Curtis Modkins on naming a starting QB: “It’s not time….Kap hasn’t had a chance to perform yet.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s the transcript of Curtis Modkins’ Tuesday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.   Opening comments: “Well, coming off a, it was good to get a win. That was great. I thought the guys played well. Obviously we had some, starting off the game, we didn’t start quite the way […]

So letting Gabbert start the first 2 preseason games and allowing him all those first string reps were a disadvantage?... - sebnynah

Colin Kaepernick resumes throwing in practice

Colin Kaepernick threw in front of the media during the warm-up portion of practice Monday morning. According to players, he also threw during 7-on-7 and 11-on-11 team drills when the media was not allowed to watch. Cornerback Jimmie Ward told reporters Kaepernick made “some good throws today,” including a deep completion to slot receiver Bruce Ellington. […]

When has Kap ever been responsible for anything?... - sawbrodie

Jim O’Neil on 5th-round pick Ronald Blair: “Everywhere we put him he makes plays.”

SANTA CLARA — Here’s the transcript of Jim O’Neil’s Monday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.   Opening comments: “We had a great trip out to Denver. I thought it was a great experience for our football team. I thought our support staff did an unbelievable job making the coaches’ jobs easy and […]

Blair looks like a winner.... - TomD

Chip Kelly: “I think Kap is fine.”

Here’s the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Sunday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.   Do you have any update on LB Nick Bellore’s condition? “I have not met with [vice president of football operations Jeff Ferguson] Ferg yet today. We got back late and some guys were scheduled to see the doctor today. […]

TrollD, the predictor of a 0-55 Denver blowout and a 2 win season, will claim to be Nostradamus, but whiff again.... - sebnynah

49ers 31, Broncos 24: Grades

Here are the grades for the 49ers’ 31-24 preseason win over the Broncos. QUARTERBACKS: B. Blaine Gabbert gets a ‘C.’ He made four good throws and five bad ones, including a five-yard pass on third-and-7, a short pass in the flat that almost hit Vance McDonald in the ankle, a short pass in the flat […]

I'm sticking with 4 or 5 wins, and I'm unanimous in that.... - htwaits

49ers @ Broncos preseason live blog

This is the live blog for the 49ers’ preseason game against the Broncos. I’ll update this frequently with information and analysis from my living room. 4:23 Read this column on Chip Kelly before today’s game begins. 4:30 Chip Kelly does an amazing job with his offense. Without game planning and even with planning his offense […]

And he had a fumble in game one. Keep or toss?... - Redwood

Chip Kelly says Colin Kaepernick will not play Saturday against Broncos

This is the transcript of Chip Kelly’s Thursday press conference, courtesy of the 49ers’ P.R. department.   How did you feel about how practice went yesterday and what you guys were able to accomplish? “I thought there were ups and downs. There were some positives that you can build on in certain situations and there […]

TomD, I commit to the fact, and admit, that I'm in league with Trent Baalke’s outdated football philosophy, run run... - exgolfer

49ers training camp report, Day 12: Kaepernick misses third practice in a row

SANTA CLARA – Here’s what stood out to me during the 49ers’ 12th training-camp practice, which lasted a little longer than an hour. THE NOT SO GOOD 1. QB Colin Kaepernick. Didn’t throw a pass for the third practice in a row, yet somehow still seemed better than Blaine Gabbert. 2. QB Blaine Gabbert. Completed […]

Jack Hammer Good point've got to play the 'tuff' one's to become a 'tuff'one...I believe that the mos... - OREGONINER

49ers sign QB Christian Ponder

SANTA CLARA — The San Francisco 49ers just announced they’ve signed veteran quarterback Christian Ponder to a one-year deal. He will replace veteran quarterback Thad Lewis who tore his ACL during Sunday’s preseason game. Ponder (28) has started 36 games in the NFL, but only one since 2013. Last season he didn’t play at all. Do you […]

I think CK read Grant's prediction that the 49ers will start Gabbert pretty much no matter what happens in TC and CK wil... - Whine Country