Was Jacobs suspended for conduct detrimental to the team? Harbaugh: “Yes…well, I mean, let me stay away from categorizing.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh was asked at his Wednesday press conference why he suspended Brandon Jacobs for the rest of the season. Here’s what Harbaugh said.

Q: You guys suspended RB Brandon Jacobs on Monday. What was the reasoning behind suspending him?

HARBAUGH: “The league has a process when you suspend a player that you go through. So you’re really not in a position to be talking about that. We’ll let that work its way through the system. In terms of why or how we felt, our actions can speak for themselves there.”

Q: Most times there’s a reason, conduct detrimental to the team. Does it fall under that category?

HARBAUGH: “Yes…well, I mean, again, let me stay away from categorizing anything, let it go through the process. It works, there’s a process that you work through. Not really at liberty to talk about it.”

Q: Did you address the team about this, a matter of what you want out of your guys in the locker room and how to behave and act?

HARBAUGH:  “That message is a daily one. How we do things, is we talk about it every single day in some form or fashion. There was no team meeting that took place this week.”

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