Which NFL teams will win this weekend

FILE – In this Oct. 14, 2018, file photo, Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) warms up as head coach Frank Reich looks on prior to an NFL football game against the New York Jets, in East Rutherford, N.J. The Colts play the Kansas City Chiefs in a divisional playoff game on Saturday, Jan. 12, 2019.(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun, File)

What do you do every year the 49ers don’t make the playoffs?

You watch the playoffs anyway. You predict which teams will win each weekend. And you root for yourself to be right. It’s a fun game.

Last weekend, I picked the Colts, Cowboys, Eagles and Ravens to win their playoff games and each team won except the Ravens. Which means I predicted 75 percent of the games correctly. Made my weekend. Let’s see if I can do better.

Here are my picks for the divisional round.

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  1. I’ll play.

    Colts win at Arrowhead. Reid on the hot seat.

    Cowboys win. Rams will be one and done again.

    Patriots win.

    Saints win.

  2. Chiefs handle business
    Eagles get smoked by NO
    Rams win a close win vs Dallas
    And the upset will be The Chargers over the Pats. They’re due

  3. Would be nice if the general have-nots — Indy/NO/LA/LA — all prevail, for a change, but doubt the NFL will let that happen.

  4. Last week. I thought home field advantage would be in effect. I thought the Ravens and Bears would move on. I wanted both the Seahawks and Cowboys to lose. However, I thought the Colts would beat the Texans.
    This weekend, I agree with Grant.
    Colts will beat the Chiefs because the Chiefs defense is bad, and the Colts O line will maul them. Luck may not need to pass more than 20 times.
    Cowboys may have the best run defense, but Goff will air raid them. Donald will sack Dak. Rams win by 2 scores.
    Chargers pull the upset because they are well balanced, and Brady is due for a bad game.
    Brees will slice and dice the Eagle DBs, and their defense will stop Foles. Saints are just too good.

    1. FYI Seb, just to straighten things out, JEFF FISCH is the Rams’ Senior Offensive Assistant, and NOT the Rams’ Offensive Coordinator. Sean McVay is in charge of gameplanning, and calls all of the offensive plays on gameday, making him the de facto OC, even though his official title is Head Coach, just as Kyle Shanahan’s official title is Head Coach, although he to, is the de facto Offensive Coordinator for the 49ers, even though he has assistant coaches as well.

      I’m glad we got this straightened out.

      1. Yes, the Rams did have an OC. His name was Matt LaFleur. However, Matt LaFleur left to be the OC for the Titans, and I read that Jedd Fisch was signed to replace Matt LaFleur.
        I did not see his official title, but the fact is, McVay did get help to run the offense. The Rams have a run coordinator, and a pass coordinator, along with Fisch who does everything an OC does, except call plays.
        I just want KS to have all the help he can get. Titles are meaningless, it is what job they do and if it will help them to win, is what is most important. KS has Mike Daniels to help as the run game coordinator, and Mike LaFleur to help as the passing game coordinator. He does not have a senior offensive assistant like Jedd Fisch.
        Now, KS has blocked both Mike Daniels and Rich Scangarello from getting promoted to being OC. These were not lateral moves, but full on promotions, so KS is blocking career advancements, something Bill Walsh never did.

  5. Colts take down KC in a very physical game. May have a couple key injuries which drive the outcome.

    Rams flash early but collapse, giving away the game. Dallas doesn’t shine but does win.

    Saints roll the Eagles. Simple as that.

    Chargers stop the Patriots, similar to the Colts win over KC.

    1. You hv 3 out of 4 underdogs winning. If your conviction is strong you may want to put a couple bucks on a money line parlay. You could make some decent coin off that bet.

    1. Looks like a clean sweep Jack, I like your picks. Especially the Colts, who are clearly peaking at just the right time, with the amazing comeback from Andrew Luck, playing the best football of his professional career.

      I hope I don’t jinx you …. oops, I probably shouldn’t have said that word …. you know, the word jinx. Saying the word jinx is usually a sure fire way of jinxing someone, so sorry if I did just that …. jinx you that is.

      Colts– 30
      Chiefs- 28

      Cowgirls- 23
      Rams– 27

      Chargers– 25
      Patriots- 24

      Eagles- 20
      Saints– 34

  6. Colts vs Chiefs

    Colts – Spirited horses
    Chiefs – Leaders of tribes and clans
    Analysis: Colts are strong, swift and impressive animals. but Chiefs have weaponry and subordinates at their disposal.
    Chiefs Win

    Cowboys vs Rams

    Cowboys – Rugged and highly skilled ranch laborers common to the western United States.
    Rams – Male sheep.
    Analysis: Very close. Cowboys have guns and use other mammals for transportation. But Rams are rugged, have incredible balance, can hit with impact, especially when your back is turned to them. The Cowboys had big roundup last week. Its also against the rules to shoot opposing players.
    Rams Win

    Patriots vs Chargers

    Patriots – Brave people that fought a bloody revolution to separate from an Anglo-centric merchant empire so they could continue living in an Anglo-centric merchant empire.
    Chargers – A generator? A bolt of lighting? A horse?
    Analysis: Its an increasingly unfair world. Its probably going to end pretty soon.
    Pats Win

    Saints vs Eagles

    Saints – Spiritual beings. Hangs out with the big G.
    Eagles – Narrowly beat the Turkey for America’s national bird.
    Analysis: Eagles are skilled hunters, but get a surprising about of calories from scavenging. But Saints can fly though walls, and have cool floating hats that look like Frisbees to protect from bird pecks. They also have unlimited earth to heaven cell phone minutes.
    Saints Win

  7. I was 3 for 4 last week missing the Bears game.

    1. Chiefs win in a shootout. True that Indy won 9 or 10, but didn’t exactly face tough competition.

    2. Rams get it done at home.

    3. Chargers win on the road. Major changes coming up for pats.

    4. Saints win comfortably.

  8. Coach picked 3 of 4 with no spread. Impressive. Lol
    Juan picked 4 of 4 with the spread and 2 of 4 O/U’s for 6 of 8. I win.
    Today’s games.

    IND +5 at KC. O/U (57) (spread went from 5 to 5 1/2 through yesterday but this morning it’s back at 5 according to my friend :) Interesting matchup. The Colts have won all 4 times the teams have met in the playoffs. All the games have been close. The last was the 45-44 shootout where Luck led a second half comeback coming from a 38-10 deficit. The Colts are hot right now. The Chiefs are 7-1 at home. The Chiefs defense stinks. Ranked 31st. Colts are 11th. That spread is worse than the offensive differential, KC 1st, Indy 7th. Chiefs have a slightly better running game, 16th to 20th. It’s snowing in Kansas City. That could be the equalizer. Everything tells me this is a KC is “due” game. Jees, they’re 0-5 in home divisional round playoff games! Really? I think the curse will end today in another close one.
    I’m taking IND+5 and the under (57)
    KC 28 IND 27

    DAL +7 at LAR O/U (49 1/2) A little bit of money is being thrown on the Cowboys. Spread started at + 7 1/2 and has dropped a half point. It’s snowing in LA. Ok, just kidding. Weather is mild though (mid 50’s), perfect football weather. This game is more cut and dried for me. Far less intriguing than the morning game. Dallas has to run the ball to be successful and the Rams rush defense is ranked 10th. Rams pass the ball (No. 1 pass offense) all over the field to mucho receivers and the Dallas pass defense is ranked 20th. The last two season games, ’17 and ’14 have been barn burners, both games reaching 65 combined points. It’s going to happen again today. Though Dallas has the playoff pedigree, I just can’t see them playing in the CG.
    I’m taking LAR -7 and the over (49 1/2)
    LAR 38 DAL 30

  9. Eagles over the Patriots wasn’t the greatest SB upset ever. SB XLII – Giants over the undefeated Patriots was, by far.

    Saints > Eagles
    Colts > Chiefs

  10. Lol Seb. Not yet! Can’t count the winnings (or loses) until the season is over! Holding my own so far! Then the lobbying begins! If I fail to persuade, I still have the fridge in the Juancave! Enjoy the games!

  11. So far two for two.
    Over all playoff picks
    5 for 6.
    Lets go Chargers and Saints.
    Picked KC and NO for the super bowl
    And probably one of the most exciting high scoring shootouts in Super Bowl history.
    If my team can’t be there might as well root for what I think will be the best game.

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