What to watch for Week 5

This is my Saturday column.

To turn their season around, the San Francisco 49ers must beat the New York Giants on Sunday night. Here are five things to watch for in that game.

1. Major changes on offense

Thursday afternoon, a reporter asked 49ers offensive coordinator Geep Chryst if he were going to do anything differently this Week. The Niners’ offense ranks dead last in the NFL.

Before the reporter finished his question, Chryst blurted out, “Yeah, we made some major changes, but I can’t go … I shouldn’t say ‘major.’ We made some changes, some adjustments that we feel good about going into this game.”

Do the changes involve scoring points? That would be a good place to start.

In all seriousness, I can think of only two things Chryst could be referring to.

Thing 1: The offensive line. It’s the worst in the NFL. Maybe Chryst intends to bench some of the starters and play younger players instead.

Thing 2: The offensive philosophy. Chryst built the Niners’ offense around the tight ends — Vernon Davis, Vance McDonald and Garrett Celek. That offense stinks. It’s time to try something else.

Maybe the Niners will start using their talented wide receivers — Torrey Smith and Bruce Ellington. Combined, they have caught just 11 passes this season.

2. Eric Mangini’s defensive game plan

Against the Steelers and Cardinals, Niners defensive coordinator Eric Mangini called man coverages and blitzed heavily, and the defense paid the price, giving up big plays to wide receivers Antonio Brown and Larry Fitzgerald.

Last week against the Packers, The Mangenius did a 180. Instead of blitzing, he mostly rushed just four players, and had the rest of the defense playing brackets and combo coverages.

This is what Vic Fangio did when he was the Niners’ defensive coordinator, and what Mangini must continue to do. The Niners’ corners aren’t good enough to cover receivers one on one if Mangini calls blitzes all the time like he did Week 2 and Week 3.

3. New ILB Gerald Hodges, and whose playing time he takes

On Tuesday, the 49ers acquired inside linebacker Gerald Hodges in a trade with the Vikings. Hodges is a solid young player who started seven games last year and three out of four games this year.

He’s probably the best inside linebacker on the 49ers right now, because both of San Francisco’s starters — NaVorro Bowman and Michael Wilhoite — are not playing well. Wilhoite simply isn’t good, and Bowman seems stiff after tearing his ACL and MCL in 2014.

Did the Niners trade for Hodges so they can bench Wilhoite, or to give Bowman’s knee some rest?

4. Colin Kaepernick’s confidence

Colin Kaepernick has the yips.

Forget the deep passes — Kaepernick can’t even complete the short ones anymore. He’s missing gimmes. His confidence is at all-time low, and it’s been that way since he threw four interceptions Week 3 against the Cardinals.

This Wednesday, head coach Jim Tomsula spoke about the importance of a quarterback’s confidence. “I want a confident man, just full bore ahead at that position,” he said. “I believe it’s critical.”

If Kaepernick plays tentatively for the third week in a row, if he has a shaky start and throws picks early, look for Tomsula to go to the bullpen and make a change at halftime. He would have no choice.

5. The team’s energy

Including the postseason, the 49ers’ record was 11-1 in the Eastern Time Zone under head coach Jim Harbaugh. Well-coached teams play well on the road, and Harbaugh was one of the best coaches in football. Still is, actually.

Is Tomsula a good coach? His Niners got blown out the first time they played on the East coast — Week 2 against the Steelers. The entire team came out flat, which never would have happened under Harbaugh.

If San Francisco comes out flat and loses to the Giants, the long flight home into the head winds will feel like eternity. The trainers probably will start handing out Ambiens like M&Ms to Tomsula and his players so they can go to sleep and block out their anguish.

Final score prediction: 49ers 10, Giants 20

Grant Cohn writes sports columns and the “Inside the 49ers” blog for The Press Democrat’s website. You can reach him at grantcohn@gmail.com.


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  1. I am thinking 27-7 Giants
    Nothing has changed. The coaching staff is in over their heads and its not their fault. Its Jed and Baalke. While I like Kap, his confidence is shot and I don’t see this staff being able to bring it back. I think he might get better under a different staff, but that is very unlikely to happen this season.

    Its gonna be a long season

    1. SF 27 NY Giants 19. Kaepernick throws 2 TDs runs for 1 TD. Throws 1 pick.
      This is a very winnable game. Look for the screen pass to emerge. Kaepernick has 75 rushing yards.

    2. Once again, the 49ers don’t comprehend the magnitude of what they face in a hostile crowd; they have no hope because of constant communication breakdowns. ..Fans, focus on body language during raucous road rowdy crowds, and then understand how futile their already anemic offense is…This one simple skill a team must master on the road, but the 49ers can not communicate.
      Here are a few reasons why:

      1. An ancient offensive scheme ESPN, Pro Football Weekly and others have described as out of the 50’s and 60’s (and now teams have film on it!)
      2. Saftey valves, checkdowns (however you label them) are predictable so contested immediately by the opposing team.
      3. When the architect of this offense has been figured out by the 2nd game of the season, crowd noise is the anvil falling on top of Wiley-E-Coyote (or 49er) after he’s fallen from a 1,000 foot drop…Good luck with hostile crowds for the remainder of the season fans.

      1. In summation of how the events above effect communication, once a team can predict your movements, it sends an exta man (gambles on sending pressure by taking a man away from coverage assignments because teams already know where you’re going with the ball…The crowd gets noisier, like a feeding the lions effect..Then mistakes and nervousness set in, the inferior team who’s been figured out panics, never knowing when or where pressure is coming from and throws the big pick…From there, the route is on due to the 3 and outs–handing the ball right back to Manning is a big mistake!

        1. I wanted to get back to Grant’s article Friday in regards to Kapernick needing to go. Grant has been counting the days, for the last few years, for the opportunity to drive the final nail in Colin’s coffin.

          No offense Grant, but readers of your blog know very well your opinion on this issue is far too biased to take seriously. Like everything else having to do with this storied franchise, your hate for the 49ers makes your opinions about whatever issues confronting the 49ers, meaningless in the minds of many of your readers.

          This is why you would serve the Press Democrat and it’s readers well, to find another team to cover. and let someone else who can write a considerate blog about the San Francisco 49ERS, without the obvious bias that taints every word you type.

          1. Everyone has his or her own point of view. From my point of view, anyone who defends Kaep’s play and overlooks his obvious faults as an NFL quarterback is the one who is biased. In a functioning system, Kaep would be watching from the sidelines now. If Gabbert is not the a suitable replacement then we don’t have a functioning system.

            1. “a considerate blog ?”
              What are you looking for other than fiction ? Don’t you realize that if Grant (and others) don’t point out Kaepernick’s faults, we could be living with him in perpetuity ? Remember, it’s a long way back to ’94….

  2. I think the 3 TE offense might work, but the last (full) game all the TEs were available was vs the Vikings.

    Even with Vernon out, there’s still Celek, McDonald and Bell. But Bell’s a rookie, learning how to run block at the pro level.

    Until Vernon returns, the Vernon/McDonald/Celek blocking combo that worked so well in game one will be on the shelf. I’m hoping to see Miller with an expanded role.

    1. I want speed burners to take advantage of Dahl, so I would like to see AB, Torrey and Ellington out on the field at the same time.

    1. Rodgers sat behind Favre for 3 seasons. Wonder which team will have such a plan for Goff. Most likely none. Hence he won’t probably reach his potential, coming as he does from a non-pro-style offense.

      1. Goff has already threw two int. In the game tonight in the first quarter. Not so fast on anointing as The successor to Kap. I think Grant likes this guy. That will be his doom right there.

        1. Are you watching the game? The first interception was 100% Lawler’s fault. It was a perfect weak-side slant pass that went through his hands and hit his helmet. The 2nd interception would have been prevented if Lawler was more physical. He’s thin as a rail.

          1. I’m watching the game Cubus, and it’s further convincing me that we should address the OL if we have the top pick in the 2016 draft. Goff needs a solid line in front of him in order to be effective, and that is one thing the 49ers don’t have.

            1. Just want an accurate accounting. The third interception is definitely on Goff. The 4th looked like two Cal receivers ran into each other and fell down. Still the touch pass was tipped so it’s on Goff as well.

          1. Two of the interceptions weren’t his fault; however Goff stared down his target on one of the fourth and took too much of a risk that resulted in another interception.

          2. I would say he is not Kap like despite the 4 interceptions. Unlike Kap he still comes out throwing and has brought his team back (Lawler dropped a TD pass and they had to settle for a FG). Look at how Kap fell apart last week after the Arizona disaster. I hope he turns it around tomorrow. I don’t wish failure on anyone, but people have limitations and IMO Kap has more or less reached his ceiling.

    2. Goff and the Niners should be a good match.
      Jimmy T is an expert in coaching non-drop-back QBs.
      Goff can watch and learn from Kap on how to create and grow a brand. Also, slogans…..very important to becoming an elite QB.
      Kap can learn how to complete a forward pass from Goff.
      Win-win for all.

      1. Goff actually is a drop back QB. He was recruited by Jeff Tedford to play in his pro-style offense, but then Dykes took over the Cal program and installed his air-raid offense,which is super successful because Goff is a pure passer.

        1. Ah, OK, thanks.
          Have to then check Tomsula’s track record of coaching drop-back QBs.
          In his intro presser, he did mention that he has coached QBs not named Elway. LOL.

          1. If we get Goff, I think we need an entire offensive coaching staff turnover. Somebody like Gase as HC (let’s try again) or Sean Payton (as HC) or Peyton Manning as OC. Don’t know if any of these guys would be available, just speculating.

              1. Will all this talk about our current staff staying for another three years, I just felt it had to be said :)

            1. Yes. If the Niners are serious about drafting and developing a QB very early then the staff in place must have prior track record of developing QBs…preferably in the last 5 years.

              I like what Bill Musgrave has done so far with Derek Carr, not sure if he is ready to be a HC though.

            2. Do you think any of those guys would want to work for Jed?

              As for Goff, if he doesn’t like who’s lining up to draft him, he can alway stay in school another year.

            3. Cubus, even if they were I doubt the 49ers FO would hire them.
              They already let go of a solid coaching staff (not talking about Harbaugh but his staff) on the grounds that they were too expensive
              So I doubt they would bring in anybody worthwhile

              Its going to be a long season and a long winter for 49ers

  3. If they try to establish the run first I will vomit in my mouth and then say unspeakable things about this over-matched coaching staff. Notice that I do not believe that they can run first, every team in the NFL that will play the niners has them scouted and figured out. They must pass first.

    How much autonomy do you think Tomsula has?

    1. No, it is unlikely Jimmy T has autonomy. But, he also has no QB.
      He is collecting a good pay check though….1/3 is not bad in baseball.

      1. His record is one in four which is .250 in baseball. That’s only good if you hit with runners in scoring position. Score? What’s that?

    2. Giants will blitz the Niners early, CK7 better be prepared, else going to be another high turnovers early results in another blow out. I personally will call out some roll out passes, screens, and then quick slant, but knowing 49ers, they will do dropbacks with CK7 and he will get hit again and again.

  4. How does Vernon keep a roster spot! he’s been largely a no-show once again this season, now he’s out for a “knee”. What is the real deal with him? He is needed but I sense he is duck and cover when we need vets to be leaders. Someone please help me out to understand this….

  5. At what point will people stop thinking of Ward as a bust, I wonder…? As they say in this article, he’s qietly putting together a pretty good season.


    And I firmly believe he was nowhere near as bad as a lot of fans want to make out he was last season. Goes to show what one bad day early in your career can do to your perception with the fans.

    1. Rice started out with the dropsies and some writers were calling him a bust, and excoriated Walsh for wasting a draft pick for a small college player.

    2. It’s called confirmation bias. Once the perception is set, people notice only what they expect to see. A common human failing.

    3. Sounds like the same people that said last year’s “red shirts Reaser and Acker never did anything”… despite the fact they were still on the NFI list.

      Ward was not one of the NFI brigade, but while on the subject…

      Tank – Pick 40 – The biggest red shirt gamble. An upper 2nd rounder. So far I’m not overly impressed.

      But his knee seems OK. If he doesn’t pan out its a talent scouting mistake and or position switch failure. Nothing to do with red shirting.

      Lattimore – Pick 131 – Everyone knew it was a long shot.

      Brandon Thomas – Pick 100 – Surprise bench warmer. Not giving up on him. Its still his “rookie” season.

      Reaser – Pick 170 – Looking good.

      Acker – Pick 180 – Starter

      Millard – Pick 245 – Cut. The 49ers no longer run a fullback oriented offense.

      Smelter – Pick 132 – Knee on schedule.

      Dial – Pick 157 – Starter. He spent some of 2013 on NFI. Not sure if he red shirted all of 2013.

      Summary: The red shirts have about the same hit-miss rate other draft choices have. Maybe slightly better. Only one missed (Lattimore) because the injury didn’t get better.

      Its a small statistical sampling of players, over just a few drafts. But I don’t see the red shirts as the big failure so many do, especially when we remember an RFA year is added to their contract. (except Carradine)

  6. I was sorry to hear Chryst tell the media, “Yeah, we made some major changes, but I can’t go … ” That was bush league. Someone might come to his defense and say that just makes the Giants do more contingency planning, but if you’re on the A team, you just don’t say that publically.

    The Giants are supposed to have the best rush defense in the league. If they’re that good, it will all be on Kaepernick. They’re also not supposed to have much of a pass rush. That will help, but then again they’ve never met Messrs. Martin and Devey before. Grant’s prediction he’ll be benched by half time is looking pretty good to me. I hope I’m wrong of course, but I wouldn’t bet a dime on Kaep winning the game for us.

    1. Hey, I’m thinking of starting a “Jed and Kaep Both Suck!” t-shirt business. Anyone want to invest? (Just a joke, fellas.)

  7. I’m in Utah for the Cal-Ute game. Will be fun to see Goff in person. Utah’s defense can pose problems. No prediction from me…

  8. Of course, if the same coaching staff is in-place through the off-season and into next, it may not matter who gets drafted–if the 9ers even draft a QB in the 1st or second round…

    1. Jack Smelt,
      It’s conceivable that anyone of the top 5 QB’s on this list could be a #1 QB pick in 2016.
      I have an affinity with Goff because not only is he very college QB, but I grew up in Berkeley and graduated from Berkeley High by I really digress (ha!).

      I would like to see anyone of these QB’s play for the 49ers but the reality is that drafting a QB with our 1st pick may not be a good idea in light of so many holes to fill.

      I think that we could find a QB in the 2nd and even 3rd rd that could provide some hope for the future.
      One QB that (imo) falls in this category is Cody Kessler from USC. I know that he doesn’t have the measurables (ht. 6′ 1″) that fit the NFL standards but the kid has strong pocket presence a nice and accurate deep ball and a 73% completion rating ain’t too bad. If he is there in the 2nd it’s worth a shot. If he’s there in the 3rd he could be a steal.

      1. “…I grew up in Berkeley and graduated from Berkeley High…”

        Me too. :)

        I agree with your take on Kessler but I don’t think Hackenberg or Jones could be QB#1.

        1. Grimey,
          Awesome! I’m (well was a very long time ago) a Yellow jacket. Played some basketball with the likes of Glenn Burke and Claudel Washington. Those guys went on to the pros but not in basketball, but baseball.

          I have a little kid that lived a block away from me that would come over and play some hoops with me and my friends. He was short and didn’t do much against us older kids, but he went on to have a nice college career at Cal – his name was Gene Ransom.

          I was a little surprised to see Hackenberg rated as high as Walters Football had him, but he has some very good measurables and has had some very games. I’m not a big fan of C.Jones because he plays behind a darn good O-line and it doesn’t hurt to have Ez. Elliott as your RB.

          Kessler’ only flaw (by NFL standards) is his size. But he has been productive at USC and throws one of the smoothest long balls I’ve seen. A completion percentage of 73 also speaks volumes of his skill set.
          I believe he will be available in the 2nd and possibly the 3rd rd.
          Of course, if the 49ers continue their tailspin and end up picking somewhere in the top 5, the fanbase will have go after York and Baalke with torches and pick forks if they don’t grab one of the top QB’s.

  9. QB7 needs something to believe in. Hey, whatever happened to the proposed swing pass and screen? Were they considered to complicated and cut from the Big Book of plays? Probably. Please don’t give me that negative energy cop out explanation that Bush has been injured. All these incidental excuses get tiresome. If you can’t handle a football in the NFL after playing football since Pee Wee league there are other occupations that require less dexterity, but those jobs pay might a bit less. Hayne certainly would be the best at catching the ball from QB7 frankly Kaep’s passes look and act like a kicked rugby ball. Good luck 49ers.

  10. Bring back the black uniforms! Everything has gone badly since they niners stopped wearing them sweet threads. Simple as that. Problem solved. Your welcome.

  11. 9ers brass has all the excuses in the world with our 12 retirements and having to cut aldon smith. If the team goes 1-15 those excuses don’t exist but they will hide behind a 5 or 6 win season.

    “Our coaching staff did the best they could considering all the losses on our team. They are all great teachers and with all the new young players it will take some time. Our goal is to win championships and we will right this ship with a horrible coaching staff”

  12. Thank God, praise the Lord, Hallelujah!!!!!
    The Niners will make changes on offense. Please please please, I am begging them to change the O line. Maybe the coaches are getting smarter, instead of having that bludgeoned look on their faces like Singletary used to have while standing on the sidelines. If they cannot figure out how to beat the stacked box, I will give them a few hints. If the Niners line up 4 wide to spread them out, there will be an unmarked player if they stack the box. Kaep needs to do quick slants, SCREENS, swing passes and controlled rollouts. Kaep should not be forced to sit in a collapsing pocket to be beaten like a pinata. Kaep should be allowed to move, and let him use his legs to avoid sacks.
    If the Giants defense have an empty backfield like GB, Kaep should do the third down bomb because it has a 50% chance for success, and even if it fails, it will be like a 70 yard punt.
    My biggest piece of advice is for the Niners to target Dahl, and I hope some posters will agree that he is their weak link.

  13. 49ers released Shareece Wright. Andrew Tiller promoted to the 53. Tiller took first-team reps at RG this week.

    1. Damn game is on BTN, which is the one station I don’t get! Wolverines might crack the top ten.

    2. From Jed:

      Just you wait until he has to win with his own recruits. My mutually departed friend Jim took over a loaded squad.

  14. Fraudbagh is doing his fakery again. Someone should call the cops. I wonder who is secretly putting together staffs for him.

    Derrick Green tacks on a late score to make it 38-0 Michigan against 13th ranked Northwestern. The over-under on this game was 35. Wolverines are 2:14 away from their third consecutive shutout win

  15. 28-0 last week, 38-0 today.
    Let’s not forgot that we have the nicest guy as a HC! Everybody loves him!
    He even dumbed down the playbook before the season started!!!
    Made a lot of friends on the opposing teams…….

  16. Nick Korte @nickkorte
    Cutting Shareece Wright gives the 49ers a 6th round compensatory pick in 2016 for Frank Gore & costs the Chargers their 6th for Ryan Mathews

    1. Don’t take this personally. You just happened along at the moment when I have an urge to make an observation. Fellow blogers, when you make this kind of comment (nut hugging or calling Alex Smith Alice, or a hundred other sexual references) you are revealing a great deal about your own insecurity. Maybe it would be better to drop the sexual innuendo. It’s just a thought.

  17. I have to say Goff does look good, but he would be trashed behind our OL.

      1. I’m not arguing that, but he’s also getting pressured by the Utes D too much because of a porous OL. He’d be IR material behind our OL.

        1. I’m all for improving the OL, but remember those gifs I posted. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts Goff would have done significantly better than Kap on those clean pocket plays.

          He does look like he needs to put on more weight. I think I heard the announcers say that the target is around 230 or so. He’s now 210 and was previously 180.

          1. Again, I agree. But don’t forget that we were facing a Packers team coming off a short week. I doubt the current line would hold up aginst the Rams or Seahawks D.

            1. Agree. I’m curious to see who will be on the starting OL tomorrow. I hope they try something different.

  18. Take Goff and 4 picks. He wins, it’s “he found a way to win” he loses,headline is “4 PICKS Goff is now 3rd rounder and stock is dropping”.

    1. That last Int was Kaeperesk!
      But all toll, the kid threw 5 Int’s and still kept the team in the game until the final drive.
      He definitely dropped a few notches from a top 5 QB but I still believe he is a top 1st rd top 10 pick.

      1. I haven’t watched the game, but I understand Utah was ranked fifth before the game and their strong suite is defense. As a junior, Goff may stay in school another year with a chance to get more experience with an improving Cal team.

        1. ht,
          I would like Goff to stay in school one more year but the pressure to turn pro and sign a big contract may be hard to ignore.

          Goff will not have another bad game like that for a long time. But given the fact that he threw 5 Int’s and still kept his team in the game will no doubt keep NFL teams very interested in him because the good mechanics and instincts are there.

          Even in a loss, I was impressed with Goff” ability to remain in the pocket (with defenders collapsing in on him) and make the throws. He will need to add some weight and muscle to hold up to the physicality of the NFL but he will do this in time.

          As I said last night, Goff may not be the 1st QB taken in the draft but he will be a top 10 draft pick (which could make him target for us). Goff has more games and likely a bowl game this season to continue to make a strong case for himself.

  19. Goff is a talent but he is not ready for the Pros. He is not even close right now as good as Kaep. Kaep plays in the NFL and has had a lot of success while this guy is struggling with Utah. Moral of the story, a QB is only as good as there O line. Our’s is the worst in football. Build in the trenches…..

      1. It’s hard for you to make that claim when a guy has not played one down. This is the only credible opponent he has played and he has thrown 5 Ints. He is a talent but no where near as good as Kaep yet. Now if we keep Kaep until Goff is ready that’s fine by me.

        1. I don’t know, RAW. I see a guy who is a far better passer than Kap. Gets the ball out quicker, generally more accurate. But he’s made some bad decisions, no doubt. Besides, I’m ready for a pocket passer on the team.

          1. I’m good with that.. He looks legit although needs to make better decisions. His team sucks too.

            1. Yeah, he’s only a junior and will be 21 in a couple of days. I’ll be curious to see how he rebounds. BTW, I’m a Cal alumni, so a bit biased :)

              1. I think he will be special. I also think that if the Niners got the first pick and he declared they would run to the podium to select him. You want to excite the fan base, what more then to draft a kid from Marin who might just be the second best QB prospect since Luck. Whoever the QB is going forward they must build a line just like the Cowboys did. I believe we have a very up in coming D. Some nice young talent.

              2. Only way you draft Goff is if you have a real coaching staff and let him sit for a year. That gives him time to learn, and the 49ers time to rebuild the offensive line….

              3. I agree Razor. Goff isn’t a Year One starter.

                Love the new look on you Razor.

              4. Our youngest went to Cal and I was at Stanford just long enough to play the trumpet at the Rose Bowl. I don’t care for the Cal coach at the moment.

                There are some Berkeley High guys here. I saw my first football game at Berkeley High when I was in the fourth grade. What’s amazing is that I was there alone. Never happen today, yesterday, or the day before that.

      2. I have been saying for a long time that college QBs are rarely cant miss locks, and anyone who wants to replace a starting QB who has SB experience with an unproven college player is just whistling in the wind. Funny how after 1 game a QB can go from a number 1 pick to the third round.

  20. Goff was a guy I thought looked like a good decision maker. This game has me confused. Whens Cal’s next ranked opponent?, that may reveal a trend…

    1. Before today:

      Thu, Oct 22 UCLA – – at Pasadena
      Sat, Oct 31 USC – – – Berkeley
      Sat, Nov 07 Oregon – – at Eugene
      Sat, Nov 21 Stanford – – at Stanford

      Stanford may effect Oregon and UCLA. USC may effect their own status.

    1. Yep. Booker also looked good. He’s a legit top-flight RB option for next year’s draft.

  21. Man, I’m looking forward to the Michigan – Michigan State game next week. Connor Cook versus that Michigan D that just pitched it’s third shutout in a row.

  22. Well, his teammates didn’t help, but Goff showed that he would not be suited playing behind a porous OL in the NFL.

  23. Well, did attend the Cal-Ute game last night. Turnovers in abundance–rather unsightly. Goff had a few moments…decent runs when he had to scramble but some open receivers missed. Interesting watching the Cal place kicker practicing in the north end zone while the Utah band was performing several minutes before kickoff. He has booming kicks among band members. Coaches finally pulled him off the field. BTW, I’m a Cal grad by way of Alameda High.

  24. If this turns out to be the last game in which
    Colin Kaepernick starts at QB…for awhile,
    then please require him to go out like a man.
    Respect the press, the Niner organization,
    and himself: mandate that he wear a coat & tie,
    taking on a professional/traditional demeanor
    for the postgame press conference. Being an
    embarassment on the field is one thing; doing
    so before the media is quite another. Capiche?

    1. I wish the press shows a scintilla of respect for the Niners, instead of being a gotcha attack mob who farts around.

  25. Kaep can wear what he wants. But his messaging is “I’m young, not mature, don’t understand the gravity of the situation”. If he wants to be a hiphop industry notable it’s the look yes. But the look with winning. It’s a winning look and will be emulated. That same look when losing is a “Loser look” and people will RUN from that. Kaep just doesn’t get this clearly. He’s screwing his brand.

    P.S Glad I’m not one of the “investors” that bought shares in Vernon. What a joke. Fire the CEO.

  26. One lesson to learn from the Shareece Wright release is that a $1.5 million dollar signing bonus and a 3.2 million dollar cap hit doesn’t even promise you’ll play a single snap let alone guarantee you are the starter.

  27. I’ve been saying that drafting Goff would be a disaster. 5 INT’s? People are making excuses for him! Lmfao. This was the dose of reality that some of you needed. It’s nothing against Goff, but this franchise isn’t going anywhere until York hires the right people and gets out of their way.

    – There isn’t a staff to develop a QB.
    – Talented coaches don’t want to work for the Yorks.
    – Talented coaches don’t want to implement a G.M.’s philosophy that is different from their own.

    York and Baalke have completely destroyed the momentum and energy of the franchise. Baalke is his guy. The two of them set out to prove that the roster was so talented that anybody could win with it. They didn’t need Harbaugh/competent staff. How is that working out for them? The post-Mariucci stink haunted the franchise for nearly a decade. The early stages of the post-Harbaugh era have just begun to offend our nasal passages. The Goff 5 INT debacle was healthy for a delusional fan base. Talent aside, he would become the next Alex Smith, destroyed by an incompetent and rudderless franchise. There is no QB that is going to save this franchise in its current state. They need to reset the clock. Knowing the Yorks, that will be several years down the line, after the national scrutiny becomes too much to handle. History is repeating itself.

    1. Gameday + East Coast Jet Lag + Crowd Noise + Porous Offensive Line without communication skills + no Hot Routes from QB to Recevier = loss

        1. Robert G Alberino Jr @Robertalberino

          Not surprising that on a Saturday they’re jackhammering at 7am outside the team hotel … Because these guys are known to work all hours.
          5:14 AM – 10 Oct 2015
          8 8 Retweets 14 14 favorites

          Always a nice way to start one’s first full day on the East Coast.

  28. If only balkee had stuck to his guns and drafted Dalton!!!! Wuda Cuda Shuda!! Hindsight is a son of a gun

      1. Looks like Dalton has finally turned the corner and is a franchise QB. Meanwhile our guy hopes to complete 3 consecutive passes in a game. Dalton is twice the QB #7 is.

        1. Crown him after he wins in the playoffs. Dalton has looked good early in the last several seasons but has tapered off near the end and post season. His test is like Romo’s. Win when it counts.

          1. If we are comparing Dalton to #7 it’s no contest. Regardless of playoff wins, Dalton is a guy you build a team around. #7, is not!

            1. Like I said without comparing him to our QB lets see how he finishes the year before claiming you can build a franchise around him. Bengals fans aren’t satisfied with him. Our current situation is making us desperate. We’re pining for Goff who hasn’t played an NFL game and threw 5 int’s, Dalton who hasn’t taken his team to the next level and rebounding for Alex Smith who’s past his prime. Set the bar higher

  29. Hard to believe but if we win tonight in NY we will be tied with Seattle and St. Louis for 2nd. If Detroit can upset the Cards this division is up for grabs.
    I’ve learned to never say never!

    1. AES another great example how stats never tell the true story of football.
      Even with a win against a bad Giants team, the 49ers are not even in the same conversation with AZ and SEA. And that’s a big IF tonight

      1. Prime,
        C’mon Prime, I know you’re a tough cookie, but you got to believe. If we would have put up even a pedestrian offensive output against GB last week we might have had a chance.

        The defense might be coming together and maybe some changes along the O-line and possibly better play by CK7 tonight (and a win of course) could put us back in the convo.
        Lot of “IF’s” I know, but the winning has to start somewhere, why not in NY.

        1. AES:

          I have to say, and I don’t feel good about it, that I’m conflicted. If we have a middling season even 5 and 11, I don’t believe there will be any significant CS changes – and I think there absolutely has to be. But in order for there to be CS changes the team has to lose. Hence, my problem. But, I’m sure once I get into the heat of the game, I’ll be rooting hard.

        2. I’m trying real hard to be a positive fan but honestly, I think the QB position is in dire straits. But I’ll follow your lead, maybe tonight begins the start of a complete turnaround for #7. Go Niners!

          1. Prime,
            Thanks for the good mojo, we will need all the positive vibe we can get. But if Kap doesn’t show up with a half decent performance tonight it’s going to be tough even for me to stay positive.

  30. Vic Fangio with some duct tape, a safety pin and chicken wire holds a certain QB to 10 points.

    1. Will be interesting to see what happens with the Chiefs offense if Charles is out any significant amount of time.
      The Alex honeymoon is quickly turning into a nightmare.

        1. They should be OK. Their offensive MVP is their place kicker.
          KC Defense failed to do their job today i.e. get two turnovers.

  31. Big moves????
    GABBBERT in the redzone tries?

    Mary Mary!!! Your 1-4 hawks are looking “dominate!” Lol Run is over! You’re a troll and your curses are a joke!

    1. This +1 and what’s happened to the NFC West? We fell quickly. Gimmick QB’s and aging lines, running games and defenses.

  32. That Cards D is darn good. Its really impressive how good they are against the run despite playing a DB heavy scheme.

  33. I am still holding out hope we can get Jim Hostler, Colt McCoy , Ken Dorsey and Cody Pickett and launch a playoff run

  34. Hmmm. Stafford has been benched in the Arz-Det game. Could be because he’s thrown 3 interceptions or because the game is out of reach.

        1. He should, Cubus.
          BTW, is it me or the whole level of play of QBs in the first 5 weeks has average or bad? I mean, outside of Aaron and Brady, who is been playing at a high level?

          1. Dalton, Palmer, Ryan, Josh McCown(I can’t explain it either), and Big Ben and Romo before they got hurt.

        2. Tomsula would make his first big coaching statement by benching CK7 if he is floundering.

          Time to get past not wanting to damage CK’ psyche by leaving him in if he is underperforming. Unless the FO has made up it’s mind to let the team continue to lose by keeping a regressing Kap play with the hope of ensuring a high draft pick, I see no reason why they can’t replace him with Gabby.

    1. Meanwhile we could be in a game where the score is 678 to -125 in favor of the other team and our coaching staff would still refuse to pull Kaep…even if he has thrown 10 interceptions.

  35. 49ers inactives: WR White, RB Davis, LB Hodges, LB Brooks, OL Silberman, NT Purcell, TE Davis

    Time for Grant to post his pre-game peice

    1. Ooops. eye before eeee except after see!

      Glad Staley is active. Tiller’s active too.

  36. Just want to know how and who thought the raiders were going anywhere this season.
    They are garbage with a sprinkle of febreeze!
    That’s a plus.. I guess! Lol
    Raiders lose!
    Seahaks lose!
    Cowboys lose!
    Pretty good day. And an awesome one on the four game mix! Nice finishes for the 10 am games

      1. Looks like it was taken care of. Thanks to whoever took care of that.

        In answer to your question Cubus,

        It depends on what kind of interceptions are thrown, but if he looks confused and indecisive, and makes bad decisions they may have to get Kaepernick outta there. And maybe sitting for a half or a game may help. The change of perspective provided by watching from the sideline may be what he needs. I just don’t know how to predict Tomsula’s actions(or more often non-actions).

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