49ers’ 2013 draft philosophy, according to Harbaugh: “Big guys that play very physical.”

The 49ers did not draft a cornerback to match the Seahawks’ and Rams’ signature offseason additions – Percy Harvin and Tavon Austin, respectively. Why?

It is possible Jim Harbaugh explained why on the NFL Network during the draft. Stanford head coach David Shaw asked Harbaugh to explain his draft philosophy for strengthening the 49ers’ defense, and this is what Harbaugh said: “We got some big guys – size, speed – and also big guys that play very physical…that was our theme if you look at our draft this year, guys that are big men that play physical.”

Harvin (5-11, 184 pounds) and Austin (5-8, 174) are little guys. Is Harbaugh saying the 49ers don’t have to respond to the Seahawks’ and Rams’ signings because Harvin and Austin are small? Is Harbaugh saying his big, physical players will punish the electric little players of the league? Do you agree with that philosophy? Why or why not?

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