Warriors rolling along but the real tests will begin in April

The NBA’s 82-game schedule is one long preseason, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Especially for the Warriors.

Thursday night they beat another team that poses no threat to them. The Clippers. All credit to the Warriors for winning a game they’re supposed to win, having a great regular season and getting Kevin Durant.

But Thursday night, like every night in the regular season, meant nothing. It was just a pretty prelude to the real season which starts in April. The Warriors played hard for one quarter — the third quarter — when they outscored LA 50-26. That was the game. Good night and thanks for coming to another exhibition.

Highlights from this pointless contest include: Durant dunking after taking four steps and no dribbles. Did he get called for traveling? No, because it’s the regular season.

Other highlights: Draymond Green starting a verbal fight with Paul Pierce, who didn’t play. Sat on the bench.

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  1. Basketball!!! “These games mean nothing.” Yup, or at least they shouldn’t. Last year the Warriors were pursuing the regular season record. They went on to blow a 3-1 lead in the Finals. Fatigue? Curry’s injury? Both?

    The big 3 in Miami went for the regular season record and came up short as well.

  2. Football is the only professional sport where the regular season matters anymore. Even NASCAR with its “playoff” has rendered most of the season meaningless.

  3. I was watching the Warriors game last night and they kept showing Steve Kerr. It suddenly dawned on me that the signing of Lynch is similar to Kerr. Remember when Jed was making some general potential comparisons of Tomsula to Kerr. It might be that he really likes the idea of a former player turned sports announcer playing a major direct role in the team’s football operations – either HC or GM. In this case it was for the GM.

    And then again, maybe I’m just reaching because there’s not much happening until the combine next week.

  4. Yeah, according to Grant, the dubs are a bunch of hacks, head cases and folders. Tell you what, speaking as a NY Knicks fan, we’ll trade you straight up, team for team. How does that sound?

  5. Everyone thinks the Warriors will sweep their way into the finals, then beat the Cavs. I am a lifetime Dubs fan, even during their long drought years. Still, I can see their blaring weaknesses. They are a finesse team, who are thrown off their game whenever playing a physical team, such as Memphis, San Antonio, Houston, and of course Cleveland. Now that Bogut is gone, the only physically intimidating Warrior is Draymond Green. But, that only goes so far. The league showed how easy it is to get under Green’s sink, find an arbitrary subjective reason to suspend him for a game. Here are the league’s true colors: Don’t mess with Lebron or we will suspend you. Green heard this loud and clear, thus played awkwardly in games 6 and 7 while continuously looking over his shoulder. This is why I hate the NBA. I watch only for the dubs, for players Green, Curry, Thompson, and Durant. Those players continue to remind me why I ever enjoyed playing the game.

  6. Reminds me of when I had a reunion with some college mates at a seminar. For lunch we all had Guinness stout and fast mexican food. It was hilarious watching each one get up from their seat during the afternoon session and run for the head. That is….until it was me doing the running.

  7. This is certainly not a chip off the old man’s block. You make last year’s melt down into a sweeping reputation of what their entire careers have been up to date. Only that they won the Championship a couple of years ago. You sound like a total millennial without any regard of the past, just in the now.

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