Visual proof that Aaron Lynch is overweight

On May 5, I made national news when I broke the story that 49ers outside linebacker Aaron Lynch is “a cool 20 pounds overweight.” Now, you can see for yourself.

The 49ers just released a slow-motion video of Lynch reporting to this week’s offseason workout program, and he looks like an offensive lineman. Check him out below at the three-second mark.

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  1. The issue is can he reach a weight that will give him a chance to be as effective as he was his first year. If he fails to do that your original observation and prediction will be correct.

    Why are you looking for a pat on the back? My black belt granddaughter would have made the same prediction.

  2. Lynch doesn’t look that bad compared to the guy on the left. Grant, you were right and this is your Zapruder film. Seriously though, I never doubted your word. Good eye.

  3. Ok, he’s heavier than I originally thought. Pretend I’m patting you on the back. Another way of viewing it though, is that they want him at RDE. Do you think he’d be effective there, Grant?

  4. Again, Lynch can lose 15-20 lbs in the first two weeks of TC. Lynch was living large this off season but I believe he will quickly get back in shape during TC.
    If he can’t get his weight under control he will have no one to blame but himself.

    1. Again, Trent Brown lost over 30 lbs after getting drafted at 380 plus. 20 lbs isn’t so bad.

    2. Yes he can lose the without that fast. But he’s had weight issues before and has had all offseason to get back into shape. He comes in like this. What does that say about his hunger to win, lead or want to even play? This guy had one decent season and obviously thinks he’s owed his job. He hasn’t done squat in 2 seasons. Obviously his fork is bigger than his heart. And with a new regime that shouldn’t be tolerated. “I want winners” :-)

  5. You’re desperate for clicks. I hope Lynch gives you the A.D. treatment.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. This type of “journalism ” worked for your dad – it’s monkey see, monkey do.

  6. Lynch definitely looks overweight. However, it’s debatable whether he’s a “cool 20 lbs overweight” from this tape. We all know that these kinds of video tape “evidence” can be a bit deceiving for various reasons including the clothing worn, lighting, camera angles, etc. If today’s date on my calendar said July 1st, I’d have concerns. However, it’s mid-May, and Aaron can put his nose to the grindstone and be back down to optimal weight in a matter of a few weeks, without much trouble, if he dials in his nutrition along with his conditioning program. That said, I’m told the 49ers brass is OK with Aaron Lynch playing bigger in 2017, than he played during his rookie season, and according to Solomon Thomas, 49ers defensive linemen have been told to play at a weight they are comfortable with and, as of now, I have no doubt that aaron Lynch is a player John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan plan to keep on the 53-man roster. Respected veterans Antoine Bethea and Torrey Smith were let go because it was viewed they had already peaked in their football careers. That was not the case with Lynch, who combined for 12.5 sacks in 2014 and 2015. Additionally, Robert Saleh recently said he and Gus Bradley were very high on Lynch coming out of the NFL Draft.

    “He’s on the defensive line. We’re going to try to keep his hand in the ground at all times,” Saleh said on April 10. “A couple years ago, when he came out of the draft, we were looking at him as a possible LEO. So, he has all the traits that you would like. Now it’s a matter of us trying to work with him to best utilize what he’s, in my mind, designed to do and that’s get after the passer.”

    It’s May 15th Grant, we’ve got 10 weeks between now and the beginning of training camp. Professional athletes of Lynch’s age and size can easily lose 15-20 lbs in 1/3rd of that time without any lingering side effects, provided they follow the program, and I can assure you ShannaLynch have a specific plan for getting Aaron Lynch.

    Let’s worry about this in July because, as of May 15th, it ain’t no thing but a chicken wing!

  7. Ahmad Brooks looks like he could lose a few pounds too. He’s another one that has a history of reporting to offseason workouts a bit overweight and losing weight through TC.

    I guess at this stage Lynch being overweight isn’t an issue as such. Its more a concern. It is of course quite possible for him to lose that weight in time for the start of the season. The questions I have are how patient will Shanahan be with him, will he perform well enough while overweight to impress the coaches, and what happens if he picks up an injury during camp that prevents him from working out to lose the weight?

  8. I’ll simply my response to this Grant:

    It’s May 15th Grant. As of today …. Aaron Lynch’s extra weight aint no thing but a chicken wing (pardon the pun).

    Aaron Lynch is a big boy, and he seems to be a guy who naturally carries a few more pounds than other guys his size. But he’s not nearly as heavy as he was at this time last year. He’s only 24 years of age bro, and training camp is still 10 weeks away. I can assure you ShannaLynch have a plan for him, so, IMO, this is much ado about nothing my friend.

    1. He “naturally” carries more weight because he doesn’t eat right (self confessed) and has poor work habits (according to multiple sources, including his college strength coach who was on record as saying “Clearly, integrity & character are not a priority” when he was drafted by the 49ers).

    2. No, Aaron Lynch isn’t a ‘big boy.’ He’s a guy who has had a reputation of not only being a Top-15 talent, but a scrub for work ethic and dedication.

      As a freshman at Notre Dame he was so talented he ended up first string and started the last 6 games and was a first-team Freshman All-American. People were thrilled with his talent that they were already pegging him as an elite pro football prospect.

      Then he quit. Went to USF. Had issues there. Didn’t do anything until the last month of his Junior year when (apparently) decided he wanted to leave school for the NFL and put on a fantastic month of work after scuffling along the first eight games.

      He is, simply put, low-character, low-effort. Which is why one of his college coaches called him (and the 49ers) out when he was drafted. And 24 doesn’t matter. In fact, at 24 he should be excited and working hard instead of regressing into a low-effort burn-out.

      1. MosesZD & Scooter, I’m not suggesting Lynch doesn’t have to start working harder to get himself into shape. He’s clearly heavier today, than he needs to be heading into TC, IMO. However, it’s almost impossible to estimate what anyone weighs walking out of the locker room wearing lose clothes. During practice drills just last week, Lynch looked like he was moving well. I am confident that this coaching staff has plenty of time to get Aaron’s weight down to a number they feel comfortable with heading into camp, and therefore it’s not much of a story right now. This is not the same situation Aaron was in last season, where he showed up some 30 lbs overweight and the 49ers coaching staff was furious.

        Aaron Lynch is, as of May 15th, very much in the new coaching staff’s defensive plan heading into this season, and a little extra weight in May hasn’t changed that plan. Aaron Lynch is 24 years old. He hasn’t yet even hit his athletic football prime age. I am confident enough in this new FO and coaching staff to get Aaron Lynch in shape, and down to a weight that works for him, and this defense, and watching him work on the field last week only bolstered my confidence that Aaron is going to have a good season.

        Of course it’s not going to magically happen! Aaron’s not magically going to get himself into shape optimal shape if he doesn’t get to work. But it’s mid-May guys, and I am very confident in the new staff’s ability to get Aaron on track, get his nutrition in order, and have him in shape and up to speed by the time training camp rolls around.

        1. To put it simply ….. this would be a big story IN JULY!

          Last I checked (yesterday) it was mid-May. Just saying!

      2. MosesZD is right and people attacking him need to also remember another player who also was called out by the 49ers for their work effort and that coach said to that player “you won’t get far beyond your first contract.” That was about Anthony Davis who “retired” twice because he was “tired” and then outhustled by a 7th round pick. So much of football is talent, also work ethic and will. All of the low-effort players won’t have starting jobs and may not make the team.

      3. I’m sorry but Aaron Lynch is a big boy, he’s 6’6 270…by comparison Bryant Young was 6’3 and 305lbs, Justin Smith was 6’4 285, Bruce Smith 6’4 265, JaDeveon Clowney 6’6 267, JJ Watt 6’5 289, Justin Houston 6’3 285, Khalil Mack 6’3 251, Arik Armstead 6’7 296, Buckner 6’7 291.

        You can see he falls right in line with a lot of these guys, but in no way is he near 300lbs, what an Olineman would weigh. The guys probably 6’6, 275 and needs to drop 10lbs of fat at best. That can be done in a months time.

        What this does tell you is that he is naturally a big guy and naturally big guys move a lot better with a little extra weight than guys who build up to be 280lbs but really are 225lb guys.

        If it’s September 10 and Lynch is 285lbs and a little flabby, then you may have an issue, but still, we need to see how he plays first.

  9. I carefully checked the footage of Lynch walking frame by frame. What appears to be fat to the layperson, is in fact a highly sophisticated experimental Homeland Security Yolk Sack developed by DARPA.

    Aaron seems to be beta testing HSYS under severe practice conditions. If fully functional, an agent with a HSYS installed in his or her abdomen can walk from Bolinas to Medford Oregon with little more nourishment than an occasional sip of water. If successful, American soldiers will have a clear logistics advantage in remote combat operations.

    Instead of ridicule, we owe a great thanks to athletes like Aaron, who knowingly sacrifice their reputations for the good of our country.

    1. ha ha. As someone who has worked on DARPA programs, I feel such a concept is not beyond DARPA’s fertile imagination!

  10. You’re such a hack. There are plenty of photos from camp that show hes not overweight. You pick the 2 second video clip of him in a baggy shirt.

    You’re a punchline among 49er fans. Everyone knows you got your job because of daddy. Learn how to write like a professional and you wont need to stoop to fake TMZ storylines to get clicks.

    1. Fooled ya. Lynch was wearing a gut buster waste band to hide his fat. Too bad you missed the picture of him overheating so he lifted his shirt, exposing the band.

      Grant pointed out something that could have big ramifications for the Niners. The blowback from his observations just means he is hitting too close to home.

      That- He got a job just because of his daddy- screed is getting old. Grant can write, and many may try to write, but if their content is not salient, they last 2 seconds. Grant has been published nationally, and his exclusive one on one interview with Eddie DeBartolo proved to me that he can not only ask probing questions, he can engender insightful responses.

      1. I would actually say that Grant was being generous in saying he was only 20lbs overweight… I would say it looks like he’s even more overweight than Grant stated.

      2. Check that mirror for brown smudges. You’re a gem Seb. Grant could use an agent…why not you?

        1. Naw, Grant does not need my help. His writing defines him, and I am a pretty harsh critic, so if he continues writing the way he can, I will continue to read his blog.

          How about you? Why do you continue to post on this site? Ol’ Baalke prolly needs help with his bait shop.
          Sure am glad the stench of Baalke is dissipating, but you seem to stink things up, still.

      3. How does it feel to be one of the 10 Grant Cohn fans in existence? You must be related to him. Hes a terrible writer. His work sounds like something a high school kid writes for English class.

        All he knows how to do is troll. He says things he knows will get people riled up, because his writing ability alone isnt good enough to get views.

        Its painfully obvious that his father got him his job. You dont get a position like that at a young age with no writing talent without someone pulling the strings.

        Aaron Lynch is going to be rushing the passer from a 3 point stance in this new defense. Grant, nor anybody else knows what weight theyd like Lynch to be at. Robert Saleh even said there is no set weight hed like to see for each position. It varies based on body type.

        This whole topic is gossip BS. Grant should worry more about how Lynch’s game looks on the practice field, not what his waistline looks like.

  11. For all of us mere mortals, (I’m 5-8 180), 25lbs on a 300lber ain’t the same as 25lbs on me. But c’mon, Grant’s supported his observation that was shared by Matt M. at least.
    The ‘could be cut’ float was no doubt a warning, but Matt picked that up same-o.
    Remember, new HC/GM owe nothing, have no skin in the game on previous GM picks.; draft or FA. It’s Biznez-az- uzyall with the new guys.

    1. …I guess but the counter to that is what may look like 20lbs of gut to grant, could be 40lbs of fat on a big body.

      (I am 6’3″, when I go from 200 -220 you couldnt tell unless my shirt is off. My gut only becomes notable when I hit 235)

  12. Any player who will make 1.8 mil for playing a game, should get serious and come to the practices in shape and ready to go. Carrying extra weight will slow you down, so I hope he works out hard and comes to TC cut and chiseled.
    With all the competition, he should not have an ounce of excess fat, much less 15-20 lbs.

    1. Until it hurts him on the field THIS YEAR, its not an issue. It’s May 16th, not August, not September, October, November, or December. Guarantee that come week 1, this guy will be more than ready to go.

      1. Last season, he did not do well, and the excuse that he had to eat because his wife was pregnant was specious. Lynch had warning flags before the draft, and now they seem to be apparent. Wonder if the Niner coaches can instill a better work ethic in this guy.
        Lynch might have just eaten himself off the team, or he might disappear in a puff of smoke.

  13. Grant,

    I know this is supposed to be about Aaron Lynch but I have a question about Kaepernick for you. A lot of people feel he’s being “blackballed” from the NFL. I don’t know if you’ve already addressed this, but what’s your take? Do you think that’s what’s happening with him?

    I tend to think that’s not the case because the NFL has proven they’ll put up with just about anything if they think you’re talented enough. But I was curious of what you though about his situation.

  14. It’s definitely blackballed. Any QB that had one win, and that one skinny was against the Rams, has clearly established they are SB level. I mean, seriously, any other QB with this resume would be franchise tagged.

  15. Grant you are as desperate as paparazzi training camp is still months away let’s see what he looks like then

  16. Now link the video showing him smoking buckner jumping the bags! Go stand in the corner young man, before I tell your dad on you for click baiting…lol

  17. That piece of information became “national” news mostly because it was the beginning of May in the football off season and well, PFT.

  18. Well, that sold me…

    Off with his head!!

    Grant, did you get a lot of flak? Who cares? Can’t you move on? Seems a bit third grade-graderish to rehash this story. Someone shun you in the press room?

    You wrote a story. It got some play, maybe someone called you on it. Move on.

  19. I guess I’m in the minority here but how is it not a big deal the guy is sloppy and over weight. This absolutely speaks to his character. He is in a contract year, coming off a horrible year and is the best pass rushing talent on a team with NO pass rushers. You would think this guy would be living in the gym, instead he shows up looking like a fat sloppy mess? For a guy who was drafted in the 5th rd because of character issues this is a horrible sign. I’m with Grant on this one. Don’t bother evaluating any of our defensive backs this year, our pass rush is going to be nonexistent

    1. I just wish people would stop talking about lack of character when it comes to those who have weight issues. Its not a matter of character, I am over weight but I like to think I am a man of high character, now I certainly have other issues to work on but not my character (I believe)

      1. It just means that being GREAT is not in his character and football doesn’t mean that much to him.

        1. Tell that to Fred Dean…the guy only stepped into the gym to smoke a cigarette yet he’s in the HOF.

            1. But Fred Dean lived off natural ability, became a HOF-er off that natural ability. Lynch has natural ability. You can’t get that in the gym.

              1. Two thoughts on weight n character 1) for the average person it’s not your job to be in shape. Lynch is paid millions of dollars to be at top form. That’s the character issue, he isn’t taking his job seriously. If he starts playing like Dean, he can eat McDonald’s 5 times a day if he wants. If he plans on averaging 5 sacks per year he shld probably work harder. 2) weight issues, barring physical affliction, do speak to character at some level. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person but it says something about lack of discipline whether it be eating, drinking or excercise.

              2. Being overweight has nothing to do with discipline or lack there of. There are millions of people ever day in gyms, eating right, but battling genetics, just to stay in shape or try to get into shape. We are not talking obese people, we are talking people who put on weight easy and to take it off is insanely tough. The same applies for hard-gainers, men & women who can not build muscle for the life of them, they have to super load on calories and protein and work their butts off in the gym to put on 10 lbs. Neither of them lack discipline.

                Aaron seems to, from all we’ve seen of him since he got to ND, be a guy who puts weight on very easily. That does not mean he doesn’t work his ass off. That does not mean he isn’t capable of being a lethal olb/de for this team.

                For you to say otherwise is inconsiderate and uneducated.

              3. Don’t agree with you eMJay. USF’s strength and conditioning coach, Hans Straub, specifically called out the 49ers for drafting Lynch. He sent a Tweet right after the 49ers selected Lynch that said,

                “Thought an organization with 5 Super Bowl titles would have a stricter draft criteria. Clearly, integrity & character are not a priority.”

                So I may be reading something into this Tweet but considering the source, I’d say the strength and conditioning coach at USF thinks Lynch lacks character because he is not a hard worker which brings us to this point where Grant broke a national news story.

              4. Keep in mind that Straub was suspended and then resigned after that tweet. Also keep in mind that Willie Taggert vouched for Lynch when talking to Harbaugh. Always two sides to every story.

                I don’t dispute that Lynch has had some issues in the past and if he doesn’t get himself in shape by TC and show he’s dedicated, then he is in some trouble with a new Coaching staff that has no prior history with him. However this story of him being 20+ pounds overweight has been blown completely out of proportion. The sole source for many of the online services that picked it up was Grant’s observation. Maiocco mentioned it once in a tweet, but didn’t provide any detail and just said Lynch needed to get his act together. There has been nothing reported that quotes anyone affiliated with the team or Lynch either officially or unofficially talking about him being overweight or being in trouble with the new staff. This is a clear case of an internet media feeding frenzy with little substance.

              5. Wow, who knew we had so many Aaron Lynch apologists. Straub was suspended and ended up resigning because he broke the cardinal rule of keeping dirty laundry in house. He did not resign because what he said was false. I don’t need confirmation from Aaron Lynch or the 49ers to see with my own 2 eyes that a guy who is paid millions of dollars for his physical ability has become a fata$$. Aaron Lynch’s current physique gives Hans Straub a bit of credibility that his original reaction to Lynch’s integrity and character, or lack thereof, was totally accurate.

              6. So instead of accepting Lynch’s own confessions about poor nutrition and eating habits, and the words of someone who should know very well what his work ethic is like when it comes to the gym, some people would prefer to dismiss that, suggest the USF strength coach was making stuff up (and why would he do that?) and blame genetics? Okey dokey.

              7. I’m not an apologist for anyone. I just don’t like one side of a story dominating the conversation. We’ve gone from Grant Cohn speculating that Lynch was 20LB’s overweight for an offseason voluntary training program to questioning the future and character of the player. I clearly mentioned that Lynch has some issues, but this story or non story has gotten out of control based on nothing other than an opinion. If you guys don’t see a problem with that fine, but I do and it’s got nothing to do with liking or not liking Lynch. It’s about professionalism and not letting unsubstantiated remarks become the story.

              8. Scooter, thats just how genetics works. Some people can eat like crap, never really work out , and have a 6 pack and 6% bodyfat and others do exactly the same thing and have themselves 2 inches of padding all over their body, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t as physical or athletically talented as the guy who has 6% bodyfat.

                And the strength coach could hold a grudge, people are vindictive. He and Lynch obviously butted heads, we don’t know to what extent, but they did not seem to get along.

              9. EMJay, the only genetics argument you have for eating poorly and not working hard is if you believe these behavioural traits are genetic. They may well be, the science on genetics vs environment is still unclear. Likely a combo of both. But really it is an excuse. Unless you have a really bad genetic disorder, pretty much anyone can maintain a weight with the right lifestyle choices.

                Yes, some guys can eat rubbish and not put weight on. Lynch clearly can’t. But that doesn’t stop him from making better nutrition choices or from working out to maintain a proper weight. He can clearly do that too because he has dropped weight before as well. Its a choice. Its about motivation and dedication. He lacks in this area.

          1. According to Fred, he had “farm” muscles. He got all of his strength and muscles from baling hay and doing farm chores all day. Walsh was brilliant to trade for Dean and then use him only in passing situations. Fred hated it and wanted to be on the field all of the time but he wouldn’t be in the HOF if Walsh hadn’t used him that way.

            1. Scooter is right, but I’ll be a bit more blunt: again, unless you have a genetic disorder the idea that “some ppl are just fat” is bullsh*t. I’m certainly not uneducated, I’m a realist. Are we all genetically equal, no. But if you’re overweight your not hitting the gym and eating right. That’s just nonsense. If your overweight you’re not working as hard as you should be, straight and simple. Sorry you may have to work harder than your peers but life isn’t fair. As for lynch the guy has an incredible opportunity in front of him and we are suppose to feel bad cuz he has to clean up his diet and work a little harder than the guy next to him to make millions of dollars?? I’ll go get my violin…. I’m shocked this guy has so many supporters. Shows how terrible our pass rush is. We are gripping onto hope like lynch squeezing his favorite cheeseburger

      2. Definiteness of purpose is a character trait of high achievers. When someone lacks the discipline & will power to maintain a certain level of fitness when their livelihood depends on it then they lack a definiteness of purpose. Being overweight may not mean you have a lack of character but when your chosen occupation requires a high level of physical ability and you fail to maintain the required level, it could very well mean a lack of character.

      3. Old Coach, your livelihood does not depend on sacking the QB, and you probably do a fine job coaching and counseling at your weight.
        Lynch is in his contract year and is getting paid 1.8 mil. He should have had plenty of motivation to have worked out hard so he would come to the OTAs in best shape of his life.
        Unmotivated, gluttony and laziness are not stellar character traits. Hurting the team by failing a drug test is a sign of selfishness.

        1. Old Coach,

          I’m sorry for Seb’s insensitivity to your issues.

          Perhaps you’re not aware that Cassie Baalke, Juanhunglo, myself and others have already met Seb’s narcissistic side–Cassie, actually labelling Seb’s psychosis early on.

          I’m sorry you found out the hard way, coach, but don’t waith for his tears of apology, Prime and myself have never received one from Seb after our victories over him–not even a handshake.

  20. Jeez, Grant maybe you need a little lesson in humility. Having a quote copied and pasted in to ProFootball Weekly when multiple other beat writers made the same observation but in a more tactful way is a very low bar to set for yourself. Mike Florio may be the biggest d-bag in all of the sports world. Aim higher.

  21. Wow, this is Pulitzer Prize worthy material. Seriously. If Seb could serve as Grant’s agent, there’s no telling how far Grant could take his career. Red Smith Award for sports journalism is a lock!
    Get ready Seb, your gravy train has arrived!

  22. Grant can write, with serious analysis. For example, go back in the archives for a piece he did on left-handed QB’s. It’s quite good. He could be a strong contributor for KNBR or 95.7 spots but seems no presence. Maybe the blackball story is Grant, not Kaep?

  23. His wife just had a baby, and if you ever had a wife that was pregnant you gain weight. Its normal and not a bad thing he will be fine. I think he will use his new baby as motivation. So stop with all the negativity please. . .

    1. Dust Mite,

      I just read an article on Golden Milk this morning… the article said that it can totally repair the gut and GI tract, which means, in return, it improves our second brain (the gut!).

      Maybe everybody should have some Golden Milk, including Lynch and Trent Brown.

      Grant should do a piece on Golden Milk and it just might go national…

  24. The only reason I read this silly blog anymore is to jump to the comments section and all the posters clown Grant and his 3rd grade writing style.

    This blog make me appreciate Kawakami and we all know what kind of coward that guys is.

    1. It is amusing to see posters diss Grant and his writing style, yet he is getting paid for it, while most posters would have to pay to get something printed. Just another case of pen envy.

      I like writers who can distill a whole practice into a sentence, and I feel like I am standing next to Grant when he reports on the practices.
      Kawakami is unreadable, to me, and the other Niner bloggers tend to say the formulaic homerisms.
      To me, Grant is refreshing and insightful. I like that he SAYS something, and that is a big reason why I come to this site.

      1. Tell me Dad didn’t get his kids foot in the door and I’ll show you where your foot belongs.

        1. Sure, a parent will always try to help out his kids, but if Grant had no talent, he would not last long. Looks like Grant is going strong.

      2. Quintessential Seb! I feel I’m standing next to you…downwind unfortunately…

        1. The stench of Baalke seems to linger with his kids, so I hope never get within 10 yards of where you are standing.
          I certainly would not let you get behind me, because of the family tendency to stab one in the back.

  25. Wow…you are desperate and a bit unhinged. This smacks of Anthony Davis-ism all over again. I’d love to see Grant tell this to Lynch behind closed doors.

    1. Haha, you know he doesn’t go in the locker room because he would get dirty looks from all the 49ers, a team that he despises, yet covers.

  26. Comes down to work ethic and Lynch is self discipline deficient. His wife just had his child, but it’s failed to motivate him. If that doesn’t ignite his ambition, I’m not sure the coaches will be able to….

  27. Not to worry 49er fans. The following coaches won’t put up with any Humpty Dumties and will have Lynch in shape:

    Vince Oghobaase (49ers Defensive Line Asst.): Working primarily with the defensive linemen, Oghobaase helped coached an Ohio State defense that ranked inside the top-10 in the nation in sacks during each of the past three seasons [2015 – tied for ninth (38.0); 2014 – tied for seventh (45.0); 2013 – third (44.0)]. During his tenure at Ohio State, he tutored DE Joey Bosa, who registered 26.0 career sacks, the third most in school history

    Jeff Zgonina (49ers Chief DL Coach)–Played 17 years as an NFL D-Lineman

    (2) 3rd down DL subpackages to ponder:

    1. In SF’s new 4-3/under, OLB, Lynch is on the strong side (facing TE); Next to him is s DE, Eric Armstead; Next to Armstead is DT, Solomon Thomas; then DT, BJ Johnson, then DE, Deforest Buckner.

    2. Solomon Thomas takes Lynch’s place as the strongside OLB; followed by Deforest Buckner at DE; DT–Earl Mitchell; DT –Solomon Thomas; DE–Eric Armstead

  28. The amount of weight he has gained is relevant because he is a professional athlete who’s only job is to prepare for the upcoming football season. I’m a big dude, 6’5 255 lbs. I put on weight quickly and I can lose it quickly. My weight ranges from 252-262. It’s easy for me to stay in that range. These are big guys with a lot of muscle that burns an enormous amount of calories daily. For Lynch to be that out of shape is a huge red flag and likely indicative of drinking or drug problems or depression issues. I hope he gets the help he needs.

  29. Seb,

    Are you going to attack, SuperBowl winning coach, Tony Dungy.
    TomD merely suggested 2 years ago that Kaep and Tebow had similar skill sets and that a trade can made involving both and draft picks.

    So TomD had the 49ers best interest at heart in trying to accumulate draft picks for what I had assessed as a future rebuild.

    In this I was correct, Seb, while you were still yammering about Kap’s greatness.

    SuperBowl Winning Coach, Tony Dungy Says Colin Kaepernick’s Toxicity is similar to Michae Vick, Joe Mixon:

    1. TrollD, you are such an easy target, and your justification for trading Kaep for Tebow just confirms your lack of football knowledge.
      TrollD, your problem is that you assume that others are as stupid as you are. which is almost an impossibility. Only Prime can rival you. Nobody in their right mind would have wanted Tebow. Since he is playing baseball, even he has acknowledged that he sucks at playing football.

  30. This guys articles are not worth reading. I’ve read about 2 dozen articles by this writer, and I can honestly say that they all pretty much suck.

    1. If they suck so bad, why did you read them? Maybe your reading comprehension is lacking.

      1. Or maybe, just maybe he’s hoping for better–looking for improvement.

  31. 49ers 2017 Season: San Francisco’s new pass defense

    The dynasty 49ers are associated with offensive innovation…What is seldom mentioned is their incredible defenses.

    For those of you that do remember, the mind behind all those of years of winning on the defensive side of the ball was none other than George Seifert , who helped originate the 2017 defense (4-3 under) Shanahan will use…

    The new 4-3 under package has been made famous in the NFL by Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, and San Francisco’s new defensive coordinator Robert Saleh helped Carrol…

    Carroll originally learned the scheme from Monte Kiffin in college…

    In Carroll’s first DC position in the NFL he served and learned from Seifert.

    Seifert was the originator of the LEO position and how it is still used today.

  32. Most say that Armstead is too large, at 6-foot-7 and 290 pounds, to be a dedicated (LEO) pass-rusher, but this might not be the case. Julius Peppers, who is virtually identical in size, at 6-foot-7 and 287 pounds, played this same role for the Green Bay Packers over the last couple of years with a lot of success. In the twilight of his career, Peppers speed is equatable to Armstead’s as well.

    Aaron Lynch, who had a good bit of success two years ago, would fit the bill. But he showed up to camp 20 pounds overweight and his ability to even make the team at the moment is in question.

    Given the hybrid nature of this defense, we can expect a rotation of players at this position, including Thomas and even Buckner.

  33. **Lorenzo Jerome was projected as a top 100 prospect of Mike Mayock’s draft board but fell out of favor with teams because of his lack of speed. His original ranking was placed because of his instincts and nose for the ball and he could prove to be a steal.

  34. *49ers Offensively:

    I saw plenty of speed added to the receiving corp with the additions of Marquis Goodwin, Aldrick Robinson and DeAndre Carter. These are the players he plans to use to compliment his biggest weapons in the passing game by demanding the best cover corners on the opposing defense to stretch deep down the field while the real threat is eating up the underneath routes.

    In Shanahan’s offense, everyone on the field is a receiving threat and in the first few weeks of free agency, the 49ers signed nine receiving threats.

  35. ***After seeing where and how this staff addressed the pass-catchers, I see the best players available that would allow Shanahan to run his offense from anywhere on the field in any situation.
    Large TEs and FBs can be red-zone threats and possession WRs can get you there while fast burners create the space to make it all happen. The HBs are always a potential threat that can damage you in the flats, screens or running deep routes….

    The last thing left in the equation is the delivery. How have the 49ers addressed the QB position in the first year of the new regime and why?

    Brian Hoyer, as pointed out on page one has already had success in this system. He is a very experienced QB that has seen it all and played in every condition.

  36. It does seem early to worry about this issue. However, it helps to make a good impression on new management especially when maintaining a high level of physical fitness is an inherent tenet of the job description (especially for an edge rusher). Hopefully, Lynch gets himself in shape quickly. I’m guessing that the new regime will not show much tolerance.

    1. Agreed,

      Which would be an intelligent reason to sign this man away from your rival:

      ****With the addition of restricted free agent, tackle Garry Gilliam from the Seattle Seahawks, the 49ers accomplished several things. First, they subtracted from a division rival at an area of need for their opponent. Seattle was forced to address this loss in the draft even more so than they were going to, with their already weak offensive line in a draft that was not very deep at the position. Second, they gained extensive scheme knowledge from their rival that Gilliam can provide as a former starter…it was a shrewd move….

    2. That’s pretty much it cubus. It isn’t an issue… right now. Its a concern though. And it isn’t a great advertisement to his new coaches and front office re his dedication and commitment to football. New coach and FO means the players get little in the way of latitude for past performance. So he will need to impress while training above his playing weight.

  37. Grant…are you the unofficial overweight police? Why are you going out of your way to point out again what’s obvious…Lynch does need to shed some weight. His coaches will let him know what they expect…if he meets their expectations all’s good. If not, then we’ll see. Surely you can find more interesting things to write about…there are, after all, 90 players signed.

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