Why the 49ers should get Tebow

The Niners are a “team to monitor” in the Tim Tebow trade talks, according to Adam Schefter. Chris Mortensen also confirmed the Niners as a front runner.

The rumor is Tebow costs nothing more than a fifth or a sixth round pick. If Baalke can get Tebow for that paltry price, he should do it and here’s why.

Besides sucking on third downs, the Niners offense sucks in the red zone and in short yardage situations, too. Tebow is one of the best red zone and short yardage players in the NFL. At the very least, he could be an upgrade over Anthony Dixon as the Niners goal line running back.

At the most, he could be the 49ers red zone QB if Alex Smith continues to struggle there.

Trading for Tim Tebow would be a cheap and effective way to improve the Niners offense in a couple critical areas – that’s why Baalke’s got to pull the trigger.

This doesn’t preclude Alex Smith. They wouldn’t necessarily be in conflict. They do different things. They could compliment each other.

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