What must Jimmy Garoppolo do to take next step with 49ers?

San Francisco 49ers NFL football quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo runs a play at the team’s training facility in Santa Clara, Calif., Tuesday, June 11, 2019. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

A year ago, the 49ers reported to training camp feeling absolutely sure they had stolen Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots.

Garoppolo shouldn’t have been available. The Patriots drafted him in 2014 and spent four seasons grooming him to replace Tom Brady. But Brady doesn’t need replacing yet, even though he’s 41.

So, rather than let Garoppolo leave in free agency when his contract expired at the end of 2017, the Patriots traded him to the 49ers for a mere second-round draft pick, because Bill Belichick respects Kyle Shanahan and wanted the 49ers to succeed. That’s what the 49ers thought at the time. They believed the Patriots had given them Garoppolo out of the kindness of their hearts.

Since that trade, Brady has won his sixth Super Bowl, and Garoppolo has played just eight games and torn his ACL. Last season in particular, Garoppolo played like a mistake-prone rookie, even though he’s 27, while his backup, Nick Mullens, a former undrafted free agent who’s only 24, played like a veteran.

Now, the 49ers have to wonder if the Patriots duped them, put one over on them. Have to wonder if Garoppolo is yet another former Brady backup — like Matt Cassel, Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett — who failed after leaving New England.

This season is critical for Garoppolo. If he plays well coming off a torn ACL and leads the 49ers to the playoffs, he could remain the 49ers’ starting quarterback for years and years and ascend to the level of Joe Montana and Steve Young. But if he struggles coming off a torn ACL, the 49ers could bench him or cut him. His contract is easy to terminate after this season.

Here’s what Garoppolo must prove to stay employed in Santa Clara:

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  1. Well, the silver lining is that if Jimmy Gee turns out to be another Belichek bad penny, and the Niners tank at the right time, they may be able to pick up Trevor Lawrence with the first pick in a not-too-far-in-the-future draft. Now *that* kid is durable, has football intelligence, and above all uncannily seems to always make the right decision.

    1. “So, rather than let Garoppolo leave in free agency when his contract expired at the end of 2017, the Patriots traded him to the 49ers for a mere second-round draft pick, because Bill Belichick respects Kyle Shanahan and wanted the 49ers to succeed. That’s what the 49ers thought at the time. They believed the Patriots had given them Garoppolo out of the kindness of their hearts.”

      First of all, the 49ers actually initially inquired about acquiring Tom Brady from the Patriots, even if this had to have been considered a long shot. Secondly, while Belichick, by all accounts does respect Kyle and John, he also has a lot of respect for Jimmy Garoppolo, and given the fact that Belichick held onto Jimmy for about as long as he possibly could have justified doing so (which tells you how much respect he has for Jimmy as a person AND a quarterback), he also felt like it was an excellent opportunity for Jimmy given the successful track record Kyle has had with his QB’s, as well as the likelihood that Kyle and John would do the right thing when it came to Jimmy’s next contract.

      How in the world can you state, within the same paragraph, that “the Patriots traded him to the 49ers for a mere second-round draft pick, because Bill Belichick respects Kyle Shanahan and wanted the 49ers to succeed.” and then turn around and say something as silly as the 49ers “believed the Patriots had given them Garoppolo out of the kindness of their hearts”? I mean, wouldn’t this be a textbook case of talking out of both sides of one’s mouth!

      And, by the way, it was Patriot fans who were the most vocal opponents of this trade because they, along with a large portion of the media, felt like the Patriots could have, and certainly should have, gotten more in return for Garoppolo, who was largely viewed by fans and pundits as Brady’s eventual successor, than merely a 2nd round pick. In fact according to multiple reports, and basically corroborated by Belichick himself, the Browns were actually willing to give up far more for Garoppolo than the 49ers were. Wouldn’t you think that, knowing how calculating Belichick is about player transactions (which is one reason the Patriots have been so good for so long), if he was truly trying to “dupe” an organization, wouldn’t it have made a lot more sense to dupe a team that plays within his own conference, while getting the most in return for a QB he’s spent years developing to eventually become Brady’s successor?

      Dah, DOY!!!!

      Absolutely RIDICULOUS!

      When I have a little more time later, I’ll post a rebuttal as to why simply relying on statistics while making another silly claim like – “Garoppolo played like a mistake-prone rookie, even though he’s 27, while his backup, Nick Mullens, a former undrafted free agent who’s only 24, played like a veteran” is yet another equally uninspired take on Jimmy Garoppollo’s 8 starts (6 W-1 L with 1 Incomplete) with the Niners.

      Have a nice day and Go NINERS!

        1. Jack, does this article not read like a sarcastic dig on Garoppolo and the 49ers, to you? I mean, of all of the articles, interviews, and talk around this country in regards to this trade, and I’m talking about more conversation and articles than I can possibly count, most of which were not being debated between homers, this is quite honestly the only one to suggest that Bilechick had some kind of ulterior motive for trading Jimmy right before the trade deadline. There has been a lot of debate about whether or not Garoppolo is as good as advertised – a lead pipe lock to become the franchise defining quarterback now, and well into the future for the Niners, and that’s fair. At this point it’s fair to question just how high his ceiling is and whether or not he can remain healthy enough to reach his potential. But come on, to suggest that Belichick wasn’t fond and impressed with Garoppolo, or to suggest that he wasn’t truly being groomed as Brady’s eventual successor, goes against everything Belichick did in regards to the way he handled him, from the moment he was drafted, until the midnight hour prior to the trade deadline.

          Tell me Jack, are you seriously questioning whether the Patriots may have been perpetrating the ultimate ruse in regards to the way they handled Garoppolo, as compared to every other QB who has played behind Brady since their remarkable upset win in Super Bowl XXXVI, going on 18 years ago and counting? Because if you are, I’ve got a bridge I can sell you. Seriously, why even go there when there is actually an intellectual debate as to what the 49ers actually have in Jimmy Garoppolo going into this pivotal season? Sure, there’s more to this article than the first few paragraphs, but every journalist knows that these early paragraphs are designed to set the “tone”. So why not dig a little deeper than ridiculous speculation that simply doesn’t fit the facts of the matter?

          Even then, using simple statistics without context when comparing Garoppolo’s early season struggles as compared to Mullens’ mid-to-late season struggles last season, still doesn’t hardly scratch the surface. You seem like a very knowledgeable football fan. Wouldn’t you agree that there is likely much more to the story when you dig a little deeper than statistics? I’m sure you are aware that, not all statistics are created equal. NFL football is a complex endeavor. There are so many different factors in play throughout any given game, and any given season, to simply point to statistics as if that were the only barometer that mattered. For instance, I’m sure you are aware that Kyle’s offenses, and the QB’s who run those offenses tend, to struggle early in the season. While Grant did mention that it took Matt Ryan, a seasoned veteran, a full year (but failed to mention that included 2 full offseasons) before he got comfortable with the verbiage and complexity of Kyle’s system, and even then, no mention of the fact that Kyle’s teams, for a number of reasons, tend to also take a couple few games to lock in a rhythm and find their groove. This is not uncommon, for a lot of complex schemes, but it is particularly true with Kyle’s. Sure, his 2015 Falcons started 5-0, but that was almost exclusively due to their superior talent on the offensive side of the ball, combined with the softest early schedule in the NFL. Very much unlike the early portion of the 49ers 2018 schedule, playing 2 of their first 3 games on the road vs 2 championship caliber rosters, in 2 of the most hostile environments in the league. And during their 2016 Super Bowl season (Matt Ryan’s 2nd season under Kyle), the Falcons LOST their opening game, at home, to a below average Buc’s defense which was seriously outclassed in terms of the match up of talent (the Bucs finished the 2016 season ranked 23rd in total defense) and Matt Ryan finished the season opener with a woeful Total QBR of 39.1, even with arguably the most talented group of offensive weapons in the entire league.

          I’m not looking for a sugar coating Jack, Jimmy G. still has a lot to prove. He has to show that he can command this offense and remain healthy. But to suggest that, because his 2018 statistics were nearly identical, that Nick Mullens’ ceiling is anywhere near Jimmy Garoppolo’s is a kind of insulting to those of who grew up watching Joe Montana and Steve Young. And that goes to the other point; going on statics alone, Steve Young would have to be considered, hands down, the greatest 49ers QB to ever wear the scarlet and gold. Don’t you think? But we all know GOAT wasn’t the guy who wore #7 as great as he was. It was actually #16, who was the greatest QB I’ve ever had the privileged to watch.

          Go NINERS!

          1. Of course the great Steve Young wore #8, not #7. Sometimes I simply type too fast, but you get my point.

  2. Hey Grant where’s the article on Nick Bosa getting signed? I guess your disappointed he didn’t hold out lol

    1. Admitting mistakes is something a Cohn never does. They just present the here and now and speculate the rest.
      It’s called lazy journalism.

    2. Yes, and Deebo too. Now we can turn speculation to player weight and the OL being pushed back like they’re on roller skates. Looking forward to comprehensive practice video coupled with objective commentary.

      1. I’ll be looking for Shanny to give snarky answers to Cohn during press conferences highlighting how incompetent he is.

    3. Truth, I don’t usually comment on Grant’s blog because it’s, well, his blog. But I’d like to explain something about newspapers to you. The sports editor makes assignments, not the writers. The editor assigned Grant to write a long piece on Garoppolo to run the first day of camp — today. The editor did not assign Grant a Bosa article. The editor could use an Associated Press article on Bosa or insert a note about his signing in a football digest. These decisions are made above Grant’s level. I hope this explanation helps.

      1. Hey LC
        Did you see the one where some guy said G was unprofessional for taking a vacation on the occasion of his honeymoon? Before TC even opened. You can’t make this stuff up!

      2. Hello Lowell,

        I miss the way you used to compare Wash and Siefert to what ever coach we had at the time. It was good reading. I do not understand why they are so hard on Grant. He frustrates me at times but I read his articles often because he entertains me, dam near daily.

        So whether they critze him or not they are following his every word.

      3. Lowell yeah okay I guess I can buy that but I bet if there was a report about Bosa will hold out bet there will be a negative article about it TODAY.

        Btw nice article by YOUR son recapping a trade that happen two years ago and YES we know Garoppolo ain’t better then Tom Brady wow does that take a genius to figure out? We also know NOBODY would start over Tom Brady on the Patriots so write about something that is happening today the only news yesterday was Bosa and Samuel signings.

      4. That being said, Grant appears to be tweeting of late. He could have commented on the signing via tweet. I doubt PD editors assign Grant his tweet topics.

        1. Cassie, I direct you to PD website which features an article re: Bosa and Samuel signings.

    4. “I guess your disappointed”

      His disappointed what?

      Doesn’t matter how clever or snarky the comment, if you can’t get the grammar right, YOU’RE the one that looks silly.

      1. Sorry I didn’t know I was commenting on a spelling B or grammar contest article so whether I put “Your” or “You’re” I’m pretty sure everybody on here is smart enough to know what I’m saying also I’m not on here to impress anybody lol

    5. 49ers should’ve drafted Mahomes when they had the chance. Solomon wasn’t worth that pick and they didn’t have Grappolo at the time.

  3. Anyone who really watches can see the potential greatness in jimmy g just needs more experience and less injuries. He is obviously better than the other failed qbs that left the pats and I don’t blame the niners one bit for giving him that contract .

  4. Yes, durability is the biggest concern, because KS will scheme to keep JG healthy, but the O line was porous last season , up the middle. KS will probably keep JG in the pocket, and deliver the football from there. However, it becomes problematic, if the pocket collapses.
    I will disagree about JG, and his hesitancy, allowing sacks. Many times, he had no one to throw to. This was especially true in the Detroit game, with their 6 sacks. Now that KS drafted Deebo and Hurd, and JL signed Matthews, the Niners may have WRs who will get open more consistently. Pettis bulking up and getting stronger, and Taylor finally recovering from his back problem, will also help. Hopefully, Goodwin will not be confronted with family emergencies, and his family can enjoy a healthy life.
    JG will also benefit from a strong running game. Coleman is a solid pickup. Hopefully, McKinnon will be able to contribute. With those 2 sharing the load, maybe Breida can stay fresh, and avoid injury.
    JG may also benefit from the RBs becoming a safety valve, so he can get rid of the ball quickly. Those swing passes will put the RB with the ball in space, and attack the defense all along the line.
    JG does not need to drastically improve his decision making, and he is plenty smart, and has a lot of football intelligence. KS needs to keep things simple, and not have JG over thinking, with leads to hesitancy.
    With a better supporting cast, more familiarity with the system, and a more streamlined scheme, JG will do well.
    One big question mark will be to see if the O line can provide protection.

    1. Hey almost as porous as the nincomepoop posing as someone else…me thinks you must be a peter puffer living in Guerneville…

  5. The Niners should be crazy ready for the season. I can’t wait! We’re winning the division. Goff will crumble against the pass rush and we’ll finally run down Russell and his scooting around. Same for that little Arizona qb. Wishnowsky will be booming kicks and Gould will be striking gold while Tevin Coleman dances his way into the end zone.

  6. JG is the real deal. I was convinced he should be the 49er franchise QB, during the Seahawk game, when he threw a TD on the last play of the game.
    The Niners should thank their lucky stars that JG fell into their lap. That team friendly contract with the escape clause, should not be implemented, because JG provides them with a team leader, who has shown that he can win games. They should just assume he will fulfill his entire contract, and not look to cutting ties early.
    JG really impressed me when he completed passes even while throwing into triple coverage. He will lower his interception rate when he and his receivers become more in sync. Thankfully, there are reports that he threw with Pettis and others, during the off season.
    His quick release means that he can avoid the sack, even while under pressure. KS should try to tailor his scheme to emulate what JG did during that 5 game win streak. He had a simpler playbook, with crisp quick execution, and proven results.
    During that 5 game win streak, JG made team mates play better. He even seemed to inspire the defense.

    1. Sebs-i have been alluding to the same things many times, tho not as lengthy as you…..my question to you is-this is a complete 180 to your usual stuff….are you trying to cover your bases? Way, way too positive from your usual stuff……Your covering your bases, aren’t you???? You sly dog, you…………wan’t to point this out in the archives 12 weeks from now, don’t ya……….

      You aint foolin nobody, Sebsquatch!

  7. Staying healthy is definitely step 1.

    In terms of decision making, sure, this is an area that needs to improve but end of the day if he makes more big positive plays than bad plays through taking some risks then the team will have some tolerance in that regard. So long as he has learned he needs to protect himself.

    As for those 2 1/2 games last year, how he played wasn’t a surprise for me. I said he would likely struggle some early on and get better as the year went on. It was only to be expected as it was his first real action trying to implement Shanahan’s full system. And losing McKinnon didn’t help.

    Since he barely played last year and is coming off the injury the same applies this year – I expect some struggles early on and that he gets better as the year progresses. I will judge whether I think he has a future as the 49ers starter on how he finishes the season, not how he starts it.

    The important thing is that the team manages to win even while he has some struggles. And ultimately, as to what will determine JG’s future with the 49ers that is the main thing – winning.

    1. Disagree with ya….Mullens won games with a depleted roster..lets say they are “even” with skillset….Mullens is 26million dollars cheaper to do the same job. Doesn’t really matter cause Kyle is in love with CJ BeatHard

    2. Defense/Special teams will need to be Jimmy’s buoy early until he gets his feet underneath him, but every game he finishes will be the keys that unlock his immense potential….

  8. I’m not sold on Jimmy yet.
    I think he certainly has the potential to be a very good qb but needs to improve in his decision making as Grant points out.
    However I don’t buy the narrative that Mullens played much better than him. Their stats were nearly identical and Mullen’s didn’t exactly light up the scoreboard against the better defenses he faced.

  9. With respect to staying injury free one also must consider that the Russell Wilson comparison is a bit skewed because Wilson is an outstanding athlete who additionally possesses some pretty good football skills, but you can’t say that JG is an outstanding athlete. Also, Wilson is very well developed from a muscular structure perspective and I don’t see JG in that same mold.

    Wide receiver development and abilities to get off the jam and run routes and get open will be the biggest keys to JG’s passing success this season because last year the Niners were just average at best most often with WR performances. Too much inconsistency does not bode well for a QB. How good would Joe or Steve have been without the outstanding complement of wide receivers around them?

    You cannot win in the NFL and earn a living by just throwing balls to RBs and the TE because if a WR can’t command double coverage or a short and long or bracket scheme, especially on nickel packages, the vaunted TE surely will draw those schemes.

    Should be interesting to see who develops and becomes reliable on the outside.

    1. I could not disagree with you more. Last season, Mullens beat the Seahawks, a team who was competing for a playoff spot, and won with Kittle.
      Joe won the first SB with Freddie Solomon, and 10th round pick Dwight Clark. Both were made better with Joe throwing to them. If Clark had gone to any other team, he probably would have toiled in obscurity. The year before Solomon was obtained by the Niners, he had 12 catches for the Dolphins. He never made a Pro Bowl.
      Quit touting Wilson. You sound like a Seahawk fan.

      1. I want to apologize for the snippy response. Thought you were the Mike who responded to my previous post, but see that you have also been catfished.
        I will agree that the WRs are important, and am glad they have upgraded the position.

      1. cubus – it’s not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing with anybody. at my age, I am simply happy to have the mental faculties to offer my thoughts and posters could agree or not agree with me as that is their freedom to do so. I probably see the game in a different light and from a different perspective than some of you as age gives you a few alternative perspectives which might often escape a younger generation.

    2. Joe proved himself at Notre Dame………………Young at Brigham Young. They didn’t have this caliber of receivers at that time……….they were both thought of very highly, nevertheless.

  10. Jimmy Crappolo won’t play all season…enter CJ BeatHard…after he gets pummeled Mullens will come in and win some more games…rinse and repeat….same chit different year…..not sold on JimmyC sorry guys….I do like Mullens though but if he is the best on the team its not saying much- sorry guys its the reality

    1. I actually like Mullens better than Jimmy myself ,and I think he has a better work ethic and is a smarter football mind but to call Jimmy crap is a reach .

    1. Well yeah the scouts said “stay away from Bosa” his tape is not that good and all the missed games yikes…stay away from RFoster….SThomas CJ BeatHard and a host of other not so special picks duh.

    2. Some scouts need to stay in their lane. The scouts job is to make assessments of the players. The FO and coaches take that information, and make decisions. KS may have the most influence on the picks, but the coaches will be coaching those players, so their input should carry more weight. Unlike the Baalke fiasco, the coaches will not have players forced upon them, like Tank Carradine was. AJ Jenkins was touted by a scout? I hope that scout is no longer on the Niners.
      Jealous of JL? He was a Pro Bowl safety, SB winner and candidate for the HOF. They have a lot to be jealous of.
      A scout aspires for the GM position? Look what happened to the last scout who became a Niner GM. Baalke dismantled a SB team, whiffed on an entire draft class, and ended up going 2-14.

      1. Baalke was an idiot….period….why hire scouts if your not going to listen to them?….me thinks shanny thinks he is a genius. I have already seen some stupid picks from this regime so the argument is moot

  11. Implying Mullens is better than JG is a little ridiculous. That said, JG needs to stay upright.

    This game-has been and always will be-won in the trenches. If we see a dramatic improvement from the D-line and the O-line, we will see more wins than losses. It’s that simple. And all indications point to an improvement with both (an influx of talent on the D-line and consistency with the O-line).

    Skill players on both sides of the ball will feed off of the two line’s improved play.

  12. Hey Grant. Congrats on the nuptials. Really cool Tweet from your Dad. Hope you are blessed with many years of happiness and joy and lots of little Cohn’s running around.

  13. Jimmy G is not a bust and you certainly don’t ‘hoodwink’ the Bill Walsh, West Coast, coaching tree from what an All Pro potential QB looks like.

    If Garoppolo wasn’t running for his life with a substandard offensive line just learning the WCO system from Shanny, then he was trying to find an open receiver from the likes of Bourne (undrafted), Goodwin (coached up as a #1 in a four week TC by Shanny), etc., etc…Those factors were the primary culprits in why Garoppolo had to leave the pocket, incurring an ACL injury in the first place.

    This year, it’s pedal to the metal for the 49ers and their naysayers (see Seb and Kaep).
    The Niners will bring an array of highly regarded 1st year WR’s and competition on th ol to camp

    FYI: Keep an eye on this guy to help Keep Garoppolo upright this season—-

    Former Iowa Guard Brings ‘Nasty Streak’ to 49ers
    Ross Reynolds, Iowa’s top run blocker in 2018, was projected as a fifth- or sixth-rounder but went undrafted and signed with 49ers
    By Doug Williams
    Published Jun 14, 2019 at 3:49 PM


    1. Tom,
      Nice read. Ross may be this years Matt Breida.
      I like the nasty streak label, especially when it describes O-lineman.

  14. Grant:

    It’s ridiculous that you compare Jimmy G’s “possible interception rate” with Mullen’s actual interception rate. Comparing actual interception rates of 3% for Jimmy G with 2.9% for N. Mullens shows no statistically significant difference.

    Mullens is a good backup and I hope the team keeps him as the backup to the most important position.

    1. Their stats are nearly identical. If Garoppolo can stay healthy we’ll get a much better understanding of who he really is.

  15. Ah I love this time of year, football starting back up again. We just started our “training camp” for the little ones. I’m coaching the offense again and loving every minute of it. Can’t wait for the season mine and the NIners.

    1. Leo,
      Teaching children the importance of team spirit and leadership sets a great foundation going forward.
      Hope you have a successful and fun season.

      And yes, football is here!

      1. CFB,
        I assume that you are referring to the QB who took over for the QB known as the “Game Manager.”
        Mr. Alex Smith rarely made mistakes. His “safe” approach to the game was admired by many NFL talking-heads. Yet, he was replaced by a QB who has a gun-slingers mentality.

        Jimmy G, is going to make mistakes and some bad decisions because he has some gun-slinger in him as well. Sure, he needs to continue working on this area, but I wouldn’t want to harness that part of his game either.
        Johnny Unitas, Namath, Sonny Jurgensen, Jim Hart, Bradshaw, Farve, Rothlisberger, Rodgers and now Mahomes all have one thing in common: they had/have the gun-slinger mentality. That part of the game can bring heartache and reward – oh, and put butts in the seats.

        1. “Mr. Alex Smith rarely made mistakes.”

          Even though I was once a once bonafide Smither I can’t agree with that statement. Alex would only throw to open receivers. He constantly missed opportunities because of this. I would call those mistakes.

          1. CFC,
            I have to agree with you.
            Alex’ “safe” approach reminded me of Bob Griese. You can find success using this approach if you have a strong supporting cast which Griese had.

            I wish the best for Alex. I’ll never forget his glory game against New Orleans in the playoffs. I was so excited after that game that I jumped in my cold swimming pool.
            Alex provided a lifelong memory for me. And that ain’t bad.

        2. Actually, I was playing a Sebbie riff….his instructions for QBs to look one way and throw the other…

  16. Interesting article on Niners Nation about how the 49ers scouting department is frustrated with the front office and coaching staff.Good read not sure how much to make of it but an interesting quote was that “none of the scouts after watching Soloman Thomas thought he was worthy of a top five pick”.Which alot of average Joe’s like myself adamantly believed at the time.Also sounds like alot of the scouts we’re really pushing for Williams this draft but “It was Bosa all the way” no matter they’re opinion..
    Maybe Shanny is just bypassing these scouts and drafting players he deems fit for his system….Who knows

  17. I have a couple questions regarding RB Jerick McKinnon.

    1) Will he play this season and if so how many games will he appear in vs start?
    2) Will he be on the team a year from now?

    1. Lol. Someone had their bra-strap snapped this morning. What a totally pointless post but thanks for letting us all know just how ridiculous you are.

      1. It’s called opening up a discussion. The real question is why would it possibly bother you this much? Are you that bored? Did mommy take away your xbox?

        1. You are completely unaware of just how silly you are making yourself sound. Sorry you’re having such a bad day.

    2. How the backfield shakes out will be a big storyline throughout camp.

      With how his contract is structured I would not be surprised to see him let go.

  18. Seems like Gordon and Zeke haven’t received the memo that smart teams are done paying RB’s huge contracts.

    1. CFC:

      What’s your prediction for Mahomes this year? I think he’ll take a significant step backwards because teams will have had all offseason to prepare for him and because he has lost some of his potent weapons on offense. What do you think?

      1. I think the regression in stats is only logical but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll regress as a QB. Overall the team might not appear as successful but it won’t be from teams having tape on Patrick. Teams have years of tape on Brady, Brees, Rodgers, etc and those QB’s still go out and produce at a high level each season.

        Mahomes will be one of the greats of this sport like the aforementioned names. He’s a natural to the position and will only get better with more experience.

  19. A nugget in Grant’s tweet mix…

    Brent Merrill Keemle

    Replying to @grantcohn
    Drafted in 2014 and with Pats 3 1/2 years… not five. Sloppy writing. Also, at least 2-3 of his actual ints were on receivers giving the ball to the DB or not running the right route. You critique his 3.0 int rate, but praise Mullen’s 2.9 rate? Good god! ?
    Emoji embedded,

  20. Breaking news…JimmyC won’t be playing against the Raiders the first preseason game….not good…gee wonder who will start…???

    1. Via nfl.com…

      “Despite this, the Niners still plan to hold Jimmy G out of the preseason opener on Aug. 10 vs. Dallas, according to head coach Kyle Shanahan. After that, the team will decide how to use him for the remainder of the preseason. Garoppolo suffered a torn ACL in Week 3.”

      1. The only one’s who take TC seriously are fans who take it in the wallet book, paying reg. season prices to watch UFA’s run the wrong direction.

        1. Hey TomD =sounds like the last decade…see nothing has really changed….at least Jed York can’t rip off the season ticket holders yet again…

  21. Yep, injuries are already manifesting. Sounds like McKinnon had a setback. Did not know Magnuson was so injured. They signed Dillon Day as his replacement.
    I am glad they are being conservative with JG. I hope he does not expose himself to injury, playing in a meaningless preseason game. This will give CJB and Mullens more playing time, which will aid in assessing won won the backup competition. Kwon will also be shelved.
    JM, Jimmie Ward, Weston Richberg and Garrett Celek will be PUP.

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