With Campbell at QB, the Bears offense could be relegated to field goals vs. 49ers

Now that Jason Campbell has officially been named the starting quarterback against the 49ers, the Bears’ passing game definitely will be impacted and mostly restricted to a conservative, low risk play calling style by offensive coordinator Mike Tice.  Campbell’s release is nowhere as quick as Cutler’s, and Campbell’s ability to extend a play is marginal when compared to Cutler’s, so the Bears’ run game must keep the down and distance favorable.  The Bears’ offensive line is not the strong suit of the offense, so 2nd and long (7+) and 3rd and 4 or more will be tough for the Bears.

If I were the Bears’ play caller, I would die to get Hester matched up early against Carlos Rogers, similar to the advantage the Rams had with Amandola against Rogers out wide and from the slot.  However, I don’t know if the chemistry between Campbell and Hester can be achieved to allow for much success on Monday night.

Unless the Bears defense provides some 6-point turnover returns for scores or Hester bangs the Niners on a punt return, Chicago’s offense might be relegated to a two-field-goal game.

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