What’s going on with Alex Smith

Look, this is how I read what’s going on with Alex Smith. I’m trying to dope out the situation and these are my hypotheses:

Alex Smith is waiting for Peyton Manning to sign before he does anything. His agent has implored Smith to wait until he is the No. 1 QB left on the market before he signs a contract, just to see what happens when he’s in a relative position of power. As long as Manning is a free agent, Alex Smith is an afterthought.

Manning works out today at Duke. The Broncos front office is flying across the country to watch. Afterwards, Manning flies to Tennessee to work out for the Titans this weekend. So, Manning might not make up his mind until next week.

Which means we’re going to be waiting on Alex Smith for a while. That’s how I read it.

As long as we’re being speculative, an unconfirmed rumor had Alex Smith eating an onion bagel with lox, cream cheese and capers at Montclair Noah’s.

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