Yanking Garoppolo sets up a whole list of possible consequences for Shanahan

Kyle Shanahan has an explanation for pulling Jimmy Garoppolo from Sunday’s loss to Miami. But it strains credibility. (Kent Porter/ The Press Democrat

We don’t do it often here, because we’re usually big fans, but we’re going to have to call out Kyle Shanahan. His performance in Sunday’s embarrassing loss to Miami was not impressive.

Others have run down the list of whiffs, misses and sacks the team allowed and committed. I recommend that you read them.

I’d just say I hope Shanahan went through all the possible scenarios when he yanked quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo at halftime. Because they are all happening.

First, it became a national story. Pundits immediately called it a “benching.” (And, for reasons we will discuss in a moment, they had a point.)  One talking head recommended that Garoppolo check with his realtor because he wouldn’t be in town much longer. There are already deep-dive stories about the trade that brought Garoppolo to the 49ers, and whether New England or San Francisco got the most value.

It also provided firewood for the Jimmy-doubters’ bonfire. The I-told-you-so’s must have been flying.

And it had to ding the confidence of the guy you chose as your bell cow QB –  and paid him like it. After the game Garoppolo said, “My confidence is fine” and “I’m the quarterback.” But those are only things you say if you think others need to hear them for reassurance.

Shanahan had the “I’m only trying to protect Jimmy,” spin ready to go, even telling that to the halftime reporter. But it stretched credibility.

The official story is that Garoppolo’s high ankle sprain turned out to bother him more than he or Shanahan expected. It hurt and made it extremely difficult for him to push off his sore right leg and “drive” the ball. The idea is that Shanahan watched him all half and gradually realized Garoppolo could not physically make the throws.

OK. Fine.

Then why did Shanahan call time out with 30 seconds left in the half and the ball on his own 25? Presumably, it was to set up some Hail Mary attempts to cover 75 yards – or at least into field goal range – in 30 seconds. And you’re doing that with a quarterback that you say you already determined was too injured to play the position?

With the Dolphins playing deep, the attempted last-second drive was a setup for an interception. Which is what happened on a Garoppolo pass that looked like it should have had a nice orange glaze on it. And then the ball was returned far enough that Miami got an insult-to-injury field goal to make it 30-7.

The question is, if Shanahan had enough faith in him to try that, why not let him start the second half?

You have to hope the answer is not panic. This was a must-win game, it was slipping away and something had to be done. Maybe, Shanahan might think, “C.J. Beathard got us going last week, maybe we’ll try him.”

Because the I-just-thought-we’d-try-someone-else approach is a whole new can of worms. We can promise that Shanahan will now get a “who’s your starting QB?” question every day for the foreseeable future. Garoppolo will have to wonder if the team has lost faith in him.

Maybe they have. With the way the half ended, with two interceptions on poorly thrown balls, you’d think Garoppolo was terrible all day. But at the two-minute mark he was 6-11 for 77 yards, no picks and a 76.7 rating. He’d also been sacked three times — including the thunderous blind side shot that caused a fumble — hit five times and “hurried” seven times. As Nick Mullens found the week before, when there’s a lot of guys in the with different color jerseys in the backfield, it gets hectic.

Beathard-boosters, by the way, will note that he led a touchdown drive (as did Garoppolo). But it should be noted that he was bailed out on two third and long plays on that drive — one a sack and one an incompletion –  by defensive penalties by Miami. He also fumbled under pressure. Beathard was fine, but he didn’t light up the sky either.

The real question is how does this play in the locker room? Garopollo was seen as the clear starter up until now. He’s one of the team captains and the Jimmy and George Show, a series of minor comedy routines with Garoppolo and George Kittle, has become a fan favorite.

Does the team rally around Jimmy? Or do they embrace the hard reality? You know the NFL stands for — Not For Long.

It is already sounding a little awkward. Asked about keeping the faith in their quarterback, Kyle Juszczyk said the team had faith in “all three” of our quarterbacks.

And you know what they say. If you’ve got two (or three) starting quarterbacks . . . you don’t have a starting quarterback.


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    1. I miss Grant’s comments here. I do enjoy the Cohn Zone. Yes, I predicted no return to the SB. I predicted an 8-8 season at best with big changes to come.

  1. Sorry, but this is a bad take b y CW. FYI, most of the readers here don’t give a whit (or something that rhymes with whit) what the national twitterati thinks. Kyle took a risk by starting Jimmy G . It’s difficult to diagnose when one recovers from a high ankle sprain. Things may look good for a while in practice and then one steps on the toes in the game and the torn/damaged ligament in the foot above the ankle is re-stressed/irritated. Kyle took a risk because the thought Jimmy G would be needed to win the game. I think he was right. But the bet failed.

    Kyle needs to be help accountable for other questionable decisions, including use of personnel and play calls, the O line stinking it up, and allowing bad personnel and tactical decisions by Saleh/Oden.

    1. Agreed. This nit picking on exactly when and why he took Jimmy out. He was definitely hurting, and immobile and the line couldn’t protect him. Jimmy is the staring QB when he is healthy and it’s crazy to think otherwise.

  2. I would say everyone pretty much sucked, the O line is garbage the last two weeks, no cornerbacks at all. Mullins should of been the back up, yea he was awful last week but played some very good games prior. CJ should be running a Firestone in Modesto.

    1. I’d say that Jimmy did a very good imitation of Mullins during his brief time and I agree that Mullins should not have lost his position as 2nd just because he had to suffer the same as Jimmy did with no support. Can’t help but think that KS still thinks he has to prove that CJ wasn’t anything more than a brain fart. (And Thomas and Witherspoon and….) Mostert was back but our running game was not anything like last year when we used the committee system at running back. To paraphrase Mood’s post above, it looks like KS is just throwing whit up against the wall to see what sticks. Not a good look. I don’t know what other vets will say when I argue that playing QB with the 49ers now is kind of like combat. Easy for those who haven’t had the pleasure to theorize about how one should perform but a very different proposition for those who have had the experience.

    2. Unless CJ has a big Crash he’s the backup. He has more upside than Mullins and Mullins is a free agent next year. He’s probably seen his last snaps for the Niners.

    3. C.J would be a good asst. manager at Firestone. Just scrap the QB’s or trade IF you still can JG and Mullens and move up the draft board into the top 5 since the 49ers won’t win more than 5 games in ’20. Get QB 6′ 3″ 225lb QB Justin Fields, Ohio St. runs a 4.6-40. 2019 had 41 td’s/3int 68% comp avg. Just build around him, then draft OL and grab a couple real good FA OL if possible. Let some heads roll. I think Mullens should start until JG sprain is 100% healed or if he plays like trash. Not worth $27M

  3. CW,
    Rather than taking Shanahan at his words, you prefer to trump up ideas to fit your personal narrative.

    Why would you doubt that Jimmy was being bothered by his ankle injury?
    Well, I’ll give you my personal take.
    1. Yes, Jimmy was likely hurting and uncomfortable when throwing.
    2. Shanahan saw his Oline floundering and determined that it was best to pull Jimmy rather than risk another injury to his QB.

    Also, you don’t lose faith on your starting QB when he’s out there playing injured.
    It would have been more expedient to sit Jimmy for one more week, but given the circumstances, it was important to give Jimmy some playing time before we hit the meat of our schedule.
    I believe that had the 49ers had a 2 TD lead by halftime that Jimmy would have rested in the 2nd half anyway.

    Who knows if this was Shanahan’ thinking, but if we’re going to try to read into Shanahan’ words this certainly fits the criteria.

  4. Shanahan , Jimmy and the entire team was under pressure to win Sunday after the loss to Philly. KS and JG both overextended themselves when the prudent course of action was let Jimmy sit one more week. Let’s not overthink this.

  5. This is a team that’s lost it’s identity. It’s still early in the season but with the loss of the swagger that Bosa, Sherman, Greenlaw, Buckner, Mosley brought, we are scrambling to find out what we have and what we are.

    I never thought this year would be the year to get back to the SB. I think we need to retool, get people healthy, use a top 10 pick in each round to supplement a very good roster and be back in 2021.

    Sorry Faithful, this is gonna be a awful year.

  6. Sample size is still too tiny to move on from Jimmy, but I sure as hell would be looking at this draft for an upgrade.

    1. KS has not seemed to grow as a head coach. I’m starting to agree with Hammer when he says that KS is an OC masquerading as a HC. Except where he says mediocre OC, I say good OC.

        1. Poor game management with head scratching decisions. Similar ones to what CW outlines have been mentioned before. These tend to especially occur before halftime or the end of a game.

          Further, I don’t see why they didn’t start Ward at CB yesterday with Moore at safety. Why start an off-the street guy at CB? Even if you decide to give Allen a chance have him on a real short rope. The kicker is that it took AW asking to be put in the game for them to remove Allen. Does this seem like reasonable management to you?

          I like KS and want him to succeed, but I’m sure you know that many geniuses in all walks of life make poor managers; and that’s what being a HC really is.

          1. I think the fact that he took the worst roster in the NFL to a Super Bowl in 3 years pretty much proves his skills. As for the Allen decisions, it would be nice to know what the thought process was on these but we may never know. I’m not qualified to judge those decisions or exactly who made them.

            I think it was up to Witherspoon to say he could play and there was no other good option.

      1. On the contrary, I think he’s grown leaps and bounds as a head coach. He used to be an arrogant SOB, an insufferable know it all and cocky as Euck. Does he still have room to grow? Don’t we all?

      2. I don’t agree Cubus. You can’t put any merit this year with all the injuries.
        Let’s see how the players respond when we are officially out of the race.

        Cubus, since Shanny’s arrival in SF, more good than bad, or vice versa?

      3. You guys know that I respect your opinions. Perhaps I’m being too hard, but what I look for in a HC, who has to deal with what is happening, is can he make lemonade from lemons? imo, there is no reason that game couldn’t have been competitive yesterday even if we lose. Had it been, I wouldn’t be posting anything. KS continues to make the same head scratching calls near the end of halves or games. Perhaps he freezes or just can’t think straight with what is usually more chaos around him at those times.

        Clearly, he is not going anywhere this year and probably next. So let’s see what happens the next six games. If he can keep the team competitive, then kudos to him. But if he turns out to be the kind of coach that needs to have “perfect” conditions in order to be a winner, then we need to look for someone who can react and roll with the punches, because it’s very rare to have perfect conditions in the NFL.

        Here’s an example of what I mean. Someone posted yesterday, that as soon as Bosa got hurt, he knew the season was over. Really? Is the team on such a tightrope that it can’t withstand the loss of one star player, despite what everyone was saying was the best depth at DL in the NFL?

        1. Bosa, Sherman, Ford, Greenlaw, Mosley, Kittle, Deebo, Thomas, Williams, Mostert, Jimmy G, Coleman

          That’s a lot of heart and soul right there. Nevermind the leadership those guys give.
          How can any coach overcome those? That’s rough.

        2. Bosa made Saleh look like he was head coaching material. Chew on that for a minute. An elite player at the second most important position in the NFL is a big, big loss. Especially for a defense that is predicated on pressure with four….

        3. Clearly, he is not going anywhere this year and probably next. So let’s see what happens the next six games. If he can keep the team competitive, then kudos to him. But if he turns out to be the kind of coach that needs to have “perfect” conditions in order to be a winner, then we need to look for someone who can react and roll with the punches, because it’s very rare to have perfect conditions in the NFL.

          He didn’t have perfect conditions last year and went to the freaking SB. They played multiple games without their OT’s, Kittle, a rookie and third stringer at WR. This is what I was talking about down below about overreacting to the extreme and forgetting this team fought through a lot last year. This year has been even worse and the focus is on bad Coaching? C’mon man you have to see how stupid this reasoning is.

            1. So they can’t fight through it this year because…..the injuries are at key positions. DE, QB, Corner

              The OL is getting worse every game because…..I have no idea. There is no excuse here from me.

              On a side note, Hebert has a rocket arm!

              1. Yeah, I knew that would be the answer to the first question. The 2nd one is the bigger question, which nobody has an answer for. I wonder if Staley held the OL accountable for poor play and there is no one now that does that. Don’t know, just speculating.

              2. I hate using injuries as an excuse cause every team has them. Just that ours are guys we depend on sooooo much.
                Bosa changes our defense entirely. A good Jimmy G makes our offense click.
                Sherm is a true leader and motivator.
                Kittle is a play maker.
                Deebo is a guy who can catch it and take it to the house.

              3. Good point about the center, Razor. It will be really interesting to see if your comment pans out when Richburg returns.

      4. I just responded to your comment re this in the other thread.

        Basically, I think what we are seeing is a coaching staff that needs a talented roster to make their schemes work. They aren’t particularly good at compensating for lesser talent or guys that aren’t performing as expected/ desired – they let players be exposed.

        As to whether that makes them good or bad coaches, or somewhere in between, I don’t know. I think they are good enough for the 49ers to be successful, but as we are seeing, the delta is likely to be pretty high year to year depending on the roster.

        1. That’s pretty much what I think, Scooter, except that I think it makes them at best mediocre coaches. I expect more, but it’s probably fair to say that they are average for the league, which meets the expectations of many.

          1. I think at the end of the day, great players make coaches look great.
            It’s a talent driven league.

            But you guys are right. We need better coaching. Especially from Saleh.

          2. For me I would say they are pretty good coaches. Most coaches need to have a very talented roster in order to win a lot of games. Very few coaches are able to transcend the talent on the roster.

            It can be frustrating when they seemingly are too stubborn to change things to suit issues in the personnel, but to be fair it is also hard to change what you installed in the offseason/ TC due to a rash of injuries. And Robert Saleh is always likely going to look pretty rubbish most weeks if he has to rely on blitzes to generate pressure because the front four can’t get it done (with only mixed success generating pressure on blitzes too), but then also has to rely on backup and PS CBs to hold up in coverage with fewer guys out in coverage to support them. Most DCs would in his place too.

            And, unfortunately, most offenses look rubbish when the OL can’t keep the opposing defense from its QB. Which is what we are seeing. Add in a gimpy-legged QB, or backup QB, and you are in a lot of trouble.

            So, for me, the biggest issue with this team moving forward is the OL. Followed by the ability of this team to keep its players healthy.

        2. Yet last year they lost key OL members including Staley and the backups were coached up and performed admirably.

          Last year they lost Kwon Alexander and Dre Greenlaw came in green and won a starting job and made the key play of the year.

          They lost Sherman for significant time last year and our other starting CB laid an egg and Moseley came out of nowhere and performed like a solid starting corner.

          We lost DJ Jones plugging the middle last year and our second best pass rusher and the collective backups and the rest of the front 4 performed well in replacement.

          This year we’ve lost our entire staff of starting cornerbacks, pulled guys in from the street to play the position. We lost our top two pass rushers. We lost a key member of the O-Line and our starting QB and our top two WRs in various games and our top rated player overall (George Kittle), and our second starting TE who was playing as well as anyone on the team.

          What the hell are you expecting man? What coach can survive this?

          Your hot takes are ridiculous.

          1. 11 of their 22 starters have lost significant time together due to injury, including every single key position on the team. That doesn’t even account for key contributors who are not starters (Jordan Reed). What the hell do you expect!

            1. Injuries have been a real problem and I don’t expect that this team will make it to the playoffs let alone the SB. What I do expect is that Saleh would have provided safety help for a CB just off the PS that was getting repeatedly burned. Take a look at the video I posted where Whitner and Garcia talk about Saleh and Allen. Whitner hammers Saleh much worse than I do. Just because guys are injured is no excuse for the coaches to perform poorly (they aren’t injured, are they?)

              1. Way ahead of you bud. In fact we don’t need Whitner’s comments on it. A handful of us made that observation as it happened.

                It still doesn’t mean the record we have on the year is reflective of primarily bad situational calls, although that can be debated. We just don’t have the ability to field a playoff team right now.

                The coaches can make all the right calls here in out but it still won’t get us there.

  7. Why don’t they cut Jimmy, fire Shanahan and Lynch and start on yet another rebuild? After all, it took them 3 years to get to the SB so none of them are any good. Another stupid column from the know it all writers. By the way, why don’t you clean up the comments or just shut them down altogether?

  8. Sigh. We know why the team has struggled (more injuries to key players from the start of the season than any other team in the league) and yet we still get comments like it’s time to rebuild, the Coach sucks, QB sucks etc. If you want to be frustrated and angry over a loss, be my guest but comments like these are flat out stupid and ignorant. This is a hard league to win games in when you have most of your starters healthy. You have very little chance when you are missing as many key players as the Niners are. They had to start a CB who hasn’t played or had many practice reps in over a year. They are just starting to get their offensive starters back who haven’t practiced together more than a handful of times. The QB came back in 3 weeks from an injury that is usually twice that long to recover from and he struggled. So that means it’s time to move on? His record means nothing because he laid an egg while not 100%? WTF is wrong with some of you? Football is a game of repetition. You practice over and over to get players working together to perform in unison. How do you expect that to happen with a revolving door in personnel? If you want to be upset, be upset, it sucks to lose, but FFS stop making dumb statements like they need to rebuild or the HC doesn’t know what he’s doing. This team has proven they can play at a high level when they are healthy and sometimes not even that. What they are dealing with right now is an avalanche of injuries many to one position and the only way that changes is when some of the injured come back.

    1. Offensively, our biggest issue is at center. I believe both Ford and Richburg will retire at the end of the year.

      Mack will be a f/a next year. I’d scoop him up and draft, Tyler Linderbaum from Iowa.

      Defensively, we’ll need to go back to the edge and draft, Patrick Jones II from Pittsburg. Round 4 I’m targeting the safety position with, Richard LeCounte from Georgia.

      1. I don’t like Patrick Jones so much, yet… I need to watch more tape but that likely wont come out until later.
        I was watching his sacks and from what I saw on most of them he didn’t actually win… his team mate flushed the qb out of the pocket to his side on at least 2 of them. He was being blocked well but qb was flushed right to him.

        I would prefer someone opposite Bosa who is a bit more explosive. Surprisingly enough Duke has a few edge rushers that bear watching.

    2. For the record, I never said rebuild. I question some of the decisions and if that bugs you go suck on an egg.

      As far as I know, they didn’t have to start Allen. They could have started Ward, who has played CB and knows the defense. Why not do that?

      Alternatively, why not give Allen help with Parker with a safety especially when the Fins were down near the goal line and had been targeting Allen all game.

      1. Ineptitude. We all have those moments, and I’d lean toward this game being one of those moments for all parties involved.

    3. One other thing NTE. From Matt Maiocco:

      “The 49ers looked like a disorganized, horrendous football team.”

      When have you ever heard such frustration from the most respected 49er reporter.

      1. Maiocco had a lot of pent up company line emotion that finally burst. I don’t fault him, just like I don’t fault the evil orange man for making the mistake of shutting down the country….

      2. It was a blowout loss. It sucked, but the idea that means it’s time to forget they went to the SB last year and overreact to the extreme is dumb. We have the answer as to why they got bombed yesterday. More than half the passing yardage and TD’s came against Allen and Taylor. They are playing because there is no one else due to injury. Ward doesn’t practice at CB. Neither does any other Safety. The guys they played yesterday do. You have a very flawed view of how this game is played judging by your comments.

        1. They could have had Ward practice at CB; but even without practice he couldn’t have been as bad as Allen.
          I stated before I had no problem with them giving Allen a shot but on a short lease. But the Fins were just toying with Allen (and by extension Saleh) like a cat does with a spider.

          Since you’re such an expert (false modesty aside), explain to me why they didn’t provide Allen with safety help especially down near the end zone.

          1. My handle is a response to those who take this so seriously and talk like they actually know things they don’t. I’m a fan not a football expert. Played as a kid in Pop Warner and that’s the extent of my experience and that probably covers pretty much everyone who comments on a message board.

            I can’t answer your question about why they didn’t give Allen help but I thinks it’s safe to say Saleh isn’t a moron and formation from the Dolphins may have played a part. He’s supposed to speak today so maybe we’ll find out.

            1. Fair enough. But check out the video I posted below where Jeff Garcia and Donte Whitner talk about Saleh and Allen. They come just short of calling Saleh incompetent. Whitner, in particular, hammered Saleh for not giving Allen help over the top with a safety.

              Maybe there’s a reason but it’s hard to imagine what it would be since safety help would be a typical response when a CB is being repeatedly and successfully targeted by the opposing team.

              1. Yeah I wouldn’t proclaim to know more than Whitner, but again if it was that easy I would imagine Saleh would have done it. My guess is that Miami was forcing single coverage by formation and personnel but we will have to wait and see what Saleh says if he answers the question honestly.

          2. The issue is bigger than Saleh. If Witherspoon was healthy enough to dress and play 61% of the snaps he should have started.

            The excuse that he said he could go “only in emergency” is rough. The fact that they would have to start a guy who’d never played a defensive snap previously made it an emergency from the get go.

            1. Fine, Jack. I never once said I had a problem with them starting Allen. It’s the failure to adjust that many fans and former professionals are irritated by.

              Also, in that video Garcia (and to a lesser extent, Whitner) called out Witherspoon for not “wanting” to start. Did you check out the video? Or do you know more than Garcia and Whitner?

              BTW: I watched your analysis session with Grant and thought you did a fine job.

              1. Thank you Cubus, appreciate that.

                No, I didn’t watch the attached video. I recorded the show on my DVR and saw it there.

                After watching the film it was clear that Saleh shouldn’t have run so much man coverage with Allen in.

  9. Not interested in talking about the game. 49ers sucked. The o-line sucked. Defense sucked. Everything was bad. I’m more interested in talking about the rules that are ruining football at every level. Rules protecting the QB are becoming absurd. Even more absurd is the disparity of the application of those rules from ref to ref. The personal foul calls on the 49ers defense against Kyler Murray in Game 1 were egregiously bad calls IMO. When a player like Murray can run with abandon knowing no one can touch him then he’s not a football player. He’s an extra ref on the field. Mobile QBs can skirt the sidelines for extra yards because they know they can’t be hit. Guys like Murray can go 3 extra yards before sliding because they know they can’t be hit. At this point, lets just put red jerseys on all QBs and let them do whatever the F they want. It’s not football. Then you get plays like the play where Jimmy G hurt his ankle. He’s on all 4s for a full 2 seconds before a defensive player comes in and levels him. No call. How the hell is that a no call? Now look at college football. A player from Miami was ejected from the game this past Saturday for hitting Trevor Lawrence in the stomach. In the stomach? Ejected? I understand if you want to call crown of the helmet hits to protect players. Spearing has been illegal in football for 50 years. Call spearing. 15 yard penalty then move on. But to eject a player for a crown of the helmet hit to the stomach is absolutely absurd. It’s unwatchable football. I go back to the play in New Orleans in 2013 where Ahmad Brooks hit Drew Brees across the chest on a sack that caused a fumble. Refs threw a flag for unnecessary roughness which changed the outcome of that game and cost the 49ers home field advantage in the playoffs. That was 7 years ago and the rules have gotten worse. I understand you want to protect the QBs. They are vulnerable in the pocket so protect their heads and their knees but for the love of God stop the absurd calls once they leave the pocket. There should be no protection whatsoever for a QB once they leave the pocket. Open game. No sliding. No giving yourself up. You leave the pocket you will get hit. That’s how football should be played.

    1. HOU I agree on the Murray thing. But as a coordinator, you have to coach your guys in game to what the officials are calling.
      Again, Robert Saleh is not doing a very good job in making any type of adjustments.
      Officiating in the NFL has always been inconsistent. Sometimes the players have to adapt. But by no means and I’m giving the officials a pass.

      1. My contention is all the stupid rules to protect QBs actually cause injuries. QBs are unaccustomed to being touched in practice and they expect to be protected in games. If they were open to all the contact every other player on the field experiences then maybe they would protect themselves better and would be physically prepared to withstand contact. Similarly, if you want to take crown of the helmet hits out of football then remove all the pads and helmets and teach everyone to Rugby tackle.

  10. I am old enough to have been a forty niners fan since John Brodie was QB. I’ve seen alot of football, I love it. I enjoy watching all the teams. Nothing is better than a competitive NFL game. I think I have seen enough NFL coaches, over 50 plus seasons, to be able to ask this question of Kyle Shanahan. Why are Dante Pettis, McKinnon and Beathard on the squad? They have not earned their spots with their play. Is it because these are “your boys” you drafted Beathard and Pettis. You traded for McKinnon. The reason you kept Mullens on the team was because he played well, when given the chance. You couldn’t cut him. I have no bone to pick with the three players I mentioned other than they are not NFL caliber players. I actually admire Beathard and McKinnon.
    The train wreck I watched yesterday was because of the coahces. Starting with Shanahan then Saleh, and ending with the assistant coaches’. I want to give a shout out to Mostert, Wilson, Warner, Alexander and the interior D line. They all played well.

    1. You can’t be serious with your ignorant remark about Bethard. You must have turned off your TV in disgust near the end of the Eagles game, watching Mullens play like a HS quarterback, and get pulled for Bethard. If you’d watched, you’d have seen Bethard almost pull that game out. He led the Niners down the field for a TD on his first series, missed on the two-point conversion attempt, and then take the team down to where a hail Mary into the end zone would have won the game if Kittle at 6’5″ or another Niner had been able to grab it. Everyone gave up on the game when Mullens got pulled, except Bethard and the people who know how good he is. In the Miami game, he played better than Garoppolo. If you’re as old as you say, it’s no wonder you don’t know diddly squat. Stop pretending you have something to add here. You don’t. Give it up.

      1. Actually, he did add something, which is a fresh perspective.
        I totally agree with his astute assessment that the Niners do have talent, but the coaching last game was poor, and they could not react to adversity. Their player assessment is inadequate when they put in a PS player who arrived days before the game, and do not give him support. The Eagles forced the Niners to pass, then ran right by the blockers for blind side hits.
        Do not listen to the peanut gallery. We need new blood, and you seem to see things as I see them, when it comes to this coaching. They were unprepared, unfocused and undisciplined.
        I hope to see more of your posts. I say give it back.

      2. Fescue,
        Any 49ers fan who’s been around as long as he has gets my respect and attention.

        I haven’t seen you around here for a while. And suddenly you’re going to say that because of his age, he doesn’t know diddly squat.
        Try sticking around for a while and get some blog cred before going off on a person’s age.

  11. Listening to Shannys press conference today was puzzling. Sounds to me like it’s run the ball or we can’t win.
    Anyone else get that?

            1. I think Shanahan answered that question on the last position with a minute to go before the half in the Super Bowl.

  12. Donte Whitner on CB Allen and DC Saleh:

    ““I’m putting it on the defensive coordinator, Robert Saleh,” Whitner told Garcia and Laura Britt on “49ers Halftime Live” on Twitter. “You understand that this guy was just on the practice squad yesterday, you’re going up against their No. 1 and No. 2 wide receivers, who are 6-foot-3 and 6-foot-5.

    “They have 15 yards rushing, [so] why are you still in single-high? Why are you playing Cover 3? You don’t have [Nick] Bosa there to get you a four-man rush, [so] why are you continuing to play this coverage? Help this guy out.”

    “It is a practice-squad player covering DeVante Parker, who was the No. 5 receiver in the National Football League last year. How many times does he have to beat you over the top, before you play Cover 2, Cover 5 or get this guy some help?”

    I guess it’s not just some random fans asking these questions but former safeties as well.


    1. Yeah, the shine has worn off Robert Saleh. I can’t see how he will be a head coach candidate next year. The question is will the 49ers even want Saleh as DC if they could possibly hire Dan Quinn to be the DC since he is now unemployed.

      1. I posted the video, but only read the text and didn’t actually listen to it until now. Wow, Whitner and Garcia really ripped Saleh coming just short of calling him incompetent (“earn your money today, Robert Saleh”).

        They also called out Witherspoon for not starting. Basically they said he “didn’t want to play”; “why aren’t you starting if you suited up”.

        Since these guys are former football players, how is this playing out in the 49ers locker room right now? Are Witherspoon’s teammates questioning him as well? Or is this a different era of football compared to when Garcia and Whitner played (although Whitner wasn’t that long ago).

        1. It’s hard to watch Witherspoon play football without questioning his manhood. Having said that, NFL football is a brutal sport and not every man is cut out to withstand the physicality of it. Witherspoon definitely is not cut out to play NFL football. I go back to last year when Witherspoon let Mark Andrews catch a ball near the goal line and avoided contact with him. That was a cowards play. Then the next week I guess the coaches addressed it with him and Witherspoon knocked Jared Cook out of the game with a hit in the end zone. That play altered the course of that game. In college Witherspoon had a reputation for avoiding contact and that has carried over to the NFL. Drafting guys like Witherspoon and Joe Williams have tainted the overwhelming success of the 49ers draft strategy under ShanaLynch.

          Lastly, I think this defense is missing Joe Woods more than anyone wants to acknowledge. Of course, the pass rush isn’t the same as it was last year and there are a ton of injuries but it does seem like the game plans have been awful.

          1. Add Dante Pettis to the list of draft picks missed by ShanaLynch. Every GM and Coach misses on picks. Happens all the time in every draft. The weird part about ShanaLynch is they fall in love with guys who have specific physical abilities but they are guys who don’t actually like playing football. Either because they are physically intimidated or just totally lack the desire to play. It’s bizarre.

  13. I also have been a long time 49ers fan. I was heartbroken as a child when my father forced me to go to my cousins birthday party during the 1972 NFC Championship Game. When I left we were up 21 to nothing. When I came back home the news station said that we lost, but because I didn’t live on the west coast, but on the east coast, as well as no ESPN to tune into back then or internet, I never saw what happened for many years. I have been following the team faithfully even in the rest of the 70s and all the way up to Montana, and now Garoppolo. It was hard watching them in the 70s, and I told all my dorm mates in 1980 that I was a 49ers fan when asked, which was always followed up by others with a smirk or sympathy. Hey we had OJ! LOL Anyway, I was never so embarrassed by them as I was Sunday. Those teams nobody expected anything from. I call my friend that is also a 49ers fan during the game Sunday and he said he isn’t ready yet to give up on this season. I asked him, “what is it that you are hanging your hat on that you think is going to change?” We can’t protect, we can’t throw, we can’t run when we need to, we can’t cover, we cant coach in crucial moments, were losing the battle at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, I could keep on, but you get the point. Look, NOBODY is as big a fan of the 49ers than I am (maybe just as much, but not bigger) but just as some of you guys here, I like to keep it REAL. I will continue to wear my 9ers gear, and support the team every Sunday till I die, but that doesn’t mean I have to be gullible. We can’t even win a game at home! And this is the EASY part of the schedule LOL. While all these injuries mount, each team we face this year circled our team on their calendar and we are their Super Bowl. That being said, there are no excuses for Kyle Shanahan and Robert Saleh. We should not have lost to Arizona, the Eagles or Miami. Those are terrible loses to the worst teams in the league and certainly 3 team that are not making the playoffs. If we lost some of the upcoming games I would understand, but not those 3 teams. You can make excuses for Kyle Shanahan all you want, “my backup QB turned the ball over, Jimmy’s ankle is hurt, a DB off the practice squad gave up chunk plays.” He never tried bump and run to give the DL time to get home, he never tried giving help over the top from a safety, and Fitzpatrick’s Jersey doesn’t need to be washed!!

  14. Looking at the team I think for a quick turnaround next year the niners need keep it simple.
    1. For a quick turnaround stick with Jimmy.
    2. Free agents should be brought in to shore up guard and center.
    3. They have to get McGlinchey’s ass back in the weight room dude needs to at least be able to anchor.
    4. Draft an edge and corner/s.
    5. Keep Bosa for pass rush downs early on… if he’s able to fully recover.

    Hope for some luck and health.

    1. Yep, agree with this. Though depending on how JG goes the rest of the year I might think about whether he is still the best bet for a quick turn around.

      This season has just highlighted something I think most of us already knew – the team is built around dominating in the trenches. It is what made them so good last season. Which of course is nothing new, successful teams have been doing that for years.

      Quick turnaround next year will need better play from the OL and better health on the DL (and probably some additions as well as can’t rely on Ford being healthy while Bosa will need time to fully recover). Will also need Kinlaw to emerge as a pretty dominant player.

      Given the number of guys in the secondary off contract they will need to invest there as well, as you say.

      1. Yeah,
        On defense regardless of how good Bosa is, they are one good edge rusher away from having a solid pass rush. In terms of the secondary, I think they need to try and bring back K’Waun, everyone else is fair game.

        As to the Oline, there are a LOT of questions there. Getting a solid Center, is an absolute must. Williams, could be brought back but at what cost? I also think getting one guard that can pass protect would help a ton. What SF has now is unsustainable, you cannot have 2(maybe even 3) bad pass protecting linemen next to each other because you can’t scheme to help them. That must change.

        1. OL is kind of funny though – sometimes all it takes is just one guy to make the unit gel. There are individually talented guys on the OL that are currently playing poorly as both individuals and as a group.

          I think the main thing is getting the centre position sorted. Garland is a fine backup, but the triumverate of Garland, Brunskill and Tomlinson in the middle is a problem, and centre is the position that is most important for unit cohesion (and also clearly important for Shanahan’s running scheme). And yeah, McGlinchey needs to put some weight back on – his inability to anchor atm is a big issue. I would also make him compete with Shon Coleman for the RT job next year.

          If you get those two positions sorted, which depending on Richburg may not even require adding anyone (though would require re-signing Williams), I think Brunskill would look better and some of the communication issues between Williams and Tomlinson get sorted. If you can then upgrade one of the OG spots then all the better.

          1. Fair enough.
            However, I don’t see anyway this team can go forward relying on Richburg for anything. At the very least, they need to look at bringing in someone that is capable of competing with him for the starting role.

            1. I don’t believe we’ll ever see Richburg or Ford back out on a football field. Both players will end up retiring by the end of the year….

              1. I really hope so.
                Getting their salaries off the books would be god send for a quick turnaround.
                What I fear is that both of them will “try” to play again next year but remain on IR for one reason or another and their salary will stay on the books. TBH though, I don’t know enough about how injury settlements are reached but that seems like a potential out.

              2. Two things to consider:

                Ford’s back surgeon didn’t want to perform the surgery if he planned on continuing to play football.
                Richburg’s injury has a reputation as a career ender.

                Both these players bodies are shot, and I think by the end of the year they’ll both come to realize it’s time to hang up those cleats….

              3. Not to mention you can’t count on Bosa ibeing the same player when he eventually attempts to come back. For me, 1st and 2nd round are edge and center. Rounds 4-7 I’m looking for a s, cb and then double dipping at edge….

              4. You can’t count on Bosa being the same player, buuut, a positive in his favour is his skillset is more based on strength and technique than speed and agility. The knee injury shouldn’t be as impactful on him than a speed rusher, for example.

                But yeah, they will need to add an edge guy.

            2. Don’t need to rely on Richburg, but if he comes back as planned this year and is ok then you can go into next year with him as the starter and draft a future replacement. But there are some big ifs in there.

          2. I get the point about the center being the most important position with regards to coordinating the line. But I’m really thinking there is no OL player holding that line accountable now that Staley has retired. Williams thinks he is playing just fine, but apparently doesn’t feel the need to be concerned about the overall play of the line. Is there a leader on that OL?

            1. Ultimately it’s Benson’s leadership that’s responsible but there is no true blue leader like Staley. Williams isn’t that guy as evidenced by the pride he took in not being able to drive 55….

            2. Maybe that’s what they should focus on with any replacement on the OL next season – a vet leader that sets the tone. That guy can be an OG.

        2. Say what you want about the middle of the OL, but it sure has looked like most of the pressures and sacks have been coming off the edge.

    2. I agree with most of what you say. I definitely think we need to draft a CB but our situation for next year is not terrible. Bring back EMan, Kwaun and Verrett. Then potentially sign Sherman to a team friendly 1-2 year deal. I have mixed feelings about Witherspoon but ultimately I think he needs to go and we draft a corner for the future.

  15. Relax gang, just a SB loss hangover.
    The way the 9ers lost the SB, the collapse in the 4th quarter .
    No wonder there is a confidence issue with this team. And that is everyone in the org.
    Next year these guys need to be gone; Pettis, McKinnon. Beathard, Richburg, plus the normal turnover that occurs every year in the NFL.
    Breath deeply and reset for next year.

  16. I agree with Donte Whitner. Putting out a PS player with no help, is a recipe for disaster. Maybe they should coach the players to use the side line to their advantage. Instead of flailing away while the taller WR can out leap the defender, coach the DBs to allow the receiver to jump up to catch the ball, but have the DB grab a leg and drive him out of bounds. If the receiver cannot get 2 feet in bounds, it is an incompletion, even though he caught the ball.
    Overall, it was mainly the fault of the coaches. Conversely, the Dolphin coaches had a masterful scheme, with proper execution. The Dolphins took an inferior team, and with superior coaching, beat a team that was in the SB the season before. Brian Flores was bold and decisive. He took gambles and did the unexpected. KS was the opposite. He did not handle adversity well, and did not make timely adjustments. KS wants to be known as an offensive genius, but the Niner offense was offensive. Put JG in the shotgun, and run the ball into the teeth of the defense with a lightweight RB on 4th down? That was pathetic, with futile results.
    Sure, blame the players for not executing, but the coaches did not put the players in their best positions to succeed. They needed to accentuate their strengths, and disguise their weaknesses. Instead, the coaches put a PS player on an island with no help, and had Dwelley blocking, who whiffed. Conversely, Flores had it schemed so well, there were pass rushers who got to the QB untouched. Quite frankly, the Niners defeated themselves, especially the coaching.
    KS and his game management sucked. He really needs to learn from his mistakes, or he will keep repeating them. He got rattled, and it showed. He needs to hire an Offensive Coordinator ASAP. Having 2 jobs just means he is too stretched, and is not performing adequately in either of them. He should concentrate on being the HC, instead of ignoring what goes on around him while sticking his nose in the play sheet in crucial moments of the game. KS does not handle adversity well. He should meet triumph and disaster and treat those 2 imposters just the same. He should channel BW, and not get too elated or too down.
    The O line is playing like turnstiles, so they need to shake things up. Maybe move Tomlinson to RG. Maybe move McGlinchey inside, and let Skule start at RT. Brunskill is turning out to be a liability, so maybe let him back up, and let another player start. They need to do something, because the O line is faltering, with the hardest part of the season coming up.
    No wonder KS pulled JG. He had a defender deliver a blind side hit that made him fumble the ball. Right afterwards, JG threw those 2 picks. With JG hobbled with a bad ankle, it was smart to pull him so he does not become more injured. To me, JG is still the franchise QB, and the 2 backup’s play confirms that JG just needs better support and better coaching, in order to succeed.
    I am still a die hard faithful 49er fan, and love them, win or lose. When they win, I will praise them to the high heavens, but if they lose, I reserve the right to criticize them and postulate ways for them to learn and improve.
    Yes, the hardest part of the schedule looms, but I still think that the Niners may still make the playoffs. The division title may be out of reach, but as long as they make the post season, anything is possible.
    Interesting, MM used to be their biggest cheerleader. Now, he ripped them like a bandwagon fan. I guess losing in such a horrible fashion brings out the worse in all of us.

  17. Not sure if anyone caught the Daniel Jeremiah take about the idea of the 49ers replacing Jimmy G, with Matt Ryan. In fact, Jeremiah goes knee deep by saying a Shanahan, Ryan reunite would win a Superbowl.

    Pure hyperbole or reasonable food for thought?
    Personally speaking, it piqued my interest.

    1. I think the sample size on Jimmy is still too small. Lets see how he finishes the season and reevaluate. If it turns out he’s not a franchise quarterback, then I think Shanny needs to decide which direction he wants to go. Do we stay with the prototypical pocket passer like Ryan or do we adapt and look to draft a big arm that can run and throw?

  18. A shotgun approach to this coming off season will end up in a terrible failure. Trying to fix 4 different areas of need will result in no help at all. They need to do a total rebuild of the O line period. DB’s will be ok with a healthy K. Williams, Mosley and Verrett. THe D line will be ok with Bosa on one end and Blair at the other with Hyder in the rotation. Then they draft a O lineman in the 1st and 2nd rd. If we can pick up a 3rd rd pick I believe they should draft another O lineman. We should be able to sign one good not great but good FA and that should be an O lineman. RB’s are good, WR/TE’s are fine. Jimmy G is a winner when healthy and playing behind an O line that is at least Avg. LB’s are good just put 5 studs up front and we are back in the playoffs.

    1. Sounds like a good plan to me. O line is clearly the big worry. We have talent at all other positions and at coaching. We just need to some of them healthy. Maybe we can get off the tired “it’s the coach/Quarterback’s fault.”

  19. At least the 49ers didn’t hire Gase . Gase is to Head Coaching what ________ is to the United States . LOL.

    Adam Schefter
    @AdamSchefter · 22m
    Jets released Le’Veon Bell.

  20. What else is going on? I’ll tell you what – unprecedented enthusiasm to excise a cancer from our country. We wont let the conman con us twice. LOL.

  21. Whitner is still bashing Saleh.
    He doesn’t think much of him… saying how do you call coverages that put a guy off the practice squad in zero coverage with no help. Also stating that he has to mix some coverages up to make Fitzpatrick think, and that Fitzpatrick knew he could just chuck it deep along the sidelines and there was no help so it wouldn’t matter if there was a good pass rush or not.
    I wonder how big the loss of Joe Woods was.

    1. This is pretty much what we were discussing the other day. Saleh runs his scheme as if he has the talent out there to back it up. But that is the problem with the scheme – it really needs talented guys to run it.

      However, it is also worth pointing out that through the first 4 weeks the D was actually performing quite well. Yes, they didn’t go up against great offense over that period, but they were still ranked very highly in most metrics despite having a lot of guys out.

      Saleh definitely could be better, he can be pretty stubborn regarding how he implements his D (though counter to that he changed things up quite a lot last year from previous years) and there are certain things that seem to bite the team repeatedly. But he is good enough to win a lot of games with. Most DCs would look pretty bad with the guys they have been fielding.

      1. What’s your take on the Wide 9. Do you think it’s at least partially responsible for why the 49ers defense performs poorly against running QBs?

        1. A little bit maybe, as it does widen the gaps up the middle as well as the edges, but I think that it is more a factor of guys not being disciplined regarding their gap responsibilities – which is more due to how they are being taught (get after the QB) than the players themselves. Too much individualism along the line, not enough working as a team. Also partly due to not having of the back 7 focused more on coverage downfield that preventing the QB from scrambling.

      2. That is fair enough point with him.
        I really don’t know how good/or not he is. This last loss was the only one I put squarely on Saleh.
        Yes, Kyle could have run the ball more, but the way Miami was scoring that would only have served to keep the game closer, but not close.
        I don’t want to say he is a complete system guy… as he did make several adjustments when Woods and Kocurek came on board. However, this might actually mean he would be a better HC than DC. He’s open to new ideas and willing to share the praise, but he himself does not appear to be someone that can adjust quickly on the fly.

        I guess we were spoiled with Fangio, who was a master of adjusting to whatever personnel he had available.

        1. Fangio didn’t really adjust his system to fit his players. He has his system and makes the players fit it. The main thing about Fangio’s system though is that it is pretty simple for players to get across and is just a fundamentally sound defense – clog up the middle, have the CB’s keep the ball in front of them as much as possible, and keep two safeties deep to provide cover.

          One thing that Fangio has made sure of wherever he goes is to get good edge rushers so he doesn’t need to blitz often, which is very similar to what Saleh was able to work with last year when the D was excellent.

          1. “One thing that Fangio has made sure of wherever he goes is to get good edge rushers so he doesn’t need to blitz often, which is very similar to what Saleh was able to work with last year when the D was excellent.”

            While this is true Fangio has proven his ability to slow down offenses without elite pass rushers. While not elite Chicago’s D immediately improved even before he had Mack there. At the very least his ability to slow down opposing offenses with lesser personnel is a proven commodity. Chicago’s defensive ranking improved by 10 places without an elite pass rusher. Additionally in 2014 when SF’s team was decimated by injuries his defense only gave up more than 30 pts and 2 games and only 1 other team scored over 24 pts.
            We will get to know just how good Saleh is by seasons end.

  22. Wow this amy cooky barret is a train wreck – religious extremist – cant answer and ignorant to basic tenets of jurisprudence. LOL

  23. As per Matt Maiaocco:

    “If the 49ers move on from Garoppolo they should have a number of potential replacement options, including Cam Newton, Sam Darnold, Matt Ryan, Dwayne Haskins and others.

    Are you kidding? I would rather bring back Giovanni Carmazzi than those 4 guys and who by the way are others?
    I don’t understand how people are blaming our record on Garoppolo‘s performance when he’s only played in one game and a half. Are they forgetting the last three years that he’s been a Niner and what’s he’s done?

    1. I never predict against the Niners, so I’m sitting this prediction out.

      Matchup to watch (or turn away from watching if you are a Niners fan): Aaron Donald vs Niners OL interior.

  24. No way am I drafting a quarterback in round 1 this year. I’d be looking at a player like Zach Smith outta Tulsa. Above average arm talent, football IQ, character, 6’4 230, was one of the most efficient deep ball passers in college football last season he ranked second in the nation in passer rating on passes of at least 20 yards, behind only LSU’s Joe Burrow, 20+_ starts and you should be able to get him on day 3….

    1. Raz,
      I’m fine with Jimmy based on what he did last season when he was healthy. I’m certainly not ready to throw in the towel on him.

      But I am convinced that Mullens and Beathard aren’t the answer going forward.
      Lawrence and Fields will be gone in a blink, but the 3-4 rd will provide some good talent at QB. Question is, do we target a modern QB that has the ability to run when needed?
      At the moment, none of our QB’s provide that option. If the Oline cracks our QB’s become sitting ducks.

      1. I’d rather keep adding pieces around Jimmy. Build the depth around him and get our secondary up to speed with all the elite WR in the NFC West.

        1. Prime,
          I’m with you on this. Jimmy has to put about two bad (non injury) back to back seasons to seriously begin the QB search.

          My issue is that Mullens and Beathard are not the back up QB’s to keep a semblance of continuity if Jimmy goes down. And to make matters worse (imho), they are basically the same type of statue QB’s in the pocket.

          There’s a kid who I feel could provide a nice backup role and has the ability to run, and that is Trey Lance of N. Dakota. Good size, strong arm and very good running skills.
          My only pause, is that he plays in a lower conference and not top competition.
          But anytime a QB can throw 28 TD’s and zero Int’s, he has my attention.
          But, I doubt that he last until the 3rd round.

    2. Bob St. Clair played at Tulsa after USF gave up football. Not sure the 49ers have had another Tulsa player on their roster since. Funny that Smith is not much smaller than your average NFL tackle back in the stone age.

    1. One of the key moves Coach Walsh made to get them their first SB. Great 49er who will never be forgotten. Thank you Mr. Dean.

    2. “We were so hyped up. And then to get (defensive end) Fred Dean … Fred Dean was the bazooka that they didn’t know we had. He kind of just changed the whole tone. It was like, “There’s a new sheriff in town.” When he got off the bus first, everybody wanted to follow him, and that put us over the top. What he did early in that game took everybody’s confidence to another level. One of the first sacks, he went over the center and cracked the guard’s leg … he did all that on one play! We came in at halftime and I remember sitting there looking at him going, “Man, I gotta check this dude out.” I’d never seen anybody that devastating. And he pulls out a pack of Kool cigarettes and starts smoking a Kool. You know how they say, “Shaft — that’s one bad mofo. Shut your mouth …”? For the rest of the year, Fred Dean smoked a Kool at halftime, and nobody said anything. That was one of the great moments in sports for me.”

      Ronnie Lott

      1. Just another link of that stupidly ridiculous NY Post story. Let me get this straight. The Delaware computer repairman who has facial recognition impairment so he can’t ID who gave him the computer? His first thought was to make a copy for Giuliani because the DNC murdered Seth Rich. Or the FBI killed Rich and this guy was afraid the FBI is going to kill him next? Sure, sounds legit. And this is the story you cult guys are peddling? That’s Trumps October surprise?

        JFC, I know Trump and his goons like Guliani are breathtakingly stupid, but they only have to be somewhat smarter than those voting for him.

        1. Kind of like that Trump Russian Golden Showers story Hillary’s campaign was peddling, right? Oh no, wait.. Hillary’s campaign only paid the former British Intelligence Officer to peddle the story. She can’t be held accountable for her campaign engaging with foreign entities to influence the election. That’s something Trump does, right?

          Gee… I wonder why no one came forward and apologized for that B.S. And why no one wants to report on the release of that investigation.

          1. Actually dumb ass, nothing in the Dossier was disproven and large chunks were verified. In fact troompy frequented night clubs in vegy which performed “unusual ” sex acts per his personal attorney. Then there is a small matter of him confessing to numerous sexual assaults, indecency with minors at Teen usa pagent and his desire to have intimate relations with his daughter.

        2. Par for the course for these Right wing conspiracy theorists who believe stories with no legit evidence and dismiss ones that have overwhelming evidence. It’s a mental defect that they can’t control. How else do you explain QANON?

        3. Watching you imbeciles froth at the mouth over a story exposing Joe Biden as a liar amuses me greatly. Don’t really care much about the story. But the reaction of you brainless libs is priceless. Keep up the good work fellas.

            1. I’m not so sure about that Razor. Never underestimate the capacity of a Democrat to disenfranchise millions of Americans through voter fraud. Trump turns off a lot of people, including me so I’m going to be surprised if he wins. Most amazing thing to me is these idiots complain about how terrible and unfair America has been since 1619 but then want to elect a racist, lying POS who’s been a politician in DC for 50 years. I truly don’t understand how anyone could possibly cast a vote for a man like Joe Biden. BUT, I do expect Biden to win. Going to happen by hook or by crook.

              1. It really comes down to do you like America or don’t you. It’s really that simple of a decision. Don’t let the media convince you Biden is winning when Trump is still drawing 20,000 a rally, while Biden draws maybe 20….

              2. Razor, The difference is Dems have a pool of people, some of whom frequent this blog, who would vote for Satan if he had a (D) by his name. They will cheat in key districts in swing states to pull the election for Biden. It’s going to happen. Rallies really don’t matter. It will come down to how many mail in vote scams Dems pull off.

              3. Houston, I don’t doubt what you’re saying but they leave a trail of evidence behind that even Ray Charles could find….

              4. What is funny is these 2 morons…Houston and Razor who claim everything dem or liberal is wrong for America at the same time quietly take advantages of dem-liberal polices or in some cases handouts…

                Cuz I know these 2 are not millionaires …

              5. Razor, The difference is Dems have a pool of people, some of whom frequent this blog, who would vote for Satan if he had a (D) by his name.

                Nah, you guys already did. And about to do it again.

                Geez Houston, why the histrionics? You seem a bit more unhinged than usual. Cheat in key swing state districts? That’s going to pull the election? And not the fact that T is getting his @ss handed to him, down double digits in the polls? And America has had it up to here with his @ss-hattery? You guys crack me up. Seriously.

              6. Don’t let the media convince you Biden is winning when Trump is still drawing 20,000 a rally, while Biden draws maybe 20….

                Damn. The cult really is impervious to reality. This is like saying CJB is going to lead the Niners to the SB and win it.

              7. Biden’s lead in several crucial swing states is slightly lower than Hillary Clinton’s was at this point in the 2016 race, and we all saw how that ended….

            2. The Clintons lost a key case to the IRS recently so there might be one or two honest bureaucrats left in the gubment. You know the old saying: “Turnabout is fair play”. Maybe it’s time for the Rs to do some turnabouting when the Ds get their chance. One thing for certain about Joe and Kamala, you can say they both slept their way to the top (using slightly different versions of sleep).

  25. I just stepped out to get a coffee and the lady before me ordered a pumpkin spiced latte. I caught a glimpse of the beverage and orange hue of the latte reminded me of someone. LOL

  26. RePooplicant Sen Sasse accidentally spilled the beans to his supporters . LOL. He confessed what I have been saying since day 1. Trump is a rapist, traitor , fraud and conartist. LOL

    Sen. Ben Sasse, in a private call with constituents, excoriated the President , saying he had mishandled the coronavirus response, kisses dictators’ butts, sells out our allies, spends like a drunken sailor, mistreats women, and trash-talks evangelicals behind their backs “flirted with white supremacists, treated the presidency like a business opportunity

    1. BL,
      Looks like your girl Kamala has gone into hiding. I don’t blame her after Judge Barrett went full Tulsi Gabbert on her.

        1. Gabbard, the Russian stooge? Figures, Razor, figures. When did you conservatives become so enamored with Putin?

          Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination is being underwritten by some of the nation’s leading Russophiles.

          Donors to her campaign in the first quarter of the year included: Stephen F. Cohen, a Russian studies professor at New York University and prominent Kremlin sympathizer; Sharon Tennison, a vocal Putin supporter who nonetheless found herself detained by Russian authorities in 2016; and an employee of the Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT, who appears to have donated under the alias “Goofy Grapes.”


      1. Yep same judge who doesn’t have a clue about what’s in the Constitution but will be tasked with making judgements related to it if appointed. Hypocrisy from Republican Senators in trying to force this through to begin with and now irrefutable evidence that she’s a candidate due to her political leanings not qualifications. Just another day in Trumps America.

        1. Give me a break. If anyone disregards the law it’s liberal judges. They take the letter of the law as an inspiration to push forward whatever activism they want to promote.

          Conservatives, like Barrett favor originalism, that is, to preserve the sanctity of the law’s intent rather than as a weapon to set new precedent.

      1. He can join Nancy’ alliance and your (hopeful president) Kamala “under my administration” Harris and Joe “you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me” Biden.
        What a lively group of characters!
        Thanks for the humor you, Bruce and Dee provide every day with your fake news outlets editorials.
        Really been enlightening (lol).

        1. First Harris has gone into hiding. Or was upbraided by Russia’s 2nd favorite American politician (wait I take that back, Gabbard has to get in line behind the entire Republican Party). Now she’s this Machiavellian usurper? Can the cult please get their story straight?

          1. As I said earlier in the week, the Dems eat their own. I find it amusing and hypocritical that as soon as Gabbart mopped the floor with Kamala, the Dems came running to Harris’ aide by posting dirt on Tulsi.
            Face it, Nancy’s alliance showed their card during the democrats debate on who they want for president.
            Nancy’ delving into the 25th amendment has more to do with removing Biden if he wins.
            Sometimes you have to look past the tree’s to see the forest.
            Go ahead and fill the board with all your crooked news biased links Rib. I doubt that you and your crew have changed any minds around here.
            See you at the polls my friend. I’ll be the guy wearing the “cult” (as you’ve named me) tee-shirt!

            1. No. In fact it has emboldened me to vote for the Orange Cheeto. I did not vote for him in 2016, but am doing so this time. Just sick of the liberal bullschiff.

            2. the Dems came running to Harris’ aide by posting dirt on Tulsi

              Nah, the gabbard Russia stuff was from much much earlier this year. Trumps own intel told him to back off from Giuliani, he’s spreading disinformation direct from the Kremlin. Why are you and the rest of cult so enamored with Putin anyway?

              all your crooked news biased links Rib.

              My crooked links. Says the guy eating up the NY Post hook line and sinker. Geez, hypocrisy much?

              1. Rib,
                Actually, I hadn’t mentioned anything about the NYPost in the thread leading up to this. But if like to see my take, look at my reply to your buddy Bruce.

                I have a question for you on a different topic, but one that your Dems seem to support.
                Now, the Dems have not condemned the BLM and antifa pulling down of historical statues. Apparently, they view them as racist and a dark side of American history. Hey, I admit that they are right (although I don’t agree with them pulling them down) about what the statues represent.

                Here’s my question. So, if BLM, antifa and the Dems are OK with destroying things that represent racism, why is Planned Parenthood not being targeted?
                After all, the creator of PPhood, Margret Sanger is on record of creating this company for the purpose of eliminating black people. She gave her idea a snazzy title – The Negro Project.
                I’m trying to remember when CNN, msnbc, ABC, CBS and NBC has ever reported this.

              2. Bruce,
                “Ribicock’s liberal friends committing murder because they can’t stand free speech or democracy:”

                Hey, Bruce. Have you ever seen the Clinton’s mysteriously and suspicious murder count of people that they’ve been around?
                What is it, 30 plus?
                Not to worry though, the fake media has their backs. After all, they were the biggest Clinton cheer leaders during Bubba’ presidential run.
                Gotta love Billy Boys “I did it, because I could” motto (lol).

              3. Here’s my question. So, if BLM, antifa and the Dems are OK with destroying things that represent racism, why is Planned Parenthood not being targeted?

                Jeez, false equivalence much? Planned Parenthood does not represent racism. (according to you guys it represents genocide) That was a quirk of it’s founder and if you can locate a statue of Margaret Sanger anywhere, I’ll be the first to consider it’s removal due to her racism.

                You are full of what you think are gotcha questions, aren’t you. Here’s one of mine to you. Are you OK with Trump, or anyone else, being treated with anti-covid therapies derived from fetal-cell research?

            3. Go ahead and fill the board with all your crooked news biased links Rib. I doubt that you and your crew have changed any minds around here.

              And this admonition is also directed towards Houston, Razor, doughboy, BruceLee’s catfish, the penis fixated Trumpy and others that share your political bent? Amrite, AES? Oh wait, none that I’ve seen because that would have to have come from a non-hypocrite.

              1. Rib,
                I’ve gone on record on this blog, that I don’t agree with the language the catfish use, sorry you missed it. In fact, I replied to the catfish after he tried to defame you.

                Also, when you speak of Trump using stem cell treatment, which type of stem cells are you referring to?
                Stem cells are also derived from plants and animals.
                And to answer your question – No, I would not approve of Trump using stem cells from aborted fetuses.
                The abortion mills have become big business wouldn’t you agree?

  27. It’s interesting how a few weeks can change the perspective.
    A few weeks ago we were praising the job the 49ers front office has done and now the perspective has changed a bit.
    Misses – Foster, Weatherspoon, Beathard, Thomas, Pettis, Williams
    Hits – Warner, Bosa, Kittle, Samuel, Jones
    Crossroad – McGlinchey
    Misses – Malcom Smith, Ford, Hoyer, McKinnon, Richburg, Alexander
    Hits – Juice (kind of), Jimmy G., Gould, Mostert, Sherman
    *It must be noted that in many of these cases, it was not necessarily the player that was picked up but rather the amount they paid to said player. * Smith, Ford, Richburg, McKinnon and Alexander were all pluses when healthy, but they were paid like all pros and even when healthy none of them have played at that level, and wore… none of them could even be relied on to be available.
    For me this is my biggest issue with their draft/signings. They seem to target “their guys” and give up too much to get them, paying mercedes benz prices for honda civic’s.
    That said, they seem to have put together a good group of scouts because they are identifying talent with their later round selections and udfa picks. My hunch is that this is when the Shanahan and Lynch have less say and Peters and his scouts take over.

    1. BL,
      Care to show me the TV ratings for the Dems biggest pro sports sponsors called the NBA for the recent playoffs?
      Two words – No bueno!

  28. Oh, the whole NYpost BS laptop story was a mutha russia plant and is being investigated by FBI. Roody is in trouble.
    Troompy doesn’t know about Qunon just like he doesn’t know about David Duke, KKK and Neo Nazis. Yeah sure.

  29. Troompy has been endorsed by KKK, Taliban, Putin and Kim Jong un
    Biden enjoys endorsements from : NE Journal Medicine, Surfer Magazine and Pearl Jam.

    Pick your side.

    1. The side that is made up of self-made people.

      Not the filth that lines the streets leeching on the hard working individuals in this nation.

      How long before the Democraps give Biden the poison pill so Heels 👠 Up Harris can take her throne?

      1. “self-made people ” So, obviously not trumpee and his family of grifters.
        “leeching on the hard working individuals in this nation.” Again, have you heard of trumpee and his family of grifters.

        1. Bruce,
          I ain’t mad at you bro.
          If I could go to China and create meetings with large banks and rich business people with my dad for 10mil, it would pique my interest as well.
          Oh, but guess what, my dad wasn’t the vice president.
          Ha! You crack me up dude!

      2. The side that is made up of self-made people.

        Not the filth that lines the streets leeching on the hard working individuals in this nation.

        Thought about trotting out the week known stat about red states getting much more back from the Federal government than they put in, but not worth the effort for this POS.

        Waiting for the 10 year old’s anatomical comeback.

        1. Guess who in those red states are getting all the handouts, loser?

          That’s right, the libtards.

          See every single libtard cesspool city in America.

          You are all classic underachievers you need us conservatives to be financially responsible and pay for all your handouts.

          It’s overwhelmingly obvious that every single person living on a government handout or assistance is a libtard. These people do not vote Republican. If they did they obviously we wouldn’t be in this situation because they wouldn’t be lazy pieces of schitt and make something out of themselves.

            1. I’d venture to say I’ve worked harder, been more successful and done it all on my own (no help) in comparison to you, loser.

              I’d be happy to compare accomplishments, but I don’t need to seeing your comments. You’re a typical needy handout guy, a true Democrap. Nothings ever your fault, it’s everyone else’s.

              You’re a Democrap because you need others to succeed for you to succeed, plain and simple.

              1. I’d venture to say I’ve worked harder, been more successful and done it all on my own (no help) in comparison to you, loser.

                Sure. I saw the 49ers in the most recent Super Bowl in person. Considering airfare, South Beach hotel and dining, and tickets a pretty hefty chunk of change from my “loser” bank account. I wonder, did I see you there? I don’t think so. What I spent is probably more that your yearly income. So who is the loser? I’d say the guy who thinks and posts with his penis. That’s you, Trumpy loser.

              2. Good to see you back in the handout line after your grand spending gesture at the Super Bowl.

                My money went into my retirement account, moron.

                I’d be happy to meet and compare tax returns if you’re so inclined.

                I doubt you’re worth your weight in horse schitt.

              3. So you are basically scraping by. No surprise given the intelligence you impart on these boards.

                My retirement accounts are fine. I live in the highest net worth zip code in the most expensive city in the USA. I have my own business (I’d have to provide you with both corporate and personal returns, neither of which you’d have the slightest idea of what you are looking at). I meet a payroll. Yes, I took a PPP loan. A handout? You got me there.

                Where do you park your double-wide? I’m giving you a lot of credit here.

              4. I own hotels in San Jose, Redwood City, Milpitas (sole proprietor) and in Vacaville (partnership). I am a business owner, idiot. Don’t make assumptions. You know what assumption you can make? That overwhelmingly anyone who makes over the medium income in any given area is Republican. Studies have shown this. The only people who make a schitt ton more than median income who are NOT Republicans are those that are ultra-rich- you know, those who are completely out of touch with reality, like Hollyweird people. Those who wouldn’t see a dent in their bank account if the tax laws were upped by another 30% or they gave away 30% of their net worth. Those people love to tell everyone else how we should increase our taxes and help the poor, so to speak. Yet they won’t house homeless people, illegals, or give away their surplus to do it. No, they want us hardworking business owners and white collar employed people to do it. I knew you were full of schitt. I’m not buying your b.s. at all. Nor is anyone else.

                Please send me K-1s from your corporate returns. I’m pretty sure I WOULD understand them, moron.

              5. And guess what else. I have 4 hotels I own at least a 40% stake in Southwest Florida. We’re going through the COVID crisis this year but it’s not our first. Florida was hit hard by the 2008-2011 recession. No tourists, nada.
                Then again with the big BP oil spill in the Gulf. The one where they couldn’t plug the hole they drilled for months at the bottom of the sea, resulting in millions of gallons of oil washing up shore. This completely killed the hotel and tourist industry in western Florida. We ended up getting some $30k (that’s it) per hotel for all the losses which amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars across our hotels.

                Not once did we hit up the SBA or Federal government for emergency disaster relief. Not once.

                Not once did we fail to meet payroll. Not once.

                Not once did we lay off a single person due to poor business.

                Nice to know you’re securing PPP loans and enjoying Super Bowls just months apart, moron.

              6. . Don’t make assumptions. You know what assumption you can make?

                Says the moron who posts nothing but assumptions on this site.

                BTW, come up with a different line of insult. Unlike you I am not a homophobic bigot, so all this juvenile “cock” nonsense does phase me in the slightest.

                Still haven’t answered where you park your double wide.

              7. Hey, don’t you have a far flung hotel empire to run instead of throwing out obvious closeted gay hints here? lol.

  30. Now you know why I wanted to trade back from the 31st spot to garner more picks in the early rounds. Selecting players in the fifth and sixth rounds are longshots, while it is shrewd to mine the sweet spot of the draft. Second and third rounders generally succeed more than later round picks. For every Kittle, there are a dozen Pettis’s.
    This past draft was rich in WR talent, and later WRs chosen have done well. Aiyuk was a luxury, that was costly. I bet they wished they had been patient, saved that 4th round pick, and still could have gotten Aiyuk with their 31st pick. Or even, trading out of the first round to get the second and third round picks back that they lost getting Ford and Sanders.
    With those additional picks, they could have selected a talented center, in which this draft had 3 or 4 really good ones. There were a few that could have played guard or center, which in hindsight, seems to be the weak link of the line. I never really expected Richberg back, even though they were rosily predicting he would be back as good as new. They should have drafted an O lineman, way before they got McKivitz. With those additional picks, they also could have drafted a CB, which now seems a dire need. They should have selected a CB anyways, because several are FAs next season.
    Woulda, coulda, shoulda. It is all second guessing, but my trade back strategy would still get talent, just more options with more players.
    Old Coach mentioned there were 4 areas of need, and they used 3 picks to get 2 of them. Maybe they should have traded back, and gotten 5 low round picks to address those 4 needs. However, they will have to manage with what they have. Glad they are scouring PS player rosters, because they need all the help they can get.

  31. I played football both ways for 7 years, including at Colorado State U.

    It’s hard to imagine the risks and danger today’s players face due to everyone having maxed out their size, strength and unintentional capacity to maim others. Accordingly, we have serious injuries to key players like Bosa, Jimmy G, etc., which can entirely change a team’s season.

    The 49ers D revolved around Bosa and Sherman. Their presence changed opponents’ offenses and made the secondary effective. Our W/L record thus speaks for itself.

    So IMO key injuries are an excuse or reason for losses. I apologize to you writers who haven’t literally experienced the violence of the game but project the fantasy that “next man up” can get the job done. Mostly they can’t.

  32. I played football both ways for 7 years, including at Colorado State U.

    It’s hard to imagine the risks and danger today’s players face due to everyone having maxed out their size, strength and unintentional capacity to maim others. Accordingly, we have serious injuries to key players like Bosa, Jimmy G, etc., which can entirely change a team’s season.

    The 49ers D revolved around Bosa and Sherman. Their presence changed opponents’ offenses and made the secondary effective. Our W/L record thus speaks for itself.

    So IMO key injuries are an excuse or reason for losses. I apologize to you writers who haven’t literally experienced the violence of the game but project the fantasy that “next man up” can get the job done. Mostly they can’t.

  33. Call me crazy, but despite the situation the 49ers find themselves in and poor performances, I am not quite ready yet to call this season a wash.

    The D was awful last week, no doubt. But the 4 games prior to that they were fine, despite having a lot of guys missing for most of those games. We have seen that Saleh has now decided that without his top 3 edge guys he is going to blitz, which will leave the DBs in 1-on-1 situations. That will need capable DBs. As some of the CBs start getting healthy the performances should improve.

    The real issue is the offense. They are the reason the team lost 2 of its opening 4 games. The OL and QB play in particular. But we also aren’t that far removed from the OL and offense being pretty good last year. Yes, they lost Staley, but Staley missed a lot of games last year anyway. If, and its a big if, the OL can sort themselves out then the offense will look a lot better. I’m not ready to say they can’t do it. But it needs to happen now.

    Then it comes to the QB. Whoever is under centre has to start playing better. Even 2019 JG would be good enough to start winning games and give them a shot at 9-7 and a potential playoff spot. Ideally he can be better than that. But like the OL, he needs to start doing it now.

    They have to beat the Rams. I expect the team to look significantly better than last week.

      1. The Rams, New England, Seattle, Packers Thursday night, and then at New Orleans. Based on what I’ve seen they might win one. Maybe they’ll surprise me….

    1. Yeah I’m with Razor on this one.
      I just don’t see enough wins left on the schedule for this team without their pass rush and with these corners, given the qb’s they will face.
      Shanahan will need to make some major adjustments and Jimmy will need to make a jump into the elite ranks for them to go over 500 for the remaining season.

  34. I certainly haven’t counted them (49ers) out either. But from here on, every game becomes critical for them to win.
    One or two more loses could put this season on ice.

    1. I just hope that KS can learn from his mistakes, so he does not repeat them. He should copy how Flores always had the right counter. He attacked the Niner weaknesses, and avoided their strengths.
      I, too, am not giving up on the Niners, but how they respond to adversity, will decide how the season goes.
      Crossing that thin ice may be precarious, but a wild card spot may be available if they can get to the other side, and do not fall through.

  35. Blessedly, I’ve avoided this site lately, which has become a cesspool. Just awful.
    I don’t begrudge folks for favoring Trump, but I can’t help but wonder how they’ll handle the cognitive dissonance they’ll feel when Trump loses BIGLY. I hear Trumpers saying he’ll win 100 to 1.
    That is not going to happen. November 4th? See y’all then.

        1. Why don’t you change your avatar, change your email. Be bold like you always say. Instead you just let it happen?

          1. I did change my avatar, but the catfish copied that. I did change my name from Sebnynah to Seb, but my son said that the site has rudimentary security, so it is futile to try to thwart the catfish burner accounts. Just look at how many are being used by the trolls on this site.
            Yes, I am looking forward to November 4th. My prediction might come true, unless the election is stolen again. Heck, he might lose by 6 million, and still declare victory. However, he is imploding, and he almost died because he did not take Covid 19 seriously. 74 years old, obese, out of shape, poor nutrition; no wonder he needed oxygen. They finally got him to wear a mask. Now, he is on drugs, and acts like it.

            1. Nov.4th about Kaepernick you moron! Tell me you already forgot your prediction?

              Stop smoking the weed, it’s distorting your memory.

              If you want to beat the catfish, you have to be smarter than him. Something you probably don’t have in you.

              1. Naw, I do not need to do anything, but continue posting in a civil and polite manner.
                The joke is on the catfish, being threatened by me so much, it has to desperately troll me. That just makes him look pathetic, and makes me into a sympathetic figure. I am living in its head, and it just wastes its time, which I am glad I am making it do.
                I may be wrong, but at least I do not welch on my debts. You added those stipulations after he interjected, and said he would accept that bet, because it would be the easiest 200 bucks he ever made.
                According to you, being wrong makes you into a moron. Why do you hate yourself so much?

              2. Seb you cling to things like a sore loser. Fact is if you are going to bring up things in the past, make sure you quote the facts.

                Nov.4th Seb. A storm of crow is coming your way!

            2. I did change my avatar, but the catfish copied that.

              The trick, dear seb, is use a graphic that you’ve created yourself (get your son to help). Or at least one that’s not easily googled.

              1. Rib, you’re an idiot that has zero understanding on how this works.

                Leave the technology answers to the experts. Stick to creating dependency through handouts, which is your specialty as a Democrap.

  36. Razor,
    A DE prospect that I really like in round 2 would be Chris Rumph. He appears to have elite Get Off, and looks like a smaller faster Josh Allen to me. I feel like he is a guy that could be brought in to fill the Dee Ford pass rush specialist roll which is very complimentary to Bosa’s more technical hand fighting style.
    Take a look at him and see what you think.

    1. Shoup, yes CR2 is a player I’ve had my eye on as well but at 225 lbs., he’s undersized. It was reported that he’s put on 20 lbs. this offseason, and if that’s the case I’d definitely put him in the mix along with Oweh, Patrick Jones and Basham….

  37. Looking at the draft is an exercise in futility so soon, but the Niners may be moving up in the draft, and not picking last.
    However, there are 2 major needs in the off season- OL and CB. Pass rushers are needed with all the injuries, but the offense will not function with a poor O line, and we all saw how PS CBs can be burned toasty crisp.
    Jayson Oweh was the first favorite, then Carlos Basham, now Rumph? If they did draft another defensive lineman, I would hope Greg Rousseau or Quincy Roche might fall into their laps. However, the best strategy may be to trade back and settle for Xavier Thomas, Aiden Hutchinson or Oweh in the second round.
    With the first pick, the Niners may want to select Creed Humphrey, who can play center or guard. He sounds like he could also fill in as the long snapper, so the Niners would not have to get a specialist LS. He is not a junior, and has good leadership skills, to go along with his versatility.
    At CB, Paulson Adebo, Tyson Campbell or Asante Samuel Jr. may all be good options for the Niners to consider, as the eventual replacement for Sherman.
    Getting back to this upcoming slugfest with the Rams, I hope the Niners are resilient, and can forget about last game. If they make the proper adjustments on the O line, they may be able to thwart Aaron Donald. They should sit JG until he is fully healthy, and start Mullens, because he is still superior to CJB. KS, with his quick hook, has created a QB controversy all on his own. This will be a stern test of the coaching. Sean McVay decided to hire an OC, and they are 4-1. KS should get a clue.

      1. Losing Buckner made drafting a Defensive Lineman a high priority. Next season, many of the CBs will be free agents.
        Your sense of timing and priorities is problematic, but then again, you were the one who admitted Kaep took the league by storm, and now want to make it twice as hard to win.
        You are another Debbie Downer, you think the Niners will lose against the Rams. I want to strategize on ways they can improve , and win.

        1. “ Losing Buckner made drafting a Defensive Lineman a high priority. Next season, many of the CBs will be free agents”

          Foolish philosophy. If you drafted a few corners then when all those guys become free agents, you are not starting any rookies. Instead you have guys in year two already in the system.

          Get a clue! November 4th Seb.

          1. So the Niners drafted Kinlaw, who I designated as the first 1st round pick in my last mock. Guess they agree more with me than with you.
            Get a clue. Even Grant said the draft was deficient in good talented CBs.
            You really should not stick your foot in your mouth. The Niners are in a -Win Now mode. They want to compete for a SB, not rebuild.

            1. Grant who? Still riding that legend coat tail thing aren’t you?
              Like Grant has any creed anymore.

              “ They want to compete for a SB, not rebuild”

              Yeah kinda hard to compete for Super Bowl when you don’t have any players at key positions hey dummy?

              Nov.4th. We shall see who is finally right.

    1. Seb,
      Most of the edge rushers there are second round picks that could help the 49ers move on from Ford.
      Creed is definitely a guy I would look to take in the 1st. Trading back a few times is not a bad idea at all, I wouldn’t mind leaving the 1st round all together to try and get as many picks as possible in rounds 2 and 3.

  38. The medications have kicked in. He has seen the light. Troompy is declaring that he will leave the country when he loses . Great. Let’s be clear it is partially shame but mostly necessity. He wont have a force field of corrupt government appointees to protect him. There are concurrent state and federal investigations into troompy corruption. Then there is the very real and credible rape case. Then there is the upcoming trial of epstein associate and procurer of child sex slaves Ghislaine Maxwell. What will she say about troompy. Then there is ruudy who is looking at a FBI investigation into the latest russia election obstruction scheme. Then Forbes just reported that Troompies debt is really 1 billion and most likely to some shady characters. Truumpy and his crime family will most likely slither off to a non-extradition country after the election and to that I say Hasta-la-Vista fat @ss.

    1. Russian election scheme??? Nonsense. They got Hunter’s computer & his lawyer confirmed it was his. Wanted it back, in fact because it showed both Hunter, Joe taking money from China, other foreign connections. None of this surprises. When I worked in DC, we called him “Hands Out” Joe & for good reason. You can’t purchase 4 houses & staff to support them on govt salary. Joe sold the country out.

  39. Oh my……… if you don’t have Obozo’s confidence, what can you count on??

    During the primary race, one Democrat recalled how the Harvard grad ridiculed Biden’s abilities, before he went on to secure the 2020 nomination.

    “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up,” Obama was quoted as saying.

    Speaking to one candidate about the Democratic electorate in Iowa, Obama scathingly remarked that Biden didn’t bond with voters: “And you know who really doesn’t have it? Joe Biden.”

    Obama’s aides often derided Biden, Politico revealed, “like an elderly uncle at Thanksgiving, [who] would launch into extended monologues that everyone had heard before.”

  40. Steve Young: Lack of trust between Jimmy Garoppolo, Kyle Shanahan holding 49ers back

    I always believe what Steve says about the 49ers

  41. This is simple. Our HC is a great O coordinator. Our defense when healthy is amazing. Jimmy G is barely an average QB that we are paying way to much for. When we needed him he couldn’t step up. Get rid of him, get a guy like Dalton, Fitzmagic or even a 1st round draft pick on the cheap and the continue to build a studly team with depth. Instead of paying almost 30million for trash QB play.

  42. I get a kick out of reading all of the draft talk here. All I hear about is pass rushers, CB’s and QB’s, with good health all of those positions are going to be Avg. at worst next year. The O line is horrible bottom 6 or 7 in the league. Then why don’t I read more abo ut drafting O linemen? Because they aren’t sexy picks and fans want the positions they notice the most when they watch games. I believe they need to use their first 3 picks on O linemen and if they can trade down with their fis=rst pick maybe it should be 4 of their first 5 picks. They need a total rebuild on that side of the ball maybe McGlinchey can gain back the weight and be top 15 at his position. Maybe Williams can knock off the rust and get back to who he used to be but do we want to spend big money on him as opposed to signing a CB or Pass rush specialist FA. All I want to hear between now and the draft is O line O line O line. As to tomorrows game I believe it will be the end of hope. If you are not watching Bama and Georgia

    1. Coach,
      Totally agree. Our Oline must wake up and push people around.
      And yes, the 49ers need to address the Oline in the draft and FA.

      Last season, Skule and Brunskill did a yeoman’s job in relief of Staley and McGlinchey. Both will likely be around next year along with McKivitz, but if this team wants to expand their SB window, they need to cover this area.

      CB (Sherman can’t play much longer)
      Edge (can’t wait on Ford)
      Oline (pass pro big need)
      Center (need to develop this area)
      QB (dual threat, sorry coach 😏)
      WR (could never have enough receivers).

      LB (Alexander has not played to last years bar level).
      With many of our players possibly testing the FA waters, Lynch and Shanahan will need to keep the team relevant in the draft and FA.

    2. All we need is a bad ass center in round 2 like Tyler Linderbaum from Iowa. Our entire defensive scheme is predicated on pressure with four. Edge in the 1st round and again on day 3 with one of those 5th rounders….

    3. OC,
      The reason corner is discussed is because we don’t have any signed for next year. None.

      As to Edge, this whole defense is built around QBs pressure and we don’t have much in that way right now.

      As to the oline, I’m all for drafting one early but not to the extent of ignoring other areas as well. In reality I would prefer adding vets here. The college quick passing game does a terrible job of preparing players for the NFL.

      I’ve been playing around with mock drafts recently, and in every one of them I’ve taken an olineman in the first 2 rounds and had at least 2 olinemen selected by the drafts end. I’m a huge believer in building the oline but this is one area where I want an experienced vet in the middle to help calm things down.

    4. I agree the OL needs to be fixed, but I really disagree with changes en masse. This is a line that was just fine in 2019. The only real changes to the 2019 unit that did very well are Williams in for Staley (and keep in mind Staley missed a lot of games last year), and Brunskill for Person (which isn’t really that big a difference skills wise). While Williams hasn’t played as hoped, I am sure a lot of it comes down to a rust factor. McGlinchey has had some awful snaps too, but I think that is partly due to losing too much weight which he can likely add back this offseason.

      The main issue on the OL for mine is one of communication and cohesion. Garland is a fine stop gap, but they need to find a long term centre option if Richburg is done.

    1. 1.Yes, Shanny admitted to not running the ball enough.
      2.Jimmy will lean on the running game for redemption.
      3.Pride will win the day for the much maligned 49ers OL.
      4.The return of Moseley will allow Shanny to stick with the running game.
      5.Time to toss the Saleh.

    2. It’s amazing you were a coach at any level. Your communication skills are awful. What, did you read from a prepared written script in front of your team before, during and after every game?

      1. It’s amazing that some people can’t help themselves but seek to diminish other people and what they do. Recording video content is just a little different to communicating to your players as a coach, don’t you think?

  43. If the division game isn’t enough incentive, we have another foe licking their chops to put a hurting on an injured team that is just a shell of their former selves. Such is life in the NFL. The one thing I can say about the Niners is they don’t give up, and they won’t tonight. Unfortunately, they are playing a team that is currently statistically better in every category, offensively and defensively. The Rams should kick the Niners a$$. But, to me this is a heart vs brain game. My heart says the Niners are going to come out playing inspired football offensively, with Kyle dialing up one of those magical game plans, and Saleh gets Goff to have one of his occasional bad games, throwing a couple picks that lose the game.
    SF 31 LA 28

    My brain says a route. The Rams will stack the box to stifle the Niners average running game along with overmatching the suddenly vulnerable OL, sacking and pressuring Jimmy relentlessly. Goff will have a great game picking on our depleted secondary in front of friends and family (on TV of course). Well, at least there’s the game 7 ATL vs LA to switch to if it gets out of hand, which the brain thinks it will. Hope not! Go heart!! Go Atlanta Braves! Go Niners!!!
    LAR 45 SF 17

    Either way, I took the over (51 1/2), and I took the Rams – 2 1/2. I hope I lose that side of the bet!

      1. The game ultimately hinges on three aspects.

        1. Go bold and don’t settle for field goals
        2. Use your timeouts judiciously
        3. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot

        Sincerely, Seb :)

        1. Another thing- Any time it is a contest between the Niners and Rams, throw all the stats and standings out the window. They can be knock down drag out brawls, and even ball grabbing affairs, as Vernon will attest to.
          Why do I think the Niners can beat the Rams? I think the Niners want this game more than the Rams.
          Of course, it will also depend on if the O line can hold up the pass rush, no matter who is starting.
          Yes, KS is considered an offensive mastermind. I just hope he coaches a complete game.
          BTW, you forgot controlled roll outs. Maybe rotate away from the side that Donald is playing at.

  44. As we fans know, Niners’ #1 offensive weapon is not Kittle or any other player — it’s Kyle. He invariably crafts a winning game plan that stacks up play-after-play leveraging the D’s response to the previous play. To use a well-worn cliché, he puts his players’ in a position to succeed.

    But that’s not going to be enough this evening. He has to to modify his game plan to fit an under-performing and out-of-sync O line. And the undermanned defense needs him to play ball control offense. They can’t afford to get away from the run game even if they are down by 2 scores

    However, Kyle just cannot continue this run-on-first down, and pass on second and third. He will have to go against his standard patterns. Sure, they will have to run at Donald and probe the edges with counters and jet sweeps and get the ball into the hands of Kittle and Aiyuk as much as possible. But I think they have to go against their habits against a coaching staff that knows the Niners’ offense very well. For example, throw out of their run formations on first downs using RPOs — and even throw deep occasionally. Even if the deep throws aren’t complete (Jimmy G is 0/5 on 20+ yards after a 2019 season where he led the league in completion % in that category), it will help get the safeties away from the box.

    I’m looking forward to the matchup between Kittle and Ramsey in the latter’s much-touted “star” position. In interviews this week, both Lynch and Kyle conveyed the urgency of the situation. I expect the coaches to have a good game plan. But can they get the players ready to play, especially the O line?

  45. While I am hoping the 49ers rebound from the putrid showings against the Eagles and Dolphins, I am not banking on that occurring.

    49ers 20
    Rams 35

  46. This is it boys. Season on the line tonight.
    Can’t even make a prediction as I have no idea what team will show up.

    Let’s go Niners!

    1. I think the season was actually decided against the Dolphins. At the very best, the 49ers could make it to .500, but the team is going to have to hit a good patch of luck to do so.

    1. Check out his HS tapes on YouTube Mid! Some of the best runs and returns I’ve ever seen! Purdue tapes not bad either! Man among boys in HS!

  47. Team is looking like a professional football team. Shanny has made adjustments, shortly the Rams defense is going to have to pull up and then wham bam…

  48. I don’t know about anybody else, but I thought Aiyuk could have fought better to catch that long pass from Garoppolo.

    1. I think the defender played it perfectly with inside position. Also, it was a high thrown ball which looked difficult to track.

    2. Dynasty,
      Aiyuk, likely would have drawn an offensive penalty, because it looked like his only angle was to go over the CB.
      Speaking of CB’s, Verrett and Moseley both played very well tonight, and on the offensive side, I don’t recall A. Donald’ name being mentioned that much except for Michaels and Collinsworth blustering over him.

      Also, this is the best i’ve seen from the Oline since last year. But then again, it really helps when you have Mostert in the backfield. It was nice to see Hasty get some action as well.

  49. It’s clear that the offense runs through Mostert; ever since he left the game, the offense has done next to nothing.

  50. Wow. Henderson was gashing Niners the entire drive, and what does McVay do inside the 5? Goes to the pass. Sheesh. Awful playcalling.

      1. The stats are good, but any time he was asked to throw the ball down the field more than 7 yards it was meh.

        7 of his 23 completions were behind the line of scrimmage, 4 of which were shovel passes which added up to about 50 yards. We can call them passes but those are runs, the Oline is not pass blocking on those at all. So in reality his stats were solid, (but closer to something like 19 for 29 for 215 yrds and 2 tds.)

        Kyle can manufacture this kind of offensive game plane for a few games but this is not sustainable in the NFL if you want to have a serious contender.

        That said, we know he can play better and he seems to be a rhythm / groove qb who will get better with more reps. This is why I hated the Game plan against Minn and GB in the playoffs, as it seems that Jimmy needs to be part as he gets better with more throws.

    1. Rib, respond to your 8:26
      Yes sir!
      Gotta love the excitement of McGlinchey on that run. I honestly felt bad for Grasu. Glinch went gangster with his headbutts 🤕 (lol).

    1. Disagree on the safeties. Tartt, Ward, and Harris played fairly well tonight; Moore also pinned the Rams at the one on STs.

      1. If Goff had any resemblance of some accuracy, the secondary excluding Verrett, would have been torched.

        Mosley played ok for missing a couple games but on each deep ball the Rams attempted, Tartt and Ward were nowhere to be found.

        1. Moseley had 3 PBUs. Did we watch the same game? The DBs played pretty well considering that there was no effective pass rush to speak of.

    1. Patriots are beatable.

      I think we will all blow a collective gasket if the Saleh defense allows Cam to gash them on the ground or give him multiple rushing TDs.

    1. Yeah, that guy looks like a load. Between he, Mostert and Deebo, Niners have a bruising ground game. Please all stay healthy here on out.

  51. I love it when Shanahan and Saleh prove me wrong. The O line was very good tonight and JG was a winner like usual. Now are we going to face more injury problems Tarrt, Garland and Mostert, we can’t afford to lose any of those three.

  52. Good win. Season is alive still. I must say, it feels kinda weird not to be the one making hot takes and determining that the team is in complete crisis this year. Have I changed, or have many posters here changed? Interesting question.

  53. How is Kshan not the best coach in the NFL?

    I don’t think I ever watched a game (hmm…maybe patriots) where the play calling limited the QB but still made the QB efficient.

    JimmyG is not fully recovered…… the YAC boys are for real…..

    …Taylor is slow….no more out routes to the sideline ……

    C’mon JL there is no way you can tell me we can’t find better cornerbacks than Mosley and Spoon…….Mos is good but he lacks that athletic skills you need in a starter.

    if Moseley goes down we are fckrd.

  54. WOW Jason Verrett is looking great, sign him now and pray he can stay healthy maybe he can be another Jesse Sapolu. I have one thing to say to Jason, Go Bearcubs. He and I both played CB at the same JC only a few years apart.

    1. I would only sign Verrett up on a one-year deal again given his injury history and draft a capable replacement in April.

  55. Is anyone else disappointed in Kinlaw. All I see is a solid but not spectacular run stopper. He is absolutely no Buckner and for where we picked him there could have been better picks.

    1. I wish to respectfully disagree with your assessment.
      I think it is unrealistic to assume that replacing Buckner would be easy. Kinlaw is a raw rookie, but he has a lot of potential. I thought he helped the defense throttle the potent Rams Offense, this last game.
      Kinlaw is also going to play without Bosa, Ford and Thomas. They helped Buckner, just like Buckner helped them.
      I am happy with Kinlaw’s run defense. With Buckner, the Niner defense was 22 in one ranking for the run defense.
      Yes, the D line is in flux, due to all of the injuries, but they harried Goff all game.
      Remember, the Niners traded back to garner a 4th round pick. Maybe they could have traded back further, to get a second round pick. Then, they may still have gotten Kinlaw, later.
      The Jaguars really should have selected Kinlaw with their 9th pick. Campbell and Yannick have 9 sacks. The whole Jaguar defense has 5 sacks total, so far this season.
      So no, I am not disappointed, and look forward to seeing Kinlaw help anchor the Defensive Line for years to come.

    2. Kinlaw is playing like a rookie. But, he has had some good moments thus far.
      I’ve seen him manhandle some guys, but learning the speed of the pro game and adding technique to go with his strength will come.

      He’s nowhere near Buckner and may never be, but if he learns how to clog the inside running lanes he will be fine.
      Also, getting Bosa back next year will help shift a little pressure off of Kinlaw as well.

      1. Actually Kinlaw has been a pleasant surprise to me and I am not a fan of drafting run stuffers early.

        No, he’s not Buckner (right now), but he is a solid interior player who has closed down the middle of the field in the run game and has the ability to become a pass rusher. He’s also an incredibly raw rookie, who didn’t get an offseason to develop. Given his raw abilities, if he develops, by year 4 we could be looking at an Albert Haynesworth quality DT.

        Also, what other defensive player drafted after him brings more to the table than him?

  56. That’s more like it.

    1. I must admit I was suffering a low grade depression / funk after the Philly and Miami games.
    2. Jimmy TD to Kittle was one of his best passes. Only a handful of qbs can make that throw with Donald in his grill.
    3. Good special teams D . Dion Jordan had a blocked XP and was it Moore who downed the punt at the 1?
    4. Mostert and Hasty will be a good 1-2 punch.
    5. Kevin White was active . What if the long pass intended for Aiyuk was thrown to KW? KW is 6’3
    6. We need to generate/manufacture a pass rush. More snaps for Dion Jordan?
    7. EMan, Verrett and KWaun are a pretty good CB trio . We should bring back Sherman for a 1 year team friendly deal.
    8. What if we address Oline in FA and make S our second priority in the draft after Edge. Imagine a hard hitter who can play the pass and corral scrambling qbs.
    9. Feeling better. Look out Pats

  57. Juan,
    1. Go bold and do not settle for field goals. Check. That 4th and 2 play was gutsy.
    2. Use time outs judiciously. Check. Even though KS did burn 2 time outs before the last 2 minutes, they were used judiciously. First, to get to the right play call, then to prevent a delay of game penalty. I bet Sean McVay sure wished he had not wasted any time outs, so he did not have to helplessly watch the clock run down to zero.
    3. Do not shoot yourself in the foot. Check. JG played with good ball security, and put the ball into the hands of his play makers. I wondered before the game if the O line could bounce back from a poor showing, and they played great. Held Donald to zero sacks. I also wondered if we could see KS coach a complete game. Lately, I have been critical of him, but in this case, he deserves much praise. This was one of his finer coaching jobs. He was bold and innovative, and paid attention to the details. KS coached well in all facets of the game, while Sean McVay was the one who could not make timely adjustments.
    It’s OK. It is smart to think with your brain, but sometimes we have brain farts. This was a much needed win. I thought the Niners could win because they wanted it more.
    I am just glad your heart is in the right place.
    GO NINERS !!!!!!

  58. Well that was a great team win in a game they really needed to win. Shanahan did a good job of keeping things easy for JG and the OL, getting the ball out of JGs hands quickly and not putting him under much pressure. The running game was really good in the first half too, so kudos the the much maligned OL. Hopefully it is a sign they are starting to iron out some of the issues.

    The pass coverage on defense was particularly impressive for mine. Verrett made the play of the season for the 49ers so far with that INT, peeling off his guy to get in front of the WR that had a step on Ward. He was great throughout the game. Moseley was pretty good too, bar a few plays. A few times the D got lucky with bad passes by Goff, but overall the coverage was very good.

    Pass rush wasn’t great, though they did enough at times to put Goff off. Hyder continues to be the pick of the bunch.

    Tbh, the 49ers got lucky that McVay didn’t stick with running the ball though. Game would have been much dicier if he did. They were getting gashed repeatedly. Henderson just seems to give the 49ers trouble.

    Not going to get too carried away with the win, but there certainly were some positive signs in this one moving forward.

    1. Yeah, this was not what I would call a pretty or great performance by SF.
      Honestly, while I bashed Saleh last week this week I think he had a good game plan and deserves a lot of credit for this weeks victory. I would say the 2 biggest reasons for the victory were the Defensive effort and McVay/Goff being off.
      I like that Shanahan didn’t go away from the run and he helped out Jimmy G with his game plan… but I really wish he would take a look at his tendencies. His run on 1st pass on 2nd tendency is getting a little too predictable. That said, he is really creative and always gets players running wide open.

    2. Both the offensive game plan and the execution were good enough to neutralize the two defensive superstars. That should give the team confidence going forward.

              1. I think Moore is your safety in waiting to perhaps take Tartt’s spot next year. Both safety positions are interchangeable. I don’t see Sherman on this team next year. Too expensive and I think they’ve squeezed all they could out of him. He’ll come back and play good enough to get himself one more contract somewhere else….

              2. I didn’t really check the stats, but it seems like Moore is getting hardly any playing time. Isn’t that a bit surprising?

          1. What I will be interested to see is which CB opponents target when Sherman is back. I suspect it will be Sherman. I am curious to see how he holds up to being targeted more.

              1. Unlike most I am not one to bash on Grant, but I do think it is pretty funny that Grant’s reports during TC consistently outlined how average Verrett looked and how surprised he was he was getting starting reps. Making a lot of sense now!

    1. If you have a rat problem I would ensure your houseboat is free of filth. Sounds like you need to clean up a bit. 🧼 🧽

      Hope that helps.


  59. Given the injury circumstances, particularly with JG on the offense, it was a well-played and well-coached game last night. However, the pass rush is a bit of a concern. Seattle has their best OL in years and if the defense can’t get to RW, he’ll torch the 49ers especially with the MVP year he is having.

    Didn’t realize there will be an extra team from each conference in the playoffs. Niners might be able to limp in with a 9-7 record.

    1. Would you be confident with the Niners having to play on wild card weekend against Dallas, Philly, Washington or the Giants? Or how about having to go to Chicago, Green Bay?
      Or how about TB or New Orleans or Carolina?

      None of those teams scare me. And once we play Seattle, I think we will have a very good idea of how we match up.

  60. Dang! Not sure if anyone has already reported this, but the 49ers are announcing that Mostert is going on IR.
    High ankle sprang. Garland may also miss time as well.
    No bueno.

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