Young says the Ravens must try to hit and rattle Kaepernick

Steve Young spoke on KNBR Wednesday afternoon. Here’s what he said about the matchup between the 49ers’ offense and the Ravens’ defense.

Q: What do you think the Ravens will try to do against Kaepernick?

YOUNG: I interviewed Colin last week and I said, Colin, have you been hit hard? And he said no. Has anything gone wrong? He said, well, I had that one pitch in St. Louis, but yeah, it’s gone pretty well. I think the Ravens are going to try to change that narrative. If he is able to just be untouched whatever he does – you can’t let a young quarterback make it that easy. And that exposes them. The Ravens are going to have to take chances and try to get to him and rattle him in the run game, in the pass game.

This offensive line is the best since the 2000 Rams and before that the ’92 Cowboys. This offensive line is the best. No matter what your plan is, it’s not going to go tremendously well just because that offensive line isn’t going to allow it, but at some point you cannot let a young quarterback go untouched. You just can’t. And to not have that happen is going to be risky. And risks mean big opening. Colin could make three throws and the game could be over if they’re not careful.

The Baltimore Ravens defense is a bully defense. They love to get you fearful. The Ravens are going to be in a rare position where they know they can’t handle it all, but they’re still bullies. I guess they would love tight formations and Haloti Ngata taking three guys. And they also love people spread out. This is a dynamic defense. They’re great tacklers and they’re going to play with ferocity that the 49ers maybe haven’t seen in a while. The Ravens defense looks different, they act different, they’re cocky and they’ve got history behind them. They want to intimidate you, and if they can’t – they get frustrated and they get beat deep a couple of times and they go down 10-0 – like any bully, punch them in the nose and things get easier really fast.

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