Yep. It is time to talk about Jimmie Garoppolo again.


Jimmie Garopollo always seems to be under pressure, on the field and off. (AP photo/Tony Avelar


Whoops. Just got a calendar alert. As you know, we are contractually obligated to write about Jimmie Garoppolo at regular intervals, and this was a reminder that it is time for another check in.

Luckily, a great deal of pick and shovel work has already been done. Last week, writing in The Athletic, analyst David Lombardi did a deep dive into all things Jimmie.

I recommend it. It is comprehensive, thoughtful, and frankly way over my head. I know I should be interested in Garoppolo’s AY/A (adjusted yards per attempt) compared to his CPAE (completion percentage above expectation.) I simply lack the football brainpower to appreciate that kind of data.

However, there are some neat little nuggets that are worth considering. For starters, much of it supports the view here, which is that Jimmie G is perfectly fine and has the potential to be better. We cite, once again, the stat from analyst Bucky Brooks, who pointed out that Garopollo was the only NFL QB to be in the top five in yards per attempt (8.4), passing touchdowns (27) and completion percentage (69.1).

Barring something unforeseen, I think the 49ers have (and have paid) their franchise quarterback for years to come. Lombardi touts Garopollo’s 2019 season as “arguably the best full season by a 49ers QB since Jeff Garcia.”

So, Jimmie G haters, we start there.

Which is not to say that there aren’t some rough edges. One stat that jumps out is that Garoppolo fumbled ten times last season. That’s way too many. And we will discuss the pass rush in a bit, but rushed or not, the QB has to protect the pumpkin. Definitely a place for improvement.

However, Garopollo is also praised for his hang-in-there ability. I was making fun of it earlier, but the stat for completion percentage above expectation is a good indicator of a quarterback who is containing his happy feet and getting the throw off under pressure. So it can be double-edged. He hangs in there to make a play but then leaves himself open to having the ball batted out of his grasp.

The story only briefly mentions Garoppolo’s most polarizing flaw — the what-was-he-looking-at interception. Again, poor passes are often a function of a pass rush. But hey, QB’s get rushed. That’s the job description. You have to be able to locate the window and make the throw. Thirteen interceptions last year and several balls that clanked off a defender’s hands. That can be improved.

We’re hearing some hopeful talk about improved mobility, now that Garopollo is a year removed from ACL surgery. And that may happen. The general rule rough is that slow people don’t generally get faster. But we will see. Improved agility could be helpful and that can be trained.

Some Lombardi numbers confirm what you’ve probably already thought. Doesn’t it seem that Garoppolo makes most of his throws over the middle? Yep. NFL Next Gen Stats says 63 percent of his attempts were between the numbers. That’s fine, although it is worth saying that the chances of an interception, or a deflected pass that is intercepted, are higher there than along the sidelines.

But the throw-over-the-middle reliance is significant in another way. It means that the pass rush up the middle has to be contained. As legendary NFL general manager Bill Polian said recently on the “Move the Sticks” podcast, “quarterbacks don’t like having people at their feet.” That, he opined, was why an interior pass rush might be even more effective than edge rushers.

The interior rush affects Garoppolo in two ways. First, they are in his face, or at his feet, throwing off the timing of the play or even sacking him for a loss. And second — think Chris Jones batting down that fourth-quarter pass in the Super Bowl — an interior rush shuts down throwing lanes.

And on top of that, Lombardi points out that center Weston Richburg was injured and lost for the season and guard Mike Person struggled with a neck injury all year. (He has since retired.)

So the middle of the field, where Garoppolo makes his living, was compromised by a less than healthy offensive line. And that leads to another stat that raised some eyebrows on this side of the keyboard. Garopollo was sacked 36 times last year. Only 13 quarterbacks had more. And that’s just the regular season. Counting the playoffs, the number was 40.

That’s a lot. Remember in 2016 when Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr was only sacked 16 times all year? Getting hit like that takes a toll. You can bet the 49ers hope for less of a toll when the season begins again.

All of which seem to paint a pretty fair picture of Garoppolo. He’s young and has been given the keys to the offense (also the bank account.) He’s a tough guy, willing to stand and deliver. But that can work against him if he waits too long and creates a fumble.

His reliance on passes over the middle is effective — 69 percent completion rate — but can also end up putting the ball in crowded places on the field, which rarely works out well over time. And a weakened offensive line played right into a worst-case scenario where pressure up the middle disrupted favorite routes.

That pretty much sums it up, with the addition of one stat from last year:  Garoppolo took the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Other than the 49ers and the Chiefs, in 2020, there are 30 NFL teams looking for the guy who can do that.



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  1. The 9er O will be fine this year (if they can stay healthy) Jimmy G. will be slightly better this year than last. The D will be fine and the defensive depth is excellent (with the exception of D end) I believe the only reason this team won’t repeat is Dee Ford’s health. If Ford can play 70% or more of the snaps the D will be looked at in the class of the SB Bears, Ravens and T.B. If Ford stays healthy I think this team can win a SB with N. Mullens, (although I would rather not test that) So with Jimmy G. or without him this team can win a SB if Ford stays healthy (it would be nice if the team finally had relatively good health for a season)

  2. Person was clearly the weak link upfront, and Brunskill should finally solidify that RG position. Richburg is the question mark. He’s the brains of the offensive line. I’m looking for the offensive line as a unit to perform better against the pass, and that should facilitate Jimmy’s growth as a passer. I think the type of receivers they’ve been drafting plays to Jimmy’s strengths as well….

  3. The oline will be better by default for the simple reason it will have continuity in all 5 positions which includes T. Williams who has already played in Shanahans offense. This line has been together for 3 years now. That’s a huge advantage.

    The overall offense will be better if finally Jimmy G has that 3rd down back to check down to. A guy who can take a bubble screen, a toss or a simple slant in to get that 3rd 5, 3rd 6 or 3rd 7 converted.
    The wild card could be McKinnon and his ability to play this role. We have the speed at RB, we have the power and grit and RB, now we need the Swiss Army type back to make Jimmy G’s and the olines job easier.

    1. “This line has been together for 3 years now.“

      2/5 of the starters from the oline last season are no longer on the team

      1. Brunskill has played and been in the offense for a couple years. He takes over at RG.

        Williams has played in this offense and is an upgrade over Staley.

        Richburg at center.

        Tomlinson at LG.

        McClinchey a stalwart at RT the last 2 years.

        Lots of miles and experience in the same offense and playing together.

        1. None of what you just wrote backs up that the oline “has been together for 3 years now.” Last season was Brunskill’s first in SF, and Williams was with Washington and played zero downs last year.

          1. Holy cow Jack. You come out just to bust my balls and play on every word playing semantics now?
            The point was all the players on the oline know this offense, have played in this offense and have played together in big moments in this offense. The last part doesn’t involve T. Williams but being the outstanding, pro bowl veteran he is and being on an island at LT anyways, the oline will be a strength this year.

            1. Given the entire first paragraph in your original comment was the benefit from continuity of having the same line playing together for three years, which clearly they have not been (in fact only 1 of the 5 has been here for three years now), Jack’s reply was hardly unfair. It wasn’t pedantic or “playing semantics”. Your point, as far as the wording insinuated, was the incredible continuity the 49ers OL will have, which they will not in fact have with two of the 5 starters from last season leaving.

              If your point was the players know the offense, just say that.

  4. “The story only briefly mentions Garoppolo’s most polarizing flaw — the what-was-he-looking-at interception. Again, poor passes are often a function of a pass rush.” CWN

    Agreed. The blocking makes a huge difference. That was visibly obvious in his overthrown pass to Sanders in the Superbowl. The KC pass rush was in JG’ face a fraction before he threw the ball which caused him to hurry the pass.

    As far as standing in the pocket to the very last moment before throwing, I can live with that.
    I’m not saying this to intentionally provoke my friend Seb, but the last QB we had (CK) didn’t have the patience to wait in the pocket and was taking off running due to phantom defensive pressure.

    Also, the signing of Trent Williams might turn out to be as big as the signing of Dion Sanders in 1994.
    We are Superbowl material – all we need now is a full football season.

    1. Sanders was necessary to get past the Cowboys because we had no one that could cover Irvin. Williams will be an upgrade but I’m not sure just how much. Maybe it’s a lot, maybe it’s status quo which wasn’t too shabby. The article hits on something I’ve always believed, and that’s inside pressure is the quickest route to the quarterback. We didn’t have the brains in the middle and we had a veteran on his last leg at RG. That’s where the improvement has to occur if we want to get back and seal the deal….

      1. IIRC, Sanders primary cover assignment was taking the Alvin Harper deep TD threat away 1st, leaving guys like Eric Davis and Merton Hanks to deal with Irvin much of the time….

        1. Even Sanders said that’s why the 49ers brought him in. I lived it and that’s how I saw it too. Cowboys did the exact same thing the following year to stop Rice. Sanders couldn’t stop either one of them. Irvin had 12 catches for 192 yards and 2 TD’s, and he covered him just as much as Davis and Hanks. Rice had 5 catches for 161 yards and a TD….

    2. AES, Kaep did not have time to throw because Devey and Pears acted like human turnstiles.
      It was not phantom pressure, and he managed to elude the pass rush with his mobility, so he was not sacked even more.
      In 2014, he was sacked 52 times. In 2016, he was sacked 36 times in 12 games, for a 3 sack per game average. In his SB season, he was sacked only 16 times.
      I am glad we can disagree without being disagreeable. I really respect your opinion, even if I may adamantly oppose it.

      1. Kap may very well have been THE best QB in NFL history. I have it on good authority and without exception, when he bumbled a play……… was somebody else’s fault.

        1. Yeah especially the one where the Rams blitzed both corners and Kaep had a free 98 yard TD going to either receiver but chose to hand it off again.

      2. “In 2014, he was sacked 52 times. In 2016, he was sacked 36 times in 12 games, for a 3 sack per game average. In his SB season, he was sacked only 16 times.” Seb

        In 2016 he was also 1-11.
        Kaep was not the same QB we saw from 2012—2014.
        We can point the finger at the departure of Harbaugh. The hirings of Tomsula, Chip Kelly and a slew of other failures like the Oline and OCords. And yes, even the pressure that came with the brave stance he took.

        But with all due respect, what I saw was a QB that could not throw his receivers open. Could not anticipate pocket presence had accuracy issues and fell to number 24 in QB rating.
        The Colin Kaepernick story will go on down in history as the tale of two QB’s. The one who took the league by storm, and the one that fizzled out like a small rain cloud.

        Like I’ve said on a few occasions, I like Kaep having seen him play at Pittman High School in Turlock CA. I was overjoyed when he was drafted by my favorite team and felt at the time that he had a chance to make some noise in the NFL. But, I was equally saddened to see him lose his QB skills in his last two seasons.
        Some team will need to decide which Kaepernick they will sign, the storm or the fizzle.

        1. AES, please remember the 49er run defense was 32nd in the league. They let third string RBs gallop for over 200 yards. Bellore not only jumped out of the lane he was assigned to defend, he would block one of his own players. No QB, even Joe Montana, could win with a defense like that. Meanwhile, they had 40 mil in cap space, that Baalke refused to spend, so Jed could skim the profits from it.
          Look at last season. MVP Lamar Jackson had over 500 yards in his playoff game, including 143 yards rushing. Most times, one would expect him to win, since he was so prolific. Too bad the Raven Defense gave up over 200 yards rushing, so they lost.
          Will Kaep be offered a job? Right now, I am hoping for at least a tryout. There may be one of 3 scenarios that may unfold.
          I expect that a team that has their starting QB become injured, may need to make a sober analysis, and shrewd adjustment. That could happen before the season.
          I also am expecting that some team, by the 4th game, will realize that their drek QB is not the answer, and they become desperate enough to make a bold move.
          Finally, I expect Kaep will be offered a job by November 4th.

  5. Thanks CWN, great write up!

    He’s a tough guy, willing to stand and deliver.

    I think that sums up his pro and con in one sentence!
    Holding on too long will get him creamed, waiting for the right moment will get him crowned.
    Most people here focus too much on his flaws, since they can decide a game. We shouldn’t forget that he basically completed his ‘rookie’ year last year. (1st full season)
    I think he’ll improve and if not we can always call on Mullens!

  6. Jimmy throws to the middle of the field because the ball travels a shorter distance than it does to the sidelines. It mitigates for his inaccuracy throwing long passes. This is another reason that Pettis was not that effective last season. He is more effective in receiving on the outside.

    Now his longer pass inaccuracy can be corrected if he takes time to work on planting his feet before his throws. It’s a pattern he has fallen into and one he has to correct. It is not always because defenders are in his face. He seems afraid to get hit while having his feet planted. That is why he is good at releasing quickly. He seldom plants his feet, but he does not have the arm strength to make longer throws like that.

    1. I’d give my left nut for them to sign Kaep and watch him sail it out to Pettis next year but I lost it in an errant lawnmower blade accident years ago.

          1. Slimey, you are catfishing Seb, Rib and now pretending to be catfished yourself!
            YOU are the cancer of this blog with your foul language, threats and catfishing!

            1. Dee, prime and I are fine. No one’s catfishing me. Cowardly lurkers pop up from time to time with throwaway handles to take pot shots, but no way are they prime.

              1. Rib, it is deliciously ironic to see Prime have a catfish. When I had my catfish spewing nonsense, he thought it was a hoot! A laugh riot!
                However, I will agree with Dee. Prime brings nothing to this site. When his catfish bloviates, hurls expletives, threatens violence and insults, it is hard to tell them apart. ;p

              2. Rib, I thought the mocking of your moniker had the stink of TP all over it. Seb and I have had our rows, but the sparring never went to the vapid and vulgar level that TP brings to this blog.
                Once the ball starts rolling again, eh throwing in this case, things should be back to what really matters: GO 49ers!

    2. Ummm, did you miss the 50 yard dime he threw to Kittle in the Super Bowl. It was a BS offensive PI call but the pass was perfect.

    3. Here it starts with Will again. Now blaming JG for Pettis’s underwhelming efforts. 😒 He’s in mid season Jimmie hating form.

    4. Jimmy throws to the middle of the field because the ball travels a shorter distance than it does to the sidelines. It mitigates for his inaccuracy throwing long passes. This is another reason that Pettis was not that effective last season. He is more effective in receiving on the outside.

      Kshanny almost never calls the outside receiver go route……he did called it Deebo and Pettis a few times…….with not good results…..

      people need to connect the playbook with the personnel to the Draft /FA

      There is a reason the 49ers do not coveting players who are projected to be excellent at Go route…, – Jeudy, Lamb, Higgins, Jefferson, Shenault Jr…..playbook demand for a shifty quick WR who excels at Slant route and RAC

  7. More to come tomorrow but 2019 was a tale of 2 seasons for Jimmy. The firs half t was riddled with inconsistent play from his o-line and receivers. There was also an injury bug weeks 6-10. The second half of the season Jimmy demonstrated why he is a top 10 QB .

  8. Yawn. JG seems to get no respect. Yes, he can improve, but he took a 4-12 team to the SB.
    To put it succinctly, I am so happy JG is the franchise QB of the San Francisco 49ers, I do not want Kaep to come to the Niners. I will just wish Kaep well, wherever he plays, but I think JG can help the Niners win a ring or 2.
    It really does not matter whether JG throws more passes over the middle, or not. What matters is his accuracy. JG is so accurate, he not only hits tight windows, he can thread the needle.
    He is not only accurate, he can throw a catchable ball that hits his receiver in stride, so he can run after the catch.
    I was very impressed to see JG do so well in his first full season. He also was coming off an ACL injury, so he had a big question mark, which he answered emphatically.
    With more experience, JG will become more aware of where all 11 defenders are on the field, so that may reduce those picks.He started off carelessly with the football, but tightened up his ball security as the season unfolded.
    It will be interesting to see if the interior O line can play better this upcoming season, if we have a season, so JG can have better protection. Last season, he could have been sacked even more, but JG had such a quick delivery, he could get the ball off, before the pass rusher could get to him. I hope KS rolls JG out more, and keeps the defense guessing where he will be. Now that it will be 2 years since his injury, I hope he becomes more mobile and elusive.
    Still, the best road to success will be if JG can get the ball into the hands of his playmakers.
    Thankfully, the Niners are set with the third most talented squad. JL does not have to rebuild from scratch. JL has reloaded for another SB run.

  9. It is hard to dispute Jimmy G is a franchise QB . His one weakness is the head scratcher picks. He doesn’t always see the LB drift into zone coverage. Interestingly he has a very high QB rating on drives after he throws a pick. If we can just eliminate the Part A and stick with the Part B.

    In other news Johnny Manzel officially retires from football. He will now focus on his duties at the Heisman Ceremony with Tim Tebow henceforth.

    1. Old Coach, I agree. He was an icon. We used to sit in front of the old black and white to watch the Dick Van Dyke Show. He and Brooks had such good chemistry. A friend from Mendocino remembered when they filmed- The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming. I think he mentioned being an extra when they shot a scene in Noyo Harbor.

            1. Well Seb, here’s your proof that TP is your catfish!
              My name, your picture, only TP would stoop so low!

              1. Or….. maybe Prime was right and Seb/DP is ONE poster. Looks more plausible to me that he used the wrong email with the wrong title.

                Wouldn’t be the first time Seb screwed up while posting. Remember when he revealed his real name then threw his own wife under the bus for it?

              2. Candy, the avatar is tied to the email not to the name.
                The only ones who know about Seb’s hickup are the ones who’ve been around.
                TP was there but I don’t remember you from back then…..

              3. With respect Dee, I have been here since the Maiocco days. I just read, never posted. I lived in Chicago back then and joined this blog as a reader around the time the 49ers were pursuing Justin Smith; actually about a year earlier.

                I’ve been here through all the old posters and you are not one I recognize from those days. I was here when Bay and Jordo were regulars (before your time).

                Also was here before Jack started posting. The only regular I see here from that time is Claude Balls, who has only posted once over the last few years.

                Him, and well, that Alex Smith lover OneNiner. He’s been around for some time as well.

                I’m trying to think others who used to post here regularly from 10 years ago- Andrew Rishikesh comes to mind. Darren (who we used to think is really OneNiner). He stopped posting regularly.

                Enough evidentiary info for you to believe I’ve “been around” the blog for some time?

                If not I can reel off more names- Old Coach goes way back. Hofer was another (he left because he got exposed as an IT director living in the east bay and didnt want his identity revealed).

              4. Candy, my bad. Yes I have not seen many of your musings before.
                However to insinuate that I posted as Seb, shows that you have not seen the little spats we occasionally indulged in.
                That was in the Sebnoying days and now that he has cleaned up his act and focus, we’re just riding out this virus and waiting for better days.
                Even though Seb can hold his own, I’m the wittier one!
                That’s how you can tell us apart….

              5. TP are you confessing that you are Seb now or that Seb is wittier than you, which of course is not that hard to do?

              6. You seem lonely Dee. Try putting some of the effort you exert on this blog into your social life.

              7. Dee- ‘Even though Seb can hold his own, I am the wittier one!’
                Prime- ‘You wish!’
                Congratulations, Dee. You managed to make Prime give me a compliment! ;p

          1. You are only a catfish if it’s appeared you have completely taken over an account. That particular one is just a dumb@ss lurker popping up with a different stupid screen name each post. Not nearly intelligent enough to figure out true catfishing.

            1. My name is Ribico, I am an expert catfisher, and I approve of using your real name when posting.

              1. I started as a lurker in 2009. Started posting late in the 2011 season. As to Hofer it is sad that anyone would leave the blog in fear of having your real name exposed.

  10. Jimmy G not only will be fine next season, he will begin to establish himself with the likes of Brodie, Montana, Young.

      1. Not in the bunker. Crazy busy times. The real estate market is absolutely freaking booming right now.

        1. Good for you.

          With low loan rates I also see a similar boom in MD.

          I just sold one of my Townhouses…..looking to lock in on a low rate and buy a condo for rental…..

          1. I stay out of the condo market if i can. I do know people that do those types of investments and do well at it but it’s just not for me. A long time ago on my 1 and only condo investment I got hit with an unexpected special assessment for a major capital improvement and that was enough for me to stay away.

            1. Yea I hear you. i have heard the same advice.

              I am thinking it will be easy to maintain (no grass cutting or outside maintenance) – and should be easy to rent (students, younger professionals) – and with people living in close quarters- I won’t have not have to worry much about intruders when I am not around much….

              I am still debating – but definitely would love to take advantage of the low mortgage rates….

              1. Hey Moron, why don’t you take your own advice for the country and donate your townhome/condo for free rent for BLM?

                Or are you like Nancy and nephew Gavin Nuisance who like to tell us all to do as they say and not as they do???

  11. Someone is trying to remove the powers of our election administrators to be able to expand vote-by-mail and access to an equitable and fair ballot

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    And they ask why brown/black do not vote Repub…..

  12. This is really amazing – with everything Russia doing to us, trying to undermine our democracy, bounties on US soldiers – Trump never says anything tough to Russia. He continues to appease Putin, Trump is even trying to get Russia back into the G8……..This is MADNESS

    1. Are you feeling okay?

      Those TDS symptoms are quite strong with you. I’d get checked out right away.

      I care about you and want you to be well.

      1. True Democrats Survive
        “We can and should hold our leaders responsible, but ultimately, we have no one but ourselves to blame,” added Boot, who resigned from the GOP four years ago following Trump’s election victory.

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        1. I’m so impressed to hear you place all your trust and faith in some guy named Boot.


          1. Does that mean you condemn people solely based on their name?
            Do you do the same for D JOHN Scump…..

            1. Why are you so angry? 🤷🏽‍♀️

              Your TDS is getting worse by the day and I really want you to get checked out!

              We really love you Dee Pee and want you to take the right step so we can welcome you back.

              1. Oh Boy, TP your Deranged Trumpkin Syndrome is really taken a toll on you.
                You even start to use a french name for yourself and JWB!
                What a history buff you are!

              2. FU Seb/Niner Poe/Dee Pee.
                I don’t need no Gad Dam stinking surrogates like you with all your ficking trolls.
                Stay on your lawnmower and STFU!!!

              3. You really have become a flaming Trumpileptic TP.
                Nice choice of words again to show your prowness….

              4. Imposter!

                Dee you are so stupid to believe every comment comes from the actual person. DA!

                You still can’t figure it out can you?

              5. It’s not so hard to figure you out TP.
                The verbiage is very consistent in all your posts…

              6. STFU you’re not even American!
                Smoke your weed while you mow see where that gets you!

    1. Key takeaway, they can’t write like Grant.
      Too much nit picking, focusing on what is not important and stating the obvious.
      I will just use my eyeballs to assess JG, and he makes everyone around him better.
      JG is the Real Deal.

        1. I’m hoping that they eventually offer it on kindle as they do newspapers becuase I would love for my father to be able to read their articles and as an older rancher… he’s a bit technologically challenged :D

  13. Goodell thinks that teams may have too many players practicing together.
    I am still waiting to hear which Niner player contracted the Covid 19, and how that has affected the other skill position players.
    This Covid 19 may affect the coaching even more. Will Pete Carroll and Andy Reid be allowed on the side line, or will they be put in an upstairs booth to protect them?
    The experience the NBA is having, may be a cautionary tale. Even with precautions and isolating, 40 players are infected, and that is before any games have been played.

  14. hello to most….
    made it about 3/4 of the way down b4 the political nonsense appeared:( ……and i remembered why i dont visit much anymore :(

    an article i read yesterday on NN had a link to cohn man over at SI…so i checked out ( first time ive checked on the lame cohn man sense PD made the wise decision to can him)……..and its the same ol BS…..with one major exception- the posters over there dont kiss up to him or accept his BS AT ALL!!!!! it was great! they were hammering him for his opinionated nonsense click bait, pot stirring idiocy!!!!!!! i loved it!

  15. as for JG…..the guys a stud! The hate wont go away for 2 reasons- the media’s dislike for the 49ers and the fact that a large portion of our fan base are flat out “whiners”……as in…the “40 whiners”……as our fan base is known as around the country! in reality…..they are the portion of fair weather fans that disappear when things arent going well……show up when we are good……but complain and point the finger if we dont WIN the super bowl! those fans can piss off anyway!
    also, most ppl are “haters” at heart anyway……and they cant stand the guy because hes handsome and rich! its pretty sad…..humans… a species…..but hey…..thats the way it is! just look around, society today:(
    After months of crunching the numbers…..its impossible to dispute JG had a good season……so the narrative going around now is that JG has reached his peak and wont get any better!!!!! LMFAO!!! ya just cant make this stuff up!!

  16. I can think of about 3 or so Ints that went right through or off WRs hands. If he had those back, the guys TD to INT ration looks really good. His wr’s need to do a better job of holding onto a ball that hits them in the hands.

  17. DJ Reed hurt his pec? I guess this will allow DeMarcus Acy to have a better shot at making the 53.
    Matt Breida mentioned that the Niner and Dolphin running back situation is similar, so he should fit right in. Maybe they are similar, but the Niner O line is light years better than the Dolphin O line. Sure, they will have stiff competition, but he will find it a lot harder to run in Miami than SF. I wish him well, and hope he gains 100 yards, when he plays against the Pats.
    The NFL wants fans to sign a waiver to not sue if they get Covid 19. What, this is not a Trump rally!
    Hmmm, what could possibly go wrong? Still have not heard who contracted Covid 19. Guess it was a starter, and hope the Niners are more open and transparent, instead of covering things up. Are all the Niner skill players in quarantine? It must be really serious to have a news blackout over this problem.

    1. The NFL wants fans to sign a waiver to not sue if they get Covid 19. What, this is not a Trump rally!

      Asking for a waiver is a smart legal precaution, and I suspect that they may become standard for attending sporting events in the short term, and possibly in the long term as well.

      Hmmm, what could possibly go wrong? Still have not heard who contracted Covid 19. Guess it was a starter, and hope the Niners are more open and transparent, instead of covering things up. Are all the Niner skill players in quarantine? It must be really serious to have a news blackout over this problem.

      California law (The California’s Confidentiality of Medical Information Act (CMIA)) prohibits CA employers from revealing an employee’s private medical information without the employee’s authorization. So absent authorization to release medical information (such as injury information to the NFL), a CA NFL team could not identify players who have tested positive for COVID19.

      1. The whole idea that we can have thousands congregating and cheering in close proximity, just seems self defeating, if they are truly serious about fighting this pandemic. If it is so dangerous, this is like walking blindfolded on the freeway. I will respectfully say that this is not a smart legal strategy, because possibly endangering the public is not a smart medical strategy. This is a CYA strategy, which may backfire spectacularly. If they think it is so dangerous, fans will be forced to sign a waiver, it is too dangerous to have fans attend games.
        This occurred in Tennessee, not California. How can they possibly do any contact tracing if they hide the names of those who are infected? Assume the whole roster is infected?
        I thought the NFL did not like teams hiding injuries and medical problems from other teams, to give that team an advantage over other teams. Hiding results will not make the problem go away, and may actually exacerbate the problem. That employee who is hiding his condition, is not helping fight this pandemic, and may help spread the Virus. That player should be open and forthright, and warn others of his condition, so people can avoid any contact with him, or his handlers/ supporters/ care providers. Von Miller acknowledged he was Covid 19 positive, self isolated, and used his condition to warn of the dangers of Covid 19. That was the responsible way to deal with his condition.
        I wonder what will happen when a team flies to another state and has a positive Covid 19 result. Will they have to quarantine the whole team that flew with the infected player? They are not thinking this through carefully.
        Elderly coaches should not risk their lives over a game. Football is not essential, even though some act like it is. I love football, but not enough to endanger the lives of others. This pandemic has changed everything, except our way of thinking.
        Of course, maybe the best strategy is to hope for a miracle, and expect it to magically disappear. ;p

  18. I will respectfully say that this is not a smart legal strategy, because possibly endangering the public is not a smart medical strategy. This is a CYA strategy, which may backfire spectacularly. If they think it is so dangerous, fans will be forced to sign a waiver, it is too dangerous to have fans attend games.

    The NFL is not in the business of keeping people safe. They are in the business of providing football. If people want to come watch the game, that is their choice. As such, it is indeed smart legal strategy to require a waiver. And of course it is CYA, because such smart legal strategy is CYA by nature. You may find it morally objectionable (and I find it ethically questionable), but that has nothing to do with legal strategy.

    This occurred in Tennessee, not California. How can they possibly do any contact tracing if they hide the names of those who are infected? Assume the whole roster is infected?

    It does not matter where it allegedly happened as the employer/employee relationship falls under CA law.

    As for tracing, it is up to the individual, not the individual’s employer, to contact the appropriate state or county health organization. In CA, an employer could only inform the appropriate agency that someone had tested positive. Further, when tracing, health departments do not reveal who has contracted COVID19 for privacy reasons. They notify people that they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive and give the location where the contact occurred.

    I thought the NFL did not like teams hiding injuries and medical problems from other teams, to give that team an advantage over other teams.

    The teams must report injuries/illnesses that could impact a player’s performance when official activities (camps, games, etc.) are ongoing. At the current time, this is not an issue as no official NFL activities are taking place. Further, under CA law even notifying the NFL of injuries requires authorization from the employee (which all players give). If the existing authorization does not include releasing private medical information not required to be provided to the NFL, then the team could not do so absent a specific authorization.

    I wonder what will happen when a team flies to another state and has a positive Covid 19 result. Will they have to quarantine the whole team that flew with the infected player? They are not thinking this through carefully.

    Possibly, yes. It depends on the laws of that state. In some states, quarantines can only be imposed by court order. In others, it can be done through an administrative process. So, as is often the case with the law, the answer is “it depends””

    Elderly coaches should not risk their lives over a game.

    If the NFL decides to go forward with the season, all NFL and team employees will have to decide whether they want to risk exposure or not. If they do not want to take the risk, they can quit. That may seem callous, but the NFL has no legal obligation to ensure that either its own employees or the team employees are free from the risk of contracting an infectious disease (absent negligent, reckless, or intentional exposure that would be directly under the NFL’s control)

    1. Jpn,
      To your last statement, that is true unless the P.A. included a clause covering that in their contract.

      1. Old Coach,

        Do you mean by “P.A.” the player’s association? They have no contractual relationship with the NFL other than the CBA, and even then such a clause does not exist. On the individual player basis, the NFL does not contract with the players. The contracts are between the players and the teams, and the standard contract language required by the CBA does not create an obligation for the teams to protect the players from infectious diseases. And other than compensation, teams and players cannot include terms not found in the standard contract language.

        However, I can imagine a situation in which a team could be held liable for negligently exposing a player, but that is not a contract matter but a tort law matter. It is much more difficult to imagine a situation in which the NFL would be the proximate (legal) cause in a negligent exposure case.

        1. If you were referring to coaches, they have individual contracts with their teams. Those are not standardized, but I cannot imagine an infectious disease clause in any of them. Infectious disease is outside the purview of the contract. And if there was such a clause, I could not imagine it being enforceable absent a showing of at least negligence, and there would not need to be a clause establishing an obligation if negligence is found.

          1. I am not a attorney or an expert on labor negotiations but I bet in the next contract for all of the major sports the players associations will all attempt to include a clause covering working conditions and pay protection during a pandemic. imho

  19. Possibly, yes. It depends on the laws of that state. In some states, quarantines can only be imposed by court order. In others, it can be done through an administrative process. So, as is often the case with the law, the answer is “it depends”

    JPN, what you are indicating is the possibility that some of the games might be cancelled by the state, not the NFL.
    I don’t think this falls under the “act of God” doctrine. What recourse do the fans have in terms of getting their money back for games (services) not performed?
    What if the whole season gets cancelled for the public, do you get your money back?

    1. Dee,

      If a quarantine were imposed on a team, the teams/the NFL would have to cancel the game, but it would not be a state action to cancel the game. The state action would merely make the game impossible. However, there may be other ways to handle the situation that mitigate against public exposure (no other guests at team hotel, use of private air travel, use of private travel to and from stadium, etc.), so we do not know whether involuntary quarantine would be imposed in a given state even if a team member tests positive.

      As for the so-called ‘act of god’ issue, force majeure events can extend beyond acts of nature to any acts outside the control of the parties that frustrates the intent of the parties. Depending on the terms of the ticketing agreement and how force majeure may be interpreted in a specific jurisdiction, we could see ticket refunds for games cancelled for COVID19 related reasons.

  20. FedEx has called for the Washington football team to change their racist name.
    Snyder says it would cost too much to change their team logos.
    One simple solution would be to rename them the Washington Warriors. They could then use the same old logo, and stop perpetuating a racist stereotype, mentioning the color of their skin.
    It is racist to define people by their skin color, and it is racist to resist changing the name. Snyder needs to evolve, and stop insulting Native Americans.

    1. What native Americans? The so called Native Indians used the ice bridge to settle North America, they migrated, immigrated, and were commonly called nomadic travelers. The Bible and DNA trace all humans from the same general area in Africa. Now if you want to claim that the Indians were here first, well then you would be right.

      1. So what you are saying is one group of people exists just to be supplanted by the next group of incoming people? Then what’s all this noise I hear about “European (white) culture” and “American (white) tradition “ being supplanted by immigrants?

        A lot of countries/regions are calling their native population “first peoples”. Does that meek your nomenclature?

        1. Rib, nope, what I am saying is North America like the rest of the world was settled and all mankind can be traced to the same place in Africa. That’s all I said.

          Noise, I didn’t hear anything.

            1. As sea level has varied over the span of hominin migration from Africa (starting about 1.5 to 1 million years ago for pre-human hominins and around 100 – 75,000 kya for anatomically modern H. sapiens), some areas of what are now ocean floor were above sea level during that time. Most of the hominin migration to what are now the islands of Southeast Asia and to Australia would have been accomplish via these “land bridges” (an odd name that only makes sense from our view, not from the time when those so-called bridges were merely land). In the case of Australia, when the Islands of Southeast Asia were one solid landmass, there were a plethora of closely spaced islands between the then larger land mass of Australia and the Southeast Asia landmass. The last time this existed was in the 75 – 50 kya range, and within that is the timeframe (around 55kya) when it is likely that anatomically modern H. sapiens migrated to Australia. They would have been descended from populations of anatomically modern H. sapiens who had lived in Asia and Southeast Asia for generations but whose anatomically modern H. sapiens ancestors had migrated from Africa. It is best to understand this as a slow, gradual migration from Africa over tens of millennia. At least, that is the mainstream analysis.

              In the late 80’s and the 90s, a professor of Physical Anthropology named Wolpoff (he is out of Michigan, if I recall correctly) proposed what he named the candelabra hypothesis (also called synonymisation). He contended that anatomically modern H. sapiens did not evolve in Africa and spread, but rather evolved concurrently throughout the range of pre-sapien hominins through parallel evolution and gene flow. DNA has pretty much shown that the candelabra hypothesis is less plausible than the out of Africa hypothesis, but there are still some adherents who support the analysis that anatomically modern H. sapiens in Asia, Southeast Asia, and Australia arose from H. erectus concurrently but separately from anatomically modern H. sapiens in Africa from H. ergaster. If that were the case, then anatomically modern H. sapiens who came to Australia would have been descendants of the Asian populations of H. erectus that concurrently evolved into anatomically modern H. sapiens with those in Africa (and maybe Europe, if you support the H. hiedelbergensis to anatomically modern H. sapiens in Europe hypothesis). But it is important to note that modern genetic research has much greater support for the out of Africa hypothesis for the ancestors of modern humans than the any of the concurrent evolution hypothesis.

              And yeah, that has nothing to do with law (the main non-football topic I will ramble on about). But my undergrad degree is a dual major in English and Anthropology, my M.A. is in Linguistics (and I studied the evolution of language), and I took several graduate courses in paleoanthropology (study of human origins) before I settled on law school after my M.A. Had paleoanthropology been a more practical choice than the law, I would be somewhere in Africa or Europe digging up the fossils of our distant ancestors right now. I probably made the right choice. ;-)

              1. Thanks JPN, for diving into the evolution conspiracy! My comment of course was tongue in cheek but does challenge the notion that we all came from Africa. Ex Nihilo.
                Even though there has been speculation about the migration from Asia to Australia, even some say Africa to Australia, there seems to be less dispute about Aboriginal Civilization being the oldest one on earth.
                My brother in law who is an Anthropologist and has lived with Aborigines for many years, is convinced that it is the other way around. The Denisovans came after the Aborigines, not the other way around. When Australia turned into a cauldron, the migration followed.

              2. My brother in law who is an Anthropologist and has lived with Aborigines for many years, is convinced that it is the other way around. The Denisovans came after the Aborigines, not the other way around. When Australia turned into a cauldron, the migration followed.

                Some synonymisation hypotheses postulate similar connections. One problem with those is the lack of archeological data from Australia prior to the 55kya time period. Also, modern genetics point to all modern populations having common anatomically modern H. sapiens ancestors from Africa. However, I am not so certain these disprove synonymisation. I try to keep in mind the maxim that “the absence of evidence is not evidence for an absence” and that gene flow (interbreeding) could account for modern genetic data. But absent a time machine, the “truth” will always be beyond our grasp, and we will have to settle for the best explanations given the data available.

                And I will try to make this my last post on this subject. I never would have imagined discussing Paleoanthropology on this (or any other) football blog, and I doubt the vast majority of the other commentators are having as much fun as I am. ;-)

              3. I try to keep in mind the maxim that “the absence of evidence is not evidence for an absence”

                My Favorite Quote!
                Which leads me to the The million-year-theory of evolution.
                The millions-year-theory is used as a cure all for things we don’t know or understand.
                There is evidence of evolutionary steps, but there seems to be a huge leap of faith in the million-years-theory for everything in between.

                One problem with those is the lack of archeological data

                NO ONE has ever been able to present a credible evolutionary line for H.Sapiens. Using evolution as a solution, creates the Ex Nihilo factor as a logical source of origin.
                That’s were it gets tricky and ‘scientists came up with the The million-year-believe system…
                JPN, I’m having fun as do others it seems like!

              4. Sure TP, but I was hoping that a Neanderthal like you could enlighten us more on the subject….

              5. It could be racist if you consider yourself a Denisovan or even Heidelbergensis…

              6. You should be banned. I should pull a Seb/Niner Poe/ Dee Pee and write the PD and cry and whine about how you are such a bloviating bully racist!

          1. Well, the migrations of humans were affected by the ice ages. Due to the ice sheets, the sea level dropped so the Mediterranean sea dried up. In Alaska, the Aleutian Islands would have become a penninsula for Denisovans to traverse while the latest ice age occurred. Sea going along the coast would have allowed for faster travel than trudging over land.
            Micronesia would have had a lot more land exposed, so island hopping and sea travel could have brought people to South America. New Zealand may have been a sub continent where humans could have traveled from during the ice ages. There may have been waves of early humans spreading out into new areas, punctuated by ice ages.
            Of course, many would say that Adam and Eve started it all, but I consider Lucy as one of the original mothers of human evolution, emerging from Africa, yet she was a distinctly different species from Homo Sapiens. Denisovans, emerging from a cave in Siberia, may have been the progenitor of the modern human species.
            Modern humans may have been in North America for eons, but when the ice sheet covered most of the Great Lakes region, no humans could live there. Only after the ice sheets retreated, did it allow humans and other animals to inhabit areas like Elkhart Indiana.
            Those Native Americans did have genes from Africa, but after millenia, they became the indigenous population, with Denisovan roots.
            No matter what, calling a Native American population ‘Redskins’ , is a pejorative word, not a term of endearment. There is documented proof that the White European invaders committed many acts of genocide against the Native American population. Amherst, Bouquet and Trent gave smallpox infected blankets to the Indians. Wounded Knee is a black mark on American history.
            Calling them Warriors would be perfectly fine, because that term denotes fighters, as in the Golden State Warriors.

            1. Those Native Americans did have genes from Africa, but after millenia, they became the indigenous population, with Denisovan roots.

              Denisovan as a classification is supported by a small number of fragmentary fossils but a whole bunch of DNA evidence in some populations of modern humans. But Denisovan populations may or may not have given rise to anatomically modern H. sapiens in Asia. Many paleoanthropologists see Denisovans as a variant species, like H. neandertalensis that occupied Asia prior to the spread of anatomically modern H. sapiens, which displaced (and mixed with) the Denisovan populations much as anatomically modern H. sapiens displaced (or mixed with) Neanderthals in Europe and the Middle East. Other support the analysis that H. denisova and H. neandertalensis were not separate species but rather subspecies of archaic H. sapiens that were absorbed into anatomically modern H. sapiens populations.

              1. You are correct, but we need more fossil evidence to make these lineages more precise.
                Unfortunately, many ice age inhabitations are now under water, that may have given more information.
                Just speculating, without any hard evidence, I believe that the fish diet around the coasts may have provided an abundant food source, and could have helped their brains evolve. That would aid in cranial development, which could have lead to a more structured social environment.

          2. A huge HUGE number of people take the Bible’s Book of Genesis human origin story at face value (“the unerring word of God”). Why shouldn’t we give first peoples origin stories the same deference?

            Noise? A guy named “robber” was openly lamenting that very thing on this very site.

        2. Don’t think “native” means “been there forever”. Neither does “aboriginal.” No one says Natives have been here since the beginning, with any more legitimacy than the myth that Romulus and Remus founded Rome!

          1. Don’t think “native” means “been there forever”. Neither does “aboriginal.”

            The designation of flora, fuana, and folks as “native” or “aboriginal” follows from the Eurocentric world-view that goes hand-in-hand with the age of European exploration. It does not mean that an organism arose in a particular place but rather that said organism was found in that place when European explorers stumbled out into the wider world and decided to name it all how they saw fit (and largely ignored the reality of the situation). Thus, while in a technical sense UC is correct, that revisionist use of “native” above stands in marked contrast to its use in European exploration and science for over 500 years. It is a matter of polysemy (the reality that all ‘words’ have layers meanings, many contextual), not accuracy.

            1. It is also worth noting that in Canada, the term used used by the government is “First Nations” (as well as “First Peoples”, from what I understand), and here in the U.S., “First Peoples” is starting to pick of steam among academics as a term for the folks whose ancestors lived in North America before European exploration. Of course, it is no better or worse than many other terms, and like all the others used widely, has the problem of imposing a name on said peoples. Most people whose ancestors lived here before European exploration would prefer to be called by their own name for themselves, but in the lower 48 of the U.S.A., the preferred collective name by the majority of the people in questions is “American Indian”, and some even feel that “Native American” is just another name imposed on them by those of European descent. Here is a fun and informative video that explains it well:

              CGP Grey, ‘Indian’ or ‘Native American’?,

      2. A small point — Beringia is not an ice bridge. The Bering Sea is relatively shallow, and during periods of heavy glaciation, the current sea-floor between what is now the eastern-most part of Siberia and the western-most part of Alaska is land. People not only “crossed” that land (which is how the migration is often conceptualized), they lived in it. Similar to the migration of humans throughout Southeast Asia and Australia that I mentioned below, the migration to the Americas was not a bunch of people crossing a bridge and spreading out. It was generations and generations of people settling, expanding, settling, expaning, and so on and so on. And some of it was likely accomplished by boat down the west coasts of the American continents. There is even a modicum of evidence that may support sea migration prior to 15-13kya, which is the main period of expansion of people throughout the Americas.

        and were commonly called nomadic travelers

        And I am not quite sure from whence you got this. Most of the North American Paleoindian archeology indicates established settlements of logistical hunter-gatherers with new settlement locations spreading as populations grew. This is true on both sides of Beringia, and throughout the Americas save in the Great Plains, where a nomadic lifestyle makes sense. Indeed, most nomadic peoples, in contrast with logistical hunter-gatherers, who move from specific location to specific location at different times of the year, live in areas whose geology is quite similar to the Great Plains.

        Now, there are some later instances of shorter, more purposeful migrations, such as the Dine (Navajo) migrating from western Canada to the American Southwest. But that was because the areas through which they travelled were already peopled, and the Southwest offered them land they could annex from less formidable foes than the plains tribes. But generally, what is often presented as a bunch of people travelling from Asia to the Americas masks the ‘glacial’ pace of peopling a large landmass.

        1. JPN
          Much current reading I’ve done speaks to the kelp highway as a route and means of substantial migrations. I would guess if I kayaked from Beringa to California I would’ve gotten here faster than by walking. More direct route as well.
          Other theories propose that a smaller segment of migrants may have crossed by sea via the South Pacific Gyre to the Peruvian coast and a haplogroup radiated from there.
          An interesting parallel to the Beringa & Alberta land route is this seems to be the route that Elk used to migrate from Siberia to the US Rockies, and subsequently to the Sierra Nevada and west coast, providing a food source for these migrants.

        2. It is interesting to note that if humans traveled and settled a mile a year, they could traverse from Portugal to Korea in about 10,000 years. Genghis Khan and his son Ogedei went from Mongolia to the walls of Vienna within about 50 years. That was about 7000 miles. His DNA may be found in 30 million people.
          Modern human remains have been found in Morocco that date back 300,000 years. A modern human skull was found with a Neanderthal skull that dated back 210,000 years in Greece.
          This means that modern humans have been found during the time when the earth had 3 ice ages.
          Coupled that with sea travel, anatomically modern humans had spread from Africa to around the world, in a relatively short geological time.
          While I decry the genocide of the indigenous American tribes, they, too may have committed genocide against earlier inhabitants. The Anasazi Indians who lived in the 4 corners area of the US, built cave dwellings. Many think that was to stop wild animals, but the wildest animal of all were marauding newcomers. While on an expedition as a teenager, who went with a UCD paleobotanist to the 4 corners area. I discovered a hidden shelter near a spring. After I left, they decided to excavate it, and found ash layers that showed that site was occupied for thousands of years. One archaeologist said he found a site on top of a mesa that could only be used as a defensive position, and those cliffside dwellings would have also been good means for defense, but probably fell due to a lack of a good water source. Genocide, while being abhorrent, seems to be a constant in human history.
          The Clovis culture may have been even older. The Olmecs were an ancient Meso American culture that disappeared after leaving large stone sculptures. More research and new findings need to be done in order to explain how they flourished, then disappeared.
          The Kennewick man is a good case study on how Native local tribes may have valid claims, but also may be wrong at times. The local Indians claimed the Kennewick man, but further study showed that he was related more towards the Ainu of Japan.
          The Candelabra Theory sounds plausible. Lower, less evolved forms may have been settled into homogeneous communities, but one traveler, with his own homozygous DNA, may have combined with another homozygous individual, to produce a heterozygous offspring with hybrid vigor. That person may have allowed the cranial expansion needed to evolve, and eventually replace all of the other offshoots. That one individual may have been ‘Eve’, the mother of the modern human, but we will never know her, because the fossil record has been wiped out by the ice ages.

      1. Team owner Dan Snyder said in statement: “This process allows the team to take into account not only the proud tradition and history of the franchise but also input from our alumni, the organization, sponsors, the National Football League and the local community it is proud to represent on and off the field.”


        Team owner Dan Snyder said in statement: “This process allows the team to take into account input from our sponsors.”

        Money talks, everything else walks.

    1. This just in:

      The Washington Redskins have changed their name to the Washington Skinheads, effective immediately. #AboutTime #Hail


    1. DC Comics is a better name/description for that woeful entity. Probably wouldn’t make it past legal though.

    1. Washington Generals is most appropriate, although visiting teams will wonder what’s with that catchy walk-on music, and why do they always let them win?

    1. This November, the Silent Majority vote will speak louder than a social justice warrior’s childish rant over a megaphone 📣 👶🏽

      1. Silent Majority

        If you are talking about Nixon’s bunch, they scattered after he resigned in disgrace. If you are talking about the Trumpers, they are hardly that. More like the very noisy minority. And thank God Trump needs to feel their approval, thus turning off the actual majority in disgust.

        1. He’s talking about those cowards who don’t go by the name their fathers gave them.

          Do you know anyone like that, “Ribico”… ??!?

        2. You’d piss and bitch no matter which nest you were born into–but never spend your energy in making it better. Just profanity, as you have done sooo many times in the past.

  21. Remember when “have a safe and sane 4th” used to be an admonition against blowing off your fingers with fireworks?

  22. Happy 4th of July. Our Founding Fathers (and Mothers) were visionaries, but also very brave.
    America has always been great, and with more justice and freedom, will become even greater.
    Some day, we will all live up to our pledge- With Liberty and Justice for ALL.
    Please stay safe. Sanity is optional. ;p

    1. Brave? = Slaughtering and enslaving native populations?
      America has always been great? = before the colonists arrived you mean???
      With Liberty and Justice for ALL? = what’s your time frame….
      Sanity is optional??? = for you?

      1. The revolutionary colonists were very brave to rebel against a powerful king. During the Revolutionary War, the British had Washington on the run, who desperately was trying to preserve his fighting force. Only a series of mistakes allowed the Continental Army to survive, and blind luck, too. It was only once the French provided supplies and soldiers, while negating the British sea power, did the tides of war change.
        The native North American Indians were victims of genocide, but they did not help their cause by attacking and massacring settlers. Unfortunately, organized resistance was futile, once the Native populations were decimated by disease. Also, many Indians were aligned with the British, so when they lost, the victors wrote the history.
        Liberty and justice for all. I have been stating that phrase for years, and most every other American who recites that pledge. It will take time, but the wheels of justice turn slowly, but at least they go forward, until recently, when they seem to be turning backward.
        Sanity is optional for everybody, who seem to go crazy during the 4th of July. Last night, even with no city sponsored fireworks, it sounded like a war zone at times. Fireworks during the time when the vegetation is dry, just does not seem very sane, to me. I also stayed home with my family and did not socially gather, which seemed boring, but during this pandemic, seemed very sane to me. BTW, some of the noise came from gunfire, so tell me if you think indiscriminately firing a gun in the air is a very sane thing to do.

        1. tell me if you think indiscriminately firing a gun in the air is a very sane thing to do.

          Well, uh, you know, someone said that ‘Sanity is optional”, so I would expect that kind of behavior in your neighborhood…

        2. The native North American Indians were victims of genocide, but they did not help their cause by attacking and massacring settlers.

          WOW seb. Is this your catfish writing this kind of contradictory contraption?
          If you are a victim of genocide and land theft, you should not defend yourself seems to be your motto.
          I guess you’re supporting the Israeli annexation too!

          1. History is replete with stories about conquest and defeat. Israel, being at the apex of 3 continents, had a history of nations overrunning and assimilating the populace. Assyrians, Judeans, Babylonians, Egyptians, Persians, Byzantine, Crusaders, Ottomans. Which populace has more claim on Israel? One of the 44 invading armies to have captured Jerusalem? Personally, I think there should be a Jewish state, while also allowing the Palestinians to have self determination. With foresight and leadership, it can be done.
            While I decry genocide, it is still here, and was last seen in the Balkans and Rwanda recently. Now, I would put China in that category, with their treatment of the Uighurs.
            Those Indian massacres were the reason for many horrendous atrocities in retaliation. The actions of a few misguided individuals allowed the US to break treaties and promote hegemony, as the Manifest Destiny, that led to the Trail of Tears and Wounded Knee.

            1. Which populace has more claim on Israel?

              Well apparently according to Jared only the jews can claim their heritage. Eviction, Destuction and Annexation does not make for good neighbors.

              With foresight and leadership, it can be done.

              I think it’s too late for that now that the Scump in the WH has given the green light to more annexation. It will take a major uprising like we see now with BLM to set things on the right track.

              While I decry genocide

              Do you decry the slow choking of a population by impoverishing them through control of food, supplies and medicine and at the same time taking away their homeland?

              Those Indian massacres were the reason for many horrendous atrocities in retaliation.

              Those Indian actions were in retaliation for many horrendous atrocities by the settlers who took what was not given.
              Same thing going on in Israel/Palestine. Do you know who were the first terrorists in that British territory in the 40’s?
              Moshe Dyan and David Ben-Gurion!

              1. While the Jewish people deserve a homeland, the Palestinians deserve a homeland, too.
                While not getting too involved in the intricacies of state building, I think there should be a whole new Mideast peace accord. A whole new Nation of israel could be drawn up, totally rejecting the boundaries that were arbitrarily drawn up by the Sykes/Picot accord.
                Essentially, the Nation of Israel could be drawn up along Biblical times, with Jerusalem in the middle. Then, radiating out, there could be individual states, starting with a state of Phoenicia at the top, then going clockwise, a State of Aram/Damascus, a State of Ammon/ Jordan, a State of Caanan, a State of Moab, a State of Philistine, a State of Edom and a State of Judah. 8 states configured like slices of pie, all attached to Jerusalem in the middle. How each State’s line could be drawn up would have to be done by consensus, with a goal of religious harmony and a brokered peace, respecting all rights.
                If Jimmy Carter can broker a Mideast Peace, Joe Biden could do the same. Bush destabilized the whole region, now is the time for nation building. Additionally, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt need to cede part of their nations to help give Israel a defensible border, and the rest of Syria and Iraq should join together to build a new nation of Babylon, covering the Fertile Crescent, with sea access from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf.
                Sure, it will be hard to do, and may be painful to all, but the alternative may be the inevitable descent into Nuclear Armageddon.

              2. Who started it? The conundrum of the chicken or the egg.
                Of course, the Europeans were the invaders, but many times, they came with peaceful intent, and there are many instances of the Indigenous population helping the colonizers.
                However, many times, while the Indians resented the Newcomers, they also craved their guns and goods. Firewater did not help. The Natives also were not too savvy. They sold Manhattan for 24 dollars worth of goods.
                While I am not saying the retaliatory raids were not warranted, both sides were complicit, but the results always gave the Indians the raw deal. Of course, Presidents like Andrew Jackson hyped the Indian atrocities, and never mentioned the White man atrocities.
                I have stated that Genocide did occur against the Natives, and it is well documented. California had 300,000 Indians before the advent of the Missionaries. Disease seriously weakened the population, but the Gold Rush was the nail in their coffin.

              3. Moshe Dayan an David Ben Gurion were labeled terrorists, but so was George Washington.
                However, since they were the victors, they got to write the history, and now, they were Freedom Fighters who are touted as the Fathers of their country.

              4. While the Jewish people deserve a homeland, the Palestinians deserve a homeland, too.
                While not getting too involved in the intricacies of state building, I think there should be a whole new Mideast peace accord. A whole new Nation of israel could be drawn up, totally rejecting the boundaries that were arbitrarily drawn up by the Sykes/Picot accord.

                Agreed. There should be continuous, defensible borders for both sides like any normal country.
                Of course this will happen eventually, but not in our life time.

              5. The Natives also were not too savvy. They sold Manhattan for 24 dollars worth of goods.

                Actually, they were savvier than the white man, who thinks they can OWN something, not realizing that it owns them….

              6. Come back to check in and see the babbling buffoon still in peak form.
                What the Fck happened to my blog!!!!!!!

        3. Fact is Sebs, a lot of spirit and faith was involved with that victory. Reality typically follows in the path of one’s beliefs.

          You knew this, as I believe you know a good deal of history–you simply, purposely chose to ignore this.
          I will also note for you the pissers and bitchers of this Republic, while constantly pissing and bitching about the imperfections of this Nation of human beings, will not tell us all how we should improve—nor share with us about any faults in their human lives. They just like to point out others.

          1. The spirit cannot be denied, but faith was secondary. Religion played a big role in governments before the Revolutionary War, but the revolutionaries did not want the church unduly influencing the new American government. Read the Constitution.
            ‘Reality typically follows in the path of one’s beliefs’. I wonder if the Indigenous Americans would agree with that statement. Their path was a trail of tears.
            I am not perfect, just like you.
            However, I try to live my life by the golden rule. I treat others as I would hope they would treat me.
            Maybe you did not know this, but I have posted many times how the Niners can improve. I have also posted how Biden can win, but you may not want to read that. I have tried hard to keep to sports, but in these trying times, politics and sports collide. Thankfully, Kaep has been proven right, and real change will result. I could wax eloquent on police reforms, but you would probably choose to ignore this.
            I am for equality and social justice, and when I pledge allegiance to the flag, it always ends with- Liberty and Justice for all. I believe in liberty and justice for all. Do you?

            1. I am for equality and social justice, and when I pledge allegiance to the flag, it always ends with- Liberty and Justice for all. I believe in liberty and justice for ALL. Do you?

              I do!
              I hope all victims from Conman Scump will get their justice soon!

    2. Dee:
      Please. As bad as many parts of our history are, and as cringeworthy as so many things here that we used to admire seem to our modern eyes, the US is still more inclusive than most countries. Fact is, people all over the world suck. Spend a month or two in any country in Europe or indeed probably anywhere in the world, outside the big World Cities I mean, and you’ll find small-minded ethno-centrist or explicitly racist populations. Jimbo and Edna from Smallvillle, USA are paragons of inclusivity in comparison. My Asian wife would not be OK living in my parents’ home villages in Eastern Europe, that’s for sure.

      I’m saying this as one who has spent many weeks and months over the years in many countries all over Europe.

      So on the 4th of July at least, cut us a break and be proud that, as flawed as we are, we’re still the greatest country in the world!

      1. Chet, I too have lived in Europe for 20 years. As a matter of fact I have lived on 5 different continents so far but can only speak/converse in 5 languages. I agree that there are great people everywhere as there are people that suck everywhere (even in this microcosm-blog). People are very inclusive on the surface here in America, but as the last few months have shown that goes to potty when you ask them to wear a mask….
        Chet, I don’t have to try to improve other countries, only the one I live in.
        Most people will say that they live in the greatest country in the world.
        The US has the potential to be that for ALL their citizens!

  23. Happy 4th of July!
    Great day for fireworks and Lee Greenwood singing in the background.
    God bless America, and may He heal our country.

    1. Or a not so great day for a demagogue attacking half the country in partisan laden speeches. On this holiest of American days. Can’t wait for a President who’s President of all Americans.

    2. Sorry, his deserves a response.
      ‘American heroes defeated the Nazis, dethroned the fascists, toppled the communists, saved American Values, upheld American principles and chased down the terrorists to the very ends of the earth.’
      American heroes? Then why did he denigrate John McCain, a true American hero? Bone spurs are not heroic. Defeated the Nazis? But he called Nazis -‘very fine people’. Dethroned the fascists? No, he is coddling fascist dictators like in Saudi Arabia, Turkey Hungary, Phillipines, Brazil and North Korea. Toppled communists? He is too busy kissing Putin and Xi’s rear end to do that. Saved American Values? Not when he puts children in cages. Upheld American principles, by shredding the Constitution?
      Thankfully, he did unwittingly give Obama praise because Obama went to the ends of the earth to take down the biggest terrorist, Bin Laden.
      Heal the country? He can’t even deal with a pandemic properly. This stable genius thinks that injecting chlorox will cure Covid 19, and thinks it will magically go away, after killing over 150,000 Americans, and counting. He wants to stop testing, because the numbers make him look bad, when it is his own incompetency that it making him look clueless and diffident. Too bad he is ignoring his base, and expects the elderly and immuno-compromised people will still vote for him, when they are dead.
      That speech set a new low in this Presidency. It was obscene to see him use sacred Souix lands for a photo op. What was even more deliciously ironic, was to see Trump supporters telling the Native American Indian protesters to go back home.

      1. . Too bad he is ignoring his base

        Disagree there. His re-election campaign consists only in attempting to frighten his base, aged and otherwise, more of protesters and scary black people than coronavirus. He’s doing nothing but playing to his base, it’s all he has going for him.

        1. With friends like him, who needs enemies? Generally, the elderly population votes Republican. Elder veterans, especially. It is a travesty to hear of all the deaths in veterans homes.
          Maybe they should have requisitioned cruise ships, and put the infected on board, so the healthy residents could avoid contact. Right now, those cruise ships are sitting idle.
          That is a segment of his base that is being thrown under the bus by Trump. He is indifferent to their suffering, and the survivors will remember on November 3rd.

      2. He is a Republican. Everything he does and says is owned by all Republicans who are not publicly opposing him. A vote for any Republican not publicly opposing Trump is a vote for Trump.

          1. As will I–just to piss off Gavin Newsome………Jane Fonda…………Hollywood……….

            I await the tirade from “the good ones”, to me- “one of the bad ones”.

            1. We “snowflakes” have no more fcks to give over you cultists and your stupidity. You want to talk about “cancel culture “? By the the time the rest of us are done this impeached POS won’t have his name on as much as an outhouse.

          2. As much as I disagree with Razor on Trump, he’s not being hypocritical or cynical about it. It’s the Lindsay Grahams of this world that make me sick. If you sincerely like what he has to say, I respect that: just as I respect believers of all faiths having the right to believe what they believe. It’s only when a belief intrudes on my rights (to justice, to fair taxation, to clean air, etc.) that I will object. And that’s why we vote!

      3. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Seb–and Bosa and that draft sucked-remember your saying that?
        This draft looks to be productive, too—and ain’t nuthin you can do about it!
        Go 9ers, and down with the fake 9er fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. No, I did not say Bosa sucked at all, just that he might be injury prone due to his past history.
          When they did draft Bosa, I said that I would abide by their decision and root for Bosa’s success.
          Revisionist takes are lame, especially the delusional ones.
          Guess what? In my last mock draft, I predicted they would take Kinlaw, so there is nothing I could do about that, too. I am also rooting for his success, like any true, die hard Faithful 49er fan would do. However, when they traded back, and still managed to get the player they targeted, I felt like they read my 10 point plan, and implemented it. In that plan, I also said that they should bundle picks to move up to get the player they coveted. All in all, I was very happy with this past draft.
          Now, if only they can manage to have a season…….

  24. If they end up canceling the up coming season, are their teams who will receive more of an advantage than others? Are there teams for who it will be a bigger disadvantage than others? I believe it will be a larger disadvantage for those teams near the top. The window is only open for a while. I believe it would be a big advantage for teams like the Cardinals. Another year to get better.

    1. There’s literally no way in hell the NFL will cancel it’s season. We’ll get all 16 regular season games, and 2 playoff wins capped off by a 6th Lombardi!

    2. Razor pointed out earlier that the 9ers and Chiefs have the single biggest objective benefit: they’re the teams who played the most games last season and therefore need the rest most.

      Besides that, it seems like you could argue anything both ways. E.g. miss a window with your veterans, or extend veterans’ careers by giving them a year to heal up? Spend a year building up talent in training camps, or miss out on real action to build up your talent?

    3. OC, I think it will largely come down to how not having a season would impact contract status (i.e. would player contracts accrue the season or would contracts effectively be extended a year) and salary cap.

      In general I agree the teams that are ready to compete this year are the ones worst impacted for the reason you outline. But if the contracts don’t accrue a year (which I highly doubt would be palatable and potentially illegal) and salary cap not too badly impacted, then those teams that are ready now would still be ready (for the most part) in 2021 plus have an additional draft intake. Only issue would be player age and retirement.

      Realistically contracts will accrue a year, and salary cap will likely be impacted, so those teams that are loaded now and have guys coming off contract/ coming up for big extensions will likely be hit the worst. So very bad for the 49ers.

  25. Seb,
    I agree it will be very bad for all fans and teams but it will be especially bad for our 9ers. I am begining to believe that the best they are going to do is approx a 8 game season with full playoffs but I believe it is only 50/50 that we will have a season that will get through the SB and even less of a chance we will see college ball. Lets just all root for a vaccine by Nov. imho

    1. The fact that they think that 70 to 80 players may be the maximum they can allow in camp, and that they might not allow 11 vs 11 practicing, just shows how much they NFL fears for the season.
      Look at basketball. They plan on having all the playoff teams congregate in one location, in order to eliminate flying from city to city. With 15 players per squad, that may be feasible. Too bad they may be congregating in a Covid 19 hot spot.
      Football, with its 53 man squads, is a logistical nightmare.
      I sure hope they can find a vaccine, too, but it may be too late to save this season.

      1. Seb,
        What the NFL and the NCAA can do if a vaccine arrives by say Nov. Is hold a single elimination tournament starting Nov. 15. you could hold a SB game after 4 weeks of games with 2 weeks between the last 2 rounds it would take a total of 7 weeks and be done by the end of the first week of Jan. The NCAA could hold a single elimination tournament for the power 5 conferences that might take a couple of weeks longer than the NFL as well as a tournament for the non power 5 conferences. Its just an idea if we get to Nov. without any games being played and we have a vaccine. Its not perfect by any means but it is certainly better than nothing.

    2. No way do I want the Niners as champions of an asterisk season. Razor, I’m quoting your favorite fox personality, that drunken judge Pirro, “shut it down”.

  26. The teams that will most likely suffer are the Bucs, Steelers, Saints and Colts. They all have aging QBs, who probably will not improve if they are forced to wait.
    The Niners will not fare well due to all of the FAs possibly leaving. However, if the Niners continue to get to the SB, they may retain players hungry for a ring. Like with Arik Armstead, they got a home discount because he wanted to stay.

  27. Grant made it to the Bleacher Report. He postulates that the Niners are over paying Jimmy Garoppolo, and that a QB by committee may be the best way to go. he still thinks that Nick Mullens could easily replace JG.
    For Grant’s sake, I have a little advice. He should employ a proof reader, because his article would carry more weight if he knew how to spell ‘Garoippolo’s’ name.

    1. ‘Garoippolo’ is another committee member. 😂😜

      FFS is he still on that? I’ll take all the politics and catfish on this site over Grants hackery any day.

      1. Grant is claiming that JG is too expensive, but he has bad timing. Mahomes just blew his theory out of the water.

      1. In 1990, Joe Montana signed the richest contract in NFL history, for 13 mil. Even adjusted for inflation, that’s only $25.48 mil.
        My, how times have changed.

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