Will Mike Solari join Greg Roman in Buffalo?

Matt Barrows recently tweeted that the Buffalo Bills are interested in 49ers’ offensive line coach Mike Solari.

I get it why — the Bills just hired Greg Roman to be their offensive coordinator, and Solari knows Roman’s offense. No one can teach Roman’s system to the Bills’ offensive linemen better than Solari, who happens to be one of the best offensive line coaches in football. So, of course Roman and the Bills want Solari.

But, why would Solari want to go to Buffalo? It’s Buffalo, for crying out loud. Solari is a Bay Area guy. And the Bills have no quarterback or first-round pick this year.

I’m guessing Solari would rather stay with the 49ers.

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  1. If he leaves, it may indicate an outside man is destined for the 49ers head coaching position….

    1. Did Solari come in with Harbaugh or before? I get the feeling Jed and Trent really like him and would strongly recommend him to any incoming HC.

        1. If I’m running the 49ers I get rid of all the offensive guys that Harbaugh brought in.

          1. I hope we don’t give Buffalo any draft picks for unloading Roman Noodles. :) Let’s hope they match his current salary, so we don’t have to make the difference. Curious what Roman Noodles contract with Niners was. I could never find any info on it.

            1. None of your worries merit concern. From a contract point of view, Roman and Harbaugh are having “mutual” departures.

              1. htwaits: Has there ever been a situation in the NFL where a HC is fired and no one applies for the job. What do they do?

              2. “George Halas, then the player-coach of A.E. Staley’s Decatur Staleys, was among the driving forces of this meeting, which gave birth to what exists now as the NFL.”

                As I recall Halas coached the Bears three different times for 10 years each. Maybe that was a case of no one wanting to coach George’s team. I have no memory of a NFL team going without a coach.

                Sometimes a current assistant takes the job when maybe no talented coach applies. That’s certainly happened. Maybe Tomsula was leaked as an in house favorite as insurance in case there were too many candidates that didn’t wan the job.

                “We wanted Tomsula all the time. We were just doing our due diligence first.

              3. lol mary, that must be a troll comment right? Someone always applies to a coaching job, wouldn’t you want at least a few million dollars?

              4. Mary,

                In the words of John McEnroe: “You cannot be serious!!!” If you are, you need a lot more football learnin’ (please, don’t take offense, you, yourself, said you’re here to learn football – I couldn’t agree more, btw).

                Considering that there are only 32 NFL HC jobs available, do you really think that there would ever be a vacancy that no one would want? Come on, man.

    2. Not really razor. Maiacco reporting that tomisula around league circles is the front runner. FML!!!!!! I can’t watch another singltary type coach again. What a joke of an organization we have become if this is the case.

      1. totally agree!…We need someone who has a plan…something more than just “lets go guys!”….we all saw how that Singeltary experiment worked…

      2. Who is Brad Seely/Special Teams Cord. and Assistant Head Coach? Was he considered next in line after Harbaugh?

  2. A quote from over at NinersNation:

    “We have found what we were looking for in a new coach: a leader, a motivator, a teacher, an individual with exceptional skills in coaching,”
    “xxx has a long history of coaching winning teams, and I’m confident he’ll succeed in San Francisco.”

    Who was being quoted above and who was the coach ?

    1. Yes, fellow Niners fans. That was Donahue introducing Erickson to the hapless fans.

      Who brought Donahue into the Niners fold to help turn Bill Walsh’s Superbowl winners into an expansion team?

      Why, that would be Bill Walsh himself proving to the fans that he could be both Bramha, the Creator and Shiva, the Destroyer…..

  3. CK=Elite?

    Hiring Meyer would seemingly make Jed’s stated desire to “win with class” nothing but b/s.

    1. We’ll he was full of b/s when he stated he wanted to resign Jim as well. Once a b/ s ter always one.. I think it’s beyond a stretch that Meyer would even be considered. I just will be furious if they hire tomisula. Believe me when I tell you we will be looking for a new coach in 2-3 years if this is there plan. This is a disaster.

    2. It is B.S. If Harbaugh had won a SB, Jed would now be paying him over $8 million a year despite the ongoing issues. We are talking about a guy that was so impressed by Singletary dropping his pants at halftime that he made him the head coach. In Jed I don’t trust.

        1. He dropped his pants during halftime during his first game as INTERIM coach. York announced in the locker room that Singletary would be the permanent HC after the last game of the season. The promotion came post pants dropping.

  4. I’d be surprised if, whoever the new HC/ OC is, they don’t want to keep Solari. I doubt he leaves unless he desperately wants out.

  5. What about money? Money sure can help make the best of an otherwise less than favorable situation or geograpy.

  6. Scooter:

    What makes you so sure? Have Solari’s o-lines ever been stellar when he didn’t have Drevno as a co-coach?

    1. Claude,

      It’s interesting that you also have noticed the role of Drevno and the drop-off when the latter departed for USC. Makes me wonder if Solari connects with the young Niners linesmen effectively. He definitely is an experienced and intelligent coach but …..

    2. Did Drevno have to deal with the amount of movement in and out of the lineup that Solari had this season?

      That being said, the offensive line put up a Pass Blocking Efficiency rating that was only bested one time, 2012, during the time Drevno was with the team.

  7. I think it would be unprecedented for Jed and Trent to promote a position coach to HC. As OldCoach pointed out to me, Singletary was the Asst. HC at the time he was promoted. If they choose Tomsula, I’m sure they’ll try to sell his one year as a HC in NFL Europe as a legitimate experience for a HC job in the NFL.

    Of course that doesn’t mean it couldn’t work but I sure won’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling about it.

  8. htwaits:

    You’ll have to forgive Neal; he’s stunned. He has been guaranteeing for more than a year that Roman would never get another NFL OC job without Harbaugh.

    1. I humbly forgive Neal. May he never suffer such pain again. Oh wait, where does Neal stand on Tomsula, and who does he think will be Tomsula’s offensive coordinator?

      That question could cause an acid reflux epidemic.

      1. It appears to me that Fangio and Tomosula will be Co-head coaches for the 49ers.First team in NFL history to think out of the box. (( NOT)) Jed does not want to hurt their feelings. Mean while neither one of these guys can’t get a head coach interview outside of their current team. Can’t wait for this world search in finding a coach, which will end up being in the same building. What a coincidence.

  9. Cubus:

    Of course that doesn’t mean it couldn’t work

    No, but this pretty much does:

    Hiring position coaches almost never works out. Of the possible jobs a coach can have prior to making the leap to head coach — head coach with another team, coordinator, position coach, or college — position coaches fare the worst by a significant margin. There have been just 14 position coaches to make the jump to head coach in the salary cap era. On average they have produced a Pythagorean win percentage of .451, well below coordinators (.492), head coaches (.509), or college hires (.516).

    From http://www.ninersnation.com/2015/1/9/7519139/searching-for-the-profile-of-a-successful-nfl-head-coach

        1. Payton Manning seems to have had serious leg problems (injuries) to go along with a weakening arm. He will be 39 in about two months. It’s insulting to ask if he choked. He was physically unable to make some throws that would normally (younger) have been easy for him.

    1. I wonder if they will hire Jack Del-Rio in Denver or maybe Shanahan, not sure what type of relationship he had with owner.

  10. I like Tomsula. He was OK for the Interim assignment. I hope he sticks around. But I have not been on board with the broad based guess that he’s the next HC.
    Of course, based on the accuracy of my draft guesses, I guess Jim’s a lock.

    1. I wanted Mike Nolan to be the head coach, and both he and McCarthy took Rodgers over Smith, that being said, anything I have to say , might not be good sound football advise:D

  11. First of all, it’s Tomsula. Show the man some respect by spelling his name right. I don’t know why some are so negative about him…he’s a heckuva football coach. Also don’t understand any comparison w/Singletary, that notion’s absurd. Tomsula’s been a DC and head coach in NFL-E…he knows how to lead teams. I have no idea who our next head coach will be, although my gut’s saying Mike Shanahan, Fangio or possibly Bowles.

    1. We’ll he was an NFL Europe HC and had a record of 6-4… Holy crap lets make him the next coach of the niners. What an unbelievable talent.. Oh I forgot he was 1-0 as an interim coach winning a point less end of season game. No one is saying he is not a good D line coach but to even consider him a HC is idiotic period. By the way he is very comparable to singletary in which they were both position coaches who have never been a Defensive coordinator…This has disaster written all over it… He is the whooping boy that Jed wanted since last year.

  12. Jack:

    Re: Fox — Hmmm

    Re: Solari — I didn’t mean to advocate for Drevno. I only meant to suggest that Solari didn’t seem to have a track record for producing great offensive lines. I take it you disagree.

        1. No he hasn’t.

          The 49ers offensive line have had a better pass blocking efficiency rating for 3 of the last 4 years.

          Marshawn Lynch, and Russell Wilson mask a lot of things up there.

          1. How many first round picks does Tom have on his OL? Okung has had significant injury time during his career….

    1. Solari had some pretty good Olines in KC. I’m not even sure he is Coaching the system he truly wants here.

    1. He did a pretty good job at KC for a long time. A lot of his OL make pro bowls. I’d say it is deserved.

        1. Massive. He’s done nothing to suggest he would be a good OC candidate. His two years as OC at the Chiefs were ordinary to say the least. Let him stick to the OL.

          1. “His two years as OC at the Chiefs were ordinary to say the least.”

            I don’t know. Getting 9 wins and a playoff berth out of Damon Huard and a beat up Trent Green ain’t bad. And he got 4 wins out of Huard and Brodie Croyle the next year.

            1. That 2007 season was brutal.

              But its true he wasn’t helped by personnel. They definitely made a Josh McCown sized mistake expecting Huard to repeat what he did in relief duty the year before.

    1. @Good post ht…I always suspected that Roman covered up JH’s changing the plays he sent him

      1. That could actually happen. What I’m hearing on NFL Network is that the Broncos may not believe that Manning can take them to the promised land.

        1. Mid:

          How would we make that happen without getting rid of CK or is that what you are suggesting?

            1. Well you know, in the previous post Jobiwon threw out the following idea:

              “Rex loved Kaep. Tnen they hire Roman. Could we see Kaep traded to Buffalo for a few picks?”

              Imagine if his suggestion happened and we picked up Fox and Manning. Talk about a twist that would make everyone’s head explode.

              1. Yeah, I meant in the previous blog post from Grant, titled “49ers head coach will be ….”

        2. After 13 career postseason losses, with 9 coming in the first playoff game of the season, why would ANYONE believe that Peyton Manning is a good postseason QB?

          He’s not. He is subpar, with an 11-13 record. Peyton is the most overhyped, overrated player in the history of American sports. Period.

      2. To be fair Jack, he also went to a SB (and only lost by 3 points) and 2 NFCCGs with the mighty Jake Delhomme.

        1. Delhomme was on fire there for a while wasn’t he?

          Maybe Fox could come to SF and bring Dan Henning along as OC.

          1. Depends on what you mean by “on fire”. He had a period there where he was a good complement to that team. But aside from 2007 where he only played 3 games he never managed a passer rating above 88.1 while at the Panthers.

            He was competent.

            1. That’s right.
              Delhomme was an even better example of a “game manager” than AS was.
              But then again, a game manager isn’t the worst thing a QB can be.
              Just ask Dilfer…

      1. Let’s face it. It is York who is going to decide the next coach, so it could happen.

    1. I say yes. He did a pretty darn good job with the Panthers until Jimmy Clausen (ably supported by Matt Moore) cost him his job. Those teams were never the most talented, but played hard and had some very good seasons.

      With the Broncos, they had the talent but didn’t get it done. Is Fox to blame for not winning a SB? I’m sure he deserves some of the blame, but Manning is as Manning does. Greatest playoffs choking QB of all time.

  13. According to Matt Maiocco:

    “The 49ers have not reached out to defensive coordinator Vic Fangio in recent days about the possibility of replacing Jim Harbaugh as head coach, a source said Monday morning.”

      1. Ian Rapoport @RapSheet
        The #49ers are expected to meet with and make a final push for #Broncos OC Adam Gase tonight, source said.

  14. Christian Gin (@Christian_Gin):

    “Clean that house. RT @VicLombardi: Entire #Broncos coaching staff let go. Not just Fox. All assistants gone according to several players”.

    Well, if the 49ers want Gase they may not need to make him HC…

    1. Elway’s Black Monday came 2 weeks later — but when it has come, he has really wielded the axe with a vengeance!

    2. All the Denver coaches are still under contract, but they are free to meet with any NFL team that’s interested. In Gase’s case, that could also include Denver.

  15. Welp, York wants a yes man. You can’t get a better yes man than the one Manning told what hoop to jump through.

  16. Grant Cohn (@grantcohn):

    “Adam Gase runs a one-back offense. His offensive philosophy is the polar opposite of the 49ers’ offensive philosophy. Bad fit”.

    A good point, though it can equally be argued the 49ers have been acquiring players to suit a more expansive offense, and that even Roman this year attempted to move to a more expansive offense.

    Question is, what happens to Bruce Miller if they go more 1-back?

    1. If they’re smart, they’ll find a way to keep utilizing Miller. He’s an underrated component to this offense.

      1. If the 49ers get an intellectual offensive coach, like Gase, rather than a cheerleader coach, like Harbaugh or Singletary, there’s a pretty good chance he will do what his predecessors did not do, and exploit the Walsh Vault. The 49ers have a legacy; it is not Ditka, and it is not Schembechler. I, for one, am hoping that Gase, or someone like him (young, cerebral, offensive coach), is the next HC of the 49ers.

    2. Grant is also looking at past tense. That used to be the Niners philosophy. The ongoing philosophy will be whatever the next HC wants it to be.

      1. Yes. But a weak coach hire would probably do what he was told. Do you think Baalke and Jed are looking for strong new ideas in their head coach?

  17. MidWestDynasty:

    I can understand having some apprehension about Gase, but I don’t understand the derision, especially since you have no idea how the Denver offense operated.

      1. Dynasty
        How do you know? Have you read up on Gase’s reumé at all or are you blindly expelling derision?

        1. How do we know?
          I would say this is the worst kept secret in football but its not a secret at all. Manning calls the plays. He has called his own plays for about the past 10 years or more.
          Those jokes about Omaha and everything else Manning yelled out were told for a reason.

  18. Forget Gase; Del Rio is available! Couldn’t resist.

    In all seriousness, Gase is viewed pretty favorably as a good young offensive mind around the league, so I think we could do worse than hiring a good young offensive Coach.

      1. Man, you look like a broken record.
        Gase is very well respected by many bright football minds, who know a lot more about football than anyone is this blog.
        Do some research on him. He was very well regarded even before Manning.

      2. Manning is the original choke artist I’m playoff football. First there was Peyton, then there was Romo, then Kaepernick. If a team wants to win the Super Bowl, those are the QBs to avoid.

      3. Are you taking about the 38 year old Manning who couldn’t quite finish this season due to bad legs, or the 39 year old Manning who if he plays next year will have to deal with an old arm and old legs. Manning is a body thrower so his legs are very important to him.

      1. Who else would Gase use? End of the day it will still be his offense. At least Knapp has experience calling plays and has worked within Gase’s offense previously.

        I know some are suggesting Manning, but that would seem highly unlikely to me, and at the end of the day we have no idea if he’d be any good as an OC.

        1. Who else would Gase use?

          Kyle Shanahan, Marc Trestman, and Doug Marrone to name a few.

        2. Knapp has a terrible record as an OC Scooter. I guess he wouldn’t be a true OC as Gase would probably be the playcaller, but I’m not a fan. It wouldn’t be Manning either. That is just over active imaginations running wild. I’m guessing it might be somebody he’s worked with previously.

          1. If Gase gets the gig, my guess is he brings Studesville with him as OC, not Knapp.
            Question is…who’d be the DC…would Del Rio come too…or Bowles maybe?

          1. Jed got his stadium and he got Harbaugh to get the 49ers back to respectability. Now it might be time to go on the cheap and make some cashola and forget about the product for awhile. If Tomsula is hired, that will confirm it.

    1. Greg Knapp as OC?
      Mr run on first down regardless of the situation? I think Gwenn Knapp would probably do a better job.

      1. Fair enough. He would be OC in name, but if Gase was HC I assume he would really be the one running the O.

  19. >MWD:

    Well. since you’re so familiar with the Broncos’ inner workings, I guess we’ll have to take your word for it.

      1. Manning doesn’t call the plays. Gase does. Manning has the leeway to audible to another play based on what he sees, and make pre-snap adjustments.

        1. Doesn’t every QB have that privilege? I know our QB does but he lacks the intellect to make the right decision.

          1. Yes Prime, that is pretty much par for the course. Where Gase benefits is from having a QB that makes the right adjustments most of the time, and sees the field well.

          2. Like most of life, it depends. The amount varies from almost zero to do what ever you think best.

        2. I’d believe that if I saw the same offense with a different QB at the helm Scooter.

            1. We’ll see Scooter. I’ve seen too much of Manning to know when he’s calling the shots and when it’s someone else. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong, but I see Gase as nothing but fool’s gold and the fool Jed York is willing go for it.

              1. But maybe Gase will be hired as OC and assistant head coach to Vic Fangio. On the premise that he will become HC when Vic retires?
                Just my guess

              2. Its an interesting guess. As Barrows said in response to a similar tweet, I don’t think Gase would be keen on something less than a HC position, but if no other teams hire him as a HC who knows?

  20. You might want to look up the word “fact.” It doesn’t mean what you think it means. The word you are looking for is speculation.

    1. So why are some on here thinking he could be an OC if he called it quits? He’s called plays since his time with the Colts.

      1. Mid,

        Manning has never called plays. In Indy he got plays from Tom Moore and went with whatever one the defense dictated. He did the same thing with Gase.

      2. Those “some” here who think Payton Manning would be interested in being an assistant or even head coach are dreaming. Peyton has made $200+ million in his career and will continue to make big money after he retires. He double majored in finance and marketing. I “speculate” that he will have other things to do with his time, including keeping his endorsement carrier on track.

          1. Sure he does. And he’s looking for a job where he can have a cot in the corner so he can gin up a new game plan every week.

  21. We peons have no way to evaluate the offensive line coach except by results. On that basis, Solari should be replaced. But maybe it was just the personnel and the blocking scheme, which maybe Greg Roman was in charge of. To be honest, even in the years when the o-line was supposed to be the best in football, I never thought they gave the QB enough time before collapsing. And the run blocking hasn’t been very good, either, although maybe that was inevitable when defenses were stacking the line and the passing game wasn’t making them pay for it.

  22. MWD:

    You’ll have to ask those commenters why they hold the opinion they hold. I would only be speculating, and that would be a waste of my time and yours.

    It’s precisely because we don’t know Gase’s and Manning’s exact roles in the Denver offense that it is reasonable to be apprehensive about the prospect of hiring Gase. But your level of absolute certainty isn’t based upon facts, only speculation and rumor.

  23. If Gase is the guy, can we keep Fangio? I wonder if he’ll have an issue reporting to someone 20 years his junior.

  24. Scooter:

    Thanks for the link. This passage will appeal to many of the ardent Kaepernick supporters:

    Gase played an integral role two years ago reconstructing Denver’s offense a month into the season to set the stage for Tim Tebow’s miracle playoff run. Gase, the quarterbacks coach at the time, helped devise an option scheme with then-offensive coordinator Mike McCoy. While critics searched for ways that the flawed Tebow would fail, Gase employed his core coaching principle by identifying and maximizing his player’s strengths.

    1. Yeah, from everything I have read about Gase it sounds like he’s a guy that knows how to tailor an offense to suit his personnel.

      Like MidWest and many others I am concerned his success is a product of Manning’s excellence (though I am willing to believe he was the one calling the plays). A QB of that calibre can make up for many deficiencies in an OC. But he receives nothing but glowing praise for his ability to devise an offense and football acumen.

      1. Not to mention that, no matter how good Manning has been, he’s never had a season as good as the one he had under Gase.

        I’m more concerned if he has the necessary leadership skills and experience to be a head coach. Might be a few years too soon.

        But as an OC I couldn’t be happier if we get him.

    1. I don’t know about adjustments, but Manning was terrible yesterday. That’s not on Gase. He was really struggling to throw the ball more than 10 yards accurately.

    2. The way the Colts were playing, downfield throws to the sideline were there. Manning just couldn’t execute. And Thomas kept dropping those screen passes. Lots of reasons they didn’t win the game, but execution on offense is right up there.

    3. The Broncos averaged 4.4 yards per run, but Gase only called for a run on 20 of 68 plays.

        1. Kept throwing. It’s crazy. They ran the ball well throughout the second half of the year, but in the biggest game they go away from it.

          Sounds like a perfect fit.

          1. They didn’t go away from it until they were down 21-10 and into the 4th quarter. Even before then the running game had been ineffective for the most part in the second half. Anderson’s first 4 carries of the second half netted 7 yards.

            The problem was Manning. Not the game plan, not adjustments. It was the fact Manning could not take advantage of what the Colts were giving him.

            1. “They didn’t go away from it until they were down 21-10 and into the 4th quarter.”

              They were down 21-10 at 8:21 of the 3rd quarter. It was only a two score game, and they had plenty of time to keep trying the run. Over the final 23:21 they called a total of 4 runs. The last coming on the first play of the 4th quarter.

              Manning definitely struggled, but Gase did him no favors.

              1. Jack,

                They were down 21-10 at 8:21 of the 3rd quarter. It was only a two score game, and they had plenty of time to keep trying the run. Over the final 23:21 they called a total of 4 runs. The last coming on the first play of the 4th quarter.

                They had 3 possessions in the 3rd quarter. The first two were 3 and outs and both featured a run play called that netted 1 and 2 yards respectively. On their 3rd possession they ran it 4 times and again had little success with Anderson gaining 13 yards on 6 attempts overall in the 3rd quarter and early 4th as part of the same drive. They did not go away from the run until time started to become a factor in the 4th quarter. Their second possession of the 4th quarter in fact came with a little over 4 mins remaining.

                Manning definitely struggled, but Gase did him no favors.

                Gase was not the problem. There were plays to be made and Manning couldn’t make them. That was the reason for the offenses struggles; not the playcalling.

              2. Jack,

                They only had two possessions after that drive, one coming with 4 minutes left on the clock after Indy killed 8 mins on a drive of their own. They didn’t go away from the run until pretty much forced to due to the time left in the game and the fact the run wasn’t working anyway.

  25. Gase kept calling deep shots even though Manning’s deep passes kept hitting the hot dog vendors. If the Niners wanted an OC who struggles making in-game adjustments, they should have kept Greg Roman.

    1. Just stop del rio! Your like the guy that continuously makes ridiculous comments and your ideas never become valid. I partly come onto this site to read those comments. Entertaining.

    2. Did Del Rio make any adjustments? They knew Luck was going to throw because they had no running game and still could not stop him.

      1. I thought he did. Del Rio came out rushing four and using a lot of zone coverage. That didn’t work, so in the second half he blitzed more and used more man coverage.

        1. I actually like Del Rio but he’s one of those guys that’s meant to be a coordinator.
          He should have came out in a dime and stayed int it all game. Luck might have tried to force things into coverage. Hilton is a big time player

          1. Sounds like Del Rio has a good shot at getting the Raider job. Mark Davis likes him apparently.

    3. The deep shots were open Grant. The fact Manning missed them is one thing but what do you call if you can’t take advantage of what they’re giving you? Manning played a poor game. That is not on Gase.

  26. Gase wasn’t calling deep shots. The coverages dictated the deep route was the one to go with.

      1. “Peyton, stop throwing to the open guy, make sure you use your powerful arm to force it into tight coverage over the middle.”

        The Colts intentionally took away the middle of the field and gave Manning the outside. What was he supposed to do?

        1. “Peyton, keep throwing go routes — you’ll throw a good one eventually.”

          Gase should have given up early and saved everyone time if he had no answers or adjustments. Just say checkmate and leave the stadium.

          1. Yeah, good plan.

            The route was there. Peyton has been far more proficient on those plays in the past. If he takes out the deep sideline routes, he plays right into the Colts hands.

            One thing he tried was running some WR screens. But Thomas found a way to make sure those didn’t work either.

            Blame Gase if you want, but this was more on the players than the OC.

            1. Of course the route was there. Of course Manning deserves blame. Gase knew Manning couldn’t make the deep throws and didn’t adjust. Impressive stuff. No wonder the Broncos’ are holding onto him for dear life.

              1. What adjustment would you have made? If you take out the deep throw entirely, what is your awesome plan to attack a Colts D that is giving you the deep route?

          2. He had some answers/adjustments; the QB couldn’t execute them. Manning played a pathetic game and you’re blaming the OC?

            What is he supposed to call if the defense is taking away the middle of the field and his QB can’t force them out of it?

      2. Amazing!

        Gase: “Payton, stop throwing the deep one, your legs are dead, and your not getting anything on the ball.”

        Payton: “Yes Sir, coach Gase!’

  27. If the Niners want Gase, you have to assume they’ve done their homework. Whether he would be interested in them is the second question.

  28. “John Fox, 59, and the Broncos “mutually agreed” to part ways, as Fox told Fox Sports reporter Jay Glazer on Monday afternoon. ”

    This “mutually-agreed parting” is becoming infectious in the league,

  29. Mike Solari was one I was hoping the 49ers would retain.

    I’m hoping the “49ers final push for Gase” rumor is just a Sun Tzu/Machiavelli fake out by Baalke… and he’s sticking with Fangio or Tomsula.

    1. … who is Baalke faking out? I was just a poor excuse of a basketball player for a good while. I can say, without fear of contradiction, that I never faked out an opponent bringing the ball up court, unless there was a full court press on. Even then I passed the ball. Of course I never took the ball full court for an NBA dunk either.

      1. “faking out” was wild speculation on my part. Tis the speculation season after all. Something many fans are used to because the 49ers are so (proudly) anti-transparent.

        I sometimes wonder if Baalke interview/works out free agents and rookies to spook other clubs into spending more salary/draft capital on them. If Denver re-signed Gase out of fear the 49ers might swoop in and get him, that leaves the rest of the coaching candidate pool available to the 49ers.

        The more HC openings, the more competition there is for Baalke’s targeted candidate.

        I played CYO as a kid. Mostly bench warming center/forward. Didn’t do much faking out either when the ball was in my hands. I had zip talent, but studied the heck out of the game, hustled and applied pressure on D. Basketball is a great game.

        1. I hold a scoring record in my high school’s basketball history. I’m tied for last at one point. It’s a great story, but not for here. All the fun I had playing basket ball was in the USAF, and various city or contractor leagues.

  30. I see one of two things if it’s Fangio or Tomsula.

    1 the 49ers are waiting for someone who they feel is a better candidate.
    2 they had no plan at all as to who it was going to be and fired harbaugh on a moments notice. They would have hired JT or Fangio by now if they weren’t rejected by others or had any clue on what they were doing and who with. It could be they were waiting for a certain team to lose to get their guy. And I can only think of Denver’s OC.
    This is pathetic!
    Tomsula will fail, Fangio will fail. Singletary all over again.

    1. Why would Fangio fail. He’s defense you know will be top 5. If he can hire a legit OC and CK turns into a manger, the 49ers will be decent. Your always hatin, cheer up Bayarea shadow!

  31. Yeah, the fact that Gase didn’t make adjustments to heal Peyton’s injuries/physical ailments means he isn’t very good. Smh.

  32. “Peyton, I know you’re injured and you can’t throw deep, but I don’t have any other ideas, so keep on slinging ’em!”

  33. If Solari shuffles off to Buffalo for a lateral move…
    – Does it say anything about his opinion on 49er management?
    – Does it mean the 49ers are about to hire a “zone” oriented HC?
    – Does it mean Roman might have been hamstrung by the 49ers cumbersome system of calling plays?

    The 49ers have been a power “man” blocking team for years… Solari has leaned toward man (with a little zone) in his career, but some suggested on this blog (can’t remember name) Solari wanted more zone concepts, but wasrestrained by Harbaugh.

    1. That was me Brodie, and I don’t know if he wanted more zone concepts, but he had his greatest success with them in KC. It was just me speculating more than anything.

  34. So, we’re ignoring the second half?

    If you take away the plays he called in the second half, Gase never made any adjustments.

  35. rocket:

    Sounds like Del Rio has a good shot at getting the Raider job. Mark Davis likes him apparently.

    Great minds think alike.

  36. Gase’s offense scored 6 points after the first drive last night. No excuse for that, even if the QB can’t throw deep. Be creative, Adam.

  37. I noticed a few teams in the playoffs running the read option and have some success with. We have probably the fastest QB, a read option RB, and rarely even saw it. I have zero clue who to blame about the absence of the read option but it worked well. Heck they could have put Ellington and HYDE back there to run the read option. Or ran the pistol with Gore as the deep back. I am sure we will never know what the issues is. One thing is for sure, I get frustrated when I see teams run formation that we are better suited to run.

    1. KY,

      KAP is fast but he is not quick. He can’t beat the end around the runner. Wilson is quick but he can’t take it to the house because he’s not fast. #7 can takebit to the house but those long legs can’t get him going fast enough.

      1. If ran properly he does need to beat the end around the edge. If the end is focused on him, he hands the ball off. If the end crashes down, he keeps. I don’t need him to score a touchdown or break for 30 yard runs every time. That’s stupid. He can run the read option perfectly. Ask Chicago and Green Bay.

        1. The times the 49ers ran the zone-read, the defense crashed the end and had the safety come up and attack Kaep to make the tackle.

          Carolina added the WR pitch to try to combat this, but it didn’t seem all that successful vs Seattle after being mildly successful vs Arizona.

          Has Seattle been successful running zone-read?

  38. Grant:

    Your initial argument was that Gase made no in game adjustments. A quick glance at the play-by-play shows that he most certainly did (You must hate that the way facts keep getting in the way of your arguments). As usual, instead of admitting you are wrong, you’re trying to change the argument.

  39. “The ypc in the second half bears that out.”

    They tried 5 runs the entire half. It was an afterthought.

  40. Going after Gase makes total sense. He’s 0-2 against Seattle and his O has under 75 yards on the ground combined in those losses.

    Sounds like a perfect fit.

    1. The only move Jed could make that would make
      a modicum of sense .. (strategically) … would be .. This Guy ..
      (much as I hate to admit it, tho) …

      But, forgive me guys …
      nothing I’ve seen (or heard) from Jed (so far) ..
      has given me any confidence in his intelligence ..

  41. La Canfora tweeting the following:

    “Doing more digging on Broncos opening – would actually be very surprised if they went in-house, including Gase. Won’t be M. Shanahan either”

    If he’s right and the 49ers are meeting with Gase tonight as reported, then we might know something tomorrow.

  42. Now Rapoport is tweeting:

    “The #49ers will meet with Adam Gase to make a final push in their second interview tomorrow, not tonight, source said.”

  43. I told you watch out for number nine! Mariota? This would be a blowout if not for the Buckeye turnovers….

    1. Yeah, he did; but he’s been under a fair amount of pressure (I missed the first series). Jones has all day to throw the ball. Also, it looks to me like Mariota has a pretty good pocket game, but I’m certainly a neophyte in that area. The third down drops were big. OTOH, Ohio State has coughed it up twice.

      I can’t believe how many yards both teams have put up (around 300 yards for each team).

      1. “But he’s been under a fair amount of pressure.”

        I’d expect the Best Player in College football to handle a fair amount of pressure. Cardale Jones seems more poised than Mariota right now.

        1. Like I said I missed the beginning of the game, but from what I’ve seen Jones has had all day to throw the ball. Let’s see what happens in the 2nd half.

        2. I have to say though, the game has not been too big for this Cardale Jones kid. It will be interesting to see his game progress.

  44. Cardale Jones was trying to transfer to Eastern KY University at the beginning of the football season.

  45. Matt Maiocco
    Follow: @MaioccoCSN

    NFL source tells me 49ers are traveling to meet with Adam Gase tomorrow. Jim Tomsula is their top in-house candidate, according to sources.

        1. To be honest at the start of the HC search I wouldn’t have expected Gase to have much of a chance. He’s a bit of a surprise as top candidate for me.

          1. Tomsula for me considering the debacle with Singletary. I thought Jed York was smarter than his Dad and if Baalke backs that decision its another head scratcher.
            The only positive with Gase is he has worked with some good football people along his coaching career.

              1. Love Tomsula .. but not sure if
                he’s right for the HC position, or not ..

                Fer sure .. if he gets the gig .. his
                NFL Head Coaching record will be in jeopardy ..

                If they’re gonna stay in-house ..
                Vic should get it

            1. Haven’t been following the odds, but still surprising to me that Gase is (reportedly) considered the top candidate.

              1. Lol and you call me a hater because I’m not a fan of him or Fangio. TWO who have never coached at this level but 1 game.
                You’re a desperate little Canadian. GTFOH
                Who cares you’re nervous. You learn football from Madden. Remember? Lol

          2. Scooter, I picked Gase and I think someone told me that it was Manning leading Denver and Gase was just along for the ride. I hope he gets the job. I want us to have an explosive offense. I think he’s capable of helping #7. He’s not gonna stay with Denver as the head coach because after this year, they won’t have a QB. This is Mannings last year coming up.

  46. I think we are starting to see what Mariota will really look like. Right now it’s quick 1st read throws. I knew he was going to the wheel route as soon as I saw the receiver cut outside. As Herbie said, “As good as Mariota is, it’s the system.”

    1. A couple of thoughts:

      1) Defense wins championships in college too
      2) OSU dominated both lines of scrimmage
      3) Harbaugh has his work cut out for him
      4) Glad to see that a team from a different conference than the SEC won

      1. CUBUS,

        I think he did Harbaugh a favor. He put the Big 10 back on the map. Harbaugh may not beat OSU for a couple of years but he’ll get recruits just because the Big 10 won a championship.

    2. Mariota is a very good college player and deserving of the Heisman. Although I see some areas of concern, the thing that impresses me about him is his quick release.
      A quick release in the pros could prove a valuable asset for Marcus, but I don’t see him making any waves as a rookie.

  47. Heisman boy wet the bed like I said he would. Hype hype hype. There’s only the few who really look nfl ready. He’s not one of them. Got outplayed by a 3rd time starter.
    I’ll take some Elliot any day. Kid is a beast.

    1. Hmmmm. Did you notice that the 3rd time starter made some throws that our 4th year starter consistently misses?

      Did you notice how Mariota stood in the pocket and made some throws when people collapsed around him? I can’t recall the last time I saw Kaep do that.

      1. Wow you just compared the college game to the NFL. Lmao!!!!! You are a blow hard.. Troll.. You got something negative to say of our QB every day it seems. Apparently little do you realize is that you have very little knowledge of the game of football. You continue to say idiotic things.. Just keep running your mouth cause you lose more and more creditability. Your a closet raider fan trolling this site.

        1. So touchy CK=Elite, I wonder why.

          Hey did you know Greg Roman went to Buffalo? We’ll see how Buffalo will do with a couple of strong RBs, and a good WR, and oh yeah — an athlete QB in EJ Manual.
          If they score more then 24 points a game, then we’ll know who held the offense back.

          1. Manuel was benched for Kyle Orton. Roman is a good fit for Ryan’s style of play but they aren’t winning anything up there as long as Brady is in that division. It’s like the NFC West of the 80’s and 90’s.

            1. Buffalo has a strong defense. I think Rex Ryan’s Jets beat Brady this year.
              I’m not a Roman fan at all but I’m curious what he does with their offense.
              He has Boobie Dixon!

              1. “I think Rex Ryan’s Jets beat Brady this year.”
                Damn Fan! You just throw out statements without knowing? You couldn’t check the effing schedule? No, Rex didn’t beat Brady this year. You wonder why folks doubt your cred?

      2. I noticed that third time starter ran over their NT.
        Not happening in the nfl.
        Boy you’re seriously reaching. While you’re reaching grab me a beer.. Could ya?

      3. I agree Roman will have some good weapons at his disposal. I’m not sure if they have the o-line to get it done. Ryan could be converting the Bills into the 49ers/Hawks of the east. That D-line is vicious.

  48. I gotta feeling he stays in Denver as their HC. They fired fox pretty dang quick. Wonder if it’s because they want to keep him there and they know he’s a “hot item” in the coaches merry go round.

    1. That’s a very real possibility. Maybe Jed is hoping it’s true so he can go with the guy Matt Maiocco has been predicting all along. The dog and pony show may have just been a PR cover.

      Wouldn’t it be amazing if Tomsula turned out to be a master of back office politics.

      1. You might be right but the obvious question is why?

        Why all of this subterfuge? What purpose does it serve? What do they gain? If Tomsula is their guy, then just name him and get it over with. What purpose does it serve to pretend they are after Gase?

        1. You’d have to think by them trying to “steal” him away from Denver and if they fail. How does that make tomsula feel? Second best? That’s how id see it as a fan.
          I’m already ready to throw in the towel after hearing tomsula being the favorite. Clueless front office if that’s the case.

          1. Some think they have been planing for Tomsula since we lost the last game in 2013. They’ve been trying to dampen any outcry from the fans, because that’s who they are “responsible” to.

            Matt Maiocco seems to have inside sources and he has never wavered from Tomsula.

  49. MD- I would speculate that that isn’t the case considering that they informed all of the assistants that they were free to pursue other opportunities…….. and if they had an eye on Gase, one might assume that he would have wanted to consider some of his colleagues for staff positions.

    I think the 49ers are zeroing in on their guy- Bowles is interesting as a Parcells disciple, but how do you take him over Fangio and explain that decision to the players, staff etc? My $02

    Banshee started last night, Cinemax- good show under the radar, akin to The Bridge.

    1. Any of the Denver assistant coaches can be asked to stay, including Gase. There are reports that he will interview for the job. In turn, as head coach, he could interview any of the Denver assistant that he’s interested in keeping. It’s not an unusual approach. They are all still under contract with the freedom to look else where. It’s the same with the 49er assistant coaches.

      1. Word of mouth between coaches works wonders if Denver picks Gase immediately after in do the Rooney interview.

  50. Gase seems like a disaster waiting to happen. He would be in a division of excellent head coaches and has only two years of experience as an offensive coordinator, which took place during Peyton Manning’s tenure.

    This isn’t Pete Carroll leaving USC. Carroll failed miserably twice in the NFL before finding success in Seattle. That experience adds up and could easily be the difference between winning and losing the division.

    1. Big P:

      I’ve read a lot about PC history and I’m a big fan. After his last NFL firing he took a year off to reflect on what went wrong. Then there was USC and the rest is history.

      What he determined was that he needed to be the GM/HC like Belichick and have final say. Chip Kelly is the 3rd HC to achieve this status as of 2015. Thankfully PC, JohnS and Allen all get along. So much easier if you’re winning I guess.

      1. Mary,
        I’ve always said that if Carroll was our coach, we would love him. If Harbaugh was the Seattle coach, we would absolutely hate him. Despite all of the rivalry animosity, Carroll is a great coach and seems to really connect with his players.

    2. Well said BigP. Gase no HC experience. If the 49ers are willing to tear it down and rebuild from scratch – in light of the latest tweet by Mike Silver – Fangio Will not be part of that mix. In that case, I prefer a college coach with HC experience. Someone like Gus Malzahn …

    1. Nick, dude……. NOW York and Baalke have been put on the spot? LOL. They put themselves on the spot last July/August when they chose this route. Their decision to ‘table negotiations’ with (translation: move on from) Harbaugh is similar to JH’s decision to go with CK over Alex:
      Really? OK; it’d better work, repercussions if it doesn’t. Heck, repercussions if it only works pretty well.

      1. Brotha,
        I’ve been saying that all along. My choice of words on that last post were not great. What I meant was that Baalke and York have been called out. Fangio has issued an ultimatum. Let’s see how the 49ers front office responds.

        1. Losing Fangio would be a major error by the FO. Promote him to HC or give Shanahan the reigns as he requests. Bring in a younger guy at OC,again I say Chudzsinski. Gase is a big risk as HC ,McDaniels is considerably more churlish and abrasive than Coach Harbaugh and I contend would lose the peanut gallery.Prudence young sirs!

  51. If Gase isn’t announced as the next 49ers head coach this evening or tomorrow, he turned them down….

    1. If Gase is indeed the front runner, then York and Baalke really are dumber than they appear. I just heard John Clayton on the Radio saying that Denver doesn’t want Gase as their next HC. According to Clayton, Denver GM Elway thinks Gase is not ready for a HC job.

  52. Well already know that Baalke and The Yuppie Jerk are dumber than they appear — which is pretty dumb. So the best we can make of it is watch the team implode and count the days until management has to stand in front of the cameras. Hopefully they will sell the team, turn Levi Stadium into a soccer pitch — oops, field is too small, my bad, and hope the new owners build a new place where Kezar used to be. I know, I know, but I can dream…

  53. Funny how the coaches of some losing teams keep their jobs but Denver and SF get rid of winning coaches……..

  54. Everybody needs to relax. Gase is a bright young star in the league, and while we don’t know if he’s ready to be a HC, we do know he is highly respected around the league and is about as good a candidate as the Niners have right now. Here’s an article from this past summers TC. You can find a number of different articles saying the same thing. This guy has it and is going to be a HC sooner than later.


    1. Rocket,
      The people who know Gase the best (i.e. Denver front office) don’t think he’s ready to be a HC. He may someday turn out to be a good one, but at the moment, he’s not ready and has no HC experience. If I were Jed and Baalke, I’d consider him for OC, but no way would I consider him for HC.

      1. Nick,

        We don’t know what the Denver front office thinks or what their motivation is. We also don’t know if he’s ready or not. All we know is what he’s done so far in his career and it’s pretty impressive.

        I’ve got 3 names for you off the top of my head: Jon Gruden, Sean Payton and Mike McCarthy. All 3 had no prior HC experience and were pretty young OC’s. All worked out for very well. Don’t get locked into thinking somebody is a bad candidate because they are young.

      2. Elway said today that he wants a chance to talk to Gase about HC job. So much for them not having interest.

        1. The fly in Grant’s oinment was when Baalke boarded the jet for Denver. If the 49ers didn’t believe the Broncos had any interest, they would have just flown Gase into headquarters….

    2. I have to say I wasn’t keen on him at the start of this HC search, but the more I read about him the more comfortable I would be if they do hire him. Still plenty to be nervous about (experience and how he’ll go without Manning chief among them), but also a lot to be positive about him.

  55. Tradition, class. . …please do not hire Adam “bloat my stomach”, Gase!!! I need some pepto..

    1. Oh you weren’t aware? Grant deletes posts by people who openly criticize his opinions and writing style…Doesn’t matter if we don’t cuss or are not being hostile…He just can’t take it…

    1. I posted this quote and article link because I’m thinking that there is a possibility that they are interviewing Gase for the OC position. Gase may be fine with an OC position and he realizes that Manning will not be back. He might prefer to work with CK then with a rookie (or I guess that really tall backup that they have whose name escapes me). The FO has already decided on M. Shanahan as the HC and he has agreed to bringing on Gase as OC, if they can get him. If they can’t get him, Kyle is the OC. In this scenario, Fangio remains as DC. All speculation of course.

      1. Cubus,

        Anything is possible, but if Fox is hired by Chicago, I think Gase would go there as OC before coming to SF as OC.

        I think it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Niners don’t want an older HC. They seem to be looking for a young guy who has shown an ability to be an effective coordinator, and who they can bring in for the long haul. I think that’s why Shanahan and Fangio aren’t getting much attention.

        1. I read somewhere that Jed is molding the 49ers into a Silicon Valley startup equivalent. Integral to that concept is a young mindset. Jed is 33 or 34, Paraag is late thirties and Gase would be 36. Baalke might actually be the old man on the key team.

    2. Here’s how Gase runs his offense:

      Gase: “Does (insert ridiculously long play here) sound good, Peyton?”

      Manning: “Nope. I want (insert ridiculiciously long play here) in this situation.”

      Gase: *Slowly lowers his head in defeated fashion. “Okaaaaaay.”

      1. I like how everybody knows that Manning called all the plays, despite Gase, Manning and all the Broncos offensive players saying otherwise.

  56. I’m crazy enough to believe that Baalke/York should do their due diligence and take a shot at Urban Meyer.

    I know that Meyer had a 6 yr contract and was recently given a 1 yr extension making him the coach through 2017, but why not try anyway?

    The NFL lost one of it’s best headcoaches in Harbaugh to the college ranks, now maybe we can return the favor by making a effort at Meyer.

  57. It looks like the 9er job is Gase’s if he wants it. Rumour is that Fangio has stated that he is gone unless the 9ers hire M. Shanahan. So whats everybody think about Gase as the HC and a new DC?

    1. I had a feeling Fangio wouldn’t want to work for someone 20 years his junior.

      Assuming Gase is the new HC, I’m thinking that the new DC might be Donatell or possibly Del Rio if that’s who Gase wants and Del Rio is available.

      I think maybe I was quick to judge Gase as “riding the Manning gravy train”. Only real concern is lack of HC experience. I wonder if they might promote Tomsula to Asst HC to help Gase out.

    2. I don’t like it.

      No knock against the man from Denver, but a Gase hiring (and subsequent Fangio exit) would break up the defensive continuity that worked magic last year.

      I’m for….
      1) Keeping what works intact (Fangio, Tomsula, Solari, Donatel, Rahtman, Leavitt) through promotions and raises.
      2) Getting an OC who understands situational football… and who’s brain doesn’t melt in the 4th qtr
      3) Don’t waste any time. HC Fangio (and new OC) need to start hiring offensive position coaches.

      1. I’m not sure about Gase but i would hate losing Fangio. If Fangio leaves I believe that most of the D staff would ask for their release and follow Fangio.

        1. OC:

          I don’t want to lose Fangio either, but if he were to go, how important is the scheme ( 3-4 or 4-3) in determining who the next DC will be. If they interview a guy and he wants to run a 4-3, is that a major detriment in hiring him?

        2. Yup. It would be tragic. One of the top defenses in the game despite having only three starters by season’s end… with an offense that can’t chew clock to keep the defense rested.

          The 49ers have a great “teaching” coaching staffs… Tomsula, Rathman, etc. And now Baalke seems to be breaking it up, going for the shiny object.

      2. “2) Getting an OC who understands situational football… and who’s brain doesn’t melt in the 4th qtr”

        that’s actually on Kaep. they were 8th, then 5th in 4th Q points under Alex Smith. Under Kaep they dropped to 15th, then 32nd.

      3. Brodie,

        Gase’s brain didn’t melt in the 4th quarter if that is what you were insinuating. His QB came up lame.

        I’m also not sure why so many of you are afraid of change. It was a big change when Harbaugh was hired and it worked out quite well when hiring College Coaches hadn’t been all that successful before.

        I like Fangio, but the idea that the defense will not be good without him makes no sense. A lot of DC’s could have success with the talent this defense possess’. I would like Fangio to stay, but if he leaves it’s not the end of the world.

        1. I don’t think the defense is in trouble if Fangio leaves, but the overall football acumen of the franchise will be lessened and consequently in game adjustments might suffer….

          1. My apologies then Brodie. With all the talk about Gase I wasn’t sure if he’s the one you were referring too.

        2. Rocket, I completely agree re Fangio.

          People should take a look at his record as a DC. He’s done exceptionally well with the 49ers. Hasn’t done that well anywhere else. Some of that will be because he has learned at each stop he’s been at, so is a better DC today than he was 5, 10 or 20 years ago. But a lot of that also comes down to having a talented D in which he’s typically been able to rely on a four man pass rush and strong run-stuffing DL, and had all pro talent at LB that is great against the run and pass.

          This past year was really the only time he’s been tested. He passed with flying colours. But I really believe there are other guys that could run this D and have a lot of success too. Lots of talent to play with.

    3. Donatell would be the guy to worry about leaving with Fangio, but I don’t think the defense misses a beat with Jim Leavitt as DC….

      1. They are all under contract to the 49ers. Nobody can leave for a lateral position on another team unless the Niners agree to release them. That is why there is no chance Fangio winds up on an NFC West team as DC, or Donatell leaves for anything less than a DC position. This is all predicated on the new Coach wanting these guys. If he doesn’t they can do whatever they like.

        1. Rocket I don’t see the 9ers holding on to any Asst at any level if they are unhappy with the HC or coordinator hire. The worst thing you could do to a new HC is hand him a staff full of malcontents. I believe that after the HC is announced and he announces his coordinators any current asst who wants out will be given their release. imho

          1. OldCoach,

            No I agree it wouldn’t reach that stage. I don’t think they would let them go to a division rival though.

        2. Well, if they openly express their dissatisfaction and desire to leave (even if under contract), they will likely be allowed to leave. No one wants a key position filled by a malcontent. But I’m sure they could work out the terms of separation to prevent anyone they want from signing with a team in the NFC West.

          The other alternative for those under contract, I guess, is to just pay them while they sit at home. However, Barrows mentioned today that Fangio will become the highest paid DC in the NFL. It is doubtful that they would pay him to sit home if he openly expresses his discontent and desire to move on.

            1. LOL. After I posted, I reread and realized I should have made a snide remark about what a cheap bastard Jed York is. It’s still an option though, but probably has about as much chance as me winning the lottery (and I never by lottery tickets).

  58. BTW: Where have all the Marcus Mariota lovers gone. Why the silence guys? Still want the Niners to mortgage the future and trade up to get Mariota.

    On second thoughts, after his dismal performance last night, Mariota may even be available at # 15.

    I think Mariota will be a good QB in the NFL, but he is no sure fire all pro as some on this blog seem to believe. What we saw last night is more likely to be how Mariota fares against NFL teams in his first couple of years. He has a lot to learn before he can be successful in the NFL.

    1. Rick as did every QB drafted in the last 10 yrs, with the possible exception of A. Luck. I don’t believe there is any such thing as NFL ready college QB’s.

      1. The best I hope for is a college QB that ran a pro set, has a quick release and a high IQ.

        I was hoping the 49ers would grab Jimmy Garoppolo. He’s in a good situation studying behind Brady.

        I loved Faulkner’s college footage, but didn’t see any high velocity deep throws. Not saying he can’t throw long, but it might have been his undoing.

        This is way down the road, but Keller Chryst’s high school footage looks great. He does “the little things.” We’ll know more if/when he QBs for Sanford.

    2. Mariota played pretty well last night. Not well enough to win, but it was the Oregon Defense that ultimately cost them. They couldn’t stop the Ohio State running game.

      I don’t think Mariota is a franchise QB, and he’ll have to be put in the right system and given time to develop, but he’s still a talented guy who can be successful at the next level.

      1. Oregon’s defense was exhausted because Mariota and Co. Couldn’t sustain drives. That defense had 4 TO’s, one was in their redzone. You can’t ask a defense to do too much more. Especially when your offense is off the field in less than 3 minutes. The Oregon offense lost that game. The defense did all it could to help them win.

        1. KY,

          I disagree. The defense was their own worst enemy. They gave up drives to Ohio state on every possession it seemed. The TO’s led to 10 points for Oregon, but two came deep in Oregon territory so can’t really put that on the offense. Offense wasn’t great, but defense was terrible all night with the exception of the TO’s, a couple of which were fluke plays like the int that bounced off the receiver and the fumble by Jones as he was going to throw the ball away. Oregon’s defense was just flat out terrible last night.

        2. If you don’t give a defense enough time to rest, that’s what happens. Their offense failed them by not moving the ball and/or slowing down the speed at which they were running plays. If you expect ANY defense at ANY level to be able to hold against a power team without rest you are sadly mistaking.

          1. KY,

            That’s how their offense plays. They never have a high time of possession because they are running plays so quickly. In this case, Ohio State were putting together long drives as well which made it a no win situation for Oregon.

            Fact is Oregon’s defense couldn’t stop Ohio State all night. Even with the turnovers, Ohio state was moving the ball well on those drives before they occurred. Oregon’s offense didn’t score enough points either, but the defense was awful last night.

          2. Ohio St. was a better team than Oregon in almost all phases.
            Better offense, better defense, better coaching.

            But the most impressive aspect to me was their O-line. Their line allowed Elliott to get to the 2 tier of the D all night.
            Elliott made some very good runs, but most of his yards came once he was running at full speed after hitting wide open holes.

            I have not been a big fan of Mariota, but he did not lose the game last night. Mariota showed good poise and a quick release that will serve him well at the next level.
            I agree with rocket; Mariota will need a good system and time to develop.

        3. Let’s not forget the fact that Oregons’s offense was in the redzone at least 4 times and only scored 1 touchdown.

        1. I’ve never been a proponent of selling the farm to get Mariotta. In fact, I think there is no chance that we will go after him.

          Having said that I thought he played fairly well last night. He was under a fair amount of pressure most of the time and, to me, that provided an opportunity to see how he might deal with pressure in the NFL (at least some idea given the increased speed in the NFL). I thought he also showed some good pocket presence and generally good ability to throw on the run.

          But Ohio State was clearly the better team, especially in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

      2. @Rocket

        So you don’t think that three dropped passes had anything to do with the outcome ?…I’m the Duck…I’ll take my ribbing, but maybe someone should ask Alabama how the same thing happened to them….I guess that Urban Meyer learned from LSU and JaMarcus Russell what a 260 lb. QB can do even when you know what he’s going to do. It also didn’t hurt Ohio State’s chances to have a gigantic RB go for 245 yards. My Ducks gave it everything, and I couldn’t be prouder of their efforts. It would have taken a perfect game last night against the buckeyes…wasn’t there. I have a feeling that the first and second string QB’s from OSU just went to second and third string. That kid’s for real….scarey….

        1. Didn’t help their cause Oregon, no doubt about that. Biggest difference in this game was Ohio States dominance in the trenches though. Oregon couldn’t stop the running game.

    3. Rick,

      I have been thinking the same thing. Those guys were no where to be found during the game either. Mariota is the product of a good system. That system was shut down, and he went down with it.

      Cardale Jones look a lot better than Mariotta. He had two turnovers himself, although the INT wasn’t his fault, and he still stay poised and deliver. Mariotta had 4 gifts given to him. With that being said, I’d still be skeptical of Cardale Jones as well. Urban Meyer’s system makes all of his QB’s look great as well.

      1. Forget Mariota ! …
        Trade the farm for …. u-hhhh .. (wait for it …)

        David Fales !!

        Hey …
        he’s been training behind the “great” Cutler !!

      1. MWN,

        I was and that post was in response to one from Claude that seems to have disappeared. Looks like he’s been banned again.

    1. “Warner and Gile do not speak the same football language the 49ers speak. Before training camp starts, Kaepernick would have to unlearn everything they taught him – mechanics, concepts, terms, all of it. The 49ers have their own terminology. They coach quarterback mechanics their own way. They have a tradition which Warner and Gile have no knowledge of or connection to.”

      “Get serious.”

    1. If it’s Gase, we’ll just have to see. Maybe the Niners will get Gase to agree to try Fangio out for a year, and maybe Fangio will go along with it. Vic doesn’t seem to have a big ego. Why would he stay? Deep, very good player roster that already knows his system. Genuine liking for his guys. Good compensation. Good facility. Good weather. He’s seen lots of changes in his time. This would be a blip in my opinion.

      1. George:

        I’m thinking it is more likely that Gase will not demand control over the DC position. This would be his first time as a HC and I think he would be willing to allow the FO to select the DC at this time as long as a good DC is selected (which Fangio is). His contract could be written to provide him with that control in the future. More likely is that Fangio won’t want to work with him.

        1. People assume that Fangio would not want to work with him but I don’t think that would be a given.

        2. Cubus: OMG What a formula for disaster. Hiring someone who has only been an OC for 2 years and possibly making him your HC — even York isn’t that stupid.

          BTW not to rub salt in an already gaping wound keep your eyes peeled for QB B.J. Daniel on our special teams. PC says he’s been working his butt off and he’s really happy with him. Hope he has “good hands.” haha

          1. doubt it’s going to matter. not a fan of Gase based on Denver’s play calling vs the Seahawks & Colts, but it always comes down to the players and in particular the QB.

            think we’re lauding Belichick if he didn’t luck into a 5th rounder that only played because his other QB was hurt?

            fans here were happy to see Mike McCarthy & his abysmal offense go – but he’s suddenly awesome with Aaron Rodgers.

            the only real difference between Pete Carroll, Rex Ryan, and Ron Rivera are who their GMs drafted at QB. Pete Carroll’s resume before Seattle was nearly identical to Dennis Erickson’s before he joined the 49ers.

            no coach will succeed with Terry Donahue as your GM/personnel director.

            most of these coaches teach the same stuff and have similar influences. there’s no magic formula.

            the QB & the GM are the same… unless the QB got a lot better or the GM gets lucky with some picks on offense, look for more of the same.

  59. I’m laying 3-1 odds that Gase is going to be the next 9er coach. So if I’m right get ready for Grant to crucify York and Baalke. Then he will blame Gase for everything that goes wrong with the 9ers along with blaming him for Obama care and the immigration problem

    1. Appears you spend time at CNN.com Coach!

      I too believe that Gase is signed, with the only caveat being that he not in turn use the offer as leverage to get the Denver job.

      As much as I like Fangio, I would like to see more aggressive style of D too if we were to lose him.

    2. I’ll bet yer right, coach .. howsomeever

      knowing Grant … that’ll prolly happen
      no matter who is named HC !! .. lol

      (and.. he’ll most likely pull some obscure stats
      outta his behind to bolster his case, as well, too !! )

  60. With the real possibility that Fangio may be gone, anybody know if the scheme that a DC candidate wants to run (4-3 versus 3-4) has a major affect on the choice to be made. In other words are candidates who want to run a 4-3 at a major disadvantage versus candidates that want to run a 3-4.

    1. The more I think about it the more I like a 4-3 for our personnel, but it depends on how much Baalke cares. He comes from the Parcells tree so I think he prefers the 3-4.

      Imagine what our front 7 would like if they switched. Then add the 15th pick in the draft to that.

      1. The distinction between 3-4 and 4-3 is pretty murky these days. Most 3-4 teams aren’t running symmetrical fronts like they used to (NT playing 0-tech, 2 DEs playing 5-tech). The 49ers run an asymmetrical front – as Grant has argued previously the 49ers commonly line up in an under front, with the NT playing 1-tech shaded to the strong side, weakside DE playing 3-tech and strongside DE playing 5-tech. In this front, the OLB outside the 3-tech DE is effectively playing the role of weakside DE in a 4-3, while the other OLB is effectively playing as the SAM backer.

        The personnel they currently have is well suited to this 3-4/ 4-3 hybrid, as the DL and OLBs provide flexibility. All you do by shifting to a 4-3 is remove some of the versatility.

          1. Heh, not wanting to start another debate on this topic, but I think it is worth re-emphasizing when people start discussing how the team should transition to a 4-3.

            There is a reason our personnel is somewhat suited to a 4-3, and that is because we run a 3-4 that often puts them in similar positions/ roles to what you’d see in a 4-3 front. But I don’t see the value to it as the system we have in place offers more versatility, and we have personnel with the flexibility to pull it off.

            1. I like Aldon better as a 4-3 end than a OLB. It’s also kinda fun to picture the position shift around the front 7 with a change in philosophy. Willis SAM, Bowman WIL? Borland playing base downs only? While there’s value in sticking with the status quo, with this personnel they’d be great either way.

              Jim Schwartz just got released from Buffalo. How hilarious would it be if he was the new DC?

              1. Aldon plays like a de facto 4-3 DE anyway, most of the time, with Brooks the Sam backer, though they do switch depending on offensive alignment. Bowman and Willis play the Mike and Jack positions in the 49ers 3-4, but are effectively your Mike and Will backers for a 4-3.

                The main difference would be who they play at SAM. You suggest Willis, but I think he’s better suited to Mike or Will. The SAM needs to be a guy that can take on the lead blocker in the run game, while Willis is best filling, attacking the gap, and playing sideline to sideline.

      1. Is Kubiak even interviewing? I don’t think so. I think that he indicated yesterday that he’s staying where he is.

        1. Correct htwaits. I’m certainly no matchmaker, but Mary might click with the Jamaican and vice versa….

  61. I would assume it would, but I think one would argue that with the current roster, the 49ers could go that way. It would be interesting where everyone ended up though- does Carradine go outside to rotate w Smith and Lynch while Williams/Dorsey/Dial are inside? Lynch Dial Willilams Smith / Bowman Borland Willis = not bad.

    1. anyone know if “The Cowboy” has decided to hang up
      the cleats, yet ?? …. or ..

      is he still biding his time, waiting to see where
      the chips fall ?

    2. Think about the versatility of a guy like Carradine, who could play outside on run downs and inside on passing downs. Aldon could do that too if they want to get real fast.

      1. Carradine is a Jamie Winborn type. Too undisciplined. Should trade him before his value gets any lower.

    3. Dial for McDonald
      IW at nose
      Dorsey for Cowboy on base downs, passing downs he’d come out and Tank rolls in

      1. ouch, that looks ugly.

        although based on Fangio’s comments, TJD > Dial. is he a FA?

        since Baalke controls the roster, why’d he get rid of Dobbs? neither Dial or Tank would make Seattle’s 53 as he has. you could argue RJF is better than any of those guys – though he got way too much money.

        but there’s a reason Dorsey is at $1.5 mill & IW at $1 mill for 2015.

  62. What do you think the chances Adam Gase becomes the HC?

    MM: If Adam Gase wants the job, I think it’s his. Otherwise, I think it goes to Jim Tomsula. So I think there’s a pretty strong chance that Gase is the the guy.

  63. Matt, who are the options to replace Fangio if indeed does not come back?

    MM: Here’s a name of somebody who coached on the same staff as Gase for one season with the Broncos. He interviewed for the New York Giants DC position today: Dennis Allen. He was a good coordinator with the Broncos. And he has head-coaching experience and could serve as a sounding board for Gase. Pretty good fit, if you ask me.

  64. Care to put a % on Gase signing today? I am going better than 50/50 at, say 65%- unless he uses it as leverage to get the Denver job.

    MM: I don’t know where Gase’s mind is. It’s clear to me that the 49ers want him. But does he want to stick around and see if he can’t land the job with the Broncos. Again, I don’t know what he’s seeking, but, right know, I think it’s better than 50-50 that Gase ends up with the 49ers.

  65. Here’s a breakdown of the Gase interview with Jed, Baalke, and Paraag.

    Jed: put your lips here and kiss my arse
    Gase: yes sir

    Baalke: now do the same to me
    Gase: yes sir

    Paraag: are you willing to do that for less than $1million?

  66. Gase fits the profile of what York/Baalke/Paraag want in a head coach:

    1. He is non-threatening: translation=he will not challenge Baalke’s football IQ or his personnel decisions. He seems like the epitome of an ass kisser.

    2. He can be had for cheap: no translation needed. He meets Jeds and Paraag $$$ requirements.

  67. Matt Maiocco
    Follow: ✔ @MaioccoCSN:

    Bills have requested permission to interview 49ers OL coach Mike Solari for the same position under OC Greg Roman, source said.

    Matt Barrows
    Follow: @mattbarrows:

    Mike Solari, Tom Rathman & John Morton among the 49ers assts Greg Roman could tap for Buffalo. Most are waiting to see what happens in SF.

  68. Losing Fangio would be a bit of a blow, but as I said elsewhere I think he can be replaced.

    I think as big a blow would be losing the position coaches on D. Tomsula, Leavitt and Donatell have done a tremendous job developing their chargers and getting them prepared to contribute. Everyone praises Fangio for how well the D performed this year despite injuries, and deservedly so, but a lot of credit has to go to the position coaches who are the ones tasked with coaching these guys up.

    If I was the 49ers front office I would be doing my best to keep those three guys on the coaching staff.

    1. Scooter

      Everything hinges on the HC decision. A Gase hire would indicate a significant gear shift in focus to offense. But they may be able to retain a lot of defensive position coaches if Tomsula is promoted to DC. Not sure what will happen if a new DC comes in, e.g., Dennis Allen.

    2. @scooter

      I’m in agreement with you…I’d love to see Fangio stay as Asst. HC, and keep the entire D-Bloc together…If Fangio leaves, still keep the D-bloc intact.

  69. Scooter …

    yeah.. you’re right .. but …

    I doubt dumb and dumber have the intelligence
    to see that

  70. So the Bills want to interview Solari — continuing to build on their overpowering Romanosaurus Rex of a primordial, no-passing offense ?

  71. And we wait – Jeff Darlington
    Follow: ✔ @JeffDarlington
    The 49ers’ afternoon interview with Adam Gase has concluded. How do I know? I’m told he’s now at Broncos facility. Still a fluid situation.

  72. Matt Maiocco
    Follow: ✔ @MaioccoCSN
    #49ers OL coach Mike Solari said he will wait to find out what happens with 49ers before deciding whether he wants to pursue the Bills job.

  73. I also predict crabtree, uipati are gone (thankfully)…gore comes back (thankfully)…ahmad brooks should leave as well

    1. Nor is anyone else likely to pay Crabs what he wants…….. he should go to Dallas as the #2 w Williams the #3 and the little dude “Beasely” spotting.

      Warriors on fire!

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