What can Warriors expect from DeMarcus Cousins’ debut?

Golden State Warriors center DeMarcus Cousins (0) in the first half of an NBA basketball game Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019, in Denver. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

This isn’t a 49ers article, but I thought you’d find it interesting anyway. Former Sacramento Bee columnist Ailene Voisin and current Warriors television analyst Jim Barnett both give fascinating insight into center DeMarcus Cousins, who will make his Warriors debut Friday night.

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  1. Been a Warriors fans since they moved from Philly and watched them play at the Cow Palace in Daly City when they were called the San Francisco Warriors.
    So much for my Warriors unofficial card membership ;-)

    At first blush, I completely agree with the great Dick Barnett that the team needs a big man to bang against the opponents.

    But I still see Cousins floating out of the key on offense and putting up the 3p shot.
    Or the angry Cousins walking up court leaving his teammates vulnerable on defense while he argues with referees about a call or non-call.
    I’m not completely convinced about the signing (at least right now).

    Boogie is a premier player but his biggest issues on court have been of his own making.
    If he can play the role the team needs of him, he will get his 1st Ship.
    But if he can’t control his (sometimes adverse) emotions he will do more harm than good.

    Draymond Green said it best after Weds game when someone referenced Cousins first game on Friday night, Draymond said “all hell is about to break loose.”
    Hopefully he made that comment in reference to other teams and not the Warriors locker room.
    If I recall, DG said when Cousins first signed that at some point he and Cousins would scrap.
    Time will tell.

    1. AES, I know you meant Jim instead of Dick but loved Dick Barnett of the 69 Knicks with that unorthodox jump shot. I always like to u tube old NBA teams and loved how the Knicks played back then , they passed the ball beautifully back then.I watch around 70 games during the season. Love the Dubs.Nice column

      1. Neal,
        After all these years, I still get Jim’ name confused, it’s become a bad mental block.

        I was at my granddaughter’s birthday party tonight and didn’t see Cousin’s debut this evening but recorded the game and will watch it later.

  2. Gee, now the Warriors have 5 all stars.
    Cousins will not get moody because he will not play. The Warriors will tell him that the best way to win a Championship is to lose the attitude, and become a team player.
    Kerr will keep him in line and motivated. It will be easy because when Boogie is winning, he is happy.
    With 5 all stars, it is almost unfair. 16-0 in the playoffs?

  3. I like the Warriors but I’m more of a NBA fan once they get to the playoffs. Joey Crawford, Scott Foster, Tim Donaghy, and others really turned me off to the NBA. Javie and Bavetta were ok but they still had their issues. When Rasheed Wallace can get a technical foul for looking at a referee or Michael Jordan can palm the ball and take 8 steps on his way to the basket you kinda figure the refs are a little bias. I rarely ever watch regular season basketball. In fact I think the last regular season game I watched was Kobe’s last game as a Laker. That game was absolutely absurd. Kobe could have taken a machete onto the court and hacked Jazz players arms off and he wasn’t going to have a call made against him. I know it was a meaningless game but I guess I’m old fashioned. If there are rules, I want them enforced impartially even if it is Kobe’s last game.

    So if you’re taking votes, I’d say I don’t care to see Warriors articles on a 49er blog unless maybe it’s the playoffs.

  4. Cousins will get his ring if he can learn to control his emotions.
    I’m not sure that Kerr can help Boogie in this area.

    The Warriors could have had 3 rings if not for Draymond being suspended in the championship game against Cleveland because he couldn’t check his emotions.

    When I think of players like Draymond and Boogie, I can’t help but see two volatile players that can either help the team win or lose.

    My blood pressure rises a bit during the playoffs when Draymond starts to flare up emotionally.
    Now I’ll have to keep my meds within reach during the playoffs with both DG and DC on the floor. But hey, at least we have a Bay Area team that actually makes the playoffs!

    1. AES – If DeMarcus Cousins pans out, then Draymond will become expendable. It wouldn’t surprise me – in that scenario – if the team and Draymond part ways. That may also ensure keeping Durant on the team.

      1. Nick,
        Good assessment.
        But I believe that aside from almost the same temperament, they are two completely different players.

        Draymond is willing to do all the unsung work like rebound, pass, set screens, take offensive fouls and guard with passion.
        He’s perhaps one of the most unselfish players in the game.
        Cousins’ game is much different.

        You make good points. I’m not worried as much as I am concerned about Cousins. And yes, it’s going to be fun watching him play in a great scenario for him. But as I stated earlier my biggest concern is having he and Dray control their emotions.
        The Warriors have the pieces to create a great dynasty. Hate to see one or two players who have issues with self-control tear it down come playoff time.

  5. Warriors just sweated out another 18 point nail biter. Boogie slammed one down to start his career as a Warrior.
    Looked like Kerr controlled Cousins, but with a 297-77 win loss record, Cousins probably respects Kerr.
    15 minutes, 14 points, 3 assists and 6 rebounds, Boogie did well.

    1. Boogie has not lost since he started playing, and put up 22 points last game. Warriors are on an 11 game win streak.
      Looks like everyone is singing Kumbaya.

  6. When the W’s broke Jordan’s Bull’s season win record it caused the NBA embarrassment.

    Now the NBA had a problem in the playoffs.

    All year long the poster child was Lebron and the Cav’s. How were they going to explain to millions of fans they overlooked the better team.

    I know, lets give all the Championship calls to the Cav’s. I especially liked the call with the W’s up 3-1 in the series; Bogut just came off a 10 pt, 12 blks, 22 Rebs game and the Cav’s barrel rolled into Bogut’s knees, tearing his ACL….Surely there would be a foul call….. No call.

    W’s went on to lose 4 straight.

    I tell everyone in Utah we’re going for a 4-peat.

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