Why the Niners don’t want to sign Peyton Manning

I’m trying to be open minded about the Peyton Manning debate. I want to see things from both sides.

Yesterday, my dad and I came out strongly on the Pro-Peyton side. Many readers agreed with us, and many did not. Both sides had good arguments.

I’ve been thinking all night, and I want to give a new Anti-Manning argument. Here it is.

The Niners might not want to sign Peyton Manning because he would hurt their defense. How? Let me explain.

Manning’s offense is a finesse offense. He wants single back sets, three wide receivers, and lots of passing – much more passing than running. It’s an effective offense, but it’s finesse and it’s unlike most other offenses in the league – it could be the antithesis of Harbaugh’s balanced, physical philosophy.

The Niners elite, tough, physical defense would have to practice against that gimmicky, finesse stuff every day and it would make them soft. Pretty soon, they would become a soft, finesse defense that was not prepared for more standard offenses they would face in real games. That’s what happened to the Colts’ defenses of the 2000s.

I’m all for shaking up the Niners mediocre offense, but not at the expense of the defense – the strength of the team.

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