Week 7 grades: The offense

SAN FRANCISCO – The 49ers beat the Seahawks 13-6. Here are the grades for the 49ers’ offense.

Quarterbacks: D. Alex Smith did not have a good game, but he did lead one touchdown drive in the third quarter and that was all the 49ers needed to beat the Seahawks. Smith was five-of-five on that drive for 60 yards and a touchdown. On the other drives, he was 9-of-18 for 90 yards and an interception. Colin Kaepernick got in the game for one play, ran a draw to the left and lost a yard.

Offensive line: A+. These guys must be the best run-blocking offensive line in the NFL. Seattle has an elite run-stopping defense, but the 49ers’ offensive line opened huge wholes all game, especially in the second half. Right guard Alex Boone had a particularly dominant game run-blocking. This unit gave up just one sack, but Smith takes most of the blame for it because he held onto the ball in the pocket far too long .

Running backs: A+. Frank Gore finished the game with 16 rushes for 131 yards and 5 catches for 51 yards. In the second half alone he had 10 rushes for 92 yards and two catches for 27 yards. He completey outplayed Marshawn Lynch, who may be the best running back in the NFL. Gore left no doubt that he is the most valuable player on the 49ers offensive. Whenever he gets about 20 touches, the 49ers are tough to beat. He took a shot in the back in the second quarter and bruised his ribs. That will be something to monitor going forward. Kendall Hunter played well, too, gaining 45 yards from scrimmage on 11 touches.

Wide receivers: C. Michael Crabtree caught a crucial 10-yard pass on third-and-ten two plays before the 49ers scored their only touchdown of the game. He also broke three tackles on a sideline catch.  Kyle Williams caught one pass for 18 yards and Moss caught one pass for 14 yards, although he got himself open in the back of the end zone in the fourth quarter. Smith didn’t throw it to him until it was too late, and the pass was intercepted. Mostly, this group got pushed around by the Seahawks big, physical corners.

Tight ends: B. Vernon Davis was open on plenty of plays, but Smith never threw him a pass. This was the first game in which Davis did not catch a pass since Novemeber 30, 2008 at Buffalo. Delanie Walker caught one pass and it was a touchdown. He caught it at the Seahawks’ eight yard line and ran around a Vernon Davis block into the end zone.

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