Will George Kittle meet expectations in 2019?

San Francisco 49ers’ George Kittle (85) runs through a drill during a practice at the team’s NFL football facility, in Santa Clara, Calif., Tuesday, May 21, 2019. (AP Photo/Josie Lepe)

SANTA CLARA — George Kittle has it made.

The 49ers’ young tight end gained 1,377 receiving yards in 2018, setting the NFL single-season record for most receiving yards at his position. And he’s only 25. When he speaks to the media these days, he exudes the charm and confidence of a Hollywood star giving an interview on late-night television.

“I’m not really a guy who sets personal goals,” Kittle said modestly during OTAs. “If we’re winning games, I could have no catches. As long as we do well in the run game, I’ll be happy. I just wait until Coach Shanahan tells me which plays I’m going to catch and run for 80 yards, and I take advantage of those plays.”

Kittle grinned and chuckled as if he were bantering with Jimmy Kimmel. A star downplaying his own greatness.

Most football analysts expect Kittle will have another fantastic season in 2019, because he’s a fantastic player who still is improving. But despite all of that, his numbers may take a significant hit.

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  1. Kittle plays with passion, and it’s contagious. Although the quantity of his opportunities may diminish, it sounds as if he’s paying attention to the details of his game; in an effort to raise the quality of the opportunities that come his way….

    1. You’re all forgetting one important fact. The most dangerous person in Shanahan’s offense is Shanahan. The biggest mistake opposing defenses can do is focus on Kittle. With so many pieces to this offense, focusing on Kittle just opens another door, ie Debo Samuel, Trent Taylor, Jaylen Hurd, etc etc …….

  2. That is precisely the correct answer that he gave. Meeting expectations depends entirely on the expectations you or others put upon you before the season has even played itself out. We do not know the circumstances that will dictate success or failure this coming season. Getting better or equal numbers this coming season might not be reflective of what would constitute a good season for the team. Success might require that the numbers are spread around equally among more receivers. Individual success often does not correspond to team success.

  3. Why did JG struggle against the Vikings? Too many drops, 9 QB hits, 3 sacks and 3 picks.
    Why did JG struggle against the Lions? Nobody open, and pocket collapsed for 6 sacks.
    Why did JG struggle against the Chiefs? KC ran up a big lead, and JG was playing Catch-up.
    JG just did not have time to get comfortable with Kittle, but hopefully, that will change this season.
    With attrition, the WRs were weak, and Kittle got targeted a lot towards the end of the season. Kittle also used his speed to gain a ton of yards after the catch. KS game planned well to get Kittle open in space. Kittle played like a first round pick, not a 5th round pick.
    Kittle can get better. He needs to make those contested catches, and better shield the ball away from the defenders. He could high point the ball better, and improve his red zone scoring.
    Why may he have lesser stats this season? Defenses will be scheming to shut him down. They will try not to assign a LB on him. They will study the tape and take away those plays where he was open by so much. JG needs to sync up better with Kittle, like Mullens did. They may also use him as a decoy more. I agree with Grant, when he brought up these points.
    Why may Kittle shine again? JG will also study the film, and get more in sync with Kittle. The Niners drafted 2 WRs and signed Matthews, so the WR corps is much improved. The WRs may present such a threat, the defense will be forced to assign a LB on Kittle,and give him single coverage. The O line may be more cohesive, and provide JG more protection, so Kittle will have time to get open. The RBs may pose such a threat, the defense will focus on them, thus allowing Kittle to play without the defense keying on him. KS will also utilize Kittle properly, and accentuate his strengths, now that he knows what Kittle can do.
    The big question is- injuries. If the Niners can avoid crippling injuries, the offense should do well, this season.

  4. Decent summary, agree on all key aspects.

    Statistically, the offense should rank somewhere in the 5th – 9th range, provided there are no season ending injuries involving three or more offensive starters at the skill positions.

    Can’t wait for preseason–that wonderful time of sheer panic and over-the-top rage.

  5. Kittle broke records when the season was OVER … who cares? you are in last fkn place..stop dancing around like you won the superbowl…….
    Well lets hope he has another good season but for the love of god protect the quarterback and win some games= then celebrate…

  6. My initial reaction to the is article was -spot on. A healthy Niner team with new weapons equals fewer targets for Kittle. Upon further review, I still think that is accurate with an adjustment. Kittle will most likely see a drop in receptions but I think his TD number will increase to 7-9 and his total yards may take a slight hit- 1150 total. The hook is that a spread offense with play action will mean lots of wide open space for Kittle. I predict that he has at least 5 TD of 50+ yards.

    1. Rollotomasi

      Yes, Kittle will more than likely see his ‘ targets’ decrease, because of a more competent group of receivers…Dewelley, Juice, and whichever RB he chooses to throw to…a decoy is also going to sustain his share of hits (if he’s a good decoy), but not as if he was the primary target, so Kittle should stay healthier or fresher for longer periods of time (hopefully). Also should be able to collect holding penalties from overly exuberant LBs and Safeties .

      To begin the season, I think that unless the opponent’s DC is totally stupid, Kittle will be getting double coverage…until Shannahan opens up his bag of tricks, and shows what else is in there… After that, our WRs should be running footraces to the end zone….

  7. It’s time for new weapons to emerge on the offense.
    Kitt’s numbers may decrease but his career could have more longevity as a result and more importantly, the 49ers offense will be less predictable.
    If Pettis and Deebo can make a splash this season I’d be a happy man.

    It wasn’t long ago that Frank Gore was the one weapon that the offense counted on. But the team didn’t make the playoffs until other players like VD, D. Walker and Crabtree emerged.

  8. “But he may score more than five touchdowns, his total in 2018.”

    Couldn’t care less about his yardage decreasing next season. If he can get 7+ TD’s that’s an improvement for this offense because those yards are going to be more spread out like you wrote.

    1. Exactly, it’s not like the yards wont exist they’ll just be going to different receivers. With the extra weapons on the field I can imagine his TD’s increasing as he’ll likely no longer see double coverage in the red zone.

  9. Agree will have less yards and catches but will score more touchdowns. In the beginning of the season he will face double teams and as JG. Finds open receiver provided the Oline gives him some protection we could be looking at a 10 6 season with a top 5 offence in yards and top 10 in points.

  10. A source told NBC Sports Bay Area, the decision was made at the NFL Scouting Combine. Chief negotiator Paraag Marathe told Bosa’s representation in February that if Bosa did not go No. 1, the 49ers would select him at No. 2.

    1. Paraag has way too much power. John Lynch should be making that call.
      Deciding that before Free Agency is not a wise move.

        1. You’re two for two at guessing who the team will waste their first pick on. Also just like Thomas, you were the only person out there suggesting we would take Bosa first. Nobody else was saying it…


      1. Seb
        * “Paraag has way too much power. John Lynch should be making that call.”
        * How do you know that Lynch / Shanahan didn’t make that call and Paraag was the messenger?

          1. Naw, I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan. I am not omniscient, and fully acknowledge that many posters on this site have more football knowledge than me, Grant included.
            Maybe you did not know this, but this is Grant’s blog site.

            1. Thank goodness I am smarter than you. A head of lettuce is not a cognitive being.
              Lettuce be thankful that you are pretty harmless, trying hard, but failing miserably, yet providing amusement to all.

              1. Limp reply. Not full of crisp rejoinders. Soggy reuse of older phrases that only wilt with repetitive use.

              2. I knew you could not Romaine away. Too bad your pathetic attempts at being punny have hit an Iceberg. You and I are like Oil and Vinegar.
                If you want to get into this Mix, expect a Dressing down

              3. Seb
                “Thank goodness I am smarter than you.”

                And to prove it, you let Baalke and Paraag control your emotions……
                Yep, I’m so envious of how smart you are genius……ROFLMAO

              4. GEEP, I do not have to be a genius to be smarter than you, since you think a head of lettuce has an IQ.
                Then you go prove my statement, by being easily amused.
                Yup, Baalke and Paraag must be happy campers. It must warm their hearts to see their names in print.

        1. I just noted that Paraag was called the chief negotiator. What football experience and bona fides does a numbers guy have to become the chief negotiator?
          Oh yeah, he was a good buddy of Jed.

          1. Seb
            What did Lynch make Jed promise about Paraag, as a condition for his accepting the job?
            BTW: You still have not answered my question: How do you know that Lynch / Shanahan didn’t make that call and Paraag was the messenger?

            1. GEEP, Chief Negotiator does not sound like a messenger. Chief negotiator sounds like the person deciding things, not a flunky.
              No wonder they joked about running back, so they could wrest the phone away from Paraag, so he would not make a deal without their knowledge. Paraag does not like being made fun of.
              Then, we heard a leak about friction between JL and KS arguing about draft candidates. Paraag got mad, and reverted to be the Leaker in Chief.

              1. Seb:
                PLEASE! You can spin, deflect and refuse to answer my question if you insist! (because you have no answer). Everyone on this blog knows you are a jealous, bloviating blowhard, that never passes up a chance to demean Baalke or Paraag!

                FACT: You have no way of knowing that Lynch / Shanahan did NOT make the call and Paraag acted as their messenger. But true to form, you had to stick your foot in your mouth and make another anal comment!
                As a condition of his accepting the job, Lynch made Jed promise to STOP THE LEAKS! Are you now claiming jed broke his promise and lied to Lynch?
                Had Paraag gone behind Lynch and Shanahan’s back and told Bosa’s Rep. if he wasn’t selected at Nr. one, the 9ers would select him at Nr. two. Lynch would have handed him his cajones!

                For someone who claims to run his own business, somehow the majority of your time is spent here, blogging your opinion(s)……Care to try explaining how you accomplish that?

              2. GEEP, I did answer your question. You just assume a Chief Negotiator is just an errand boy. I do not. JL made Jed promise to stop meddling, but I guess Jed did not promise JL that Paraag would stop leaking, and meddling with the draft.
                Baalke deserves all the scorn he gets. If only he had drafted Alshon Jeffrey, rather than AJ Jenkins, the Niners could have won another ring. Then he dismantled a SB team, and stabbed JH and Kaep in the back.
                Paraag has been around since the last Niner SB, and the Niners have not won since he weaseled his way into being Jed’s bf. Maybe if he is kicked out of the FO and sent to Sacto, they may win a SB.

              3. To be clear. I meant Best Friend, with no implication otherwise.
                I also have worked hard all my life, put myself through college and paid my debts. I can work when I want, and post when I want. I am a die hard faithful Niner fan, who hungers for another ring. I just see them making the same mistakes over and over again, not learning from their mistakes.
                Am I a pessimist? No, I am a realist. In 2017, I predicted they would win 6 games, which they did. That was a tripling of win total from the previous season. This season, I want them to win at least 8 games, which sounds optimistic, since it is a doubling of last season’s win total.
                Some want me to eat crow. I would be happy to do that, if they make the playoffs. Conversely, they will be more likely to eat crow, because the Niners have a daunting challenge. Yes, the Niners have improved, but the other teams have also improved.
                I am a realist, who hopes for the best, but expects less.

              4. Then he dismantled a SB team, and stabbed JH and Kaep in the back

                Ah, it becomes so clear now. For Seb, sooner or later everything Niner-related comes back to Kaepernick.

            2. Paraag’s a rat and everyone knows it. That’s why none of the top front office talent wants to come to Santa Clara. Plus he’s a poofter and Jed’s a closet case.

              1. Grant….

                Please check Capt. Sensible’s post immediately above. Does Capt’s post violate Press Democrat standards?

              2. No Sebs-your not a realist, because you simply don’t acknowledge the difference between this team and the team they took over. You would also mix in the obvious upgrades, make a legitimate case that the glass is half full. But you don’t.

                Then you feign outrage about something that you think was done to some player years ago…….
                You better keep hopin they suck this year, or things are going to be rough for you…………..your favorite word, “hate”, will be used by you in every sentence-if they go up, your going down!

              3. Saw, I did not gloat when the Niners went 2-14 like some posters did in 2016, just because of the QB. You seemed to exult when they sucked that year. I just want them to win. In fact, I hope they pick last every year.
                I did not gloat last season when they went 4-12. You, on the other hand, seemed happy that I was incorrect on my prediction of 8 wins last season.
                KS better win the SB, or I will again state that he should hire an OC. Guess who is more likely to be correct?

              4. More, and then even more Sebby spin………

                You did not gloat? Why would you? That would completely blow your cover. You just ragged and ranted all yr long and, at 2-14, you certainly had a reason. But 2-14 is not what im talking about, and therin lies the famous “Seb-onian spin”-redirecting the intended spirit of what someone says into a whole different meaning.
                There is every reason to look at things and legitimately hope the future is bright. Many improvements have been made to both coaching and personnel……….and your STILL raggin about poor ‘ol Kap.
                This teams future is in front, not behind. Barring loads of injuries to key personnel, this team has all it needs to be very competitive. If they are not competitive, then you have a real squawk. But win a SB………? Say hello to Alice..

              5. KS better win the SB, or I will again state that he should hire an OC. Guess who is more likely to be correct?

                Such ill formed logic. But what to expect from the Legend? For starters there is a one in 32 odds KS wins the SB, OC or no OC. And if he doesn’t win the SB there will be no indication lack of “OC” was to blame. Much more knowledgeable posters than you have already told you there is already staff that wear OC hats without the formal title.

                You will state your nonsense anyway, that is one thing this poor blog can count on. That is 100% correct.

              6. Saw and Donald, looks like you cannot handle the truth.
                Believe me, when I state that I am happy with JG as the franchise QB, you cannot accept that.
                Yes, he has LaFleur as the passing game Coordinator, and McDaniel as the running game Coordinator, with other offensive assistants, but no OC.
                You still cannot explain how having an OC would hurt the team. They do not need one? They went 4-12 last season, and 6-10 the season before. KS needs all the help he can get. KS even admitted he should have won 3 more games last season. An OC might have helped him win those games. He did not have an OC, and lost those games.
                Bill Belichick is smarter than KS, and knows he needs an OC. Sean McVay did not think he needed an OC, and fully admits he was out coached in the SB.
                KS thinks he can take this team, and do whatever he wants. If he fails this season, he has only himself to blame. If he wants to be the OC, he should stop being the HC. A competent HC will delegate authority. Yes, it is only a title, so what is the big deal? KS can still call the plays, but having an OC may help his offense function better.
                You think several people are wearing the OC hat, so why doesn’t KS just promote one of those guys to OC? Sounds churlish to keep them down, while an important coaching position is not filled, that could help the team win games. It is almost as if he would rather lose without an OC, than win with one.
                You, and nobody else, has ever explained how having an OC will hurt the team. Sure, it may hurt KS’s feelings, but I am way past that. Being a HC is an awesome responsibility, and so far, KS thinks playing OC is all he has to do, and wants to do.

              7. Sebbie…

                As a few posters have noted over the last many months, opinions are mixed on the OC question. Some demand (indignantly) that Shanahan hire an OC. Others feel he doesn’t need one given the duties of coaching assistants already assigned to handle various aspects of the offense. Some posters don’t give a flyin’ one. You are one voice. You do have a right to your opinion. That’s okay. To demand that other posters must present arguments before you on the matter of not having an OC by title, Your Grace, is rather silly.

                You are ‘that guy’–a raving narcissist with unchallenged intellect (yes, your father a UC professor, and you a UCD grad). We quiver before you.

          2. What football experience and bona fides does a numbers guy have to become the chief negotiator?

            He doesn’t need any. They would be asked to negotiate contracts, money and/or trades, commodities.

            In both cases there is market with historical data to follow and none of that really has much to do with the actual football side of things.

            1. Hmmm, the Niners wastes picks by moving up to draft busts. Fails to move back and get a boatload of picks, maximizing the potential of the number 2 pick, that would truly help with the rebuild. Puts all eggs in a basket over a player currently injured. Reaches for a 413 ranked player in the third round, who now has knee issues. Declaring that they would draft a player in February, before Free Agency. Desperately picks a punter in the 4th round, when he would have been available in the fifth round. Selecting injured players because they were such ‘Good Value’, then lowballing them in the negotiations.
              I see Paraag’s dirty fingerprints all over these past few drafts. Being Chief Negotiator must have let the power go to his head. Too bad, that as a leader, he has to accept responsibility for all the failures, too.
              Now, you are saying that a Chief Negotiator does not need skills or acumen to be put in charge? The Niners tried that, and look where it got them. Jed and Paraag went on the humiliation tour, operating from a position of weakness, so they were disrespected and forced to display their ignominy to all. It was a shameful embarrassment. They still keep Paraag in charge, and expect a different outcome?
              Bosa’s agent emasculated JL, by saying Paraag assured them that the Niners were fixated on Bosa number 2 in February. JL obtained Dee Ford, so the pass rush was addressed. This gave them more flexibility, but they were not bold and daring. By his statements, JL liked Q Williams, and I wished he could have won the argument.
              Dr York chose Paraag over Bill Walsh. Jed chose Paraag over JL.
              The more things change, the more they stay the same.

              1. – Niners wastes picks by moving up to draft busts.

                The selections are on John and Kyle, the deal ie the traded picks were on Paraag.

                – Puts all eggs in a basket over a player currently injured.
                On Kyle and John
                – Reaches for a 413 ranked player in the third round, who now has knee issues.
                On Kyle and John
                – Declaring that they would draft a player in February, before Free Agency.
                On Paraag
                – Desperately picks a punter in the 4th round, when he would have been available in the fifth round.
                On Kyle and John
                – Selecting injured players because they were such ‘Good Value’, then lowballing them in the negotiations.
                On Kyle and John

                – Now, you are saying that a Chief Negotiator does not need skills or acumen to be put in charge?
                I never said this. I said his football knowledge doesn’t need to be that great to be the so called Cheif negotiator. He needs to understand contracts and trade values. He doesn’t need to understand x’s and o’s nearly as much in his role… Similarly, Leigh Steinberg has negotiated contracts for athletes in the NFL,NHL,NBA, Boxing, Soccer, Figure Skating, and Gymnastics… I highly doubt he’s a leading authority in all these sports.

                – Bosa’s agent emasculated JL, by saying Paraag assured them that the Niners were fixated on Bosa number 2 in February.

                – While it was stupid of Paraag to say anything, Lynch is still the shot caller and no contracts were signed. However, its nice to know you think the Hitman can be emasculated by 180lb, wimpy suit.

                – By his statements, JL liked Q Williams, and I wished he could have won the argument.
                When did John say he preferred Q to Joey? Source? The only thing I have read was the Kyle and John had some disagreement in regards to a player. This was refuted by both of them but I have yet to read what or who they were fighting over. Please enlighten us if you have a source.

                – Dr York chose Paraag over Bill Walsh
                This isn’t true, Donahue was the one who brought in Paraag as an analyst. At that time Paraag would have been to junior to take over for any of the higher ups (he would have been around 24).

              2. We could rehash history, but in this case, Dr York preferred the Paraag ANALytics over the opinion of Bill Walsh and John McVay, during the draft.
                Leigh Steinberg is an Agent, not a FO person. You are right,he does negotiate contracts for many different athletes, but that is after the player is selected. Sounds like Paraag was involved in the evaluation process with his analytics, and the draft selection process, to the team’s detriment. Paraag was the guy on the phone, talking with other teams, trying to set up deals. Paraag should just stick to negotiating the terms of the contracts, and stay away from areas where he has little expertise.
                Yes, it was stupid of Paraag to declare what he did to Bosa’s agent, especially since several players had better combine numbers than Bosa, did not quit on their team after 3 games, and were fully healthy.
                I certainly did not think that JL deserved to have that leak about friction between him and KS. In the end, JL was a team player, and did not insist on QW, because he knew how important it was to have both the GM and HC to be on the same page. I also do not think it was friction of a personal nature. Both had opinions, and probably forcefully argued their points. I wonder who you think the leaker could have been?
                It is certainly not nice to know that a 180 wimpy pencil pusher can emasculate the Hitman. JL deserves better. JL heaped praise on Q Williams before the draft. It is all archived. Plus, the trading for Ford made selecting a pass rusher as their first pick, not a critical need. It gave them the luxury to have many options.
                Yes, we will have to abide by their decisions, and hope for the best, but I can also be skeptical, and think they could have done better.

              3. The selection process is convoluted, with input from many sources.
                To me, the ACL pick of Kentavius Street was an analytics pick. Signing injured players and selecting red flagged players, used analytics to weigh the positives, against the negatives. Analytics have been used for years, and will continue to be used, but analytics should only be a tool, not a creed. Paraag owns the analytics.
                I am speculating that the undue stress on the scouts due to analytics overriding their assessments, may have contributed to the passing of Reggie Cobb. It is just my gut feeling, and I have no proof, but his passing just before the draft was not just a coincidence.
                Sure, JL is ultimately responsible for every pick, but analytics may have unduly affected the assessment process. Reaching for players just meant the analytics were too good, and they did not want to miss out on that player. Too bad Jalen Hurd had several red flags. He quit on his team, has concussion issues, and now has a knee problem. A trifecta. Reaching for him just smacks of desperation, whereas, being shrewd and patient may have been the wiser course of action.

              4. A real ray of sunshine. Whats the real pisser for Sebs? That they didn’t draft in such a way that he could start tootin his horn.

                That will be the day you know more about football talent than Lynch, the guys he has helping him out and KS.
                You know more than bulky-I’ll give you that.

                And nobody on this blog hates you, as that word is currently defined.

              5. Saw, I did not want them to draft Joe Williams, and I certainly did not want them to draft Foster.
                Foster had so many red flags draped over him, he looked like a semaphore.
                Sure wish JL had taken my advice, and avoided the red flagged players.

              6. Hey Sebs-give me a dollar for every draft pick that Walsh made that didn’t contribute?

                I could take my family out to dinner on your pay-up…………….

    2. It was down to two players. The best two players in the draft in Bosa and Williams. With Buckner, Armstead, Thomas, Day there was plenty of depth on the inside to pass on Williams. With the need for edge Bosa had the edge the whole way. If Bosa stays healthy he will be dominant. Problem is that health is a concern.

      1. RAW

        I do disagree with you on being down to two players;…You are correct in that with our present cadre of Inside Dlinemen, Q Williams would only be excess…BUT…Our greatest need was EDGE rusher. With the top edge rusher (Josh Allen) still available, why did we take Defensive End Bosa ahead of him knowing that Dee Ford was already signed ? Bosa is injury prone, of questionable loyalty to team, and hadn’t played but three games at OSU before he quit the team to prepare for the pros. Allen played for four straight years for Kentucky…So, who the hell’s decision was that…?

    3. Seems odd considering the number of reports stating they were considering Williams pretty hard as well.

      If true, Paraag shouldn’t be revealing the thought process of niner brass.

  11. If Kittle has another 1300 yard season it means the rest of the offense totally collapsed. The leading WR on the team last year was Kendrick Bourne with only 487 yards. That is the lowest yardage total for any WR that lead his team in yards in the NFL last year. Even the lowly Raiders had a RB and 2 WRs with more yards than Bourne last year. As long as he stays healthy, Kittle will be a dangerous weapon in Shanhan’s offense but I fully expect him to have fewer yards and fewer catches next year and that’s a good thing. As other position groups increase their production I also expect the 49ers to be in the top 7-9 in the NFL in points scored. Last year the 49ers scored only 321 points. I think they can improve that up to about 430 points if they can get better WR and RB play.

  12. Grant….

    Please check Capt. Sensible’s post immediately above. Does Capt’s post violate Press Democrat standards?


    I’m not inviting you to my Festivus gathering.

  13. One other point regarding Kittle is that he is probably the fastest tight end in the league . Fastest among the starters for sure.

    1. ‘There are 3 kinds of falsehoods. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.’ BD/MT.
      He did his job, and was good enough to help win a SB.

    1. Baalke was backstabbing everyone he could. He also stabbed Chip in the back. Considering Baalke treated players like a piece of meat, players returned the favor, like Willis retiring early, Borland quitting after a season, and AD refusing to play.
      Baalke liked to stab, then give the knife a twist.

      1. Baalke? I just puked in my cheerios…..that dude was straight up idiot….and was paid very well for it…..another Jed mistake

    1. Fan loyalty? The fans prove their loyalty, every time they do not go to that empty mausoleum. Many times, the opposing team has more fans in the stands.
      Niners rank number 9? I wonder what they were smoking when they dreamed up those rankings.

      1. The fans did not choose that horrid stadium …. then factor in Jed and his bozos….fans don’t have a chance

    1. Part of my academic background many, many years ago was several years of studying Latin which included study of Roman culture. As part of discipline in the Roman military, generals practiced what they called “Decimation.” If a unit was guilty of something serious like breaking ranks or cowardice then the general would divide the unit into groups of ten men. They would draw lots and the one person who drew the short straw was executed by the other 9 men in his group. I can’t remember the exact story but in one famous punishment every 10th man was blinded but allowed to live. 4k years ago serious injury like an achilles may not have resulted in punishment but once your usefulness to the state was over it typically meant death.

      Also, very curious if Verrett’s rehab is being managed by Ben Peterson’s staff or if he has his own workout guy.

      1. Great background.

        Sherman, Verrett, Bowman, and others would have had quite the challenge back in the day. In many instances, one would be left to battle the elements–and famished carnivores–on a (very) bad leg.

        Since the video was taken inside Levi’s, I’d assume the 9ers are positively involved in his pre-camp rehab.

      2. Houston, if you ever watched the Spartacus series on STARZ, you could have seen “Decimation” depicted in grand fashion. I think it was the “War Of The Damned” episode. One of my favorite series of all time, and well worth a weekend binge….

          1. You’re welcome, but in the spirit of full disclosure; no Roman stone of debauchery is left unturned in the series. 😉

    2. 4,000 years ago your medical choices would be Incas or early Olmecs, Minoans, Egyptians, or Chinese. Or just some random Medicine Man.

        1. The Incas were indeed around. As early as 2500 BCE, and they superseded an earlier group.
          I identified the Olmecs as “early”.
          I never mentioned the Romans.
          But thanks for chipping in.

          1. No, the Incas were much later. 1100 AD, with their biggest influence around 1400 AD. Mochica and Nazca civilizations were well established for millenia before the Inca invaders created their empire. The genesis of the Inca empire started around Cuzco, but they were latecomers, and even in their empire at its apex, 30 different languages were spoken. A better example of a long lasting civilization from about the time period you cited, would be the Mayans.
            Medicinal marijuana was in the written pharmacopoeia since 1500 BC, but there were references since 2900 BC. Almost 5000 years ago.
            Too bad the NFL is ignoring a medicine that may help alleviate the effects of pain and/or trauma. Instead, they go Reefer Madness.

            1. And the example you cite is later as well.

              Not sure what marijuana has to do with anything though I would love to see the sources of such. I know that cannabis has been in use (as hemp) for a long time and that people used it as a drug as well, but the medical indicators I would like to see far more than take your word for it.

              1. Nope. Try again! OT references are based on particular interpretation of what ancient Jews meant by that usage.

                Never said Cannabis hadn’t been around for a long time. I just challenged your certainty regarding its use in medical applications. Glad you acknowledge that writing references you provided are not verifiable. The individuals you referenced are mythological (see Achilles). Therefore, the writing (and any references to it) are many years after. Kingdom implies King, not emperor. And given the scarcity of record much of it is legend.

                Once again, you tout Cannabis medical prowess but there is very little evidence of its efficacy as medicine (anecdotal evidence notwithstanding). That remains so for most usage of the plant. It’s psychotropic effects have been well know for millennia and this is why so many push it today.

                Cocaine is also a drug that has been used medicinally and it’s effects are well known. No cabal exists to ignore its medicinal values. Same is true for your wacky weedus!

            2. Oh well, no scholarly sources…Ok, that should prove the point.

              The earliest mention is in Egyptian texts, if they are interpreted correctly. You have Chinese and Hindu use but it is nowhere near as early as you state.

              Even so there has been cannabis found in ancient Paleolithic sites attesting to its use, but that is not the same as a testament in writing regarding medical properties.

              1. 2900 BC- The Chinese emperor Fu Hsi references marijuana as a popular medicine.
                2700 BC- Chinese emperor Shen Nung said to discover the healing properties of marijuana. Shen Nung was considered to be the father of Chinese medicine.
                1500 BC- Earliest written reference to medical marijuana in Chinese Pharmacopoeia.
                The Rh-Ya, listed marijuana as a healing agent.

              2. Yeah I think the earliest real mention as medicine is in the Shennong Bencaojing which is in AD 100.

                The first emperor is Qin Shi Huang in the 3rd Century BC.

              3. China back then, were divided into several kingdoms. They called them emperors of each kingdom, but yes, Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of a unified China.
                Glad you admit that marijuana has been around for at least 10,000 years. Considering proven writing had not been introduced until around 1700 BC, written records would be hard to find about previous regimes.
                Finding ancient references to pot has been discouraged for years, but thorough studies have shown early references to medicinal marijuana, despite the naysayers. Even the Old Testament has a mention of Kaneh Bosm. Cannabis.

          2. The Incas arose in the early 15th century, so no their heyday was much later. Not sure where you are getting that they were around that early. The people the Inca ruled had been around for a long time (as had other indigenous peoples) but the Inca were a ruling class and their empire arose very late.

            Medical choices would have been Egyptian, Chinese, Minoan and possibly the Harappa. Here in the Americas the Olmec were just starting but you have the Quitus, Chico, and Tiwanku though their medical knowledge is as much guesswork as anything. The latter lived around the same region as the one that gave rise to the Inca but they are no more the same culture than the Arabic Mamluks to the Pharonic past of Egypt.

            Razor mentioned the Romans who are very late in antiquity.

            1. And by the way some of these ancient texts also mention known poisons that were apparently used as medicine, so just because they mention it’s use does not mean that it is efficacious medicine (or that it isn’t as well – jury on that is very much still out – though greatly exaggerated by the pro pot crowd {wonder why?}).

        1. You clearly don’t know history! And your presumption would likely have led to your crucifixion or beheading.

        2. Haha!!!!!!

          Sebby, Sebby, Sebby…………………

          You say provocative things purposely-you’ve admitted that. You like to “play” people-or think you are. I get a huge kick out of your various “Seb-onians”.

    1. TrollD, the fact that you want me to take an IQ test, aptly demonstrates your mental inferiority.
      Why don’t you take an IQ test and tell me the score. I could use a good laugh.
      FYI, my father was a UC professor, and I graduated from UCD. Extrapolate my intelligence from those facts.

      1. I’ve heard of a certain Wharton Business School graduate who is the best businessman in the history of business. Extrapolate that.

        1. Donald Trump? The billion dollar loser?
          Einstein attend the University of Zurich. Hawking attended Oxford and Cambridge. I would call those guys pretty intelligent.

      1. Has Verrett ever played nickel?

        Personally, given Verrett’s health issues, I like the idea of Verrett/ Spoon fighting it out for one CB spot and whoever loses is the primary backup. Good chance both guys would see plenty of snaps throughout the year anyway (barring major injury early in the year).

        1. Has Verrett ever played nickel?

          Dunno, but I have no doubt he could play there. He’s plenty fluid enough, and scouting him I thought he had the ability to play outside, and in the slot. If you wanted your three best players on the field at the same time, that would be the way to go in my view. Then you’d have Williams/Reed/Mosley/Brown/Harris/Mabin as your backups….

  14. So far, 9ers have avoided a season ending injury to a top rookie…..so far….

    “The Cincinnati Bengals received some awful summer-break news: First-round pick Jonah Williams will likely miss the entire 2019 season.

    The team announced the rookie left tackle underwent left shoulder surgery Tuesday to repair a torn labrum that is likely to sideline him for the entire year. The 21-year-old is expected to make a full recovery, the Bengals added.”

  15. Sebbie….

    If pop/rock/R&B stars formed a team to play in the NFL, and they were the players–and you were the coach–what positions would you have them play? For the sake of augment, pay no mind to age. Oh, and if they’re dead, you can’t use ’em. Example: can’t have Eddie Rabbitt doing the punting.

    Bobby McFerrin — ?
    Bryan Adams — ?
    Meat Loaf (Michael Aday) — ?
    Al Green — ?
    Daryl Hall — ?
    Billy Joel — ?
    ….. (many others, name ’em)

      1. Mark Knopfler. A gritty receiver–across the middle and in the red zone.

        Yards for nothin’ and scores for free…

  16. sebnynah says:
    June 25, 2019 at 10:28 pm

    FYI, my father was a UC professor, and I graduated from UCD. Extrapolate my intelligence from those facts.

    Reply: Yawn ! …Legacy admissions have no value for me. George Bush Jr. was a legacy admission to Yale Univ. , due to his father, GW Senior having gone their.

    Harvard is well known for their legacy admissions.

    FYI, Sebraidah. I had to work hard, putting myself through a Div 1 universtiy while also
    dividing my time play D-1 football, while maintaining an 3.7 GPA.

    Your free pass demonstrates what I knew all along. That your ‘silver spoon’ admission to UCD was not due to your own blood, sweat and tears, but that of your poor father.
    If he could only see you now…..

    I leave you with your own legacy, Sebraidah:

    Harvard’s freshman class is more than one-third legacy—here’s why that’s a problem


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