Will the 49ers draft Georgia DT John Jenkins?

The 49ers reportedly have scheduled a private workout for University of Georgia defensive tackle John Jenkins.

Jenkins (6-4, 346 pounds) is about the same size as the Baltimore Ravens’ behemoth defensive tackles Haloti Ngata and Terrence Cody. We know the 49ers like to emulate the Ravens. Could Jenkins be the 49ers’ target in the first round, the 49ers’ version of Ngata, the heir apparent to Justin Smith?

Some scouts see Jenkins as just a two-down, zero-technique 3-4 nose tackle. I think he’s more versatile than that. I think he can play one-technique 49ers’ 4-3 Under base front, and I think he can play defensive tackle in nickel.

Jenkins is quick for his size. He can beat pass protecting guards one-on-one. He can also twist and stunt, which  a 49er defensive tackle must be able to do in Nickel. If you want to see Jenkins play, click here.

No matter what position he plays, he can force double-team blocks, which is key against the read-option. Remember, the 49ers did not run well in the Super Bowl when Ngata was in the game, because he tied up two blockers and evened the numbers in the running game. When an offense runs the read option, they typically have a numbers advantage against the defense because the quarterback can run. But the offense loses that advantage if a defensive lineman commands a double team. Then the numbers are even.

Do you think the 49ers should draft Jenkins? Do you think they will draft Jenkins? Why or why not?

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