Which team is the Super Bowl sleeper?

I know most of you think the 49ers are going to win the Super Bowl this season. For the sake of discussion, let’s say they don’t.

In that case, which team would be your Super Bowl sleeper?

Here’s what NFL.com’s Daniel Jeremiah tweeted last night: “Just talked to an exec about the upcoming season…Both of us agreed the NFC > AFC…His SB sleeper? Saints.”

The Saints are a good choice. They have a lot to prove after last season. With Sean Payton returning, they should be an elite team again. I think the Saints are going to beat the 49ers Week 11 in the Super Dome, and I think the Saints will make the playoffs – maybe even win the NFC South – but I don’t think they’ll make the Super Bowl.

My Super Bowl sleeper is the Cowboys. Their roster is as talented, or more talented, than any team in the league. They’ve bungled that talent with poor coaching the past few seasons, but this year they have a new defensive coordinator – Monte Kiffin – and a new offensive play caller – Bill Callahan.

Kiffin is a prudent, responsible defensive coordinator, unlike Rob Ryan, the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator last season, who just calls a ton of blitzes.

Callahan is a good play caller, unlike Jason Garrett. Callahan will establish a strong running game, like he did with the Raiders. The Cowboys’ running game will take pressure off of Dallas’ so-so pass protection, and make Tony Romo’s job easier.

It’s do-or-die for Romo. I expect this season will be the best of his career.

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