Steve Young: “You’ve got to test the boundaries of what the offense can do.”

Here’s the Niner portion of this Wednesday’s Steve Young show on KNBR with the Razor and Mr. T.

Q: What are you looking for over the last four games from the Niners?

YOUNG: “I’d love to see some no-huddle. I’d love to see something that felt like, ‘Man, we’re behind by 14, what do we do?’ Just kind of react as if it was happening. I think you’ve got to test the boundaries of what the offense can do because at some point if you’re going to win deep into January you figure you’re going to be tested that way, so why not kind of practice that? Maybe open up the game in no-huddle. Maybe give Alex a little more ability to throw the ball downfield.

“I don’t want to mess with it because it works right now and it’s going good, but even for next year – this is a group that’s going to be good for a while. You’ve got a sense of the locker room building. We talked about that. There’s no guys that are retiring. They’re all kind of young stars and middle-of-their-career stars, so they’re going to be around and they’re going to be together so let’s start testing them a little bit. I think other than that, the formula for how the 49ers need to win is set, but I’d just like to expand on that and see if there’s maybe more than just one way to do it.”

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