Verdict is in on Jed York’s performance in guiding 49ers

Will the defendant please rise. Court is now in session. In the case against John Edward “Jed” York, the defendant is charged with sullying the reputation of the 49ers, meddling with football affairs, alienating high-quality employees, repelling qualified executives and having a face you just want to smack with a cherry pie. The defendant has […]

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Assessing Kyle Shanahan’s staff hires — low experience, high comfort level

In the matter of the assistant coaches of Kyle Shanahan, head coach, San Francisco 49ers. This investigation has found that Shanahan’s choices: 1. Were restricted by the lateness of his hire, as other assistant coaches took jobs elsewhere while Shanahan still was coaching the Atlanta Falcons offense during the playoffs. 2. Mostly worked with Shanahan […] I was fortunate enough to have seen Dio ... - Razoreater

49ers free-agency challenge

The 49ers could have roughly $100 million in cap space this offseason if Colin Kaepernick opts out of his contract or gets cut. Name five free agents you think the 49ers will sign and explain why each of those five players will choose to come here. Be realistic. Kinda remin... - Razoreater

How Jed York should judge new 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan

John Lynch said something that made Kyle Shanahan uncomfortable. Before I tell you what that was, let me tell you about Lynch and Shanahan. Both are blank slates. Shanahan, the 49ers’ new head coach, has never been a head coach. He has been an offensive coordinator, a successful one. Jed York believes Shanahan’s success will […]

Yea, I've since decided to go with Dalvin Cook with the 6th pick in a trade down with the Jets. I think he might be a ge... - Razoreater

Kyle Shanahan’s and John Lynch’s introductory press conference

SANTA CLARA Here is the transcript of Kyle Shanahan’s and John Lynch’s introductory press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.   Opening comments: CEO Jed York: “Good afternoon everybody. Thank you for joining us today. To our fans and everybody tuning in online and on T.V., it’s my pleasure to introduce two great gentlemen […]

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Questions for Kyle Shanahan

Kyle Shanahan will have his introductory press conference with the 49ers today at 1 p.m. If you were attending the press conference, what would you ask him? - #80

Report: Kyle Shanahan beginning to fill out coaching staff

Check out these reports: The plan for #49ers coach Kyle Shanahan is to have QB coach Rich Scangarello, run-game guru Mike McDaniel…and coordinate the offense himself — Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) February 8, 2017 More shakeup on #Falcons staff. RB coach Bobby Turner leaving to take same position with 49ers. — Gil Brandt (@Gil_Brandt) February 8, […]

yes it will take 3 yrs. just to be contenders.... - rrupert

49ers assistant-coach prediction contest

Time for another prediction contest. This time, I want you to predict: Kyle Shanahan’s defensive coordinator for 2017 Kyle Shanahan’s offensive coordinator for 2017 Kyle Shanahan’s quarterbacks coach for 2017 Kyle Shanahan’s quarterback for 2017 Kyle Shanahan’s No. 1 receiver for 2017 Winner gets major props.

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49ers officially hire Kyle Shanahan

The San Francisco 49ers just announced that they have hired Kyle Shanahan as their head coach. Here’s a statement from Jed York:  “This is a very exciting day for the San Francisco 49ers and our fans. Throughout this process, we learned many things about Kyle that convinced us he is the perfect coach to lead […]

The crux of the matter is just plain common sense. There is a cost benefit analysis with risks and rewards factored ... - sebnynah

How Little Shanny blew the Super Bowl

Hey, Kyle Shanahan, you just lost the Super Bowl for the Atlanta Falcons. What are you going to do next? Are you going to Disney World? No, you’re not. No Disney World for you. You’re going to the 49ers, or so we believe, where you’ll lose and lose and lose some more while you think […]

Nice job Grant. I was looking forward for some genius coming and and getting the Niners off the destruction of the fran... - curt jester

Matt Schaub to join Kyle Shanahan on the 49ers?

Adam Schefter tweeted an interesting nugget this morning. Falcons QB Matt Schaub could follow Atlanta OC Kyle Shanahan to SF, per sources. Schaub could be starter, backup or bridge to future SF QB. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) February 5, 2017 If the Niners sign Schaub, do you think he’d be the starter or the backup? […]

Niners should trade their #2 to Cleveland for their #12 and 2nd round pick.... - old niner guy

Super Bowl prediction contest

Alright, football Einsteins. Time to post your predictions for the Super Bowl. I want the final score plus an explanation. I will post my prediction before kickoff. UPDATE: Time for my prediction. But first, the keys to the game. The Belichick Factor. He has two weeks to prepare for this game. He’s too smart to […]

Does anyone else find it odd that Brady, at 39, hasn't lost much, if anything? I realize he's playing in an era in which... - Hit 'em with the Hyde