2013 NFL draft: Live blog – Day 1

This is the live blog for the first round of the 2013 NFL draft. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from the press trailer at 49ers’ headquarters.

3:27 According to Adam Schefter, the Chiefs will draft OT Eric Fisher with the first pick.

3:28 Also according to Schefter, Tavon Austin probably will not get past the eighth pick.

3:30 Does anyone think the Cardinals will draft Tavon Austin? Head coach Bruce Arians loves using small receivers – Antonio Brown on the Steelers and T.Y. Hilton on the Colts.

3:31 If Austin gets drafted by an NFC West team, the 49ers’ need for a cornerback who can cover the slot becomes twice as pressing.

3:36 If the Vikings draft a wide receiver and a defensive player with their two first round picks, whom do you think they’ll draft? I’m guessing the wide receiver will not be Keenan Allen, it will be Justin Hunter.

4:02 Everyone’s saying the 49ers will spend their first round pick on a player whom they’ve met with because that’s what Trent Baalke has done every year as the 49ers’ general manager. Did he meet with Crabtree before the ’09 draft? I believe Baalke pulled the trigger on that pick, right?

4:05 If the 49ers trade up and draft Sheldon Richardson, do you think he’ll beat out Glenn Dorsey as the starting nose tackle? Or will Richardson basically red shirt like A.J. Jenkins did last year?

4:15 D.J. Hayden will be the first cornerback drafted, according to Jay Glazer.

5:06: The Chiefs are on the clock and they will draft Eric Fisher. I wonder if they’ll draw this one out.

5:09: The Senior Bowl just tweeted this: “So, look for KC to have the networks keep them in the spotlight for more than 5 minutes to highlight their FA moves, trades, etc.”

5:15 It’s official. The Chiefs draft Eric Fisher.

5:24 The Jaguars pick Luke Joeckel. Good pick. Now the Raiders are on the clock. Will they trade down or pick D.J. Hayden? If the Raiders don’t trade down, it’s a failure for them.

5:31 Sam Farmer says the Raiders are trading down. Good for them.

5:32 They’re trading down with the Dolphins, who presumably will draft OT Lane Johnson.  The Raiders now own the 12th pick and the 42nd pick, and they should trade down again. They’re a perfect trade partner for the 49ers.

5:34 The Dolphins do NOT draft Lane Johnson. Instead, they draft Dion Jordan to complement Cameron Wake. Look for the Dolphins to trade for Chiefs’ left tackle Brandon Albert.

5:38 I expect the Eagles to draft Lane Johnson here. They desperately need an offensive tackle.

5:40 The 49ers-Raiders trade makes too much sense not to happen. It would be a great move for both teams.

5:42 The Eagles pick Lane Johnson. No surprise there. The Lions now are on the clock. I expect them to draft Ziggy Ansah, although D.J. Hayden and Dee Milliner are in play.

5:49 The Lions draft Ziggy Ansah. The Browns are on the clock. They could draft Milliner or Hayden or trade down.

5:55 The Browns draft Barkevious Mingo. D.J. Hayden should be available at no.12 if the 49ers want to trade up for him.

6:01 The Cardinals draft OG Jonathan Cooper. They could be in the market to trade for Brandon Albert along with the Dolphins.

6:04 The Rams just traded up to the eighth pick and probably will draft Tavon Austin. The 49ers absolutely must draft a quality slot receiver. None of the 49ers’ current cornerbacks can keep up with Austin.

6:09 The Rams make it official – they take Austin with the eighth pick. The Jets are on the clock.

6:13 The 49ers have to face Percy Harvin and Tavon Austin in one quarter of their regular season games for at least the next three years.

6:15 The Jets could crush the 49ers’ dreams of drafting Hayden right here…

6:17 And the Jets take D…..ee Milliner. I thought Goodell was going to say D.J. Hayden. The Titans are on the clock.

6:25 The Titans pick OG Chance Warmack. Expect the Chargers to draft OT D.J. Fluker with the 11th pick, although they also could take DT Star Lotulelei.

6:29 The Chargers take Fluker. The Raiders are on the clock. Will they draft Star Lotulelei or D.J. Hayden or trade down?

6:31 LaCanfora tweets it looks like the Raiders are drafting Geno Smith. Bad move for the Raiders, if true.

6:36 Scratch that, they’re picking D.J. Hayden according to LaCanfora. The 49ers should have traded up and gotten Hayden, and the Raiders should have traded down. Bad move for both teams.

6:45 The Jets draft DT Sheldon Richardson. The Panthers are on the clock. The 49ers have made draft-day trades with the Panthers twice before. They could trade up for Star Lotulelei, Kenny Vaccaro or Xavier Rhodes.

6:51 The Panthers draft DT Star Lotulelei. The Saints are on the clock. Do you think they’ll draft Kenny Vaccaro or a pass rusher or trade down?

6:59 The Saints pick Kenny Vaccaro. It’s starting to look like the 49ers will not trade up. The Bills are on the clock. Will they draft Ryan Nassib here?

7:02 Forget Nassib. The Bills draft E.J. Manuel. The Steelers are on the clock.

7:08 LaCanfora says the Cowboys still are trying to trade down, the Falcons are interested in trading up for their pick and the 49ers may be as well.

7:09 The 49ers just traded up with the Cowboys, apparently. Who will they draft? I’m guessing Xavier Rhodes or Desmond Trufant or Tank Carradine.

7:12 The Steelers take Jarvis Jones. The 49ers are on the clock.

7:14 They draft FS Eric Reid. They must think he can start from Day 1. What do you think of the pick?

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