Boone lacks leverage in his holdout

This is my Thursday column on Alex Boone. SANTA CLARA – Alex Boone is making a big mistake. Boone is the only 49er holding out of training camp. The 27-year-old guard wants a new contract. You can understand why. He signed his current deal at the end of the 2011 season when he was a […]

Not for this year obviously.... - Coffee's for Closers®

Jimmie Ward catches one, Carlos Hyde drops two

SANTA CLARA — Here’s what stood out to me at the 49ers’ first non-padded training camp practice of the year. THE GOOD 1. Jimmie Ward. Faced Stevie Johnson once during one-on-one drills. Johnson faked a move to the outside and quickly cut back to the inside but couldn’t shake Ward. Ward ran in front of […]

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Harbaugh on training camp: “Feel like you come out of the womb and are reborn into football.”

SANTA CLARA — Jim Harbaugh was interviewed in the 49ers’ new auditorium Thursday morning. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers. Stay tuned for my training camp report. “Welcome. Nicer setup than we had before, huh?”   You like it? “I do.”   Are you going to move locker rooms, do you know? What’s […]

Some of the pictures I saw of teammates reuniting were charming. Many a player has said the Brotherhood is the Opium.... - Brotha Tuna

Vernon Davis: “I have nothing against Harbaugh. He can say the worst things about me, I don’t care.”

SANTA CLARA – Vernon Davis was interviewed outside the 49ers’ locker room Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript: Q: How is it being back? DAVIS: It’s great. It’s great being back. I’m extremely excited to be here and working with the guys again. Q: Was it an easy decision to come? DAVIS: It was a […]

Yep....and it sounds like Hyde was more Jekyll today.... - Jack Hammer

Don’t think Vernon Davis has conceded

This is my Wednesday column on Vernon Davis. SANTA CLARA – This is about Vernon Davis and the nature of news. Davis, who held out of OTAs and mini-camp because he wants a new contract, ended his holdout and showed up Wednesday for Day 1 of the 49ers’ training camp. A positive start. But not […]

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Kaepernick on Stevie Johnson: “He creates so much separation. Very quick, very deceptive.”

SANTA CLARA — Colin Kaepernick was interviewed by Bay Area reporters Wednesday afternoon. Here is a transcript courtesy of the 49ers. Was it a relief to see TE Vernon Davis walk through those doors today? “Always great to have Vernon on the field. Looks good. Excited to have him back out here.” How do you […]

pointed message for Kapernicus & Coach Harbaw: building/establishing a legacy in the new stadium means one thing... - the clock is ticking

Vernon Davis reports to training camp

SANTA CLARA — According to C.J. Spillman, Vernon Davis reported to the 49ers’ training camp Wednesday morning: According to Pro Football Talk, Davis still wants a new deal. Davis should speak shortly. Now that Davis has returned to the team, do you think the 49ers will renegotiate his deal? Stay tuned for my column on […]

Great Point, Hammer.....not only did the organization send a message via the Staley deal, Joe staley also sent a message... - 55Niner

Five key questions for the 49ers

This is my Sunday article on the 49ers. For the 49ers, training camp is about becoming the best. Second place isn’t good enough anymore. Enough with second place. Win the Super Bowl before the window of opportunity closes. With that in mind, here are five key questions the 49ers will face in training camp. 1. […]

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Five key questions for the Raiders

This is my Sunday article on the Raiders. 49ers’ fans — feel free to skip this. For the Raiders, training camp is about becoming mediocre. The Raiders have been plain bad since Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen took over in 2012. Back-to-back 4-and-12 seasons. Win one, lose three. That pattern needs to end this year. […]

I think 6 is about right on. Schaub is an obvious improvement to anything they had last season, and they have a decent 1... - Leo

Report: Aldon Smith sentenced to serve in work crew for DUI

Friday afternoon, the Santa Clara County Superior Court sentenced Aldon Smith to serve 11 days in a work crew. Starting July 28, Smith will work every Monday for 11 Mondays in a row. Smith also was placed on probation for three years. In light of this, how many games do you think the NFL will […]

Ghost, this is my favorite line in this whole nutty scenario.... - Mary

49ers sign Staley to a 2-year extension

The 49ers just announced that Joe Staley, who already was signed through 2017, has signed a two-year extension through 2019. Here’s a written statement from Trent Baalke: “In today’s NFL, it is rare for a player to play his entire career with one team. With this extension, Joe will likely be a 49er for life.  […]

AS gets 3 years probation!... - Mary

The 49ers’ new X-factor

Of all the new additions to the 49ers this offseason, which addition do you think will have the biggest impact on the team next season, and why? Here is a list of names to choose from: Stevie Johnson Brandon Lloyd Jonathan Martin Chris Cook Antoine Bethea Blaine Gabbert Josh Johnson Jimmie Ward Carlos Hyde Marcus […]

Interesting. I think Grant mentioned Hyde's high pad level. I like Hyde's speed, agility and receiving. His 3 negativ... - Brodie2Washington