49ers add Hyde, Lynch, Kilgore, Smelter and Brown to non-football injury list

The 49ers just announced they’ve added RB Carlos Hyde, OLB Aaron Lynch, WR DeAndre Smelter and OT Trent Brown to the Active/Non-Football Injury List, and G/C Daniel Kilgore to the Active/Physically Unable to Perform List. “Players placed on either list count against the 90-man roster limit and can be activated at any time prior to […]

One last thing before bed. I would like Kaep to change his terminology while over the center. Please, no more Kill kil... - sebnynah

Is Eric Reid the best player on the 49ers defense?

Who will be the 49ers’ best defensive player in 2015? I don’t think it will be inside linebacker NaVorro Bowman. He was the Niners’ best defensive player in 2013, but I don’t expect him to play anywhere near that level just one year after missing a season due to a torn ACL and MCL. I […]

Young, for Pete's sake... - Mr. Optimist (AKA, exgolfer)

Soccer’s emergence arrives in Bay Area

This article will run Saturday in the newspaper. SAN FRANCISCO — Sergio Busquets sat at a podium in the St. Regis Hotel on Wednesday afternoon as he thought about the state of soccer in the United States. Busquets (known simply as “Sergio” to soccer fans) is one of the 15 best soccer players in the […]

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5 things to know about the 49ers before camp opens

This is my training-camp preview for the 49ers. The 49ers may be on the downswing. This offseason, they fired a top-notch coaching staff and lost almost a dozen veterans and leaders. Who will fill those voids? That’s just one key question the Niners face. Here are five more they’ll face during training camp: 1. Is […]

Not to throw too much water on that 11-5 record, but 5 of those 8 wins were by spreads of 3, 4, 3, 5 and 5 points. A FG ... - ribico

5 things to know about the Raiders before camp opens

Here’s my training-camp preview for the Raiders. The Raiders may be on the upswing. They have a quality head coach (Jack Del Rio), college football’s top offensive weapon from 2014 (Amari Cooper) and a franchise quarterback (Derek Carr). But Oakland still has a ways to go before it becomes a playoff contender. Here are five […]

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Faces of the 49ers franchise by decade

This is my Sunday column. Face of the franchise is an intriguing concept when it comes to the San Francisco 49ers. The Niners have so many faces of the franchise, you have to break the faces down by decade. Let’s arbitrarily start with the 1980s when the 49ers finally came into their glory. And let’s […]

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All-Star Game’s stakes rob the game of its fun

This is my Tuesday column. Tuesday’s All-Star Game should be fun. The best baseball players from the National League and the American League playing a light-hearted exhibition game. Putting on a show. But Tuesday’s All-Star Game will be more than just a show — it will be a competition with consequences. The winning league will […]

I recall they sat Keena his rookie year so he could transition from DE. He was steady when he played and he had classic ... - Brotha Tuna

Coaches feel heat, but whose seat is the hottest?

This is my Friday column. This is a pop quiz. Put away your notes, take out a piece of paper and a pen and answer the following question: Which are the two most volatile and gut-wrenching coaching positions on any NFL staff? If your answer includes the head coach, you’re wrong. The head coach might […]

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Spurs make power moves to challenge Warriors

This is my Thursday column. Since the Warriors won the NBA Finals, San Antonio’s moves might have flown under the radar for Bay Area basketball fans. The moves were subtle, but they will affect the Warriors, could affect the Warriors big time. Let’s back up and examine what the Spurs did. They agreed to terms […]

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What we won’t miss about Jim Harbaugh

This is my Friday column. Yesterday we covered what we’ll miss about Jim Harbaugh. Today we’ll cover what we won’t miss, or at least what I won’t miss. Harbaugh’s offense It was stone-age. Let me amend that — the passing game was stone-age. Harbaugh’s running game was pretty good. That’s where he expressed his creativity. […]

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What we’ll miss about Jim Harbaugh

This is my Thursday column. When the 49ers’ training camp begins in about a month, practices will be shorter, quieter, less intense than last year. And someone will be missing. Jim Harbaugh. His absence hangs over the 49ers’ entire season. He’s the biggest story on the team, and he isn’t even on the team. Let’s […]

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Five questions

Please explain your answers to the following five questions: 1. More likely to play for the Niners in 2016, Vernon Davis or Anquan Boldin? 2. Over/under 10 sacks for Aldon Smith in 2015? 3. More rushing yards in 2015, Carlos Hyde or Frank Gore? 4. Will the 49ers extend nose tackle Ian Williams’ contract before […]

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