What do 49ers do without Manningham?

Mario Manningham sat out the last two practices with a shoulder injury.

If he can’t play against the Dolphins on Sunday, the 49ers lose a key weapon in the pass game. Manningham is second on the team in targets and catches, he’s dropped just one pass all season and he’s a deep threat.

How do you suppose the 49ers wide receivers coach and pass game coordinator John Morton is game planning to compensate for the potential loss of his No.2 receiver?

There is an obvious answer – get the ball to the best tight end in football, Vernon Davis. But Morton seems to prefer pass plays for wide receivers.

Do you think Morton will feature Randy Moss? Moss played 41 percent of the offensive snaps against the Rams on Sunday, up eight percent from his season average of 33 percent.

Do you think first-round pick A.J. Jenkins will finally get to play? If he doesn’t get on the field when they really need him now, what does that say about him?

Do you think Morton will pack the game plan full of passes to Delanie Walker? Greg Roman, the apparent play caller and running game coordinator, seems to like calling passes to Walker at critical moments. Walker is fast and he’s a good blocker. Unfortunately his hands are so made of iron he needs an anti-rust solution. He has 12 catches and 7 drops this season. Call him Manos de Hierros. (If my Spanish is wrong please correct me.)

Do you think Ted Ginn Jr. will be Morton’s secret weapon this week? Me neither?

What do you think Morton will do without Manningham?

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