Will 49ers break pattern, draft top cornerback?

The 49ers have a chance to do something radical in the upcoming draft:

They can draft a cornerback before Round 3 for the first time since 2004, when they took Shawntae Spencer with the 58th pick.

Or they can get really daring, and draft a cornerback with a top-20 pick in Round 1 for the first time since 1981, when they took Ronnie Lott, who played cornerback for the first five seasons of his career and turned out to be pretty good.

This year, the 49ers own the 13th pick. And considering how their defense gave up deep pass after deep pass to the Chiefs in the fourth quarter of their Super Bowl loss, it’s clear the 49ers need a cornerback and should consider drafting one in Round 1.

But the 49ers strangely haven’t taken the cornerback position seriously since the days of Bill Walsh and George Seifert.

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    1. Body count is right, Matt!

      Taylor – Can’t stay on the field
      Hurd – Can’t get on the field
      Pettis – Can’t produce on the field

    2. You actually kind of right. Are the 49ers willing to use more draft capital on the WR position? They really are at interesting spot where their major holes could be seen in 2021. The team has already made it clear they are not in on 2020 110%.

  1. Why in the hell would Lynch draft a cb at #13 when he can grab a cover 3 cb later on?

    Tony Pauline on C. J. Henderson, “Character issues have raised red flags with NFL teams”.

    1. Florida has not had a good track record so with CB’s recently. They always seem to have quality athletes that are projected too 50 picks. Can’t remember any that have panned out.

    2. At #13 you get a top CB and a top WR. At #31 you get a top WR and a decent prospect CB.

      Throughout the second round you get a good WR and maybe a decent prospect CB. In the third round you get a decent prospect WR and a crap shoot prospect at CB.

      If you still think that we have to take a WR immediately and wait on a corner then you’ll just never understand.

      1. You completely miss the point. When has Lynch showed he puts a premium on a man cover corner? We play zone coverage. Every year you try and get him to draft secondary in the first round and every year he doesn’t. They didn’t trade for Ramsey. They traded for Sanders. Now that’s not to say they could go OT, but I can guarantee you they aren’t taking Henderson at #13. The philosophy they took into the 2019 season wasn’t popular, but it proved to be right. The pass rush working in tandem with the cb’s is how this defense was built. I expect them to target a player like Bryce Hall who is an ideal fit, and will probably slide into the 3rd round due to medical questions that can’t be fully explored due to the virus restrictions….

  2. Sherman has another year left, they feel good about Moseley’s development and I don’t think the FO has given up on Witherspoon. So, no, it’s not a round one priority, again.

    OL is a round one priority. Unless it’s a shortened season (who knows…), depth is critical. More importantly, we probably won’t pick this high again, where there are (at least) 4 quality OTs available. Barring a trade, the FO goes with someone in the top four at 13 or Josh Jones at 31. The other round one pick would still be on offense. Ruggs or Mims.

  3. Seems like the front office is posturing to stay competitive in the coming years. Trading Buckner and continuing to be build on the organizations culture has been a priority.

    Although I really want to trade up for Jeudy or get Lamb/Ruggs at #13 it appears as if they have their mind setup. CB or DLine at #13 and Offensive Line at #31 or in the second round.

    It’s not going to be a sexy draft for us haha

    1. James
      “it appears as if they have their mind setup. CB or DLine at #13”
      Do you mind sharing what makes it “appear” that way? Are you’re in tight with Lynch, Shanahan and the 9er FO draft plans? Are you repeating what you heard the talking heads say, or what you think, or hope, will happen?
      BTW: It’s called lying season in the NFL, for a reason!

      1. Just my opinion. There are some signs based on what they did this off season that point to them building for the future. If they are building towards the future than it would make sense to attempt to fill holes this year rather than wait until next year. They clearly are not putting all their chips in to win a super bowl this year.

        Defensive Tackle is weaker than it was last year and it will be weaker going into 2021. Cornerback is arguably our weakest group with an aging Sherman and two questionable starters at RCB. They could even go pass rusher as I have them taking Chaisson, in case they get rid of Ford next year or if Ford gets hurt again.

        Wide Receiver is a need IMO but they do have enough bodies for a healthy competition. I also think Marquise Goodwin not competing in the Olympics is a good thing in the eyes of Shanahan and will be the reason he stays on this team and performs in 2020. Additionally they spent a good amount of draft capital on WR’s to go ahead and invest more picks without knowing exactly what they have in Taylor, Pettis, James, Hurd, and Deebo.

        1. James
          “CB or DLine at #13 and Offensive Line at #31 or in the second round. (Maybe 2nd Rd. but doubt it).
          April 26th, the day after NFL 2020 draft. We’ll see how many (if any), of your draft predictions come true.

  4. Iggy
    March 9: Jimmy Garoppolo is “on the clock” b/c Kirk Cousins will be a free agent in 2021.
    March 15: The 49ers are OUT on Tom Brady.
    March 16, 6:54 a.m.: The Vikings extend Cousins’ contract thru 2022.
    March 16, 1:03 p.m.: The 49ers trade DeForest Buckner for the 13th pick.


    49ers Webzone

    .@RapSheet repeats that #49ers’ trade of DeForest Buckner has been “quietly in the works since around the time of the Super Bowl.”

    7:05 PM – Mar 16, 2020


    1. Can you elaborate? I am guessing this is a timeline suggesting we were potentially trying to acquire Cousins? Or we are posturing to get him next year?

      1. Grant’s pedaling his snake oil theory that Cousins’ extension was the catalyst for trading Buckner, while Rappaport’s tweet exposes an obvious breakdown on his train of thought….

    2. 2 Bums on a Pod is getting more and more accurate everyday. TMZ type of opinions with nothing to back them up. Throw sh*t at a wall and hope for it to stick. Clicks clicks clicks……

  5. If they miss out on the WR they want at 13 it could happen. But there are a number of directions they could go. I doubt the 49ers see drafting a CB that high as necessary – I expect they feel quite confident in the guys they have already.

  6. Hey remember the take about how good Clowney is?! So good that he is still unsigned. I can’t believe it. I thought a guy with 3 sacks and a massive injury history and a sh**ty work ethic would be signed by now. LOL it is hard to be as bad as this hack when it comes to Football. My god.

    1. I’m hoping he signs with us on a 1yr deal. He will get 10 sacks and look like a monster alongside AA, Bosa, and Ford.

      I big issue is the inability to perform a physical because of this COVID19. Each team has its own medical staff that can evaluate players to gauge their health.

      1. James
        “He will get 10 sacks and look like a monster alongside AA, Bosa, and Ford.” Really? All those sacks while he’s on IR?
        HINT: If you add “IMO” I’ll smile, laugh and say nothing. But when you make an “absolute statement” I’m going to call you on it. That work for you?

  7. I believe that there is a big chasm between Okuda and Henderson. Okuda is the only CB that I would draft that high in this draft.

    I watched Henderson in the game against LSU and he did not impress. His technique at the LOS still needs work and he is an unwilling tackler. In one running play against LSU he was in position to make a tackle in the backfield and allowed the RB to go around him.

    We all know that Ronnie Lott was one of fiercest tacklers ever and Eric Wright and Davis were above average. CJ Henderson is a liability in this area.
    No, for me on Henderson – maybe at 31.

    1. AES
      “he is an unwilling tackler.”
      YEP! And the reason he’s not projected to be a top 5 draft pick, like Okuda…
      If he was still on the board when the 9ers pick at #31…..then maybe I’d think about it. (unless I got a better
      offer to trade down and take Ruiz and another draft pick).

      1. I’d be happy with Ruiz, but if we need to trade 31 for more cache I’m good with that as well.
        There is very good talent in rds 2-3 to fill our depth charts and hopefully, some nice sleepers on day three.

      2. I like Ruiz. How would you project Ruiz, Garland, and Richburg fitting into offensive line in 2020? I have been a big advocate for getting out of the Richburg contract. Not realistic though right because of the contract restructure?

          1. James
            Don’t know if you’re asking me or AES. If me…..
            If the 9er medical staff tell the FO Richburg will be good to go by the regular season, I doubt they draft Ruiz.  Garland’s proven he can fill in until either Richburg is healthy, or they sign a OC to replace him, then come to a financial agreement with Richburg and cut him.
            If the medical staff tell the FO he may be healthy by mid to late 2020 season, then IDK, they may come to a financial agreement, cut him and maybe take another look at him next season (2021), to see if he’s healthy enough to play? He’s signed thru 2022. His 2020 salary (yearly cash), is a little over $7 mil, with $12.4 Mil dead cap.

        1. I believe that Ruiz (if he’s our guy) eventually overtakes Richburg. Ruiz would need a strong training camp (early on) to beat out Richburg. The FO would wait to see how that shakes out before making a determination on Richburg.

          Biadasz, Cushenberry and Hennessey could be had in the 2nd and possibly 3rd rd. Some analysts actually have Biadasz ahead of Ruiz. That was my reason for trading out of 31 for more cache in the 2nd and 3rd rds.

          1. AES
            Knock on Biadasz is his pass protection needs work and his average lateral movement could be a problem with the the 9ers O-line ZBS. IMO: Garland would be the starting C until he’s earned the trust of the coaches.
            I agree, what the 9ers do, depend on Richburg’s condition.

  8. Grant, you have been reading my mind. If it could be done I would even consider packaging the two first round picks and moving up to get Okuda. The Niners are still stacked on defense, but as you pointed out, need a shut-down corner. Replacing one pro-bowler with another could make the defense at least as strong as last year — even though different. Use the rest of the draft picks to see if you can find an offensive lineman. If not, get one next year. (And, BTW, drafting a WR in the first round is almost always a crap shoot.)

  9. Something not really been discussed is the fact more than a few OT’s could fall to #13.
    Maybe that was the basis of the Buck trade and or Staley announcing retirement soon.

    1. Barrows and Maciocco have built that narrative this past week. It sounds like Staley is going to be back in 2020. But in 2021 he most likely will be gone and this years draft has a lot of talent so grabbing a LT is a serious probability.

      1. PT / James
        That raises the question….Why did they resign FA Shon Coleman, if the FO didn’t think he could replace Staley? They thought he was good enough last season (as swing tackle), to replace LT, or RT before injuring his leg.

        1. “.Why did they resign FA Shon Coleman, if the FO didn’t think he could replace Staley?”

          I’ve heard this repeated several times but it doesn’t hold water.
          Shon Coleman was signed for 1 year for less than a million dollars with only 137k guaranteed if hes cut.

          If SF expected Staley to retire after this season and saw Coleman as his eventual replacement, they would have signed him to a contract that kept him on the roster AFTER Staley retired. This type of contract doesn’t even mean Coleman will be on the roster this year.

          So No, Coleman is not seen as Staley’s successor and he in no way stops SF from drafting a tackle.

          1. Shoup
            “Shon Coleman was signed for 1 year for less than a million dollars with only 137k guaranteed if hes cut.”
            You’re right Shoup….It’s called CYA. They signed him for a year to see if he can do the job, or not! Why run the risk of A) He works out and another team signs him (for more than the 9ers want to pay him). Or B) The 9ers offer him a multi year contract, he never fully recovers from the leg injury and they have to cut him.
            This way they sign him for a year with little risk. If he works out, they can extend his contract before he becomes a F/A again.

            1. They signed him as a backup who knows the system.
              Thinking of the signing as a signal that the team thinks he can replace Staley is akin to thinking that that the 49ers signed Benjamin to replace Sanders.
              Neither signing should indicate what SF will do with their first round picks.

              1. Shoup
                * “They signed him as a backup who knows the system.”
                Isn’t that what I said? “They signed him for a year to see if he can do the job.” We know he was the 9er swing tackle, before the injury.
                * “Thinking of the signing as a signal that the team thinks he can replace Staley is akin to thinking that that the 49ers signed Benjamin to replace Sanders.
                * Thanks for your “OPINION” Shoup! Just one question. YOU KNOW THIS HOW?
                Are you in tight with the 9er FO, or Is that straight from your crystal ball?
                BTW: I never said it had anything to do with the #13 pick.

            2. Geep,
              The basis of what PT and James were discussing was the possibility of Drafting a replacement for Staley at 13 because he was likely to retire after this season.

              You then indicated SF thought they signed his potential replacement in Coleman.

              My statement was that SF didn’t view him as that, based on their contract offer. As Teams don’t offer potential starting left tackles 1 year contracts at near league minimum as they risk losing that player on the market.
              At this point, believing the 49ers view him as their chosen successor to Staley takes an extreme amount of faith.

              1. Shoup:
                “You then indicated SF thought they signed his potential replacement in Coleman.”
                WHAT I SAID: “They signed him for a year to see if he can do the job.” We know he was the 9er swing tackle, before the injury…..So how does that translate to replacing Staley? It doesn’t! It means they may view him as the SWING OT.
                “At this point, believing the 49ers view him as their chosen successor to Staley takes an extreme amount of faith.”
                EITHER THAT, OR…..Your inability to comprehend the English Language?

              2. “You then indicated SF thought they signed his potential replacement in Coleman.”

                Your exact statement was..

                “Why did they resign FA Shon Coleman, if the FO didn’t think he could replace Staley? ”

                I guess my reading comprehension sucks because when I read your above statement in conjunction with the Prime and James speculation that a tackle could be taken at 13, I read it like you were speculating that SF saw Shon Coleman as Staley’s replacement.

              3. Shoup
                * “The basis of what PT and James were discussing was the possibility of Drafting a replacement for Staley at 13 because he was likely to retire after this season.”
                That is correct!
                MY COMMENT IN RESPONSE:
                * “That raises the question….Why did they resign FA Shon Coleman, if the FO didn’t think he could replace Staley?” I am Paraphrasing PT and James comment.
                My next statement: “They thought he was good enough last season (as swing tackle), to replace LT, or RT before injuring his leg. It doesn’t say he WILL replace Staley! If the 9ers
                thought he was good enough to be the swing tackle, then they resigned him to see if he could compete and win the same job (swing tackle). If so, then yes, when Staley retired he would
                compete to replace him.
                AGAIN: I did NOT say he would replace him, only that if the 9ers felt he was good enough to be the swing tackle, he’d compete for the job when Staley retired.

    2. Not discussed? I just put a mock draft where we took a tackle at #13 and a full discussion ensued.

  10. Prime,
    Did you get your Staley retirement news from Grant 😁

    But if your source is true, then by all means let’s grab one of those top OL guys.

    1. I personally want him to come back but maybe he doesn’t. Still, the idea of a OT at #13 could very well have been the plan.

      No source whatsoever just pure speculation.

  11. the niners dont draft cb’s high….because we used to beat teams up! The last 2 SB’s we won, we scored 55 pts and 40+ !! The last 2 SB’s we lost…….is because we switched up to a defensive team!!!!!!!!! The one thing i like about this regime over the Harbaugh era…….is that shany is offensive genius and therefore was brought in to return us to our glory days!! This is also why i want Ruggs……true home run threat every time he touches the ball……and will force teams o back off and create space for the running game. Deebo and kittle!
    But the fact is- this draft is very deep at wr…..and if were being honest…..i have to admit that i’d prefer more of a coplete #1 wr as high as 13……someone who is big like calvin Johnson or Julio Jones and blazing fast! But thos guys dont come along often…..and small fast wr’s can flop in the NFL, like Ross and Pierimann recently……so a lot of ppl are scared off of Ruggs.
    With wr being so deep in this draft…..im leaning towards an Olinemen at 13, if one of the top 4 is there!
    and i wouldnt throw a fit if we grab Okudah, Brown,Kinlaw , Young or Simmions should the unlikely happen…..and one of them fall!
    FYI-ive been watching many mock podcast…..and about 1-10 have Okudah falling past 13…..in this scenario its because Tua goes at 2 and the lions get Chase Young instead of Okudah……then all the other top 10 teams go O or D line like they were supposed to when Okudah was thought to be long gone…….so its a long shot…….but possible!

  12. The run game is the forte of Shanny’s game. The run game starts with the OL. WR’s need time to do their thing, time begins with the OL. Attrition rate is great and besides games for the most part are still won and lost in the trenches. I am all for using the 13th pick for the trenches.

    1. If an OT is taken at #13, then a trade back for sure will happen at #31.
      If they take a WR or Corner at #13, I can see them staying at #31 and taking the best player available.

      1. I think this is an interesting draft, there really isn’t huge hole anywhere on the team. I agree with most in here WR and CB need to be addressed not so sure if it is with the 13th pick. As far as trade back is concerned at 31, I would have to see whats available. Cant see passing up a great player at 31 for the sake of more picks. There isn’t much room on the team.

        1. It is a very interesting draft. But I don’t understand why people think we need to acquire more picks.
          The roster is full of young talent and no gaping holes that can’t be addressed in the picks we already have.
          I get it that you can’t have enough talent for the future but you don’t want to be cutting previous draft picks that are developing already in your scheme.
          Not a fan of trading back this year.

          1. Looking for quality not quantity, that’s the way I see it. That’s not saying that they cant find quality in a trade back either.

            1. Under,
              Lynch has been pretty good at finding gems on day two, three and UDFA.
              He’s also been ok on trades.
              Lynch has done a very good job, especially considering the dumpster fire that we were just two years ago.

          2. Trading back to get some picks on day 2 makes sense from a “building for not just now but also the future” perspective. In terms of immediate holes I agree, really only one glaring hole right now. Maybe two if you feel they need to replace Buck from outside rather than within. But after this season? All four of the top CBs are off contract, plus a starting safety, and Staley is no sure thing to play this season let alone 2021. There are positions they can add on day 2 that would really help fill some depth roles now and future starters down the track.

            1. Every team in the NFL faces the dilemma every year about whether to accumulate picks or go with what they have. It’s always nice to be able to reload every year and accumulate picks, and have competition at every position.
              I just don’t think this is the year because this draft is about WR’s and corners. What is the Niners greatest needs? WR and corners.

              1. True and I feel like Seattle does the trade back scenario every year trying to strike gold with mid to late round picks. Yet they have not had a good draft in 6 or 7 years.

              2. Yes, they do. Not many teams are faced with having no picks between rounds 1 and 5 though. Having two 1st rounders is very nice, but using one of those to pick up even one extra pick before round five makes a lot of sense, even with a roster that is pretty well stocked.

              3. Yes Scooter in theory. But really it all depends how the draft unfolds and if the guy they covet is there.

                Mocks are fun but really, it’s an exercise in futility because no can predict what teams will do.

                The idea and capability to trade back is awesome. I just don’t think teams have that intention until they are a couple picks away.

              4. Yes, a wide range of factors do of course play into it. I was just replying to your comment as to why people feel the team needs to acquire more picks. I agree the team doesn’t “need” to, but it does make a lot of sense if the opportunity arises, barring an amazing talent being available at both 1st round picks that the team feels is too good a value to pass up.

  13. I agree with Grant, and what he said in his podcast. Elite CBs are not plentiful, and Okudah and Henderson are the top 2. Then the remaining CBs are good, but not elite. It is better to take a CB at 13, because many WRs can be drafted later.
    With 3 QBs, 4 OTs and 3 WRs, with Chase Young Jeff Okuda, Isaiah Simmons and Derrick Brown picked early, that is 14 picks. The Niners are almost guaranteed an OT, WR, or Henderson.
    However, both Jax and the Raiders need a CB upgrade, so they may take Henderson first, then select a WR or other player with their 2nd first round pick.
    Since Henderson may be gone, a later CB should be targeted. Personally, I do not like Kristian Fulton, and think he benefited from the players surrounding him. I like Trevon Diggs because he can turn his head and track the ball, along with his returner skills. AJ Terrell is a good option with their 31st pick, but I hope they trade back, to 37 with the Chargers to also garner their 112th pick. Ranked at 37 is Noah Igbinoghene. Troy Pride or Michael Ojemudia may be third round picks if they can trade back there.
    I am hoping the Niners can also trade back 5 spots from 13 , garner their 18th pick and a third round pick(70), and hope Javon Kinlaw falls to them at 18. Then take Noah Igbinoghene at 37, Michael Pittman at 70, and Ben Bartch OL at 112. They would use their 2 first round picks and select a DT, CB, WR and OL. Four of their biggest needs.

    1. I am not too similar with the CB’s past the first two rounds. It would make a lot of sense to draft Henderson at 13 because that means he is definitely going to be a starter in 2021.

      You could be right in that trading back a player like Kinlaw could fall to us. I feel like 14-20 range is when some surprise picks start happening.

      1. I thought Kinlaw may not get past the Jags, since they lost Calais Campbell. However, they also lost Jalen Ramsey and AJ Bouye, so they need a CB. The Raiders deal for Eli Apple fell through, so they may be looking for a CB.
        I have seen mocks where the Niners selected Jeff Gladney and Bryce Hall. Javaris Davis, Kindle Vildor and Reggie Robinson may be decent 5th round options.
        Kinlaw does have knee tendinitis, so he may fall in the draft, but his potential may outweigh the risk. I do not know if it is curable, or if it is chronic. This pandemic may not allow him to get a proper medical evaluation.

      2. I see no need to draft Henderson at pick 13 when you can draft Damon Arnette in the 2nd round after a trade back from pick 31

        Eric Crocker does a great breakdown of how he would fit into the 49ers defensive system. I suggest checking it out.

        Pick 13) TRADE back if possible. I don’t see drafting WR at 13 as a necessity. Plenty of WR options with a trade back to late teens/early 20s. I don’t see Ruggs as the guy at 13 and Jeudy and Lamb may not be there.

        Pick 31) TRADE back if possible. Great spot to get more pics via trade. There are more holes on this roster than some are willing to admit. Maybe not this year, but definitely for 2021,

        My ideal players I’d like to see Lynch target:

        Pick 19) Justin Jefferson WR (JuJu clone)

        Pick mid 30s) Cesar Ruiz C (Richburg replacement if injured)

        Raekwon Davis (maybe use Breida, picks from 1st round trades and 5th round pick to trade up)

        Mid-late 2nd round pick- Damon Arnette CB

        1. Crock does a really good job of breaking down DBs and WRs in general. This was another example of it.

          Thing is though, if Crock can see how good a fit and player he is, I am sure the NFL teams can too. Arnette is in that mix of CBs after Okudah and Henderson that could go late day 1 through 2nd round. I don’t think you can assume he is there after a trade back from 31 (I have seen him mocked to the 49ers at 31 a few times in fact, and WF currently has him ranked as the #3 CB).

          I think though that the crux of your argument is there is no need to fixate on one player as being “the guy” the 49ers need to draft. It is a deep draft and there are a number of positions with multiple good options the 49ers can look to take at different pick ranges. If that was what you were getting at, I agree with you. I also agree that while the team is pretty well stocked, there are still a number of positions they can use better quality depth in case of injury and positions that have important guys coming off contract soon that the team should be thinking about succession plans for.

          1. Scooter,

            Yes, that was pretty much what I was getting at. If this is such a deep draft at several positions I see no need to target one specific player just because of a “draft crush”.

            Out of curiosity, how do you value Arnette at pick 31? Assuming there is no trade back, do you see that as a sensible pick?

        2. If they got Justin Jefferson, Cesar Ruiz and Raekwon Davis, it would be a good draft.
          I still prefer Igbinoghene over Arnette because Igbinoghene runs a 4.48 forty, and Arnette ran a 4.56 forty. Igbinoghene also can help on returns. However, Arnette played well in some big games.

          1. Seb,

            As Crocker points out, Arnette has fluid hips and plays with great instincts (similar to Sherman, in my opinion, but with less eye discipline than Sherman, thus far) which negates some of his lack of speed, but as we saw at several key moments during the season, recovery speed is a much appreciated quality (in which Sherman lacks).

            With Joe Woods gone, does that change what might be required at the CB position? And I wonder how much Wood’s opinion was valued with the drafting of defensive backs while with the Niners.

            1. Well, considering the Niners did not draft CB Tim Harris until the 198th pick, Woods did not have much influence on the draft.
              However, Woods had DC experience, so he helped out Saleh a lot. I wonder how Tony Oden will do as DB coach.
              Arnette is ranked 61 on the CBS big board, and 66 on the Drafttek big board, so if the Niners can trade back around 60 and pick him, I would not object. Arnette played many games against quality opponents and did well, but I wonder if he did not benefit from the talent surrounding him like Kristian Fulton did with the LSU defense. Arnette had Chase Young to help him.
              Arnette is talented, but I do not think he is the third best CB. Trevon Diggs may be better. I would even prefer Jeff Gladney over Arnette, since I have seen some mocks that have the Niners selecting Gladney.

            2. Chris Mac
              Two things I’d add to the the conversation on CB Damon Arnette:
              1) 40 time: 4.56s…..A problem staying with WR’s with speed?
              2) While I like Crocker’s analysis, there are several CB listed between Henderson and Arnette.
              But I do agree with you. “no need to target one specific player just because of a “draft crush”.

              1. GEEP,

                If you had to do a no-trade mock draft for pick 13 and 31 who would be your picks?

                I know it’s a tough question considering we don’t know the health status of Richburg or the mindset of Staley, but it’s still worth a ponder.

                (This question is for anyone that would like to chip in, as well. )

              2. Chris Mac
                “If you had to do a no-trade mock draft for pick 13 and 31 who would be your picks?”
                #13: WR Henry Ruggs III, Ala. (assuming he’s available) If not. WR Jeudy Ala.
                NOTE: I’d trade down with #31 for C Ruiz and 2nd pick, but since you said no-trade mock…..
                #31: CB A.J. Terrell, Clemson

              3. If no trades-
                13- CJ Henderson CB.
                31- Ross Blacklock DT.
                Another alternative-
                13- Javon Kinlaw DT.
                31- Trevon Diggs CB.
                Then at 156, select either WRs- Lynn Bowden, Kalija Lipscomb, Colin Johnson or John Hightower.

  14. It’s unlikely (though not out of the question) the 49ers can draft a player of Buckner’s talent at 13. But the gap could be made up from a position importance and need standpoint.

    I’m a believer in Free Agency This Season – Draft For The Following Season. I’m fine if Lynch goes CB or OT at 13. As long as the 49ers are good, they won’t have many more cracks at top players at those two positions.

    Receiver or dominating 3-tech would work too. Because of the reported receiver depth some top 12 teams might wait until later rounds for a pass catcher. This could push (in Lynch-Shanahan’s eyes) their top receiver down to 13.

    Will be a fun draft day.

    1. That was a nice breakdown, thanks for posting. I’m still not liking him as much as some, but that definitely made me appreciate him a little bit more.

      1. Yeah, hes a guy I like and would be happy with him in the 2nd and could even understand at 31 (though I would be holding my nose a bit) depending on how the board fell.

        He has better traits than I first thought and has been fairly consistent with 3 straight years of 700+ receiving yards (2 being 1000 plus)… but I value separation more and this is not something he appears great at. Additionally, if I were to gamble on someone who has elite traits but doesn’t always separate I would probably want to wait on ND’s Claypool.

    2. Kollman missed another 2nd round WR- Deebo Samuel. He had 57 catches for 802 yards and 3 TDs. He also ran 14 times for 159 yards and 3 TDs.

        1. Kollman showed Golden Tate, then mentioned Davante Adams and Michael Thomas. He finished mentioning DK Metcalf being drafted in the second round of the 2019 draft, but no mention of Deebo, another second round pick.
          I agree with him. There have been several quality WRs picked in the second round.
          Mims sure looks good on tape. I especially liked his blocking.

  15. Grant is postulating the possibility of the Niners drafting Love. He is thinking of an Alex Smith / Mahomes transition.
    I am sure they are happy with JG because he led them to the SB.
    If they are thinking about QBs, they should trade away Mullens for at least a third round pick. Maybe get a 6th for CJB.
    Most likely, Love falls to the Patriots at 23, or another team may trade up into the first round to get him. I do not see the Niners obtaining a CB, WR, DT, O Lineman AND a QB, with their 2 first round picks.
    If they do get a QB, they should select Jalen Hurts- 4.59 forty. He is faster than Love – 4.74 forty, so he may be more mobile than Love. However, I think Hurts is way more accurate than Love. Hurts is a legitimate dual threat QB and he has a 38-4 college record.
    With Mullens, there is no need to draft a QB. I certainly think that Love is not an upgrade to JG.
    I just do not get the love for Love.

    1. Grant is postulating the possibility of the Niners drafting Love. He is thinking of an Alex Smith / Mahomes transition.

      To Grant, this dump JG story line is what hydroxychloroquine is to Trump.

  16. If we can draft a top tier WR at 13 that is great. With the remainder of picks we should very seriously consider a trade back to the 2021 draft year and stockpile picks. Of course if there is a guy who is a steal or someone they really like schematically I guess that would be fine. The likelihood of a 2020 NFL season is minimal. Even if they figure out a games -without-fans strategy, just think about all of the staff and logistical people necessary to conduct a NFL game + media. There is strong probability of a Virus relapse in the fall. Sorry to say , NFL aint happening in 2020.

    1. Sorry to say , NFL aint happening in 2020.

      Yup. The virus dictates the timeline, not the president, the owners or the fans.

      1. Yup indeed. Also would the owners and NFL even consider games without fans. I am not a virologist, but it is my understanding that as we stabilize this summer the virus will rage in the southern hemisphere where it will be winter and returning to the North in the fall/winter. But let’s get a 2nd opinion from Jared. LOL.

        1. But let’s get a 2nd opinion from Jared.

          Or if you are Trump, the 1st opinion.

          Scratch that, compared to Trump’s perfect knowledge, everything else is 2nd, 3rd or 4th opinion.

  17. Oh and one more thing, I don’t have the data at my fingertips but the bust probability of first round CBs is pretty high.

      1. What do you mean “normal pre-draft screening ” ? Are you talking abut lack or pro days and in-person meetings this year ? I was referring to historically , let’s say 2010-2019 , first round CB busts are disproportionately higher than other positions.

        1. Are you talking abut lack or pro days and in-person meetings this year ?

          Yes, all the usual things a team will further take into account regarding a prospective pick’s fitness for the team – physically, emotionally, maturity-wise – makes a pick of any position group that much more of a crap shoot this year. Maybe I’m overreacting, but those pro-days, face to face meetings, physicals etc are not held for no reason.

            1. I think Miami was tanking for Tua, and they will play coy, not bother trading up, and select Tua at pick number 5. Even if he may not have fully recovered, his accuracy, along with still having Fitzpatrick, will be worth the risk because of the high reward. If the Chargers move up for Tua, Herbert is a decent alternative. Miami is poised to have a great draft.
              With 3 first round picks, the Dolphins may be competing for the AFC East title with Buffalo. Belichick is in salary cap hell, and may have to go with Stidham.

  18. You don’t draft a DB in the first round unless you’re a Ronnie Lott. The reason they are CB’s generally is because they couldn’t hack it as a receiver. If one cannot trade back at #13, go for the best OL or DL falling through. Staley won’t be at full motor, and who knows about Richburg? Dee Ford might even be replaceable by a Derrick Brown or a Kinlaw. They say we don’t need picks. I would take 4 studs and have a nice competition!

    I also would advocate a pay per view system to get sport’s viewable … just in case.

  19. I wish to honor Brett Crozier, one of Santa Rosa’s finest, for his service to his country, and his devotion to his duty to protect his sailors.
    I wish to expose Thomas Modly for being only a businessman who got the job because he kisses Trump’s arse.
    I wish to commend Captain Crozier for his fighting hard to save his crew, and would confidently say that Modly is not qualified to command a rowboat.
    Modly is an outright liar to say that Trump did not order Crozier’s dismissal. He is a low life piece of excrement to accuse Crozier of leaking that memo, with no proof.
    With that sendoff the crew gave Captain Crozier, they declared loudly that they loved him and would go into battle with him. Modly is working on some bone spurs while licking his boots.
    Captain Crozier’s actions were heroic, fighting to save his sailors. Modly brought shame and dishonor to the Navy by being so mean, petty and vindictive.

    1. Nuts! Crozier put country at risk by putting out that message widely. China, Russia immediately discovered a key carrier was out of commission & country was more vulnerable. His firing was more than warranted.

      1. Kind of like when Trump himself exposed the locations of US nuclear submarines in a phone call to the Philippines president back in 2017? Yes, a firing is definitely warranted.

      2. The worlds largest military air force is the US Air Force and it is not close. The second largest is the US Navy and again not close to 3rd. We can walk and chew gum at the same time. The notion that our nation was somehow in danger from Russia or China because of THIS action by Crozier is idiotic. But let’s be clear, Trump’s incompetence and double-dealing has put us at greater risk from Russia, China , Saudis and N Korea.

        1. Leaking the readiness or situation status of your ship is one of the worst things a naval officer can do. Imagine if, on December 6, 1941, the carrier group commander had sent a notice through unclassified channels saying “Carrier group currently at sea, but will arrive in port Monday.” Even worse this captain let the crew out in Vietnam, knowing the virus was afoot and his crew could get infected. Crozier had to go. Plain and simple. This blog is just so hateful of Trump — who had nothing to do with the decision — that it refuses to accept that. Bye.

          1. Trump — who had nothing to do with the decision

            Care to reconsider that? When the full truth comes out you are going to look awfully tool-ish.

            The acting secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly reportedly told a colleague that President Donald Trump wanted to fire the commander of an aircraft carrier …

            Modly said that Trump, referring to Crozier, “wants him fired,” the colleague said.

            Modly was reportedly advised by military leaders, including the Chief of Naval Operations Michael Gilday, that the decision should be left with the military. Gilday, along with defense secretary Mark Esper and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley, leaned towards waiting for the investigation to play out.


          2. George Gedeke, if you do not think that our adversaries do not know the whereabouts of an aircraft carrier, and only rely on having the Captain report their destination, you are as astute as Trump. Maybe you did not know this, but an aircraft carrier is kinda big. It is also usually in a fleet of ships, so a carrier group has a hard time keeping secret their location. If you want to fire every person who divulges secret information that might get into the hands of our adversaries, you must want Trump removed, because he has done just that.
            I wonder how many sailors would be happy to never have shore leave. That is not a good way to maintain morale. Vietnam was not a hotspot, and at the time. Trump was downplaying any risk, saying everything is perfect, and there was no need to take any action.
            It is deliciously ironic to see Trump spew hate out of every orifice, then whine and cry when there is pushback. Trump sycophants, Prime included, so cowardly like to dish it, but sure cannot take it.
            If you truly believe the lie that Trump did not fire Captain Crozier, you probably think Trump is a stable genius who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize after assassinating the Iranian Defense minister.
            Now, Trump claims Hydroxychloroquine, a drug that has been approved since 1955, was discovered by him, so he deserves the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Quinine has been used for 400 years to fight malaria. After an extensive, thorough and well researched exhaustive study by Trump for 5 minutes, he has discovered the simple cure, for simple minds.

            1. George Gedeke, if you do not think that our adversaries do not know the whereabouts of an aircraft carrier, and only rely on having the Captain report their destination, you are as astute as Trump. Maybe you did not know this, but an aircraft carrier is kinda big . It is also usually in a fleet of ships, so a carrier group has a hard time keeping secret their location.

              And that’s the reason why a nuclear submarines stealthy whereabouts is supposed to be known only to it’s captain and crew. Or a President who blabs it in a phone call to another country’s head of state.

      3. Crozier was the captain of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Once his tour would have been over, he would no doubt have been promoted to admiral. Crozier fully knew the likely consequences of his actions.

        The question I’m more interested in is why did he feel the need to copy those outside his chain of command and further send the letter over unclassified email. Logically, one would think you would send such a letter through the chain of command and see what the response was. Then if he was unhappy about the response, pursue the course of action that he did with the full realization that his career would probably be over. It’s admirable that he fell on his sword for his sailors but he fully knew the potential consequences. It’s possible that he sent an email earlier through the chain that we don’t know about.

    2. Look at the Trump Toady dishing out praise and criticism to the world.

      A narcissistic person believes they have the authority and status to heap praise and criticism based on their own beliefs and opinions.

      Just like Trump himself. Seb profiles his leader.

      1. Prime you are sounding more like Donald every day. You think that my criticism of Trump is praise. Trump wants a Nobel in Medicine. You must want a Pullitzer.
        Your trolling tactics are getting tiresome. Please up your game. I am now pitying you.

        1. Narcissistic people deflect the attention from themselves and place blame on their adversaries. They lack self awareness because their ego blinds their reality.

          Seb=same behaviours as Trump.

            1. Narcissistic people cannot comprehend the gravity of their situation so they use the words of others to place insults upon those very same people.

              Seb is Donald Trump in mind, body and spirit.

              1. Narcissistic people play the “I know you are what am I” scenario because they lack the self awareness to admit any fault as it would be detrimental to their ego.

                Seb might be Trumps biological Father!

              2. Narcissistic people reflect their own bad habits onto others as a way to insult and gain superiority. All the while, displaying signs of inferiority and compensation for false self.


              3. Narcissistic people will take any means necessary to promote their accomplishments, right or wrong in outcome.

                One common skill Seb and Trump have mastered: self praise.

  20. I understand this is not a political debate site but I encourage everyone here to read the article linked below and forward it to anyone who wants to know what is happening and how poorly it was handled by the Trump administration. No matter what party you back, take off your blinders and read this report objectively. It is not a partisan take from some shadowy website on the internet. It is a researched article with exact details garnered from the people involved.


    1. The dems were in their hysteria induced phony impeachment/coup attempt in December, January and into February. A total distraction from the Coronavirus was caused by this but President Trump had the strength, courage and foresight to stop travel from China on January 31st. For his action Trump was labeled a Racist and a Xenophobe in typical democrat fashion. Later, during the SOTU address Trump warned the nation about the Virus. Pelosi ripped up her copy and called it a pack of lies.

      1. ‘My administration will take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from this threat.’ Another lie.
        Lack of preparations. Denial of a problem. Everything is perfect. No national shelter in place order. Everything is under control. Do not call that governor, he is not appreciative enough. Let the governors lead the fight. No need to invoke the National defense production act. Mismanagement of masks and ventilators. Downplaying testing, as if not knowing will help make the problem go away. Quack remedies peddled by snake oil salesmen. Open by Easter, with no idea how bad it will get. Now he wants a Nobel prize in medicine, because as a stable genius, he discovered the cure.
        Travel ban from Europe, but not in the UK. Why? because Trump has golf courses there. Travel ban from China, because Trump has no golf courses there, and there is that China Virus.

          1. I’m not enjoying my free trial of socialism.

            So you will send back the $1200 check? Or just take it unwillingly and un-enjoyably?
            In a few years you’ll also reject your medicare and social security too, I take it.

            1. My paychecks have had SS and Medicare deducted for 40+ years you partisan lackey. Are you going to refund my money?

              1. Your “trial” of “socialism” has been going on for 40 years and you are just getting around to complaining now? Maybe you should spend less time on football boards. 😁

              2. You’re right. I am dumb. Help me out here. What exactly is this trial of socialism you speak of that’s not meeting your approval?

      2. Later, during the SOTU address Trump warned the nation about the Virus.

        Here’s the entirety of that “warning” the cult is slobbering over these days:

        Protecting Americans’ health also means fighting infectious diseases. We are coordinating with the Chinese government and working closely together on the coronavirus outbreak in China. My administration will take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from this threat.

        In his litany of self congratulation, he dedicated a couple sentences to it. And you call that a warning? If by coordinating with the Chinese government, you mean blaming? He’s already lied about “my administration will take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from this threat.” Then then insult of insults he awards the Medal of Freedom to POS Rush Limbaugh. Do you want to tell the board how Rush was characterizing coronavirus at the time? Or even now? No, I don’t think you do.

  21. A total distraction from the Coronavirus was caused by this

    Trump was soooo distracted by impeachment he had only held rallies on Jan 9, 14, 28, 30, Feb 10, 19, 20, 21, 28. Soooo distracted, he only found time for golf on Jan 18, 19, Feb 1, 15, Mar 7, 8.

    You were saying, tool?

    1. President Obama’s administration failed to take significant steps to replenish the supply of N95 masks in the Strategic National Stockpile after it was depleted from repeated crises. Calls for action came from experts at the time concerned for the country’s ability to respond to future serious pandemics. Such recommendations were, for whatever reason, not heeded….

      1. Obama was thwarted by McConnel at every step. Not even a Supreme Court nominee was voted on in the Senate. If you want to blame a do nothing obstructionist, blame Mitch.

        1. Don’t get your President Obama pj’s in a wrinkle. Bush was also culpable. There’s plenty to go around.

          1. Woah. Going back 12 years to shift blame? You rock, man.

            We all agree there’s a shortage of PPE. So what’s being done now that we are in the the thick of things? Leaving states and municipalities in a bidding war against each other to procure these by any means available? Having to rely on the NE Patriots team plane for delivery? Are you f-ing kidding me?

            1. lol….he really did go back 12years……lol……dude is a confirmed sheep….

              Yeah, the bidding war shows again a lack of leadership…..it is really sad…..today he removed the independent watchdog for coronavirus funds, upending oversight panel………..

      2. Trump is blaming Obama about masks in 2020, when he assumed the presidency in Jan 2017 . The reality is that he ignored every warning from the US national security apparatus and discontinued most of it which related to pandemics and biological threats. BTW, Obama and Biden did have a pandemic , Ebola, and do you really want to do a point by point comparison on response and affect on life in the United States.

        Trump administration ended pandemic early-warning program to detect coronaviruses

  22. So glad I come here for the football conversations… good grief. Seriously people, if you want to debate politics, go to a different forum.

      1. I agree Jeudy probably won’t last to 13. You know my thoughts on Lamb. I wouldn’t be unhappy at all with the 49ers taking him, but I’m not convinced he is the guy Shanahan really wants.

        1. I think your both wrong on who Kyle wants at Wr. After listening to Chris Simms talk about Wr, the target is Ruggs. A very unique chess piece that fits with the other pieces on the roster. Chris Simms also suggested that Juedy is not a Kyle type of Wr. He mentions that other then route running which he claims can be taught, he isn’t impressed with Juedy compared to Ruggs or Jefferson. Simms is Kyles best friend. Food for thought. I’m sticking with my prediction, Ruggs/Kinlaw or trade down at 13. If Ruggs is off the board and Kinlaw is there that’s the pick. If both are gone they trade down.

          1. What if it’s Mekhi Becton and they play him at RG while they work on his pass pro technique. He’d be an answer to the Aaron Donald’s and Cris Jones’, plus he’d be ready by next year to take over LT….

            1. I completely agree.
              He’s not a contested guy or an elite burner but the thing I love most about him is that he completely destroys press man coverage and gets open immediately. No other receiver on the team does that.

            2. Off the mark is putting it mildly. He didn’t have Jeudy in his top 5 which is insane. You watch the film and there isn’t anything this guy can’t do. There aren’t a lot of 50/50 balls to look at because he’s usually wide open from beating his man so badly. Jeudy to me is the ideal Shanahan WR. I hope he’s there but there’s a very good chance he won’t be.

  23. I see Grant is doing a thread on Benjamin, and noted he can do some of the things Sanders did for the 49ers. He can do some of the things, but really the role Grant is highlighting Benjamin doing is the one Goodwin was doing.

    1. If the Niners draft a WR in the 1st round, Benjamin gets cut right after the last preseason game.
      I think Benjamin was signed to put pressure on Pettis.

      1. Put pressure on Pettis? I guess, but no more than any WR addition puts pressure on Pettis. They are different types of WRs. Benjamin is like Goodwin. I still very much expect Goodwin to be traded.

          1. Don’t know. I don’t think it will happen until during or after the draft. I doubt the 49ers will get much in return. But I don’t think he is a 49er this season (Shanahan has been very open about how the team is exploring trading him – you don’t usually keep guys once you’ve saod that), and the 49ers clearly want to get something for him or they would have cut him by now.

              1. Well, you guys are probably right about Breida, but I will certainly miss the many explosive plays he has produced. Mostert is great as well, but he would be the only explosive back on the team if Breida is no longer around. It seems to me that Breida improved on his pass catching last year, but unfortunately had a few fumbles near the end of the season. What happens if Mostert gets hurt? Can we rely on McKinnon or Coleman for that explosiveness?

    1. What’s that you say Donald? Trying to pat yourself on the back and accidentally slapped your mouth shut?

  24. why does everyone expect the Niners to take a CB?WR in the first round? I guarantee you it’ll be an offensive lineman

  25. Scooters boy may have a chance :D,

    In the latest Locked on 49ers Podcast they went over the combine traits Shanahan values the most. They stated the metrics that stand out the most with the receivers that he has taken were the Short Shuttle, 3 Cone, and Vertical and that their research data predates his time SF. Taylor, Hurd and Bourne all ran 40’s in the 4.6 range but were exceptional in the above mentioned metrics.

    The metrics requirements were
    SS – Normally Sub 4.2
    3C – Normally Sub 7 seconds
    Vert – Normally at lest 32 in

    They went on you point out that so far 2 receivers fit the Profile of Shanahan wr. Oregon St’s Isaiah Hodgins and USC’s Michael Pittman. Though they admitted that with most Pro days canceled the data at this point is very limited.

    1. This will be an interesting test case for how strict the 49ers are with those metrics. It is a really strong and deep class, but very few guys fell within those parameters.

      I have to say, Jeudy’s SS time truly surprised me. I didn’t think it would necessarily be a blazing time, but I definitely thought it would be above average, and certainly not appalling. I have a strong suspicion something went wrong for him during that test. He plays with much better agility and short area burst than that.

  26. An N.F.L. spokesman, Brian McCarthy, said the league’s decisions will be “guided by the latest advice from medical and public health officials, as well as current and future government regulations.”

    The N.F.L.’s chief medical officer, Dr. Allen Sills, was more definitive.

    As long as we’re still in a place where when a single individual tests positive for the virus that you have to quarantine every single person who was in contact with them in any shape, form or fashion, then I don’t think you can begin to think about reopening a team sport,” Sills told NFL.com last week. “Because we’re going to have positive cases for a very long time.”


    It’s looking increasingly like the draft might be all the football we get in 2020. BruceLees thought of trading back into 2021, I wonder if we’ll be seeing many teams doing that?

    1. I wonder who ultimately makes the decision about the season – Goodell or owners ? What if the league and owners say yes and the players , out of concern for their health , say F that – we will sit out if necessary.

          1. Remember when George Washington defeated smallpox?

            Not personally.

            So variolation? Infecting with a “milder form” of the virus? I’ll let you sign up for the trial, if you wish. Or maybe our Great Leader will volunteer.

              1. Agreed. Seriously doubt “I don’t take responsibility at all” was ever an utterance from his mouth.

    2. It’s an interesting question.
      If no games are played what is owed to the players? Would this count as contract year?
      How would teams scout for next years draft?

    1. Razor:
      “I feel very confident that NFL football will be played this year.”

      * I’m not a lawyer, but I would ask the question: What’s the NFL and the owners liability for a player dying from COVID-19, if they do open up the Season? Even worse, several players dying from COVID-19.
      * Does the CBA cover something like a COVID-19 epidemic?

      1. They’ll figure it out. The people have come to depend on football to give them a sense of normalcy and escape.

        1. Razor
          I don’t know about Indiana, but in California no one depends on someone dying, to give them a “sense of normalcy.”
          But I do agree with you that it would be “an escape.”

          1. The NFL has been providing those escapes throughout history.

            He saw the world, dim with the glow of the vertical sun. His skin crept cold knowing that this was the hours of dying. Misguided mortals, you’ll burn with me. Spirit of man, cannot be freed. Don’t look in those sunken eyes. Don’t look and you’ll stay alive. Don’t laugh at the face of death or your tongue will blister. Black Sabbath from the masterpiece album Headless Cross.


  27. Can I say it? I think Henderson at 13th will be a reach.
    The guy is good, but is not flawless. Tackling is average, and his coverage skills in my opinion are overrated.
    My sensation is that guys like Diggs, Fulton, Johnson and Gladney will have a better NFL impact then Henderson. (PFF grades on coverage confirmed also my sensation: https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2020-nfl-draft-top-10-cornerbacks-by-coverage-situation )
    Good thing is that most probably some of them will be available in the 2nd round.
    So I would say OT or WR with the first pick if a player they really like is available. Otherwise trade down few spots and still get a WR with starting potential.
    Get a CB with the 31st, or better get an OL at 31st and draft a CB in the second round between the above mentioned players.
    With this scenario we will have 3 potential starters, now or after 1 year.
    One example could be: WR Jefferson, OT Driscoll, CB Johnson.

    1. Nemom, thank you for sharing the article. It’s certainly interesting analytics. My only critical observation is the level of talent these cbs are facing for categories of contested catches and known throwing downs.
      I’d expect Amik Robertson of LA Tech to be at the top of several categories. The bulldogs had a very weak schedule and faced minimal quality QBs or WRs. More weight should be given to Alabama and Ohio State, in my opinion, due to level of oppositional talent.
      When you watch the Bulldogs first game of the season, Robertson in the 3rd quarter let’s his guy run right by him covering no one and being out of place. The result of the blown coverage was a td. He looked completely lost on the play.
      Marshall went at him with success running and throwing the ball. He whiffed on an arm tackle at the 15 and allowed the back to walk into the end zone.

    2. Nemon, I agree with both your take on Henderson and your conclusion regarding the 49er’s draft. I personally love Henderson as a player. Watching the tape, he reminds me a lot of 3 guys. I see Marcus Peters, Carlos Rogers, and Sidney Jones. I think Henderson’s success is going to be primarily dependent on what scheme he goes too. I love his fluidity and hips, but I hate his toughness and character. I think he is a bad fit for the niners scheme. I love the player, but I hate him for the niners unless they make changes to their defense.

  28. According to that article, Okudah may not even be drafted until the third day with those poor grades.
    Robertson should be the number one CB taken? No. Teams will specifically target him by throwing so that the receiver will highpoint the ball, and take advantage of his biggest weakness. He is only 5′ 8″ tall.
    Sometimes, a CB is so good, other teams will not even throw to his side. Looks like other teams specifically attacked Robertson. Like Matt said, the quality of the QBs and WRs opposing him also should be a factor in assessing play. He played against teams like Grambling, Bowling Green, FIU, Rice, U Mass, Southern Miss, UTEP, North Texas and Marshall. The first game of the season, they played against Texas, and were losing 0-38 at the end of the Third Quarter. They did beat Miami in a bowl game, but Robertson did not play.
    Health is another issue. Robertson tore his ACL and continued playing on it. He had surgery for a groin injury this January. Will a 5′ 8″ player be able to survive in the NFL?
    I see a scenario that has the Raiders selecting CJ Henderson, because the Eli Apple deal fell through, so CB may be a priority. Maybe that means Henderson will be unavailable.
    However, I want to thank you, because it has elevated my opinion on Kristian Fulton.

    1. I reply here, but a little bit to everybody.
      I didn’t say that PFF grades are The Bible. I said that they just confirmed some of my sensations. I also think that if CJ Henderson appears in no lists but one… I would be suspicious.
      But some of Henderson flaws are quite easy to be found here as well: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yeDtwpf2Nco

      So, coming back to PFF stats, it’s obvious that you need much more in order to evaluate a player, like level of competition, health, not to mention football IQ or how the guy would fit the locker room. And this is why I didn’t mention all the players in the PFF lists, but specifically 4 names which I believe they looks good on tape as well as they have the “support” of PFF stats: Diggs, Fulton, Johnson, Gladney.
      The point is that I don’t see them so far from CJ Henderson, so I don’t get why drafting him at 13th when we can select a very close value in the second round or at the end of the first.

        1. Love him! I agree with you.
          Problem is he will be probably selected between our 1st round picks, so we could get him only by trading back from 13th.
          I see Fulton in a similar scenario as well.

      1. The problem is, the Niners are in a division that has Brandin Cooks who ran a 4.33 forty, Deandre Hopkins who ran 4.41 in his Pro Day, and Tyler Lockett who ran a 4.4 forty.
        CJ Henderson ran a 4.39 forty, so he may be able to keep up with those speedy receivers.
        I will agree that Diggs, Fulton, Johnson and Gladney may be good candidates.
        I hope the Niners can trade back and get picks in the second third and 4th rounds. There, they also might be able to select AJ Terrell, Noah Igbinoghene, Cameron Dantzler, Troy Pride or Michael Ojemudia.
        I agree, Henderson may not be way superior to those other CBs.

        1. Defending a deep ball is not only about pure speed, without pads, starting from 3 point stance, and so on like at the combine.
          Acceleration is important as well. If the CB loses 2 yard during the first 10 of a deep route, he won’t recovers if he’s running the same 4.33 than WR.
          Not to mention opening your hips and turning down the field, locating the WR and the ball, don’t buy a play action… etcetera… all parts of not loosing those 2 yards.
          The forty is way overrated, even if it’s still an indication.

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure. Nearly all the of the Chinese Dynasties lasted a damn sight longer than our little nation experiment so far.

      1. Not everything is political dude. It was a joke. It’s ok to have a chuckle. Don’t be that guy with the tighty whities.

        1. More than 10,000 people have died of COVID-19 in the nation.

          That total surpasses the number of battle deaths from six U.S. wars combined, according to data from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

          Not sure what you find funny…….at least you stay true to your Turd character

        2. It was a joke. It’s ok to have a chuckle.

          Well har de har har.

          As bigots blame them for the coronavirus and President Trump labels it the “Chinese virus,” many Chinese-Americans say they are terrified of what could come next.

          WASHINGTON — Yuanyuan Zhu was walking to her gym in San Francisco on March 9, thinking the workout could be her last for a while, when she noticed that a man was shouting at her. He was yelling an expletive about China. Then a bus passed, she recalled, and he screamed after it, “Run them over.”

          She tried to keep her distance, but when the light changed, she was stuck waiting with him at the crosswalk. She could feel him staring at her. And then, suddenly, she felt it: his saliva hitting her face and her favorite sweater.

          In shock, Ms. Zhu, who is 26 and moved to the United States from China five years ago, hurried the rest of the way to the gym. She found a corner where no one could see her, and she cried quietly.

          In interviews over the past week, nearly two dozen Asian-Americans across the country said they were afraid — to go grocery shopping, to travel alone on subways or buses, to let their children go outside. Many described being yelled at in public — a sudden spasm of hate that is reminiscent of the kind faced by American Muslims, Arabs and South Asians in the United States after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.


  29. Grant, I have become a big fan of yours. I made a Twitter account so I could join you on periscope to share this but you haven’t gone live. I am writing this on your blog bro. Also, side note, please stop with the personal shots at jimmy and others. Stop retweeting the opinions of those who agree with you. Be professional and give yourself the respect you deserve. It diminishes the value of the things you say man, and you deserve better.

    Regarding jimmy these are my facts. I went and studied the tape of every game jimmy has played in the nfl. I have a very interesting perspective where I think the issue might be in Kyle’s offense rather than the quarterback.

    To be totally honest I was disappointed with how he threw the ball last year. He was frankly a much better thrower prior to the acl injury. I am hoping that will change, but I am not sure. i did study both Brady and Deshaun Watson the seasons they returned from their acls there was a drop off as throwers so there is a silver lining. From what I saw, I think jimmy is about a B quarterback with A+ intangibles. I think the intangibles are something new England covets and that’s is why Belichick loves this guy.

    To understand jimmy you have to understand the New England offense. New England runs an offense based around shifts. These shifts work as coverage indicators that give the quarterback a lot of pre snap information to digest coverage. They often would like their quarterback to know where the ball is going before the ball is snapped. So grant your assessment of jimmy pre determining reads is incomplete. If you watch New England film or 2017 jimmy film where the niners ran new England’s offense out of the gun, jimmy was very solid at going through his progressions. This is also why people like spags and Wade Phillips who disguise their coverage have given Brady a ton of trouble. The make him hitch once because the coverage is not the same as what he digested pre snap. Of course Brady adjusts because he is the goat, but the coverage disguising along with pressure makes him struggle.

    My overall impression of jimmy is that he is a good quarterback. He is a player that is somewhere 7-13 in the nfl. Some years he is the 7th best qb and some years he is 13. He is not the type of transcendent player that Russell Wilson is. This is mainly because every game he makes a decision which makes me want to break my clipboard. I frankly do not understand these decisions, because they come from no where in games where it seems like he is digesting the defense well.

    I personally would not move on from him, because I like the intangibles enough to hope he has a future. Playing a defensive coordinator like spags is hard because he is willing to do things that are outside of scheme in order to create doubt. A young quarterback would struggle a lot with the niners offense and close the window automatically. I think even Brady would struggle for at least his first year with the niners and that could be the only year that he is physically capable of playing. We are going to have to move forward with jimmy and see his development. He at the very least, deserves that.

    Now Kyle’s offense is a complete dichotomy to this. Kyle uses motion to set up angles for his run game and marry both his run and pass to make them look the same. (A small credit to jimmy, for all this talk that he is dumb, he did not make a mistake on one motion or run play. Very impressive since Kyle went nuts with it:).) This concept is extremely sound if you can keep your offense balanced. The issue with using motion is that it changes a defense’s structure. This gives the quarterback zero pre snap information on what the coverage might be doing. While this creates a lot of easy throws, there is a drawback. In play action, turning your back gives the you, the quarterback a totally different picture. The marrying of the run and the pass also brings a rather average drop back pass game because the quarterback has very little indication of where to go with the football. This causes Kyle’s quarterbacks to throw a lot of picks. Besides Matt Ryan in his mvp season, Kyle’s quarterbacks have always thrown a lot of picks. The other issue is the need to be balanced. If Kyle is playing with a lead like last super bowl. He can no longer out scheme or trick them. Teams can just load the box and force kyles hand by pushing the pocket because they do not fear the pass. To me, as long as Kyle runs this offense with the se principles, he is always going to struggle to hold a lead against a good defensive coach.

    There are two solutions to this problem in my eyes. The first one is courtesy of joe Gibbs who ran an inspiration for the niners offense. Get the hogs. Have an offensive line so good that it does not matter. You can run on anyone regardless. The other solution comes from mike shanahan. You need an elite running back. Not Raheem mostert or Tatum bell that can run effectively within your scheme. A running back like Terrell Davis who is getting the ball on 2nd and 5 regardless of who your quarterback is or what look the defense is in. Ultimately you can say Kyle does not believe in jimmy which has some credence, but Kyle also doesn’t believe in his run game or his offensive line. Every late game situation With jimmy, he preferred pass over run.

      1. I totally agree about JG. Maybe the best way to put it is -How many QBs have taken a 4-12 team to the SB?
        Under KS, the Niners were 4-20 without JG, and 21-6 with JG. He is a keeper.
        However, I will respectfully disagree on one thing. Mostert is fine, although they can always improve. The Niners with Moster and the other RBs, averaged 144 yards per game last season. They averaged 204 yards in the post season. They already have the hogs.

        1. I agree to an extent. From the film, I felt that the niners run game relied more on the genius of Kyle and Mike McDaniel along with the versatility of Juice and Kittle, but the truth is probably somewhere in between both of our opinions;).

          I agree that Mostert, Breida, and Coleman are all good players, but I think that an elite runner can make a greater impact on key running downs. A great example of this is the 2016 cowboys vs 2015 cowboys. We saw Darren Mcfadden run the ball behind that offensive line at statistically respectable click, but their effectiveness was far greater with Ezekiel Elliot.

          Regarding the hogs, I think our offensive line is fairly mediocre. I would say Weston Richburg is the only All Pro offensive lineman on this team. Both the tackles and laken Tomlinson are solid. Jimmy masked our terrible offensive line pretty well for majority of the season because of his rare ability release the ball with multiple arm angles in-spite of bodies flying all around him. Post Richburg, we saw Grady Jarret, Chris Jones, and Aaron Donald all destroy us. We got lucky that both Green bay and Minnesota are not very stout inside other wise the game could have been totally different.

          1. The weakest position on the O line was RG, but they waived Person, signed Compton, with Garland and Brunskill as possible competitors for the position. I have mocked drafting a center many times, just in case Richberg relapses.
            I will say that they need to draft a RB, but have usually waited until the later rounds. I hope they can draft a bigger RB, which will allow him to take the punishment running between the tackles. I like AJ Dillon, Joshua Kelley and Michael Warren. KS seems to be able to find UDFAs, so that may be another option.

            1. I was referring to a Todd gurley/ Ezekiel Eliot type talent. I don’t think that there is anyone near that in this draft. Gurley, on a team less creative but similar running scheme was unstoppable before his injury. If he was healthy, the rams probably would’ve won the super bowl. Great players in great schemes become goats. Jerry rice is the prime example.

      2. Jimmy facts
        My compliments! Well written, factual and coherent! However, other than OT, I don’t see ShanaLynch getting the hogs or an elite RB. Shanahan’s MO for int O-linemen is F/A cap casualties, or 3rd Rd. and later that fit his ZBS. Same with RB’s, including F/A’s that were not drafted.

      1. Thank you.. Sorry about the poor writing. I wrote this on my phone and posted it without a proof read. I was literally just spilling my notes on here.

    1. My bad… I have been trying to get this information to niners fans. I read the comments here on the blog usually, and I thought you guys deserved all of my research. I am just 2-3 weeks late with it.

        1. Narcissistic people like to draw people in to gain control of situations. From there manipulations are the end game.

          Seb+Trump= finding ways to be liked

            1. You should be getting ready for your daily presser. Key points:

              1. Self praise
              2. Abundance of self recognition
              3. Display of superiority

              Seb is Trumps Father.

  30. This is a big draft year for the 49ers. In 2017 you can say they get a pass fr being their first year even though they should of known Thomas was not a top 3 pick. Foster had the talent but hes thing was injuries and of course off the field issues. We could of had Pat or Watson at QB or the best RB in the game right now in Mccaffrey or Jamal Adams if they kept their number 3 spot. But of course the coach wanted Kirk and they can mold any RB they want but want about Jamal. Lynch wanted Thomas because he went to Stanford. In 2018 they could of formed the best Safety team with Jamal and Derwin but instead drafted Mike which he has just been ok, but not a top 10 pick. They should have guys who watch these players and know who’s playing good in college. They should of took Derwin then taken Connor Williams in the second round instead of Pettis. In 2019 everybody knew it was and should of been Nick and Deebo is good. So they are getting better in drafting blue chip talent in rounds 1 and 2.

    3 years later in 2020, this will be their biggest test, since they have established that they can create a winning culture, develop within the team and find late round stars. The brought back the same team minus a rental WR and their biggest star Defro a DT. You would think that would be the two spots they draft first. So thats where things get interesting. Do they take the best WR who they think is, trade up to get him or just take any WR left with 13. That wouldn’t be good logic at number 13 to take just any WR unless they think all 3 Jerry, Cede and Ruggs are all even. If their best player is not their trade out. if no trade out then take the next best player on their board. It will probably be CJ but IDK. I don’t think their is any DT to take that high at 13 or OL. So what would they be left with if no trade out? If this is the best WR class in a long time and thats clearly a top need on our team, then just trade up to get who they think is the best WR if they think hes not going to their at number 13. They keep saying Jerry is the best since Odell. They have a win now team.

    1. I think they will take Jeudy if he’s there at #13. Jeudy is the perfect Shanahan WR and seems like a kid Shanahan would be drooling over because of his ability to get open so quickly. After him, I don’t think there is anybody who they would feel as passionate about to stay there and take. Taking a CB with that pick is a possibility due to pretty much every Corner they have coming up for FA next year, but they could likely trade down a bit and get one.

  31. Chances the 49ers pick Juedy or Lamb

    Bengals – QB
    Redskins – Best DE in Draft
    Lions – Probably CB, doubt they go WR
    Giants – Defense
    Dolphins – QB
    Chargers – not WR
    Panthers – not WR
    Cardinals – If Hopkins trade goes thru – not WR
    Jaguars – not WR
    Browns – definitely not WR
    Jets – Need WR (Juedy or Lamb)
    Raiders – (Nelson Agholor, Tyrell Williams, Hunter Renfrow) if WR – Gruden might look for speedy Ruggs
    49ers – If both Jeudy and Lamb are off…….I just don’t see them using that high draft pick on a speedy WR.

  32. I don’t get the continuing debate – at least from Grant Cohn and some of his followers – about whether Shanahan believes in Garoppolo. They could have dumped him for a small cap hit compared to his salary and had a replacement who wanted to come here in Tom Brady…and Garoppolo is still the Niner QB. End of debate or at least it should be. JG is a borderline top ten QB after one full season as a starter and people are still speculating on his replacement. Doesn’t make any sense.

    1. I do not get it either. Grant’s jimmy take seems personal and vindictive. It’s almost as if he slept with his wife or something. I just never understood the pleasure Grant gets from putting someone down. I like Grant. He tries and works hard, but he’s very difficult to defend when he does things like this. I do not think he would like it if people other people did it to him. Either way as a niners fan I do not mind it. He did this all off season last year with Kyle and bosa. Look at how that turned out:)

      1. I think he’s a Skip Bayless wannabe but he’s not very good at it. His opinions aren’t thought out very well and more often than not are just an attempt to create dissension. Following a parent that was well known in the industry is tough, especially when you aren’t very good.

        1. I do not think he is very good either, but he works so hard that I appreciate him. He is definitely now where near the writer his dad was.

          I am only 25 so I read very little of his dad. I always thought his dad was an excellent writer despite his snarky tone.

          The jimmy hate is something else though. It is beyond skip bayless with lebron. Skip bayless takes a small truth and over exaggerates the hell out of it with insanely selective and random stats. Grant just shoots from the hip.

          1. No doubt he works hard. He is just trying to be controversial instead of a straight forward sports analyst and it doesn’t work unless you are right most of the time, which he isn’t. I don’t want to hate on the guy, I just find he’s fixated on sensationalism/partial information to make points that aren’t backed up by the facts. Case in point is his need to continually question Shanahan’s belief in Garoppolo when the facts show Shanahan clearly believes in him.

          2. Ah, the Glory Years. I remember waking up in the morning, pouring a cup of joe, and perusing the green section, later the PD, before work. Lowell was a must read. I may have ground my teeth at the time, but he was challenging BW to be great, and he rose to the challenge. Eddie had some good stories about that.
            Grant may seem like his father, but back then newspaper writers held a lot more power. Usually, they were the eyes and ears for the public. Now, anyone can post a blog, and it is hard to be heard in the cacophony of digital information. Grant may be doing some hot takes, but he would not be doing it if JG had won the SB. JG has several areas in which he can improve, and I bet JG himself will admit he can get better. JG needs to have better ball security. That lollipop pick in the SB was poor judgement. In the SB, he missed seeing wide open players. If he had thrown the ball 5 yards closer, they might have achieved their quest.
            I like Grant’s writing, he has an edge to it. I am sick and tired of the safe bandwagon rainbows and unicorn crowd. Yes, I will call him out for beating a dead horse, but he was the first to postulate the Tom Brady possibility, even though people were howling that it would be an impossibility. Then we found out that the Niners were Brady’s first choice, but eventually, the Niners stayed with JG, which should settle the speculation.
            Yes, he can be wrong at times. 6 wins? Mark and Joe ribbed him about that. However, he claims to be impartial, objective and not a 49er fan, so he can call it like he sees it. I do not think he is way more wrong than right. He predicted the Chiefs would win, so he was right about that.
            One thing I hope we can agree upon , is Grant is way better than Skip Bayliss. You know he says controversial things to stir things up, even though he does not believe what he is saying. Grant is honest and forthright in his opinions, and lets the chips fall where they may. He has the courage of his convictions.
            Right now, while we all hunker down, I hope Grant and Lowell could have more sessions about those Glory Years. Like the Shoah Foundation 3-D interviews about surviving the holocaust, they need to get all of Lowell’s memories and stories on film for posterity. Maybe have Lowell interview Glenn Dickey. Those memories would be pure gold.

            1. A narcissistic person rambles and believes everyone should be listening to their long drawn out sermons.

              You sound like an old fart Donald

    2. I don’t really get this general hating of Garoppolo.
      He came out of an ACL, which clearly affected him at the beginning of the season, his first full season… and yet:

      1st in 3rd Down Efficiency
      3rd in Yards/Pass Attempt
      5th in % Pass Completion
      8th in QBR
      2nd in Big Play Passes (>25 yd)
      3rd in %First Down/Attempt
      7th in %Touchdowns/Attempt
      6th in %Pass Completed, Close Games
      2nd in %Passes Completed, Late & Close

      Why Shanny shouldn’t believe in him???
      He’s a very solid QB. Period.

      1. I agree. Not to mention the fact that he is a incredibly nice and humble guy. Frankly I don’t understand how people can even have an opi onion on him. I watched every single snap he has taken in the nfl and am still unsure about what he is. I cannot even judge last season because of the acl. He was clearly not throwing the ball as well. Go watch a 2018 or 2017 game. The throw to pettis week 1 against Minnesota was nuts. He could really throw until last year…

      2. Yet, this is a results driven business. JG and the Niners did not achieve greatness. Maybe some one else could do that.
        I do not think it was hate that drove the speculation about Brady. Tom Brady himself wanted to come here, and they would be derelict of duty if they did not exercise due diligence, and explore all the options. JG could not complain. He just lost a SB, and Brady has 6 rings. JG played it cool and was probably fully apprised of the situation by Yee, his agent, and Tom Brady’s too. In the end, the Niners made a business decision and went with the QB with the longer term potential.
        I think Grant went too far when the AS/Mahomes scenario was speculated. JG has a lot more upside than AS and there is no Mahomes in this draft, imho.
        I like JG. I like him so much, I do not think Kaep should return to the Niners because JG has shown he can lead the team to a SB, too. I will just wish Kaep well, where ever he plays, if they will stop banning him.
        I liked JG, and knew he should be the Franchise QB for the San Francisco 49ers from the moment he threw that TD pass against the Seahawks, after engineering a last minute drive with no time outs and 5 seconds left. He did not win the game, but he showed moxie, and competence. I was super impressed by another pass to Louis Murphy. It was a 16 yard pass, and he did not only hit a small window, he threaded the needle. Murphy held the ball up to prove he caught the ball, that somehow made it through triple coverage.
        With JG as the Franchise QB, he can help the Niners win a couple rings. They just need to surround him with enough support and talent.

        1. It is a results driven business, no doubt.
          A QB reaching the SB during his first season, for me, it’s a good business, especially if you compare the team record with the Season before. I agree with you.
          Tom Brady has 6 rings, but he played for 20 years. Does it mean that at the end of the 14 years where he didn’t win the SB, he should have been cut by the Patriots?
          And then again, Garoppolo is not playing alone. He can’t cover Tyrek Hill on a deep ball, for example. You win and you lose as a team. So we can’t replace 53 players and the whole staff everytime you don’t win the SB. There’s not enough people for 31 teams every year!! Lol.
          Jokes aside, there aren’t 32 Rodgers or Mahomes available on earth. How many??? 4 or 5, realistically. Is it possible to win the SB without one of those 4/5 QBs? Yes it is. Better chanches if you have a solid QB, an above average QB, or just a little bit under that “elite”.
          I agree with you. We got it.

          And regarding Brady to niners, I think it was more of his desire mixed with the willing to have good stories to tell by the media…

          1. Yup. I think Yee fueled all the speculation to make Tampa Bay pay full price.
            I do think the Niners gave Tom Brady serious consideration, and if he was 38, they would have signed him.
            Tom Brady did win 6 rings, but he also lost 3 times. Joe on the other hand, was perfect, and never threw an interception in a SB.

    3. I don’t get the continuing debate – at least from Grant Cohn and some of his followers – about whether Shanahan believes in Garoppolo.

      As an English major, somewhere in Grants academic history he no doubt read Moby Dick. Instead of seeing Ahab’s obsession as a cautionary tale, Grant seems to have absorbed it, taking it as a playbook.

  33. So Eric Crocker dropped his updated WR rankings. In the process he forgot to include Aiyuk, who he later slotted in at 8th, so everyone he had from 8 down drops a slot. A couple of ones of note:
    – He now has Lamb ahead of Jeudy. His reasoning basically being that while Jeudy is an exceptional route runner and very good after the catch, he doesn’t have enough “dog” in him to trust him in crunch situations, while Lamb has a bit of everything you want with exceptional hands, “my ball” mentality and run after catch.
    – He dropped Ruggs to 6. His reasoning being that while he has elite speed and is tough, he doesn’t use his speed consistently to win routes.
    – Higgins dropped all the way 10. After watching all 22 he said he noticed that he was rarely beating his defender.
    – Mims at 14. Despite previously saying he really liked him, he has clearly cooled a bit since then. Called him “extremely stiff” and a guy that will likely need to be a contested catch guy in the NFL (which isn’t great news for a guy that had as many drops as Mims in college).
    – Pittman at 4 and Edwards at 5. Called Pittman a guy that is good at pretty much everything without any one elite trait (except maybe size), and Edwards a tough, intense guy that plays with violence, that also has good speed and movement skills for a guy his size (apparently was clocked at around the same speed as Deebo by USC coaches).
    – Jefferson at 3. Called him a faster Ju Ju.

    This was a really interesting set of rankings for me. A lot of these are very much in line with my thoughts – in particular having Pittman, Edwards, Reagor and Aiyuk all around the same area just after the top guys, though he also had Ruggs in that mix.

    His take on Ruggs is one I have been struggling a bit with recently too – I can see the talent but I don’t see him consistently beating DBs with speed in his routes. I still think he is one of the top 3 WRs in the draft though.

    Higgins was also an interesting one. I really like what I see on the TV film coverage, but his testing was a concern. And you don’t always get a good view of WRs on the TV coverage. Hearing that all 22 showed he doesn’t win very often outside of the big plays we see in the TV coverage is definitely a cause for concern. Will basically mean he is a guy that needs to rely on contested catch ability in the NFL, and not many WRs are successful in the NFL that rely on that as their primary skill set.

    I can’t really get on board with Crock’s take on Jefferson. For mine he is a guy that is good but not great, and should be almost exclusively a slot WR. He is a very reliable target, but not a guy that will create a lot after the catch in the NFL like Ju Ju does. I see him as a nice safety net, chain moving type of slot WR that will feast on zone coverage over the middle, but I can’t get on board with ranking that ahead of some of these other guys.

      1. Um, you have the last little while, but there was a time you were vacillating on an almost daily basis between he, Jeudy and Ruggs as I recall.

        1. The vacillation was on who Shanny would choose. I’ve never wavered in my belief Lamb was the best of the 3.

    1. This is very interesting, thanks for posting it. I haven’t paid much attention to Edwards or Pittman, but just more evidence of how deep this draft is at the position. I truly believe Shanahan would love to get Jeudy, but after him I don’t think Shanahan would pound the table for another WR at #13 because of the depth there is well into day two.

      1. That’s how I am leaning too. I think Jeudy is the guy Shanahan would really love, and if he isn’t there at 13 I can see them looking elsewhere at that pick and taking a WR at 31 or after a trade back from 31. Or maybe that is just what I would do.

        Not to say I would be unhappy with Lamb or Ruggs at 13, but just feel the value difference between them and guys you can get later isn’t sufficient that it makes it the best choice imo.

          1. I have studied a lot of these guys and I do not think receiver is the way to go at 13. I do not look at lamb or jeudy as can’t miss picks the way I saw aj green and Julio Jones. I think the depth is what makes this receiver class rather than high end talent. I think both Lamb and Jeudy have enough things that make it difficult for me to stomach a 13th overall pick spent on them. I think the niners best option is to trade down or take a lineman.

          2. Lamb is definitely becoming a more common WR1. I still believe people are overthinking it on Jeudy, but I can definitely see why people really like Lamb.

    1. After phukking up with relieving the Captain, he doubled down by flying 8,000 miles to belittle and denigrate him to the ship’s company and included berating the crew itself in his comments. He then tripled down later by saying “I stand by every word I said.”
      Only after pressure from SecDef office did he offer a mealy mouthed ‘apology’ for his words but not his assessments.
      As a ring banger he should’ve known better. He’s been rebuked by retired flag grade officers from several branches. Serving officers have withheld comments at least on the record.
      Now he’s out and I hope the door does hit him in the ass as he leaves,

      1. Another temp who had no business in the job he was plopped into. Is there anybody in this crazy administration who’s not “acting”?

      2. Dude spent $243,000.00 of taxpayer dollars on a flight to spew his vitriol to the ship’s crew. To what end?

  34. I think it’s fine Lynch and Shanahan to draft a quarterback (day 2 or 3) even if they’re relatively happy with Jimmy Garoppolo. I’d only see them drafting quarterback in round one if they plan on parting with Jimmy, or his knee is really bad news.

    I keep thinking back to 2017. Jimmy’s “chaos production” was great. With a healthy knee (and a healthy Trent Taylor as his security blanket) he thrived despite being new to the system.

    Imagine how good he’d be if his 2017 off schedule production was combined with his 2019 system production.
    If his knee keeps (and confidence in his knee) keeps improving, Mr. Jimmy could have a fantastic 2020.

    1. I disagree. They should only draft a QB if they can manage to trade Mullens and/or CJB away.
      They should target an UDFA QB for TC competition.

  35. ‘With JG and the 13th pick, is QB such a crazy idea for the 49ers?’
    Only if you are trolling.
    ‘There’s an out in JG’s contract, so some one like Jordan Love might makes sense.’
    Only if you dislike Super Bowl QBs
    Grant has eviscerated JG for throwing picks. Love threw 17 picks last season, 6 games with multiple picks and 3 pick sixes.
    Jordan Love scouting report- Weaknesses.
    Consistency and production took a massive step back in 2019.
    Looping windup part of slower operation time.
    Too much staring and telegraphing.
    Below average decision making against zone looks.
    Allowed coverage to swarm due to lack of anticipation.
    Unusually spotty ball placement forced receivers to work to catch ball.
    Completed just 31% of his deep throws.
    Needs to use eyes to hold safeties longer.
    Issues bringing in off target snaps, leading to fumbles.
    Love could be a siren’s song of erratic play and unfulfilled potential.

    1. JG won’t drop his total interceptions dramatically. It could improve for sure, but his nature of a gunslinger will never result in less than 10/15 ints per season.
      And about Love scouting, I agree in JG tendency to staring at telegraphing at times, and his downfield accuracy which is not his strongest point.
      But in my opinion the thing he would need to improve first is the ability to throw the ball away under pressure. That’s really what drive me nuts most of the times!!!
      All the rest is top or near the top.
      And remember what Shanahan said about QBs making money on 3rd down. JG leads the NFL in that category.

  36. Moseley proved to be a great find for us last year and if he didn’t replace Witherspoon who knows if we would of beat Minnesota in round 2. He also picked off Rogers in the NFC championship. We dont need to draft corner at pick 13 when we are fine with Moseley Sherman and Williams starting next year. We could draft one in day 3 to find someone to replace Witherspoon. I say we draft WR at pick 13(Ruggs Jeudy or Jefferson) and Edge Rusher like Lewis, Baun, or Weaver at 31. We saw how much the pass rush fell off last season when Ford went down. We need that 3rd edge rusher to keep a nice rotation with Bosa and Ford. Pass rush is why we went to the SB last year and we need to keep feeding that area if we want that’ same success in 2020.

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