Report: 49ers to offer HC job to Kyle Shanahan

More news just broke on the 49ers’ head-coach search. From Adam Schefter: 49ers plan to offer their HC job to Falcons’ OC Kyle Shanahan whenever Atlanta’s season ends, sources tell ESPN. Willing to wait for him. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 17, 2017 49ers will request 2nd interview with Falcons OC Kyle Shanahan for after […]

I wouldn't rule at the Falcons RB coach as a potential OC. He has more experience and has also worked with KS for a few ... - Scooter_McG

Report: 49ers want to hire Kyle Shanahan as head coach

Finally some good news for 49ers fans, courtesy of Adam Schefter. First, this: Even though he interviewed for 49ers HC job, Josh McDaniels is expected to remain in New England for the 2017 season, per sources. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 16, 2017 Then, this: 49ers are – and have been – honing in on […]

What hurts is that the niners won't have a GM or any coaches at the senior bowl... - Joe

Rebuilding the 49ers — Part 4: The draft

Yesterday, I gave you Part 3 of my four-part series on rebuilding the 49ers from the perspective of Eliot Wolf, one of the leading GM candidates. This is Part 4. MAKING THE RIGHT DRAFT PICKS After the 49ers sign quarterback Jay Cutler and defensive end DeMarcus Ware, as I explained in Parts 2 and 3, […]

If the Niners trade back twice to accumulate picks, with the Jets and the Browns, and trade Staley to a final 8 playoff ... - sebnynah

Rebuilding the 49ers — Part 3: Free agency

Yesterday, I gave you Part 2 of my four-part series on rebuilding the 49ers from the perspective of Eliot Wolf, one of the leading GM candidates. This is Part 3. SIGNING THE RIGHT FREE AGENTS The 49ers finished the season $43 million below the salary cap. Next season, the cap may increase to $170 million, […]

Drivel, where have I seen that word before? You are not breaking bad news, but keep on making stuff up and repeating ... - sebnynah

Rebuilding the 49ers — Part 2: Choosing the right QB

Yesterday, I gave you Part 1 of my four-part series on rebuilding the 49ers from the perspective of Eliot Wolf, the leading GM candidate. This is Part 2. CHOOSING THE RIGHT QUARTERBACK After Wolf hires his head coach, those two will decide who should be their starting quarterback in 2017? Should they draft a starting […]

I thought about the bridge option of Cutler or Romo for a couple of years. Look everyone...I don't think anyone is sugge... - Jeff K

The Eliot Wolf Challenge

I believe Packers execs Eliot Wolf and Brian Gutekunst are the leading contenders for 49ers GM job at this time. — Michael Silver (@MikeSilver) January 9, 2017 Let’s assume the 49ers do the right thing and hire Eliot Wolf as their new GM. Based on what we know about him, predict whom he would bring […]

Elliot Wolf should be the next GM hands down! he'll build through good drafting and won't be drafting players with acl ... - debasse

49ers GM and head-coaching search tracker

Here is everything you need to know about the 49ers’ search for their next general manager and head coach: Some guys are being advised by their personnel network to steer clear of #49ers job. #Patriots Caserio absolutely was. — Charles Robinson (@CharlesRobinson) January 8, 2017 Grant’s analysis: The 49ers better pray Eliot Wolf isn’t […]

After York wraps up this pointless interview with Riddick there will be four left: (from MM's page) Thursday, Jan. 1... - Coffee's for Closers®

Raiders @ Texans Wild Card Playoff live blog

This is the live blog for the Oakland Raiders’ Wild Card Playoff road game against the Houston Texas. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room. 11:58 Click here to participate in Lowell Cohn’s live chat. It starts at noon. Raiders LT Donald Penn said there’s a small fracture in […]

All good points... - Steelematic

49ers season report card — there is talent, just not enough

As the search continues for the next general manager and head coach of the 49ers, Jed York is the focus of 49erland. How he’ll lead the search. Whom he’ll consult. Why he may screw everything up. Enough of that. Take York out of the equation. Let’s look at this another way. When potential GMs and […]

>>Grant, if he reads all the posts, must know that I am a fan of Kaep. Taking your submission that Grant grades... - ribico

Here’s the blueprint for Jed York to rebuild the 49ers

Jed York still doesn’t get it. All he had to do after firing his third head coach in three years, plus his general manager, was show humility. Say something like: “Look, Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke weren’t the problem. Jim Tomsula wasn’t the problem. I’m the problem. My ego is the problem. I think I […]

we found another Catholic... - erik

The risk of taking the No. 1 QB after the No. 1 pick

The 49ers have the No. 2 pick in the upcoming draft. With the No. 1 pick, most experts expect the Cleveland Browns to take the defensive end from Texas A&M, Myles Garrett, which would put the Niners in position to draft the quarterback of their choosing. Should they take a QB with the No. 2 […]

I like Ryan Anderson... - sebnynah