You pick the free agents the 49ers should sign

The San Francisco 49ers mascot runs onto the field during player introductions before the NFL Pro Bowl football game against the AFC Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019, in Orlando, Fla. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

Today, you will be the expert.

Each of you will list five free agents the 49ers should pursue, rank them and explain why each would be a smart addition. I’m sitting this one out. The floor is yours.

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    1. i’ll start at the top….a lot of great comments but everybody missed one point….i don’t trust lynch as a gm…. he reminds me exactly of matt millien…great player, good tv guy…LOUSY GM….i don’t trust him to make good decisions..he hasn’t made many to date.

        1. that’s not very many in relation to the number of players out there. don’t count jimmy g…that was an accident.

  1. Sign Trent Brown back he is a heck of a dude to have on the offensive line. We traded him for a second rounder and then we just snag him as a free agent, that would be a heck of a move. We gotta give Jimmy G protection.

    1. How can we be sure that Brown won’t show up to OTA’s out of shape like he’s done before. We need him to be in shape by the start of OTA’s if he’s going to be apart of the 49ers

      1. This week, he referred to the “bullcrap” said about him while he was in San Francisco.

        “I just feel like me coming here with all the bullcrap that’s been said about me and my name has been slandered, me coming here and shattering all those bad things that have been said about me, I think that’s helped me out a lot,” Brown said, via Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area.

        The 49ers traded Brown to the Patriots after drafting offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey with the ninth overall draft pick. Whispers about his lack of film study and preparation followed him out the door.

        “That was the word of mouth or whatever,” Brown said. “Even before I got drafted, people said I don’t work hard. I’m just a quiet guy. I’m not a rah-rah guy. I show up to work. I’m not here to make friends or anything like that. I’m doing the same thing here that I’ve been doing. I feel like if it’s good enough for this type of organization, it should be good enough anywhere.”

        Brown admits not spending much time studying opponents.

        “I feel like I don’t need to watch film,” he said. “I play my game and use the techniques my coaches teach me and be able to work on daily. And people have to come play Trent Brown.”

        1. Irregardless, I heard it from the horses mouth. When OTA’s started in 16 and 17 the coaches said Brown was out of shape and it took weeks to get him into shape. If he’s not willing to pay the price and work his tail off, I don’t want him on our team. Being a quiet, private person who doesn’t want to make friends has nothing to do with packing on the pounds a and laying about in the off-season. And all that talk about not wanting to make friends means he didn’t buy into Shannahan’s motto and game plan, which is why he was traded

  2. I think we should prioritize signing Anthony Bar first then Maybe flowers from patriots and then a wide receiver that is capable of being a true number one receiver

    1. Maybe go after earl thomas we need some help with our young guns in the secondary the maybe poke a Lawrence and see how much he wants my bet way too much

  3. 1) FS Earl Thomas – Best System Guy and Player
    2) DE Trey Flowers – Elite Athlete and Pass rusher
    3) K.J Wright – another playmaker we need
    4) K Robbie Gould – dugh
    5) CB Steven Nelson

  4. 1. Robbie Gould
    2. Earl Thomas
    3. DE Trey Flowers (If he is not tagged by the Patriots)
    4. K.J. Wright
    5. Shaquil Barrett
    6. Chris Conley

    1. I think the main focus should be a legit DT to help anchor Buckner. In my opinion, Lynch should target Grady Jarrett above all others. Grady can play on the end or on the interior. After that, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Niners go after Landon Collins or Earl Thomas. I also am holding out hope that Lynch can get a couple of picks or even a defensive stud from Jacksonville for Mullins. Jax needs a QB and maybe they will play ball if they dont need to use their 7th overall pick on a QB. Plus Mullins comes in at dirt cheap with one year on his contract. Which means there isnt enough tape on him or the stats to warrent big money in his next ccontract for 2020. Jax can get a legit starter for almost nothing. But the Niners can use picks or a Defensive stud

  5. Not sure we have as much cap space as everyone thinks. This discussion has to start with an assessment of exactly how much Jed and Paraag say we can spend and which of our current contracts we want to extend. Our last year’s FAs (especially the one’s that got hurt) took a fairly big bite out of our large cap last year. This is the elephant in the room for all who muse out loud here about who we sign, and IMHO it is where the 49ers are repeatedly failing every year. You don’t just make a big wish list and make a choice here and there. It is complicated and their are many moving parts. The teams that win are good at it and the teams that aren’t are led by the 49ers year after year. There is more than just evaluating the obvious needs and reviewing player evaluations. When it comes to drafting, we had one of the best talent evaluators in the game. But he drank too much beer. We can struggle to keep Aldon Smith and Rueben Foster but can’t tolerate a guy who drinks too much beer. (Even though there was never any public report on the negative ramifications of drinking too much beer. We’re left to wonder if he just had bad breath). No, that same talent evaluator had two run ins behind the scenes with a GM who said he had to go. During the Civil War, when told that General U.S. Grant was drinking heavily he replied: “If I knew what brand he used, I’d send every general a barrel”. The 49ers problem has been and still is in their organizational chart somewhere. You need to find teams that have overcome the problem and learn from them, not hire neophytes and retreads, while wishing and hoping, like they do now. Everyone is convinced that JG will be a franchise QB and McKinnon will star in Kyle’s genius system. Those two broke and, objectively speaking, with a lot of wishing and hoping and not a lot of evidence that they were worth it. I hope I’m wrong but we’ll see.

      1. They’ve been massively under the cap for years. I’m not sure I buy it when they say “Jed will allow us to spend whatever we need.” There’s no evidence that suggests this is accurate.

    1. SM graduated to Vodka out of a Gatorade bottle.
      Should have tried gin, less easier to detect. I knew an alcoholic who said that was his strategy.

  6. 1. DeMarcus Lawrence- (if the cowboys don’t franchise tag him) A true powerhouse at the DE position and can be a dominant Leo for us. Although I know it’s very unlikely

    2. Earl Thomas- Still a top 3 safety and the staple point of the single high 4-3 under defense. Can still fly sideline to sideline and deliver the PBU or Big hit

    3. CJ Mosley- could be a dominant sideline to sideline linebacker next to Fred Warner. Great leader in the locker room

    4. Anthony Barr- could be a dominant rusher and seal the edge as a Sam linebacker. Probably will be Cheap and a good locker room presence

    5. Jadeveon Clowney- If we can’t get DLaw (which is most likely) I feel Clowney can dominate the Leo position. In the pass and run game.

  7. Dee Ford and/or Flowers
    Earl Thomas or Adrian Amos or perhaps even Lamarcus Joyner or even Kareem Jackson
    Ronald Darby or Bryce Callahan
    Golden Tate
    Roger Saffold
    Robbie Gould
    Bradley Pinion but get FA to push him

  8. WR . Antonio Brown- a big time playmaker. Go get him. He is a great player just trade for him and we will be a playoff contender.
    Demarcus Lawrence a pass rusher.

    Just trade the #2 overall pick to the steelers.

        1. Hope they do not do this! Besides, I believe that’s the floor on AB not the ceiling. Giving up any picks this year would be stupid unless they get a game changer (and that’s doubtful).

          You know I don’t put too much faith in the internal organization but I don’t think they are this stupid.

    1. Antonio Brown does not make this team a playoff contender. They have no pass rush at all, and they can’t stop other teams from scoring despite spending three high first round picks on DL in recent years. Also, their TO margin was the worst in the league.

      An old wide receiver who throws hissy fits with his QB does nothing to address those things.

      1. Antonio Brown, he’s a play maker. 49ers need pass rusher. Also need a bigtime play maker WR. At least they will be able to put up points. If they D not that good. Need to focus on both sides of the ball. They need help all around. Can’t pass up on a play maker WR like Antoine Brown.

  9. Flowers, Clowney, Lawrence and Mosley won’t hit the market. So we should: resign Gould, Thomas and Wright. Then WR Williams from Chargers.

  10. 1. Jadeveon Clowney – Excellent motor. Gets consistent pressure. Definitely a team guy who does his job.
    2. LeVeon Bell – Excellent fit for Shanahan’s offense and he’s durable.
    3. Matt Paradis – Richburg should be bumped to guard where he can compete. Paradis is a better center. Really tired of watching Richburg get pushed back into the QB’s face on every play.
    4. Kareem Jackson – Not a sexy pickup but the guy is consistent and he’s better than any CB currently on the 49er roster.
    5. Tyrell Williams – 49ers need a playmaker at the position Garcon plays and I think he’d be a good fit in Shanahan’s scheme.

        1. Houston, I agree with Clowney, Paradis, and most of all, Tyrell Williams. T Williams is more explosive than folks give him credit for. I’m not sure how well he runs routes so if he checks that box with Shanahan I think we bring him in.

          Kareem Jackson would give depth. Bell, only at the right price.

  11. 1.) Earl Thomas- Injuries are a bit of a concern, but I think he would change that secondary completely. And I think pairing him with Marcell Harris would be a nasty duo (yes I think Harris is the best safety on the roster). Plus he seems to hate the Seahawks now.
    2.) Dante Fowler- Lawrence, Ford, Clowney won’t hit the market. Fowler is a cheaper option. Knows the system and is coming into his own.
    3.) Anthony Barr- Underrated player whose potential hasn’t been met, partially due to the way he’s been deployed in Minnesota.
    4.) Tyrell Williams- AB isn’t coming to SF. T. Williams is 6’4” and has great speed. He fits the system and more importantly the need.
    5.) Robbie Gould- I shouldn’t need to explain this.

    Adding those players and drafting Josh Allen would re shape this team. It’s not likely they get all of them, but hey, look at what the Bears did last year.
    I left off players like Mosley and the above listed Edge defenders, because I don’t see them getting to free agency.

    1. Thomas, old and injured.
      Why would Fowler leave a SB team and another chance for a ring? He will take less to stay.
      Barr has potential, but also is under performing. Sounds like he disappears at times in games.
      Josh Allen padded his stats against lesser talent, and was afraid to participate in the Senior bowl because it might hurt his draft stock.
      Interesting to see you ignore O line or DBs, 2 areas of need.

      1. Seb,
        Maybe my eyes are going, but did Nick Bosa play in the Senior Bowl?I
        Let’s at least be fair in assessing the players that choose to sit out non-meaning games.

        I would estimate that 90% of the Senior Bowl participants were there to improve their draft status.
        Bosa and J.Allen are top ten shoo-ins.

        1. I sure hope Bosa will participate in every category, and not cherry pick. The very fact that some do not run every drill just means to me that he is weak in that skill. Bosa is a junior, so he was not allowed to play in the Senior Bowl.
          With the focus on QBs, and the need to protect them, some edge rushers will move past 10. Bosa may even fall out of the top spot.

      2. Why would Fowler leave a SB team and another chance for a ring? He will take less to stay.

        Because nfl players basically have 2 contracts where they can make big money?

        Josh Allen padded his stats against lesser talent, and was afraid to participate in the Senior bowl because it might hurt his draft stock.

        Huh? Yeah the SEC is a total cake walk and it’s not like he recoded a sack in all but 3 games oh wait…
        As to the senior bowl if you’re a top 5 pick why risk injury? McCaffery wouldn’t even play in a bowl game.

        1. Fowler went from the Jags to the Rams. He knows what it means to be on a losing team. He knows he has only a small window to compete for a ring.
          Josh Allen against Georgia did not impress me. NFL linemen may eat him up.
          Yes McCaffrey started a trend, but that does not mean I have to like it. If there are legitimate injury concerns, I get it, but they are bailing on their programs, and we see better games when all the players are playing. College coaches like JH, in the future, are going to get affirmations on playing in Bowl games, before he recruits that player.

      3. Seb,
        Interesting you ignored what I said about Thomas. I mentioned injury being a concern, but he’s only 29 (30 when the season starts) and would still be a major upgrade.
        I didn’t ignore O-ine. We got 5 FA’s to add. You took the luxury of adding 8. Learn the rules.
        The Rams won’t have the money to keep Fowler. Why would he accept less to stay in LA? Do you know him personally? He’ll go where he gets paid. I think the 9ers should pay him.
        Allen didn’t pad his stats against bad teams. That’s just simply false. Try again. I don’t think he’s perfect, but Bosa will be gone and Allen has freakish athleticism.

        I get that your upset with me because I called out your inability to count, but please try to stay on script.

        1. Thomas, like Grant and others say, is too old and injured, and should not be the one to build the foundation with. You also cannot guarantee that he will have the exact same speed as when he was totally healthy.
          I included 8 because I am thinking that not all will be available. Some will be retained, or sign elsewhere.
          That is why I had 2 Player to re-sign- Gould and Mostert, and 2 edge rushers- Flowers and Ansah.
          I hope they sign 2 grizzled, battle hardened WRs, too. More competition is better, and there are 2 chances of paying off, instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.
          BTW, for legends, rules are not applicable. ;p

  12. 1. Earl Thomas, FS
    (Best single high free safety available and knows the system)

    2. Robbie Gould, K
    (Top ranked kicker and likes the team)

    3. C.J. Mosley, ILB
    (Will probably get resigned but Baltimore has cap issues so he might sneak through(

    4. Mike Person, OG
    (Nice depth piece, knows system)

    5. Elijah Lee, ILB
    (For depth)

  13. Id start with Robbie Gould, resign Defo because we want OUR guys and other free agents to know when they show out they get paid. Make a hard run @ Lawrence but probably settle on Fowler or someone thats a step above Cassius Marsh but maybe a step below top tiered ERer. Bring in a vet corner to increase competition (morris claiborne) and then its a split for me between either a FA WR or LB, both of which I feel like could be gotten in the draft without overpaying.

  14. Curtis Pierce likes
    FS Earl Thomas- he’s still one of the best wants to be respected and paid, regarding his injury Sherman recovered from a torn Achilles was and is doing well.
    WR Antonio Brown- is one of the best receivers in the country he helped make the Steelers good why is it when you say how you feel expressing yourself people call you a diva. He wants to be appreciated and feel like the coaches and fans value him, the quarterback does not deserve ALL the credit. I would love to see him in red and gold.
    DE- DeMarcus Lawrence is awesome even though I can’t stand Dallas, he is a true powerhouse. Will he be expensive yes is he worth it YES.
    Robbie Gould- I think this is a no brainer, he’s one of the best we’ve ever had.
    C.J Mosley- He is very good, has experience and a welcome addition to Fred Warner I think.

  15. 1. Earl Thomas- self explainitory the mold of a single high safety who can still play at a high level and brings experience that our secondary still lacks at arguably the teams biggest need… With Thomas we would of won 3-4 games alone this last season…
    2. Shaq Barrett- still young very quick off the edge could be a great addition to plug in at SAM and help bolster the pass rush
    3. CJ Moseley- Thumper you could add at MIKE or WILL with Warner and we’d instantly have one of the better LB duos in the league by adding him
    4. Brandon Graham- very solid LEO who can rush the passer well and defend in the run game as well couldn’t go wrong adding him at a much needed position to again add to our lack of pass rush
    5. Landon Collins- and hear me out here I like Tartt as a player WHEN he’s on the field but that’s his problem staying healthy and Collins is a pro bowl caliber SS who can hit and cover… trade tartt for pick/s and get an upgrade at the position
    Honorable mention-
    Kevin White- still young… a forgotten receiver who had tons of talent coming out a few years ago who I think could benefit from a change of scenery and Shanahan’s system
    Jermaine Kearse- would come cheap and he’s a pretty solid receiving option that I think could be a target we go after
    Demarcus Lawrence- would be a no brainer and would of easily been in my top 5 had I thought he had a slight chance to get to FA which I don’t think he does Dallas almost assuredly tags him
    Dee Ford- still young only one great year of production this year in a contract year I like him but could fade away after a big contract
    Ziggy Ansah- familiar with Martin Mayhew and new offensive line coach Chris Kurecek* so I could definitely see some interest there and wouldn’t be a bad option to add as a LEO for upgraded pass rush
    Tevin Coleman- I personally think this is a long shot after giving McKinnon a big contract just last off-season but if you feel like he may not come back 100% then again the familiarity with Shanahan previously playing for him in Atlanata could be a draw for both sides but I really like the idea of McKinnon and Brieda together assuming McKinnon can come back 100% healthy
    Could go on but people are probably tired of reading now lol

  16. Cb Jason verrett, d. Lawrence Wright Dante Moncrieflike the idea of Trent Brown too, use him as a guard till Staley retires, then plug him in at left tackle. I’d also bring
    armstead back I likejosh Allen Kentucky with the second pick

  17. 1. CB – B.W. Webb or Bryce Callahan: Niners had 5 defensive backs finish on the IR. The secondary is also a young squad with an average age of 24. So, they need a veteran presence on the opposite side of Sherman. Callahan would be a steal at 5-7 mil per year, if he comes back from a late season football injury, like nothing happened. B.W. Webb was severely underpaid at 800k. CHI & NYG have some things to workout financially, so Webb & Callahan could be seen as outgoing players.
    2. OLB – Anthony Barr: Barr – A dominant edge rusher every season, he would line up perfectly next to a cast that included Fred Warner & Elijah Lee. San Francisco has a former UCLA teammate of his (Cassius Marsh), who is a reflection of Barr, just not as lethal. Marsh also comes off the books next season, so look for a big commitment from SF to upgrade the LB core. Vikings also have some financial concerns, so this is a player that will be leaving as well.
    3. DT – Darius Philon or Grady Jarrett – DeForest Buckner was the highlight of a defensive that is also young. 13 of 37 sacks San Francisco had were by Buckner. At 25, both players made less than a $1mil this past season, yet both, showed the playmaking ability of elite interior lineman. Grady Jarrett is anticipated to make $10mil+ with Atlanta, who have said he is a priority to them, however a bidding war could break out since he is a UFA. Philon on the other hand could come at a cheaper price since most overlooked his playmaking skills being on a loaded defensive front for the Chargers.

  18. #1 Trey Flowers Edge – Only 25 years old. Solid edge rusher that wont likely require a blockbuster deal to sign. Also allows the team to use their first pick or two on another position.

    #2 Adrian Amos SS – Another young free agent, also only 25, he’s only missed 4 games in 4 seasons while putting up nearly 70 tackles a year. Would be nice if it was 0 missed games but compared to what were used to 4 is pretty great.

    #3 Frank Clark Edge – If we miss out on Flowers, Clark would be the consolation prize, if he makes it to FA.

    #4 Tyrell Williams WR – When he’s the focus of the offense Williams is as good as any top receiver in the league. Even when he’s not he’s still better then most if not all of the ones currently on the team. Would be the first true X receiver the team has had in a long time.

    #5 Tre Boston – Quietly flying under the radar as one of the better free safeties in the league, Boston wont be a first week signing and would still be a huge upgrade at the position.

    None of the players above are over 26.

    Bonus signing – Rodger Saffold – Sure he’s 31 but we’d only sign him for a two year deal that would really be two one year deals. We need big help at G. I believe we need to sign Saffold to start for the first half+ of this next year AND draft one of the top guards.

      1. I’m not trying to be a downer on your comment Jack, but I have absolutely no idea how you classify Coffee’s list as not sexy. He has one pass rusher in Clark that would be a top candidate to break the bank on but will most likely be tagged, another pass rusher that will probably be chased after by other teams hard if the Patriots choose to let him walk because he will be one of the top options on the free agent market, and a WR that is will most likely be overpaid more based on potential rather than overall production. So yeah, there are some sexy options in Coffee’s list.

        1. I thought your list was similar to mine. Didn’t think of Boston but agree with Scooter and your assessment. I picked Tate because of productivity (and position) but Williams could work also.

    1. I’d sign Flowers, Williams and Boston and then even if I had to give away #2 I’d trade back to the 6-9 range and draft DeAndre Baker.

      Between Flowers, Boston and Baker our pass rush would essentially be “fixed.” Might not be top of the league in sacks but we’ll be average at the very least which would be a considerable upgrade at this point.

      What Williams doesn’t bring himself in production he’ll provide by opening up more targets for other receivers.

      Th cherry on top of this plan would be if they managed to dump Arik Armstead at the same time.

    2. With these signings you listed, they could trade back from #2 and draft Devin White, ILB, LSU or take Quinnen Williams, DT, (3-Tech.) and drop/trade Sheldon Day, DT.

  19. I think that the Niners free agency period will significantly mold their coming draft strategy. If they can get a solid FA edge rusher they would then have the flexibility in the draft to go multiple directions and entertain possibly a nice trade down package. This defense has a lot of soft spots beyond their primary need at the edge. Without that FA edge, they are pretty much locked down going that direction in the draft.

    I like Earl Thomas for his play as much as I like him for his locker room presence and mentoring the young DBs. Robbie Gould should be a priority as well. I like the Bears punter as an option too – his ability to pin teams inside the 20 is sorely missing with Pinnion. C.J Mosley would be a great add as well.

  20. Sorry to burst everyones bubble but the this guy isn’t going to spend all that money because he doesn’t care that much about the team if it was his uncle he cared more about the team and winning.

  21. I love Earl Thomas as a player but something just doesn’t feel right about having Sherman and Thomas on our secondary,if we were successful we’d never here the end of it from Seattle

  22. 1 Golden Tate
    2 Randall Cobb
    3 Earl Thomas- him and Richard Sherman creates L.O.B. 2.0
    4 Jamie Collins *if he is released by the Browns
    5 DeMarcus Lawrence – if the Cowboys don’t resign
    6 trade for Antonio Brown
    7 Rade back to #8 and draft Kyler Murray then hold him for a kings ransom
    8 or play it safe and draft greedy Williams

  23. 1. E. Thomas FS
    2. Roger Saffold RG
    3. CJ Mosley, LB
    4. Ronald Darby CB
    5. Anthony Bar Sam/Edge
    (This assumes a Gould deal gets done before free agency begins)

  24. 1. Gould- No Brainer
    2. Frank Clark-Three straight seasons with 50-plus pressures and only 25 years old.
    3. LaMarcus Joyner- So so last season but a a missile Safety, Top tackler
    4. Rodger Saffold- third-best run-blocking grade among all Guards in 2018, enough said.
    5. Golden Tate-would thrive in Shanahan’s system with Garopollo at the helm.

  25. 1) Robbie Gould. Not going to get any better and a great locker room guy.
    2) CJ Mosley. Need a mentor/really good player next to Warner.
    3) Dante Fowler. Versatile play maker on defense. Gives them options if they miss out on Bosa.
    4)Earl Thomas. The secondary was over-hyped going into the season and it showed. I don’t understand the love for Tartt.
    5) Ronald Darby. Proven commodity opposite Sherman.

  26. Resign:

    1) Robbie Gould – Don’t make the mistake Chicago did. Don’t be cheap.
    2) Elijah Lee – Cap hit is just about 500k and he knows the system.
    3) Mike Person – Knows the system and will be good depth & also versatile (Center and Guard)

    Most of the elite names will either be Franchise Tagged or won’t want to come here. So here are some lesser known and more realistic options:

    1) Preston Smith – OLB/Rusher
    2) Jared cook – TE He is old but reliable and made Derek Carr look good. Should be a good diversion behind Kittle
    3) Either Za’Darius Smith or Terrell Suggs. Ravens cannot keep both. Suggs is older, but definitely better than Cassius Marsh
    4) Bradley Roby – CB Because of the connection to the new DB coach

  27. It’s Simple based on players true availablity.

    Number one focus sign
    DE Demarcus Lawrence from Dallas

    Second sign
    LB CJ Mosley

    Third sign
    WR Golden Tate

    Fourth trade Eric Armstead for a late third or early fourth round pick.

    Resign R. Gould and resign our key building pieces to long term contracts.

    Draft Bosa or Allen with first pick.
    Draft a Corner with the early second round pick
    Draft a Big Body WR who slips into the early
    Draft another Corner or Safety with the Late third we got for Armstead.
    Draft a raw athletic Tackle that needs to be polished by some good coaching with the 4th.

  28. 1). CB Ronald Darby- 49ers need someone to start opposite Sherman. The young CBS on the roster need sometime to learn how to play CB in the NFL.
    2). Ha Ha Clinton Dix- FS has beena issue for a while. Not a superstar but a solid player that averages three interceptions a year.
    3). Robbie Gould- Best 49ers player last year and all I have to say is Chicago Bears.
    4). Golden Tate- 49ers need a true #1 WR while Tate isn’t a true #1 he’s very very productive.
    5). Denzel Perryman- The LB everyone wanted the 49ers to draft in 2015. Solid LB that could start alongside Warner to form a strong 1-2 punch.

  29. Robbie Gold. Duh.
    Earl Thomas. Superior safety. Worth taking a risk.
    CJ Mosley. Bundle of concertina wire.
    Dee Ford. Solid and savvy.
    Tyrell Willams. Size, age, shows increasing production.

  30. 1. Earl Thomas: Experienced single high safety that immediately upgrades the secondary and provides a template for Colbert or draft pick to follow;

    2. Barr (vikes) or Littleton (rams) experienced vet linebacker in their prime to add to the defence and who can provide leadership to Warner and Lee or draft pick to follow (here’s looking at you Josh Allen);

    3. Tyrell Williams WR Chargers size, speed and age on his side to replace Garcon who won’t / shouldn’t be retained. Williams has the chance to push for the no.1 WR position and allows Pettis, Goodwin to play match ups and move around the field. Bourne and Taylor or James to round out the WR grouping allowing the Niners to not take a WR early in the draft or spend big draft capital on AB84 (using first three picks on edge, corner and OL);

    4. Maxx Williams TE Baltimore. 6.4 and 255 lb TE who has size, decent hands, can block and only turns 25 in April. Would give the Niners a decent no.2 TE and some depth. An injury to Kittle in 2019 and/or Juice would cause a massive impact to the offence in the same way that losing McKinnon was and some insurance is needed because Celek may be out of time. He is thought to be more of a blocker than receiver but he has value in the run game and potential in the pass/play action game/red zone

    5. Robbie Gould: Clutch and SF’s WPMOY nominee.

  31. Sign Robbie Gould. Everybody else has slowly declined in the play they give. You guys are running out of time. The organization needs a corner back a edge rusher a safety and a wide receiver. But sign players like 6-2 you guys think the little guy 5-10 can get the job done that’s not always the case. You need some firepower.

  32. 1) Tyrell Williams WR
    2) Dante Moncrief WR
    Now we are talking WR as a strength of the team with all fast (Pettis, Goodwin, Bourne, James) and now some red-zone height. Add Andy Isabella (for the slot maybe) in draft if he falls to 3rd or 4th round. This group including TE, RBs, and FB would make the KC Chiefs offensive skill positions (except QB) look average. How would a defense be able to stop any combination of them?

    3) Demarcus Lawrence, Jadeveon Clowney, or Trey Flowers (then draft Josh Allen)
    – or –
    Frank Clark or Dee Ford (then draft Nick Bosa or trade back and draft Clelin Ferrell)

    4) Earl Thomas FS (only if completely healthy and has not lost any speed) or Adrian Amos
    5) C.J. Mosley LB

    Not including Robbie Gould as he should be signed before he ever becomes a free agent.

    Now the draft can concentrate on the best athletically, durable, smart, and nasty interior linemen and a complementary TE without deviation to make the offensive line another strength of the team.

  33. DE Brandon Graham – we need a proven commodity and he is one. He’s on the older side so he will not be as expensive as other DEs in their prime. He can hold the place while a younger player learns the ropes.
    DE Dante Fowler – this is all on potential and what we’ve seen from him this past season. He can be the young player that we build with for the future.
    Morris Claiborne from the Jets – he has the skill and measurable to start at CB2 from the get go. See if any of our younger CBs can unseat him.
    CJ Mosley – great player with a great motor that can upgrade our ILB corps.
    Anthony Barr – he can play the SAM and be a longtime quality starter. He could even rush the passer if need be.
    Earl Thomas – to find a single high free safety who can play centerfield is hard enough to find, when one of the best ever is a FA, we need to go for him.
    Robbie Gould – we rely a lot on the K so it’s in our best interest to sign him.
    Guard – I don’t of any particular, but I think upgrading from Tomlinson would help out the offense.

  34. 1. Juan Mata Excellent footwork and speed
    2. Juan Felipe Great tackler, can play in the middle
    3. Juan Soto Great arm, possible backup
    4. Juan Graterol Still young at 29
    5. Juan Foyth CB, and can play multiple defensive positions

    Bonus pick: Juan Jesus Can dominate the backfield plus it’s all in the last name

    Hey Seb, just got back from my annual golf junket to SoCal. How did my man Juan do in the Senior Bowl?


              1. He say Juan and Juan and Juan is three
                Got to be good looking
                ‘Cause he’s so hard to see.
                Come together, right now,
                Over me.

  35. #1 if available G Rodger Saffold. Gotta improve that o line. Consistant and experienced.
    #2 Earl Thomas. We have young talent but why not have the best to teach them? much like Sherm. Dont forget what a dominant seconday can do with an improved pass rush via the draft.
    #3 wr Tyrell Williams. The guy was under utilized with the chargers. He’s young, fast and wont break the bank. Plus i dont think we need to overspend. We have talent thats worty of development. Dont forget Goodwin performed pretty well in the #1 role in 2017. Pettis has a ton of upside. And Bourne showed some flashs. Hopefully Trent comes ba k strong and healthy also.
    Three free agents. The rest can be done in the draft.

    1. Daniel Rios

      I like Saffold at Guard; I REALLY like Tyree Williams at WR; I like your appreciation of Goodwin, Pettis, and Bourne….I think that BOTH of our kickers are Aces and we should keep them….

  36. 1.) NO NO NO on Earl Thomas, durability issues……period! Much like the same reason I didn’t want Garrapolo. As a priority I’d want a high round draft pic in this spot instead.

    2.) Clowney ….. so he didn’t evolve into JJ Watt 2.0 He is still a solid player with upside and is young. Even Charles Haley said alot of pass rushers don’t blossom till years 3-4. He’ll be an instant upgrade over what we have now, will not be a liability in the run game and the new scenery as well as scheme maybe beneficial.

    3.) Gould …. a must sign.

    4.) Please bring in whatever top offensive lineman we can nab, I’m tired of watching whomever is quarterbacking run for their life time and time again.

    5.) KJ Wright


  38. 1)earl Thomas best for system
    2) frank clark bows system and damn good pass rushers and won’t cost to much
    3)shaquil Barrett knows system from Denver
    4)c.j. Mosley solid ilb
    5)Dante Fowler jr. He’s a beast and young
    My top 5
    But if they cant get my top 5 then go with
    Safety-Tyrann Mathieu, Landon Collins,or trey Boston
    Edge- Lawrence ,Clowney, or Flowers would be dream picks but don’t think Niners will pay so it would be Brandon Graham ,Ziggy Ansah ,and dee order for experience
    D line -Grady Jarrett or wilkerson
    WR- golden tate would be a dream to get the great wr but again NINERS won’t spend money
    RB- Levon bell but won’t happen
    LB- C.j. Wright
    THIS my list of free agent just in case they don’t get my top 5

  39. All around off season Dream scenario:

    1. Draft Bosa or Josh Allen (unless we sign Demarcus Lawrence then draft top DB)
    2. Niners give up a 2nd for Antonio Brown
    3. Sign earl Thomas
    4. Sign 2-3 solid DB’s since we only have one
    5. Dump all our “glass players” Marquise “black power” Goodwin(✊🏾), Malcolm smith and jimmy ward
    6. Sign a good LB (or 2)
    7. Sign Tevin Coleman and let Jerick “3.8” (yard sale per carry) out of his contract
    8. FIRE!!! FFIRE!!!!! FFFFIRE!!!!! Robert saleh
    9. Re-Sign Robbie “Golden” Gould”
    10. Jed York steps down as ceo/owner
    Did I miss anything??

  40. 1. They need to add at least one decent starting edge player in FA. I suspect most of the big name guys won’t actually make it to FA, but there will still be plenty of good ones available. Flowers and Graham have been mentioned. Preston and Ze’Darius Smith are other, probably lower cost options.

    2. A starting FS. I think Thomas should be a priority signing but don’t believe he will sign for the 49ers. Tre Boston has been mentioned by others. He’d be a very good lower cost option. Tbh I hadn’t thought of him previously and he may be a smarter option than Thomas even if Thomas does want to join the 49ers.

    3. A starting ILB. CJ Moseley would be really nice. If not him, Jordan Hicks or Avery Williamson could be good options.

    4. A CB to compete for a starting spot. I don’t like the CB options in FA tbh. Given the 49ers have spent two 3rd round picks on CBs and paid Sherman, I expect they will be more looking to add to the competition rather than looking for a clear cut starter anyway. Eric Rowe could be a good pickup. Very versatile. Basically would replace Ward.

    5. An OG to compete for a starting spot. This could potentially just be easiest to re-sign Person. Levitre could be an alternative due to familiarity. I haven’t said a definite starter because ideally the team would draft an OL on day 2 as well.

    I haven’t included a WR. I don’t like the WRs in FA much. Williams is good, but I just think his best role is the same one Goodwin and Pettis play, so its just making someone redundant. The guy they need to replace is Garcon. I would use a day 2 draft pick for that.

    1. A 6th guy the 49ers should sign is Jesse James, TE. He can help as a RZ target, is a decent receiving TE option, and importantly is also a good blocker. Would be a nice upgrade over Celek.

        1. The TE class is so good I think a guy like James will come cheap. But he’s a good #2 TE. With limited draft picks the 49ers need to grab value where its available.

    2. I am leery about the team signing Boston. He has experienced three straight good years with three different teams, yet each team was willing to let him walk after each year.

      1. That’s pretty much the safety market though, isn’t it? These guys have been struggling to secure long term deals.

        1. Yes and no Scooter. There is more talent in the upcoming free agent market for the safeties than there was in 2017 and 2018.

  41. Assuming we get Josh Allen in the draft.

    1. CJ Mosely
    2. Dante Fowler
    3. Tyrell Williams
    4. Jesse James
    5. David Irving

    Get a FS in the second round and a OG in the Third.

  42. Edge rushers are like QB’s. If you don’t have one your probably gonna be bad. Dallas will make a way. Same goes for Clowney, Flowers and Ford. I think Tate will be expensive. With Taylor hopefully healthy, Humphries won’t be necessary.

    1. Robbie Gould- kicking is very important. See Chicago
    2. Frank Clark- solid edge rusher in the Brandon Grahm mold. Underrated
    3. Earl Thomas- he’s been banged up the last 2 yrs but still elite though
    4.Ronold Darby- he’s not the prototype for this system at 5’11” but he’s a baller
    5. Dontea Fowler- A cheaper option but he’s a speed rusher that’s needed.
    5B. Rodger Scaffold- he’s a upgrade to Person.

    1. CFB.
      A lot of mock sites now have Bosa going #2 to the 49ers because of Arizona’ new 4-3 scheme.

      Maybe Bosa is going to the combine to prove he is worthy of the number one pick.
      Wonder what the difference in monies is between the #1 and #2 picks?

  43. Sign cj mosley lb/ and bring back lee..back up./ fred warner
    I would also trade buckner for #1 pic to get bosa
    Trade ..thomas and eric a. to the raiders for the #3 pic../ get josh allen
    #2. Draft Quinnen Williams
    Move richard serman to free safety/ colber ss
    Round 3, (Pick 67) | Derrick Baity, CB, Kentucky/ A.Witherspoon
    K’Waun Williams..
    That looks like a defence to me..😁
    For the offence 2nd round draft wr..??
    Trade p.garcon. and malcolm smith ,late round pick , for Antonio brown
    Bring back mike person
    Bring back robbie gold/or
    Phil Dawson
    Try to get these rb..its a long shot..Le’Veon Bell,jay ajayi

  44. Here’s something different: If we could get enough solid edge rushers in free agency I’d like to get Antonio Brown and go after QB Dwayne Haskins in the draft. I don’t think Jimmy G can get the ball down the field to exploit the touchdown abilities of AB, Goodwin and Tyrell Williams. Haskins can, he has a great arm and touch and can be our Patrick Mahomes. We could if need be get 2 high first round picks by trading Jimmy G or Haskins to a needy team if Jimmy G shows he is the better QB. It’s a win win situation. Everyone wants to siphon off niner personnel even now. They will go ape s— over one of our great QBs trained by Shanahan.

  45. 1.. Do not overpay anyone that isint a game changer. WIth that said, Ford, Earl Thomas, D Lawrence, and Laveon are bonafide game changers. Of all those Thomas, especially after coming off of an injury should be the most affordable. The others won’t get away from their teams, and Bell will our price this team.So 1 is Earl thomas. Scheme fit and ball hawk safety that this team needs. 75 percent Thomas is better than all our safeties.

    #2 .. Ziggy Ansah. The guy can play when healthy. And playing under a smaller contract because he hadnt been consistent should float his boat. Could also help shore up the defensive end position.

    #3.. Rodger Saffold. This one might be to pricey but he should get a look. Would definitely help our run game, and did a decent job of protecting Goff!!! And he’s way better than person. Him and Tomlinson can do wonders.

    #4.. CJ Mosley.. 26 year old Perennial Pro Bowler that would shore up the middle and move Fred back to his normal position where he can make even more plays.

    #5… Robbie Gould!!! Enough said.


  46. If Clowney Dee Ford or Lawrence hit the market instantly sign them to the Leo spot
    Earl Thomas is nice but did anyone forget about Tyrann Matheiu
    Mosley would be a lovely addition but I don’t think he hits the market
    But instead take Roger Saffold off the rams o-line hinder them a bit and there goes your better protection for Jimmy
    Wait til kevon Harmon Dk metcalf or K’Neal harry falls to the second for a wideout because one of them will and I think it’s metcalf and hope nick bosa one the board at 2 spot pair with Ford clowney or Lawrence
    Look for another corner or linebacker in the third the upsides too sweet on those three tall recievers

    1. Miami joins NYG, Denver, and Jacksonville as QB needy teams in the draft. Depending if Jones or Lock goes first could open up at least one or more of the listed teams looking to jump to #2 to grab the other one.

      1. First of all, the chances a team moves up to #1 for one of these quarterbacks is about as good as Lloyd getting laid by Mary Swanson.

        Secondly, if it were to happen, there’s no way the 49ers trade down with Bosa staring them in the face.

  47. 1. Brandon Graham or Ziggy Ansah (veteran pass rushers that come from new D-Line coach Kris Kocurek’s dline scheme/philosophy [could help a rookie edge rusher develop faster from mentorship])
    2. Earl Thomas (the obvious must-sign… scheme friendly and a future HOF safety)
    3. Andy Levitre (a scheme friendly and dependable guard)
    4. Bradley Robey (Ex Broncos DC longtime DB coach Joe Woods knows how to utilize him well)
    5. Trade for ANTONIO BROWN (Do I really need to explain this?! I know it’s not technically a signing but the addition of AB would bring the Offense several steps forward)

  48. I am gonna say this I am a die hard niners fan since my birth in 81 my father was a died hard fan and 81 his team won him a title and god gave him a son me I would give almost anything reasonable to get my squad back to greatness underneath jed york we are suffering horribly he really doesn’t know what he is doing b4 his uncle step down Eddie debartlow we were a dynasty and very competitive team under york I seen systems the would have work but for some reason he keeps messing things up like letting go Harbaugh that was dum this guy had us playoff bound and in the superbowl after he left the team fell apart starting with Patrick Willis then into the Smith brothers gone during that year we had a chance to land peyton manning we should have pursued heavy we could have snatch him from Denver no use crying over spilled milk here is what I like to see
    We go after a better quarterback than Jimmy G he will be second string far as free agents I like to resign Pierre Garcon , Sherman Richard’s, Goodwin, brenda, mckinnon each to a one year deal let’s brang in Antonio brown we could of also had DeSean jackson I would love to have him in the slot receiver as well as Brown and draft a fresh wide receiver and running back with speed and hands we need some good impressive defensive coordinators build nine steel tough I like to get a couple of defensive players as well some CB’s,LB’s and defensive linemen I wish we could get Harbaugh back and Kyle be our head offensive coordinator Kyle reminds me of his father mike Shanahan when help us win he is very poise and driven very creative with offensive schemes and play calling but this my vision and what I would like to see

    To end this wish I could turn back time I blew my chance to become a superstar wide receiver for the 49ers but my teammate from high school made shout outside to Kwame harris

  49. Gould
    Dee Ford*
    Donte Fowler*
    Tyrell Williams

    Included six because the asterisk guys might not be available. But those are the ones the Niners need. Honestly if they don’t get Gould next season is already a wash, they can pay the guy whatever he wants.

    1. Yes, maybe Grant should have included the caveat- players who are likely to sign with the Niners.
      I agree Ford, Clowney and Fowler will most likely be retained.
      I stated that they should go after Ansah, but found out he is on top of the list of Free Agents with a 17 mil designation. With his injury history, he may be too big a risk at that number.

    2. For the value that Gould brings to this team, I have no problem making him one of the highest paid if not the highest paid kickers. Something like a 2 year deal valued at $8 million should get the job done.

  50. I suppose it’s about that time…

    Rams 33, Pats 29.

    Having said that, how twisted would it be if Brady exits the game early and Hoyer (Sebbie’s hot crush a while back) leads the Pats to a come-from-behind victory?

      1. C’mon Sebbie….you were over-the top ecstatic when Hoyer had that hot hand a couple of preseasons ago. Want to see the quote?

        How funny would it be if Hoyer saved the SB for the Pats…. You could claim some credibility if he did–you saw his greatness.

  51. Grant, thanks for doing this.
    Seems like the consensus pick is Gould. Fowler, Thomas, are close to consensus (of the guys who should be available to sign). Lawrence is a consensus for those who can only dream that he will be available.

    Though I think Tyrell Williams is the best fit, I’m throwing in one more name- John Brown. I think he was underutilized in the Ravens offense with an inexperienced thrower.

  52. Grant asked for 5 players the posters would want.
    I wish to propose targeting players the Niners would be competing for, and not ones that will most likely be retained.
    2 other parameters should be- No player over 28, and no players with a contract over 5 mil. I almost included players from playoff teams, but those playoff teams most likely will be at the cap, so they may consider those FA players to be expendable.
    I also think 5 players are not enough. With the gobs of cap money, the Niners could easily afford up to 10 Free Agents.
    So here is my list of obtainable Free Agents who could help the Niners.
    Kevin White WR. He may benefit from a new start and a blank slate.
    Tyrell Williams WR.
    Shaquil Barrett OLB.
    Manti Te’o ILB.
    Shane Ray OLB.
    Chance Warmack G.
    CJ Mosely ILB.
    Ha Ha Clinton- Dix S.
    Cameron Fleming T.
    Eric Reid S.
    Eric Rowe CB.
    Maxx Williams TE.
    Marcus Martin G.
    Travis Swanson C.
    Richard Rodgers TE.
    Donovan Smith T.
    Mario Edwards DE.
    Trey Flowers DE
    2 older players who the Niners should sign are-
    Robbie Gould K. If not Gould, Will Lutz.
    Frank Gore RB. If not Gore, TY Yeldon.
    20 players. Hope the Niners sign 10 of them.

    1. Why no players with a contract over $5 million? Lynch signed Garcon, Malcom Smith, Juszczyk, Richburg and Sherman to bigger deals than that.

  53. Buffalo Bills hired Ken Dorsey as QB coach. He could actually turn out to be a good coach, he always had a good head on his shoulders.

    There used to be a poster on here who really loved him and I can’t remember his name anymore. Would probably be before Grant took over.

    I just remember, other then him not being any good, that he would drive his old ass Honda Accord to practice everyday.

  54. I don’t trust this organization to sign what’s needed. They let every possible WR target from last year sign elsewhere. They made a absolute horrible decision on McKinnon. Now this year there are no quality feee agent WR’s. So the only thing they can do is try and build the best possible OL for Garrapollo.

  55. A few on this blog feel certain the NFL ‘fixes’ games. So with that being the case, what are the possible scenarios for tomorrow’s Super Bowl outcome?

    What would underpin a fix in favor of the Pats? In favor of the Rams?

    1. Someone will inevitably get close to TB and swipe some space next to him. He will be flagged, fined and possibly flogged.

      TB will throw an interception to Robey-Coleman and he will get hit helmet to helmet with no call (to make up for the NO game). Furthermore there will be defensive holding on the play (very questionable call) and the INT will be negated. RC will be fined for the hit and also thrown out of the game.

      Goff will literally be mauled throughout the game with nary a flag thrown. The most egregious one will be of a NE doing a Mike Tyson to Goff’s ear.

      To seal the deal there will be a field goal called wide that was actually good.

      1. I suppose the Tyson treatment will be administered in a dog pile where Goff’s helmet can be removed to get at the ear–out of camera shot. Of course, Goff will have to sit out a play because his helmet was off. Goff’s backup will fumble the snap (he was advised that morning by large goons to mishandle the ball). NE takes over and scores on the next play.

        Avatar fail….

        1. Like Madden used to say when broadcasting, Goff was hit so hard he was looking out his ear hole. Then the Tyson treatment will be fair game. After further review, there is no foul for biting ears.

  56. I have reviewed the RB’s for the 2019 NFL Draft.

    1. Damien Harris, Alabama
    2. Benny Snell Jr., Kentucky– Pass Protection – Highly effective. Diagnoses where pressure will come from, steps up and absorbs contact. Does well to square up rushers and anchor. Knows when to cut block and make sure rushers hands don’t clog up throwing lanes.
    3. Devin Singletary, FAU

    1. Tom,
      I like both players, but I prefer D.Harris because he gaves us a different dimension with size and strength.
      McKinnon and Breida already provide the small quick RB.
      Harris could be the thumper especially in the red zone. The only question with Harris is what rd does he get drafted in.

  57. Report: Dolphins to move on from Ryan Tannehill
    Does this change the race for a quarterback?
    By Patrick Holloway@PatOHolloway Feb 2, 2019, 8:03am PST

    Depending on the strength of the 49er Scouting Dept. I seriously consider trading back to 13 with the Dolphins……The 2019 NFL draft stories show luck plays a huge factor in draft destiny.

    The 49ers could recoup their disgruntled fan base as well as many premium prospects with one Bill Walsh 1986 type draft !!!

    First OSU’s, Dwayne Haskins declares, now Miami is moving on from Ryan Tannehill.

    1. Of course, a trade with Miami negates the Bosa pick at #2. But fans, keep in mind Shannahan finally got to pick his coaching staff when excellent defensiveline/pass rushing coaches served out their contracts and became available.

      Rashaan Gary , Mich, or Old Dominion’s, Oshane Ximinies would be available for coaching up.
      Gary is 50 Lbs heavier than Bosa, coached by Jim Harbaugh and would be a nightmare off the edge.

      Ximines looks as athletic as Bosa.

  58. Bosa was on KNBR, “I would be lucky to get picked by them. I mean, the roster for a team that’s picking number two is a really stacked roster. They had the injury at quarterback that obviously allowed them to get this high in the draft. So I think it would be cool, definitely, to go play for a team that is closer than most people think to being a contender.”

    On his injury, “much more severe than people realize,” and never felt back to his potential or in football shape until a few weeks ago.

    On which defense he prefers, “I can play in a 3-4 but prefer 4-3”.

    Maybe the Bosa’s are like the Manning’s and let’s the Cardinals know he won’t play for them. That would be epic!

    1. Perhaps Bosa should read through this blog carefully. He may change his mind once ‘the truth’ about the 9ers is revealed.

    2. I’m sure Bosa is waxing poetic and flattering possible new bosses. Even first picks say positive things about the team that is picking them even when that team stinks.

      1. At the risk of being negative, Bosa can look to the 49ers as a team where spending time on IR and collecting the big bucks is really not a big deal. I’ve never really understood what Dead Cap Space is. What would you call JG and McKinnon spending a year on rehab while having a lot of sweet pay checks? Bad luck or good luck depends on where your sitting.

    3. I’ve been thinking the same thing – hopefully in meetings with the Cards he makes it pretty clear he doesn’t want to play in a 3-4 so they don’t consider him. Tbh, I think Q Williams makes more sense for them anyway.

    1. Guarantee it. Thing is, its probably true. I don’t think many 49er fans really appreciate the team isn’t that attractive to FAs, that other teams can also bid just as much as the 49ers (lots of teams have plenty of cap space) and that not every player just takes the highest offer. There appears to be an expectation the 49ers will or should be able to get whoever they want.

  59. Baalke did not even try. He was happy to go cheap, and reap big profits for Jed. Of course, by the end, Baalke was so toxic,decent free agents were avoiding the Niners like the plague.
    That is why winning is so important. Winning will attract decent talent. Players may want a paycheck, but they also have a small window to get a ring. That is why those last 5 games in the 2017 season were so important. JG and his winning mojo attracted a bunch of free agents. That is why the Mullens win over the Seahawks streak buster was so critical. The Niner third stringer beat a playoff team. That showed the Niners do have some talent. I would have liked Mullens to have defeated the Rams, but the Rams are in the SB, yet the Niners ran for 118 yards and passed for 282 yards, while scoring 32 points.
    KS is an asset, and JL is slowly rebuilding this team, with a good foundation. If they can rebound from an injury ridden season, healthy and rejuvenated, they can vie for a wild card spot.
    The only way they can prove that they want to win, is for JL and the Niners spend the cap space. They should extend Buckner and even Kittle. Saving more than 12 mil is OK for the draftees and contingencies, but otherwise, spend every other dime. If they save another 43 mil, I will say they want profits more than wins.

  60. To Grant Cohn:

    1. DE Tre Flowers (Patriots) – Patriots have less cap space than Texans or Chiefs.
    2. S Earl Thomas (Seahawks) – Reunite him with CB Richard Sherman.
    3. G Rodger Saffold (Rams) – Rams O-line has been very solid.
    4. DE/LB Shaquil Barrett (Broncos) – Underrated
    5. WR Tyrell Williams (Chargers) – Fast, somewhat tall, big play receiver

    These players are compiled from NFL Trade Rumors site.

    Also consider: LB K.J. Wright (Seahawks), CB Darqueze Dennard (Bengals) and TE Maxx Williams (Ravens).

    —Woof, Mad Dog

  61. First get Jim harbaugh back then give up the 2nd overall pick trade two Jaguars for Jaylen Ramsey for there 7th overall an both 2nd picks draft 7th overall jachai polite,Hakeem butler, julian love,an Oshane
    Ximines , Derrick Baity ,Terry Godwin, Tre Lamar*, free agent Anthony barr , Michael bennett, golden Tate, if we can get Earl Thomas get him but love to get the honey badger, pick up Shane ray ,Dee ford if you can get Toe tap TONY pick him up or a trade for a ODB , an try to get dante Fowler an see if Kyle Shanahan will stay an be the offensive coordinator/head coach but we need JIMMY HARBAUGH BACK NOW !!!!!!!!! An bring back Frank Gore for his last run we need lets get back on top where we BELONG NINER NATION

  62. Agenda Item #1: Improve the pass rush! Assume that Nick Bosa goes #1 leaving the team in need of an impact DE. No way the 49ers get a crack at Lawrence or Clowney, so they have to look at the next tier. Conventional wisdom is Brandon Graham or Ezekiel Ansah. But I like a younger, bigger option named Za’Darius Smith. The only problem is the Ravens think Smith is the heir to Terrell Suggs. Smith had 8.5 sacks, 10 TFL and 25 QB hits in 2018 as a back up to Suggs. PFF graded him at 71.9. He has improved every year. He is an edge setting, power end who plays like his hair is on fire. Draft a compliment to pressure the other side and Buckner will disrupt the pocket up the middle.

    NOTE: If, for some reason, Lynch is confident that Nick Bosa drops to #2, then I would sign Anthony Barr.

    Agenda Item #2: Improve the pass defense! Sign Earl Thomas to provide brains and talent to shore up the middle. Reuniting Thomas with Sherman can get us a solid 2-3 year run, with Tartt or Harris developing into a thumping compliment. The final piece would be a veteran outside CB like Rashaan Melvin to push Witherspoon and Moore.

    Agenda Item #3: Improve the red zone offense! Ideally, Shanahan needs a 6’4″ option with with a large catch radius and leaping ability. Devin Funchess seems like the natural compliment to Shanahan’s stable of smaller receivers, but I prefer Tyrell Williams as a blend of size, speed and quickness.

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