowing everybody out by 20-30 points, and lost by a FG because their opponent had a better kicker. Did you honestly expect the Niners to win in Baltimore? 10am start local time, lousy weather, tough place to play against the hottest team in the league. It’s fine to be disappointed but holy sh*t at least be reasonable with the expectations. The Niners proved they can play with anybody anywhere. When was the last time we could say that?

            1. You still want to see the team winning against the best in the NFL. That’s who makes the playoffs and that’s what will need to happen for this team to win the Superbowl. It’s as simple as that.

              Am I disappointed in how this season has gone. Hell no. I’ve said multiple times that they’ve exceeded all offseason/pre-season expectations. And I’ve also said in different words, that they can play with anybody.

              I don’t think I’m far off, though, in saying that the expectations of many fans have changed as the season has gone on. We do, in fact, see a team that really can compete for the SB and even win it. But in order to get there they still have to beat those top teams.

              It’s an exciting time to be a Niner fan and I don’t think I’ve seen one mention on this blog about the upcoming draft and who the team should select (as in past years).

              1. Expectations still need to be reasonable and expecting a win in Baltimore with all the factors against them isn’t reasonable imo. It would have been nice, but not likely. Don’t use it as a reason to think they can’t win though because they’ve show quite clearly they can if they have all their weapons and don’t turn the ball over.

              2. Cubus
                The 49ers are in the playoffs picture and that’s what matters.
                If I recall, the Patriots went undefeated in 2007 then proceeded to lose the SB to the 10-6 NYGiants.

                Sure, there is room for improvement for this team, but I would imagine that the Ravens know they need to improve on their running defense as well after we shredded them on Sunday.

                I don’t see any current playoff bound team as a finished product yet. The playoffs represent a new season and I believe that this team has what it takes to not only make the playoffs, but also deliver a SB trophy.

      2. Sure, winning a close one against the Saints and/ or Seahawks to close out the season will be nice. Or blowing them out. I don’t really care. In order to get the #1 seed they need to win these games. And if they lose both those games, then the 49ers probably shouldn’t be considered one of the favourites to win the SB given it would mean they would be 1-4 against playoff teams during the regular season (though it certainly wouldn’t mean they can’t win it either).

        Let’s see how they go over these last four games. It’s a good team. They’re 1-2 against teams going to the playoffs currently and been close to being 3-0. If they go 2-3 or 3-2 against playoff teams that’s pretty decent, especially given they have been close in those losses. It kind of feels like some people are starting to feel that unless the team is dominating everyone it means they can’t win it all. Very few teams dominate everyone. Like almost every year the SB this year could be won by a number of very good teams, one of which is the 49ers.

          1. Does that include the Steelers? Yeah, I wasn’t sure whether they or the Titans were in the 6th seed in the AFC atm.

        1. Not that I don’t agree with you in most of what you say. I 100% agree that is not realistic to expect the team to win all of their games. But consider this scenario. The 49ers lose two games to middle of the road teams because they made mistakes but were able to win the close games against the best teams in the league. If I had a choice I think I would prefer this scenario. I would feel more confident entering the playoffs.

          Just to be clear, I am not complaining. The team has exceeded everyone’s expectations. This is more of a theoretical discussion.

  19. As good as home field and a bye would be, playing the NFC East winner would be a blessing in disguise.
    The Niners actually match up better with either Dallas or Philly.
    I want Seattle in Seattle for the NFC Championship.

    1. That’s just wrong. Matching up is one thing, but a bye means you don’t have to match up to anyone, as you skip that game entirely. I do think the team can win three road playoff games. But that’s a lot tougher than two home games. I think from a health perspective, a bye would be great too. But we’ll see. There isn’t a single game left that I look st and think the Niners will need to be fortunate to win.

      1. You have no idea how this works right Rena? At the end of the day you have to be playing your best football in December and injuries are what they are. The Niners have played all year with the next guy up mentality and have gone on the road and played well. That’s why they are 10-2.
        No one wants to play the Niners home or away.
        You have been doubting this team all year so you thinking they can’t win three games on the road in the playoffs is fitting. Keep up your lousy commentary because this team keeps feeding you the crow!

        1. You are disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. Prime, nothing I said there conflicts with anything you’re saying. I’m saying the notion that playing the East could ever be preferred to a Bye is nonsense because it’s an extra game that otherwise wouldn’t need to be played. It could be the literal perfect matchup, and it still would be less preferred to the Bye.

          Like I just said in that post, you f#cking idiot, I DO think the Niners can win three playoff games on the road. I DO think the Niners are very capable of beating every team on their schedule. I LITERALLY said “I think the Niners can win three games on the road”, and you, the mentally-defunct imbecilic moron, read that and thought I said the exact opposite. You’re so desperate to play fan police that you can’t even see when we are in agreement. You are a malignant cur.

          1. Just keeping talking out both sides of your mouth Rena. You doubt, they win ,you are a fan again. They lose and your piss and vinegar.
            I’m tired of bandwagon fans like you.
            Richard Sherman was talking to you about being a doubter. Stay that way, we don’t want you now.You are a joke!

            1. No no no no. First, you ought to apologise. YOU, Prime Cuck, couldn’t read, and accused of saying something I did not. Maybe your parents didn’t instill very good values in you, but when you wrong someone, you ought to apologise for it. Basic decency.

              Next, where have I doubted? Where have I ever said that I don’t think the Niners can win a game, a set of games, the super bowl? Umm, nowhere.

              So we have drama-obsessed, poor manners, a liar and a weak-willed pu$$y to boot, given how you can’t confront the times you f#ck up. Repungent little man, aren’t you Prime Cuck? I’d ask you to prove your claims, but there’s no point. Even if you did go back and find posts, you’ve displayed yourself to be too stupid to read correctly, so anything you come up with will probably be based on you not understanding what is said, as opposed to me having actually proclaimed the team frauds or whatever. Take your meds, Prime T4rd.

        2. Also, also, also, one more. “doubting this team all year”


          Yes Prime. I predicted at least ten wins before the season began. Higher than quite a few actually. And yes, I sold them short! I think almost everyone is surprised at how good the team is. You included. I’ve also picked them to win in, hmm, every. single. game. If that’s me doubting the team, then maybe the word “doubt” means something different in the States.

          See, this is what drama-obsessed sh1tters like you do Prime. If you were to look in almost every game thread, you’d see when I’ve posted I’ve given a lot of credit to the team, and individual players. But every now and then, I’ll complain about a play, a player, or the result of a game, and then suddenly all the positive stuff I’ve said never happened. I could proclaim Jimmy as a darkhorse MVP (which, er, I did) at one point, but the moment I complain on a bad play or turnover, the Prime Cuck brain pretends the praise doesn’t exist. Then the narrative changes to me being a perpetual (that means constant, as I understand words are hard for you to follow) hater, who wants to see the team lose.

          Find a hobby Prime. Go fishing. Play some video games. Read a book. There must be something better for you to do than play fandom politics on a blog.

          1. Problem is I’ve read enough of your post but now know you are a moron who what ever flavour of the week is advertised,!you are buying.
            If you had any inclination of what the NFL is about, you would know this season already has been a monumental success for the Niners.

            “Every now and then I’ll complain about a play or player or the result”
            How insightful of you. You need to go back and read your posts because all you sound like is a little bioch complaining about anything and everything after a loss, but when they win, you are just a die hard. Get serious!

            1. Problem is I’ve read enough of your post but now know you are a moron who what ever flavour of the week is advertised,!

              KEK, this is too rich! Firstly, you’re a joke. You don’t get to call anyone a moron when you have repeatedly proven yourself to be an illiterate mongoloid incapable of parsing simple sentences in that small, empty head of yours. You just did it again here. What exactly am I supposed to have done? What flavour of the week? It’s unclear. I dread to wonder what you spat out, but I know you tried hard. An ‘A’ for effort. If I were to take a guess at what you were trying to convey, it would be that I ride the highs too high, and the lows too low. How that jives with me having doubted the team all year, I have no idea, but I dare not think of what magic you came up with in that head of yours, so I suppose that’s a given. In which case, not really. I’ve hardly written the team off after either loss. The worst I’ve said is that the Niners don’t get to say they’re better than Seattle until they beat them. Which I’ve also qualified with them being able to do just that. I dunno. I think you’ve invented that one man.

              If you had any inclination of what the NFL is about, you would know this season already has been a monumental success for the Niners.

              I agree. I’ve never said otherwise. I wanted ten wins, and would have settled for eight. I’ve got what I wanted. The Niners could lose every game left, and they’ll have shown they’re capable of a winning season, with plenty of optimism for the future. I’m trying hard to use simple words Prime Cuck, because I know you struggle to get what is conveyed. You still following, buddy? Nice.

              But anyways, like I said to Scooter, we can frame the season as a whole when it’s over. Right now the talk is super bowl. That’s the goal now. It’s great. If I’ve given any impression that I think it’s less than great, then I apologise. Actually, no I don’t, because you, and your fellow bozos, have invented that fiction entirely. Sounds like a ‘you’ problem.

              How insightful of you. You need to go back and read your posts because all you sound like is a little bioch complaining about anything and everything after a loss, but when they win, you are just a die hard. Get serious!

              So I’m constantly doubting? Nice! We’re moving up. I don’t pretend to be insightful, Prime Cuck. I leave that to the wannabe savants that think they’re experts, like yourself. They’re just my thoughts in the moment. Take them for what they are. Or don’t, and cry about them like the little b1tch you are. It’s up to you my man. I don’t think I need to reread my posts at all. I think you need to develop some reading comprehension. And no, that is not to say my posts are so abstract and deep they need extra thought applied. It’s that I think you’re dumb, and would struggle to oass Primary School-level (that’s Grade School for you, I think) reading ability.

              1. I hope you realize that Prime does this to many posters, and I am one of his favorites. He is so judgmental and condemnatory to any thought but his own, which is kinda delusional. Case in point, his bravado that he wants to play in Seattle twice. Watching this last game, the blatant favoritism helped decide the outcome of the game. I saw blatant holding that was never called. A Pass interference was not called, but the interception was. There is not only a 12th man, there are all the refs, too.
                Playing and beating them once in the Clink is all that is needed. If there is a championship game, the better option is to have it at Levis. where they have an even chance to win. Beating the Seahawks in their friendly Clink is a daunting task, and the Niners need to play so well, the officials cannot give it to the Seahawks.
                Please do not stoop to Prime’s level and hurl insults. I must admit, I stooped to that level many times with him. It does no good, and makes it unpleasant to all.
                Please try to clean it up, and stick to football. Let me just say that I like a person who can form an argument, and defend it deftly. I do like your perspective, but other times I will disagree. Prime is not worth it. He is toxic, and time waster. Please do not engage, I have left him alone, he seems to be ignoring me, and I am content. Do not let him troll you. Some may point out the pot and the kettle analogy for me, but I do not care. Please try to be civil and polite. Prime likes turmoil. Just remember his absurdities, like playing in the Clink twice.
                Imagine, making it twice as hard to win……
                This season has been exciting, and very satisfying. No one predicted even a 10-2 season. I hope they go undefeated the rest of the way, then they can obtain a first round bye, so they can heal more.
                However, this game against the Saints is crucial, and no picnic. Brees, Payton, Kamara Thomas……That is a solid, talented team. Getting to Brees with a 4 man rush is important, but the coverage needs to be tight. Taysom Hill needs special attention. Expect a trick play, and maybe do a flea flicker with Sanders.
                Anyway, hope to see more of your posts. Hope I did not lecture too much. Let’s keep this cool. Niners are 10-2, and everyone is happy.

              2. No no, you’re right. I’m not particularly sorry towards Prime, as I think he’s earned all that and perhaps more, but I appreciate that it can be off putting for some to read.

                As entertaining as seeing two people flinging chit at each other can be, it’s not really productive to discussion. I do spend time discussing other interests on communities where said flinging is not so much encouraged, but fostered, and so sometimes I forget myself and carry the same mentality here. It’s just a matter of filtering myself better.

                I apologise if it was unpleasant to read through (that goes to anyone reading it feeling that way). I can’t promise it won’t happen again, but I’ll try to do a better job of not lacing in insults that add nothing to the dicussion. I like my name for him, though. I think I’ll keep that one.

              3. Spoken like a true gentleman!
                Thanks, this team may be poised for greatness. This is a hundred times better than a 4-12 season. kek

              4. “ Imagine, making it twice as hard to win……

                That’s exactly what a soft a$$ pansies says who has never played football in his life.
                Sports and winning is hard Nancy!

              5. Niners during their Glory Years, had an easier schedule, because they won so much. That helped them win those SBs. That first week bye helped them heal better, and have them rested.
                You want to have as twice as hard time to win. Good show.

              6. With attrition in the league, the more games one has to play, the more injuries.
                Being smart, and playing less, will avoid debilitating injuries.
                Macho bravado just leads to Pyrrhic victories.

              7. Why dont you go knit or sew a quilt and leave football talk up to real men?
                How many injuries have the 49ers already endured this year? And they’ve won 10 games. That’s the game of football dummy. Next man up. That’s why you have a roster and a practice squad.

              8. With all the attrition, you just think that it is not important.
                Thanks for proving my point. Too many injuries will doom the season.

      2. I do think the team can win three road playoff games. But that’s a lot tougher than two home games.

        Like, holy f#cking chit! How f#cking dumb are you, Prime? How do those sentences make any grammatical sense together if I were saying that I think the Niners can’t win three road playoff games. Even if you initially misread it, which happens, the use of “but” should IMMEDIATELY clue you in as to what I actually said. Reading comprehension, clown – learn it.

    2. Not sure if you meant it to come across this way, but sounds like you think being the #5 seed is preferable to being #1 seed. It most definitely wouldn’t be. Give me the bye and home field through the NFC playoffs thanks.

      But if they don’t win the division, yes, that first playoff game likely should be a comfortable win. Not as comfortable as a bye though! 😜

      1. Scooter the reality is based on the remaining schedule we end up not winning the division and will be the 5th seed.
        Do I prefer having a first round bye and home field of course, but of all the teams in the NFC, SF can go on the road for three playoff games and win them.
        It would just be fitting to go to the SB through Seattle in Seattle and win both times this year.

        1. Scooter the reality is based on the remaining schedule we end up not winning the division and will be the 5th seed.


          Who’s doubting now, Prime Cuck? What’s wrong? Don’t have the conviction that they can run the table? I do. I guess if they do so, you can join the rest of us that you’ve sentenced to eating some crow. There’s plenty to go around, big boy!

          1. « Don’t have the conviction that they can run the table? I do. »

            That’s a change from a few weeks ago.

            “Renas says:
            November 12, 2019 at 11:57 am
            I think the team loses to both Ravens and Saints, and Seattle, and wins the rest. 12-4. »

            1. Indeed it is Jack. I feel they showed enough against the Packers and Ravens since then. Am I not allowed to change my opinions after seeing more evidence? Is that where we are at now? I’m supposed to ignore evidence that conflicts with my earlier impressions and double down like an idiot because I’m desperate to protect my one take?

              No. For shame, Jack. That’s such a dumb stance to hold. “you can’t change your opinions from weeks ago despite one hugely impressive outing and one close loss against the toughest out in football”. Ridiculous.

              1. Well like I said, I’m not so sad as to staunchly die on a hill I never wanted to be on in the first place. Since I said 12-4, the Niners came back from 16 down and won a game against the Cards, demolished the Packers and their (at the time) highly regarded O Line, and then gave the Ravens the best match they’ve had in weeks. It’s only natural that I’d gain some confidence from that, especially with the Saints not being exactly perfect.

                What can I say? Maybe I’m not such a hater some will claim I am lol.

              2. Renas……. just stop it.
                If Michael Jackson was still alive he’d be honored by your moonwalk.
                You’re just a young fan with an emotional roller coaster of feelings on this team.
                Keeping it real is one thing, but like Prime said.
                You buy the flavor of “whine” weekly and get drunk with it.
                Again. Just stop it. You’re on your way to Sebhood.

        2. I don’t know whether I would say that is “reality”. I think the 49ers still have a very good chance of winning the division. It all comes down to whether you think they can beat the Saints and Seahawks. I think they can. But yes, if they don’t, I also think the team is capable of winning on the road through the playoffs (though if they can’t beat the Saints and Seahawks on the road during the regular season you have to wonder how realistic it is they then win three games on the road to make the SB, with at least one of those games likely against the Saints and Seahawks and quite possibly two).

    3. Prime,

      Am I right to assume that you want the 49ers to get home field, but think they’ll be fine if they end up as the WC?

      1. Of course but Seattle looks like they have an easier schedule then us so they most likely win the division.
        I guess the Rams and what they show against Seattle this week and against us will be very telling if week 17 will be a very important game.

        I have no problem being the fifth seed and having to travel. It’s not ideal but this team can play anywhere with that defense. By then,hopefully the offense has flipped the switch.

          1. The difference between my takes and a lot of these doubters, and fair weather fans (you were one too), is that I don’t make foolish predictions, proclamations, judgements, or give into the hype of the flavour of the week.
            Sure people can change their minds and have different takes or doubts but then what? You look like a fool and deservedly need a plate full of crow.
            The point is predicting the NFL is the most impossible challenge. Saying this coach can’t do this or this team is better, or this player has reached his ceiling is all BS. Why? Because it all changes from week to week.
            So many of you just follow the hype. Whatever a news outlet says that week it’s law for some people. One loss results in major panic while one win results in a bunch of “I told you so’s!
            So many times on this blog people just pop off and I remind them of how stupid they truly sound. Case in point this Rena rookie.

    1. Surprised that Tepper did not clean house last off-season. Panthers were doomed to mediocrity with Hurney, Rivers and Newton. Tepper is a hedge fund manager and will probably think out of the box in turning the Panthers around.

      IMO, NFL will change a lot over the next five years as a result of new owners like Tepper, Kroenke, etc., the upcoming players’ strike over the new CBA, legalizing of sports betting, increased concerns over player safety, and the decline of network TV.

  20. Some of my thoughts and observations.

    I think SF can and I believe will beat Seattle handily in Seattle. That said if Seattle somehow keeps the game within a score and RW has the ball within the last 4 minutes I would favor Seattle to win.

    I don’t believe Saleh showed a blueprint on how to beat Lamar. He, like Kyle makes some questionable decisions. In this game early on he had the ends crashing and asked a linebacker to scrape and play contain against Lamar in space. He basically chose to allow the Ravens best player, one on one matchups in space.
    He adjusted in the 3rd quarter and stopped crashing the de onto the rb and SF got several stops… then on the final drive Saleh went back to the gap exchange???
    This allowed Baltimore to milk the clock on their game winning drive. The worst part is Saleh has shown so much growth but this is a repeated issue from AZ, Sea, and now Baltimore. So this is a bit disconcerting.

    SF is the better team more often than not but their players/scheme are not built to get tough inside yards. So 3rd or 4th and 1 or 2 yards are real nail biters. I think this also leads to Kyle overthinking plays.

    1. Agree with most of what you said, Shoup. I’m not nearly as impressed with Saleh as many others here are. But, the defense is very good and he deserves credit for that – just don’t think he is the genius Grant makes him out to be.

      1. Saleh is overrated….we all saw what he did the last 2 seasons….the new DLine coach deserves most of the credit.

        I like him much as DC but this crazy talk about him being a HC is dumb

      2. I’m not nearly as impressed with Saleh as many others here are.

        Let’s see. The # 1 defense in the NFL allowed 37 points to the Ravens a month earlier, while the Niners allowed only 20 (and one of the TDs was on a short field following the fumble).
        Opinions here used to just based on results, but now I’m confused.

        1. Mood: I gave Saleh credit because he is the top guy. That does not mean that he is a genius as Grant states. Saleh has new coordinators in Kocurek and Woods and he has better players (Ford, Bosa, Alexander, Warner in his 2nd year, etc). I’m not saying that Saleh isn’t capable, just not some sort of genius. The addition of these individuals has had a lot to do with the improvement of the defense.

          Your reference to the points allowed seems to overlook that the weather conditions were not similar.

          1. I’m not saying that Saleh isn’t capable, just not some sort of genius.

            Nobody is looking for a genius DC. All it matters is whether Saleh’s scheming and his position coaches’ teaching of the schemes to the players is good enough to win a championship. I have no reason to believe that he’s not good enough.

        2. Saleh has been good since he got here. This year they finally gave him some legit pass rushers and the results show.

          1. I still have a hard time with last year’s defense giving up 35 points to the Chiefs in the first half. In the 2nd half they held the Chiefs to 3 points which was great. But this particular game is one of the reasons I asked you about whether or not Saleh could make in-game adjustments as opposed to having to wait until halftime.

            1. Who did Saleh have to rush the passer last year?

              The only reason they held the Chiefs to 3 in the second half was because KC took their foot off the gas.

              1. His offense was 21st in the league in scoring and turned the ball over often, especially deep in their own end of the field. I would not say one was better than the other.

              2. And Saleh’s defense was 28th in points given up with the lowest number of turnovers generated in the history of the NFL.

                With KS it was and is easier to see the “genius”; it was clear that he just didn’t have the personnel. With Saleh, I never had that feeling.

              3. « And Saleh’s defense was 28th in points given up »

                Yeah. The offensive turnovers deep in their own end, and some poor kick coverage put the defense in some really tough spots. Also, don’t forget that things like Garoppolo’s pick 6 in Minnesota count towards points allowed.

                « With Saleh, I never had that feeling »

                It was pretty clear that the issue on d was lack of pass rush. Hence spending a 1st and 2nd along with a big contract to get it fixed.

          2. Your standards must be really low….last 2 yrs Defense has been ranked in bottom…..

            In year 2 …He had the opportunity to show what he could do with average talent which included a couple of probowlers….he choked…..the lack of creativity to generate turnovers showed saleh needed help…..

            We should want a DC that can do more with less….not one that always needs more to win….

    2. Dont be confused I think Saleh has done a great job this year. I just pointed out some questionable decisions I have seen.

      This might just be a growing pain you have to live with in having such a young DC similar to what we live with in having such a young HC.

      Here’s hoping they both grow rapidly.

    3. Saleh had the defense playing well enough to keep the Ravens to their lowest point output of the season and below 300 yards total offense. The one area he should be questioned on is how the defense has played in their two losses at the end of the game. They seem to do a good job most of the game and then struggle to stop the final drive that decides it. I’m not sure if he plays things any differently, but they only gave up two long drives the entire game to Seattle and one of them decided it at the end. Same thing happened yesterday when they couldn’t get off the field and let the Ravens burn over 6 minutes off the clock to close things out. Small criticism in the grand scheme but one to keep an eye on.

  21. I think Saleh is a good coach. He may need help on the offense, but he has made the Niner defense stout. Do not know from what parameters, but they are a top 5 defense.
    Many other teams need defensive help. Saleh would be a huge upgrade. I think he will be considered by some. depends on the turnover. Many teams would be desperate to have a top 5 defense.
    However, I also think the addition of Kocurek and Woods really helped the defense. Woods, with his DC experience, has greatly aided Saleh.

  22. This game with the Saints will be a stern test. They both have potent offenses and stout defenses.
    I think the coaching may make the difference in this game. Sean Payton is a SB winning coach, with years of experience.
    KS needs to coach a smart, efficient and effective strategy, and have crisp clock and game management. The Niners need to be balanced to keep the defense guessing. I think the Niner defense is good enough to counter the Saints offense.

  23. To add perspective as a counter to the unceasing negativity that pervades this bog, last year at this time, the Niners had a record of 2-10.

  24. It’s so important to keep a boot on Seattle’s throat when a lead is acquired. If you let up for any length of time, RW will take every opportunity to push his team ahead. He has all the confidence in the world because he’s good, but also because teams keep letting him hang around and end up folding in the end. You have to run up the score as much as possible so as not to let Wilson get in his “zone”. Of course, this becomes all the more difficult when refs don’t throw flags on Seattle’s relentless holds. The Seahawks are cheaters at heart and have no shame.

    The Niners coaching staff and players need to understand that you cant give Wilson any breathing room in the second half or it’s over. He literally thrives in situations where the game is close but still in reach.

    I sensed a lack of urgency on the part of the Niners during the second half of the game against Seattle. Big mistake. This cannot happen again if they want to win.

    12/29 needs to be a knock down, drag out dog fight. Screw the bastards.

    1. A lack of urgency during the second half? They were down 21-10 and came back to tie it. They struggled handling the Seattle pass rush because Staley and McGlinchey hadn’t played in over a month and that forced a couple of fumbles that led directly to TD’s. The fact the 49ers were able to overcome those mistakes and come back to tie it and send it to OT shows plenty of urgency on their part. There were a number of factors that led to a Seattle win, the TO’s, the rusty play of the returning OT’s, not having Kittle and Sanders, but they were primed and ready to play that game and didn’t lack anything other than some luck in their favor.

      1. Ok, my bad. I was speaking about the coaching and maybe I am wrong about that.

        However, mistakes were made and I hope they learned from them.

        1. The mistakes were the TO’s. That’s not a Coaching issue and the Niners were up 10 zip before those happened. The fact they didn’t curl up into a ball and play the poor us game is a sign of good Coaching and team moral. The only way to learn from mistakes is to make them and hopefully they do learn from them as you said.

          1. I dont agree that coaching was not an issue. As Grant aptly put it in his post game grades (regarding Kyle),

            “He abandoned his running-back screen passes,which have been so effective all season, until late in the fourth quarter. And he mismanaged the clock during overtime during the 14-second drive which gave the ball back to the Seahawks”

            The team also had more time than Seattle to prepare a game plan and imo, could have won regardless of injuries. This is what I meant when I said “lack of urgency” but I should have stated it better.

    2. PFF ranks the starting QBs. Here’s what they have to say about Jimmy G:

      Despite the 49ers’ success, Garoppolo has been merely solid in his play and he’s put the ball in harm’s way far too often for a quarterback who has largely been playing with leads this season (14th-highest percentage of turnover-worthy plays). The game-by-game grades reflect Garoppolo’s inconsistency. He has five games with grades at 75.0-plus and three games with sub-50 grades, including both 49ers losses (Seahawks and Ravens). San Francisco’s offensive scheme has set Garoppolo up for success, and while he generally runs the system well, he must cut out the poor decisions and fumbles in the pocket.

      I’m pretty much on record as a big Jimmy fan. Having said that, I don’t think you can deny some of the points that are made. I do not think Jimmy was the reason we lost the Ravens game. In the Seahawks game, he had no one to throw to and there were multiple drops by Pettis, Bourne and Goodwin. Despite last game’s fumble, his turnovers are down quite a bit over the last 5 or 6 games. As has been pointed out, his ability to beat the blitz has improved significantly. Jimmy can take this team to the Superbowl, but needs his supporting cast. For essentially a second-year starting QB, that’s pretty good, imo.

      1. As has been pointed out, his ability to beat the blitz has improved significantly.

        Jimmy G was beating the blitz in his 5-0 start in 2017 as well as he’s beating it now. I don’t care what PFF says.

      2. I came into this year with the sophomore slump notion with Garoppolo.
        I understand it takes awhile for this system to be mastered.
        And I mean on the field not in the head.

        What I do like seeing is him trusting some of the receivers like Deebo now and Sanders right off the bat.
        Hoping they can stay healthy throughout the rest of the season.
        Having three pass catchers to trust will go a long way for him and this offense.

        I also like seeing him trust his o-line.
        I will admit to a fault some times.
        I’ve gotta think the fear of injury is hindering his pocket scrambling.
        He was magical his first 5 starts in the pocket and has shown some flash this season with making defenders miss and getting rid of the ball.
        A couple of loose ends he can sure up and he will be fine. In fact I believe he will be elite when he gets more time in with this offense.

        Those boneheaded INT’s must be the first thing he works on ASAP
        The fumbles a close second.
        Eventually he will come around and learn he doesn’t have to win the game himself and it’s ok to punt sometimes.

        Idk about PFF but I can see his confidence, knowledge, trust and skill growing game by game.

        1. Garoppolo is the answer. Not sure he is growing. Looked great against the Cardinals. Awful against Seahawks. At least two more picks were dropped. Don’t judge a QB’s long term potentials by a flashy set of early games. Right now Garoppolo is no more than a middle tier QB. Can he get better? It is all in decision making. 12/29 should provide type flight receivers but Seattle’s D has shown marked improvement. It will come down to Garoppolo vs Wilson and Wilson can have a stinker now and then. Team with least amount of mistakes will prevail.

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