49ers 13, Cardinals 19: Grades

SANTA CLARA Here are the grades for the San Francisco 49ers’ 19-13 loss to the Arizona Cardinals. GABBERT: C. Played scared in the first half, and threw short of the first-down marker on third down all game. Badly underthrew a deep pass to Quinton Patton – a better pass may have resulted in a touchdown. […]

On a laughable note, how's Vernon doing down in Denver? Real cold there, snowy.... - Prime Time

49ers vs. Cardinals live blog

SANTA CLARA This is the live blog for the 49ers’ Week 12 game against the Arizona Cardinals. I will update this frequently with information and analysis from the press box. 11:39 Here are the 49ers’ inactives: WR DeAndrew White RB Carlos Hyde CB Chris Davis LB Ray-Ray Armstrong LB Ahmad Brooks G Brandon Thomas OL […]

The defense made Arizona's OL look bad and kept Palmer from getting comfortable. Palmer didn't have a good game even whe... - htwaits

Stakes high for Gabbert in 49ers’ meaningless games

This is my Sunday column. It’s audition time for Blaine Gabbert. While most of the 49ers have nothing left to play for but professional pride, Gabbert gets to play for the 49ers’ starting-quarterback job in 2016. For him the stakes are high, and yet the pressure is low. I’ll explain. For the first time in […]

Bob, Its clear QB7 was bad for Warner's reputation as a result Warner has been distancing himself from his former studen... - Dust Mite

Geep Chryst on Blaine Gabbert: “There’s been moments where he’s gotten into rhythm.”

This is the transcript of Geep Chryst’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.   Opening comments: “We just got done with practice. Obviously, we’re excited about Arizona. Feel like we have a good game plan, but they’re a good team. All three phases are playing at a pretty high level for them. […]

It coincides with the article from ESPN I posted during the offseason. Teams knew how to play against effectively again... - JedYorkTheDork A.K.A. MidWestDynasty

Eric Mangini: “If you are lethargic, what do you have to do snap yourself out of that?”

This is the transcript of Eric Mangini’s Friday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.   What’s LB Ahmad Brooks’ status and is there a possibility that he could play in this game? “Yeah. He got some work today and he’s been involved obviously in all the meetings and that part has been good. […]

My impression is that very few have anything to say about Mangini's weekly press conference. Does that mean he is perfe... - htwaits

Tyrann Mathieu: “You can see Gabbert’s maturity and the different things he does well that, let’s say, Kaepernick doesn’t do well.”

SANTA CLARA Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu spoke with Bay Area reporters on a conference call Wednesday afternoon. Here are selected quotes. Q: Does the 49ers’ offense look different now that Blaine Gabbert is running it? MATHIEU: Yeah, it does. Not to take anything away from Kaepernick, but it seems like Gabbert has a little […]

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Blaine Gabbert: “I know where I want to go with the football.”

SANTA CLARA This is the transcript of Blaine Gabbert’s Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department. When you look back at the film of Sunday, what’d you think of how well you played? “I think the biggest thing that stood out was we didn’t take advantage of our opportunities in the red zone. […]

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Jim Tomsula: “We’re in a performance-based business and all of us in it get it.”

SANTA CLARA This is the full transcript of Jim Tomsula’s Wednesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department. Opening comments: “Injury report; [DL] Glenn Dorsey and [QB] Colin Kaepernick both had successful surgeries yesterday. Glenn had his knee repaired over here at Stanford and that went really well. Report I got there and the […]

Performance-based business... Tomsula gets it. Does Jed get it? Perhaps in a twisted way, through the lens of growing... - Cassie Baalke

Jim Tomsula: “Glenn (Dorsey) got hurt there, and I didn’t like our body language. OK? We have to address that.”

SANTA CLARA I asked San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula a question at his Wednesday press conference. Here is his answer. ME: “The team seemed lethargic early in the game against the Seahawks. Afterward, I spoke to Ahmad Brooks and asked why the team seemed lethargic. He said he couldn’t speak for anyone else, […]

Hah! Short for respectful admiration....... In an ode to the feminine form Bob Seegar sang: "I do respect her but I j... - Brotha Tuna

Is Jim Tomsula worse than the worst head coach of all time?

This is  my Wednesday column. Is Jim Tomsula worse than Mike Singletary? Fair question, even though some (most?) consider Singletary the worst head coach in the history of the NFL. Let’s compare him and Tomsula. Singletary was a linebackers coach before becoming the Niners’ head coach. He was articulate — he could have been a […]

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Jim Tomsula: “We’ve just got to keep pounding through it and get to the other side.”

This is the transcript of Jim Tomsula’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.   Opening comments: “Injuries, I really don’t have a lot to update you on from last night. [DL] Glenn [Dorsey] is getting an MRI now and again with [S Jaquiski] Tartt and [WR Anquan] Boldin they’re in there getting […]

But Paraage isn't. http://www.49ers.com/team/staff/paraag-marathe/003aa543-ba13-4dea-a5f1-f18113cd9245... - htwaits

49ers 13, Seahawks 29: Grades

SEATTLE Here are the grades for the San Francisco 49ers’ 29-13 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. GABBERT: B. Played better than he did during his first start for the Niners two weeks ago against the Atlanta Falcons. This week, Gabbert faced a top Seahawks defense, threw for 264 yards and a touchdown while making no […]

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