Who’s telling the truth here?

The owners are saying we had a handshake deal with the players, that the proposed CBA documents are the same documents the players reviewed Wednesday.

No, that’s the not true, said head player rep De Smith.

Who’s telling the truth?

What is clear is this: The players didn’t vote to approve or disapprove Thursday. Contentiousness has resurfaced. There are “issues”, “loose ends” with this little gremlin staring down the players – The owners said the players have until Tuesday to ratify. It’s all on you guys; that’s position the players have been placed.

After what appeared to be a smooth sail to an mutally-satisfying agreement now has been elevated to the point that we are going to see some inflammatory rhetoric.

Prediction, and that’s all anyone can offer at this point: As long as the players and the owners remain committed to meeting and discussing, a CBA will be in the place by Tuesday.

But if the players now feel sucker-punched and dig in their heels, this could be a stare-down that pust at least the exhibition in jeopardy.

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