Week 9 NFL pick

Here is my Week 9 NFL pick.

You might notice I’m using the singular “pick” instead of the plural today. That’s because I’m putting myself on a one-week timeout from picking games other than the Niner game.

You see, I picked the Broncos to beat the Lions last week, and that was probably the worst pick in the history of picks.

So, timeout for me.

49ers @ Redskins: 49ers. The 49ers are favored to win by 3.5 points but they’re going to win by at least 10. The Redskins start John Beck at quarterback, which means they don’t have a quarterback, which means they have very little chance to win any game. Oh, and they’ve really struggled against the run the last few weeks. So this game is more of a sure-win for the Niners than last week’s game against Cleveland.

Here’s the question: Will Greg Roman finally feature Vernon Davis in the passing game, considering he hasn’t featured him much this year, and it’s Davis’ homecoming? I say no. The Redskins will expect it, and they’ll double and triple cover him all game, just like all the other teams cover Davis. It seems to me Roman wants to feature Davis (and Braylon Edwards) later on in the season, when he’s established all the other players on the offense as legitimate weapons. This week they’re going to stick to featuring Frank Gore and Michael Crabtree.

Now I have to get back to my timeout.

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