What must 49ers do to beat Seahawks?

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (10) passes against the Atlanta Falcons during the first half of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 15, 2019. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

SANTA CLARA — Not the same two teams who faced each other seven weeks ago.

When the Seahawks beat the 49ers 27-24 in November, the 49ers were missing key players. Now they have tight end George Kittle, wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders and cornerback Ahkello Witherspoon, all of whom missed the loss to Seattle.

And the Seahawks have gotten banged up since then. They lost their starting free safety Quandre Diggs, their starting left tackle Duane Brown, plus their top three running backs — Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny and C.J. Prosise. The Seahawks are so desperate for a running back that this week they signed 33-year-old Marshawn Lynch, who hasn’t played since Oct. 14, 2018. He might not be good anymore. Who knows?

The 49ers are better than the Seahawks. But the Seahawks have home-field advantage and pedigree. They’ve been good for a decade and have won lots of playoff games. The 49ers have been good for four months and haven’t won in Seattle since 2011.

Winning in Seattle would be a coming-of-age moment for the 49ers, no matter how injured the Seahawks are. They still have quarterback Russell Wilson and head coach Pete Carroll.

Here are the 49ers’ keys to victory.

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  1. Yep, chip Clowney with a TE. Help Staley.
    Run right at him? Interesting strategy, that could test his injury.
    The Niners should not let the Seahawks shape them. Establish the running game by lining up the RB deep in the I, with Juice lead blocking. Then, the RB should build up a head of steam, attack any weakness in the line, or cut back on a counter play. The Niners need to be balanced, so the Seahawk defense must defend for both the run or pass.
    Maybe have both Witherspoon and Moseley as the CBs, and use Sherman as the SS. Saleh could dial up some exotic blitzes with Sherman getting a chance at sacking his good buddy, Russell Wilson.
    Saleh should contain Wilson in the pocket, and send some delayed blitzes up the middle, so he cannot escape by moving up in the pocket.
    Bringing Bosa off the bench, would be like they used Dee Ford, at times. He was pretty productive with limited snaps. Good call.
    I sure hope Solomon Thomas can get a sack or 2, but I am happy with his run defense. Sheldon Day and Kentavius Street need to anchor the middle of the line.
    What else must the Niners do to beat the Seahawks? KS needs to up his game, and be more innovative and unpredictable. Hopefully, they have a plan to negate or cope with the crowd noise. I sure hope KS has effective game management, and can use his time outs wisely.
    If the Niners can play disciplined and in control, and have fewer mistakes than the Seahawks, they can win. I still think it will be a close game, but sure wish the Niners can score TDs, to the Seahawk field goals.

    1. I forgot to add- the third most important step is to score more points than Seattle.
      I think if they can accomplish these three my Niners have a decent chance.
      GO NINERS!!

  2. Score more points than them in 1 hour’s time. Seriously though, Niners need to be in Wilson’s face relentlessly. If this can be done, game over.

  3. Run the damn ball from the start.
    Run it wide, run between the tackles, run between the guards, run it left then right… just run the ball and wear this whack a** defense out.
    When they back off punish them more with running the ball.
    It will only take a couple of PA passes to succeed and they will get the clue.

    Running the ball early will give the passing attack and Jimmy serious confidence to throw.
    Leave them guessing but run the ball. More often than last time.
    While doing this start Mostert and Breida.
    Coleman should be used in rotation and less often.
    Bring in Wilson JR in goaline situations.
    Decoy him if you have too.

    There is no question Shanahan will have to “expose” his brilliant offensive plays this game. Basically throw the kitchen sink at Carrol and the seahaks.
    There is no more room for “secret” plays or not tipping plays in the future which is what I think he does sometimes.
    Don’t get cute, just move the chains.

    As for Jimmy. This by far has to be his best game of his career, the numbers don’t have to be pretty, but the turnovers should be zero!
    He needs to stay calm, and Shanahan needs to put him in great positions throughout this game.
    They can’t afford to turn the ball over at all.
    This time around the receivers must catch the balls thrown to them, they won’t have another chance to win the game if they drop balls like last time.
    Having kittle is great, but Jimmy needs to stop making him the first and at times only target he’s looking at. Their LB’s are the strength of this defense and will jump routes and pick him off if he’s staring kittle down.
    Get juice more involved in the pass game too, move those extra defenders in the box and force them to cover and then……
    You guessed it RUN THR BALL AGAIN AND AGAIN. 😛

    I won’t mention the defense because they are struggling without Tartt and Ford!
    This game will have to be like NO and squarely on the shoulders of the offense.
    It’s time they put up 30 plus in Seattle!
    And it’s time to pop the bubble of gum Petie will be chewing at home.
    The Niners are due!
    And it’s been said before, but this time it’s different!
    Probably the biggest regular season game in this franchises history since the 81 regular season game vs Dallas and the 94 season versus Dallas!
    I want a blowout and a no doubter!
    My heart can’t take another nail biter and or another close loss!


  4. The niners are pathetic. Is Kaepernick starting for you guys? The Seahawks don’t need to be healthy…they are the Seahawks…they beat niners. It’s what they do. The first comment on here is hilarious. Any thoughts on what detergent the laundry guy for the niners should use on their XS jocks? Loved the detailed game plan. Hey, how’s Tomsula doing? You guys stay in touch or is he going it alone?

    Niners? Niners? Hahahahahaha. Niners?!!!

    1. Hey 12… Question.

      We have a guy (we think it’s a guy) on this blog with the user name Seb–formerly Sebnynah. For years Seb has posted strategies for the 9ers to follow. Seb goes on and on and on. You can view a sample above. Seb claims–quite righteously–that 9er coaches, the GM, and (most?) players read his comments very carefully. When things go well for the 9ers, Seb claims victory–becoming quite insufferable. When things go badly, Seb gets huffy and asserts the 9ers failed to implement his direction.

      The question — Are there posters that you know of on Seahawk blogs who behave in a similar way?

      1. Cassie, good for you. A troll responding to a troll.
        Yep, I get to crow when I advocated using Jeff Wilson Jr, then see him score 3 TDs that help them win games.
        I wanted Dwelley to be used as a receiver when Kittle was down, and he responded with 2 TDs.
        I thought Richie James should get more snaps. They used him for a single play, and he goes for 57 yards.
        I called before a game for Emmanuel Sanders to run the flea flicker, and he responded by throwing a TD to Mostert.
        I praised KS when he finally considered time outs to be precious, and saved for legitimate challenges, and the last 2 minutes of each half. KS used his time outs wisely, and it helped him win this last game. Other games, last season, he wasted time outs, could not stop the clock, and lost. Even KS admitted he should have won 3 more games last season.
        Am I insufferable? Only to you and the peanut gallery, because you are jealous of me being right, and you not having enough mental capacity to think outside the box. When I called the Sanders flea flicker that resulted in a TD, at least Rib had enough class to acknowledge my prescience.
        You, on the other hand, bring little to this site, except your mean snark. You and others may call me Captain Obvious, but you all are Captains Oblivious.

        1. When you eat your Thanksgiving turkey, think of Frank Ogasawara – he pioneered research on artificial insemination in turkeys. He also developed methods for freezing turkey semen..

    2. The San Francisco 49ers are the best team in NFC. They humiliated Green Bay. Beat the Rams and the Saints in NO. And with a accurate kicker would’ve beat the Seahawks. I won’t say anymore. I’ll let SF do the talking for me.

  5. When Joe Staley says he’s looking for redemption against Clowney, you’d better believe he’s going to get it. I’d be very surprised if circumstances necessitate “helping” either Joe or Mike against him in this game….

    1. Good call Razor. And to the 12… Bite me. You and all the other drunken 12s who will be there tonight, and also Petey boy and Brian Bosworth who I understand will be raising that stupid 12 banner for all the drunks tonight.

    2. At this stage of their careers I would say it’s unlikely Staley will be able to hold down Clowney. Clowney also does not predominantly play on that side of the line. He does move from right end to left depending on the down and matchup. Really they’re going to have to help Staley as well as on the other side of the line when Clowney lines up there. However, one monster game from Clowney against us doesn’t mean he’ll repeat it again either. Small sample size and such.

  6. The secret weapon today and what Shanny has been holding back the last 2 weeks is,

    Thats right, Breida is going to be the feature today and run for 2 touchdowns and another in the air.

  7. 1. Wow, I agree with almost everything in this article. Perhaps because I wrote most of this yesterday. Chuckle -COL.
    2. Since week 10 (acquisition of E Sanders)
    Jimmy: 69.7 Completion, 1,639 Yards, 13 TD, 110.1 PR
    Russ w: 61.7 Completion, 1,140 Yards, 6 TD, 90.5 PR

    3. Niners reworked Richburg contract. Good.

    1. ME: “Analysis: Seattle’s longest drive in the Week 10 game was 45 yards. Seattle scored twice on short field turnovers – Clowney strip sack and INT after Bourne bobbled the ball. Niners played without Kittle and Sanders was injured (ribs) after 1 quarter. Furthermore Goodwin and Pettis were target 6 times and managed 0 receptions. Those targets will go to Kittle, Deebo and Sanders.
      Point of concern: Witherspoon covering Metcalf could be trouble. Week 10 Mosely did a pretty good job . Hopefully Saleh will make a change if necessary.”

  8. Thanks Iggy good write up…!!!

    Also I would like to add keep Wilson off the field…if we control TOP we control the game..especially late in the game.

    Rubber meets the road…..shiite is about to get real….LOL

  9. I keep thinking this is the biggest challenge so far………..
    Then I remember the gauntlet. We all felt like that for every one of those games.
    At this point our niners are the most battle tested team in the league, and that will be our advantage tonight.
    2019-20 49ers = warriors.
    49ers 31-13

  10. I ain’t got no problems if they decide to throw the ball. The Niners are a complete team. The only issue I would have is if KS gets too cute. They are the better team. There’s really only one team better then the Niners this year and that’s the Ravens and it took a last minute FG for them to do it. In their house.

  11. Is Tartt playing? If he’s not, I’d be more worried more about Wilson baiting Harris into a blown coverage than with Spoon covering Metcalf.

    I won’t be surprised if Kyle pulls out a few plays designed for Pettis in this game. He’s been off the radar for opposing defenses for a while and he will be motivated to perform back home.

    1. Tartt is out……yes the secondary is an issue……Spoon hasn’t been playing well and Harris misses tackles in the open field yikes….keep the ball away from Wilson…control the clock

  12. Just a quick point. Remember folks that the game is 60 minutes. For those of you (you know who you are lol) that gave up last week before the first half was over (first quarter in some instances!) with idiotic statements like, “the game is over” and “were done”, please, just have a tad more faith in your team. The Niners never quit and they’ll play hard to the last second. They will win. 26-20.
    “Where the rubber meets the road”!! LOL. Give me a break.

  13. Just watched the Cohn Zone with Mark Ibanez and Joe Fonzi. Very light and entertaining, with Mark and Joe on top of their game.
    They were true professionals, and elicited a lot of insightful information from Lowell and Grant.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this last interview, and hope to see more.
    JG has the opportunity to shine. I hope the Niner coaches let him become the field general, and play to his strengths.
    BTW, I think Lowell is just as smart as Grant, and his wealth of experience may give him a slight edge. Lowell was doing what any proud papa would do for his son.

      1. Legendary status was bestowed upon me by Grant.
        I have never claimed to be smarter than Grant. He knows way more than me about football.

        1. If Cone was smarter than you, he would have 20 point plans not 5 point ones. He must be only 1/2 as smart as you.

          1. No, he is concise, and hit the salient points.
            Believe it or not, Grant has good writing skills, so he can covey his thoughts succinctly.
            Keep trying, but your absolutes are absolutely wrong.

            1. Dad, just shut the hell up, please? I get why the other posters find you so arrogant and sometimes call you an idiot. I mean I don’t really, but I sort of do get it now. Stick to football and stop acting like you’re the second coming of Bill Walsh.

  14. LOL Monty. I think a previous poster had it right.

    “When your lips meets the load”!

    Don’t quit in the first quarter this week honey! Keep on suck’in!

    1. LOL funny gay you are Juanita….

      Junita “when your hole meets the rubber” is your motto I am sure

      Have fun partying with your friends in frisco gay boy….now go clean up the game will be on soon, don’t want your friends to see you all wet LOL

      Weird how Cali folks always have latent comments…it must be ingrained in them no pun intended

  15. Go niners all day ….i feel we will see a whole new 49r team out there tonight “the second win” and kittles energy spreads like wild fire they need “all in” all heart attitude and focus on this game “the present” i believe we will see new step up for the niners team….guna be good game but 49ers got this !!

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