Why suspension of Reuben Foster won’t have big impact

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster (56) walks on the field with assistant coach Ray Wright during a practice at the team’s NFL football training facility in Santa Clara, Calif., Wednesday, May 30, 2018. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Good news, 49ers fans. The NFL suspended Reuben Foster two games without pay on Tuesday. For Foster and the 49ers, this suspension is a minor victory. Here’s what you need to know about it.

1. It could have been worse.

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  1. Grant: Which is it? Am I confused, or are you?
    # 3: ” They have depth at linebacker with Malcolm Smith, Fred Warner and Brock Coyle. Three solid and talented players.”
    #4: “Foster won’t overcome the lack of talent around him when he returns from suspension.”

    * Definition of Contradiction: a combination of statements, or ideas that are opposed to one another.

      1. It’s the talent of the untalented. It’s like a zen koan. Or maybe Seb will let us know if sun tzu has similar thoughts.

        O teach me the path to meaningless, master.

          1. Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance

            For the art of war maven, you fell right into that one Seb

            1. Nice try, but if I were being arrogant, I would have been talking about myself.
              I was just throwing in a zinger at you. Glad you actually have read The Art of War, but please do not twist its meanings to try and score points.
              One who disparages The Art of War, then quotes it, is….. obtuse.

              1. Sebbie,

                Do not swallow bait offered by your enemy

                You really don’t know Sun Tzu at all, do you? If you do, this comment of mine will be the last of this exchange.

              2. Hmmm, you consider me an enemy. I do not think you are a worthy opponent.
                Obviously, my earlier comment must have hit home.
                You have arrived.

              3. Nobody is disputing the Art of War, rather your misinterpretation and chronic misplaced failed reliance on it to bolster weak assertions.
                Rib just filleted you
                Want to see SunTzu’s principles in practice? Easy peazy: look at North Korea’s and China’s current Statecraft.

              4. Maybe not Sun Tzu, since he has been dead for 5 millennia.
                However, I have stated that one’s argument is bolstered by actually being able to spell correctly. Spelling errors just opens you up to ridicule. And before you quip about nemeses being plural, you first were talking about an enemy, not enemies.
                Please quit leading with your chin.
                I do not consider you to be my blog nemesis. Maybe gadfly….;p
                It is funny to realize that both of us are die hard Niner fans, but politics, religion, culture and/or mindset can separate us as wide as the Grand Canyon.
                Knew the Olompali Deadhead could not resist. Like a moth to a flame. Zim Tzu is prolific in his references, and he made it to the NFCC Game. Now that he has a better QB, he will be able to implement his strategies. Keenun is a journeyman QB. I saw enough of him as a Ram.
                The better example is Russia. Putin has gained dominance over the US, an arch enemy, without firing a shot.
                KS really wanted Cousins, and every indication was that he was aiming to acquire Cousins, during the FA period. In fact, when JG fell into their lap, KS was mourning the possible loss of Cousins. Sure am glad that JG signed that Franchise contract, and Cousins has moved on to a team that actually can remember his name. Like JG, Cousins has landed well, and this first game will be a dog fight, and set the tone for the rest of the season.

              5. Maybe not Sun Tzu, since he has been dead for 5 millennia.

                Yet you are adamant that his concepts are relevant for 21st century football. So Sebbie, tell us. Do you think old Sun was a homer, a fan of the Shandong Binzhou Raiders? Or do you think he was more like Grant, pointing out their flaws and riling up the Choi Dynasty season ticket holders?

                And before you quip about nemeses being plural, you first were talking about an enemy, not enemies.

                Man, that has to be the weakest sauce ever split from yours, or any, keyboard here. If your guru had written “enemies” I would have quoted him thusly. Get in your time machine and go debate the grammar with him.

              6. Rib, those concepts are timeless, and relevant even today. They ring true for war, football, and even living one’s life. There has also been an evolution of ideas and pragmatic practical applications over many years. Even in China, subsequent generals expanded and redefined his teachings, with real examples. The Japanese studied The Art of War, then wrote voluminous interpretations, creating whole chapters out of a single sentence.
                A French translation found itself in the hands of Napoleon, and he almost conquered Europe implementing Sun Tzu’s teachings.
                Patton was an admirer of The Art of War, and it is required reading for the military leadership of many armies throughout the world.
                Bill Walsh was an ardent fan of The Art of War, and he utilized many principles from the book. No wonder he won 3 SBs.
                All you had to do was write -nemesis, so I do not know why you are ragging on Sun Tzu. Guess you are getting paranoid, imagining many enemies. Remember, people and teams who commit unforced errors, tend to lose out.
                Thanks again for allowing me the chance to expand upon the subject. Remember, his very first words pertained to the importance and seriousness of the subject, and the need to carefully and thoroughly study all aspects, in order to achieve success.

              7. All you had to do was write -nemesis, so I do not know why you are ragging on Sun Tzu. Guess you are getting paranoid, imagining many enemies. Remember, people and teams who commit unforced errors, tend to lose out.

                In the statement “you are my enemy” even though enemy is singular how many people are actually being referred to? Count with me. There’s you. That’s one. There’s my, the possessive of me. That makes two. Now Sebbie, Is two singular? No, it is not, is it? There’s some other word, it begins with the letter p, that refers to more than one. Now go stand in the corner and be quiet until it comes to you.

                (Sheesh, why do I get all the maroons here in detention?)

              8. Exactly, so why did you use the plural, when the singular was appropriate?
                You are fortunate. You do not need to pretend you are inferior. It just comes naturally to you.

              9. Seb’s usual wall-o-text

                Sun has taught you everything you supposedly know, and still you know nothing:

                Great results can be achieved with small forces

              10. You are on here way too much again Paul. Do we need to post all your info again so you’ll go away?

              11. “Do we need to post all your info again so you’ll go away?”

                Yeah, let’s dox people. Wtf happened to this place?

              12. Rib, here is another one.
                Arrogant opponents are easily defeated. They are easy to anger. Then they will make mistakes. Too bad you resorted to calling me a maroon. By losing your cool, you lost the argument.
                Maybe, someday, you will learn your lesson. After all the back and forth, you will bitterly rue the day you tried to engage me. You thought you could be pithy, sound intelligent, while getting in a dig at me. I am just responding to your comments. If you cannot stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, before you dish up another helping of weak sauce. You started it, so it was another unforced error on your part. Learn from Razor. He and I are polar opposites, but he does not step on my toes, and I do not engage him. We both realize that we are bound by the fact that both of us love the Niners, and hunger for a ring. I could have gotten into the political discussions, but wanted to focus on football, even though we both differ in many areas there, too.
                Relating this repartee to the Niners, they need to have thick skin. They should not let the opposition rattle them. They should realize that one of the opponent’s objective is to needle them so they lose their cool, and lose their poise. Trash talking is only effective if one can back it up. The best revenge could be to burn the trash talker with a TD. This season, I hope the coaches counsel the players to refrain from trash talking. It motivates the other team to prove them wrong, and trash talkers get distracted, and lose focus. Case in point, Rashard Robinson.
                Bill Walsh was a master motivator, and made sure to highlight any slight directed at the Niners. He used the locker room fodder to great effect. But once on the field, he refused to let them see him sweat. He was poised, insouciant and unruffled. He just processed the play, and moved on. Instead of throwing his play sheet, or jumping up and down, he resorted to biting sarcasm, to vent his frustrations. One of the few times he showed emotion, was during the game at Cincy. Wyche tried to run out the clock by calling a sweep, but the Niners stopped the play with 2 seconds left. Montana then threw a bomb to Jerry, and they won by a single point. Bill Walsh was caught on camera, skipping off the field. The Master schooled his pupil.
                Rib, you may think you know more about The Art of War than I, but you are attacking one of my strengths, an unwise move on your part. Sun Tzu believed in attacking weaknesses.

              13. I am not a huge fan of the Art of War.
                It’s helpful, but far too general for my taste… if he were writing a book on baseball it would be something like.
                1. Score more points than your opponent
                2. When Pitching, aim for areas your opponent struggles to hit.
                3. If your opponent expects a fastball, throw a changeup
                4. When hitting, hit to the areas where the opponent is not.
                All of which players and coaches intuitively know.

                Because they are so general they stand the test of time… but I prefer Hart as its a bit more detailed even if it becomes outdated tactics wise due to advancing technology.

                As for the Napoleon statement further down the chain, he may have read Sun Tzu but in practice was a far more direct approach tactitioner. Preferring to attack in mass at the center of the line, breaking his opponents apart so he could swallow them up. This style worked well against most of the part time armies but not so well against the British full time armies who used thinner lines, defensive works, and discipline to greater advantage. Had Napoleon been more adaptable, as Sun Tzu often preached hey may have been more successful. By the civil war Napoleonic tactics were made nearly obsolete with mass production of rifles and improved artillery.
                Sorry for the tangent, I just like military history.

              14. Shoup, you are correct. Napoleon did not follow one major tenant. He over extended his supply lines. That march into Russia was ill planned and poorly executed. Napoleon failed to conserve the heart of his army, so the subsequent engagements, ending at the Waterloo were doomed to failure, due to novice’s inexperience.
                Actually, The Art of War is a quick read. It was written on strips of bamboo, so they kept the weight down by being concise. Subsequent stories were written, following the basic teachings. One general, a shrewd and formidable opponent, was once caught with little forces, and was confronted with an invading army. He knew that resistance was futile, so he opened the gates to the city. He sat on top of one gate, and played the flute. Scouts reported that the gates were open, and the general was playing his flute. The other general, fearing a trap, did not assault the city.
                Sometimes, deception is the key.

              15. Shoup, re reading your comments about Napoleon, he did follow the concepts of Sun Tzu. Concentrating fire power, attacking weaknesses, and dividing opponents are all Art of War concepts. At Waterloo, Napoleon did not want the British and Prussian forces to join, so he tried to defeat each separately. Napoleon did mount a furious charge, but he lacked battle hardened officers to execute his schemes. It was touch and go, but in the end, inexperienced soldiers failed to penetrate the lines. There also may have been some miscommunications, and a battery of cannons did not take advantage of an opportunity, or fired at the wrong targets.
                Napoleon exemplified everything Sun Tzu wanted in a field general. He was innovative, and could defeat a superior force by shrewdly using tactics and strategies. He thought quickly on his feet, and could adapt to changing circumstances. He was aggressive, unpredictable, and deadly efficient. His Achilles heel was the invasion of Russia. It was interesting to see Germany repeat that error in WWII.

              16. Just to clarify a few things.
                “A French translation found itself in the hands of Napoleon, and he almost conquered Europe implementing Sun Tzu’s teachings.”
                – It is not known for certain if Napoleon read Sun tzu’s “Art of War” I think it’s highly likely as he was an avid reader… but he never referenced Sun tzu and any reference to the “Art of War” could also be referencing Machiavelli’s book which was also widely read.

                “Napoleon did not follow one major tenant. He over extended his supply lines. That march into Russia was ill planned and poorly executed.” True, from 680,000 he lost 380,000 dead and another 100,000 captured. The sad part is didn’t learn his lesson from Acre, where he effectively did the same thing with smaller numbers ( forgetting the lessons of past experience also doomed him at Waterloo).

                ” At Waterloo, Napoleon attacked a fortified hill with a direct assault, failing to learn his lesson from the Battle of Borodino in the Russian campaign. The terrain already put him at a disadvantage… but the real problem was Wellington also hid a large number of his forces behind this hilly terrain. Wellington, was a master of using terrain to defeat greater forces. Napoleon didn’t know exactly what he was assaulting… but he also should have had an idea of this strategy from his Spanish campaign reports as Wellington had used a similar strategy there. However, Napoleon was overconfident and didn’t think much of Wellington even though Wellington had yet to lose. This arrogance was further exacerbated as he delayed his assault too long, taking leisure breakfast and thus allowed the Prussians to engage him while still fighting the English.
                He was also beginning to get passed by tactically at this point… as his attack by column in mass approach, allowed an outnumbered British army to bring more guns to bear against his forces than they could, thus eliminating his superior numbers.

              17. Seb’s usual wall-o-text, not even worth the time to scroll past

                Brevity is the soul of wit.

                Seb, the only reason I engage you at all is to poke ridicule at the pomposity which presents such a yuge target. Do you think I take you seriously in any manner? Get over yourself

              18. Shoup,

                Exploit your enemy’s weakness.

                I suppose the likes of Napoleon and Patton had to go back millennia to uncover that unknown mysterious concept. Thank Mars for Sun Tzu. :)

              19. Shoup, a Jesuit named Jean Amiot published a translation in 1782. Napoleon secretly used those strategies to attain power in 1799. Napoleon did not attribute his success to The Art of War, because he wanted to keep those ideas secret so only he could profit from them.
                Guess Wellington got tired of losing, and used those principles, too. Sun Tzu stressed the need to use terrain to gain advantages, and he also stressed that deception could prevent the opposition from gauging an armies’ true strength.
                You are correct. Napoleon did have a ‘Napoleonic Complex’. His arrogance allowed the British and Prussians to lull him into a state of complacency. The incorrect usage of cannon batteries decided the outcome.

              20. Rib, I do not mind you trying to needle me. Just do not get your nose bent out of shape if I skewer you, and your arguments. Personally, I thought the feigning inferiority retort was humorous. Remember, do not let them see you sweat.
                Sun Tzu also mentioned -shaping your opponent. That strategy creates weaknesses, which then can be exploited.
                Sure, you lead with your chin when you consider me an enemy, then try to use The Art of War to sound smarmy. Please try harder, I feel like I am in a battle of wits against an unarmed foe.

              21. “Shoup,

                Exploit your enemy’s weakness.

                I suppose the likes of Napoleon and Patton had to go back millennia to uncover that unknown mysterious concept. Thank Mars for Sun Tzu. :)”

                That was my only issue with Sun tzu, most of what he said was very basic and obvious. There is something to be said for being the first to say something… but when what you say is painfully obvious, I don’t think you deserve a ton of credit for saying it. ” When starving, eat. You will live longer.” – Shoup

              22. Shoup, a Jesuit named Jean Amiot published a translation in 1782.
                – True

                Napoleon secretly used those strategies to attain power in 1799. Napoleon did not attribute his success to The Art of War, because he wanted to keep those ideas secret so only he could profit from them.
                – This is not known for certain. I believe he probably did read Sun Tzu. However, all of his strategies could have just as easily have been taken from the works of Arrian, Polybius, Caesar or Machiavelli. He was voracious reader. However, it would be hard to keep this secret considering it was published 17 years prior.

                “Guess Wellington got tired of losing,”
                Not sure how he got tired of losing considering he never lost a battle.

                “and used those principles, too. Sun Tzu stressed the need to use terrain to gain advantages, and he also stressed that deception could prevent the opposition from gauging an armies’ true strength.”
                Wellington most certainly did use those principals (they were so basic it would be hard not to) but probably did so without any knowledge of master sun, as it wasn’t translated into English until the early the 1900’s.

              23. Shoup, when I said Wellington was tired of losing, I was referring to the fact that Napoleon had an impressive string of victories, and basically conquered Europe, until his setback attacking Russia, where the terrain and weather mainly defeated him. The Russians were smart to employ a scorched earth policy to deprive Napoleon from foraging and resupplying his army. Hopefully, Wellington studied Napoleon’s tactics, and learned from past mistakes, since he did employ effective tactics to thwart Napoleon’s army.
                Maybe he did not solely rely on The Art of War. However, Machiavelli may have been influenced by the Mongol empire, which marched to the gates of Vienna, 200 years previous. Genghis Khan was a big disciple of Sun Tzu’s teachings. It was interesting to note that Machiavelli also wrote a book called The Art of War, so maybe there was some plagiarizing. Machiavelli did concentrate on strategizing, more so than tactics, and focused on cultural, political religious and philosophical considerations, to achieve goals.
                Those other authors like Polybius and Caesar did detail battles and campaigns, but the overall strategies to wage war and defeat opponents, with tactical, social, political and economic parameters, was concisely spelled out by Sun Tzu. Even the basic organization of an army- Squad, platoon, company, battalion, brigade, were outlined in the Art of War, and are still used today. No wonder, the Art of War is required reading at West Point and many war colleges. I hope Jed has read it.
                Referencing The Art of War in sports, Bill Walsh was a big adherent to its concepts. Bellichick has one phrase on his locker room’s wall- Every battle is won before it is fought. Sure, sports is not war, but there is lots of overlap.

            2. Seb, yes I am so witless I post my RL information and then run behind my wife’s skirt, blaming her. Oh wait that was you.

              What does Sun Tzu say about wartime leaders who blame others for their own blunders?

            3. ” Hopefully, Wellington studied Napoleon’s tactics, and learned from past mistakes, since he did employ effective tactics to thwart Napoleon’s army.”

              – Fair enough, and yes, he would have.

              Maybe he did not solely rely on The Art of War.

              – He had several people that influenced him Alaxander, Ceasar, and Jacques Antoine Hippolyte to name a few

              Genghis Khan was a big disciple of Sun Tzu’s teachings.

              – Huh?Please provide proof of this statement. I guess if you to say defeating chinese generals who were indoctrinated with Sun Tzu’s teachings in turn makes him a disciple it does. Did Walsh become a disciple of Tom Landry’s by beating the cowboys?

              Even the basic organization of an army- Squad, platoon, company, battalion, brigade, were outlined in the Art of War, and are still used today.
              -Possibly, but lets not forget Rome’s influence with their Legion, Cohort, Century, and Contubernium

              No wonder, the Art of War is required reading at West Point and many war colleges.
              – Which one Machiavelli’s, Jomini’s or Sun Tzu’s? They are all required as are a multitude of other books. :D

              1. Actually, Genghis Khan reached the apex of skill as a commander. He was so dominant, cities would capitulate before he even came to their gates. He would conquer them without striking a blow. Then, he administered wisely. He would treat them with respect to local customs, tax them fairly, and reward competence. Genghis Khan did utilize cavalry in new ways, to defeat even superior numbers. The Chinese did not stand a chance.
                Bill Walsh did the same thing. He invented the WCO, which relied on short passes to control the ball and sustain drives. He defeated Landry, because Landry did not have a counter to that scheme. Bill Walsh defeated a superior Cowboy team which was loaded with talent. The Niners had Ricky Patton, Lenville Eliiot and Bill Ring as RBs. Of course, they also had Joe and Dwight. Bill Walsh did not need to become a disciple, he became the master.

              2. “Actually, Genghis Khan reached the apex of skill as a commander. He was so dominant, cities would capitulate before he even came to their gates. He would conquer them without striking a blow. Then, he administered wisely. He would treat them with respect to local customs, tax them fairly, and reward competence. Genghis Khan did utilize cavalry in new ways, to defeat even superior numbers. The Chinese did not stand a chance.”

                That’s all true, but it doesn’t make him a disciple of Sun’s as he most likely conquered China without reading the works of Master Sun until he had conquered most of China, if at all. I’m sure he unknowingly did follow the teachings but that’s because they are so general it would be nearly impossible not to.

      2. Anyone else wondering why Grant didn’t simply summarize his latest negative take on the 49ers with this simple, short and to the point post: Reuben Foster will miss the 49ers first 2 games of the season, which may help him stay healthy personally, but it doesn’t really matter for the 49ers chances of winning, because their defense pretty much sucks with or without him on the field – end of story.

        Why such a long winded punch-in-the-gut for all of us 49ers Faithful, when it could have been so short and sweet?

          1. Thanks Jack, glad I could add some humor towards the end of what must have been a boring, uneventful weekend for you.

            Let me add a quote from a great American humorist: There is a thin line that separates laughter and tears, comedy and tragedy, humor and pain – Erma Bombeck


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      1. Yeah, I got what you meant, but for me you’re a tad too ‘half empty’ about Sherman’s rehab and Spoon looks like a young player coming on.
        The pass rush does seem like it’s depending upon a lot of “ifs” and “hopes” and “mights.”
        In the words of Judy Takuda:
        “It could happen!”

        1. Pssst Geep: check the date of that article.

          Although there has been more money coming the Niners way this year.

          1. Ribico: Yep, my bad…..But here’s one that’s up to date.
            * NFL Super Bowl odds 2019: Predictions, picks, teams to fade from Vegas expert. R.J. White finished in the top 1 percent of the Las Vegas SuperContest and locks in Super Bowl LIII picks.
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            Los Angeles Rams: 10-1
            Green Bay Packers: 12-1
            Minnesota Vikings: 12-1
            San Francisco 49ers: 16-1
            Houston Texans: 18-1
            Kansas City Chiefs: 18-1
            Jacksonville Jaguars: 18-1
            New Orleans Saints: 18-1
            Dallas Cowboys: 20-1
            Atlanta Falcons: 25-1
            Oakland Raiders: 25-1
            Los Angeles Chargers: 25-1
            Carolina Panthers: 40-1
            Denver Broncos: 50-1
            Baltimore Ravens: 40-1
            Tennessee Titans: 40-1
            Indianapolis Colts: 40-1
            Detroit Lions: 50-1
            New York Giants: 50-1
            Seattle Seahawks: 60-1
            Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 60-1
            Chicago Bears: 60-1
            New York Jets: 80-1
            Buffalo Bills: 80-1
            Arizona Cardinals: 100-1
            Washington Redskins: 100-1
            Miami Dolphins: 100-1
            Cincinnati Bengals: 100-1
            Cleveland Browns: 100-1
            I think it’s safe to say the 9ers are contenders, not pretenders as Grant seems to think?

        2. Geep – A 2013 article in which the hyperlink you provided spells Baltimore as Balitmore……I think those two elements say all anybody needs to know.

      2. Really, the only weak area on our defense heading into the season is edge rusher. It can CREATE weaknesses elsewhere due to its disproportionate amount of importance. If Sherman stays healthy and Ahkello continues to develop, our depth and talent are great. Personally, I would take our group over Denver. Their second string CB is Tremaine Brock. He wouldn’t even make our squad. Roby? He hasn’t been extended. Speaks volume to me. They will likely have better stats due to a dominant pass rush. Until we have one, it’s tough to pass judgement.

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  2. I think this is the first column Grant has ever written where I agree with all of his points:

    1. It could have been worse. : Much Worse!
    2. It will be good for Foster.:Yup.
    3. It won’t hurt the 49ers.: No, It won’t.
    4. It doesn’t change much for the outlook of the season.: Certainly doesn’t!
    5. It will reveal his true impact.: Agreed.

    This feel like an episode of the Twilight Zone….

  3. Instead of the Bermuda Triangle, it’s the Defensive Triangle that will carry this defense. Buckner, Thomas and Sherman will cause offensive unit’s to disappear.

    I thought Foster’s punishment was commensurate with his trangressions. Grant, I think you are overrating Zimmer’s defense, and I think we have a slight advantage defensively against Cousins….

    1. I think we have a good chance of knocking off the Vikings if we go into the game without any major injuries to two or three key players (one being Garoppolo).

    2. Shanny has been preparing for the Vikes since the schedule came out, he can’t help it. Shanny knows Kirk. McKinnon will stick it to his old team through the air.

      My biggest concern is that the running game won’t be there yet. The OL needs time to gel. I’m hoping we don’t have a ton of false starts.

      1. #80 – Consider the Vikings have a new offensive coordinator who came from the Eagles coupled with a new QB who came from the Redskins and add in the factor that the Vikings may have some “favorite pass plays and runs from last season which Zimmer wants to include in the\is year’s offense, you have 3 ingredients in the mix. Other than evaluating personnel of Vikings offense from last year’s tape, 2017 tape is not much good for Shanny. It will boil down to the 4 pre-season games for Niners defense to get a feel for what the Vikings may do on offense. Will also require some in-game adjustments by Saleh. Zimmer’s substitute defensive dog and pressure packages displayed last season will have a couple of new twists, too.

        1. “Vikings offense from last year’s tape, 2017 tape is not much good for Shanny.”

          Yeah, I was talking about Shanny game planning against Minnesota’s defense since he’s our OC. But keep on telling me things I already know.

          1. Mike,
            I think there are few things that 80 didn’t elaborate on. The Shanahan knows Cousins comment is still relevant regardless of the OC. The reason for this is because Kyle knows Cousins tendencies, what throws he feels comfortable making, what throws he can make but doesn’t like to make and what throws he cannot make with much consistency. The new OC in Minnesota can do whatever he wants but those tendencies wont change.
            Today there is so much play and scheme overlap that I think we over-exaggerate changes made. A few years ago when the read option became big, by the following season everyone had a small package of read option plays, even Denver had Manning running it. I say that to elaborate that in today’s NFL game planning requires a lot player evaluation to help understand the type of plays teams will run in certain situations.

            1. Shoup:

              But couldn’t Cousins use Shanahan’s perceived knowledge against him? When Sherman called out Jimmy G for his “when his left hand comes off the ball” tell, Jimmy said he could use their supposed knowledge against them.

              Football is certainly a chess match and we’ll see how the Vikings game goes; but right now, I’m tending to favor Mike’s position. If Cousins were a very young QB, then I would agree more with you and #80, but older, more experienced, QBs are more wiley and cunning.

              At any rate, hopefully it’ll be a good game. If it is mostly a “chess match” (as opposed to a game outcome determined mostly by turnovers), then I think we can win.

              One other think I’ll mention is that the first games of both the Tomsula and Chip Kelly eras were big wins. Were those wins only because the coaches (esp. Tomsula were unknown)? I guess what I’m saying is, it’s not clear to me that either team has a particular advantage in the upcoming Vikings-49ers game, given the new combinations on each team (Vikings Zimmer/new OC and Cousins, and 49ers Shanahan and Jimmy “I now know the fully playbook” Garappolo).

              1. Cubus,
                That is possible, I just believe its much harder to change what someone feels comfortable doing in the heat of the moment than it is to change play calling.
                For example coaches will call a play in a formation, the formation immediately gives away certain route trees that can be run. The chess match has began, the offense shifts the route trees change. However, only one player is allowed to shift at a time and no player may be in motion at the time of the snap. While this may seem simple to some its very helpful to astute defenders…
                Now, as a defender I have an idea of the areas a qb feels comfortable throwing the ball to, and, the routes that can be run out of a formation. With this knowledge we can then shrink the passing lanes in certain areas of the field, which is exaggerated by knowing the routes that can’t be made from that formation. For example our own Kaepernick had a cannon of an arm and could squeeze the ball in tight places in the interior of the field, but he wasn’t particularly adept at dropping a ball in a basket or anticipating routes. As a team defense they would shrink the middle of the field and worry less about the boundaries. The sinking linebackers and safeties would force a drop in the bucket throw. This is not to say he couldn’t make those throws, it’s to say he didn’t feel comfortable or like making those throws. This often causes a slight mental delay which either led ti a sack or an off schedule throw.
                If the throw was made routinely fine obviously the tactic didnt work, you adjust it, he’s better than you think . However the coach still knows the qb’s comfort areas better than the qb does more often than not.

              2. > no player may be in motion at the snap <
                Dude! You must know better than that. What are you talking about?

              3. Shoup:

                I can’t find the quote, but didn’t KS respond to a question about other teams having the entire offseason to figure out Jimmy G. IIRC, wasn’t his response basically that good pocket passers are generally able to adjust better to adjustments made by DCs based on analyzing film of a QB.

                So yes, like anyone, Jimmy has things and plays that he likes to run. But the diversity of plays is much larger than someone like Kap. It’s the old saying, take what the defense gives you and basically don’t force in your favorite plays. It’s the same for Cousins. Cousins would never have made it as far as he has in his career if he had difficulty adjusting to the strategies of DCs, which strategies were designed to take away his perceived strengths.

              4. ” However, only one player is allowed to shift at a time and no player may be in motion at the time of the snap. While this may seem simple to some its very helpful to astute defenders… ”

                Sorry, complete brain fart… don’t know what I was thinking… correction.

                No more than 1 player may be in motion at the time of snap. No player can move towards the line of scrimmage, and while more than 2 players can shift at a time the entire team has to reset at that point.

              5. Cubus,

                “So yes, like anyone, Jimmy has things and plays that he likes to run. But the diversity of plays is much larger than someone like Kap. It’s the old saying, take what the defense gives you and basically don’t force in your favorite plays. It’s the same for Cousins. Cousins would never have made it as far as he has in his career if he had difficulty adjusting to the strategies of DCs, which strategies were designed to take away his perceived strengths.”

                Kaep, was an extreme example. But the defense, is not defending against plays, they are trying to take away areas of the field. These areas will be dependent upon the formation and the route combinations that can be run against them and things like if the d will be sending a blitz.
                For example on 3rd and long if you know the qb is more comfortable throwing comebacks and crossers than out routes and fades the defense will be leveraged in a way to flood certain areas of the field. Good qb’s can still make the throw but at least they will not be as comfortable doing so. Another strategy would be to invite and give up certain throws which the qb knows he can complete… the idea being some qb’s will take the easy completion and hope the receiver can make the play for the first.
                And yes, the oc and qb can change their strategy but its much harder to change the nature of the qb.
                In any case, I would not presume they niners D would shut down Cousins, but they can make it much harder than most as the Kyle knows his mindset, ques he looks for and how he likes to attack certain fronts. And that may be enough for him to outscore Minnesota on the other side… if that makes sense.

              6. Just to close this out with a grin…..
                Away from football Backfield In Motion is now called twerking

              7. Thanks for the Olive branch Brotha,

                That was definitely one of my bigger “DOH!!!” moments :D

    3. Raz

      “Defensive Triangle” ? Thomas won’t even be on the team ….I can possibly see two acquisitions before TC opens and both Ward and Thomas will figure into both…

      1. >Thomas won’t even be on the team <
        Now that’s a bold prediction!
        We’ll talk again on Opening Day……. 😋

        1. Bro Tuna

          By the time you get through Buckner, Armstead, Blair, Day, Taylor , and Street who are all bigger, faster, and stronger, I don’t see it as necessarily ‘bold’

          1. As critical as I have been on Solo Thomas, I think he gets the year to show what he’s really all about.

              1. I agree with that but he also has to show major improvement especially when he will be moved around a lot this year.
                First year, honey moon, second year, reality, third year, make or break.

              2. Yes he needs to show improvement no doubt about that. I think he will and I think Armstead is finally going to show up.

              3. I’m with you Under on double A. I think a lot of people have written him off because of the injuries but he is still only 24 years old. I think he has a big year.

                As for Solo Thomas, I don’t know. Sometimes when you go thru a body transformation, it takes time. Speed cannot be taught and I think he lacks that explosiveness needed at his position. Maybe his power will translate to the level needed at the NFL. I hope he can because that would be an unbelievable defensive line if he could.

          2. Ore,
            I’ve been as critical as anyone regarding the Thomas pick but he will be on the team for 2 more seasons. Taylor and Street are complete unknowns and one wont even play this year.
            Armstead is the best interior rusher with the exception of Buckner but the team is giving Thomas every opportunity to supplant him and in doing so are willing to play him out of position. Next year he will be gone and will become a very good pass rusher for someone else.
            In reality Thomas is probably better than Taylor, Street and Blair but the problem is, he is not a big improvement… if I graded them, and gave them grades of around 70-73 pts I would give Thomas a grade of 75 pts, he’s barely better. That was my issue with the pick to begin with, he played one of our most stacked positions, didn’t project to edge, and plays a role that can be filled just about anywhere in the draft. Even so, Lynch can’t give up on him just yet… he invested too much into him.

            1. Shoup

              From the present ‘posts’, more people are concerned with ‘dancing around’ the straight out fact that Thomas was merely a bad pick…at #3 to boot…Baalke had to answer for AJJenkins, Lynch has to answer for Thomas…It’s not saying that he isn’t or won’t become a good ballplayer, it’s only saying that if he is still on the team, he’ll be taking a better player’s spot…Kentwan Balmer 2. Being Lynch’s first draft choice had better not be the reason he makes the team….

              1. Ore,
                “From the present ‘posts’, more people are concerned with ‘dancing around’ the straight out fact that Thomas was merely a bad pick.”

                No, he was a bad pick but that is because he was drafted at number 3 overall… if he was drafted in the third round we would say it was a good pick because they found a starter. As to the holding better players back, I’m not sure about that. I would make the argument that may be the case with Armstead but he hasn’t been able to stay healthy, so it’s a moot point. Thomas isn’t as a bad as some want him to be… he’s a journeyman level starter in my opinion.

            2. I agree Shoup. Thomas is here for the duration of his rookie deal at the very least and as disappointing as he was as a pass rusher, he was very good against the run so he does have significant value.

    4. The Vikings will be favored by a good margin in this game and should be. Their defense is one of the best in the NFL and added another top talent to the DL in Sheldon Richardson.

      Shanahan’s knowledge of Cousins didn’t seem to help when they played the Skins last year. Cousins finished with a 68% completion percentage, 330 yards and 2 TD’s with less offensive talent around him than he’ll have in Minnesota this season.

      The Vikings should win this game but hopefully the Niners play well enough to get the season going in the right direction regardless.

    5. The Defensive Triangle? Buckner, Thomas, and Sherman?

      Buckner is an All Pro level defensive lineman.
      Thomas is a 2nd year player coming off an underwhelming rookie season.
      Sherman is a once elite player who was already on the downside before rupturing his achilles.

      As much as I’d like to believe the defense will be good, it’s more like wishful thinking that these 3 guys will form the nucleus of a top 10 defense.

      1. I tend to agree with you on that Houston and until the 49ers get a pass rush they are not going to be real contenders.

        1. “until the 49ers get a pass rush they are not going to be real contenders.”

          Yes and No. The defense needs to be better at getting off the field on 3rd down. At the same time the offense can help out with TOP. If they play exactly like last year but face 64 plays per game instead of 69 they’d be around the top half of the league.

          1. “Yes and No. The defense needs to be better at getting off the field on 3rd down. At the same time the offense can help out with.”
            That’s obvious.
            In the niners case their pass rush ranked in the bottom 3rd of the league. It’s hard to get off the field on 3rd down when you’re that bad in applying pressure. I’m not even talking sacks, just pressures. I can’t recall a team in bottom half of the league that won a superbowl without having a pass rush that could pressure the opposing qb, can you?

            1. Off the top of my head, I would say no. The bigger point I was trying to make is that with help from the offense they’ll face fewer plays and their defensive ranking will improve. If their ypp allowed were to stay the same and they face 5 plays per game less, they’d be right where the Rams were a year ago. That 5 plays is equivalent to 1 less possession per.

      2. Buckner led the NFL last year in QB hits with 19. He talked about finding that extra step this year to close the deal. I believe Sherman at 85% is that extra step over what we had in Johnson.

        Thomas had the same amount of sacks as a rookie as Buckner did last year. That was with the early ineligibility and an injury. I think he’s poised for a breakout season, and they both feed off each other to form a dynamic duo.

        Skepticism is healthy, but there’s cause for optimism if you know where to look.

        1. I’m very optimistic about the season next year but I’m also a realist. The 49ers have the makings of a top 5-10 offense. They have the talent on defense to maybe be around 15-25. I honestly don’t think the 3 people you listed will be the best players on defense. Obviously, Buckner is #1. Then it’s going to be Foster and maybe even Tartt that will makeup the core of a defense that could potentially surprise us. Sherman could come back and be a significant contributor but overcoming an achilles for a db is a huge ask of anyone.

          1. Not sure anything I stated wasn’t real. An 85% Sherman is better than Johnson. Period. Safe bet he’s that extra step better Buckner needed last year to turn the league high 19 QB hits into sacks. Thomas had 3 sacks last year just like Buckner did, but missed his rookie camp, got injured and missed some games. There’s every reason to believe Thomas takes a big step forward this year, which will help Buckner too with that extra step. So like I said, you can be skeptical, real, and still come away optimistic that these 3 have the means with which to form the defensive triangle going into this year….

            1. I watched Solomon Thomas get swallowed up by o-lineman as he ran directly into the middle of their torso repeatedly for the entire year. I watched him get totally stuffed by TE in the run game. I think he improved as the year wore on in the run game but he was virtually non-existent in the pass game. For what it’s worth, I seem to recall PFF ranked him as one of the worst d-lineman in football last year. To expect the guy to go from a poor rookie season to a cornerstone of your defense in one offseason is asking too much of the guy. Let’s just hope he goes from playing poorly to being an adequate d-lineman in one year. If he truly ever lives up to being the 3rd overall pick in the draft I think that may come at year 3 or maybe after.

              1. “If he truly ever lives up to being the 3rd overall pick in the draft I think that may come at year 3 or maybe after.”

                He’ll never live up to his draft slot, but has shown flashes of being a very good player.

              2. If I remember correctly, this run defense was a doormat prior to Thomas’ arrival. That was the top priority; stopping the run. Nothing else mattered. Something else wrt Thomas that we haven’t touched on, and it’s something that cannot be quantified. Emotion. The death of his sister could play a role by fueling an inspirational season dedicated to her memory….

              3. Thomas won’t live up to his draft spot because he doesn’t offer the kind of explosive talent you expect from a pick that high. Doesn’t mean he won’t be a strong contributor though. He is never going to be a good pass rusher off the edge, but he is very good against the run and if they move him inside on passing downs he could potentially give them a consistent push in the middle. I’d take him over Armstead any day of the week. At least he’s on the field.

              4. – I’d take him over Armstead any day of the week.

                You are gonna see a different Arik Armstead this year. He is going to double the sacks, tackles, hurries, knock downs than Solomon Thomas this year.

              5. Chris, Rocket is in the business of making predictions that never happen. I would not take anything he says to heart.

              6. How can you hype a player like Solomon Thomas when he was the biggest disappointment since Shanahan took over. The 3rd overall pick, drafted to be a run stuffer. Sorry but this guy might be a bust. No way he was the third best player of the draft. No chance.

              7. Yep, we were the worst run stopping defense in the league and Thomas was the best run stuffer in the NCAA, plus he had 3T pass rushing ability. So he plays outside on base downs, develops his edge technique while shutting down the run. Then he moves inside next to Buckner on passing downs. That’s why the 49ers GM and HC selected him. Your proclamation that he’s a bust laughable. Are you and Oregoniner related?

              8. That comparison is so ridiculous. Justin Smith was one of the best defensive linemen in the history of the league. Solomon Thomas, right now today, is not even close. Maybe if he gets 18 sacks next year, the comparison is worth a look but as of now, you are on crack.

              9. Not comparing the two, but as you can see many in Cincy saw Smith as a bust, in large part due to his draft slot.

                Thomas filled a strong need, stuff the run. He filled that role. The pass rush from him would be icing.

              10. Cris, if you would step back from your emotional precipice for a second, you’d realize that Justin Smith didn’t start coming into his own as an edge pressurizer until after Nolan gave him the helicopter ride and he joined the 49ers.

              11. Hammer, I didn’t say you did. I said I did. Draft slots are figments of fan’s imaginations.

              12. PFF rated him 92nd out of 106 qualified edge rushers. He was given slightly above average run grade but that means his pass rush grade would have been very low.
                I’m not going to say he is a terrible player, I will say he looks like a solid contributor who was over drafted.
                Some would say they needed him because of their run defense. I would counter the argument by saying with the change in scheme and coaching , a lot of those woes would go away. Then further argue that Blair or Armstead could have easily filled the same role with little if any drop off.
                In the end he is the type of player, that unless he develops as a pass rusher, teams will be ok with but will also being looking to upgrade.

              13. You are gonna see a different Arik Armstead this year. He is going to double the sacks, tackles, hurries, knock downs than Solomon Thomas this year.

                I’d settle for him just staying on the field Chris, but if he comes anywhere near your expectations that would be fantastic. This is a prove it season for him. He has to stay healthy and produce to warrant them honoring his option year.

      3. The 49ers added a lot of speed and youth to the defense so I would not sleep on the fact this defense not being in the top 10 next year. Pass rush is still a glaring need but its not impossible to think that it can be generated via a solid secondary which on paper looks encouraging. To me, the issue is the defense being able to stop the run.
        Now with additions of Warner, Sherman, Marsh, Toomer, and the first year players having another year in the scheme, this defense could be very good.

        1. “the issue is the defense being able to stop the run.”

          49ers were pretty solid against the run last year. Their biggest weakness was their inability to generate a pass rush to help get off the field on 3rd down.

          “Now with additions of Warner, Sherman, Marsh, Toomer, and the first year players having another year in the scheme, this defense could be very good

          Toomer will hardly see the field unless there’s an injury to a starter. Marsh, high motor guy who rarely gets home on his pass rush, isn’t an upgrade from last year.

          1. -Their biggest weakness was their inability to generate a pass rush to help get off the field on 3rd down.

            Nothing earth shattering there. Every team who was below or at 500 probably could not do that effectively.

            Toomer, Marsh provide depth. And for a young defense to succeed, you need that. Again not earth shattering points as you can see.

            1. Nothing in football is earth shattering. It’s a pretty basic damn game. The 49ers were the 3rd worst defensive team in the league on 3rd down.

              Marsh isn’t looked at as depth. He’s one of their few rush guys. Depth is important? Thanks for the newsflash.

        2. What team in the NFL is not trying to upgrade their pass rush and get that 10 plus sack guy? It’s very difficult in today’s NFL.
          My point is the 49ers defense should be better because of experience, familiarity and now depth.
          Marsh played in this defense, so has Sherman, and Toomer is a guy who can provide depth and hopefully a few sacks here and there.
          The front office has done well to upgrade the defense.

          1. Theoretically they should be. There’s questions to be answered with Sherman, Marsh has played in the D but is a bet who has never shown he can do it, and yes Toomer could provide depth.

            I also don’t disagree that we should see improvement rankings wise. If the offense can continue to reduce the number of plays they face similar to last year they could be around 16/17 with no other improvements made.

            Their 5.3 ypp allowed almost matched the 5.2 by Philly. Only difference is the Eagles D faced far fewer plays and was very good on 3rd down.

        3. Prime Time

          The youth movement that Lynch and Shannahan began last year will show in the FA’s and draftees that they brought in, and the dead wood that they’re moving out….I lost some favorites also, and I still think that we’ll rue the loss of Aaron Lynch as our best edge rusher…perhaps yea…perhaps nay, but he certainly had to go somewhere else…What with the ‘newbies’ moving in, I believe that S/L saved another ‘building’ year with good selection in the DL as well as the DB’s and LB’s….I like what they’ve done with the Offense and the running game…JG needs a more complete back-up, but the WR’s and TE’s look to be a major improvement over last year. I like what I see for this years 49ers…lots of naysayers left on the side of the road….

    6. I’d rather see a Defensive Triangle than a Triangle Offense. Once unstoppable, it became unstartable when Phil Jackson forced it on the NY Knicks as team GM. Which soon led to Phil Jackson’s Montana exile.

  4. The time off may be good for Foster’s short term health, but it’s only good for him if he takes the lesson learned to heart.

  5. 1. Yup.
    2. That’s assuming he would have got hurt. His improved tackling technique should keep him out of the tent (hopefully).

    “We should see the best of him next season.”


  6. Biggest question mark on defense has to be the pass rush and secondary.
    We don’t know if we have a lock down corner and we definitely don’t know who can get 10 sacks.

  7. Foster is very helpful in run defense. He will upgrade that upon his return.
    He’s got good depth in his drop, but needs to study route combinations more.
    His infectious enthusiasm can be a force multiplier on the D.

  8. The Niners are beating the Vikings with or without Foster. CB and O-line have some question marks but the real big question on this team is the pass rush. The pass rush is as important to the defense as Jimmy G is to the offense.

      1. Perhaps the meaningless ‘experience’ gained toward the end of last season as a good entry point into 2018…

      2. Jack – mostly fandom, added with a cup of Shanny, tablespoon of Jimmy, and a dash of McKinnon, gives me a taste victory.

        1. Under,

          Definitely understand the optimism. Will be interesting to see how the Vikings respond this year after losing in the conference championship game.

              1. Agreed. They were pretty bad in their dome against the Eagles, who quite frankly outschemed Zimmer. He played checkers while Pederson played chess. I believe Zimmer’s Vikings were favored to win, just like they will be against the 49ers. I continue to believe we leave the Vikings re-Norse-full as we travel home with victory in our sails….

              2. Vikings had/have a really good defense, the run game will be key to victory, that’s where McKinnon comes in. Passing downs play to the Vikings strength, that’s where Jimmy comes in. Screens, draws and slants that’s where Shanny comes in. The Vikings could very well be the best team the Niners play this year.

              3. “They were pretty bad in their dome against the Eagles, who quite frankly outschemed Zimmer. He played checkers while Pederson played chess.”

                That game was in Philly dumb@$$

              4. But … what about Grant’s assertion that Zimmer will “devise blitz packages that Kyle Shanahan has never seen”?

                As if Kyle is some newbie OC, lol. Sorry Grant, I’m pretty sure Kyle’s been there, seen that.

              5. Zimmer is one of the best Defensive Coaches in the NFL. They had a bad game against the Eagles who got on a role and steamrolled the Pats defense as well two weeks later. It happens. Bottom line is they have no weakness’ defensively and big time talent at every level.

              6. They had a bad game against the Eagles who got on a role

                rocket, before that they had a bad crunch time against the Saints (that no weakness defense giving up 24 2nd half points, relinquishing their lead) until the mother of all lucky breaks bailed them out. And this in their “bad-@$$” dome.

                They can be had.

              7. Zimmer is an excellent coach. Would I give his defense the schematic edge over Kyle’s offense? No I wouldn’t. Do the Vikings have the edge with home field advantage? Yes, of course they do. Is there a significant gap in terms of talent, between these 2 teams? Probably not. Will it be a competitive game? My gut says …. yes it will, and I can hardly wait!

                In fact, I’m more bullish on the 49ers than Vegas is on the season opener. On a neutral field I’d set the line at: 49ERS +1.0 points (-110).

              8. rocket, before that they had a bad crunch time against the Saints (that no weakness defense giving up 24 2nd half points, relinquishing their lead) until the mother of all lucky breaks bailed them out. And this in their “bad-@$$” dome.
                They can be had.

                The only reason the Saints were in that game at all was because of turnovers rib. Keenum threw a pick deep in his own zone and then the Saints blocked a punt in Viking territory later on. The Viking D had been holding the Saints in check until then.

                The Vikings were the number one defense in the league last year; third the year before. Zimmer has had highly rated defenses everywhere he’s been. Those are facts. Any defense can be had as you say depending on the circumstances, but the Vikes are very consistent for the most part

              9. The only reason the Saints were in that game at all was because of turnovers rib.

                rocket, considering Brees tossed two picks himself, that’s a big stretch. While the Saints did have two short drives, 30 and 40 yards, for gimme TDs (should there be such a thing as a gimme TD against a top ranked D?), they also had to drive 80 yards in 12 plays for their first score. And had to drive 50 yards for the 43 yd FG to take what should have been the game winner.

                That the Eagles wiped the floor with them one week later was not an aberration. A number one defense should play like it when the chips are down, they fell far far short of it. I repeat, they can be had. And the Niners is a team that can have them.

              10. rib,

                As I said, I agree any defense can be had on any day depending on the circumstance. However, focusing on one game where they got their asses handed to them instead of the season as a whole is selective reasoning. They played well against every team they faced with the exception of the Eagles who got on a role at the right time and trashed both the Vikings and Patriots defenses. The Niners may have a lot of success against them, but the odds are not in their favor considering they will be going up against the best defense in football from the previous year who got even stronger in the offseason and will playing in front of the home crowd. It’s not impossible, but the Vikings will be favored for a good reason.

          1. Jack Hammer:
            It will also be interesting to see how Kirk Cousins fits in with Vikings GM Rick Spielman, assistant GM George Paton, HC Mike Zimmer, QB coach Kevin Stefanski and new OC John DeFilippo.

  9. 1. please…it can always be worse…

    2. “it will be good for Foster”…assuming he learns how to hit without being put on IR in the process…

    3. “it won’t hurt the 9ers” …hmmm, pretty sure you’d recently made the case how much better the D was when he played last year, vs. when he was out…

    4. “wouldn’t solve the 9ers problems at CB or DE” ….so having Foster in the lineup will have no impact on the D’s effectiveness due to weakness at DE & CB, yet I remind you of your prior comments about how much better the D was last year when he was available…I think you’d said something about Foster making the diff in the “close losses” if he’d been playing???

    5. “it will reveal his true impact”…. maybe, assuming he learns to hit without taking himself out of the game in the process.

  10. Hmmm, Grant assures us that RF’s suspension will not hurt the team, then predicts they will lose their first game.
    Personally, I think Coyle is a big step backwards from RF. Maybe they will insert Warner and hope he plays well.
    Wonder if the McKinnon acquisition will give the Niners valuable intel…..

  11. We better with him .
    So the LBs around him aren’t talented . Warner ?

    Grant , we better cause he can physically do more , cover more ground , and much better against the run .

    But agree , it could of been worse !
    Some rules need to be modified or abolished .

    As always , entertaining .

    1. Mike:
      If no body liked him, no one would be posting on his blog. We just like deflating his bubble, when he gets a little too full of himself.

    2. I actually like GC. Not necessarily his positions, but the fact that he puts it out there then defends it. How many journalists actually respond to their readers? Not many. If you are intentionally going to be controversial, then back it up.

  12. Here’s a prediction, Fred Warner will kill it in first two games and will split, then start over Smith rest of way. Just have feeling that he will be one of the real steals in the draft. Is so ideally suited for this defense, it’s scary.

    1. DaNiners:
      Here’s another prediction: There will be several 9er players that surprise the so called experts and have an outstanding season.

  13. So a first round talent won’t be missed at linebacker because it such an unimportant position?

    Seems to me a few years ago, Willis & Bowman were the heart of one of the best defenses in the league?

    Or was I dreaming?

    Not too late for lil cohn to don some pads and go play a little ball. Might make a man of him.

    I wonder if he’s apologized to Foster yet?

  14. I think more than the Foster’s suspension, the bigger impact will be the rule changes (lowering helmet and special teams). Players need to be acclimatized to it.

    Nobody is talking about this yet, but these rule changes can cause absolute disruption in the game!

  15. I know that the Org is looking forward to the day when Foster becomes the center piece of the defense but he’s not there yet.

    Reuben is just a piece of the defense at the moment. I agree with Grant’s analysis.
    Foster has yet to establish himself as the defenses cornerstone. But he is talented enough to become just that. I’m counting on a breakout year once he returns.

    The defense as a whole has yet to produce a player (Buckner may be the exception) that is a bonified game changer but the pieces may be in the house. We’ll find out soon enough.

    1. “I know that the Org is looking forward to the day when Foster becomes the center piece of the defense but he’s not there yet.”

      I agree, but we’ve seen flashes. To me, Foster looked quicker against Carolina, he was seemingly everywhere.

      Perhaps his ankle wasn’t 100% when he came back, making him less explosive. That and not being able to work out early in the recovery process.

    2. Grant, congrats to you and your lady!

      Speaking of budding romances …. Eli Manning admits he can’t help but stare at SAQUON BARKLEY’S massive legs. The pads have yet to go on this offseason, but according to reports, the Giants rookie running back, Saquon Barkley, a.k.a. The Beast from the East, is putting a twinkle in the eyes of the two-time Super Bowl MVP – ELI MANNING, who simply can’t keep his eyes off of the rookie’s legs. According to Manning, Barkley’s legs are so off the charts, he can’t stop staring at them. “His quads are like the size of my waist and whole upper body,” Manning told the ‘Simms & Lefkoe’ podcast on Bleacher Report. “I’ve never quite seen anything like it. I don’t often stare at another man’s legs, but in that case, you can’t quite help it.”

      We’ll see what happens once the pads go on but this budding romance could be a match made in heaven for New York Giants fans all across the country!

  16. https://www.ninersnation.com/2018/7/7/17543970/dwight-clark-ashes-eddie-debartolo-montana-ranch-the-catch

    “If you can’t hear it, he is in Montana at Eddie DeBartolo’s ranch. The ranch features the goal posts that were in place at Candlestick Park when Clark made The Catch. There is a stone for Clark along with flowers and a small tree. Clark’s ashes have been spread there, but what is particularly touching about this is the stone is set up the approximate distance from the goal post where Clark made The Catch.”

    Nice one Eddie.

  17. https://www.silverandblackpride.com/2018/7/7/17533024/derek-carr-vs-jimmy-garoppolo-comparing-the-two-bay-area-quarterbacks

    “Carr’s level of play declined for the first time this past season. In just one year, Carr’s passer rating dropped from a 96.7 to an 86.4, and his QBR from 54.6 to 47.2. His health in 2017 and the turnover at offensive coordinator from Bill Musgrave to Todd Downing undoubtedly played a major role in his struggles, but Carr still has to prove in 2018 that he is among the top quarterbacks in football.”

    “In those five games, Garoppolo threw seven touchdowns to five interceptions and finished the season with a passer rating of 96.2 and a 78.2 QBR. And he went 5-0 with a previously 1-12 49ers team to finish tied with Carr’s Raiders at 6-12 on the season.”

    Garoppolo is and will continue to be better than Carr.

    1. I like Jimmy G. a lot but that is a very debatable question.
      The two previous seasons Carr completed over 60% of his passes, flirted with 4,000 yards and had a 3 to 1 td to ind ratio without the benefit of defense that can protect any lead (bottom third of the league). In 2016 he was particularly good and possibly would have won the MVP had he not broken is leg near the seasons end posting 28 tds to 6 ints.
      This is not to say I would take him over Jimmy but rather that he should not simply be overlooked as he has shown the ability to become a top 5 qb in this league and is still only 27. It’s nice to see good qb play in the bay area, and I hope in the end we end up with the better qb who wins more titles when all is said and done.

    2. Carr was the victim of a back injury and a really poor OC last season. The previous three years he was on an upward trajectory and there’s little reason to think he won’t get back to that under Gruden. He’s played a lot more than JG so we’ll get a better idea how they compare when we see JG for a full season.

      1. Put a healthy Carr in Garoppolo’s shoes last year. Does he go 5-0 with our roster?


        “He threw an interception with less than a minute to play, setting up the Eagles’ go-ahead field goal in a 19-10 defeat.”

        “The blunder came a week after Carr fumbled a potential winning touchdown through the back of the end zone in the final seconds against the Dallas Cowboys.”

        “This was his 21st game with at least 25 attempts but fewer than 200 yards passing. That’s the most in the NFL since he entered the league in 2014, according to Pro Football Reference.”

          1. Reacting to a Carr Vs Garoppolo article and then replying to someone else’s comment doesn’t = hellbent on a Garoppolo/Carr comparison?

            Nothing is happening right now if you haven’t noticed. You want to talk about edge rushers and guards for the 1,000th time? You want to talk about Harbaugh again? How bout Kap?

            Carr or Garoppolo will be a popular discussion in the Bay Area for a decade or more. Many more comparison articles to come every year. But I’m so out of bounds to bring it up on a 49ers blog.

              1. Did you miss me Jack? Did me only posting once or twice a day make you sad? Was trolling Razor and 49 not enough for you. Get a life dude.

        1. Put a healthy Carr in Garoppolo’s shoes last year. Does he go 5-0 with our roster?

          Absolutely. Not only would he be healthy, but he’d have the best play caller in the game guiding him as opposed to a first time play caller at any level like he had last year.

          Carr had improved in pretty much every meaningful stat from year one to three. He regressed in year 4 under a different play caller and dealing with a back injury. Not hard to decipher what happened here.

          1. “Absolutely”

            He would have won the first two games and the last one. I wouldn’t say he would have absolutely won against the Titans and Jags while having to learn a new offense.

            1. Not sure why you feel that way when Carr has played at a pretty high level from day one and in different systems. Whatever the case, it’s impossible to prove or disprove and comes down to opinion, and in this case you are favoring the guy who plays for your team. Nothing wrong with that, but there is nothing tangible to base it on other than that is what you want to believe.

              1. Yeah, yeah, I’m just being a homer. It’s not like I’m saying CJ is better than Carr, but whatever. JG took a 1-10 team and won 5 straight. Carr has had one winning season with a better roster than ours.

              2. So you don’t think you’re being a homer with what you’ve said here? Carr has played 4 years in the league and put up some pretty impressive numbers along with a 12 win season on a team where the defense has been awful and he hasn’t always had much around him to throw to. Garoppolo was very impressive last season, but to suggest only he was capable of that when the only comparison we had was a journeyman and a rookie isn’t exactly objective thinking.

              3. “he hasn’t always had much around him to throw to”

                Crabtree and Cooper.

                “Garoppolo was very impressive last season, but to suggest only he was capable of that…”

                I never said JG was the only QB capable of doing that. Brady and Rodgers could do it, probably Brees.

              4. His first year he had James Jones and Andre Holmes as his top two receivers. Crabtree and Cooper are good but both drop too many passes. There also hasn’t been a great running threat or TE around before last season.

                I never said JG was the only QB capable of doing that. Brady and Rodgers could do it, probably Brees.

                And you can’t see how this is a homer view? Garoppolo was good #80, he also had an abysmal TD to Int ratio and a couple of games where the defense played a large role in the victory. We saw this team improving, even with Beathard to the point they were more competitive in the second half of the season. Garoppolo did a nice job but you are overstating it a bit.

              5. So you blame Carr’s W-L record on his poor roster, but say he “absolutely” would have won all 5 starts with our 2017 roster? Shanahan is an excellent play caller, but the QB still has to execute.

                You say he absolutely would have went 5-0, but then you say this.

                “Whatever the case, it’s impossible to prove or disprove and comes down to opinion,”

                How can you say absolutely when it’s impossible to prove or disprove? It’s just your opinion, and I have mine. The fact that the opinions are mixed on Carr or JG just proves that my take is reasonable.

              6. So you blame Carr’s W-L record on his poor roster, but say he “absolutely” would have won all 5 starts with our 2017 roster? Shanahan is an excellent play caller, but the QB still has to execute.

                You are starting to confuse information here. I said he’s always had a terrible defense behind him and hasn’t always had much to throw to especially his first year. In regards to last season, he had a back injury and a first time play caller that made it tough for him to succeed. You seem to want to ignore the fact Carr led one of the best passing games in the league the previous season while winning 12 games. He’s got the resume.

                You say he absolutely would have went 5-0, but then you say this.
                “Whatever the case, it’s impossible to prove or disprove and comes down to opinion,”
                How can you say absolutely when it’s impossible to prove or disprove? It’s just your opinion, and I have mine. The fact that the opinions are mixed on Carr or JG just proves that my take is reasonable.

                It is impossible to prove one way or the other. I was simply answering your question based on your terms:

                Put a healthy Carr in Garoppolo’s shoes last year. Does he go 5-0 with our roster?

                Under these terms I say yes he would. A healthy Carr with a good play caller is one of the best QB’s in the NFL as was clearly shown in 2016.

              7. A big difference between Carr’s O line in 2016 and ours in 2017.


                “The Raiders offensive line was as impressive early on in the 2015 season as it has been in 2016, and Carr’s first-half numbers a season ago weren’t far off from what he’s doing this season:’

                “The line took a step back in the second half as it dealt with injury and better competition, and Carr’s numbers took a huge hit:”

                “Now imagine Carr dealing with the kind of line Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson are currently playing behind.” Or Garoppolo last year.

                “Suddenly, he doesn’t have the time to see his receivers get open or the room to step into his throws. He’s taking more sacks, which means he’s facing more second- and third-and-long plays, where those screen passes won’t cut it and suddenly his accuracy problems become more of an issue.”

                “Bad pass protection exposes a quarterback’s weaknesses. Good protection masks a quarterback’s weaknesses.”

              8. rocket,

                Don’t think you can stress enough the role Downing played in the regression of Carr last year. He was a disaster. Also don’t think you need to back off on the guys he’s throwing to. You’re right about the drops, and that extended to Cook.

                It’s been so long since there’s been a good NFL level pocket QB in SF that I think many forgot what it looks like.

              1. Some of the things you have said here are homer takes. You are supporting your guy and propping him up. Nothing wrong with that but in some respects it’s with a biased viewpoint in comparison to other QB’s. I’m not saying Garoppolo is the lesser QB either. I’m just saying that your view that only the top franchise QB’s could do what he did is an overstatement and a lack of acknowledgement that QB’s like Carr have achieved a lot more than JG has to this point.

                And there are also two others in that story who don’t agree with you. That’s the point here.

              2. “I’m just saying that your view that only the top franchise QB’s could do what he did is an overstatement and a lack of acknowledgement that QB’s like Carr have achieved a lot more than JG has to this point.”

                I think you should be more impressed with JG’s performance last year.

              3. All these people waiting for Jimmy Garrapolo to prove something are gonna look really stupid.
                He is the real deal and anyone who can’t see that in his 7 starts doesn’t watch enough football.

              4. “I’m very impressed with what JG did”

                I know you are. I said more impressed, as in don’t assume every top 10 QB would have went 5-0. JG’s ability to quickly go through his progressions and throw with anticipation was a big reason we won those games. I give JG the edge there over Carr.

              5. We have the best QB in the division. No doubt and not being a homer.
                Sean in LA won’t be able to hold Goff’s hand any longer. The little midget can’t keep playing sandlot football and the band aid Bradford won’t last 5 games.

              6. Why not? Maybe because the league now knows what the scheme is, what his tendencies are and as we seen, the Goofster, does not like to get hit. He is easily rattled and that offensive line is not that great. Take out Gurley and make Goff win the game and you have a very good chance to win. McVay is a good play caller, but he is not going to be able to hide Goff’s weaknesses this year under the unknown.

        2. “Put a healthy Carr in Garoppolo’s shoes last year. Does he go 5-0 with our roster?”
          It’s possible he could. He has the ability to and can make some throws better than Jimmy. However, I doubt he would as I see him being a little more system oriented than a freelancer. This is to say he needs to know his system, get comfortable with it, then he can excel. Fortunately for him he’s a fast learner.

      2. there’s little reason to think he won’t get back to that under Gruden.

        If Carr struggles again this season, Gruden is going to look at that analysts chair again with a great longing.

          1. BT, his last ESPN contract paid him 6.5 a year and that was 3 years ago. He could probably come close to matching his Raiders 10 a year were he decide to return to the booth, ESPN or elsewhere.

        1. It is with interest that I witness the banter about Garropolo vs Carr, vs Rodgers, vs Breeze vs etc…..and could they go 5-0 as JG did ? …throw in this qualifier…the 5-0 games were the last of the season, and Jimmy G was operating with several starters on the IR….Could any or all of these other QBs go 5-0 in the last 5 games of the season with a greatly reduced injured roster ?…Naw,..that’s just wishing…JG DID it….!

        2. Gruden isn’t going anywhere other than Vegas when the team moves in a couple of years. He came back because he had the itch and got paid a ton of money. He’s got a lot of talent to work with and an owner who worships him. He’s the HC for the foreseeable future.

  18. 80,
    I hear you. The high ankle injury is a stubborn one that lingers for some time.

    I like that Foster won’t be calling the defensive plays and moving away from the middle because it allows him to better use his speed and mobility.

    If M.Smith can recapture his groove and Warner finds his way to the starting lineup along with Reuben taking positive strides, our LB corps might become a very formidable group for years to come.

    1. I remember you and I were very high on Foster before the draft. We both saw him as a top 5 caliber prospect. His ceiling is so high that it’s through the roof. He’s going to be elite when he hits his ceiling. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

      1. 80,
        We also liked Edmunds in this draft but that ship has sailed.
        Hopefully RF will make me forget Edmunds on his return.

        Won’t cry over Tramaine because Mt. McGlinchey may turn out to be a top 5 player from the draft.

  19. Hey guys , just thought I’d hit you with the news that we lost a bunch of officiating Crews and members of the crew all the way from linesman to judges.

    That’s gonna hurt .

    How bad will it get ?

    1. The rule changes and interpretations and helmet rule will be challenging enough this year to veteran refs. The newbies will be deer in the headlights.
      The JV Replacement Refs last time, bless their zebra hearts, stunk it up enough to negatively impact game outcomes and the sacrosanct “Integrity of The Game.”
      Hope for the best
      🤞 🤷‍♂️ 🎱 🏈

  20. When the Collective Bargaining Agreement expires, I wonder if we’ll see a player strike if things get badly protracted. Wonder if teams will field scabs… If so, who would the 9ers bring in? Hayne? TO? Garcia?

  21. Our boy is getting married…

    Grant Cohn
    ‏ @grantcohn
    19h19 hours ago

    I don’t know about you but I’m getting married.

    Congrats Grant, wish you both well and many many years of happiness and joy. God bless brotha.

    1. You’re a perceptive fellow Grant, so it won’t take long for you to realize the true meaning of your wedding band.
      It means you’re wrong. Forever.
      Congratulations and best luck.

          1. Two days? What? Party Day 🤪 and then Recovery Day? 🤢
            (I’m pretty sure Grant won’t be too worried about what is or isn’t being said here during the run-up to nuptials; appropriately.)

  22. I caught a little bit of American Flag Football on NFL Network.
    These guys can play! Skilled and athletic.

  23. Yeah, Grant … congrats on the good news !
    Take it from one who’s been there for almost 50 yrs..
    (it feels like a half a century) …

    “… Marriage is a 50-50 proposition…
    She gets 50 .. (plus half your 50) … and you get all the rest..”

    (ask Cassie)

    1. Oh yeah, Grant … also keep in mind …
      ….. your dad wants a grandson …. first… but
      no pressure ….
      just … get busy !

      1. Bull#$¥t! MAXIMUM Pressure!!! LOL
        Marriage is a rollicking adventure. Not every day perfect, but every day worth it.
        It steps up several notches with parenthood. My life changed when I looked in my new born daughter’s eyes.

    1. 39 years here this year, and no spawn produced (that went a long way in making it to 39, imo ;)

      So there you have it Grant – lots of different advice, lots of options :) Remember, your married life going forward is all about what you and your spouse desire, all I can say is don’t bend to pressure from anywhere or anyone.

  24. Grant’s getting married?!
    “Alarming” — we’ll now get fewer new posts per month?!
    Congratulations, my man!
    Just keep in mind that a big difference between running this blog and marriage is that in the latter you can either be right or be happy, but probably not both…..

    1. Congratulations Grant, wish you nothing but the best, Remember nothing but the good stuff for your beautiful brid, no negative stuff!

  25. http://www.1500espn.com/vikings-2/2018/03/can-vikings-maximize-kirk-cousins-talents/

    “In Cousins’ two best seasons (and the seasons we have personnel data for via ESPN splits), he was a far better quarterback with two TEs in the game than with zero or one tight end.”

    “PFF graded him the 31st best quarterback on third down.”

    “When teams make Cousins sit in the pocket, things can go wrong. According to PFF data, when he held the ball for more than 3.0 seconds (19 percent of throws), Cousins’ passer rating was 77.5.”

    “PFF lists him as having the fourth most turnover-worthy plays inside the red zone.”

    1. the Vikes ought to use DeFilippo for PR blurbs re: the new Cousins based offense:

      “We’re going to try to figure out the quarterback first,” Zimmer said. “And then we’ll adjust the offense. All the offense will have some, regardless of who the quarterback is going to be, is going to have some similarities. Some certain aspects of it that after that – ‘OK this guy doesn’t do this good, let’s throw this out.’”

      Zimmer should stick to commenting on his D — when he offers his offensive insights, it sounds like he’s channeling Jimmy Raye…

      1. Wrong.
        Zim Tzu is smart. Zimmer is evaluating his QB, and wants to accentuate his strengths and disguise his weaknesses. He is planning on making his system fit his QB, not fitting the QB to his system.
        Studying another example, it would be like forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer. Look how that turned out. Cousins is actually pretty nimble, and quick on his feet. I expect Zimmer to roll Cousins out, just like KS did with JG.

        1. Why are you even back on this site? You were crying like a bioch last season about how you feared for your life and now you are starting the fight all over again…..go back to your hole terd…..

    1. As Yoda would say…

      “Behold, consecrated to me with this ring according to the laws of Moses and Israel, you are.”

  26. Congratulations grant .

    Party is over .
    Now you think of her first , her well being . Look grant loving a woman is the easy part .
    Taking care of her is another , don’t let anyone tell you ,, how to take care of you ( as a couple) that includes , family , friends.

    Be true to her ,as you are to your thoughts .
    Enjoy the ride , and try not to blink . My clue to you grant . For if you blink , you miss one of the important parts .

    Remember your still on the climbing part of the roller coaster, right at the beginning .

    Later friend .

    1. C’mon. Grant BETTER NOT reveal!!
      I ain’t lying.
      Y share with the select few you value.
      (Not me. : >) }
      Here in Sonoma County there are some terrific wedding site options, but Bridezilla will know.
      Not personal, all brides are Bridezilla these days.
      Princeville Hotel, north shore, Kuaii = 4/5 weddings per day.
      Depot Hotel, Sonoma = 4/month, May-Oct.
      2 Nov
      4 December
      During the 08-09 recession, wedding industry didn’t miss a beat.
      But it’s Father Of The Bride in jeopardy, Lowell’s just got to do Rehersal Dinner;
      I’m thinking French Laundry, L’Auberge de Soleil, Meadowwood, Dry Creek Kitchen,
      Valette, The Farmhouse, Central Market-Petaluma
      But hey, maybe In-&-Out-Rohnert Park, or Amy’s drive-thru.
      Ya’ ever see that chapel in Yosemite Valley?

  27. Reuben “Dindunuffin” Foster better wisen up before the fried chicken and watermelon gets taken from him in the Cal Penal League.

  28. Lil cohn doesn’t have the consideration to get married and go on honeymoon during the season.

    I wonder if he invites Foster.

    Poor gal. Or guy.

  29. If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril. Sun Tzu
    Read more at: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/sun_tzu_384543

    Look at thyself ineth the mirror and enjoy thy reflection, Seb.

    incense and peppermints


    July 9, 2018 at 12:32 am
    Zim Tzu is smart. Zimmer is evaluating his QB, and wants to accentuate his strengths and disguise his weaknesses. He is planning on making his system fit his QB, not fitting the QB to his system.
    Studying another example, it would be like forcing Kaep to be only a pocket passer. Look how that turned out.

  30. TomD Stated this at the beginning of the year and I stand by it.
    There are more ways to sack the QB than the traditional D-End pass rusher.
    Having elite interior line play (rushers) is another way. Combined with above average edge rushers in Marsh, Attochu and my Utah Ute brother, Pita Taumoepenu, the 49ers will surprise.

    “PFF wants to see more of 49ers’ Sheldon Day in 2018.”

    “Day registered 16 combined tackles, a sack, and a pass defensed in six game appearances with San Francisco last season. Pro Football Focus was high on Day coming out of college. During his senior year with the Fighting Irish, he had PFF’s top production grade among defensive tackles. With Arik Armstead, DeForest Buckner and Soloman Thomas, the 49ers are stacked with players of a similar physical stature.”

    49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh believes the Jaguars’ depth along the defensive line and roster needs were the reasons why the team waived the young player after just over a season-and-a-half in Jacksonville.

    “As a one-gap penetrator on the interior, there aren’t any better in this (draft) class,” wrote the PFF Analysis team in February of 2016.

    “He’s a really good inside three-technique,” said Saleh in November. “He’s got a tremendous skill set that we like. The speed and quickness and the ability to penetrate…


    1. 49ers Offseason Grade — Fact or Fiction?
      July 8, 2018 at 8:40 AM • 3 comments
      By John Memolo

      In a recent article, Sports Illustrated gave the San Francisco 49ers a “B” offseason grade…Fact or Fiction?

      49ers 2018 Free Agent Signings: Cornerback – Richard Sherman:

      Sherman has been very proactive in coaching up the 49ers’ young secondary. Ahkello Witherspoon, even joined Sherman last month for some work; Sherman’s ability to return to form post-injury, his elite knowledge of the defensive system, alongside his ability has a leader, make his addition to the team a good-to-great move. GRADE: B (4 points out of a possible 5)

      Running Back – Jerick McKinnon: Adding a player like McKinnon is one of many addition-by-subtraction-like roster moves Lynch and company have made this offseason. Grade: B (4 out of 5)

      Center – Weston Richburg: The Richburg signing is being heralded by many as similar to the move the Atlanta Falcons made in signing Alex Mack.Richburg is known as a natural leader, fantastic pass blocker, quality run blocker, and possesses the athleticism Shanahan covets in his offensive linemen. Grade: A (5 out of 5)

      Guard – Jonathan Cooper: Cooper was the 7th pick overall by the Arizona Cardinals back in 2013. Still, as we saw in the final 5 games of last season, even marginal line play can be enough to help keep the 49ers offense on schedule with Garoppolo at quarterback. With left guard Laken Tomlinson recently signing a three-year extension, it is looking like a battle between Cooper and 49ers 2016 first-round pick Joshua Garnett to start at right guard. Grade: C (3 out of 5)

      Guard – Laken Tomlinson: Tomlinson was slow to acclimate to his new surroundings, but, like many of his 49ers teammates, his play picked up significantly once Garoppolo took over at quarterback. Grade: B (4 out of 5)

      Edge – Jerry Attaochu: The 49ers signed Attaochu, 26, a former second-round pick by the then San Diego Chargers back in 2014…Still, the Chargers run a similar defensive system, and the hope is that Attaochu can make some strides with his pass rush ability. Grade: C (3 out of 5)

      Edge – Cassius Marsh: Marsh has experience in the 49ers’ current defensive system…Marsh is a high-motor pass rusher who made notable contributions late in the season. Grade: B (4 out of 5)

      Wide Receiver – Marquise Goodwin . Grade: A (5 out of 5)
      Quarterback – Jimmy Garoppolo: 67.4 completion percentage to go along with a 96.2 quarterback rating. Grade: A (5 out of 5)

      49ers 2018 Draft Picks: Offensive Tackle – Mike McGlinchey (No. 9 Overall):
      Another case of addition by subtraction, where Lynch and Shanahan are unafraid to go after “their guy”.
      Brown was a near liability in the run blocking department.

      Enter McGlinchey, who played his college football at Notre Dame, graded out as college football’s No. 1 run blocking tackle in the nation according to Pro Football Focus, along with being heralded as the No. 1 overall tackle in the entire 2018 NFL Draft. When you add in McGlinchey’s high character, ability as a leader, and solid pass protection skills, you have what on the surface appears to be an upgrade at right tackle. Grade: A (5 out of 5)

      Wide Receiver – Dante Pettis (No. 44 Overall): The 49ers traded up in the 2nd round to select Pettis …Shanahan envisions Pettis as a chess piece, capable of being deployed at any of the wide receiver spots, and adds special teams value as the NCAA record holder with 9 career punt returns for a touchdown. Grade: C (3 out of 5).

      So, we graded eleven player acquisitions, with a total of 5 points possible, and a maximum possible score of 55/55.By adding each grade, we have a total of 45/55 points, or 82% (rounding up), landing us a solid “B” grade, much like what was handed out by Sports Illustrated.


          1. TomD

            To avoid the confusion as to the ‘thanks’… it was for the piece on Sheldon Day, who is my candidate for the backup to William Blair in the middle of the Dline Much better than Sol Thomas…

    2. “Combined with above average edge rushers in Marsh, Attochu and my Utah Ute brother, Pita Taumoepenu, the 49ers will surprise.”
      Here’s the whole problem with your argument Tom. Currently all of the players you listed are below average, not above. And while a team can rely primarily on interior pressure, they need edge rushers who can force the QB to step up.
      Last year our edge rushers were stone walled or run up the field so far they couldn’t even contain the QB. This resulted in one of the best pass rushing Dt’s getting far fewer sacks than he should have. Qbs were easily able to retreat back or step to the side long enough to get the ball away… thus our pitiful 3rd down defense.

  31. Having been off the blog lately during the NFL news “dead period,” congratulations Grant on your wedding! May every day be as happy and filled with love as your wedding day.

  32. Wedding Congrats from Sebnynah :

    Instead of getting married, why don’t you just find a woman you don’t like and give her a house, because marriage is the second most important decision any two people can make. The first is a prenuptial one ?

  33. Off topic ramble follows:
    Nursing a sprained ankle, lazing around watching Hard Knocks which I’d never watched before, it got me thinking about coaching/teaching. At this point in my life I tend towards a gentler hand with instilling discipline in kids, in puppy training, in finding ways to coach up employees. When it works it leads to self discipline; the best kind.
    Discipline by intimidation is external, and may not reach a person’s core.
    Two caveats to that:
    1/ Young macho males tend not to know as much as they think they know, so the Drill Instructor approach admittedly can cut through that, but guys like John Wooden could make their points more calmly than say Lombardi, or the recently here-sanctified ZimZue.
    2/ The level of competition in the NFL is so extreme that coaches need to extract the maximum, 110% effort to have a chance of success. So sometimes you need maximum pressure to extract optimum performance. In my old age I’d prefer to communicate the pressure in a way where the player feels:
    “ I didn’t do enough to make the team”
    as opposed to: “ I worked hard and they cut me.”

    1. BT:
      If you haven’t read this already, it’s something you may enjoy.
      * A retired Navy SEAL commander says he learned one of his biggest leadership lessons through a mutiny…..http://www.businessinsider.com/navy-seal-jocko-willink-leadership-2018-5

      * Feloni: At what point in your SEAL career did you realize that you wanted to be a leader?
      * Willink: Probably in my second SEAL platoon. It was actually an interesting situation. We had a mutiny. The officer in charge of the platoon was a tyrannical leader, and he wasn’t very experienced and he wasn’t very confident. He made up for that by being tyrannical. And we rebelled against him and went before our commanding officer and said, “We don’t want to work for this guy.” Which is amazing, right? You don’t hear about very much of this happening. But it’s also something that you deal with in the SEAL Teams. It’s something that you deal with in the military. If you’re a bad leader, you’re not going to be able to maintain that leadership position. And so we rebelled against our leader, and then he got fired. Then the new leader who came to take his place was this extremely experienced, extremely capable, extremely intelligent guy who’s also extremely humble and great to work for. And all of us just aspired to make him happy and make him proud and make him look good.

      1. Sounds familiar. Back from Nam I was a platoon sergeant at Pendleton. We got in some raw Butter Bar Supply Officer assigned as Platoon commander. 2nd Looie know it all. A try too hard hardass. One day leading a boonie run he took off at a canter. In 5:00 the platoon was strung out over 200 yards. Running up front with him I told him that the troops were too spread out. He shouted to me to STFU.
        I said ‘LT, people die like this. You’re losing your platoon.’
        He brought me up on charges. The Battalion CO listened to my side after his side and said “Well Sergeant, you’re right but it just cost you a stripe Corporal.”
        The 2/LT confronted me later that he was on my s*#& forever. I reminded him that I was due for discharge in 2months and if he didn’t evolve he’d be coming back from Nam in a bag. He messed with me relentlessly for two months.

        1. Butter Bar? Haven’t heard that term in years. Gold bar lieutenant just out of school, and usually a by the book prick, ha!

  34. well it certainly seems that this latest installment of Grant’s ongoing circular logic experiment, otherwise known as “Inside the 49ers” has come to a screeching halt…
    so in an attempt to kick start it back to life…
    how’re we feeling about our chances of a good run game this year???
    color me skeptical…
    not sure if Tomlinson and Cooper can hold up their end of the outside zone thing…
    can we have even a mildly competent OZ game with the Center and the Tackles providing the bulk of the blocking technique skills?? and the speed/mobility???

    1. Instead of Tomlinson/Cooper, I think it’s more about Richburg. If he’s Mack 2.0, then the guards will be just fine and our OZ game will be on full display….

      Never been a fan of Motley Crue but, Kick Start My Blog?

    2. tjf,

      Good question. The OZ takes some time to coordinate especially with so many new starters, but we also haven’t exactly improved the running dimension at the RB position either. The big FA signing was a guy who averages under 4 ypc and is seen as a receiving threat more than a running threat. A lot is riding on Williams going into TC imo. They really need him to step up and win a spot on the active roster.

      1. Shanahan is going to carve up the NFC West defenses. Oh man you have no idea. Slash and dash with McKin. Celek time and hit it up top with Bourne and Pettis.
        Williams and Breida are gonna bang in some big runs and this offense will be hard to guard rocketo

  35. so Cooper and Tomlinson get a pass???
    I’m assuming Richburg will be good, as will Staley and even odds on McGlinch doing well after the 1st few pre+reg season games…
    buuuuut…can you run the OZ competently with 3/5’s of the OL????

    1. If Richburg is Mack 2.0, and he’s being paid like it; that will help both guards in a way that Kilgore never could.

        1. Richburg’s concussion didn’t sideline him as much as the Giants decision to move forward with Jones, while at the same time attempting to drive down Richburg’s payday come F/A. Not sure I’d characterize it as a major injury….

          1. I have full confidence in all these coming back from injury and playing at a high level.
            They all fit our scheme well and that’s how you build a winner. I have zero doubt the 49ers are a playoff team.

  36. see…I think this might be the achilles heel of Jimmy and the O this year:
    — Upgraded pass pro: check
    — Improved RB stable: check
    — Healthy Garcon: check
    — complex fast-motion choreography (pick plays, etc.) with Garcon/Kittle/Juice/Celek/Bourne/Taylor/McKinnon, etc. in the D’s midfield and edges: check
    — Guards’s blocking effectiveness in the OZ run game: you’d better check….

  37. yea, it must just be me…
    but…ya know…
    it’s just…well, having the NFC’s worst run snap stuffed % last season has me skeptical…

    1. Skepticism is great. All I ask is an open mind. Kilgore was bad. I don’t have to tell you that guard doesn’t mean much to Shanny, as long as he’s got an elite center. I think this year we see a better representation of what Shanny’s offense should look like….

  38. One thing lost in the excitement for the upcoming season is that while on paper C and RG are upgrades, the RT will be a guy playing his first snaps in the NFL. There are some tough pass rushers at LDE on teams they face in the first half of the season.

    1. Jack during the winning streak last year the last four games it was Beadles at RT. Not sure if there is a drop off at RT or not with Mt. McGlinchey.

      1. McGlinchey is the least of my worries. I expect some knowledge bumps along the way, but he’ll be a smooth operator….

        1. I am of the thought that McGlinchey is already as good as Beadles even without TC. My concerns are basically on the defensive side of the ball.

      2. Right, that was my point. We don’t know the level of play yet at that spot. 3 of the first 4 starts on the road, and environments definitely more loud than anything they faced during the last 5 games of 2017.

        1. That’s true but it really wont take much effort to surpass what Beadles provided us with at RT. I don’t mean to make light of Beadles but a RT he wasn’t and they still won despite his inability at the spot. I see McGlinchey already better but you are correct we really don’t know till the waves have parted the sea.

          1. I’ve been rewatching those games and I’m surprised Jimmy didn’t get killed from the poor pass pro by Beadles. Clowney destroyed Beadles. One thing that I find interesting is that it seems to me that Jimmy spins, when he can, as he’s falling to the ground after a hit. I’ve also noticed Brady doing the same. I guess the spin has a tendency to deflect the force away from the same body part over the length of time it takes to hit the ground.

            1. Jimmy is an offensive lineman’s dream quarterback. Not only does he process and release rapidly, but he can do it with guys draped all over him….

          2. “it really wont take much effort to surpass what Beadles provided us with at RT……. a RT he wasn’t and they still won despite his inability at the spot.”

            Which begs the question, then why waste the first round pick on a RT? They were already winning and they needed to upgrade their pass rush.

            1. Ah, now you hit the nail on the head. I think it was Old Coach and myself that were in the camp of, the team could win with the offense that they had, which includes Kilgore and Fusco and to go all out to improve the defense. I am guessing that Lynch/Shanny felt the O-line was not maintainable even though they were winning.

              1. I’d like to answer that. First off, you’ve got an aging LT that probably retires in 2 years. Secondly, ready made offensive lineman out of college are becoming an endangered species. Thirdly, this offense needs a consistent OZ running game to realize it’s full potential. Finally, I feel McGlinchey will be given every opportunity to take over for Staley when he hangs ’em up….

              2. Razor – You might get two years out of Staley, I am thinking this might be his last year and the Niners once again use a high draft spot for another tackle as McGlinchey moves to the left. Even if Staley plays two more years I still think they draft another one with a high draft pick next year – if there is a viable one that is.

              3. Undercenter, could be unless Gilligan or Williams Jr. is able to man RT by then. I’m glad we got one of Hiestand’s pupils before he made the jump to the NFL….

              4. I understand all of that Razor. Not pointing any one individual out, but if the response is “they won the last 5 with _____” there’s nothing left to even discuss. My question was somewhat facetious. They should have just skipped the offseason and brought the same 53 back.

              5. UC,
                You remember what I post better than I do. I still believe they should have used their first 2 picks on D, even though I think Pettis’s PR skills may be the difference in 4 or 5 games.

            2. why 1st rd. OL pick?
              1) 137 million player to protect, and a productive run game is a great way to do this…
              2) a productive run game limits defensive pressure, in order to satisfy item #1 above…
              3) productive run schemes (OZ, IZ) will enable Kyle’s machine to stay on the field– keeping our D off the field…
              4) item #3 will open up Kyle’s full repertoire of play action and misdirection schemes for Jimmy to shred D’s…
              5) how does “Kyle & Jimmy’s Flying Circus” sound???

              1. Tend to agree. It isn’t surprising to me that an offensively-minded HC would choose an offensive chess piece in the first round (esp. since the 1st round picks last year were both on the defensive side of the ball). The big one is protecting the QB. KS would rather be #1 in offense than defense , if a choice has to be made. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t improve the defense, though, and that they don’t look to improve it.

                I wonder if KS subscribes to the axiom “defense wins championships”.

            3. Jack Hammer:
              * I don’t disagree with a pass rusher with 1st Rd pick, opposed to taking RT Mike Mc Glinchey, but who would you have picked instead? Who was still available for the 9ers, or are you suggesting the 9er should have traded up for someone?
              * Who would you replace J. Staley with, if he were hurt? Would you have kept Trent Brown?

    2. That’s a good point about McGlinchey Jack. As good as he may be, he is a rookie and it will time for this line to gel as a whole.

  39. 2 comments.
    First, Solomon Thomas may be panned, and even be considered a bust by some. I disagree. The Niners had the worst run defense in their history, and Thomas helped shore up the run defense. He also did not have the luxury to train early, due to college rules, so he missed lots of practice time. This year, he has fully participated, and it sounds like they will move him around, so he will be versatile.
    The Niners did not just draft Solomon Thomas at number 3. They traded back from 2, and garnered 2017 third and 4th round picks. The third round pick was upgraded to a 2018 second round pick, which was used to select Pettis. the 4th round pick was used to move up into the first round to select Reuben Foster. Chicago also gave up a 2018 third round pick, which was used to select Fred Warner. That number 2 pick resulted in helping draft Solomon Thomas,Reuben Foster, Dante Pettis and Fred Warner.
    Second, the O line struggled with Devey and Pears. Beadles was not much better, and Kilgore was driven back too easily. This season, Garnett is coming back, they signed Richberg and Cooper, and they drafted McGlinchey. They traded away Brown, and used that pick to get Tarvarius Moore. We do not know exactly how the O line will perform this season, but I think they tried hard to address a weakness. JG made that past O line better, and he will do the same thing with this new O line.

      1. -1. These comments are well thought out and illustrate how the Niners Braintrust are doing their job. It’s possible that Thomas, Foster, Pettis and Warner will become highly productive players, maybe even one or two of them stars. Seb put this together. I also like him reminding us that we got Moore from the Brown trade. Of course he’s an unknown so far and we’ll just have to see, like about any draft pick. My thanks to Seb. He posts a lot, but a lot of it is on the mark. Adios, Sving.

        1. Agreed George. The comment you replied to was just another attempt to bully seb away from the blog. It’s probably one of our regulars hiding behind a different name. It’s pathetic to be honest.

            1. Thanks mucho, George. I know who it is, but am really trying hard to ignore him, so other posters do not have to endure more static.
              80, we may differ at times, but I really appreciate the way you present your arguments. They are logical and insightful.

  40. Seb like what you said about the offensive line . My thinking is this year we will see glimpse of what’s in the future . All Pro , maybe next year .

    I am worried about lbs position .

    Looks like to make eggs , scrambled anyone .

    1. 49er, I think that if Foster grows up a bit and learns how not to kill himself in this league, LB will be a strength. Warner is underrated and has an even chance to emerge as the best of the bunch, imo. He’s a physical freak who appears to have a football mind and looks like he can actually play.

    2. 78, The O line is manned with first rounders. They all have talent, but I am worried about line cohesion. Maybe they should put Tomlinson at RT so he can help McGlinchey.
      I am thinking that Coyle may start the first 2 games, because of his experience. However, I also wonder about Warner, since (I believe) they did give him first string snaps.
      Another scenario that might work out for the first 2 games, is to put Smith in at MIKE and Toomer at WILL, but that is only if Coyle is out competed. Starting Warner may be bold, but I do not know if a raw rookie can handle the calls. Other teams may target him, or at least try to confuse him.

      1. Maybe they should put Tomlinson at RT
        That’s SO stupid!
        George, 80
        You don’t help your cred getting on board with this guy
        Your privilege, but geez…..
        Knock yourselves out…..

        1. Tomlinson played every snap at RG in college. Instead of 2 veterans on the left side and essentially a first year and rookie on the right, why not have a veteran on both sides?
          Additionally, Garnett played LG in college, so maybe it would be putting him in the best position to succeed if they put him in his natural position. They should at least experiment with that line up in TC.
          SO stupid? Sounds like you are an expert on stupidity.

          1. Yeah that was stupid. You want continuity so keeping Tomlinson at LG gives you that. That’s what makes an offensive line so good.

            1. Tomlinson stays at LG…
              Garnett will play…for some other team…
              look at the left side run snap numbers from last year….
              Staley and Tomlinson were getting Hyde and Breida decent lanes…
              now with Richburg in the mix, the left side will continue to be the OZ side of choice…
              till Cooper and McGlinch come up to speed…

              1. Cooper is recovering from knee surgery, so maybe the best thing to do is be cautious, and bring him back slowly. Cooper’s injury may be more severe than a plant and twist injury, since a 280 lb player fell on it. He stayed down, was writhing on the field in agony, and had to be carried off.

              1. Trite? Are you serious? The best thing is you play to players strength and experience and Lake played well at left guard so why move him to a new position. It’s about continuity and experience.

              2. Cooper was the starting LG for the Cowboys. Sounds like all 3 players could play LG, but someone has to play RG. Why not the player who played every snap at RG during his college career?

      1. Jack…
        I didn’t know that … but, one would think.. he would
        have his laptop with him… if only to edit out the
        spammers… (like the one below) … right ?

    1. Hey MW, I saw that Owens was going to have some kind of ceremony in Chattanooga, where he went to college. I never was much of a TO fan, but hell, I’m in Chattanooga, and it’s free, so if I’m around, I thought I’d drop by the stadium and see what kind of show he’ll put on. If anyone’s interested, I can report back. Happens on August 4, as I recall.

      1. english as a fourth language…
        “not only the game be shown but there is also everything else here” ?
        even…maybe….wait for it…..”As the world turns”?????
        how ’bout old Bob Barker “Price-Is-Right” reruns????
        if “I bring it in the case”, will I be cavity searched by the TSA?

      1. Don’t know about now a days … but I used to take
        my little league teams to Mountain Mikes ..
        corner of Washington and Fremont Blvd (Fremont)
        at the end of the season … back in the day

        (I loved their linguisa & mushroom pizza)

        Last time I was there … Mission Pizza was
        pretty good …. (say hi to “Gabe”)

        1. Back in the 70s Florentines on highway 9 in Cupertino.

          Nowadays? Arugula on Pizza? Getoudahere.

          Cassie, I see you asked where, not when. 🙂 Nevermind.

          1. No problem! Killing time until training camp–when a deluge of hot takes will consume this blog…a few with merit, some clever yet meaningless, and the rest far over the top. Egos will throb, delusionment will fester, and selective amnesia will rise like cream.

            1. Not sure about the best pizza but the best Mexican used to be Acapulco in Alameda.

              Sadly the Quinteros sold it and took the recipes to a new location that I’ve heard isn’t as good.

              Best Asian dish would be the Kung Pao beef from Little Shin Shin in PIEDMONT. (oakland)

              Best cheeseburger is George’s burger in Walnut Creek.

              1. Had been to Acapulco several times many years ago…good. On the matter of burgers there was a Ruby’s Diner in Alameda around the 1500 block of Encinal Ave.–back in the late 50s early 60s, not a chain. Burgers, fries, and milkshakes to go. The burgers and fries would be wrapped in paper and double bagged in brown paper bags. Grease would soon work its way throughout the double bags making things iffy on the way home.

              2. Depends on when you went but Acapulco in the 80’s and 90’s was unbeatable.

                Since you know Alameda did you ever hit up the Pampered Pup?

              3. Yes, Park Street. Opened late 60s? Had been in there a couple times.

                Anyone recall ‘The Ark’, a seafood restaurant on the Oakland side of the Alameda/Oakland estuary? Great clam chowder in the early 60s.

              4. Ark was a smidge before my time but I do remember my Grandmother talking about it. Did you ever make it to the Whale’s Tail?

      2. Giorgio’s in San Jose (on Foxworthy) was pretty decent in the mid-80s…. Have no clue what it’s like these days.

      3. An eclectic choice (mine 😎 ) is at The Wild Goat Cafe, Petaluma.
        Since style matters, Old Chicago and New Yorker Restaurant have fine offerings in P-town as well.

        1. One thing I’ll admit about pizza from Roma, Napoli, and NYC…… out here in NorCali, nobody offers me clam sauce.
          With my roots, I once considered opening a PhillyDeli in Sonoma County, but it’s too many personal hours, so I bagged the idea. Also, P-town’s per-table fee was stifling.
          But it was Philly style pizza, Hoagies, Philly Cheese steaks, North Beach Italian sandwich, meatball sand,
          Pennsy-Lancaster Scrapple sand, NewYoikRoastBeef sand, Italian cole slaw, Italian Caesar mini, Lemon-Sole sand, (seasonal) soft-shell Crab sand, blackened rock cod sand, lemon sole sand, day boat scallops, salmon fish&chips, Sonoma ceviche. Sonoma Cheese, baked goods, duck, sheep/lamb,
          Tomatoes, specialty produce, and oddly, my carnitas recipe.
          Corn torts-flat bread- millet-chia bread, sourdough bread-corn bread
          Ms.Utz’s hard pretzels and home grown soft pretzels
          Onion bagels
          Schmidt’s Beer-Ortleib’s beer- Rolling Rock beer
          Philly Sweet Italian Brat
          Seriously good pickles
          Woulda been fun and too much work

          1. I would get any and all at BT’s except the Philly cheese steak. Ugh, what a disgusting concoction (not yours BT, just in general. And I’ve sampled both Pats and Genos in Philly. I just don’t get the fuss.)

            1. The cheese steak is to satisfy customer expectations. The North Beach I like better: sweet Italian sausage patty, light to moderate mozzarella with grilled peppers and onions. Simple and you don’t need a bib.
              How’d I leave off the Reuben? We have much artisan salumi around here.
              Oh, and some of the Foo-foo pizzas are good! Duck, fig, caramelized onion, roasted garlic, reduced balsamic, and feta. Should try. 😎

            2. It’s the Cheese whiz that is disgusting. I know it’s a Philly religion but that ruins the whole sandwich imo.

              Bro that would have been a hell of a restaurant. You named about every guilty food pleasure I have.

      4. Not long ago I stopped at Gianni’s Pizza on Lighthouse in Monterey. Had spent a full day outside hiking the coast and exploring tidal pools close-up. Didn’t care about ambiance, charm, etc. Large pepperoni was very good…along with a cold beer.

      5. Among others, I like the New York-style cheese pizza at Slice of New York located on Stevens Creek Blvd in San Jose between San Tomas Expy and Winchester Blvd.

        1. Mood, I know that location. I have to say I liked it better when it was Piantos Deli. The best ravioli for many a mile.

      6. Cassie, I know it’s a chain, and I’m going to get $h1+ on here for suggesting it, but I’d say you’ve GOT to try Round Table’s veggie pizza…the one with the white garlic sauce. Really, REALLY good, and I’m NOT a vegetarian!

  41. Taylor

    “”The rising receiver performed historically well on slant routes in 2017 and ended the season with 15 catches from 15 targets for 189 yards and one touchdown, resulting in a WR rating of 141.0. Since we started tracking the route data for every player on every play of every game, he is the only receiver with at least 15 targets in a regular season to field a perfect catch rate, the only receiver to grade positively on at least 85.0 percent of his targets and he’s the only receiver to convert over 80.0 percent of his targets to either a first down or a touchdown. That’s pretty good.””


    1. Let’s hope that back procedure was just a clean up, and he’s on track to be available sooner rather than later. He’s a little guy, so durability is always gonna be an issue….

        1. It will definitely improve the return and punt return game.
          He might never be a #1 WR but when you have a guy with speed you can do a lot with him

    1. Trump the clown attacks our companies – Amazon, Harley D. He picks fights with our allies Canada, Germany, Britain … He allows every dictator to bend him over and have their way with him.

      Disgrace and a traitor.

      1. It does seem like being a passenger in an airplane and watching the pilot hack at the controls with a hatchet…….

    2. By acting like a child. Fantastic. 😥 Seriously, people on both side of the political aisle that act like this need to grow the !@#$ up.

      1. “Seriously, people on both side of the political aisle that act like this need to grow the !@#$ up.”

        Key words “both sides” Truth!!!!!

        1. Who’s whining now? You guys need to find a President Kennedy democrat to lead you to the white house, instead of doubling down with your current leaders like, Warren, Pelosi, Shurmer, and Waters.

      2. These left wing democrats aren’t as tolerant as advertised. Remember when President Obama famously said, “elections have consequences”?

        1. This isn’t about left or right. It’s about a man who is doing damage to this country. His attacks on the press are very reminiscent of Nixon.

          Heck, an investigation led by a member of his own party just led to the indictment of 12 Russians, yet the Pres attacks said investigators instead of those who committed the crimes. It’s strange.

          1. Wait, didn’t President Obama say, “there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig American elections”, and to Donald Trump, “stop whining”?

          2. No, it is about left and right no matter how much it is denied. During Obama’s tenure, we had to deal with the right calling for his birth certificate, putting Dumbo ears on him, and claiming his wife was a man in drag. Now, we have the left dressing Trump in diapers, freaking out over him feeding koi fish, and slamming his wife over any thing she wears. How is any of that relevant to politics? It is more a case of people needing to seriously grow up.

              1. Anything? Hardly.

                A good majority on the left went nuts over her wearing stiletto heels when she visited flood ravaged Houston, and then they repeated the action with a jacket she recently wore.

                I really don’t care, do u?

                No, I really don’t either, but that is partially my point. People on the left and right tend to go nuts over the dumbest of things, things that have absolutely nothing to do with politics.

            1. It’s not the same at all mid. This is one guy who is being criticized by both parties. There has never been a President this incompetent and loathed world wide.

      3. Both parties have a lot of problems and act poorly quite often, but Trump is a topic unto himself. It’s not just Dems who criticize him; it’s members of his own party. There was serious misgivings going into his term as POTUS, but he has gone beyond the worst fears of both parties. He is the most unqualified, ignorant, misinformed, repugnant A-hole of a man to ever lead this country. That is not hyperbole. He is an embarrassment on the world stage and at home with never ending lies, lack of understanding of the issues he’s commenting on, and an obstinate attitude regarding anything he talks about. This is not about being left or right or at least shouldn’t be. This is somebody who is going to do severe damage to this country if he’s not reeled in at some point soon.

        1. Yea! Let’s get Mad Maxine Waters in as POTUS with Nancy Pelosi as VPOTUS. What a bunch of sore losing A-holes! How long have these highly qualified, brilliant, educated, tolerant far left ideologue’s been in power, and what have they done for this country? Didn’t Pelosi say that the tax crumbs would lead to armageddon? Rocket, better get your survival kits in order!

          1. If the democrats continue allowing the extreme left to guide their party, their other foot will join the one already in the grave. Reagan and Trump have some similarities:

            1. Both were Washington outsiders.
            2. Both were dismissed as serious candidates.
            3. Both were attacked as extremists, and intelligically simplistic.
            4. Both were passionate in their beliefs.
            5. Both had similar views on illegal immigration.
            6. Both spoke in politically incorrect tongues.
            7. Both began as democrats.
            8. Both were TV stars.
            9. Both followed inept, big government, liberal ideologue POTUS’.
            10. Both opposed runaway public employee unions.
            11. Both shared the desire to make America great again.
            12. Both favored tax reduction.
            13. Both were pro life.
            14. Both defended the 2nd Amendment.
            15. Reagan was the first POTUS to be divorced, and Trump is the second.

            1. Nice cut and paste, Raz. Newsmax? Seriously?


              the Republicans have let Trump and Putin guide their party. They are already dead, they just don’t know it. Mainstream Americans are going to say, enough. The zombies will be put down for good by the one-two punch of the Muller indictments (there are coming, they are coming, dozens if not hundreds of counts) and the November elections.

              1. I didn’t cut and paste, Mr. Roboto. I did look it up so irony warriors such as yourself could prattle.

              2. Reagan considered Russia to be the EVIL EMPIRE.
                Trump will not call Putin, who threatened the US with nuclear missiles that can evade defenses, not an enemy.

              3. “I didn’t know facts were an exclusive rights infringement.”

                Don’t try to act stupid. You copied from the article posted by Ribico. It’s ok, just man up and own it.

              4. It’s not an act. I’m a stupid deplorable from backwards Indiana. Sometimes facts get lost in far left minutia. I just found them. Not asking for a reward. Yes, I already stated that I looked up similarities between Reagan and Trump, and then wrote them down. Sorry you can’t handle the truth, Officer Hammer!


                Ha! I love this kind of battle.

              5. Razor, sorry to get into politics, but I cannot resist. BTW, I do like the Godfather.
                Reagan also said- ‘Mr Gorbachev, Tear down this wall!’
                OK, back to football. ;p

              6. Sebber, no need to apologize for Officer Hammer. He owns bringing politics aboard in this instance.

                Yea, didn’t the so called Washington insiders within his own party remove that phrase from his speech, and strongly advise him not to use it? Sound familiar? I’m just saying. Fact check it….

              7. Razor, if you are trying to make out Reagan just as despicable as Trump, even I wouldn’t go that far. And I have no love lost for Reagan.

              8. I got turned into a minion at the Despicable Me ride with my kids at Universal Studios! At Disneyworld, I was singled out as, “that guy” in the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. Must’ve been the wife beater t-shirt I was wearing….

            2. Whether you copied and pasted or not, it’s a lame comparison because Regan was a seasoned politician who was strong on policy by the time he got into the WH. Trump is an ignorant gas bag being advised by people he hired because he saw them on Fox News. There is no defense for BS and stupidity, both of which Trump exudes on a daily basis.

              1. BS and stupidity definitely played a role in him emerging victorious. Hillary, Podesta and Friends.

              2. You keep mentioning Dems when I have clearly said this is not about left and right. Forget about the parties. This is about one guy who is on the verge of doing serious damage to this country because he doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.

              3. BS and stupidity definitely played a role in him emerging victorious. Hillary, Podesta and Friends.

                Those you mentioned couldn’t take a crap without it being posted on wikileaks, guccifer, DC leaks…. It’s bad enough having to run against one opponent, let alone four. Did it effect the outcome? Of course it did, otherwise tell the billionaires giving massive sums to candidates they are just throwing their money away.

        2. You forgot liar and bully in there rocket. The fact that he has members of his own party disagreeing with him on stuff like the tariffs and not wanting him alone speaks volumes about the guy.

          1. I did mention the lying Jack but the bullying is actually amusing considering nobody is backing down. I don’t think Trump has any other strategy which is why he’s back to contradicting himself.

  42. Man

    Can’t wait till the OTA s ,, and preseason .

    Got to see some hitting .
    Can’t wait to see how our team looks on the field , rather than on paper , and questions get answered.

  43. 2018 Training Camp….players report on the 25th, first practice with pads on the 28th. Not long now…

  44. undercenter says:
    July 12, 2018 at 7:20 pm

    “”The rising receiver performed historically well on slant routes in 2017 and ended the season with 15 catches from 15 targets for 189 yards and one touchdown, resulting in a WR rating of 141.0. Since we started tracking the route data for every player on every play of every game, he is the only receiver with at least 15 targets in a regular season to field a perfect catch rate,…

    TomD’s Take: All of the above when no one even knew who Trent Taylor was (except that he was undersized–“no way the Niners draft him, they like big receivers”) yet Niner Nation (at least on this site) berated this Shanny draft pick:

    Wide Receiver – Dante Pettis (No. 44 Overall): The 49ers traded up in the 2nd round to select Pettis …Shanahan envisions Pettis as a chess piece, capable of being deployed at any of the wide receiver spots, and adds special teams value as the NCAA record holder with 9 career punt returns for a touchdown. (49er Webzone)

    You could say the Pettis family has some athletic prowess. Dante’s father, Gary, played 11 seasons of major league baseball for four teams, winning five Gold Gloves as a centerfielder. His older cousin, Austin, was Boise State’s all-time leading receiver before playing in the NFL for four seasons with the St. Louis Rams (NFL.com).

    It’s always disappointing when you can’t see a wide receiver among his peers at the Combine, and that’s what happened with Pettis, who sat out with an injured ankle. He also didn’t partake in Washington’s Pro Day, meaning we have only his tape to go off.

    Pettis is a utility player who is used all over the formation, and someone who can help on special teams as a return man. He can play at every position on the field, including taking a reverse in the backfield. He’s going to be used on special teams to start his career as a punt/kickoff returner and should do well….

    Trust in Shanny


  45. Even Seb, the (not great) criticized the Pettis pick..What would you expect from a fan who still waits for the storm that never comes ?

    Well, is it possible Shanahan knows his own ‘TEAM’ better than any of us, so knew of Taylor’s back issues before the draft, necessitating the Pettis pick ? Slant routes are a WCO staple. Rice and John Taylor were known to take those to the house because fearful DB’s playing their deep threat would be out of position, and a quick slant underneath would highlight their YAC abilities. When the nervous DB’s moved up to cover the slant, Taylor or Rice would run a sluggo route.

    Pettis is that sluggo receiver insurance in case Trent Tayor’s recovery lingers into the season.

    1. C’mon guys…..

      If it hasn’t become pretty clear to you by now… it soon will be…Pettis is the real thing…we’re all backers of PAC-12 school teams…and Pettis had a pretty good record of tearing up all of us….That’s almost like being Hateful of Hugh McIhennie because he was from UW… If we’re going to be petty, let’s figure out whose place he’s going to take on the PR bench….

      1. I had high hopes for, Pettis on this team, but for some reason, I’m beginning to question myself now.


  46. While waiting for TC, I would like to comment on what the Niners are doing right to help the team start that winning tradition and change the culture.
    Jed is doing something right. He is not meddling. He has hired a good GM and a young aggressive HC, and he is stepping back and letting them run things. Jed is lucky that John Lynch fell into his lap.
    The Niners are fortunate to have Lynch, and he is rebuilding the team, brick by brick. He is doing it the right way, through the draft. His first draft, JL put on his Trader Bill hat, and wheeled and dealed. He traded back to garner more picks, then traded up to snag a player they coveted. That first draft was wildly successful, because they obtained players that filled huge needs, and even the later round picks contributed. They went heavy on defense, which was smart, because the defense the year before could not prevent third string RBs from gaining 200 yards. JL was fortunate to have JG fall into his lap, and the wins started coming.
    KS has been an improvement from Tomsula and Chip. He may not have started well with that 9 game losing streak, but at least they kept the score close and the players gave maximum effort. Then JG came aboard, and they found their franchise QB. I like how KS has evaluated the roster. He kept lots of players, but has moved on from many Baalke players. KS had lots of input in the draft, and JL has tried hard to find players who will fit into KS’s system. They surprised many by not drafting a pass rusher early, but the MM selection allowed the Niners to trade away Brown, who did not figure in KS’s OZ run blocking.
    JL has followed the Warriors methodology. The Warriors drafted Steph, Clay, Draymond, but then they used free agency to put them over the top. They picked up Iggy, then signed Durant. Now, they signed Cousins, which made lots of other teams cry foul. JL used a second round draft pick to acquire JG, then signed Sherman, McKinnon, Richberg, Attaochu, Cooper and Toomer. Hopefully, those players will help them win more games. I am assuming that those new players are upgrades from the previous players. They may have over spent to get decent players, but since they still have 43 mil in cap space, I hope they pick up some more players to provide competition and depth.
    In this past draft, JL may have decided that no pass rusher was better than the players already on the team. McGlinchey may allow the run game to flourish. Pettis may help STs, and Warner is good insurance while RF sits out his 2 game suspension. Can’t believe they picked another ACL player, but time will tell. All of the new DBs seem very fast, so all they need to do is play together and fit into the system. I am glad they got better with the draft, but wonder if the other teams were improved, too.
    All in all, JL has rebuilt the team, and KS has players that fit his style of play. Now, all they have to do is beat equally good teams, and in the case of the Rams, possibly a superior team. That is where preparation and game planning will be so important. With thorough preparations, sound strategies, enough deception and crisp execution, the Niners can become relevant again.

      1. Well, at least you did not call me another type of piece. ;p
        Another thing I forgot about the preparations is- reducing the unforced errors. Now that TC is coming soon, I hope the coaches can work on cadences. They should prepare the starting O line to work in unison, develop chemistry and become cohesive. Since 3/5ths of the O line is new, I hope the O line coaches can accomplish that goal. The past few seasons, the false starts have killed way too many drives. Hopefully, with JG becoming the field general, he can get the O line to play like the last 5 games of last season.

  47. I may have criticized the Pettis selection, but mainly because KS should have been more patient, and not insisted on moving up, thus costing them the 74th pick. They should have been patient, allowed the third WR taken at 44, (who was rated 7th in one draft ranking and the 22nd in the CBS rankings), to be selected at 59. They could have been very patient, and maybe still could have selected Pettis at 74. Then, they could have used that 59th pick to select Tyquan Lewis, Lorenzo Carter or Chad Thomas. If they had selected Pettis at 59, they still could have chosen Sam Hubbard, Malik Jefferson or Rasheem Green, who were all taken just after 74.
    Grant was the one criticizing Pettis in the OTAs. I am not going to call Pettis a bust, but counting on a raw rookie to be a game changer is just Pollyannish. I have always advocated to obtain battle tested and battle hardened veteran WRs from free agency. Rookie WRs have not built enough muscle to withstand the pounding, and they tend to get injured.
    Pettis’ importance may be best demonstrated on ST. Those 9 PR TDs are impressive. Hope Taylor can fully recover from his back surgery, but comparing him to Rice and John Taylor is specious. It is also unfair to expect Pettis to match those SB winners.

    1. Pettis = Trent Taylor 2.0 with more speed (4.3 40/yd), YAC ability, and the NCAA record holder for TD’s as a punt and kick returner.

      Seb, if you had bothered to follow John Taylor’s career, you would know that Bill walsh used him as his special teams ace, and Taylor’s moves on kick returns for TD’s translated to his WR position, just like Pettis’ will.

      Yet, you were so impatient for Pettis’ development your need to drive home Shanny’s draft day move up for Pettis, as an error, became your holy grail…Sorry your negative view of this front office still lingers on from the day you said this about Shanahan: “I’m disappointed he showed Kaep the door, and I will call Shanahan less than astute for this move.”……Possibly it’s time for you to move, eh, Seb, since your veiled 49er hatred is so palpable, your Raider fandom is showing, in your constant attempts to see the 49ers fail through your inept player recommendations.

      John Taylor, Walsh’s special teams ace translating his special teams talent into a 49er Pro Bowl WR, Video:

      1. TrollD, you were the one rooting for the Raiders to win over the Niners, not me.
        I am not impatient at all. I will wait to see how it all unfolds.

    2. Rice and Taylor were used to prove my point about the importance of the slant route to the WCO.
      Pettis runs the slant well and was used all over the field at U of W, especially in the slot where slant routes were run by Trent Taylor for the Niners last season.

      No where did I compare the incomparable Jerry Rice or John Taylor’s individual talent to that of a 1st year, college drafted WR…..Perhaps some reading lenses are in order, Seb ?

  48. The one thing I am looking forward to in training camp is the competition at running back, free safety and inside linebacker.
    I’m expecting a fierce battle at all 3 positions and it to be a a strength of the team by mid season.
    Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have brought in players that have the qualities and skills to win. They have done an admirable job in building the team up through the draft and respectively, brick by brick.

  49. Colin Cowherd of The Herd on FOX Sports 1 recently named his top five young quarterbacks in the NFL. On the list is San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. In fact, Cowherd only has Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles listed higher than the Niners’ signal caller.

    Below are Cowherd’s best young quarterbacks in the NFL.

    Carson Wentz, Eagles
    Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers
    Deshaun Watson, Texans
    Dak Prescott, Cowboys
    Sam Darnold, Jets

    via 49ers Webzone

    Larry Krueger: 49ers’ Jerick McKinnon is going to be a fantasy football superstar
    3 hours ago • 1 comment
    By Site Staff


  50. Larry Krueger is high on 49ers receiver Kendrick Bourne

    San Francisco 49ers fans who listen to KNBR know Larry Krueger well. The popular radio host (and was a baseball scout) joined the latest 49ers Webzone No Huddle Podcast episode.

    “The 49ers lack that big-name, big-body red zone threat at wide receiver. That doesn’t mean head coach Kyle Shanahan won’t be able to scheme big plays out of the group. Krueger believes there are reasons to be excited about the receivers currently on the roster.”

    “I mean, Jimmy Garoppolo did what he did last year largely without Pierre Garçon, who is a terrific route runner, very dependable receiver. So he’s going to have him now.

    “You have (Marquise) Goodwin who stretches the field. You have Garçon who runs really, really terrific routes. You have Trent Taylor, who I think in a short amount of time has proven that he can get open in the slot. And that’s just the first-tier guys.”

    “Now, the guy who I think can impact things dramatically – and I know this sounds crazy because you’re talking about an undrafted free agent – but I’m a huge fan of Kendrick Bourne. Every time I look up, it seems that Kendrick Bourne is spending time in the facilities, getting reps, getting better. I thought at the end of last year, he showed on a few different plays, big-time run-after-the-catch ability. I’m not saying Jerry Rice (or) John Taylor run-after-the-catch ability, but better run-after-the-catch ability than I’ve seen on almost any other receiver besides that duo in a Niner uniform. I’m really, really excited about Kendrick Bourne.”

    TomD’s Take: Bourne has come a long way since TomD predicted he and Matt Breida would make the 49er roster as UDFAs.


    1. Larry Kreuger, the guy who ripped Brandon Belt? Brandon Belt, on first, had run after the pitcher started his deliver with 2 outs, several times. Too bad Posey(?) kept fouling them off. Kreuger later ripped Brandon Belt for not hustling on a play later on. Obviously, LK forgot BB had just returned from having his appendix removed.

  51. Bourne would seem to be Kyle’s anointed successor to Garcon’s role…
    after Pierre racks up a few ProBowl seasons as a 9er that is…

  52. Well, we’re approaching 450 comments and we’ve bounced across football, pizza, war, and politics. Religion anyone? Suggest we get the focus back on football…occasional forays into food is fine IMO.

    1. Did you want me to talk about multi player trades of bubble players? I think Indy, Detroit, Miami and the Raiders might need better players. It would be like having a second draft for those teams. Maybe the Niners can trade away those players on the bubble, and get a high draft choice, instead of cutting them, and losing them for nothing.
      Players on the bubble- Aldrick Robinson, Kendrick Bourne, Aaron Burbridge, Mark Nzeocha, Jeremy Mcnichols, Greg Mabin, Ronald Blair, Garry Gilliam, CJ Goodwin, Antone Exum and Cole Hikutini.
      Players who might be a fit for a team that just lost a player due to injury. Arik Armstead, Joshua Garnett, Jimmy Ward. Each might garner a second or third round pick, depending on how desperate the other team is.

        1. I just did not want any more politics, fecal facts and restaurant reviews.
          Back to football, I hope KS thinks outside the box. He should consider flea flickers with McKinnon. He should make Staley or McGlinchey receiver eligible at times. Hope he employs the Third Down Bomb when advantageous.
          On defense, I hope the DB can defend against the sideline pass by letting the receiver jump up and catch the ball, but coach the DB to pick up a leg and drive it out of bounds, so the receiver cannot get 2 feet in bounds.

      1. Yea, never cared for them. I did have the Scorpions, Lonesome Crow on vinyl and it came out in ’69. Michael Schenker was 16 at the time before he ended up joining UFO. Big fan of both bands….

        1. Loved BB. Great performer. Used to watch him on the telly back in the ’70’s when I was a kid. The Thrill Is Gone was one of my favorites.

          1. He exalted rhythms by interrupting with hesitations, then retook initiative with searing licks. Basie pioneered a similar technique by leaving an ‘obvious’ note unplayed but implied. It captures the listener’s attention, draws them in to the music as a participant (to mentally fill-in the note) Carlos Santana employed it in his instrumentals as well.
            It’s similar to the idea of: If you want to catch peoples’ attention…whisper.

            1. My Grandpa on my mom’s side played trumpet in a big band, and was a bigwig for C. G. Conn. Whenever he listened to music, it would be in his easy chair with his eyes closed. Fully absorbed by the likes of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, etc.

  53. Razor
    My Dad was an Advertising exec with a company that did a lot of work on radio, so he had music and recording studio contacts, and had a personal taste for Nawlins and Dixieland music.
    When I was about 10/11 on a Saturday, instead of inviting me to go to the Dump with him like usual, he asked if I would go to the airport with him. I said sure, who are you meeting? He said Louis Armstrong.
    My Dad was a full time tease, so I didn’t believe him. He insisted, but I wasn’t buying. So we ride in to Philly and go to the gate. I’m head shaking and my Dad is just grinning. So here comes Satchmo up the ramp with his signature grin and he hollers to my Dad:
    “ Howard! How is you?”
    My jaw drops. I shake hands as Dad introduces me. Satch asks me, “You catching flies young mista?” (My mouth and eyes were wide open).
    He spent the night at our house and lit the place up with his charm.

    1. My wife and I are in Hawaii and our daughter works for Hilton, any we are at the topa tower in Oahu , lots of tribute to Elvis, Frank Sinatra’s and Michael Jackson, too early for Louis Armstrong, would love to have met him, very cool experience brotha tuna, I did meet red fox when I was seven or eight in Las Vegas. I was very shy and lasted five minutes. He was cool though, not fake like a lot of people today are.

      1. Any way since most want to talk football,

        Does joe Williams make the team? Will Kendrick Bourne be the #1 wr by the end of the year? Will we have some one get at least 10sacks? More than 8 wins? Playoffs?

  54. That is the big island, she stayed their a month ago, her name is Sydney Fortson and works as a front desk operator for Hilton garden inn in Waikiki, she got us a better deal at the Hilton Gawain village, it is huge , we ate at Benny Hanna’s last night right next door,went to Hanamua Bay today. Excited to visit and give respect to the Arizona Memorial in two days.Anyway been rocking giants, warriors and niners gear sat next to a dodger and cowboy fan last night, I behaved for the most part. We are celebrating twenty five years of my wife putting up with me, so having to be nice.

      1. nice 2nd honeymoon, Rebel …
        Congrats to you and the Mrs. !!

        (still got a ways to go to catch up with me and
        the ball & chain .. though).. ;-}

        1. Thank you Razor,MWNiner you two and Brotha tuna , Cassie and others are pretty classy and stand up, good example for me as I get older with older kids and navigate all that. I really am the luckiest guy, best decision. I ever made, I think she wonders at times but she adores the kids and we really are good for each other, have seen two others in niner hats, one jimmy g Jersey. Quite a few raider fans believe it or not!

          1. may your happiness last forever, Rebel…
            and… oh! btw …. if you
            need any preliminary advice on grandparenthood …
            well… I’m kinda an authority on the subject ..;-]

            1. Hasn’t happened yet but are 24year old son just got engaged, hope they wait a little while but all ready to put niner gear on the first born grandchild like my grand father did to me. I will differently hit you up for advice or survival skills!

              1. All you’ll need to know is … when the
                grandchild appears …. you’ll have just one job :… and that is…
                to spoil the child rotten … and when he/she needs
                a change …or… you get done… hand
                him/her back to the parents …

                This accomplishes two goals …

                1. You end up … finally.. becoming the
                good guy …and …
                2. you exact your … uh .. “parental revenge”
                on your son… for all the things ..
                he put you through … growing up !

          2. And congrats of course!

            If I may say, having a pair of massive thighs, huge T-Rex-like feet, and a heavy 80′ tail makes it easy to stand up. Honestly, with my tiny arms, I can’t be walking on all fours–gut would get in the way.

    1. Good to hear you visited the Arizona Memorial. Southwest of the memorial–across the water–is a drydock and pier complex. It was packed with ships on December 7th–the USS Pennsylvania (Arizona’s sister ship), destroyers, cruisers, and other craft. My uncle was aboard ship there throughout the attack. Several at his battle station were wounded–some killed. He went on to serve aboard several carriers throughout the war in the Pacific. My plan is to get to Hawaii in the next 2-3 years and spend time at Pearl Harbor.

      1. Thank you,We are visiting the memorial tomorrow, been talking to several people about the memorial and other history. Lots of service members are here from many different military branches and some foreign allies I think, some type of war games is going on, look out if you are in the area, looks like you visited before, here at the topa tower tribute wall of Elvis, and others big picture of Godzilla and the filming stuff, I am sure Hawaii to Japan is a good stroll for you. If you get Hungary instead of eating people, eggs and things is awesome, best egg Benedict I have ever eaten.Also Leonard’s has the best hot pastries I have consumed!

    2. We go to the Islands a lot. Always see folks in logo gear. I have never once seen the least tension between fans. Out on a boat with Dallas and Seattle fans, all friendly.
      Peeps are relaxed and having fun. Once on a snorkel boat with some Philly fans right after TO signed with them, I told them “He’ll have some concentration drops, but he’ll make some incredible plays. Just remember, when you see his lips moving, mute your tv.” I’ve imagined he thought back to that later. : >)

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