With Jimmy G and 13th pick, is QB such a crazy idea for 49ers?

If the 49ers were to draft a quarterback with the 13th pick in the upcoming draft, would your head explode?

The 49ers have given no indication what they plan to do with the 13th pick. Draft experts have argued the 49ers could take a wide receiver or a cornerback or an offensive tackle or a defensive tackle.

Is it possible the 49ers’ target is a quarterback? Could they make such a controversial move?

Let’s read the tea leaves.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s record as an NFL starting quarterback is 21-5. He has been terrific for the 49ers, who desperately needed a good quarterback before he arrived in a trade. He even went to the Super Bowl during his first full season as a starter.

But Garoppolo lost the Super Bowl, and was one of the main reasons the 49ers lost. He did so much harm to his own team during the fourth quarter — in just 15 minutes he overshadowed most of the good he had accomplished in his entire brief career.

What’s more, Kyle Shanahan doesn’t seem sold on Garoppolo. These tea leaves are pretty easy to read. After Garoppolo threw one interception during the 49ers’ divisional playoff win over the Vikings, Shanahan let Garoppolo throw just 12 passes over the next six quarters. So Garoppolo didn’t really take the 49ers to the Super Bowl. The 49ers took Garoppolo.

In the Super Bowl, Shanahan didn’t let Garoppolo run a two-minute drill at the end of the first half. Instead, Shanahan ran down the clock. He didn’t trust Garoppolo. Treated him like a beginner. And at the end of the game, when the 49ers were losing and needed Garoppolo to play like a franchise quarterback and hit a deep pass down the middle to Emmanuel Sanders, who was open, Garoppolo overthrew the pass by five yards.

To top it all off, Garoppolo is expensive. He will account for $26.6 million of the 49ers’ salary cap in 2020, $26.9 million in 2021 and $27 million in 2022. Big, big numbers.

He’s the main reason the 49ers currently have so little cap space and needed to trade their best defensive player, DeForest Buckner, for a first-round pick.

But the 49ers aren’t married to Garoppolo. In 2021, they can trade or release him and pay just a $2.8 million salary-cap penalty. They’ve kept their options open, just in case. Could “just in case” happen?

If the 49ers truly were sold on Garoppolo, they would extend his contract right now and restructure it to create tons of cap room. But doing so would commit the 49ers to Garoppolo for the long term, because trading him or releasing him would become much more expensive and complicated.

The 49ers don’t want to extend or restructure Garoppolo’s contract. General manager John Lynch said so. “I think we’re in a good spot right now, and we’ll probably hang tight,” Lynch said in February. Meaning the 49ers would rather maintain the option to walk away from Garoppolo next year, even if committing to him would make him more affordable.

After Lynch spoke, we began to see why the 49ers want to keep their quarterback options open.

On March 4, Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston reported that “multiple sources” told him Shanahan has “some reservations about Garoppolo’s ceiling and overall decision-making.”

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  1. The SB window is open now and you want to draft a qb with pick #13? How dumb would that be? And why would the 49ers be sold on Jimmy G after completing his first year as a starter and coming off an ACL? Nobody knows what Jimmy G is at this point, and if he turns out to not be the guy after this year; they have an out with an under $3 million dollar cap hit in 2021. Alex Smith had an eternity to prove he was more than a game manager. This is an apples to oranges comparison. Besides that, what the hell happened to your boy Mullens? I thought he was supposed to be the future….

    1. ” Besides that, what the hell happened to your boy Mullens?”

      Let’s not forget Ross Dwelley. I have nothing against Dwelley. But Grant puffs these guys up beyond belief and then when they aren’t HOF’ers before their careers have even ended, he just forgets that he ever wrote anything. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a journalist who is wrong more often than Grant. But I keep forgetting that it’s not about being right or wrong or publishing correct information, it’s about pure entertainment and clicks.

        1. Well they have been kicking the tires on every TE available this off season because they know Dwelly is no better then a #3 TE.

            1. Well they took a flier on a 6th rnd pick who they should of kept instead of keeping Dwelly. Bad move by the FO. Kaden Smith will have a better career. They will draft a TE again.

            2. I don’t think Dwelley is the guy they’re looking to replace per se. Toilolo is gone and he was their blocking specialist. I get the sense they don’t believe Helm is going to take that next step, and they want an upgrade in technique, strength, hands and vertical threat. Dwelley is fine as a versatile backup….

        2. Grant:

          It’s like the boy who cried wolf. You are so over-the-top on some of your proclamations that when you are right or even present a case that is sound, it’s hard to take you that seriously.

          As RAW said below, if Dwelley were as good as you made him out to be, they wouldn’t be interviewing every TE from here to Katmandu (an exaggeration to rival your own).

          But to be clear, I like both Mullens and Dwelley. I absolutely want to keep Mullens as the backup because he could come in and do a good job if JG gets hurt and he knows the offense very well. Dwelley shows promise and I have no problem with him, but it looks like the 49ers don’t see him as Kittle “light”.

        3. For those of us that go back far enough to remember it, Grant was absolutely convinced that Jim Tomsula could coach the 49ers as well as Jim Harbaugh. Grant is a complete joke. He has the lowest football IQ of any beat writer I’ve ever read, and I’ve been a diehard since the early 80s.

    2. A rebuttal to some of the assertions in the article:

      – Shanahan didn’t need Garoppolo to throw in the two playoff games because the running game was dominating. He also didn’t shut down the passing game right after the Garoppolo pick against Minnesota. He called three passing plays to start the second half one resulting in a big play to Bourne which was part of a FG drive. The next drive started on a short field due to the Cousins interception and they ran it down Minnesota’s throat for a TD. That was the ball game and there was no reason to throw the ball after that. Same thing against GB when they were ripping off huge chunks of yardage in the running game and got out to a huge lead. If the running game wasn’t working and he kept going to it, then you can say he didn’t trust Garoppolo, but the running game was ripping off huge chunks of yards so there was no reason to deviate from it. He seemed to trust Garoppolo just fine in the final game of the season in Seattle and in the SB so this really is a non issue.

      – The Niners did run a two minute drill before the half in the SB once they got a first down and KC took a TO. They also had moved the ball into scoring range if not for an OPI call on Kittle.

      – There has never been any indication from the team that they don’t believe in or want to replace Garoppolo. All there has been is rumors from writers which did not turn out to be true. Tom Brady is a Buc and Garoppolo remains the starting QB of the 49ers. Those are the facts.

      – The team has not reworked Garoppolo’s contract but there is no indication that is because they don’t see him as their long term QB. A lot of deals were signed by the team that have been backloaded which means they will need a contract to restructure when the costs on those deals come due. That most likely will be Garoppolo’s deal. It’s strategic planning much like the decision to trade one of their best Defensive players so they could keep others and gain another 1st round pick which will be cost controlled for 4 years.

      – Cousins signing an extension with Minnesota likely had more to do with the fact they had no cap space and there really was no 49er connection to it. The Cousins to SF idea ended when Garoppolo came in and won his 5 starts to end 2017. That is when the 49ers made the decision that he was their guy moving forward and Cousins was on a different career path than he likely envisioned.

      – No one knows what the 49ers will do with the 13th pick, but I would bet they won’t take a QB and it won’t even be a passing thought for them. They have a starter who just took them to the SB in his first full season as a starter after coming off a lost season due to injury. He’s just entering his prime on a good contract number moving forward and they also have a good backup in Mullens. A QB on day 3 is not out of the question depending on what they do with Beathard but there is absolutely no viable reason to expect a QB in round one.

      – The 49ers traded for Young because Montana had suffered a serious back injury that threatened his career. Walsh had serious doubt Montana was going to come back and told Young that when he traded for him. There is no reason to question the QB depth chart on this roster right now. You have a starter that was top ten in most key statistical categories and a backup that showed real potential when he got a long stretch to play.

      Bottom line is, the 49ers have shown they have faith in Garoppolo both verbally and with their actions. He is the QB of the present and future. He has given them no reason to think differently.

  2. Interesting scenario Grant…the cap hits in 2021 and 2022 are big…so this is a plausible plan. What if the 49ers trade Garoppolo before or during the draft to get a few more picks and take Jordan Love at 13? Then they could let Nick Mullens QB the 2020 team (we may not have much of a season anyway due to COVID-19). Then if Nick excels, great, if he doesn’t, then Love learns under Shanahan for 2020 and in 2021 becomes the starter. Thoughts?

    1. Thanks, Michael. Trading Garoppolo now would come with a big dead-cap charge. More realistic to trade him next year.

      1. Not really. It would be a significant cap saving. Cutting him OTOH would not be great now that his salary is guaranteed.

  3. Stupid theory! Stupid! The entire 49ers team blew that dam Super Bowl, including the defense, not just Jimmy G. Some of the crap you come up with is just plain idiotic! Jimmy G is the perfect QB for the 49ers, and I have full confidence in him leading us to another Super Bowl victory.

    1. Ryder, you’re comments make no sense either! What was Mullens record? With same team as Jimmy G. Ridiculous this is even being discussed.

      1. I’m not hating on Jimmy G. Just thought it was an interesting topic in these uncertain times. I do like Nick Mullens. Also, Mullens didn’t have Nick Bosa, Dee Ford, and many others. I like Jimmy G. Another question, if the season doesn’t happen due to COVID-19, what happens to the contracts, guarantees, etc. What happens if we have only an 8 game season, will pay be pro-rated or will players get full pay? I know there are a lot of contracts that have number of games played incentives.

        1. Mahomes erased a double-digit deficit only to win by at least 11 for the third playoff game in a row. One of the most remarkable athletic achievements ever.

          1. One of the most remarkable athletic achievements ever.

            In the first 3 quarters it was one of the most unremarkable athletic achievements ever.

              1. Good thing our dl depth was decimated, Alexander was weak and Richburg was on the bench. We had no business even being in that Super Bowl. What was the record you predicted? This team overachieved last year, and they’re young. The state of the franchise is good….

          2. And how was that Jimmy G’s fault?
            The 49er defense fell apart in the 4th quarter. That’s not the fault of Garappolo.

      1. Put Mahomes on a different team, and he would not be as effective. He was surrounded by talent, with a grizzled veteran savvy HC who did not implode when the pressure was on.
        Until KS gets better, even a QB like Joe Montana would not win, if the HC snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, like he has done TWICE in the SB.

          1. The whole team choked Grant and u know it-you’ve seen enough sports to know a “choke when you see it. The 9ers were looking at a SB win and in the last 7-8 mts they did nothing on either side of the ball. They choked.
            On the other hand, KC stepped it up on both sides of the line………………..the year before, did not the Pats teach KC how it’s done?

            Reminds me of the Giants loss to the Angels in the World Series a few decades ago–6 more outs and they had a championship; instead, the Angels came back, largely because the Giants blinked…just like the 9ers………………Sebs hatred for Shanny notwithstanding. Shanny’s fault? Thats not what Sherman said and most people would admit that Sherman knows one or two things about football.-perhaps rivaling a few know-it-alls on this blog.

            1. Mahomes won the game, Garoppolo lost the game. Those other 104 guys and a few dozen coaches? Nah, nothing doing. Don’t you know how it is in Grantland?

      2. Grant:

        Why do you think KS even considered taking Mahomes. I know he made some comments before the SB, but imo, it’s because of hindsight. To me, KS seems too controlling to have a QB like Mahomes who is an off-schedule kind of QB. I think KS likes a QB who can go “off schedule” when needed, but only after the QB has no other option.

    2. It is interesting that Person and Sanders are no longer on the team. Person was ineffective against Jones particularly in the last 10 minutes of the SB. Sanders was on the other side of the missed pass. How can you say with certainty that Sanders was not part of the problem in that missed pass. Jimmy threw it to where he was meant to throw it when it was practiced. Sanders was not quick enough to get there on time. Sanders is gone. Garoppolo is still on the team. What does that tell you? (Using Cohn reasoning and conjecture)

      1. Interesting take. Buckner took too many steps to get to Mahomes on the deep TD pass late in the fourth. Terrible angle. Ford also had no effort on the same play. So of the four, only Ford is left.

    3. I am sorry but the entire team did not blow the Super Bowl in fact they outplayed the Chiefs. #41 missed covering the deep third allowing the Hill catch. That started it. But Jimmy played terrible in the 4th. Missed many open receivers beside the long throw. If Jimmy played well in the 4th we have our 6th SB.

      1. If JG did not get a vicious helmet to helmet hit that left him holding his helmet with both hands while lying on the turf with a concussive blow, they might have won. He might have been able to continue to throw well, instead of going 3 for 9 after the brutal, illegal targeting of the head, leading with the crown of the helmet, non call.
        Also, JG did not give up 21 points in the 4th quarter. The defense did.

  4. I think to trade Garoppolo for a second and third round pick. Sign Winston for say 2 years 20 ml, and pick up your favorite QB left at 13. Save 16 million on cap space and improve quarterback play. I believe in Shanahan’s offense Winston would be able to Showcase his abilities without the risk of so many interceptions. in the meantime Shanahan coach up love or whichever quarterback they wind up with.

    1. If you think signing Winston would improve the QB play you haven’t been paying attention. Most of Winston’s interceptions happen because he is extremely careless with the football. It’s not the system and that is why he is having trouble finding a team right now.

  5. I’d say the 13 pick is a tackle to eventually replace Staley. What do you think of Tristen Wirff, who can play guard.

    1. Wirfs would excel in our offense because of his athleticism. Also Iowa Lineman tend to be legit. I am down for that pick at #13 and then Terell or Diggs at #31.

      1. What do you two think about Becton at RG this year, with the idea of taking over for Staley next year? Doesn’t seem like a move Shanny would make to me. The bigger question is, will Joe Staley retire or is he committed for another year?

        1. Isn’t Becton 6’7, that seems a little bit big for a G no? But Becton is probably the most likely guy to be there at 13. I wouldn’t hate the pick considering what he would be in 2021.

          Maccioco who I trust, was saying Staley is 50/50 and with COVID19 giving him time off he is seriously questioning coming back.

        2. Im not sure about him for this team,

          I like him and I can see he is fast in a straight line but I wonder about his agility. He almost never pulled in college so they will need to project a bit in regards to his ability to hit moving targets in space. I’m not against him I just think he comes with some questions.

  6. At 13 no way no how. However at 31, the thought to get a quality back up that could have a 5 year contract for much less money becomes appealing. Jake Fromm, Jordan love, etc. This way if Jimmy earns a new contract great, if he gets injured you have a quality back up who is displaying himself, and if the new one dominates you can move forward.

    That being said no way no how at 13 and I say no way 31, our window is open, ALL resources should go to playmakers who will help Jimmy on both sides of the bal

    1. That’s fair, but the 49ers could draft a QB with a late-first-rounder any year. This most likely will be their last opportunity for a while to draft one in the top 15. Shanahan already passed on Mahomes once. Will he pass on the second coming of Mahomes, if that’s what he sees Jordan Love to be?

  7. Garoppolo contract was designed to prove he is the guy the first 3 years, with an option out in year 4. He blew his ACL in year 1, went to the SuperBowl in year 2. They want to see if he is the guy after a healthy offseason.

    Jimmy is more important than Buckner in the team, much bigger impact. Buckner was part of really mediocre defenses his 3 first seasons. Just as Raiders defense was always bottom of the barrel with Khalil Mack, and Rams defense has never been elite with Aaron Donald, Texans defense was never really awesome with JJ Watt. The overall record with Jimmy G is winning games, wether he has a dogshit roster like 2017 or elite like 2019 (with shaky and injured OL and super inconsistent WRs).

    Year 3 everyone will know if Jimmy is the guy for the next decade, or it’s time to move on. At #13 there’s really not any interesting QB value.

  8. Your article should have been have been about if Joe Staley retires then we could draft Wirfs or Wills at #13 and then sign Clowney on a 1 yr prove it deal.

    Too many contradictions based on the off season for us to actually draft a QB at #13.

  9. another throw crap on the wall and see what sticks article. this is lazy click bait with personal dislike thrown in. Garoppolo lost the super bowl? not the coaching?not the defense? missed calls? just Garoppolo. One last thought maybe just maybe the chiefs were better that Sunday

    1. The Press Democrat has bills. This is intended to pay them. If you’d like these articles to stop just don’t comment.
      The readers dictate what’s written by the hits.
      There is a great analogy In the comments on the previous thread near the bottom breaking down Garoppolo. You should check it out.

  10. I’m still holding out hope for JimmyG but it would not surprise me to see Jimmy G traded back to NE for some good compensation, drafting the QB early, and then letting Nick Mullens take over for at least this year.
    Mullens is good- he may or may not have the physical tools that Jimmy does but I think he can easily do as good as Jimmy did last year, if not better. I think he reads the defense quicker and makes better decisions with the ball. If he balls out then we can look into him long term or at least have a good competition with this years rookie QB.
    We win and NE wins. I don’t think it hinders our shot at going back to the SB, especially if we get something decent in the trade with NE

  11. There is ALOT of accurate detail left out of this piece. 1. The Pursue of Tom Brady. That never happened from the Niners perspective. That was completely driven by Tom Brady’s camp and the media. Naturally being a Bay Area kid who approached the Niners if they were interested. They were not. That simple. If they were he would be a Niner. Don’t forget that TB and JG share the same agent. You scratch my back and I will scratch yours down the road applies here. Not hard to see unless you have an agenda. 2. Kurt Cousins replacing JG. Kyle and Kurt share the same agent. If there was interest in that swap it’s quite clear, Cousins would not of signed a 2 year extension no matter what your saying. Let’s see go get coached by the best offensive mind or go back to a defensive minded head coach… Easy decision. Instead what mostly likely happened is that Kyle had no interest in making that swap because he knows that JG has a MUCH MORE higher ceiling. 3. Getting rid of Buckner is because JG is so expensive. Another stupid take. The Niners traded Buckner because he wanted 21 mil a year. You do not pay a very good player at DT that kind of money. Stupid teams do that. He is not Donald. Not even close. Is he better then Armstead sure. But the Niners resigned Armstead, Ward and aquired the 13th overall pick. Those 3 pieces combined make the Niners better period. Here is another reason why you do not pay Buckner that kind of money. Guess who wants to desperately play with his brother and is a free agent in 2021…. You guessed it Joey Bosa! Who happens to play where Buckner plays. Lastly, you mention JGs contract being so big. You are wrong about that as well. Are you paying attention to what these QBs are resetting the market at? You got Goff making 33 mil a year. 6 mil a year more. I will take JG all day long to Goff. How about Dak who won’t resign unless his number is north of 35+ mil a year. Now you may not consider JG a top 10 QB in the NFL. But just going off of the last year his only full season coming off a major injury he performed like one. No doubt about it.

    Let’s get one thing clear as well, the DEFENSE blew a 10 point lead with 6 min to play. The Chiefs offense had a 3rd and 16 down 10…. You soley blame the end of that game on JG you are a moron!

      1. Is he a traditional 3 Tech no he is not. But Armstead cab play it right? That was my point. Joey Bosa is coming SF believe that. It might be via trade next off season because he will be franchise tagged but he desperately wants to play with Nick. J Bosa >Buckner…

        1. That would make 3 players with cap hits over $20 million and then Baby Bosa do for a $20 million contract the following year. It just wouldn’t work out….unless Grant is right and they get a QB on a rookie deal, that seems to be the new thing.

          1. Niners are projected to have over 35+ mil in cap in 2021 and that’s without cutting Dee Ford. Plenty of money. Plus the cap is going way up. Secondly Nick isn’t due for an extension for another 3 years. He was a rookie last year.

            1. Yea, 2022 might be the year the 49ers look to get Ford out of their garage when his dead cap hit would only be $3 million. They didn’t redo his deal either, which tells me he also is in an evaluation year. His dead cap hit of $4.8 million in 2021 might also be something they look at if he can’t stay on the field….

            2. Does the cap go up without football? 2021 may be the first year the cap goes down.

              There isn’t a clear cut plan to play football because what happens if a single player testing positive requires a team to be put in isolation for 14 days?

              The MLB is talking of playing all games this season in Phoenix Az with teams remaining isolated.

              Regardless of the plan, revenue will be down for the NFL.

            3. I was a year ahead, but regardless 2022 you would have 4 guys with 20 million plus cap hits. That just does not seem likely even with 20-40 million increase over the next few years.

        2. Maybe it was a slip of the tongue RAW but Grant was alluding to the fact that you said Joey plays the same position as Buckner. He does not… he plays in the same role as Armstead but yes, Armstead could slide inside to play in the same role as Buckner. He’s not as good as Buckner in that role but he’s probably above average at it.
          The problem comes with the nickel package, last year it had Ford, Buckner, Armstead and Bosa. This lineup would have Bosa, Armstead, tbd and Bosa as neither Bosa is as impressive rushing from the inside.

        3. So we are clear here, I am also calling the Bosa brothers in SF.
          But not until the first franchise tag year LA puts on him. So 22 he will be here.

      1. There really isn’t much more of a response to Grants posting needed. Myself, I’d say it’s jump the shark week.

  12. My colleague worked for Niners for four years. His buddy is still over there and said Niners are going to take Ruggs, Lamb, or Henderson @13 unless one of the top players falls. He didn’t say who those might be. Wasn’t sure about 31, but felt they would try and trade down unless someone fell to them there, as well.

  13. I don’t feel it’s fair to blame Jimmy for the Super Bowl loss. Shanahan didn’t let him throw during the playoffs so he was actually rusty when he needed to make the big throws in the 4th quarter. Coach should’ve shown confidence in his QB and called more balanced attacks so he would’ve been in somewhat of a groove when he was truly needed. This all goes back to the Falcons Super Bowl loss. I don’t think Shanahan will ever fully trust a QB again which makes him play it too safe

    1. Garoppolo threw into the second half of the Viking game until it was no longer needed and it wasn’t needed in the GB game due to the domination of the running game. He didn’t look rusty in the SB for the first 3 and a half quarters. Shanahan likes to run the football. Always has and always will. It has nothing to do with how much he trusts the QB.

  14. Off-topic: Effectiveness in the Red Zone
    From Kyle Posey article today:

    Here is how the rest of the NFC playoff teams fared in the red zone. Green Bay, 67%. Seattle, 64%. Philadelphia, 63%. Minnesota, 60%. New Orleans, 59%. The Saints were 13th, and the 49ers were 20th. If the offense can make their way into the top half of the league in red-zone scoring, that’ll help offset the loss of Buckner.

  15. Grant, I know that these are troubling times, but please stop trolling about JG. This is just click bait material, and you could spend your time more productively interviewing your father and talking about reasonable draft options. How are you ever going to get an interview with him if he knows you hate him?
    JG- Took a 4-12 team to the SB, and has a 21-6 record.
    Love- May be a siren’s song of erratic play and unfulfilled potential.
    This is almost as bad as betting the Niners would draft Trubisky.

  16. I agree with Grant that the 49ers should be able to get a 4th round pick for Breida. Which begs the question, what position might they be targeting in that round? If not, it could be used as ammunition to move up the board….

  17. Why not just go all in then and trade JG + #13 + #31 for Joe Burrow. Or Just #13 + #31 for #5 and draft Tua? Why settle for Love if you are going to change the direction of your franchise?

  18. This Crocktime dude has it right. This year will show whether or not Jimmy is the man, and if he proves not to be, they’ll look to draft one next year. Clearly Garoppolo’s contract was drawn up with that idea in mind. Huge dead cap hit at $20 million this year, and tiny cap hits of $3 million in 2021 and $1.5 million in 2022….

      1. To be honest I would trade down from 31 and take Eason in the second. Just to have a talented asset like that is smart business. You got me on that one. Damn it!

          1. Jimmy thrives Eason never sees the field. Well like Jimmy not seeing the field in NE. In all seriousness that makes sense.

              1. Much much better arm talent then Goff

                Not really. Goff threw 58 mph. Doesn’t get much better than that.

                Jacob Eason Washington 59 mph
                Justin Herbert Oregon 55
                Jordan Love Utah State 54
                Jalen Hurts Oklahoma 54

          1. I never supported Mullen’s as a starter at anytime. You know that Razor. Quality back up sure. Eason is extremely talented. Can Kyle get the best out of him. I believe he would. Jimmy then plays with his hair on fire. Win win.

              1. No worries at all bro. I have always respected your football knowledge on this blog.

              2. I know. Grant dumps Mullens just like that after he’s been doing his damnedest to convince us the team would be just as successful with him instead of JG. Then why waste an early pick on a QB?

    1. Garoppolo’s dead money was only about 4.5 mill this year until a large amount became guaranteed April 1st. If they had wanted to move on from him this offseason, they could have pretty easily. I think some fans/writers may believe this is a prove it year because they still feel the emotional sting from the loss in the SB or just react to small pieces of info while disregarding the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, but the team doesn’t seem to think that way. They likely could have had Brady and didn’t do it. That should tell you they see JG as the future and aren’t looking at him to prove anything other than continuing to play at the high level he showed last season.

      1. If they were convinced he was the guy, they would have restructured him. Speaking of restructuring, Richburg’s restructure was very curious since he’s coming off a career threatening injury….

        1. They didn’t need to restructure him. They haven’t even released players like Goodwin who would have provided more cap room. I wrote this above but in case you don’t want to read the long piece I wrote as a rebuttal to the article, they will need space when some of these contracts that are backloaded come due. At that point they can restructure Garoppolo’s deal to help absorb those higher numbers and likely extend him at the same time when he only has a year or two left on his deal.

          I agree with you on Richburg. They must have confidence in the medical reports and believe he can come back strong.

          1. Yes, but they would have needed to restructure his contract if they wanted to keep Buckner, Sanders and provide more cap room for Kittle.

    2. I agree this year is big for JG. But just a note that the only reason JG has a huge cap hit this year is his contract became guaranteed on 1st April. If they wanted to get rid of him this year they could have before then very easily.

    3. Razoreater, you have one thing wrong
      If you trade Garoppolo this year his dead cap is only $4.2mil
      people are reading overthecap wrong
      yes if you cut him it would be $19.9mil dead cap because $15.7 of his base salary is guaranteed now (as of April 1st)
      Of course the 49ers are not going to cut him. they will trade him and they would only eat the pro-rated signing bonus which equates to $4.2 mil

      the question is how much trade value in picks and/or players would you trade Jimmy G for?

      what if Miami offered the 5th pick for him? and we could draft Tua with that?

      1. what if Miami offered the 5th pick for him? and we could draft Tua with that?

        Shortened offseason+complex offense=Hard pass.

  19. I would blame Shanahan and the defense more than JG performance. Shanahan went away from what got us to the Super Bowl, if he had the same game plan as he did with the Saints we would won that game. What happens and not giving the ball to Deebo, every run he made was huge. Shanahan got stupid in the first 1/2 with time running out and became Mr. Conservative. That game hangs on him more than anyone else and the defense was crap in the 4th quarter with time running out.

    1. They just needed to convert a couple of first downs throwing the ball to keep defense honest. The plays were there and Chris Jones was the one that made them.

  20. Statistically wasn’t Garoppolo a top 5 QB the second half of the season? Anyway I have to pick up some lunch and get ready for the Whitehouse infomercial about Hydroxychloroquine. I hear there will be a special bonus infomercial featuring Ivanka and Jared’s state-of-the- art combo Blender/Juicer.

  21. Grant has an interesting take on Drafting a qb at 13 spot. Historically the 13th pick hasn’t been kind to the Niners. So Grant why not go out on the limb and package JG and KS for the first or second pick for this year and the second and third round picks.
    We might have a better chance with a new HC calling the plays than KS who seems to have a habit of chocking in the Super Bowel.

  22. This is how I’m seeing the QB’s this year. It’s a huge drop off from the top 3.

    Tie 1. Burrows
    Tie 1. Herbert
    3. Tagovailoa
    4. Eason
    5. No one

    I think Love is the most likely to bust.

        1. Did you just say field vision and rank Herbert number 1? Herbert has the least feel for a quarterback that will be drafted in the first round I have seen since bortles. He is the classic big white kid that is a nice guy. Just like darnold and bortles he is not a great thrower. He is not near burrow’s class. I am not surprised you feel this way though. I read the comments here all the time, and if I remember correctly you did not like kyler. I thought kyler was the best player in last year’s draft. You seem like the kind of guy that is a traditionalist when it comes to qbs. If that is true,I guess I can respect and understand why you rank Herbert so high.

          FYI: not tua fan. Like the throwing and think he has anticipation, but he folds under pressure. Does not seem strong or tough in the pocket, and I think that he doesn’t have a great arm or a fast ball. Seems like a josh Rosen finesse thrower to me, so it looks pretty but I am not sure if it will be effective. He is also not as athletic as he is thought to be. Given his injury history, I personally would not touch him.

          1. I agree. Burrows is the real deal. I would trade JG to get him. Grant actually has an interesting idea to get J Love and let him learn behind Jimmy this year. If CJ Henderson or Henry Ruggs are available at 13 that would pull the “Ruggs” out from under that.

            1. Burrow is outstanding. Just going by the film, he is the best quaterback I have studied since Andrew Luck. I am not into Jordan Love for the 49ers. I love his physical tools and traits, but i hate him as a fit for Kyle Shanahan. Love’s lack of consistency will also drive niners fan’s nuts.

              I think the niner’s roster still has a few holes. To me the ideal option is trade down and draft a d lineman. I like K’Vlon Chaisson from LSU given Dee Ford’s health. Chaisson would also allow us to cut Dee Ford next year. I like Henderson, but he is a bad fit for this defense. I think we should draft a corner at 31 or with a trade down from 31. I am still studying corner film so I do not know who the best fit is yet.

              1. Yes Chaisson is sick! He reminds me of Bruce Irvin! We need depth at edge rusher regardless if Ford is healthy or not!!!

                I would love to trade down with ATL and grab him at #16!! There is the Shanny connection to ATL and they can move up for Henderson or any of top 3 O lineman.

          2. Yes, I very much prefer QB’s that are already polished in the pocket because that’s where most mobile QB’s that last in the NFL eventually end up. Russell Wilson has been the lone exception to the rule. Truly. QB’s that can’t settle down and become solid pocket passers will eventually get hurt or get contained by NFL defenses. Kaepernick being a solid example.

            You’re free to disagree on Herberts vision but we’re seeing different things. I’ve watched him stare down receivers and throw ugly screen passes but I’ve never seen anything that suggests he’s not seeing the field. I had to look through nearly a dozen scouting reports before I found another person suggesting his vision is lacking. Time will tell but lack of vision is not a consistent belief about him.

            He needs to work on his anticipation and I think you might be confusing this with field vision. He’s a bit too much like Alex Smith in that he waits for receivers to be open rather than throwing them open.

            Everything you described about Herbert is what I see with Love. He’s just a kid with a big arm and no vision. He just flings the ball and his receivers go get it. That ish will get picked off by NFL defensive backs. Also I can’t believe Grant that thinks Shanahan would want a guy that threw a near 1:1 TD/INT ratio not to mention that he regressed from his Sophmore to Junior season.

            Watch NFL defenses keep Murray in the pocket more this season and watch his numbers drop off a cliff.

          3. Also, if you don’t like Herbert at #2 and are not a fan of Tua, than who’s your #2 QB? I hope it’s not Love.

            1. Fair enough. I am not a Love guy. These were the same excuses I heard about jameis Winston in 2015. Those issues still exist. I love jameis’ physical profile just like I love Loves, but they both throw the ball without much control which leads to horrible interceptions.

              Regarding Herbert: I just do not see a guy that goes through his progressions well. His pocket awareness is not great. I just do not see a natural feel for the position. A moxy/control of just playing quarterback which joe burrow has. Even his throwing motion is mechanical to me.

              Regarding kyler: I see what you’re saying and it is correct, but Kyler is such a special thrower too. That arm is so strong that he can drop back 8 yards to see and just throw rockets. He plays which such poise and confidence that I cannot bet against him:).

              I actually do not like any of the quarterbacks in this draft besides burrow. All of them have glaring weaknesses in my eyes. Gun to my head, I would agree with you and take Herbert, but it’s not an obvious choice for me. I do think the gap between burrow and Herbert is higher than the gap between guys like James Morgan and Herbert.

              1. I’m right there with you. Terrible class. My listing wasn’t about how much I like them but how I rank them. Burrows has the most potential. If Tua was a little taller and was coming with less health issues I’d likely put him #2 because he reminds me of Wilson. Whom I wasn’t a fan of either when he came out.

                The more I’ve thought about it the more I’ve decided to change my ranking:

                1. Burrows
                2. Eason
                3. Herbert
                4. Tagovaiola

                Originally I felt like Eason was the second best prospect but I also feel like he’s going to need at least two full years before he’s ready to start and so this isn’t a guy that’s going to rocket up someones board and get drafted in the first day. The other two will be gone in the top 15 no question, whether they should be or not remains to be seen.

                Eason should go in the #36-60 range. You’ll still need a starter for a couple of seasons when you take him.

              2. I still feel like Eason is the perfect candidate for a team to trade up to #31 to get that 5th year.

              3. I agree. I am not opposed to taking a quarterback, but I would not spend a high pick on any of these guys. I don’t even like the developmental prospects in this draft. I loved Jarret Stidham last year. I would probably rank him as a top 5 quarterback in this draft. Same goes for Ryan Finley.

                I am not sure what Grant is seeing. I would have Garoppolo rated as the 2nd or 3rd best quarterback and it is not close. I think people are sleeping on what a good thrower Jimmy was prior to his acl. The dante pettis throw week 1 against the vikings is a throw that shows what a gifted thrower he is. I think his throwing is going to be a pleasant surprise next year.

    1. I don’t disagree on Love, but Herbert is going to be the biggest bust imo because he’s going to get drafted in the top ten and he’s just not worthy of a pick that high. He’s fools gold.

      1. I respectfully disagree. Herbert fits Bill Parcell’s criteria for drafting a QB.
        He was a senior, started for 4 seasons, graduated and has a 29-14 record. He was also an Academic All American, so he is smart.
        He has won Bowl games and did well in the Senior Bowl practices, and was named MVP of the game. The combine allowed him to show off his arm strength and accuracy, and he is fairly mobile.
        Herbert is a far safer pick than Tua, with his injury history. Miami, with 3 first round picks, may be competing for the playoffs, and the other team he is most mocked for, the Chargers, could improve on a 5-11 season with better QB play.

  23. The title of this article is in the form of a question, which I easily answered with “yes” and could immediately scroll down to the comments. They are the best thing about this site (sorry Grant–I do love your your podcasts with your dad!) and probably the best collection of comments anywhere among Niner fans.

  24. I think if the Niners don’t draft a QB within the first 3-4 rounds it’s safe to say that Kyle is convinced that JG is there long term QB. Either this discussion takes new heights or it should go completely away. Could of had the GOAT and they refused. Could of set up a reunion with Cousins refused. Now if they skip on a young QB it’s pretty clear to me how they view JG. This gets good in 2 weeks!

    1. It should go completely away……………….his first full season starting in a complex offense and returning from an ACL and takes us to the SB…………the picayune nitpicking is beyond belief.

  25. This is ridiculous. Franchise QBs should be treasured like rubies, not disparaged. They finally got an accurate QB who is a winner, and you think they could drop him like a hot potato?
    Sure, a 6 time SB winner should be considered, but once the Niners passed on Brady, the subject should be closed until a better alternative exists.
    Declaring Love will take them back to the SB after they lost their MVP, is sensationalism. There is no QB that is a slam dunk Hall of Famer in this year’s draft. The 2 best QBs in the history of the game were selected in the 3rd and 6th rounds. They will probably not get one with the 13th pick. The Niners do not have a selection between the 31st and 156th picks. The Niners have way more important draft needs like finding replacements for Buckner and Sanders, and eventual replacements for Staley and Sherman.
    I just do not understand the love for Love. With a 4.7 forty, DEs will be able to run him down. If they want to get a dual threat QB, they should trade back, and select Hurts, who had a 38-4 college record.
    Read the tea leaves? Sounds like a Grim prophecy.

  26. Biderman has it right:

    49ers mode asks: The 49ers have been tied to numerous receivers, cornerbacks, defensive linemen, and even offensive line prospects at 13. Which one should be outright avoided due to their potential to be a complete bust at the NFL level?

    I hate the word, “bust.” The draft is an inexact science and players can contribute to winning even if they don’t live up to where they were drafted. Some would argue Laken Tomlinson was a first-round bust for the Lions, but he’s been a very good player at left guard since coming to the 49ers.

    Regarding the question, I would be surprised if San Francisco took a corner with pick No. 13. I don’t think C.J. Henderson (Florida) is a natural scheme fit, nor is it likely Jeff Okudah (Ohio State) will be on the board. I’d bet they end up with a receiver, defensive lineman or offensive linemen at No. 13 and look for a cornerback at No. 31, with Trevon Diggs (Alabama), A.J. Terrell (Clemson), Jaylon Johnson (Utah) and Bryce Hall (Virginia) looking like stronger fits for the zone-centric scheme at pick No. 31 or Day 2.

    1. I have some reservations about Bryce Hall. he had his leg rolled up on, and had surgery for a ‘Gruesome’ injury.
      Diggs, Terrell and J Johnson look good, and I would add Noah Igbinoghene and Jeff Gladney as 2 more possible CB candidates.

  27. If they draft a QB in round 1 that is a clear sign they no longer believe in JG. That is a big difference from having some concerns and not being fully confident in him.

    You don’t draft a QB that high with the idea they are a nice insurance policy if the current guy doesn’t work out. You draft them that high because you see them as the future (or current) starter for your team. At best, what they would be saying is they see JG as a bridge QB. But as a bridge QB he is very expensive – they would be better trading him immediately to give more weapons to Mullens (who would be a better bridge) and the young QB.

    In terms of reading the tea leaves, I suggest you brew another pot and try again. :-P

  28. With all this talk of trading up or back. Does anyone know if there are any major cost benefits to having less draft picks?

    Let’s say you drafted 5 guys total:
    1st rounder in top 10
    1 4th rounder
    1 6th rounder
    2 7th rounders

    Versus 8 guys total:
    1st rounder
    1 2nd rounder (trade back from 31)
    1 3rd rounder (trade back from 31)
    2 5th rounders
    1 6th rounder
    2 7th rounders

    My projection for the 5 team draft is about 7.5-8million and my projection for the 8 players is about 8-10 million. Seems pretty marginal and considering your team has the potential to be worse. If you did save a decent amount of money you could fill the holes with (Gabriel, Snacks, Kirkpatrick).

  29. Grant man, this jimmy hate becoming too much. Why is it so personal with you? I am not against the idea of drafting a quarterback, but you cannot do that in the first round. You pick a decent player in rounds 4-5 and groom him in your system. There are very few quarterbacks that bring Jimmy’s intangibles to the table. 95 percent of these dudes bust. Patrick mahomes was unbelievable in college. I studied mahomes and I graded him much higher than love.

    Why do you have to keep disrespecting jimmy man? I am not saying he is great. I think he’s pretty good, but honestly I have no clue. I need to see him in a full season where he is not returning from a major injury. I get that mullens is your guy and his grandpa watches you so you gotta promote him, but dude mullens is our case keenum. He is not a good enough thrower to start a extended period time in the nfl. Don’t take it out on jimmy because you’re salty none of your predictions went your way. Also do not be a prisoner of the moment. Jimmy was outstanding on 3rd down and overcame a ton of injuries. Some thing has to be said about the fact that we win without kittle, juice, Staley, mcglinchey, deebo, kwon, tart, Ward, and richberg. That’s 9 starters. What would mahomes be if kelce, Mitchell Schwartz, tyreke Jill, Erik fisher, and tyrann matheiu all missed significant time in a season? Of course mahomes>>> jimmy, I am just saying that you gotta give the man credit at some point. It’s okay. We’re all jealous of his confident and handsome he is.

    I also get that Kyle might not be fully “sold”, but frankly jimmy is the reason Kyle is still the coach of the niners. I love Kyle and I think he is special, but he has not won jack without jimmy regardless of the reasons or excuses. We still have so many injuries with jimmy, but we win.

    I posted my thoughts regarding jimmy and Kyle in the other thread about Cj Henderson. I studied hours of film on both Kyle and jimmy to reach that conclusion. I’d love to hear your thoughts:).

    Also sorry if I crossed a line man. I really am a fan of yours. You work your butt off. I just wish that you were more professional sometimes.

    1. Real quick regarding love and mahomes. Two very important things. There is more consistent accuracy than completion percentage. Mahomes control of the football is much better than love’s and was way better in college. Mahomes year to year improvement in college was also drastic and this was in-spite of coaching changes. The love to mahomes comparison reminds me of when people compared jameis Winston to Big Ben based on his sophomore season. Jordan love has tools, but that is about it. I see a more athletic jameis Winston with love. He is way too erratic. Granted, there are moments where Winston looks like the best qb in the league.

  30. The guy has played one full
    Season and it’s time to give up on him.
    Y’all about your slow part of the year.
    Where’s that Cee Dee lamb breakdown Grant?

    1. Exactly. It is crazy when I hear stuff like this. Like imagine if Seattle gave up RW after the pick to Malcolm butler. If you are down on jimmy, go look at Deshaun Watson’s film without will fuller. Go look Dak Prescott’s Film if one of Tyrone Smith, Travis Frederick, zack Martin, amari cooper, or zeke Elliot don’t play. This narrative is nuts to me. I get that jimmy was awful in camp and had a bad preseason, but this media push against him is actually insane. It is lebron 2011 bad. This roster had just 3 all pro players, but now people want to act like these guys are incredible.

      Also I do think there is something to the narrative that shanahan might not be fully sold on jimmy but we never discuss the good things he says about him. He talks about how he loves to coach jimmy and how the team loves him. He said jimmy was a top 10 guy before the Vikings playoff game. He also has always maintained that when you’re lucky enough to have a “guy that you think can be one of the best QBs in the nfl” (Chris Simms podcast 1st episode)you have to build around him. Niners fans we haven’t had anyone close to this good in so long and it’s hard to find someone better. The mahomes, rw type guys come along once every 5 -10 years. It’s more likely that we end up with Mitch Trubisky.

      Also Grant I think I finally discovered your angle. You want the niners to get rid of jimmy so they can go back to losing. Once that happens you can rip them to shreds and actually be right. It’s all part of your master plan I see…

  31. all the knocks on Jimmy G , mention K Shannan system is what makes J G look good. Kyle S without J G as 9ers head coach 4wins 25+ losses . With Jimmy G 25w 26losses

  32. If we had zero draft picks this year, ZERO, how would the team fair over the next 2 years?

    My guess is 20 wins easily.

    The point is this team is stacked with talent and that talent is all very young and coming into its own. Keep in mind, for most guys this is only their 2nd year in the same scheme. That’s invaluable!
    The window is not closing, it’s just been cracked and the airflow is coming hot and heavy.

    Point is, the amount of picks we have this year will be enough. No need to accumulate more picks because we will end up cutting a 3rd, 4th, 5th or undrafted free agent from a previous draft or year. The problem isn’t that but the experience some of those guys have already accumulated in this same scheme.
    Building a winner is about continuity.

        1. First you welcome playing twice in the Clink, now you say they do not need a draft. Brilliant, especially after losing their MVP.
          I am just a die hard faithful Niner fan, and the comments here are not reserved for only past players and coaches, but even a fan can see how teams rebuild or reload every year. Turnover is a process that happens every year, considering the average career lasts 3 years.
          Guess you are dissing Grant too. He also did not suit up for the NFL. You claim to have played the game? Pee Wee football does not count. That seems to be the level you played at, considering your lack of even common sense. Betting 200 bucks the Niners would draft Trubisky, making it twice as hard to win, now no draft is necessary. You have hit the trifecta. I do not think your Football for Dummies is helping you.

          1. A narcissistic person repeats past events with fallacy. This is the characteristic they posses of delusion and grandeur.

            Seb, you talk too much and project too much with zero reality.
            You are the 45th in every which way.

      1. Why don’t you save the blog entirely and just leave and your imposter hopefully follows.
        You are a cancer in the dressing room and it’s time for you to F off now!

      2. Please do not joke about this pandemic, which has killed 12,800 people.

        This may be the most offensive post ever on this site. Please take your vile xenophobia and deplorable ignorance elsewhere. The 70,000+ fatalities from COVID-19 throughout the rest of the world were people too, not just those who have died in the U.S. from the pandemic.

        1. Quite the hyperbole, considering this is the most offensive post ever, Guess you have not read Prime’s screeds epithets, profanity and threats.
          Since you were so offended, you really must be mad at this catfish burner account, joking about this pandemic.
          I merely went by what number I was sure of, and did not want to state the wrong figure. So far, 88,388 people have perished worldwide, but that figure keeps on growing, like the US total has risen to 14, 762, and counting.
          I wish to salute the common American health care providers, and all aid workers worldwide who are performing heroic feats with less than satisfactory supplies, and lack of federal leadership. Now we find out that the feds are seizing supplies from hospitals, with no accountability, or documents that show where these supplies are going to.

          1. Just like the Donald, always blaming someone else. A true narcissist if we ever seen one.

            Seb x Trump=Two many jack offs.

  33. JFC, I’d rather argue politics 100% here than even consider commenting on this idiocy. It would be just as useful.

  34. I can’t believe the Jordon Love comments (though only a few).
    A closer look at Love’ stats in 2019 were lower than 2018. The only real winning teams he faced this year (Wake Forest and LSU) made him look below average. An argument could be made that Love padded his numbers against sub-par defensive teams.

    The idea of trading Garoppolo (SB, QB) for a chance to get Love is Baalke level thinking. And we saw what Baalke did to the team before getting fired.

  35. Nice thinking, Grant.

    I actually conceived of something similar. Except in my scenario, I was thinking that if Tua by some fluke fell to 13, the Niners should nab him. Tua, however, is a bit concerning because of fragility. I don’t know much about Love, but if he checks the boxes, he could even be a better choice long term.

    I do like Garoppolo’s demeanor. It’s elite and that’s at least 50% of being great. But he does fall short on skills. To be in the elite group, you have to be either accurate on every type of ball, or have elite elusiveness and escapability, with good accuracy. Jimmy does not have either really IMO. He’s a bit slow processing the game, does not have an accurate enough long ball, and he cannot outrun pressure. He’ll be a very good long term QB, but I don’t believe in the top tier. He may actually prove to be the worst QB in our division, depending on how Goff rebounds. This upcoming year, should it come off, will be the crucial test forJimmy. We should be prepared for the worst.

    The above said, I don’t believe that the FO has the cajones to do something like you’re suggesting. And more importantly I don’t think that they have the skills to properly evaluate top talent at the skill positions to risk such a move. KS has proved that ad nauseum. And his love affair with Kirk Cousins is further proof of that. But he redeems himself by utilizing and scheming the hell out of any talent he does acquire.

    But it’s an intriguing thought. I like the way you think.

    1. No. JG is the Franchise QB, and he should not be nit picked and denigrated, with speculation they want to replace him. He does have a record of 21-6, and took a 4-12 team to the SB. By all accounts, he is a popular leader, and will get better, because now he is not rehabbing from an ACL, and he can throw to his receivers to develop more chemistry. He will not be able to have every receiver in a big group to throw to, because of all of these Covid-19 restrictions, but he probably could have some one on one sessions, while in a quarantine setting.
      JG cannot out run pressure? He did have an ACL injury, so cut him some slack. Usually, it takes over 2 years to fully recover, with him being able to run full speed and being able to make cuts. JG has such a quick release, he can many times get the ball off before the defensive lineman can get to him. Now that Person is not going to act like a turnstile, he may get enough protection so he does not have to hurry his throws.
      In this upcoming season, only his second one being the full time starter, he will get better with his deep throws. It will help to have that big tall WR who can highpoint the ball. Maybe they could draft Claypool and make him a hybrid WR/TE. Then they can have 2 fast TE receiving threats, who can also block well.
      The FO is perfectly capable, and with their scouts, have the skills to properly evaluate top talent at the skill positions. The first thing they will assess, is that Jordan Love is way inferior to JG. The best thing for Love to do is be drafted, then allowed to sit for a few years, so he can work out to get stronger, and study hard to master the pro style offense. With Mullens, Love would be superfluous. Mullens is a fine backup, and has shown he can beat playoff teams when he defeated the Seahawks.
      The FO knows better than to try to shatter the confidence of their team leader, by drafting a QB at 13, when they have bigger team needs. That would be saying-‘ You are no good, so we need to desperately upgrade the position.’ The last position they need to upgrade is the QB position. They did trade away Buckner, so I hope some posters do not think that Solomon Thomas is an equally skilled replacement for Buckner. They lost Emmanuel Sanders, so they should tap into this deep and talented WR class. Both Staley and Sherman need eventual replacements.
      Grant seems to be doubling down on this QB speculation, but he needs to come up with more reasonable and logical scenarios. It all depends on what happens in the first 12 picks, but the Niners should study the 1986 draft, and employ the Larry Roberts strategy.

      1. Seb,
        I also like Claypool and he could be provide a somewhat multi-tasking candidate for the offense (SAK).
        But I believe that Shanahan may be counting on Hurd to take that position when he comes back from injury.

        On a different note, I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear what the NFL owners, Goodell and the Players Association are planning for the upcoming season.
        Personally, I don’t see football this year. But hopefully I’m wrong.

        1. I just know they are video chatting with TE prospects.
          I like Hurd’s potential. The only problem is- if he cannot be healthy enough to play, he may not be able to help the team.
          I hope you are wrong, too. I really want the 49ers to take advantage of this window of opportunity to be a SB contender.

  36. It’s funny how so many say a CJ Henderson wouldn’t fit in the Niner’s scheme. Is the scheme only to look for people who can’t cover or get interceptions? We had no problem when Dion Sanders was our shut down corner and made Eric Davis look good enough to make the Pro Bowl when he was never that good. If you have a great player you work around that. When I look at Henderson I see a guy who makes plays. When I looked at the Niners CBs at the Super Bowl I saw guys who couldn’t cover when the game was on the line. Scheme isn’t everything. Great players make plays.

    1. This is a great point, but I don’t agree with it regarding Henderson. There is more then just lack of a scheme fit. He is does not have the football character or tackling toughness required to play in this defense. I do not think Henderson fits what saleh is looking for. Individually Henderson is fantastic. He reminds me of both Marcus peters or Sidney jones when they came out of college. Henderson also is not great at doing his job for the defense. He plays corner in an individual way. Not a great fit for a team that primarily plays cover 3. I think Henderson would be awesome for a team like Baltimore that primarily plays man. Niners need someone feisty, willing to tackle, and willing to do their job within their cover 3 scheme. Unless saleh totally revamps this scheme, talented players like Henderson will not become 49ers.

    2. I also think the Niners will emphasize versatility, so a player can have different roles.
      DTs can loop around and rush the passer, while maintaining containment. DBs who can morph between man and zone seamlessly. WRs who have ST skills. RBs who can become receivers, and a TE who can be used like a Swiss Army Knife. LBs who can cover the TE. Safeties who can crowd the line of scrimmage and blitz.
      CJ Henderson? There is a reason why he is the second ranked CB in this draft. His 4.39 forty shows he has the speed to recover. His 20 reps means he is strong enough to help in the run defense. He is big and tall enough to contest the highpointed throws. He has burst and quick acceleration. He is ranked as a year 1 quality starter.

    3. It’s funny how so many say a CJ Henderson wouldn’t fit in the Niner’s scheme. Is the scheme only to look for people who can’t cover or get interceptions?

      I think the reason that this is being raised by some on the board is because of his poor tackling. In a defense that primarily asks its db’s to play deep to short, tackling is an absolute must. In a scheme that gives up short passes and forces teams teams to try and dink and dunk their way down the field, poor tackling will break the purpose of the scheme entirely.

      In other schemes that primarily play man, this isn’t a necessity… simply cover the man and prevent the pass from being completed to begin with and you wont have to make the tackle.

      1. I like the way you’re thinking. I would love for the 49ers to drop saleh, trade Sherman, and hire wade phillips. We can draft Henderson to replace Sherman.

        For all the talk about shanahan and jimmy, saleh and this defensive scheme are getting a huge pass. This cover 3 match scheme that Pete Carroll and his disciples use has now blown 3 double digit 4th quarter Super Bowls leads. Let us say jimmy hits sanders, do the niners win? Mahomes would have had 1:30 and 3 timeouts.

        Saleh is a coordinator that is elevated by his talent not the other way around. The split safety looks he added this year have been used a ton by Pete Carroll, Dan Quinn, and Gus Bradley. The idea for the wide 9 was also conceived by Kyle. I

  37. I think we should draft CJ Henderson or Ruggs III at #13.

    That is all. Reporting from stay at home sucks.

  38. For those of us that go back far enough to remember it, Grant was absolutely convinced that Jim Tomsula could coach the 49ers as well as Jim Harbaugh. Grant is a complete joke. He has the lowest football IQ of any beat writer I’ve ever read, and I’ve been a diehard since the early 80s. He’s just a clickbait artist. No point in putting any stock in his theories.

  39. Kyle has a proven track record as the QB whisperer, but does he as a QB evaluator. He did trade up for CJ Beathard. I honestly don’t know, thought?

    Also, no way this happens. As Razor said, SB window is open now and is slowly closing. JG may not have won Kyle’s full support yet, but he’s going to get this year to prove himself. I think Jimmy is trending upward. Look at the last half of the season as he started to finally trust his knee. He really hit his groove, and started to take care of the ball, while making big plays in big moments. However, he doesn’t take the next developmental step in Shanny’s offense Kyle will likely start looking elsewhere next year.

    1. I agree. I think it’s arrogant for Kyle to allegedly not “believe” in jimmy. What has Kyle won without jimmy? I love Kyle. I think he is an amazing head coach and play caller, but he hasn’t won anything without jimmy.

      For the record, Belichick thought he could win super bowls with this guy. Clearly there is something we are missing. His intangibles seems just THAT special.

      Also his Kirk cousins love just drives me nuts. I watch a lot of film so I am a bigger fan of Kirk than most, but you cannot win a super bowl with him. He has zero confidence and leadership. Jimmy is going to be a different quarterback next year with the acl 2 years behind him. He will not be mvp Matt Ryan but I expect him to throw the ball much better. Next year should’ve been the year for the niners…

    1. Razor been slow lately, ever since he discovered Lamb its like the wool got pulled over his eyes, at least the Ruggs didn’t get pulled out from underneath him. If that had happened Judge Juedy would have to make a statement. ouch :)

  40. Grant, (1st time, LONG time)

    Great thought. Articles like this keep me excited about the draft and the 49ers. I (and my wife for other reasons) are Jimmy G fans and will continue to root for him so long as he takes the snaps on game day.

    But… I’m also a football realist and appreciate these outside-the-box takes on the possible moves Kyle and John could make. It’s definitely one that I hadn’t considered, which is why I LOVE it. Kind of like when you suggested the Niners might part ways with Bowman; I hated the thought but later came to terms with it. If the guys in charge (the same ones that got us from worst to first) think they should move on, then I guess we move on. Personally, I just really like Jimmy G as a player and representative of the team, so I’m hoping this hypothetical situation turns out to be wrong!

    Anyway, really enjoy the content you offer. Can’t say I always like your opinions, but I always understand them. Don’t change. Go Niners.

  41. The Plot Thickens
    Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter 12h
    Santa Clara County executive officer Dr. Jeffrey Smith told that county’s Board of Supervisors this week that he did not expect there would be “any sports games until at least Thanksgiving, and we’d be lucky to have them by Thanksgiving”, via the @latimes

      1. I fully expect NFL football to begin the season on time, but I’m no executive doctor even though I played one in a school play back in 4th grade….

  42. Santa Clara sticking it to 49ers, and NFL, by threatening to keep stadium closed till at least November (conveniently after election day). Sounds like financial blackmail to me.

    1. It sounds like people taking f-ing responsibility to me. And after what the tri-state area has been going through, don’t expect the NJ/meadowlands authorities to be offering any different.

    2. Hong Kong may be experiencing its third wave of Covid-19 cases, demonstrating what happens if the lockdown is lifted too soon.

          1. Now you are not Japanese? You are also a coward and a narcissist. The portfolio is vast.

            The 45th has taught you well.

            1. I am an American, you Canuck.
              It is deliciously ironic to accuse me of cowardice, when you cannot even have the guts to present a mock, and you welch on bets.

              1. You are not American as Americans don’t cower when confronted to back up their smack talk. They don’t hide behind key boards and pretend they are know it all narcissists.
                That’s you Seb!

              2. What smack talk. You are the bellicose bully doing that. I just want to post about a team I love, not endure your hate filled rants.

              3. Once again a narcissist never admits fault. You are a just a “die hard Niner fan wanting to talk about the team he (coward) loves”. STFU!

                Just like the 45th, all talk, deflect blame and play superior.

              4. A narcissistic person always think they have claimed a gain when in retrospect they’ve displayed the defining characteristics of arrogance and need for admiration.

                Seb wears the Donald mantra.

              5. You may have abbreviated it, but you still devolved into hurling a profanity.
                Seems like I have such an easy time winning, because you are such a loser.

            2. Apologies to all you polymaths in Ninerland.

              Ethnicity of Hong Kong, 2016 Census

              92.0% Chinese (2020 Census, 93.6%)
              2.5% Filipino
              2.1% Indonesian
              0.8% White
              0.5% Indian
              0.3% Nepalese
              0.2% Pakistani
              0.1% Thai
              0.1% Japanese

    1. Address the thinner positions first

      Are you telling me that you want to go into the season with Samuel, Bourne and a 5th round wr?

      1. Razoreater says:
        April 9, 2020 at 11:04 am
        Address the thinner positions first

        Are you telling me that you want to go into the season with Samuel, Bourne and a 5th round wr?
        No, I wan’t them to trade out of #13 and take a WR in the mid 2nd to 3rd round range. However if they end up with a starting CB, OL, and a 5th round WR I’ll be satisfied that the team is stronger than the one that lost the SuperBowl.

    2. According the CBS Big Board, there are 25 WRs ranked in the first 4 rounds, at 146.
      I do not think the Niners want to miss out on the top 25 WR prospects.

      1. Perhaps, but why miss out on the top 3 WR’s that may be right in front of them on draft day?
        It’s easy for “Couch GM’s” to look beyond drafting a WR at #13 because frankly, they have nothing to lose.

        I’m sure that some teams will find some hidden WR gems in the 2nd – 4th rds, but I’m not comfortable taking a chance with that line of thinking especially given the fact that one of top 3 WR’s are there at 13.

        1. There is our argument. I just do not feel that those 3 WRs are vastly superior to some later prospects. There is no Calvin Johnson or Julio Jones in this draft.
          You should agree that they should draft the replacement to Buckner, since he was the most Valuable player on the team. Many pundits have called for replacements for Staley and Sherman.
          My opinion on WRs in the draft is different than others. I think it is better to sign FA WRs, because they are battle tested, and battle hardened. I am glad JL signed Travis Benjamin.
          The problem with rookie WRs, is that they tend to get injured. Pettis did, Hurd did, Taylor had a back injury his rookie season. Rookie WRs need to work out a year to build muscle so he can withstand the sledgehammer blows the DBs deliver. They need to study the pro system, which is way different with the QB under center. They need to assimilate the playbook so they can recite it frontwards and backwards. That takes a year, sometimes. Rookies need to learn that the level of competition is much fiercer, and the speed of the game is way faster. WRs will find it much harder to gain separation, and it might take years to find the seams in the zone. College QBs who used to have all day to deliver from the pocket, may be confronted by a guy paid 21 mil, who wants to crush him.

          1. If Lynch feels that he needs to replace Buckner immediately, then he could make a deal for D. Brown or J. Kinlaw. Either of these guys would keep our front line fierce.
            My thinking is that Bosa and a healthy D. Ford could mollify the loss of D. Buckner for now.

            I’d love to see one of current injured WR’s replace E. Sanders, but that is a risky consideration. If Taylor and Hurd is ready, it could help, but I still would have a hard time passing on one of the top 3 WR’s.

          1. Razor, I had forgotten about Gibson. I think Scooter brought him up several days ago, and I looked at his youtube. Plays like a tiger. I was very impressed. He’s a more complete player than Watkins. Seems like he can play anywhere on the field. Where do you think he’ll be drafted?

              1. He’s been getting talked about a lot as a guy teams really like/ are intrigued by. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes round 4. Any team looking for a dynamic, powerful runner they can move around as a slot WR/ RB will look long and hard at Gibson.

    3. As razor points out, the 49ers can’t be going into the season just hoping a later round guy can get the job done. There likely will be some late round guys that end up pretty good, there will also be a lot that don’t, and those that do make it will likely need some development time.

      The 49ers need to draft a guy that can step in and be a starter pretty much right away. They don’t really have the luxury of drafting a guy later and developing them for a couple of years.

      For mine the sweet spot for WR this draft is probably round 2. A lot of guys that in weaker draft classes would probably be day 1 picks, amd can step in day 1 and be contributors. But at the same time, there is a reason there are a handful of guys being looked at as top 15 players.

      1. “ The 49ers need to draft a guy that can step in and be a starter pretty much right away. They don’t really have the luxury of drafting a guy later and developing them for a couple of years“

        Isn’t that a lot to ask of a kid in his first year who will be competing against professional, men?

        1. That’s true, it is. But, of course, last year we had Bosa, Samuel, and Greenlaw. (I realize two of them didn’t start the season that way.) So it can be done. Unless what’s really going on is a trade of some kind that’s in the works. They had the opportunity to keep Sanders; essentially they let him go. I’ve inferred from that they are confident they have a solution.

        2. Yes, it is. And that’s the position the 49ers have left themselves in. Unless they feel confident going into the season with essentially the same group they started the year with last season. We know how that worked out.

          1. Maybe on other teams in the NFL but the WR position in this offense is very difficult to learn and execute.
            Bourne whose been in it for 2 years still looks mesmerized.
            Deebo finally got some of it late in the year when he basically ran 3 maybe 4 routes total.
            Pettis has struggled to learn it and he’s a smart kid.
            I think asking any rookie drafted in to this offense and asked to “ step in and be a starter pretty much right away” is very unrealistic.

            1. Yes, very difficult position they have put themselves in. Which is why I think they will be keen to draft a WR that played in a reasonably sophisticated offense in college and showed a good ability to run a wide range of concepts. Say… Jeudy.

              To start the season the 49ers may rely a bit more on Kittle, Deebo, Taylor, Bourne, etc, but I expect they will want whichever WR they draft to play a lot and by the end of the season to have emerged as one of their top receivers.

      2. I hear you, Scooter, but not to argue the point, this is what MM said in an article yesterday about Watkins:

        “If the 49ers are looking for a player to take the top off the defense while playing a limited number of snaps throughout the course of a game, Quez Watkins is a solid late-round option.

        Watkins (6-foot, 185) is a player who can bring the speed in great abundance. His time of 4.35 in the 40 at the NFL Scouting Combine ranked second behind only Alabama’s Henry Ruggs.”

        1. I don’t mind Watkins as a late round guy that you can develop. His speed is a bit overrated imo – he doesn’t create as much separation as his speed would suggest. I think that is more an issue of not really having much imagination in his route running – he’s pretty one speed, doesn’t do much to put question marks in the DBs mind and doesn’t make sharp cuts. But with the ball in hand he is plenty fast enough to be dangerous. And he seems to have no troubles going up and fighting for the ball.

          But as MM says, at least initially he’d really just be a guy you use sparingly.

      3. Tbh I only see 2 receivers capable of stepping in and being a good starters right away ( Jeudy and Lamb ).
        There are many others that could be contributors and will become starters one day but I think they are all more of the Hope Variety in year 1.

  43. The remote format for this draft is going to make on-the-clock trades a bit more challenging. I’m guessing that GMs are exploring position trade scenarios right now so that the groundwork is laid out in advance between teams on relative values, particularly for Days 1&2.
    Day 3 may be more like a rapid fire auction.

    1. Chuck E
      IDK but the outcome of no pro days, no face to face interviews and GM’s being at home with no support staff, could result in GM’s playing it safe and not taking any risks drafting players. The result may be less trades.

      1. I can see it going somewhat the other way, and teams locking in on certain guys they really believe in because they haven’t been able to do the groundwork on as many prospects. It could be a truly fascinating draft to look back on in a few years.

      2. Geep, thinking along those lines had me come to another conclusion- this would be an excellent draft to con a team out of its first round pick…..the thinking is- its risky to invest a high pick on someone who you didnt get to bring in for a visit or meet at a pro day.
        If i were the niners…..id call the Panthers…..give them next years 1,2 and 3…….for this years 1 and 4. Then at #7 id take one of the top Olinemen.
        At 13 you could trade back a little…..to 18 or the 20’s……maybe trade back a couple times……you could even end up trading a pick for a #1 next year……

        Ive done a 180 on a couple things…….i no longer think wr at 13 is the best move……and im not against trading back.
        The reasoning is that, after hearing countless scouting reports on countless players…..im not really sold on the top 2 wr’s……..also, ive heard rumors Staley might be done and not even play this year…..giving us 2 holes on the O line…….and realizing a lot of players have contracts coming up next year…..and re singing everyone would be really expensive

        1. J
          Maybe call Bobby Beathard and ask him what Marty Hurney’s favorite whiskey is. Then send him a couple of bottles of his favorite via UPS overnight delivery, on the 22nd….(to help him relax).
          And while we’re conning other teams, lets unload some deadwood and save some cap space.
          WR Dante Pettis: = 4th Rd. pick (~45 points)
          WR Trent Taylor: = early 4th Rd. pick (~70 points)
          WR Marquise Goodwin, = mid 6th round pick (~11 points),
          RB Matt Breida, = late 3rd round pick (~ 100 points).
          QB CJ Beathard 5th round pick (~25 points).
          This would give the 9ers Car. pick #7, 9er #31 and Car. # 113,
          Trade Panthers #7 to the NYJ for draft pick #11 and #68
          #11: Draft OT Tristan Wirfs, Iowa (fits 9ers ZBS)
          #31: Trade #31 and RB Matt Breida and WR Trent Taylor to NE for for pick #23
          #23: Draft OC Cesar Ruiz, Mich. (Can pay OG if Richburg recovers)
          #68: Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah (press CB)
          #113: Harrison Bryant, TE, Florida Atlantic (Big WR that will block).
          #156: Darrynton Evans, RB App. St. (P / K Return)
          Trade #176, QB CJ Beathard and Marquise Goodwin to MIA for draft pick #157
          #157: Darrynton Evans, WR / RB Memphis
          #210: Reggie Robinson II, CB Tulsa (P / K Return)
          #217: Trevis Gipson, EDGE Tulsa (Practice Squad)
          #245: Isaiah Coulter, WR Rhode Island (Practice Squad)
          * Tyrie Cleveland, WR Florida

      3. I saw John Harbaugh talking about the Zoom risk of security against other teams.
        I think GMs will have coaches and scouts on text messages for security purposes and use the League network for them-to-team and team- to- league transmitting.
        Days one and two teams could also use FaceTime as more secure than Zoom within their own orgs. Shanny, Paraag, & Lynch on burner phone texts.
        Cubus? Mood? Y’all tech savvy, any thoughts?
        PS Cubus & Mood- y’all gotta check out Dutton-Goldfield and Papapietro-Perry for ultra-fine vino. Seriously. Pinot and Zinfandel Top Drawer.
        PS: NFL opening day NOT happening on schedule. Sorry.

  44. wow! just wow! lmao……..grant, why do you constantly sacrifice you integrity as a journalist for clicks!!?? Dude, your credentialed! You have a press pass……quit acting like a professional jaggov please

  45. How the first 12 picks go will determine who the Niners draft. Here is how it may play out.
    1. Bengals- Joe Burrow QB
    2. Washington- Chase Young DE
    3. Lions- Jeff Okudah CB
    4. Giants- Tristan Wirfs OL
    5. Dolphins- Tua QB
    6. Chargers- Justin Herbert QB
    7. Panthers- Isaiah Simmons LB
    8. Cards- Jedrick Wills OL
    9. Jags- Derek Brown DT
    10. Browns- Mekhi Becton OL
    11. Jets- CeeDee Lamb WR
    12. Raiders- Jerry Jeudy.
    The Niners could draft Henry Ruggs, CJ Henderson, Andrew Thomas, Javon Kinlaw, Xavier McKinney, Josh Jones OL or K’lavon Chaisson. Therefore, the Niners can trade back 5 to 7 spots and be guaranteed one of them.
    Trapasso just had a mock where the Dolphins traded up 5 spots to 13, and gave the Niners the 18th, 70th and 141st picks.
    Jax has 12 picks, so they may offer pick numbers 20, 73, 137 and 140, for the Niners pick 13. It almost adds up exactly on the Trade Value Chart.
    Minnesota may also be a team that wants to trade up, since they have a lot of draft capital.

      1. I am wondering about my weekly mock. Which trade scenario looks the most probable? Of course, I would do the exact opposite of what you thought.
        There could be 2 trade backs from the 31st pick. The Niners could trade with the Chargers because they may be looking to move up and either take a RB, or QB. The Chargers would move up six spots and offer their second round (37) and 4th round (112) for the Niners’ 31st pick. It adds up exactly on the Trade value Chart.
        Another trade back would be with Denver. The Niners would move back farther, 15 spots, from 31 to 46. The Broncos could offer their second round pick (46), 3rd round pick (95), and 4th round pick (118). The Broncos obtained that 95th pick from the Emmanuel Sanders trade. In order to balance it out, the Niners would give them the 31st pick and a pick in round five (176).
        Looking at all the trade scenarios, I would not want to help an NFC playoff team, so They should not trade with the Vikings. Like trading Trent Brown to the Patriots, they should not be trading with playoff teams that might become SB winners. They probably should refrain from trading with the Ravens. Lamar Jackson needs less help, not more help. Trading with Jax may be problematic, because Baalke is running their draft, and Baalke would only present deals that screw the Niners. The Dolphins and Broncos may be the best options, because both teams have plenty of picks to deal with.

        1. A narcissistic person believes they are living in a fantasy world propped up by distortion, self-deception, and magical thinking.

          Good show Drumpf!

          1. Grant is showing more wisdom than you. He presented a mock with 2 trade backs, using the Broncos and Chargers, just like I have been doing for weeks.
            Quick mock with 2 trade backs, and 4 picks in the first 4 rounds with the Broncos and Chargers.
            15- Javon Kinlaw DT. The replacement for Buckner.
            37- Denzel Mims WR. The replacement for Sanders.
            95- Michael Ojemudia CB. He is ranked 95.
            112- Ben Bartch OL.
            Bartch is kinda raw, but used to be a TE, ran the 110 meter hurdles in HS, and his explosiveness was accentuated but his discus and shot put competition. He impressed the Senior Bowl scouts, and is a small school prospect that could eventually become a starter.

  46. Man, has any team mismanaged their cap as badly as the Rams? So much dead money due to bad contracts. I thought Gurley was bad, but now taking a dead cap hit of $21.8M on Cooks.

      1. While I agree with you that the iron is fairly hot for the 49ers SB window, the Lambs are a lesson in overextension and focus on the now. 🤷‍♂️

    1. I was questioning just the other week how it is that Snead still has a job but I guess if O’Brien can remain gainfully employed Snead must be pretty safe.

  47. The Rams traded away their 2020 first round pick, AND a 2021 first round pick along with a 4th round pick.
    They are out of the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes, and if Goff remains mediocre, they will really regret that trade.
    However, they look like genius’s for trading Brandin Cooks to the Texans for a second round pick. Cooks with his concussion history is damaged goods. He is a poor replacement for Hopkins. Cooks 8 mil salary is off their books and the Rams now may draft a rookie WR and sign him to a rookie contract. Rams really want to draft a RB, but their first pick is at 52.
    Rams have it tough, but Jax has a 34 mil dead hit and the Panthers have a 36.5 mil dead hit.

  48. Jeez, I’ll be glad when this draft is over. But without OTAs, rookie minicamps, little if any full training camp, we won’t have Grant telling us how bad they look.

  49. Would you do this trade:

    49ers send #13 and 2021 3rd round pick


    Baltimore for # 28, #55, and #60

    End up with 4 picks in the first two rounds.

        1. Not seeing it. They just drafted Brown and Boykin, and they lost Mosely. LB is the bigger need. I could see them targeting a guy like Pittman in round 2….

          1. It wasn’t about whether the Ravens would actually be interested in the move I needed a team with picks at the back end of the first two rounds so people would have to trade one of their favorite receivers for multiple late first and second round selections. I want to see just how tied to one of those receivers people are periods the Ravens had the perfect picks for the scenario.

            1. Fixed it. Was using speech to text.
              I want to see just how tied to one of those receivers people are. The Ravens had the perfect picks for the scenario.

    1. Yes, absolutely.
      4 picks in the first 2 rounds could allow sf to get a wr, ol, dl, and cb.
      They get lucky on even 2 of those and they could vastly improve on last years roster.

      1. It’s a dream scenario. Razor correctly points out that it’s not particularly likely that the Ravens would be interested but man what a haul that could be.

        #28 Austin Jackson OT
        #31 Justin Madubuike DT
        #55 Damon Arnette CB
        #60 Michael Pittman WR

        1. Yeah, the potential to add good talent at multiple positions would be very nice. Could easily swap in a safety at one of those draft picks too.

    2. For me it depends on if Jeudy, Wills or Wirfs are available. I would probably draft them rather than take the deal. Other than that, yep. And even then, I would be very tempted even if one of those guys was available.

  50. Thanks Grant…..Niners def painted themselves in a corner with JimmyG’s payroll….its too high for his skillset…

    This IS the land of JimmyG Homers so you are going to take flak and me for wanting to move on from this QB..however if the team is rebuilding why not just move on and save the money and get more players for the future…

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