What we won’t miss about Jim Harbaugh

This is my Friday column. Yesterday we covered what we’ll miss about Jim Harbaugh. Today we’ll cover what we won’t miss, or at least what I won’t miss. Harbaugh’s offense It was stone-age. Let me amend that — the passing game was stone-age. Harbaugh’s running game was pretty good. That’s where he expressed his creativity. […]

For Scooter: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/07/07/cam-newton-gives-australian-rules-football-a-try/... - George

What we’ll miss about Jim Harbaugh

This is my Thursday column. When the 49ers’ training camp begins in about a month, practices will be shorter, quieter, less intense than last year. And someone will be missing. Jim Harbaugh. His absence hangs over the 49ers’ entire season. He’s the biggest story on the team, and he isn’t even on the team. Let’s […]

Jefferson, Yes "be prepared to enjoy an exciting, productive offense" and a 6-10 season.... - Nick

Five questions

Please explain your answers to the following five questions: 1. More likely to play for the Niners in 2016, Vernon Davis or Anquan Boldin? 2. Over/under 10 sacks for Aldon Smith in 2015? 3. More rushing yards in 2015, Carlos Hyde or Frank Gore? 4. Will the 49ers extend nose tackle Ian Williams’ contract before […]

Too bad JG burned his bridges by dissing Kaep. He should have been more diplomatic. I like Warner because he would get ... - sebnynah

Warriors have draft opportunity to make another splash

This is my NBA Draft preview for the Warriors. The Warriors should make a trade on draft night Thursday. Call it a blockbuster trade. And they might, according to Scott Howard-Cooper of NBA.com. “I’m hearing the Warriors are exploring the possibility of trading UP. Target Unknown.” Howard-Cooper tweeted Wednesday. Then he followed up with the […]

the reports I've seen / heard indicate the W's want to add a shooter to the second unit. Barnes is 23, is improving, ... - Exgolfer

Tim Lincecum keeping spot in rotation is a non-starter

This is my Tuesday column. What a fall. We thought Tim Lincecum was a future Hall of Famer. A lock. Now he’s not even a lock to stay in the Giants’ starting rotation. Far from it. The man twice won the Cy Young Award by the age of 25 and threw a 95-mph fastball. He […]

http://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/2371624-181/grant-cohn-giants-demise-falls Last year's Giants insight. Grant is ... - PNWfish

49ers know questions, but can they find answers?

This is my Sunday column. Remember dead week in college before finals? This is dead six weeks for the San Francisco 49ers. They have the next month and a half off to prepare for the exam that will make or break their 2015 season. What questions will be on that test when the Niners arrive […]

Ya, my number 1 question is definitely about Bowman and Smith. Those two guys have to be effective to give the 49ers a c... - American Sports Legacy

Bad free throw shooters deserve no special exemption

The text of my Saturday column runs below. This is about entertainment value, moral obligation and the Hack-a-Shaq. Well-meaning, powerful people want to outlaw the Hack-a-Shaq in the NBA — intentionally fouling a horrendous free-throw shooter because he probably will miss one or both of the 15-foot set shots from the charity stripe. “To me, […]

I think I recall someone years ago asking Shaq why he found free throws so difficult and his reasons were that the ball ... - KauaiRobert

Report: 49ers interested in guard Evan Mathis

The 49ers are interested in free agent Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis, according to John Clatyon of ESPN. Mathis played the past two seasons under Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach Chip Kelly, whose running game features zone blocking. Mathis was one of the best zone blockers in the NFL. The past few seasons under head coach […]

LOL. Ol Tommy boy sure is a hoot. He is a legend in his own mind. I have yet to read some insightful cogent knowledge, i... - sebnynah

49ers picking up the pace on offense

This is my Saturday column. SANTA CLARA The 49ers have a brand new offense. The old one was the slowest in the NFL, and not just during plays when they lumbered around the grass. They were slow between plays, too. They couldn’t even get plays off. The Niners led the league in delay-of-game penalties each […]

ex, We are just going round and round now. Ultimately we see things differently and that isn't going to change anyti... - rocket

49ers putting footwork back in Kaepernick’s game

This is my Friday column. SANTA CLARA Forty-Niners offensive coordinator Geep Chryst thinks of Colin Kaepernick in terms of Stephen Curry. “If you were to say the reason why Curry is a great 3-point shooter is because his feet are exactly 8 inches apart when he shoots the ball, that may be true in a […]

Pocket? What pocket?... - sebnynah

Jaquiski Tartt picks off Colin Kaepernick during 2-minute drill, plus more from 49ers minicamp

SANTA CLARA Here are the highlights from Day 2 of the 49ers’ minicamp. THE GOOD 1. Jaquiski Tartt, free safety. The 49ers’ ended practice with a 2-minute drill – first-team offense vs. first-team defense, second-team offense versus second-team defense, etc. Each offense had 1:29 and one timeout to score from the defense’s 35-yard line. So, […]

Grant, I've been saying that your training camp reports are usually some of your best work. keep it up. the funny th... - allforfunnplay